June 10th, 2015


Drake curated a playlist to accompany Sotheby's exhibit “I Like It Like This”

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-exploration of the relationship between music and Black American art
-exhibit has been on display at Sotheby’s New York since April through June 12
-includes work by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kara Walker, Kehinde Wiley & more
-you can hear Drake's playlist on Spotify here


Lindsay Lohan Experienced Terrible Customer Service!!

Lindsay Lohan is LIVID at Bank of America's customer support! The star tweeted customer service after being on HOLD. Bank of America replied...thirty minutes later. No word yet if the issues is resolved. Update coming soon!

Lindsay was also spotted drinking again.
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Pretty Little Liars - 6x03 Promo "Songs of Experience"

Season 6: Episode 03: "Songs of Experience" Synopsis:

"The girls' lives have been turned upside down by their captivity and each one of them is looking for answers to make sense of their ordeal. Aria focuses on Andrew by trying to figure out who this boy really is while Emily tries to connect with a new friend. In true Spencer fashion, she is on a mission to get answers about Charles from Ali and Jason. Hanna wants to bring the four friends back together so they can move past what happened in the Dollhouse.

Alison is no longer the queen bee/mean girl she once was - but who is she now? A new friend tries to help her find the courage to start anew and find the "new" Alison."

RM - wink

'Younger's' Darren Star: Season Finale Creates "Whole New Playing Field" for Liza and Josh

-Darren explains that Season 1 was about reinvention and Season 2 will be about redefining a lot of relationships. Younger returns for its second season in January.
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*unf josh is cute af. i like that they had him react in a realistic way when finding out she lied to him (rather than just brushing it off like no big deal)*

Read more of the interview at the source
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Mae Whitman as Dawson Leery (+Tim Riggins)

On Saturday, June 6th at the ATX Festival in Austin, Texas, there was a staged reading of teen classic "Dawson's Creek." It was a gender swapped reading with Mae Whitman reading for Dawson Leery, Abigail Spencer as Pacey Witter, Kerr Smith as Jen Lindley, and Patrick J. Adams as Joey Potter.

Mae also brought along a framed picture of "Friday Night Lights" Tim Riggins, which she apparently brings a lot of places?

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Happy Belated Birthday Mae! What better way to celebrate than with a brand new tag!! Thanks vehiclesshockme
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This Is A Clueless Post


VF did an amazing story on the success of Clueless and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film. They also spilled a lot of juicy casting information on the film from the people who made the film.

Director Amy Heckerling is quoted on the casting of Cher:
"I saw Alicia Witt, the redheaded [actress]. And who else? Tiffani Thiessen. The one that -- she was in that show and she cut her hair and everybody was mad? Keri Russell, yes," she tells the mag. "Then they go, 'You’ve got to see the girl in [Flesh and Bone].' I never got to see her. I guess she was off on other things. That turned out to be Gwyneth Paltrow."

Angelina Jolie was also considered for the role! One of the fox casting agents says of Angelina:
"She was too knowing for what was needed for Clueless."
"Angelina never came in [to audition] for the project. I was just looking at her tape. I remember an agent pitching her, and I’m going, 'No, no, no, this is exactly the opposite of what I need for this.' Later on, when I started heading up the casting department for HBO, and I got the script for 'Gia,' I said, 'I’ve got the girl.' That was Angelina."

Even Reese Witherspoon was considered. Apparently every white girl in Hollywood auditioned.
"I met with Reese because everyone said, 'This girl’s amazing. She’s going to be huge." "I saw some movie where she had a southern accent. Maybe it was on TV, a movie of the week. But I did see some scenes of hers and went: Wow. She’s amazing. But Alicia is Cher."
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Long but good article, tried to summarize as much as I could and get the good stuff.

Only quotes from Source

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First Music Video from FX's "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll"

Watch Liz Gillies as Gigi singing "Die Tryin'" in the first official music video from FX's new comedy series "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll." The show premieres July 16th.

Die Tryin' Music Video

HERE IT IS!! Watch the FIRST music video from my upcoming FX show, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll!! Enjoy. #SDRR #DieTryin

Posted by Elizabeth Gillies on Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Stop me if you've heard this one...Christian POV Fifty Shades manuscript stolen before release

  • police are investigating the theft of a manuscript of the Fifty Shade of Grey prequel

  • it was stolen on Tuesday

  • publisher fears that the thieves will sell extracts of the novel or distribute it for free on the Internet


prayer circle for the whole thing leaking online

Raven Officially Joins The View; Gives Whoopi Watermelon and Rosie Perez Tres Leches Cake

-Raven has been a guest co-host since March 2015, but today it was announced that she is officially a new co-host of The View
-Raven joins Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie Perez, and Nicolle Wallace
-Raven brought gifts for everyone! She gave Whoopi a watermelon and potato chips, Rosie Perez got tres leches cake, Nicolle got chocolate, and guest co-host Iliza Shlesinger got bacon.

