July 21st, 2015


Tut premieres with big numbers!

It was Spike's biggest Sunday primetime audience since they aired some Star Wars movie 7 years ago.


Tonight's episode was a ride. Better than yesterday's. Ankhe ain't shit y'all. What y'all thought of the episode?


"Off The Boat's" Constance Wu Makes Twitter Joke About Models and Cutting


Constance Wu better known as Jessica Huang in the ABC comedy series, "Fresh Off the Boat" tweeted this a few hours ago.

Was the comment made in poor taste by the age defying Wu? Or just a light hearted joke? Is she secretly problimatic?SO MANY QUESTIONS????


2015 MTV Video Music Awards Nominations

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You can vote in these categories and view the nominees of the professional categories at the source, MTV.
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Piers Morgan: Donald Trump is winning because he never says sorry

-Piers Morgan thinks that Donald Trump is winning because he doesn't apologize.

-Piers equates apologizing to admitting defeat or surrendering.

-Piers says that Donald Trump is seen as the total opposite to the weak Obama.

-He believes that Donald Trump's aggressiveness is helping him win people over.

Source: https://twitter.com/DailyMail/status/623472608995110912

Do you think that people who apologize are weak?

Lindsay Lohan goes swimming in lingerie

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Source 1, 2, 3 and 4
There are more pictures of her at the articles linked in the tweets (particularly at the DM). Lindsay is currently on vacation in Mykonos, Greece.

Jurassic World comes for The Avengers

Even though this week saw Jurassic World drop from #2 to #5 in the domestic box office it is still going strong. With the final numbers in from the weekend Jurassic World has officially become the #4 highest grossing film of all time bumping Universal's other 2015 hit Furious 7 to the #5 spot. Currently only a little more than $6 Million in total earnings is keeping Jurassic World from the #3 spot which is held by 2012's The Avengers. Seeing that Jurassic World claimed $11 Million in the US box office alone this weekend it looks like The Avengers will be kissing that spot goodbye come Monday.

Not bad seeing that the movie has only been out for six weeks.

'Killjoys' 01x06 "One Blood" - Promo, Synopsis and Stills

Dutch must compete against top Killjoys to find an elusive fugitive or her teammates will die. Plus: John and D'Avin face an old foe.

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Source 1 and 2
I really liked Friday's episode it was the best one yet. Bless them for finally giving D'Avin something interesting. Looking forward to seeing Dutch kick major ass so that no one lays a finger on her bff John. Also thanks to mec for the promo image!
pecan pies
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Clips From MTV's 'White People'

White People is a new documentary from Pultizer Prize-winning journalist Joe Antonio Vargas. It premieres July 22 on MTV and explores whiteness in the US.

The documentary depicts different people who face racial diversity issues. A white man who attends a traditionally black college, teachers at a South Dakota reservation where resentment toward white people is presumebly tangible, a young man in Brooklyn who is baffled by Asian immigrants on his block, a white man who teaches a college course on white privilege.

"The only thing I fear is not having these conversations," Vargas tells the AP. "What I fear is the silence, the indifference, the ignorance. We can no longer have a conversation about race and diversity without having white people in it."

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SOURCE: MTV Youtube | ABC News

Blake Shelton's PR: Miranda Lambert is the one that cheated

- Shelton suspected that she messed around with country artist Chris Young
- But the tipping point was hearing rumors about another man which Blake believed to be fact.
- He then filed for divorce 2 weeks ago and asked her to get her animals off of his property.


a rumored philanderer making sure to accuse his ex publicly first. what kind of justin timberlake strategy? these rumors could potentially ruin her country career. tsk tsk
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Kimberly Jenner 'has aged herself by a DECADE after fillers and procedures', according to surgeon.

Closer magazine asked some random surgeon about what's going on with Kylie's face, this is what he had to say:

“Kylie has made herself look way beyond her years. All the surgery I suspect she's had - fillers to her lips and cheeks, a nose job and possibly some bone shaving around her jaw - is ageing her. Her eyes look wider, which implies she may have had eye surgery.”

