June 20th, 2015


'Bourne 5' Movie UPDATE

*A trusted source says that Viggo Mortensen has been offered the role of the film’s villain.
*Julia Stiles is set to return as agent Nicky Parsons.
*Alicia Vikander is in talks to play a role in the film.
*The script is done and production looks to begin this fall in London.

Source: @ColliderNews

Sony hack scandal: Hollywood execs were 'concerned with the spread of herpes'

Wikileaks published a document about Sony execs concerned with the spread of herpes on set.

*Actors working on Sony projects have been required to fill out
the 'Cold Sore Questionnaire'. In order to be insured actors must
answer honestly to questions like:

'confess when the sore(s) first appeared'
'describe cold sore locations'
'how long their cold sores usually last'
'disclose any potential triggers'

*Actors must reveal any medications that they are taking to treat the
sores and they must sign and date the form.

*Some actors try to hide having sores and some even refuse to fill the questionnaire.

Source: @MirrorCeleb

Mimi dating Australian Billionaire last linked to Miranda Kerr

- Mimi is reportedly dating Australian Billionaire James Packer
- Set up by friend and scuzzball Brett Ratner
- Currently vacationing on his yacht in Capri, Italy. Then it's off to Cannes then St. Tropez
- Apparently he's been after her for a while and finally wore her down
- Packer infamously got into a fist fight over the media coverage on his supposed relationship with a then married supermodel Miranda Kerr



Heads up, Atlanta house hunters, Tyler Perry's modest home up for sale

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  • it can be yours for just $25 million!

  • 34,688 square feet and sits on 17 acres

  • the home comes with a “presidential-level security system,” as well as two gated and secured entrances.

  • enormous resort-style infinity-edge swimming pool, lighted tennis court, fully equipped gym, spa, theater, hobby house, underground ballroom with catering kitchen, formal and informal gardens, an entire estate generator, guard house and caretakers suite

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David Tennant joins Steven Yeun & Felicia Day in CHEW animation

  • David Tennant will play Mason Savoy, "a burly, sai-wielding former FDA agent and primary opponent of series lead Tony Chu."

  • The role of Mason was originally going to be voiced by Robin Williams. :(

  • "The cartoon is going to be a direct adaptation of the first trade, which introduces and really focuses on the relationship between Tony Chu and Mason Savoy." - Rob Layman (author of the comics)

  • Will be an animated feature film penned by Chew creator Rob Layman.

  • Steven Yeun and Felicia Day were already reported to voiced to play protagonist Tony Chu and love-interest Amelia Mintz respectively.

  • For those not in the know: "Chew" follows cibopath Tony Chu as he uses his ability to get psychic readings from ingesting food -- and other objects -- to solve the mystery behind a bird-flu epidemic that killed millions, made chicken illegal and pushed the FDA to the forefront of national defense.

  • Aim is to go to VOD.

SOURCE: Twitter, Article
I'll be the one

Is Tom's Diner, Britney Spears and Giorgio Moroder's Next Single?

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It's been rumored and said that Britney has flown to New York to shoot the video for Tom's Diner this weekend where the diner is located at. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Britney's team let's Britney do something right for the first time since Femme Fatale. Are you ready for Britney's redemption from the trash that is Pretty Girls (feat. Igloo Australia), ONTD?
paz, nhft

Rixton review June's big single releases: Uselessly compare Fifth Harmony to Little Mix

Official Charts asked the boys of Rixton to "size up their competition" and group member Jake (who's dating LM's Jesy) couldn't resist to drag Fifth Harmony in favor of Little Mix (because it's impossibe to have 2 successfull girl groups in the UK amirite?)

Fifth Harmony – Worth It (released June 21)

What do you make of the overall song?
"It’s Jason Derulo isn’t it?"
Jake: "Derulo rip."
Danny: "It actually is a Derulo rip. I think it’s got a great groove though."
Charlie: "It has got a great groove."
Lewi: "But it’s very Derulo."
Charlie: "A big summer song. Anything with a trumpet in it is a big summer song."

Are you guys 'worth it'?
Jake: "Not really."
Lewi: "Worth what?"
Charlie: "Not money!"

