July 20th, 2015

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A bunch of famous and powerful cheaters are about to get exposed

-Ashley Madison, the extramarital affairs website, was hacked this past week.

-Ashley Madison's sister websites Cougar Life and Established Men were also hacked.

-The hackers plan to publish data on over 37 million users, including prominent individuals.

-Avid Life Media, the owner of Ashley Madison, just released a statement.

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Paz de la Huerta sues the director of 'Nurse 3D' for $55 Million

Back in 2011 Paz de la Huerta filmed a bad horror movie in Canada called Nurse 3D. While she was filming the movie she was struck by an ambulance that was driven by a stunt driver. She had previously received $73,000 in worker's comp from the accident in 2012. Last year she also tried to sue the production company saying that she should get more money since she almost died. The case was dismissed since she had already been paid and signed away any rights to future claims by accepting the worker's comp.

In the 2014 lawsuit court documents say that the impact "injured her chest and arm and left her with a neuromuscular syndrome". She has now filed a new lawsuit against director Doug Aarniokosk as well as the stunt driver for the accident claiming that she suffered a spinal fracture. She is suing for $55 Million to cover loss of earnings plus punitive damages. In the lawsuit she also wants Aarniokosk to re-dub the movie completely with her voice as another actress had to dub some scenes for her after de la Huerta stepped out due to her injuries.

Source 1 and 2

Racial Dolezal Update!

I don't know spiritually and metaphysically how this goes, but I do know that from my earliest memories I have awareness and connection with the black experience, and that's never left me. It's not something that I can put on and take off anymore. Like I said, I've had my years of confusion and wondering who I really was and why and how do I live my life and make sense of it all, but I'm not confused about that any longer. I think the world might be; but I'm not.
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ONTD, would you pay Rachel do your box braids and sew ins? 

OMG MODS, sorry for all the errors. LJ has been a hot mess for me lately! :O

Ben Schwartz

Clea DuVall Directing First Movie; Stars Cobie Smulders, Melanie Lynskey and Ben Schwartz

- Clea DuVall (of many 90's movies & more recently, AHS:Asylum) is directing and starring in an as-yet-untitled movie.
- Colbie Smulders, Melanie Lynskey, Jason Ritter, Natasha Lyonne, Vincent Piazza, Alia Shawkat and Ben Schwartz have all been cast in the movie.
- No word on what it is about yet.

Source, Source

Just excited that Ben has a new project!

A nobody threatens suicide after video of him acting like a fuckboy surfaced last month.

  • Last month, a video of Vine “star” Carter Reynolds, 19, pressuring his ex-girlfriend Maggie Lindemann, 16, into giving him oral sex surfaced.

  • Last night, after some Twitter drama with his ex-girlfriend, he started tweeting about being done with all the hate he had been getting and that he had reached his breaking point.

  • He finished his Twitter rant tweeting that he had never thought about killing himself until now.

  • Maggie, his ex, then tweeted that suicide isn't a fucking joke.

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Weedgate: the Sun doesn't know what a methpipe is edition

-Justin, Cody Simpson and Niall Horan were hanging out last night
-Cody shared a snapchat of him massacring a song while Justin and Niall sat near by
-A bowl was on the table and the Sun now claims that a meth pipe was present
-No rep has commented yet
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Source //Source
Do you know the difference between a bowl and a meth pipe ontd?

Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert -- Divorcing

Statement: "This is not the future we envisioned," their representatives said in a statement to The Associated Press. "And it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately. We are real people, with real lives, with real families, friends and colleagues. Therefore, we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very personal matter."

Twitter, AP

Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothing to F*** With - Ghostface Comes for Action Bronson in YouTube Video

-Apparently drew from an Action Bronson appearance on sportsnation where he said Ghostface isn't "rapping like this no more"

-Ghostface also crossposted the video to subreddit /r/hiphopheads

-Action Bronson quickly apologized on his Twitter account

Sources: YouTube, Complex, reddit, Twitter

I still don't like Action Bronson for his gross comments on Azealia Banks tbh, but Ghostface is even more over the top than usual here
Ben Schwartz

Hot Soccermom & Co. Writing for the Emmys

- In a recent interview, Comedy Bang! Bang! host Scott Aukerman revealed that he and the rest of the writers of Comedy Bang! Bang! will be writing for this year's Emmy Awards.
- Andy Samberg, who is hosting the Emmys this year, asked him to write for the awards, and he agreed on the condition they hire the whole CBB writing staff.