So basically what every ONTD has been saying for months.

“If she continues with all these treatments, in 10 years time the skin around her lips will have stretched like a balloon and if she doesn't keep plumping them up the skin will be wrinkled."


all mine

In shit no one asked for: Taylor Swift is launching her first fashion line

Taylor Swift is a woman of many talents but dressing isn't one of them. That won't stop her though, she's set to launch a fashion line but lucky for us it will only be available in China.

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News anchor delivers anti-Obama rant on air

Conservative news anchor Tomi Lahren went on an anti-Barack Obama rant live on air that, despite being painful to watch, you have to see.

The 2.5 minute video is packed with absurd ideas but one that takes the cake? She thinks you're safer in the Middle East than you are in America. SMH.


Emma Thompson says Hollywood sexism is worse than ever

- Emma Thompson has been working in the film industry for 25 years and says Hollywood sexism is worse than ever: "I think it’s still completely shit, actually. I don't think there’s any appreciable improvement and I think that for women, the question of how they are supposed to look is worse than it was even when I was young. So, no, I am not impressed at all."

- "When I was younger, I really did think we were on our way to a better world and when I look at it now, it is in a worse state than I have known it, particularly for women and I find that very disturbing and sad."

- She often looks out for younger actresses: "I get behind as many young female performers as I can and actually a lot of the conversations I have with them are about exactly the fact that we are facing and writing about the same things and nothing has changed, and that some forms of sexism and unpleasantness to women have become more entrenched and indeed more prevalent."

- Thompson is just the latest of many women speaking out, from Rose McGowan's public battle against her agent to Amanda Seyfried's blind-item reveal about a male co-star who made 10 times her salary. Older actresses like Thompson, Meryl Streep, and Helen Mirren, also have been very vocal but not immune to the sexism in the film industry

More at the source

Anne Hathaway Comes for Amy Schumer

In Amy Schumer's "Trainwreck," Amy's character teases Bill Hader's character for parading his charity award like "Anne Hathaway on Oscar night." Anne Hathaway took to Instragram to respond to Amy with the following message:

"Dear @AmySchumer, Don't pretend like when you win your Oscar- which you could for your brilliant and refreshing writing and/or acting in @TrainwreckMovie- you won't tote it around to every Oscar party you go to. Way to slay, Annie"

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Sources: 1 | 2

Nicki Minaj isn't happy about her VMA nominations

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Source 1 and 2

Late Late Show's Geoff the robot skeleton launches Indiegogo for new variety show

Josh Robert Thompson, or Geoff the robot skeleton from the "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," launched an Indiegogo for his variety show, "The Josh Robert Thompson Show". Josh explains the show is a mix of “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” meets "The Muppet Show" meets “Curb Your Enthusiasm," and is certainly not child friendly. Essentially, it's the adult version of what you've wanted your entire life in a show!

Perks range from $10 - $100 that buy you something as small as a "thank you" at the end of the pilot episode, to lunch with Josh Robert Thompson and even an executive producer credit on the show.

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Sources: Indiegogo, YouTube

ONTD, my friend's boyfriend is part of this and tbh he will make the show. v standout comedian. Saw a show he put on with JRT performing that was pretty good 10/10 will see again

Nicki Minaj about to show Taylor Swift some real Bad Blood™

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17 Year Old, Bella Thorne and and her 23 Year Old boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin Having a Lunch Date

Bella and her Boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin have lunch together after Just Jared's Summer Bash 2015.
(According to Wikipedia, Bella turns 18 in October.)
ONTD, do you think this relationship should be treated the same as Kylie x Tyga? why or why not?

Do I Sound Gay? - Trailer

So I saw this while looking at movies onDemand and it said it is available to order. I watched the trailer but did not order the movie because I want to watch It Follows (OOPS). But, I thought this would make a good post/discussion.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-SUNbPwPu4

Personally, I know I sound "gay" and DGAF. What about you ONTD gays? Do you sound "gay"? Do you care? Do others care?

