July 12th, 2015

Clover II

HBO series 'Westworld' First Look Revealed at Comic-Con

During the 'Person of Interest' panel creator Jonathan Nolan screened a trailer for 'Westworld'.

*Jonathan Nolan, co-created Westworld with Lisa Joy and directed the pilot.

*Westworld stars Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright,
Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, and Thandie Newton.

*The drama is about a futuristic theme park.
*Based on Michael Crichton's 1973 film.
*Westworld premieres on HBO in 2016

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Source: @HBO - @Deadline
taylor /target commercial

Taylor shows off her famous friends (again)!

For her second sold out show at metlife, Taylor brought out Uzo Aduba and her model friends (including Karlie, Gigi Hadid, and some other models I don't know).

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lmao at all the fans who thought she'd actually sing with joe (who was there watching)
[FS] red lips

Arrow, The Flash, & Legends of Tomorrow @ SDCC 2015

Green Arrow's New Season 4 Costume
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
From E!: "Once the design was finished, we shared it with Stephen and Stephen had a really great suggestion," executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells E! News. "He's like, 'I'm probably going to regret saying this when the winter comes, but what about making it sleeveless like the comics?' And I'll be honest, I was skeptical. I wasn't sure. It looks good in the comics, but I wasn't sure how it was going to look on Stephen. But man, it's amazing!"

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carmen sandiego

Bill Cosby’s wife says accusers ‘consented’ to drugs and sex

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Camille Cosby knows her husband is a cheater...

- She “stopped being embarrassed long ago” by her husband’s affairs, the family source said, but cannot tolerate the “invasion of privacy.”

... but of course he is not a rapist.

- “Camille still doesn’t believe that Bill provided drugs and had sex with women without their consent,” said a source employed by the Cosby family. “She’s well aware of his cheating, but she doesn’t believe that her husband is a rapist.”

Basically, in her mind those women consented on taking the drugs because... why not, right?


BSB and 'N Sync at Comic-Con for Nick Carter's directorial debut "Dead 7"

In case you missed the news, Nick Carter has directed a horror movie called Dead 7 (or possibly Dead West since people are writing it up as both so there seems to have been a name change at some point). Dead 7 is a post-apocalyptic zombie western that is produced by the same people that made Sharknado and will be appearing on SyFy. The film features both Nick Carter and Joey Fatone as heroes while AJ McLean will be portraying the apprentice of the main villain.

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Okay so it's just two BSB members and one from 'N Sync but still. This is going to be awful but I'm definitely watching it.
milern, PJM

All Your #Marvel Faves In One Selfie @ #SDCC

Summary: Cast from the X-Men Apocalypse, Deadpool, Gambit, Fantastic Four and of course Stan Lee take a selfie together.
Someone please take that mic away from Stan Lee though.
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I can't believe I made a Marvel post. So, are you more excited for non-MarvelMCU rather than DCCU now, ONTD?

Subway's Jared Fogle allegedly told reporter he thought middle school girls were hot

  • In case you missed it earlier in the week Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle had his house raided by the FBI in search of child porn
  • A former friend of Jared's who is also an ex-reporter is the person that tipped off the FBI
  • She claims that more than once Jared told her about how middle school girls were hot
  • She wishes to remain anonymous and prior to the raid wore a wire for the FBI while around Fogle
  • The FBI still has not charged Fogle but confirm they are investigating criminal activities

    Source 1 and 2
  • gwen/sip

    2015 Emmy Dream Ballots: Comedy Performers

    We discussed the drama, now let's talk comedy! Up next, are our dream nominees (i.e. not predictions!) for the comedy categories. This year presented a boatload of new, great talent fighting for their name to be read next Thursday. Here's who we hope will make the cut:

    Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

    ✪ Ilana Glazer, Broad City ("Wisdom Teeth")
    ✪ Ellie Kemper, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ("Kimmy Goes Outside!")
    ✪ Lisa Kudrow, The Comeback ("Valerie Gets What She Really Wants")
    ✪ Gina Rodríguez, Jane The Virgin ("Chapter 20")
    ✪ Constance Wu, Fresh Off The Boat ("The Shunning")

    1 more + write-up at the source

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    ONTD, what do you agree or disagree with? What funny ladies and gents will you be rooting for this week?

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    Matt Bomer Almost Played Superman in 'Man of Steel'


    “It was a month of ‘Okay, looks like this is going to happen,’ and then it slowly fell apart. But it’s okay. I have zero regrets about that. I feel like I’ve gotten to do such a rich array of roles and so many different things and I haven’t been locked too into one [role].”
    me gran

    Morrissey: "music can't possibly get worse than Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran"

    "We are force-fed such [artists] as Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith," says Morrissey, "which at least means that things can’t possibly get any worse. It is sad, though. There’s no spontaneity now, and it all seems to be unsalvageable."

