July 2nd, 2015

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Band reunites + returns with new LP. Album title is from a poem I read in High School.

Anthems For Doomed Youth arrives on September 4th.

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Article/Video Footage @ the Tweet. YT.

Obviously, this is a poetry post. No? Will Kate be involved somehow?
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Terminator fans lose it when reporter named Sarah O'Connor tweets that robot kills VW plant worker

A reporter's tweets have gone viral after she tweeted a link to an article about a robot killing a Volkswagen plant worker in Germany. Sarah O'Connor, a correspondent for the Financial Times, tweeted about the tragic accident. Her tweet quickly went viral, after fans noted that her name is similar to that of Terminator character Sarah Connor.

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Dukes of Hazzard Gets Dropped From TVLand, John Schneider Cries For His Residuals

- In this recent post, John Schneider - known as Superman's Dead 2nd Daddy and Tyler Perry White Guy Villain complained about the movement against the Confederate flag since the characters in Dukes of Hazzard used it in a good ol' boy way and that cancels out all those racist bigots apparently.

- TVLand probably got embarrassed by him and decided to dip out. Warner Bros also refuses to sell any Dukes merch with the flag on the car.

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Source 1 2

Tyler Perry do you love yourself?  Do you still want this guy on your staff?

Minority Report series makes major adjustment

Nick Zano (one big happy, what i like about you, 2 broke girls, Happy Endings) to co-star as Pre-cog Arthur.

In the movie, Dash and Arthur were identical twins, played by identical twin brothers.
The identical twins premise was carried over to the pilot, with one actor, Sands, cast to play both roles. (Arthur does not appear in the pilot beyond a blurred image at the end.) Now that concept has changed, with Dash and Arthur becoming fraternal twins with distinctly different personalities played by two different actors, Sands and Zano.

The show has already cast Stark Sands as Dash and Meagan Good as Lara Vega (the detective).

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Bryce Harper swings his bat for Espn's Body Issue

-Can Squat on my face 405 and is proud of that feat.

-Quotes hero Dereck Jeter: "Feel the Game", when playing on the field.

-Claims Puig & Trout has the strongest arms in the game, "They got it".


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Jenny's Wedding Trailer

Katherine Marie Heigl's new movie, Jenny's Wedding, finally gets a trailer.

The Emmy winner, and Oscar hopeful, plays the lead role in an engaged lesbian couple with Rory Gilmore. After Rory's failed relationship with Dean, Jesse and Logan, she finds comfort in the arms of Jenny (played by Heigl). The story shows that although same-sex marriage is legal, there may still be obstacles to overcome.


$cientology leader's father writing the book we've been waiting for (hopefully).

  • Ron Miscavige (father of known lunatic David Miscavige) is writing his memoir.

  • Book will be called "If He Dies, He Dies".

  • The title is a reference to an article in the LA Times about how David was investigating his father as he began dissociating himself from the church. One of the investigators saw Ron grabbing his chest as if having a heart attack. When the investigator called David asking him what to do, he said, "If it was his time to die, let him die" and to not get involved.

source and LA times article

Professional Festival Performer Cassadee Pope Premieres New Song, Blames Flopping Career on Sexism


Rolling Stone interviewed Cassadee (or, as she has decided "Sassadee") Pope, winner of the third season of The Voice and former aspiring Avril Lavigne, about her upcoming album and general career. Pope has spent most of the last year playing festivals and has started making videos about her fan mail. In the interview, Pope talks about a new song "Invincible," which may be her next single, and says that her lackluster career is due to her being a victim of sexism in the country industry (which is interesting due to her having made a promo video marketing her as "Running with the boys").

"It's very empowering," the singer tells Rolling Stone Country of her new work. "Very sassy. . . I'm showing a little bit more of an edgy side of myself."

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Maybe you wouldn't be flopping if you could sing and/or had good songs...

article source

Flawless Flame-Haired Queen Jess Glynne Releases Summer Anthem

Hot off the success of her mega-hit Hold My Hand, Jess Glynne just released the official audio for her latest single Don't Be So Hard on Yourself off her upcoming album I Laugh When I Cry.  Glynne has already achieved 6 Top Ten Hits in her native UK and a Grammy win for her collaobration with Clean Bandit's on the 2014 smash Rather Be.  The new surefire feel-good anthem was penned by Glynne, Wayne Hector & TMS.

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Rob furious with Kim Kardashian after she exposes him: He smokes weed, drinks beer and gained weight

-Rob Kardashian is furious with sister Kim Kardashian after the reality star joked to Rolling Stone that he’d be “skinny” if he was actually using meth.

-“Rob has blocked Kim on his phone”

-The Arthur George designer infamously posted an Instagram comparing Kim to Rosamund Pike’s murderous sociopath character in Gone Girl.