Source Tweet

Anthony Geary's General Hospital Exit Interview

After All the Twitter drama, I bet Michael Logan couldn't wait to post this interview

- Loved working with Gloria Monty
- Loved working with Frank Valentini, thinks he's a great Executive Producer
- Tired of the Luke and Laura love story
- The only actor in daytime with a clause in his contract aloowing him to rewrite dialogue
- Loved working with Jonathan Jackson


Ayumi Hamasaki Releases Sayonara ft. SpeXial Music Video + Details about Mini-Album sixxxxxx

Ayumi Hamasaki is currently on a music video release rampage in preparation for her latest mini album "sixxxxxx". Yesterday, she released the music video for Sayonara. The song features Taiwanese boyband SpeXial. The song is produced by DAISHI DANCE (Previously worked with Mika Nakashima and Miliyah Kato as well as a track on Ayu's previous album "Colours"). Translated lyrics from Ayu's official Youtube can be found in the cut below.

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In related news, Ayumi Hamasaki also released album covers and full tracklist for her upcoming mini-album "sixxxxxx". The album covers are a collaboration with fashion magazine Numero TOKYO, and the upcoming issue of Numero TOKYO will feature additional photos from the album shoot. The CD version features six tracks (As suggested by the album title) while the DVD&Blu-Ray versions also contains three music videos and a making clip for each music video.

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Sources 1/2/3

ngl, it's been a while since I've been excited for an Ayu release.
D'Arcy Wretzky Adore
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Watch Chris Evans's Directorial Debut in 'Before We Go' Trailer

The trailer is out for Chris Evans' first time out as a director for this "Before Sunrise"-inspired film starring himself and Alice Eve. It is available on VOD tomorrow and will be in limited release September 4th.

Click HERE to see the trailer at the source since it won't embed.

ONTD, will you be checking out Dorito Bae's new movie?

Sorry Mods, forgot my tag.

Chris Brown's home invasion was a setup by his "friends"

-Not just any friends, supposedly really close friends.
-A club promoter was also involved. He knew Chris has just gotten paid $50k from a club appearance and the money was in the house.
-Sources say the LAPD gang unit is involved because the Bloods (aka the gang Chris Brown pays to let him rep pretty much) had something to do with it.


People knew this. Like the only person that didn't realize shit would come around to bite him in the ass was Chris. These dudes ain't loyal either, aye bruh?
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Soon there will be nothing but reboots on TV...

(eta: or not...)


I'm only interested in this if it's about the continued adventures of resurrected!Xena and Gabrielle starring Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor.

Tall Country Bae Sam Hunt Joins Taylor Swift in Chicago for her 1989 Tour

A huge thank you to @SamHuntMusic for surprising the crowd with 'Take Your Time'. Such a star.

Taylor Swift added rising Country music star Sam Hunt to her squad last night, bringing out the former college football player as a special guest during last night's 1989 Tour stop in Chicago. The pair performed Hunt's No. 1 single "Take Your Time." Check out the video below.

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Source 1
Source 2

ONTD, have you fallen in love with Country Music Superstar Sam Hunt yet?
pilot, cause i want to, kate beaton

Grooveshark Co-Founder Found Dead

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Josh Greenberg was only 28 years old.

Found dead in his bed by his girlfriend when she came back to their apartment after a weekend away.

No signs of foul play or drugs, and he had no urgent medical issues.

Autopsy is being done today. If that doesn't uncover an answer, toxicology results would take up to three months.


President Obama will make his final appearance for 'The Daily Show' tomorrow night

- Obama will be a guest on the July 21st installment, where Jon Stewart will bid farewell to The Daily Show gig on August 6th

- It will be his seventh and last appearance

- He has appeared on TDS twice as president and four times as a presidential candidate and U.S. senator. Back in 2010, he became the first-ever sitting president to visit the show.

- Obama was also one of David Letterman's final guests, and helped send off The Colbert Report in December, even stepping behind Stephen Colbert's desk for a special edition of the show's "The Word," all about Obamacare

- Trevor Noah will officially take over as TDS host on Sept. 28th

hyperbole and a half - me

JGL to play Mindy's husband on 'The Mindy Project'

-Joseph will star as Mindy's husband in the Season 4 premiere, which will feature an alternate reality storyline –a nod to 1998's "Sliding Doors" movie

-In the parallel universe, the "Inception" star will play a "suave reality show producer for Bravo," a perfect spouse for pop culture obsessed Mindy

-26 new episodes of the comedy will premiere on Hulu later this year

jo bae

Selena Gomez Thinks She's A 9 On Hotness Scale

In a weird new interview Selena Gomez was asked to rate her hotness...

