May 21st, 2015

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Are Diplo and Madonna dating?

The Senior Editor of OK Magazine Nadine DeNinno is alleging that Madonna and Diplo are currently dating. Following in the footsteps of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, Madonna is reportedly also dating one of EDM's power players.



Hou Hsiao-Hsien's NIE YINNIANG aka THE ASSASSIN, starring the best person in the universe Shu Qi, premiered at Cannes to critical acclaim.

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Tomorrowland is officially rotten! (reviews)

There are 70 reviews counted for Brad Bird's Tomorrowland and the Tomatometer is at 56% (the screenshot above is a few hours old lol). This might be Brad Bird's first "bad" film.

New York Times: "It's important to note that "Tomorrowland" is not disappointing in the usual way. It's not another glib, phoned-in piece of franchise mediocrity but rather a work of evident passion and conviction. What it isn't is in any way convincing or enchanting."

IGN: "All that being said, Tomorrowland is not the complete home run it could be - and I wish it was. Surprisingly, especially given how well Ghost Protocol moved, there’s something off on the pacing here. Some of the scenes are a bit sluggish and don’t have the energy and sense of childlike awe you feel Bird was going for, even as other scenes are completely engrossing.
The ending is also a mixed bag, with some really entertaining beats intermixed with a villain/master plan reveal that feels halfhearted, when you consider this character could have been used in a much more significant and meaningful manner."

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source: rottentomato - for complete reviews, they are individually linked above

Jay Baruchel Making His Directorial Debut With Goon Sequel

Actor Jay Baruchel will sit behind the camera and make his directorial debut on Goon: Last of the Enforcers, the sequel to the 2011 sports comedy.

Seann William Scott is set to reprise his role as hockey enforcer Doug “the Thug” Glatt in a story that sees his team, the Halifax Highlanders, reunite with a host of new players during a pro lockout.

Baruchel is actually doing triple duty on the movie. In addition to directing, will also act, returning as Glatt’s best friend and confidante. And he also worked on the script, co-writing it with Jesse Chabot.

idk if it needs a sequel but I'm all for him finally getting to direct something. Hopefully he's not spreading himself too thin.


Are bad sales behind Madonna's rescheduled tour?

Madonna stunned fans when we mysteriously postponed her opening night Miami show and concerts in Puerto Rico and Atlanta for her "Rebel Heart Tour". But after months of rumors of sluggish ticket sales, sources say poor sales are in fact the reason for the changed itinerary.

A source tells Naughty, “Sales are bad in all these markets ... It would have been embarrassing to kick of the tour in empty venues. They are hoping that by pushing back the dates, they will sell out by then"

Duggar deets...sources have found that Josh allegedly molested multiple girls, incl. his sisters

  • allegedly sexually molested 5 girls, some of whom are his sisters

  • 14 at the time, molestation allegedly started in 2002.

  • According to the police report, the police were not immediately contacted

  • Jim Bob, the dad, met with church elders and agreed Josh should be put in a treatment program.

  • In 2006, the family was scheduled to appear on "Oprah," and before the show someone sent an email to Harpo warning that Josh had molested girls

  • Cops wanted to question Josh, but Jim Bob lawyered him up and Josh declined the invitation


scans of the police report
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Asian American group says Cameron Crowe's new film is "whitewashed"

MANAA (media action network for asian americans) says that Crowe's new romcom Aloha is too white. The cast includes Bradley Cooper, Bill Murray, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Alec Baldwin, Danny McBride, and John Krasinski.

“Caucasians only make up 30 percent of the population [of Hawaii], but from watching this film, you’d think they made up 99 percent."

“This comes in a long line of films — ‘The Descendants,’ ‘50 First Dates,’ ‘Blue Crush,’ ‘Pearl Harbor’ — that uses Hawaii for its exotic backdrop but goes out of its way to exclude the very people who live there. It’s an insult to the diverse culture and fabric of Hawaii.”