Ellie Goulding gushes about Amy Winehouse

In an interview with Billboard, Ellie said this about Amy Winehouse:

''I've learned from Amy. She's a massive inspiration. She lived here [in London]. She worked here. Her friends were here. And I don't see why that can't be my life and I can still do my art without letting that [celebrity] stuff [interfere].

We had mutual friends, but I didn't know her and I'm so sad that I never got to meet her and I'm so sad about how it ended because she was just an unbelievable talent. Unbelievable. She's one of the greatest artists to ever come out of this country and to come out of London.''

Tbh this is just an excuse to talk about the new Amy documentary, have you seen it ONTD? What did you think of it?


Unbothered Goddess announces new perfume; congratulates fans for VMA nomination

So we might not have R8 still, but today Rihanna announced her new perfume 'RiRi'. And BBHMM might have missed the VMA deadline by a few days, and FFS might have been snubbed for best collab, BUT American Oxygen was nominated for best video with a social message. Rihanna took to twitter to congratulate supporters while on her flight to Barbados.

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Kimmy Kakes Accidentally Gets Involved in "Nicki v. Taylor: Dawn of Justice"

-Kim posted a tweet (under the cut) that said "Imma let you finish but..." in the middle of the Nicki/Taylor Twitter fight
-She "realized" that she got involved and then deleted the tweet and tweeted an apology

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Karen Fukuhara as Katana

James Blake debuts new song “Radio Silence”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

- He also confirmed Justin Vernon and Kanye will be featured on his new album in a new Esquire interview.
"Kanye—I’m with him today. We’d already started on something… today we should nail something down. If it doesn’t end up on the album you know it hasn’t worked.”


ONTD Original: 11 Zouk & Kizomba Songs from French Caribbean and Afro Portuguese artists

After the ONTD Original posts we've had the last couple of weeks, I thought I would make another Caribbean music post like the one by topherfy on Bachata and Merengue. This ONTD Original is on Zouk and Kizomba music, which is popular in different Caribbean countries as well as among the Caribbean diaspora in the West.
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Juan Luis Guerra stuck in an elevator, new house for the Piqué-Mebarak, Milan is cute

Today, professional football groupie Shakira had a special visitor in her house: iconic Dominican singer Juan Luis Guerra. There aren't many details regarding the visit, only the two pictures posted Shakira today on her social media and captioned them with: "Juan Luis Guerra trapped in the elevator in my house!! JL I hope you'll want to visit me again!!" Juan Luis Guerra was in Barcelona for his Spanish tour.

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Sources (in Spanish): 1, 2, 3, 4
The struggle of being a Shakira stan, smh. What is music?
I'll be the one

Willam Belli confirms All Stars 2 and wasn't asked to join

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Mods, I know Tumblr isn't a "valid source" but it's Willam's official page and where he responded to the question. Anyways, I'm so disappointed in Ru and WOW. Willam continues to be the most successful queen off the show despite not winning.
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Is Dinah Tomlinson Dolezal (@dinahjane97) #TeamNicki or #TeamTaylor? + New No Harmony performance!

A quick look at one of Camila Cabello's back up singer, Dinah Dolezal, "FAVORITES" on Twitter shows she's TEAM TAYLOR! #FFFFFFeminist icon, tbh!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Also, the global superstars known as No Harmony performed at the BET's Players Awards:

Bonus: First she thinks she's black and now she thinks she is LATINA, too? Whew, transracialethnic queen!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

source 1
source 2

Meek Mill comes for Safaree and says Drake doesn't write his own rhymes

So Meek Mill had some words for Safaree , Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend. There's a video circulating the internet that is ALLEGEDLY of Safaree twerking. Mr. Mills accuses Safaree of being gay because of how touchy-feely Safaree allowed Nicki to be with other men while they were in a relationship.

Twitlonger says: This nigga SB was twerking mannnnnnnn....i always thought u was gay letting Ya girl do all that shit with niggas while yall where together! Lol

Alleged video:

Safaree twerking pic.twitter.com/JsfMNFXLn6

— Rev.MarMar (@YungLost_Rebel) July 22, 2015


the fuck is wrong with these people today?