She called into Boston's The TJ Show on 103.3 AMP Radio, and they asked her the question and chimed in.

On a scale of 1 to 10....She said on Premiere day she's a 9....but in day to day life she ranked herself a "6 or 7".

She also shared that she's having a quiet dinner with close friends for her upcoming 23rd birthday.


What are you on a scale of 1 to 10 ONTD??
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Website makes change no one asked for: News @ 11


In summary: If you use Twitter on the web and your background is a bright eye-searing white instead of whatever background you chose for it, it's apparently on purpose. But there's always Twitter's support/feedback section which is like shouting into a void...

Mike Will Made It claims a new Rihanna single is on the way

Remember like a few centuries ago, Rihanna put out a snippet that the fans called 'Promised'. Well, producer Mike Will Made It announced today that the song is "OTW"(on the way). No word yet as to why Rihanna can't get her ass online and announce this instead of being a hermit, like she has been. Rihanna fans are so damaged from this era that we don't even know if we should get excited cause it could all be false....But I've been waiting a long time to hear this song, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

New 🔥 w @Rihanna OTW! #NothingsPromised Who thinks they're ready 🙊 pic.twitter.com/PBhJpnS16c

— Mike WiLL Made-It (@MikeWiLLMadeIt) July 20, 2015


McDonald's has a secret menu y'all

If you didn't already know, McDonald's has a secret menu! What des that consist of? Weirdly named dishes with weirder incredients. Some don't have names. But the anonymous manager on reddit said you shouldn't refer to your two beef patties + chicken patty sandwich as the McGangbang (tasteless name), or your chicken/fish/beef buger as the land, air and sea burger. Here's some cool stuff I recommend trying for me because American McDonald's is nasty.

- Pie McFlurry
- Grilled cheese (not to be confused with the better grilled cheese from In-N-Out, this one only comes with... you guessed it! Cheese!)
- McCrepe
- Buiscits and gravy

And unlike other fast food establishments, these seem to be very DIY. Be prepared to get your hands dirty, ONTD!

SRC: Hack the Menu & reddit

ONTD, what's your favorite secret menu item or  meal?? Mines the grilled cheese w/ caramelized onions and a rootbeer/dr pepper float from In-N-Out.

Summer (year? decade?) of Drake: another new song coming?

It's rumored to be a remix to D.R.A.M's Cha-Cha. Click HERE to listen to a clip.

(the superior version with the original Super Mario World sample)

Dancing with wedding guests. Dude is so damn corny.

Looking thicker than them girls he like to fuck with


Interns spill on what some of your fave celebrities are really like behind the scenes


originated from reddit but apparently:

- Nicki Minaj is "an entitled, self-absorbed bitch who will not be famous in 5 years (guaranteed)" not surprised

- Kanye West demanded his penis look larger in photoshoot, caused longer hours in post production for crew. But others found him to be nice, professional and grounded.

- Mariah Carey is apparently cray but a nice cray and offered up champagne to everyone on set.

- Beyonce doesn't talk to the help and has mommy intervene for her instead when asked how her stay was by limo driver.

- Jennifer Lopez returned to the Bronx to shoot a music video, denied fan an autograph. Fan says to La Lopez "Fuck you, your music is whack anyway" causing JLo to mutter to those around her "That's why I don't like coming back to this shithole."

- An intern divulges "I once had to work with a very popular Caribbean-born R&B singer who had to be one of the least professional, rude and nasty individuals I've come across in this business" has people guessing Rihanna.

- John Legend and David Beckham are both class acts and very handsome.
kylo ren

Melisandre being a tease again...

- when asked about Jon at London Film and Comic Con she answered: “No, he can’t be dead. No!”
- they also asked her if she'll resurrect him and she said: “I’ve seen that on the internet; like I’ve seen stuff saying ‘we’ll forgive you if you save him’.” (lol)
- says she got death threats because of her character on GoT :(


Someone leak some photos so this mess can end pls.
[actress] Grace Kelly

Martin Freeman talks about his role in Captain America: Civil War

“He works for the American government,” Freeman said “He works in conjunction with the superheroes, and certain agencies that help to tame the superheroes power I suppose. So you’re not quite sure which side he’s on. It looks a little bit like he’s playing one game when actually he’s playing another. It’s the kind of character I like because it’s ambiguous and because you don’t know whether he’s good or bad. I like that area that isn’t black or white, I like the grays, because I think there’s just more fun to be had in not playing one obvious line.”