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Jake in Little Shop of Horrors!

All the pictures at the SOURCE because I don't want to get banned.

I totally forgot I bought my ticket to this and I'm pissed because I missed my show. Hope everyone else remembered...
dean karny: good boy

hema malini injured in car accident

- hema malini is a bollywood actress and politician.
- she was heading to jaipur when she was in a car accident
- is currently in the hospital. there are graphic pictures available, but have not posted them.
- one little girl was killed according to other reports. hema's injuries seem to be minor at the moment, but still waiting on word as it was near her eyes

jas tookes

[Banned source] says J.Lo was a factor in the Bennifer 2.0 breakup

- According to "friends" Bennifer 1.0 have increased their contact and Jen Garner did not like it
- According to the same "friends" it's inevitable that Bennifer 1.0 will get back together
- Other problems: He hit the booze to get into character for Gone Girl, his obsession with gambling, and skipping family events

Do you think Bennfer 1.0 will get back together ONTD?


Britney reflects on Pride Month #Lovewins + Iggy Azalea was a terror on Pretty Girls set, allegedly

Lost amongst the Iggy Azalea drama, Britney recently chimed in to support the new supreme court ruling legalizing gay marriage in the US.

she says:

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First Listen: Veruca Salt's New Album, "Ghost Notes"

"Ghost Notes is a comeback in more ways than one--it's the first new music from the band in ten years, and it's the first released by the original lineup since Eight Arms in 1997. A group of friends and musicians who have overcome internal turmoil and external pressures that caused them to part ways in the '90s would sound this invincible. Embracing a throwback sound isn't stagnation for Veruca Salt. It's celebration."

full review @ the source

so happy they are back!

Recovering Addict Demi Lovato Wants to Sing About Drugs On New Album

• She's excited for people to hear Cool for the Summer beacuse it shows a new side of her: sexier, more mature and fun
• She feels her music lacks the fun element of it because of her story and "blah blah blah blah"
• "Fuck this, I just wanna have fun with my music. I wanna talk about things... Sex, drugs, rock n roll. Let's do it."
• She worked with Max Martin on the song in March
• No tracklisting or name for the album. She's already recording a lot of songs but still has some more to record
• Wants to make sure "this is the best possible album I could ever release"


Paging fka
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Demi Lovato responds to criticism about her style: "I've worked HARD for this body #SORRYNOTSORRY"

Demi Lovato took to Twitter today to defend her recent fashion choices after getting ridiculed earlier today. Demi was photographed wearing jorts, thigh-high mesh gladiator-style high heels, and a strappy bikini top yesterday at her pool party promoting her latest single Cool For The Summer. She wasn't happy with the reception she received after photographs of her wearing the outfit surfaced, and Demi blasted her critics on Twitter, stating that she decided to show more skin since she worked hard on her body and wanted to show it off.


Does your fashion sense suffer when you decide to show off more skin?
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Is this the end of Reddit? Multiple subreddits go private after alleged firing of AMA coordinator

Reddit's Director of Communications, Victoria Taylor (/u/chooter), was allegedly dismissed today. In response, multiple subreddits, including /r/IAmA, /r/Askreddit, /r/movies, /r/gaming, /r/history, /r/science, /r/art, /r/law, and /r/spain have gone private in protest. Victoria is most known for coordinating Reddit's AMAs (Ask Me Anything), including the one with Obama and the one with the guy that has two dicks.

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'Ant-Man' Could Hit $65M in July 17 Debut

+ Ant-Man is tracking to open as high as $65 million at the North American box office.
+ The movie is showing the same strength that the first Captain America and Thor enjoyed, both of which debuted in the $65 million range for Marvel. It's also considered more family friendly than other superhero titles, so could overperform.


New TIDAL exclusive: PRINCE


-Prince’s publisher has asked all streaming services to remove his catalog. We have cooperated with the request, and hope to bring his music back as soon as possible reads - From his Spotify Page
-His music is also not available on Apple Music and Rdio
-Prince has never liked technology the digital music space going so far as forcing YouTube to take down a video  of a child dancing to his song citing copyright infringemen. Basically he's a total douche about this
Noone care about Google Music so noone reported on it.

Enjoy not having anyone listen to your music through streaming, Prince


Jupiter Ascending 'round the world

 photo 91UtES8paqL._SL1500__zpsgctvgdtd.jpg

While out now for some weeks in the US, Jupiter Ascending - our beautiful, magical movie of space bees, intergalactic royalty and bitter inheritance disputes between millenia-old manchildren - is now out on blu-ray, DVD and digital everywhere. If you're a true believer in the magic of Jupiter Ascending, there's even a spiffy steelbook verison out in Germany ft. Space Wolf Channing and Space Queen Mila.