Chart prediction?
"They’re no Little Mix, so Top 20." (pit two girl groups against each others. how predictable)
All: "Top 20!"

Actually, "Talk Dirty" is a sample of the song "Hermetico" by the Israeli band "Balkan Beat Box" who produced the song "Worth It". Better luck next time boys.

source + the rest of the article: officialcharts


Guardian: Sense8 End Point - Mindbending Thrills

Second half article from this post.


* Covers episodes 7-12
* Best thing about Sense8 is that it seems more baffling than it actually is in reality
* "They didn't know what was going on (hello, 4 Non Blondes), so why should we expect to? In Sense8 we really were right there with the characters, which is pretty much the hardest thing for a drama to do."
* Criticise the lack of Sun & Capheus towards the end; only used as plot devices
* "If the Wachowskis set themselves the task of making a sci-fi show that was emotionally mature, sexually fluid, that asked questions about faith and power and identity then they should give themselves a gold star."

For the stragglers, those still obsessed, or even for those just beginning the show: feel free to discuss!


Good For You Leaks

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LISTEN HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3eWZyvGUfjUTWhYaktCTXozY28/view?usp=sharing here's a few lyrics: gonna wear that dress you like, skin tight. Do my hair up real, real nice. And syncopate my skin to your heart beating. Cause I just wanna look good for you. Let me show you how proud I am to be yours. Leave this dress a mess on the floor. Feeling good for you

  • fka

Meghan Trainor talks swimsuits and reveals her style inspirations

Meghan Trainor spoke with InStyle recently to talk about her curvy figure, her favorite swimwear style, and some of her style inspirations. Meghan told InStyle that she likes curve-hugging swimsuits that are supportive and provide great coverage. She also revealed her 3 style inspirations, who she says dress "to celebrate rather than to downplay their figures." Find out Meghan's style inspirations after the cut!

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Source: InStyle

Who inspires your style?
— Chalky

Vikings Season 4: Rollo is in for some big changes, Clive Standen explains the new look + SDCC Info

– Vikings' Rollo Lothbrok will have a hair cut as season 4 begins.

– "The reason I haven't got long hair now is a big, big plot spoiler for season 4," Clive Standen told French news outlet TFI.

– Also they're now filming season 4 and he teased about the relationship between Rollo and his bride-to-be:
"The French Princess Gisla is not actually a big fan of the Vikings, let alone Rollo. So he has a mountain to climb and he's going to have to win her to his side," adding that "there's going to be some fireworks ahead" for the disparate characters.

Vikings will return to the History Channel in 2016.
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+ Vikings San Diego Comic-Con panel is on Friday July 10 and will feature actors Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, and Alexander Ludwig, along with writer and creator Michael Hirst and HISTORY’s EVP Dirk Hoogstra.

+ They’ll present attendees with an exclusive sneak peek of the new season of Vikings.

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R.i.p Rollo's hair bun I guess.

What are you looking forward to in season 4?

Cara Delevingne admits self-harming as a teenager

She says she grew up too quickly because of her mother’s addiction to heroin and that left her with her own demons during her teenage years. "All of a sudden I was hit with a massive wave of depression and anxiety and self-hatred, where the feelings were so painful that I would slam my head against a tree to try to knock myself out. I never cut, but I’d scratch myself to the point of bleeding. I just wanted to dematerialise and have someone sweep me away."

She says that
while taking a break from modelling in New York she contemplated taking her own life. "I was packing my bags, and suddenly I just wanted to end it. I had a way, and it was right there in front of me. And I was like, I need to decide whether I love myself as much as I love the idea of death."


wow :(
Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

Taylor vs. OK Magazine: This is "Why We Need Feminism In 2015"

- Taylor Swift took to twitter to SLAM OK! magazine.
- The OK article headline said she had made a "pregnancy announcement" but she was actually helping fans announce their pregnancy
- The magazine referred to her as her “Harry Styles’ ex-girlfriend” and “Calvin Harris’ rumored girlfriend.”
- OK Magazine did not responded but they did change around the title of their article.

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why do you need feminism in 2015?