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Apple Music hasn't even launched yet and it's already getting panned

Apple Music was officially announced this week with a big flashy press event, and the reception has not been favorable at all. Apple Music isn't launching until June 30, but it is already being compared to Tidal, as both services received a lot of negative press after their big announcements. On top of the negative reception from the press and the general public, Apple is also being investigated for antitrust violations.

New York Post: "Apple Music's launch was even lamer than Tidal's"
-they said that Apple is "struggling to lock down big names" to support Apple Music
-the global radio station curated by big-name DJs is lame since pretty much everyone is curator now

The New Yorker: "Apple's Music Revolution That Isn't"
-calls Apple Music "cluttered and overly complex"
-Apple Music is too complicated while Spotify is simple

Reuters: "Apple Music faces antitrust scrutiny in NY, Connecticut"
-Apple is currently being investigated for antitrust violations
-attorney generals believe that Apple pressured labels to favor Apple Music

Sources: New York Post / The New Yorker / Reuters
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Hugh Hefner tried to buy Holly in his will

-“I learned Hef was the manipulator and that he pitted us against one another,” Maidson noted. “I realized I wasn’t treated well. I’m done being afraid of people. I don’t have any loyalty to Hef. I haven’t talked to him in four years, so there’s no reason to reach out now. Besides, it’s the truth.”

-Was left 3 Million if hef peaced out and Holly was still living in the mansion.



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Viola Davis - OSCAR

Fifth Harmony perform "Worth It" (Acoustic) + "Worth It" dance tutorial

After cancelling their acoustic performance at this year's Billboard Music Awards, Fifth Harmony are now ready to perform "Worth It" acoustically.

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Q: Did you like their acoustic performance of "Worth It", ONTD?
Source: 4Music's Youtube | Capital FM's Youtube | GIF (The Psylence - Move In Psylence)
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Jerry Seinfeld Is Tired of Political Correctness

- Jerry Seinfeld (along with New Yorker editor David Remnick) appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night, where the topic of political correctness in comedy was discussed.

-Seinfeld believes the lines of political correctness are being moving in for no reason; "...There's a creepy, PC thing out there that really bothers me."

- He uses a joke he received backlash over as an example to showcase; "I do this joke about the way people need to justify having their cell phones; 'I need to have it with me because people seem very important'. Well, they don't seem very important when you're scrolling through them like a gay French King."

- Remnick knows that some of The New Yorker's sketches can come across offensive, but believes they can be explained, and defended. He's never apologized for any controversy over TNY's content.

tl;dr - Seinfeld whines about the PC police.

all mine

Lord Disick was a fucked up Drunken Mess at a event & the nightclub was forced to give refunds

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star left fans at the Time Supper Club venue furious when he didn't do the 'meet and greets'


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New trailer and poster for 'Regression'

The new horror film from writer / director Alejandro Amenábar (Open Your Eyes, The Others) releases on August 28. The film also reunites Emma Watson and David Thewlis.

Source 1 and 2

Barry Allen to get new love interest next season.

[s p o i l e r s]

  • Her name is gonna be Wendy and she's gonna be a cop and work with Barry.

  • Casting call pretty much says that they're looking for a Felicity 2.0


Let the new ship wars begin. But tbh, I think they made a mistake when they decided to tell people that Westallen is endgame so soon into the show because now you can't even get invested on another pairing because you know they will end at some point. Yes, I'm still not over Eddie.

Jessica Alba On Her Billion-Dollar Success: 'People Just Saw Me As A Girl In A Bikini'

  • Said it took people a long time to take her seriously as an entrepreneur

  • “People just saw me as this girl in a bikini in movies kicking butt — maybe not the brightest bulb,” she said. “It took three and a half years of condescending nods and pats on the back of ‘good luck’, or ‘go back to endorsing things or go do a perfume.’”

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tbh I am so in awe of her.
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Tom (sort of) Attempts to Collect his Son, Chet REFUSES.

Chet Haze had an interview with TMZ on Monday, and when asked how his parents feel about him making an ass out of himself, "They don't tell me what to do anymore, because, like, I'm grown, you know what I mean?"

"My parents, they be telling me just to stay off social media period. Even before this [incident] happened, they would be like, 'don't be on Instagram so much,' but they're the old generation.
We're the new generation. We do things differently now. Either you're gonna get it or you're not gonna get it."