- the biggest roles for AAPI actors in these films are upscale tourists, pedestrians, or restaurant guests
- hacked Sony email revealed that Amazing Amy called the script of this film ridiculous and that it doesn't ever work
- early test reactions to this movie have been awful
- there's a review embargo until May 28, like the day it opens

source: nypost

Jillian Michaels Says Getting a Nose Job at 16 "Changed My Life"

-Jillian says that the surgery made her "feel more confident"
-Says she used to be bullied for her looks: in 8th grade, she weighed 175 lbs. and had a softball-sized nose
-"I had my nose done when I was 16 years old, and I'll be honest, it did change my life"


What plastic surgery would you have gotten as a teenager ontd?


A nobody Hesham “Sham” Ibrahim claims to travel in the same circles as Brad and Angelina and says “I don’t want to define Brad Pitt’s sexuality, but whatever it is, he’s into guys.”

  • Has been bisexual for 10 years

  • Uses the website to find men

  • Had an arranged meetup with gay pornstar Cameron Fox in a hotel in Monterey, CA

  • “When [Cameron] got there, an assistant met him in the lobby and took him to a room. Sure enough, there was Brad Pitt,” Sham tells Star. “Brad took one look at him, gave him a thousand dollars and asked him to leave. Cameron wasn’t as attractive as he appeared to be in his pictures. I guess Brad has picky taste.”

    "Sham also heard reports that this was a common case if his men weren’t up to his expectation. But when he did find one he liked, Brad seemed to have a routine down to the last detail. “They said he seemed to have the whole scenario pretty much worked out,” Sham says."

    Edit: Apparently Cameron Fox died last year so...RIP and stop making fun of his face?


On a related note, new reports say Jen was dumped again.
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Disney making live-action Tinkerbell movie with Reese Witherspoon

- Reese Witherspoon will star and produce in this live action Tinkerbell movie
- Victoria Strouse, who wrote Finding Dory, will be writing the script. No director attached yet
- will be similar to Maleficent, offering new perspective on character
- this will only be a modest budget, unlike Maleficent
- Tinkerbell was initially only a minor and nonspeaking character in the original story

source: thr
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Nic Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence are back together...

Nic Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence are back together for a selfie on the X-Men Apocalypse set with director Bryan Singer! Most of the behind the scene snapshots that Bryan Singer has shared have mostly focused on the new cast until this one.

They took their selfie in the hallway to Cerebro. Do you think Mystique will switch sides again? Is anyone excited for this film?

source: instagram, comicbook
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The scene causing controversy among the SVU fandom

Last night's episode of Law & Order: SVU not only saw the exit of Danny Pino's Nick Amaro (boooo) but caused controversy when Olivia threw "shade" at her 12 years spent with Stabler. Although Benson & Stabler will always be iconic, Olivia finally grew in her career and life while partnering with Amaro. Watch and judge for yourself (conversation starts at the 4 minute mark).

Source & my own eyes.

What do you think?
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Its been almost 10 years since Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch

The famous (or infamous) appearance of Tom Cruise on The Oprah Show where he 'jumped' up and down on her couch will turn 10 on May 23rd.

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Where were you when this happened?
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Queensland Police demand their nickels back.

Last night, shortly before Nickelback’s show at the Brisbane Entertainment Center in Boondall, the local police department tweeted out a warning, saying: “Men matching this description expected to be committing musical crimes in Boondall tonight.”

Hinder and Incubus Creed could not be reached for a comment.

Tweet (article through link)

Alright ONTD, which one of you here is responsible for this? Also is this day we get to acheive the trifecta once more?
feel it baby feel it [WG]

Matthew Weiner Explains Mad Men Finale, Character Surprises and What's Next

Matthew Weiner has spoken!

On May 20, the creator of Mad Men sat down with novelist A.M. Wells at the New York Public Library to discuss the show's finale, "Person to Person" which aired on Sunday, May 17. Weiner mentions how grateful he is to have been able to not only do the show, but end it on the right terms. He is pleased audiences mostly liked it and enjoyed it how he meant for us to, noting still that you can't please 100% of people or else you've done something "dumb".