Jupiter Ascending post, people! Who's been luxuriating in the glorious accessibility of this precious film? I can't believe it's finally mine. I can't believe the film exists, but I'm so happy it does.

 photo 5_zpshzwigkfb.gif

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Catch Up!

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Have y'all been watching? Ngl, that last one got me emotional. Losing long-term bff's is hard. Have you guys lost real close friendships in your 20s?

Sources 1 2 3 4 5

Viral YouTube vloggers Sam and Nia EXPOSED as homophobes!!!

Starts at 11:52

- Couple went viral last year with a Frozen lipsync that received over 30 Million views
- They've been featured on abc, gma, and dozens of others programs/publications
- They coerce their daughter on camera into disagreeing with gay marriage after she says people should be able to "do what they want."

ETA: Sam's brother is being messy on the FB post about this


They currently have a big sponsorship with NatureBox, so feel free to email them and let them know they're supporting homophobic vloggers <3 and sign this petition to drop their deal
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OP's Leighton Meester Google Alert Finally Goes Off: Leighton at a friend's Baby Shower!

Indie folk feminist queen Leighton Meester was spotted showing off her baby bump in a cute white sundress a few days ago! Is her fashion sense pulling at your #Heartstrings (buy on iTunes now!), ONTD?

Mods, I gave up on embeding and just grabbed the pic and caption. I tried embeding it through media and like a bazillion different ways but Instagram hates me, lol.


Utada Hikaru Gives Birth, Working on New Album

Utada Hikaru announced on her blog that she and her husband had a baby boy recently. No details on the name or anything else but she also mentioned that she has been working on a new album while she was pregnant.

Twitter, blog post

This is my first post so hopefully I didn't mess anything up!

ONTD Original: SDCC 2015 best panels+stuff you can do without a badge

SDCC will be upon us in less than a week. I've been looking carefully at panels you can see if you're lucky enough to have a badge for all 4 days. If not, have no fear! I've been looking at various off site events that you do not need a badge for.

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Learn about a new direction for the digital comics medium.

Perhaps the most accurate reflection of Comic-Con itself, witness a debate over the merits of Star Trek vs. Star Wars.

Sunday, July 12th
Sunday is shopping day, but there are panels too!

Whether you think Marvel is making progress with female representation or is problematic™, this panel was very good last year and features strong women responsible for bringing the new Ms. Marvel to page.

See your Ryan Murphy faves at this joint panel form American Horror Story: Hotel and Scream Queens. At press time, Lady Gaga won't be present :(

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Myself, who used to own a bike and took a long time to make this very interesting and informative post.

comic-con schedule
fox website
adult swim
comedy central
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Ask Science makes comment about going private

We have not gone private because our team has chosen to keep the subreddit open for our readers, but instead stating our disapproval of how events have been handled currently as well as the past."

-some users stated that some subreddits went down for a few hours /r/pics
-others suggested a full closure of /r/askscience
-one user commented "I would have preferred [/r/askscience] private, too. Reddit will eventually die as a site unless we can jolt the investors into shuffling out bad management."
-pretty much the subreddit was made private so people can take note as to what's happening in the community
-RIP me not being able to read the Domhnall Gleeson AMA since /r/iama is 1000% private to mods


Carol Shaw, Owner of Lorac Cosmetics, Does an AMA. It Doesn't Go Well.

Earlier this week, the owner of Lorac Cosmetics did an AMA on the r/makeupaddiction subreddit. The subreddit had been excited about the chance, as Lorac is a much loved company on the site, but the actual AMA was pretty lackluster. Users noted that the responses seemed canned and often didn't even answer the question at all. Furthermore, Carol answered (though some users doubted that Carol even was a part of the AMA and there weren't many actual answers) very few of the questions posed.

zenzizenzizenzike 163 points 2 days ago
Why is the brand pronounced "La-rock" when the spelling suggests "Lo-rack"?

[–]glamodoOfficial Glamodo 24 points 2 days ago
LORAC is Carol spelled backwards and LUH-ROCK is just the way I personally pronounced it. This is how we say it and now you can spread the word!

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This definitely made me look at Lorac in a different light tbh. These are all of the questions she "answered" and only 3 of them are actually relevant to the question/not just shilling Lorac products. Some of them are really, really blatantly PR answers (Asking for advice gets a "Yes!"?). Favorite AMAs? Channing Tatum is my new fave though apparently the AMA days aren't as good anymore...

Paris Hilton was in on 'plane crash' prank

-Banned source has obtained documents that was allegedly sent to Paris explaining exactly what would happen during the prank + mentioned that it will be captured on camera.

-According to the docs, the Dubai government was involved providing security and monitored the whole thing.

-Paris was allegedly paid millions of dollars for this gig.

source: https://twitter.com/TMZ/status/616517066384748544