At the time of this interview, Tom had 10 million Twitter followers. Chet's right, Dad is just too out of touch.

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Pitbull says he'd marry all five members of Fifth Harmony

Capture d’écran 2015-06-08 à 17.31.47.png
During a game of  "Lips, Wife, Leave it" backstage at the Summertime Ball 2015, the 'International Love' singer had three options: Kelly Clarkson, Rita Ora and Fifth Harmony.
"So, Fifth Harmony I'd get all five of them? This is a deal!" Pitbull said. "I would definitely wife Fifth Harmony cause I'd get five! I mean come on. I'm just enjoying life!"
He'd lips both Rita Ora and Kelly Clarkson.
video here:

ontd, would you marry a group of teenage girls?

source: capitalfm x youtube
Spicks and Specks

Jemima Kirke talks about Body Image

- Talks about the mixed messages her mother would give her on body image by telling her "I just want you to be happy" while knowing she wanted to be thinner.
- Likens women's body image to Mr Potato Head, that women see themselves as pieces as opposed to a whole.
- Says that she thinks it's very important for women to not talk about not liking themselves in front of children.
- Also mentions her thoughts on frequently naked co-star Lena Dunham.


What poor body image hangups have you picked up from your parents ONTD

The New Poet Laureate Of The United States — Juan Felipe Herrera

The first Latino to be appointed to the position.

-finished up a 2-year stint as the poet laureate of California last year
-he was the first Latino in that position too
-says this is an honor for himself and his family who came up north before and after the Mexican Revolution of 1910
-above is his performance at the 1973 Festival de Flor y Canto de Atzlan


Lenny Henry "very chuffed" to receive knighthood

British comedian, actor, charity fundraiser, and campaigner for greater diversity in TV Lenny Henry has been awarded a knighthood. He co-founded Comic Relief, which through Red Nose Day has raised over £1BILLION for aid projects in Africa and the UK. His award is for services to charity.

Lenny told BBC Radio 2: "It's not something you think about really when you grow up in Dudley. But it's a fantastic thing... I'm very pleased. And my mum would have loved it.

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His official name is now Sir Lenworth George Henry, CBE.

The Queen's Birthday Honours List is officially announced on Friday but Lenny's knighthood leaked early. Expect some other British celebs to get CBEs, OBEs and MBEs.

source 1

he so deserves this, great guy. anyone else watching him in 'The Syndicate'?

More Civil War Spoiler Rumors + Marvel to Focus more on Adult Women for Civil War Merchandising

Non-Spoilerish stuff a.k.a. Costume Changes
-Hawkeye is slowly morphing to his Ultimates version with more purple as well as a full right sleeve

-War Machine is also getting an upgrade to his suit that is more tank-style and will now have a dual weapon that acts as a shoulder cannon and can be detached to become a warhammer/baton

-Captain America will finally be donning his famous chainmail suit from the comics at one point

[And now on to the good stuff... SPOILERS UP AHEAD]-As confirmed before Black Panther has his own agenda in the movie but in the beginning he will be more towards Stark's side than Cap's

-BP's outfit will be shrouded in vibranium and will have a showdown with Cap at one point even being able to easily scratch his shield

-BP will also have a sexy ~Panther jet~

-Ant-Man's outfit will be heavily upgraded as well looking more modern in design and at one point will change sides in the film from team Stark to team Cap also debuting his Giant-Man ability (lmao at this point Rhodey is going to be the only one left on Stark's team)


-Oh right the details: Falcon will have wrist lasers and grappling hooks attached to his uniform. Not only will he be getting an upgrade too but Redwing will finally be making his film debut... as a robotic birb drone (if you don't know in the comics Sam of course has a pet Falcon named Redwing whom he could communicate with telepathically)

-As mentioned 500 times before Bucky will be the key character in the film (including Zemo)

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Britney working on new music? + Movie?! + Pretty Girls nominated for Teen Choice Awards + New Selfie


Disney Could Lose $140 Million on 'Tomorrowland' Flop


- Disney spent $180 million on production plus $150 million on marketing
- As of today Tomorrowland has made $169.9 million world wide ($76.4 million domestically)
- Disney's last financial disaster was The Lone Ranger with a $190 mil­lion loss
Jaskier Bomb

GoT Costume Designer, Michele Clapton, Leaving Show

-No particular reason for her departure. But she's glad she at least hit most of the geographic points of Westeros. "It was really important to me, knowing that I was going to leave, to actually design the costumes for each [geographic] area so it’s complete."