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Sources: Hollywood Reporter, paraphrased

The more I think about the finale (and show) the more I like it. It was great and a fitting ending. I miss this show already.

Britney Spears depicted as Religious Icon in National Exhibition

The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery new exhibition "Eye Pop: The Celebrity Gaze" From star architect Cesar Pelli to writer Anne Tyler, the exhibition features portraits of people who have made a significant contribution to history and culture.

>> watch video footage of the multimedia portait

One of the exhibited artworks is a moving collage of Britney Spears by artist R. Luke DuBois using the popstar's music videos. A decorative gilt frame that would normally surround a religious artwork and sound recordings of an italian basilica convey the idea of the pop icon as a religious figure, making reference to people's devotion to celebrities.

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Madonna working on collaboration with Rita Ora

Pop singers Madonna and Rita Ora are working on a "top secret" collaboration in New York City.

After Rita defended Madonna during her #RebelHeart mess, Madonna decided to team up with the "Hot Right Now" singer and film a music video together.

"Rita changed her schedule to be able to do the filming in an instant." sources say while confirming that the shoot took place on Friday.

This collaboration is yet another in series of Madonna's collaborations with contemporary pop artists in hopes of scoring a hit.

Madonna's album Rebel Heart dropped out the Billboard Top 200 after only 9 weeks, while her singles Living For Love and Ghosttown both failed to even hit The Billboard Hot 100 chart.

elementary - otp

Duggars release an exclusive statement to People (of course); Josh has resigned from the FRC

* Josh has resigned from his position at the FRC.
* Anna says she is supportive of her husband.
* Duggars continue to be the worst and classify the abuse as a "mistake."
* Quote from Josh: "I understood that if I continued down this wrong road that I would end up ruining my life." (bolding mine... because yes, Josh, it's all about you)


also, at the request of one of the victims, the unredacted police report is to be destroyed.
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‘Jurassic World’ Is Headed for a Dinosaur-Sized Opening Weekend

+ It is currently expected to post the third biggest box office opening of the year, behind “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Furious 7”.

ONTD, do you think Jurassic World will do better than F7 and AoU?

Rumors and Gossip Captain America: Civil War Edition (Feat. Bucky) Plus Even More Set Photos

All from Lainey Gossip:
-The main opening action scene from all the set photos takes place in Nigeria
-Originally in the comics the main thing everybody was fighting about was secret identities but this time it is Bucky Barnes
-Cap wants to save his friend, Tony wants the man who murdered his parents (using the government registration cause as a means to that end), Brock Rumlow aka. Crossbones wants HYDRA's brainwashed "pet" back, and Black Panther also wants a piece of that hot ass too but for unknown reasons
-Another title for Civil War could be Avengers 3 "Everyone Wants Bucky"
-Also bonus: "Jeremy Renner is on set now, too, but I think everyone’s still mad at him so I don’t know if anyone is paying him attention right now." (lmao)

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SOURCE 1 & 2
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Xavier Dolan talks directing Oscar winner's and his hard on for Jake Gyllenhaal

- Talks about his crush on Jake Gyllenhaal and makes innuendo about getting a boner while being by him.
- Discusses how he's looking forward to directing Marion for his upcoming film.
- Talks about his experience with success at a young age and gives advice for young aspiring filmmakers.


ONTD do you have a hard on for Jake Gyllenhaal? Discuss below!
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Diplo trashes Zedd's new album, argues with a Gaga stan on Twitter

Diplo took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Zedd's new album "True Colors." He dismissed Zedd's latest effort by comparing it to the poop emoji and eventually deleted his tweet, but a Gaga stan screencapped his Tweet and called him out, telling him to mind his own business. Diplo responded to the Gaga stan, telling him that stans like him are ruining music.

