May 15th, 2015

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Misha Collins deplores slavery, jokes about it anyway

Earlier today, Misha Collins tweeted this

He then deleted it, but as anyone with a single social media account will remind you, the internet never forgets. People rightfully criticized the tweet, wondering how someone who advocates for human trafficking victims could make such an insensitive joke. Instead of acknowledging that his joke was probably in poor taste, Collins seemed shocked that people would find something wrong with what he said.

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source: misha collins' twitter

Penn Badgley Looks Back On Gossip Girl: "It Made No Sense"

on dan being gossip girl: “It doesn't make sense at all. It wouldn't have made sense for anybody. Gossip Girl doesn't make sense!” He later conceded, “It made enough sense. He was a writer.”

what else didn't make sense to you @ this show, ontd? writers killing dair? chuck's existense? nate not once having a decent storyline in 6 years?

Jon Gosselin seeking full custody of 1 of his children

- Jon Gosselin, former reality star, is apparently seeking full custody of his daughter Hannah, 11
- no one knows why he's not seeking custody of his other children
- since Kate and Jon divorced in 2009, Kate has had primary custody of the children
- since the end of the reality show, Jon has made some poor financial decisions and is a wannabe DJ
- Kate is dating millionaire Jeff Prescott

source: usmag/yahoo
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EXPOSED: Meghan Trainor caught lip syncing on Lip Sync Battle

Meghan Trainor made a guest appearance during Julianne Hough's lip sync battle against her brother Derek Hough on last night's episode of Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle. Meghan joined Julianne in trying to beat Derek (I won't spoil the show for those who haven't seen it). Derek lip synced to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Can't Hold Us Down" while Julianne lip synced to "All About That Bass."

Source: YouTube

George Miller "I can't help but be a feminist"

"I've gone from being very male dominant to being surrounded by magnificent women. I can't help but be a feminist," says George Miller.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Miller talks about the important impact women had behind the scenes. His wife, Margaret Sizel edited the film. He invited feminist activist Eve Ensler to visit the set and hold workshops for the actresses (and even some of the crew) to give perspective on violence against women in war zones. He also talks about how the movie was delayed being made for 15 years (whether it was issues with the studio, Mel Gibson's personal issues in the early 2000s, and rainfall in Australia that delayed filming for 18 months).

If anything, the delays in filmmaking allowed for more time to polish the script and aesthetic concepts for the films.

In another interview with NPR, Melissa Jaffer (elderly actress who plays one of the badass lady warriors) talks about how she did her own stuntwork, and how rare it is to be offered a role like this. Says Melissa, "The roles that one is offered at this age, quite frankly, you're either in a nursing home, you're in a hospital bed dying, you're suffering from dementia, or in fact, in two cases, I was offered two characters who'd actually died and come back to life," she says. "So when this role came along, I thought well, I won't get another chance like this before I die, and that's why I took it. It was absolutely wonderful. Wonderful role."

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In other news, this post is just an excuse to tell you to WATCH THIS MOVIEEEEEEE! Nonstop action, beautiful cinematography, great pacing, tom and charlize slayed me

Taron Egerton talks Kingsman and Colin Firth's return

- talks about the challenge in doing his accent and stunts
- heard about the sequel rumor but still unknown whether he'll be the main character
- would love to see the universe expanded a bit, with new gadgets and more Roxy

from CinemaBlend, when asked about Colin's Firth future with Kingsman:

"Well, I mean, I think he’s pretty dead. Shot in the head. But, I mean, I still have dreams that … I always thought it would be lovely to see Eggsy and Harry reunited. I have this, you know, I have my own fantasies about that. But I haven’t heard anything to suggest that he will be coming back. Unless they build a robot version of him, or he has an evil twin or something.”

Earlier, director Matthew Vaughn did mentioned, 'If people buy tickets in America, I’ve got a feeling we’ll figure out a way for having Colin back'.