Natalie Portman covers Harper's BAZAAR August 2015 issue

- On her French: "My French is okay, but when my friends are talking about books and philosophy, that's a level of conversation I'm just not ready for linguistically. And maybe intellectually."

- On living in Paris: "This French friend of ours just told me that being in Los Angeles, he missed having serious conversations at dinner. In Paris, if you're at dinner and there isn't a debate, you leave and think, 'Well, that wasn't a very good party.' But no one ever does that here. And I thought, I like just having happy talk!"

- On asking Cate Blanchett for parenting advice: "Cate Blanchett is an amazing person. Very early on, I asked her about being a parent. I said, 'How do you do it? You're a mom. You're the best at what you do.' She said, 'You just do. Stressing about it doesn't help.'"

- Talks about Jane Got a Gun, a Western film she produced and her directorial debut A Tale of Love and Darkness, which she also stars in and wrote entirely in Hebrew

- On her Jewish heritage: "It's a very strange place to be from. When you say, 'I'm for Israel,' everyone wants to have a 10-hour political conversation. Everyone has a very strong, passionate opinion about it. But I'm grateful for it. I had so many friends who asked when we were younger, 'Who am I? What's my identity?' I never questioned my identity."

- On red carpet interviews: "I get asked so many questions about the Middle East, and I'm like 'Can you please just ask me about my dress? Let's just talk about the dress!'" [interviewer notes that she says this half-laughing] "I like to look at what people are wearing, but I do see the sexism in it. Yeah, you could reject it all, but I don't know anyone who has done that and been able to maintain the level of work I'd like to maintain."

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source for interview, source for photoshoot
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Tinashe looking AMAZING for Kode Magazine + Interview + unreleased song leaked, "Up We Go".

-Hit boy, boi1da, Max Martin, Nic Nac are currently in her music circle for upcoming projects.
-Getting chosen personally by Janet Jackson to participate in her tribute at the BET awards was the most validating moment in her carrer.
-About keeping up with up and coming artists, she says "The Internet has a new album out called “Ego Death” that I loooooove."
-"I want to be remembered as someone who inspires young people to make their own dreams possible."
-"Don’t wait for anyone to make things happen for you. Go out there and make it happen yourself."

See the GORGEOUS pics and full interview here

Leaked unreleased bop "Up We Go":


ONTD, have you ever done a photoshoot?

Hello ONTD! What a wonderful day for an Eminem post!

Em and Jake Gyllenhaal surprise people at a advance screening of Southpaw in Livonia, Michigan.

Em looked nervous (as usual when talking in front of people) but he was rocking the grey. lol at him trying to get out of there as soon as possible. Jake looked buffed man. And aww at Jake saying it was an honor standing next to Em.

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Also Em did an interview with the NY times. He discusses Southpaw and writing music for it. He talks about his next moves in the music business and explains why he doesnt branch out much in other genres in comparison to other artists

click the source for the interview: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/19/arts/music/eminem-collaborates-on-the-album-for-the-film-southpaw.html?_r=0

source: https://youtu.be/7LHilq5cPJI
me gran

Old man shouts at cloud: Terence Stamp laments the loss of mangoes in London

"It’s very sad how few English people there are in London now. When I grew up in East London everyone seemed to speak English, and now you can barely get by speaking our own language.

"I don’t live in the East any more, but I absolutely love mangoes and so occasionally I go back there to buy these wonderful Alphonso mangoes from the market on Green Street. I’m lucky if I can buy one now at all because no one speaks English."

  • neuers

cap 3 will tease thor: ragnarok

+ Jaimie Alexander aka Lady Sif said: "There's a lot of great stuff they've peppered in through Agents of SHIELD, [Avengers: Age of Ultron], Captain [America: Civil War] will have some stuff. There's just all kind of Easter eggs and hunts, if you're really paying attention. They're so good at interweaving everything throughout those films."
+ She also says that Sif will have a very pivotal part in Thor 3.

HP doujinshi 'Power Play'

Disney Unveils Detailed Look at Shanghai Disneyland

Today The Walt Disney Company unveiled key creative elements of Shanghai Disneyland, opening in spring 2016. Shanghai Disneyland is designed to appeal to Chinese guests – taking the best of Disney and delivering it in a way that is created especially for a Chinese audience.