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PAPER Magazine calls Nick Jonas out for cultural appropriation

-discusses how Nick Jonas has been quiet while the U.S. is "currently embroiled in one of the biggest racial conversations this country's ever seen"

-points out Nick Jonas' Gospel Version of Jealous, his collab with Sage The Gemini, and his remix of Chains featuring U.K. grime artist Stormzy

-PAPER Magazine calls Nick Jonas out for capitalizing on genres of music that come out of "traditions that are innately political in their leanings" in order to "edge-up his image"


Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak Are Writing a Book About Their ‘Weird As Hell’ Relationship


Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak will make $7.5 million for penning a book about their off-and-on romance, according to a well-placed publishing industry source
Obama Dog

Montel Williams Goes Off on Josh Duggar

More here.


Cara Delevigne relies on Rihanna for comfort

-In an interview with WSJ magazine, Cara Delevigne reveals that Rihanna is who she talks to when she needs comforting.

-In particular, Cara recalled one story back when she just lost her first film role - a Beach Boys musical, after the project was scrapped and how she was "heartbroken".

-The model decided to call the other model to cry about it and Rihanna told her: “Everything happens for a reason. You are going to call me back in a week or two and say, ‘You are right.’”

-Soon afterwards Cara landed several high-profile acting jobs including the upcoming Paper Town and Suicide Squad.


are you the agony aunt in your group ONTD?

Problematique Gay Culture Blog Tries To Out Colton Haynes

Clickbait website, WeHo Confidential, is making waves through Facebook in the form of a passive aggressive gossip girl blast. Read the excerpt below:

We wonder if [Colton Haynes]'s going to have an entire coming out party this summer or if this is it!
To be honest does he even need to come out? Those nearly naked makeout photos of him in XY magazine came out nearly 10 years ago. Too bad his attorneys threatened us with distribution of child pornography even though no genitalia was in view... we hope the vicious Hollywood agents that tried to keep him in the closet suffer a long painful Lumbar puncture.


Have you ever been outed or forced to come out, ONTD?


Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 9 Episode Four

-Makeover week.
-Guest Judge Australian model Elyse Taylor mentors for a swimsuit photoshoot.
-Minor changes for the models except Tanahya (blonde), Phoebe (short) and Jess (red hair).
-Tanahya had a meltdown because the bleaching destroyed her hair according to Alex Perry.
-Phoebe was upset she wasn't getting a drastic change so Didier suggested she go short and then she second guessed it. Jess doubted her new red hair and started crying, however she won the TRESemme challenge.

Will the Croatian Mafia (Alexandra Sinadinovic, Phoebe Deskovic and Izi Simundic) be broken up? (Picture Adam Taylor)

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Next Week: Linda Evangelista will ruin the lives of two girls with a Double Elimination.

Source One Two Three

ONTD do you think the makeovers were dramatic enough?

Model & Emilia Clarke's GoT Body Double, Rosie Mac, Staying a "Virgin Until Marriage"

-18-year old British model Rosie Mac, who also is the body double for Emilia Clarke on Game of Thrones, has made a public vow of chastity
-"I've got very high morals. I really like the whole thing of keeping yourself for your husband."
-Wants to tell young girls that: "You don't have to use your body in that way to be famous, you can be a star in your own right."


Sex post? Do you have high morals or did you lost your virginity before marriage?
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Sports journalists lose their minds over Stephen Curry's daughter

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry brought his adorable two-year-old daughter Riley to his post-game press conference after Game 1 against the Houston Rockets. The little girl behaved like most two-year-olds do, and most people thought she was adorable. However, her appearance had some sports journalists pressed as fuck over her entire existence, going as far as calling Curry a bad parent.

A few child-hating journalists whined about how children at press conferences means they can't ask the ~tough~ questions and meet their deadlines, even though it was pointed out that Tuesday's game was the Warriors' earliest home game all season.

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source + video 1 & 2

has your child ever upstaged you on national television, ontd?
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Twitter users are digging through SZA's old tweets

Twitter users are currently going in on SZA for stuff she tweeted in 2011. The most recently dug up tweet shows SZA making a homophobic comment. She states that "the increasing influx of gay black men" is making her "seriously consider not having a baby."

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In another tweet, SZA accuses Beyonce of bleaching her skin, stating that Beyonce is "lookin more and more like madonna every day."

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