June 14th, 2015


Meanwhile in the Casting that Never Ends (Plot Twist Edition)

-It was originally said that Tom Holland and Charlie Plummer were the front runners but in reality it is actually Tom Holland and Charlie Rowe. (this was also confirmed by a writer that works for Variety too)
-Matthew Lintz and Charlie Plummer are still in contention though but from many reports it seems that Asa is officially out of the running.
-It was also said that Marvel and Sony were at odds with each other on which actor they wanted to play the role, instead they are very cautiously treading lightly on who they want to be the next spider-man since they want the actor for the long haul.
-Apparently Tom Holland is in Atlanta at the moment (according to deadline the picture was taken at some golf resort in the area) 👀
-Deadline expects that the news can come next week

what is even going on anymore
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Demi Lovato keeps lying to herself, thinks she can hit the whistle register

Demi Lovato took some time off from filming with her boyfriend and headlining a social media festival in order to go back into the studio and work on the follow-up to her #3-peaking album 'Demi'. Lovato tweeted last night, teasing her fans about the supposed magic that was being created in the studio. According to Demi, she will be showcasing her whistle register.

Demi Lovato, however, cannot hit such high notes. A fan has compiled Lovato's "whistle tones" exposed her below:


Guardian: Sense8 Halfway Point - Fast and Curious


* By episode 6, the Netflix show has really come into it's own
* "You can hardly accuse the Wachowskis and their co-creator J Michael Straczynski of not putting enough purchase into it. If there have been more ambitious television shows, then not many of them will have occurred in this earthly realm."
* The pressing question: Is it any good? (HELL YEAH)
* Considers the show a more gritty Cloud Atlas
"Here at the halfway mark, Sense8 feels like it is at least settling and breathing into its own rhythm."

Anyone else taking their time with the show? I'm 6 episodes in and absolutely loving it. Feel free to discuss!


Grab-Bag of Recent SDCC 2015 Announcements


Announcements from STARZ, FX Networks, Warner/DC and BBC America on their upcoming San Diego Comic-Con 2015 presentations, show debuts and attending talent and production stars!

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So what's ONTD got their eye on at this year's show? Any lucky-ducks attending SDCC2015? Are you cosplaying (deets plz!)? Are you working (behind the scenes teas plz!)? I had to peace the fuck out for a year on the one con I work *le sigh*...

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Stephan Elliott admits that he didn’t want Guy Pearce to star in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

The honest truth is that I didn’t want him [Guy Pearce, who played Adam Whiteley/Felicia Jollygoodfellow]. I said: “he is too pretty, he was too handsome”.

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Angelique is more than a thrill for Dorian Gray

Jonny Beauchamp gave an interview with Zap2It discussing Angelique as a character and her realationship with Dorian Grey.
Here are the highlights:
Johny believes that Angelique's gumption is what Dorian is acttracted to.
Says that Angelique has never met someone like Dorian before and that his acceptance of her from they moment they met is what makes her interested in him.
Thinks that Angelique's happy ending would be not having to struggle to survive.
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