Shanghai Disney Resort is a complete vacation destination and at opening will include:

•Shanghai Disneyland, a theme park with six themed lands
•Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story Hotel
•Disneytown, an international shopping, dining and entertainment district
•Walt Disney Grand Theatre, home to the first-ever Mandarin production of the Broadway hit THE LION KING
•Wishing Star Park, featuring beautiful gardens and a glittering lake

The six themed lands include:
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News: hotelexecutive.com and latimes.com
Photos: Disney Parks Blog & Google images
Videos: Inside the Magic @ Youtube

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Jax Taylor Arrested For Stealing $300 Sunglasses

-Jax was on vacation in Honolulu for his 36th birthday, and on Friday he was arrested for stealing a $300 pair of sunglasses from Sunglass Hut
-In the security footage (at source), Jax is seen taking a pair of sunglasses, wandering around the store aimlessly, then quickly bolting out the door
-He was arrested and charged with a felony - $300 is the minimum theft amount for a felony in Hawaii


What have you stolen, ontd?

Stephen Hawking backs $100 million search for alien life. Seth MacFarlane promotes?

Stephen Hawking, along with billionaire Yuri Milner, launched a 10-year, $100 million dollar project aimed at finding extraterrestrial life. Called Breakthrough Initiatives, it will be more efficient and more sensitive than any project before. Seth MacFarlane did a promotional video.

ONTD, do you Want to Believe?



Amandla Stenberg's band Honeywater has an EP on iTunes

Actress and violinst/singer Amandla Stenberg revealed on Instagram that her folk (band? duet?) has released their first EP (only 4 songs) on iTunes.

Here's the post:

"Today the EP that my best friend and I made is out on iTunes.

I've been fortunate enough to play violin and sing in Honeywater for a couple years now. I've loved every second of it - it has given me the opportunity to grow and develop as a musician, to push myself and be adventurous.

I hope you'll enjoy Honeywater. Link in bio"

And here's the link on iTunes.


Haven't had a chance to listen yet, have you ONTD?  Did you like it?

"The Flash" Season 2: some "spoilers" (hardly)

First look at one of the new characters

[who?]Patty Spivot

Someone is coming back to (this or different) show?

[who?]Clyde Mardon (Weather Wizard), alive and well?

Someone who is NOT coming back to the show?

[who?]Eddie Thawne

[Banned source] says Rick Cosnett Joins ABC's Quantico as Gay FBI Analyst

And someone who has no idea if they're coming back

[who?]Hartley Rathaway (Pied Piper)

source 1
source 2
source 3

Cara Delevingne for girlfriend of the year?

St.Vincent (Annie Clark) has done a bajillion interviews saying David Bowie is her idol - her girlfriend, Cara Delevingne, decided to get Bowie to sign a guitar to Annie.

Caption: "An Airline Twin Tone guitar signed by David Bowie. Thank you, @caradelevingne. Best gift ever in the entire world. (Heart emoji…)"

Damn girl. I need to get into Hollywood and hope that I meet a rich, well connected lady.


Eddie from "The Flash" to play gay in a HTGAWM ripoff. AKA "Quantico"

- Rick Cosnett (Eddie from 'The Flash') is joining FBI's How To Get Away With Murder ripoff new FBI series Quantico as an openly gay analyst.
- That's the second gay character in the show. The other one is the guy from The Mindy project.
- He's recurring.
- Trailer for Quantico if you haven't seen it.

Source 1, 2

Praying he becomes the new Connor Walsh tbh.

Carly Rae Jepsen's latest single is flopping on the charts :'(

Carly Rae Jepsen's latest single, Run Away With My Weave Me, which has been receiving high praises from many top websites and establishments, has been released for over 72 hours already. And while her music video has amassed over 1 million views on Youtube, her song has so far failed to crack the top 100 songs on the US iTunes chart. Earlier in the day, her song managed to climb to 120, but it has dropped and is currently at 128. Compared to her counterparts, Selena Gomez's Good For Nothing and Demi Lovato's Lukewarm For The Summer, whose latest singles managed to top the iTunes chart in mere hours, Carly Rae Jepsen may need a new strategy if she wants to run away from her one hit wonder label.

Run Away With Me will hit radio stations tomorrow. Perhaps this is the needed boost that will propel her song to the top of the chart?

In not so disappointing news, I Really Like You has climbed back to number 1 in Japan, while her album, E•MO•TION, is back in the top 10 Japanese albums at number 3.

Looking to do your 1 good deed for the day? Well, just for $9.99 or $0.33 a day, you can pre-order Carly Rae Jepsen's upcoming album on iTunes. Let's throw some coins her way to ensure she will be able to make more awesome music for years to come!

Source: itunes