    • fka

    Demi Lovato loves her curves because Wilmer Valderrama likes a little more booty to hold at night

    Demi Lovato showed off her thighs in an Instagram post and urged her followers to love their curves. In the photo's caption, Demi described that she used to hate her curves, but she learned to love them because of her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. Demi wrote, "I actually used to hate them... But then a special someone helped me learn how to love them... And he sure loves them." She ended the caption with the hashtags "#squats #COOLFORTHESUMMER."

    Source: Instagram

    Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has died

    -A statement was put out by Nintendo Japan stating that he passed away from a bile duct growth
    -Iwata was Nintendo's CEO since 2002
    -No successor has been named as yet
    -Genyo Takeda and Shigeru Miyamoto will manage the company until an official successor is announced.

    Source // Source // Source
    I'm surprisingly sad about this.
    • fka

    Demi Lovato shades Ariana Grande at the MLB All-Star Game concert

    She took to Twitter afterward to deny it

    Ariana Grande was originally set to perform at the MLB All-Star Game concert yesterday, but Demi Lovato replaced her after the donut-licking scandal made headlines. In the above clip, Demi Lovato introduces her song Made in the USA, explaining that she doesn't usually sing it live. She continues, saying "I know it's a little past 4th of July, but how many of you guys are proud to be an American?" People immediately posted about the diss on Twitter, and Demi took to her Twitter to deny that she shaded Ariana during the show.

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    Dev Patel: The Green Knight: Scavenger

    Will Comic Con Leaks Stop Studios From Showing Exclusive Footage?

    “We have no plans currently to release the Suicide Squad footage that leaked from Hall H on Saturday. It’s unfortunate and ultimately damaging that one individual broke a long-standing trust we have enjoyed with our fans at the convention by posting early material, which, at this point, was not intended for a wider audience. We are still in production on Suicide Squad, and will have a big campaign launch in the future. Our presentation yesterday was designed to be experienced in that room, on those big screens!”


    for not being able to go
    [tv] richie gecko

    The Dressmaker - Official Trailer

    Based on the best-selling novel by Rosalie Ham, THE DRESSMAKER is a bittersweet, comedy-drama set in early 1950s Australia. Tilly Dunnage (KATE WINSLET), a beautiful and talented misfit, after many years working as a dressmaker in exclusive Parisian fashion houses, returns home to the tiny middle-of-nowhere town of Dungatar to right the wrongs of the past. Not only does she reconcile with her ailing, eccentric mother Molly (JUDY DAVIS) and unexpectedly falls in love with the pure-hearted Teddy (LIAM HEMSWORTH), but armed with her sewing machine and incredible sense of style, she transforms the women of the town and in doing so gets sweet revenge on those who did her wrong.

    Directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse
    Produced by Sue Maslin
    Screenplay by Jocelyn Moorhouse & P.J. Hogan
    Based on the novel “The Dressmaker” by Rosalie Ham

    Starring Kate Winslet, Judy Davis, Liam Hemsworth, Hugo Weaving, Caroline Goodall, Shane Bourne, Kerry Fox, Rebecca Gibney, Sacha Horler, Shane Jacobson, Alison Whyte, Genevieve Lemon, Barry Otto and Sarah Snook.


    More 'leaks' of Zayn's No Type video

    -video was shared on Krept's snapchat after continuous hinting that another 'leak' related to the song was going to happen
    -this is allegedly the 'official' version of the song previously leaked with a Mic Righteous feature

    Oscar Isaac Smile

    Director is a kind of a dick to fans, news at 11.

    Ian Jq, co-executive producer of Stephen Universe, had a parody fan blog taken down today because he thought fans would find it confusing. The blog, Did You Know Stephen Universe, was an account that posted comically false facts about the cartoon, with source links that lead to humorous tinypic gifs and tagged each post with "misinformation". The producer publically tweeted the fan account his disproval, and then deleted the tweets (shown below).
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    When fandom interaction goes wrong.... Stories about jerkish directors/producers?

    Ian's Twitter
    Ian's Tumblr
    Twitter Screencap Source
    The Now Defunct Parody Blog
    Jaskier Bomb

    JK Rowling is a Serena Williams fan

     In addition to rooting for Serena Williams before her Wimbledon win, JKR also hit back at a hater of Serena's.
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     You can see more of JKR's gushing over Serena over on her twitter.