- Dany also still wears pants underneath her gowns. "I still always put trousers underneath because in her psyche anything might go wrong and [she's always thinking], 'I might need to run away,'" Clapton says. "Even with the longest, most beautiful gowns, Dany always wears a pair of boots and trousers. I like that sense of, 'I can play this [queen] but underneath, I can run.'"

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talk about other outfits @ source

Game of Thrones' endless parade of brutal twists is getting so boring

- Talk of Shireen's scene from the last episode
- "When you try to structure your narrative around one particular emotion, like shock, that emotion eventually loses some of its power"
- "Game of Thrones simply doesn't have greatly varied emotional or thematic texture anymore"


Is Iggy Azalea pregnant?

Several gossip sites are currently reporting that sources close to Iggy Azalea claim that the reason for her recent engagement and tour cancellation is that she is pregnant.

When they tried to reach out to her people to confirm / deny they did not respond.

Sabrina 103

Dawson's Creek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are coming back to television

  • Reruns will be on ABC Family

  • Starting June 22th 'fan favorite episodes will air for one week'

  • Then on June 29th both shows will starting at the beginning with Dawson’s Creek in the 12:00pm ET/PT hour and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the 5:00pm ET/PT hour



INTERNET DRAMA: Reddit is FURIOUS Over the Banning of Popular Subreddit "Fat People Hate"

Thousands and thousands of reddit users are absolutely enraged over CEO Ellen Pao's decision to ban several subreddits today, most notably /r/fatpeoplehate, the 13th most active community on the site before its removal. It had more than 100,000 subscribers.

(pictured: the current top 6 posts on reddit. 23 of the top 25 updated: 49 out of the top 50 posts are related to the fallout from this, mostly either posts of Ellen Pao's face on the subreddit "punchablefaces," posts comparing Ellen Pao to dictators, posts demanding that Pao resign, or retaliatory posts making fun of overweight people (all women, of course!))

If you don't know, fatpeoplehate was essentially a hub for losers to post pictures of overweight people, mostly women, and make fun of them, call them horrible names, and belittle them. Just because they get a kick out of calling people "hamplanets." And also because their lives are empty. The ENTIRE SITE is currently full of people getting mad at Pao for banning 5 subreddits that existed solely to harass people. But the only one they're really mad about is fatpeoplehate.

People are also doxxing the imgur staff and posting their pictures and making fun of them because imgur banned posts from fatpeoplehate yesterday before all of this went down.

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source: my friend with a bike (me) and theverge for that last paragraph

If anyone wishes to see the absolute mess of garbage currently dominating all of reddit, check it out here. The comments in the posts as well as the posts themselves are INCREDIBLY racist and INCREDIBLY fatphobic. Users are coming together to mass downvote anyone that says anything positive about this decision, or anything negative about fatpeoplehate. That not just a few, but THOUSANDS of people are outraged by this says a lot. This is a big deal.


Adam Lambert's "The Original High" the "clever modern pop album Madonna didn't quite make"

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- "The Original High" contains a song called Ghost Town (vs Madonna's Ghosttown) and another song that references a "rebel heart"
- unlike Madonna, Lambert avoided trendy DJs and focused on creating good songs
- the album moves seamlessly between genres (dance, moody pop, rock)
- calls ballad "There I Said It" the highlight of the album ("bursting with demons, doubt, and tour de force vocals")

Read the whole thing at the SOURCE

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rick rick rick rick rick

Bob Costas has some feelings about Caitlyn Jenner and the Arthur Ashe Courage Award

Summary (starts at 8:00 in the vid):

  • did not know Bruce well, had a cordial relationship

  • wishes Caitlyn and anyone "trying to find the identity they are comfortable with and to live the happiest possible life" happiness and peace of mind

  • believes we are moving toward a more tolerant society and it is a good thing

  • recognizes the courage of what Caitlyn Jenner has done, but thinks the award should have gone to someone more actively involved in sports, such as "prominent people, kids in high school, amateur athletes who more closely fit the description" of what the award is about

  • considers giving Caitlyn the award in this instance to be a "crass exploitation play"

  • thinks this is a play to "pump up audience" and play to the "gawker factor"

  • believes the move is about "buy[ing] into the keeping up with the kardashians culture that has over-taken a good part of the cultural landscape"

yt source

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SYTYCD Contestant Becomes Newest Viral Sensation

Move over Sweet Brown, Courtney Barnes is stepping up to the plate after witnessing an accident that left one police officer hospitalized.

According to WLBT of Jackson, MS, an accident occurred when a police car was hit by a van that was being chased by another police car... Well, here let Courtney Barnes explain it... (The officer is expected to make a full recovery)

better quality at source

Barnes, who appeared on So You Think You Can Dance, is loving the attention and according to Instagram, he is living it up.