May 31st, 2015

Aidan Tongue!

At Almost 90, Dick van Dyke's Still Got It

At 89 years old, sitcom pioneer and arguably one of the most charming men in Hollywood Dick van Dyke can still bust a move with the best of 'em.

Van Dyke stars in the video for "Never Had to Go" by folk band The Dustbowl Revival. In the video, van Dyke tries to persuade his wife Arlene, 48 43, to dance with him, and it is the cutest thing ever. We could all only hope to be in such great health and spirits when we're 90!


this man is a goddamn national treasure. (mods, sorry! fixed the source!)

6 Jars of Mayonaise are Being Screen Tested for the Role of Spider-Man in Atlanta

According to Hollywood Reporter the shortlist consists of Asa Butterfield, Tom Holland, Judah Lewis, Matthew Lintz, Charlie Plummer and Charlie Rowe.

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Rita Ora ft. Ellie Goulding: The Boy is

Kaliciagate Fan-fiction + TGW casts a WOC who will probably play an angry and over-the-top villain.

-A source tells In Touch that Archie "allegedly treated the crew like her personal employees."
-Apparently she is abusive in nature, and once "slammed a door in Julianna Marguliar's face."
-Everyone on set apparently despised her, and she has been referred to as the "diva from hell".

What's interesting about this story is that it contradicts what her co-stars Christine Baranski and Aretha Franklin Matt Czuchry have said about working with Archie. But then again, this is based on sources from In Touch Weekly ∴ Bullshit.

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Stephen Amell continues to impose himself on every show, will be a WWE wrestler for the summer

-Stephen Amell appeared on WWE Raw this past monday and had an altercation with Stardust aka Dashing Cody Rhodes during his match with Neville (who uses a move called Red Arrow so I guess that's why he's involved).
-Stephen and Cody have been going back and forth on twitter.
-Stephen is expected to make more appearances with WWE.
-Their feud will culminate to a match at WWE Summerslam.
-A source claims that Amell and WWE are deciding if Amell should use the name Stephen Amell or play the character of "The Arrow" in the match.


ONTD, have you ever wanted to monopolize homo-erotic television???
5 6 4 3 yeah right

"Entourage" Is Back.. So is Weirdo Jeremy Piven!

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You probably want to know why. Of all the questions raised by the existence of the upcoming Entourage movie—does Ari yell? does Vinny do the fuckin' movie? does everyone get laid in the end?—the most pressing, most fundamental one is why it even exists in the first place. Why is this movie here? Who asked for it? After eight seasons on HBO, is there really anything more we need to know about Vinny (Adrian Grenier), E (Kevin Connolly), Drama (Kevin Dillon), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), and Ari (Jeremy Piven)?

The first answer to all of these questions, of course, is Tough shit—THEY'RE DOIN' THE FUCKIN' MOVIE!

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Read More at Da Sawce

Although skinny Turtle could obviously get it, I'm sort of missing chubby Turtle

Review of Rashida Jones’ Netflix ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ Documentary Tackles XXX World

Rashida Jone' has produced a new documentary about young women and the 'new' porn industry and it is most definitely making waves. What receives more clicks each month than Amazon, and Twitter COMBINED each month combined? Porn. Jones and her team attempt to tell the story in the other side of the lense for a few of the thousands of women attempting to enter the industry every day. New York Times reviews the film at the Source

Chris Pratt Talks About Going to West Hollywood to Get Head...............shots

Chris Pratt appeared on BBC's "The Graham Norton Show" over the weekend (along with "Spy" stars Melissa McCarthy & Jude Law, and comedian John Bishop) to promote His upcoming film "Jurassic World." Watch as he reminisces about an interesting encounter with a photographer in West Hollywood early in his career.

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Robert Downey Jr. Moves Same Furniture to Every House He Rents While on Location for Films

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-He's in Atlanta filming Captain America: Civil War, and he had an entire houseful of furniture shipped from L.A. to his temporary home.

-“Whenever he rents a place, he has all the same furniture sent so there’s consistency from rental to rental,” a source tells Us Weekly. “It comes in big semis. He does it for a sense of comfort.”


Taylor Kitsch out and about in LA and Austin, plus talks 'True Detective' season 2

Taylor talked to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming season of True Detective.

-About his character, Paul Woodrugh: "Paul has more issues. He's trying to do the right thing, but his past keeps hindering that. There were times I would walk away from a take and go, 'Man, this is truly tragic.'"

-Nic Pizzolatto keeping details of season 2 quiet: "Nic is very careful with it, and rightfully so. But I think I want to be quiet about it as well, because we have something special."

-Taylor having a hard time shaking the role of Woodrugh: "We've only been wrapped a couple weeks, so I'm kind of kicking into reality now. I'm not even clearheaded enough to read a script and be objective."

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True Detective premieres in 3 weeks!


‘Aloha’ Sinks Under Wave of Harsh Reviews With $10 Million


Sony’s long-awaited Cameron Crowe romantic comedy, which washed ashore laden with a cargo of bad buzz and brutal reviews, landed in sixth place this weekend with $10 million at 2,816 locations in the U.S.


Does “Penny Dreadful” Really Belong to Eva Green?

The author of this article challenges a statement made by Entertainment Weekly. When the show began it's second season earlier this month EW said that “’Penny Dreadful’ belongs to Eva Green.”

The writer believes that Billie Piper's potrayal of Lily/Brona has the potential to overtake Eva Green's spot as the star of the show. They think Lily's exploration of the world she has been re-born into will captivate viewers.

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The 1975 promote their new album by disappearing on social media

Earlier this morning, the 1975 posted the following on their social media.

People freaked out about it, speculating that they were breaking up or changing their sound. This evening, they deleted/deactivated the band's official twitter, facebook & instagram pages. A big June 1st announcement was hinted by lead singer Matty Healy on his twitter but that's gone along with the twitter account itself. Fans are currently freaking the hell out

Source // Myself browsing on twitter

Stan Lee to get an extended role in The Avengers 2.5: Civil War??

He mentioned: “I just finished my cameo in the new Captain America movie the day before yesterday in Atlanta. They should stop calling them cameos and start calling them supporting roles.”


FIFA official cites an article from "The Onion" as evidence of conspiracy by the US

-Jack Warner, former VP of FIFA was one of the people whom corruption charges were brought up against
-Article from the Onion was titled FIFA frantically announces 2015 Summer WC in the US
-Mr Warner holds it up in the video as evidence that this is all happening cause the US lost a bid to host the WC
-Says US is just mad it lost to a small Arabic country and should learn to take its losses like a man.
-Calls US hypocrites for agreeing to host this fictional 2015 WC from a corrupt organization. proof that FIFA officials are out of touch
-Later deleted the video probably when he realized that his evidence was a satirical webite..but offcourse the internet never forgets.

Source Youtube
Dead at the score of Inception playing in the background, one of the best scores in the last 15yrs tbh
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Alexander Skarsgård and Alexa Chung photographed in NYC; it's "serious"

Alexander Skarsgård and Alexa Chung were photographed on a romantic date in Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Prospect Park and Botanical Gardens on Friday, May 29.

"It is serious and has really heated up," a source told Us. Another source added, "It's a fun relationship for both of them. She's just about as busy as he is and it's not really feasible [for them] to become a more committed couple, but the hang outs are great."

They were first spotted grabbing breakfast in their adopted hometown of New York in February. They visited Paris for Fashion Week in March while, in April, they were spotted shopping for cowboy boots in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Source:, UsWeekly, VicBada's twitter pics, santafenewmexican
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