Taron Egerton at the Kingsman event in London

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What do you wish to see in the sequel? More Merlin pls

Critics rave about the Pretty Girls music video + 7 Behind the scenes secrets from the set

grace gloat pink

ONTD Original: Four of Katy Perry's Biggest Fuck You's to LGBT People

Katy Perry is one of the biggest pop stars today, having multiple #1 albums and singles under her belt. She tied Michael Jackson's record for most hit singles from one album, and she's even performed at the Super Bowl in 2015. With over 61.8 million Twitter followers, Katy is the most popular person on Earth. What those 61.8 million people fail to realize is that Katy Perry's whole career has been built on a foundation of homophobia, transphobia, and bisexual erasure. This list will show those 61.8 million Twitter followers just how awful Katy Perry is.

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this ONTD Original was brought to you by fka and opp0rtunist

George Clooney on Wife Amal Alamuddin: 'I Couldn't Be Happier'

George Clooney stopped by Good Morning America on Thursday to promote his new action-adventure flick Tomorrowland.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

“Everything’s different now. Actually it is,” George said. “I was going to make a joke but it is actually. I couldn’t be happier. We’re having a really fun time. We’re working on fixing up a house in England that we’ll be spending a lot of time in just outside of London. And we’ve been sort of traveling the world.”

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Marvel and Star Wars tv channels on the way?

+ Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioned the possibility during an investors call. Direct quote: We have said that with these channels and these brands — ESPN, ABC, Disney, maybe even down the road something related to Star Wars and Marvel — we do have an ability as a company to take product, specifically filmed entertainment, television, movies, directly to consumers.

ONTD, would you watch any of these channels?
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American Crime Season 2 to go the anthology route

 photo American-Crime-ABC_zpszyceulw8.jpg

- Felicity Huffman & Timothy Hutton are returning, but with new roles in a whole new storyline
- New contracts are being negotiated with other actors and actresses from Season 1 (I read this in another article from a different source I can't post)
- Article says that filming has already begun, but another source says that production won't begin until July


Oh man, what did you think of the finale?

Empire's Co Creator Lee Daniels hates White People writing for Black People

“I don’t know what gives me more pleasure: watching my story unfold or going in and watching a room full of black people talking for me and writing words for black people,” Daniels said. “I hate white people writing for black people; it’s so offensive. So we go out and look specifically for African-American voices. Yes, it’s all about reverse racism!”

Daniels then questioned the other panel members about whether they had black writers on their staffs, and the majority of them said no. If you take Daniels’ comments at face value, however, you’ll miss the sarcasm and nuance, especially since there are white writers writing for Empire, and Empire’s co-creator, Danny Strong, and showrunner, Illene Chaiken, are both white.

But to Daniels’ point, if a show is going to be about the black experience, of course there should be black writers. Think of how many shows you’ve watched where you could clearly tell there weren’t any black writers in the room. It doesn’t take much to realize, after hearing dialogue and storylines, that some of the most popular black shows from back in the day didn’t have one black writer sitting there to veto some of the craziness that was allowed to go on the air.

Empire is far from perfect and should be only taken for its entertainment value, but Daniels recognizes that Hollywood has a diversity problem and isn’t afraid to speak about it.


Supergirl trailer looks exactly like SNL Black Widow parody

Ohh how we laughed when SNL made a spoof Black Widow movie trailer that was filled with cliche "women" things. We said if Marvel would make one that's probably what they'd do, little did we know DC and CBS had beat them to it with Supergirl starring Melissa Benoist best known as the most yawn worthy person ever on Glee(she does look ok in this admittedly). If we didnt know better we'd think SNL was actually spoofing Supergirl.

-Both work at some fashion magazine type place with a Devil Wears Prada type of boss
-Awkward/adorkable romantic interactions
-Everything changes when both characters are watching a news report of some crisis happening which involved someone they cared about.

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All i've read about the other DC superhero shows is that they are awesome, i can't vouch for this because i don't watch any. However a lot of people who watch them have pointed out that off course the first female super hero on TV (Does Agent Carter count) looks like a parody made by SNL.

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Are you excited for Supergirl ONTD?

Source, Twitter, YT1, YT2

Anti-gay conservatives demand ABC nix Dan Savage-inspired sitcom

The Media Research Center and Family Research Council said more than 21,000 postcards have been sent and over 4,000 telephone calls have been made to get ABC to abandon the series

Anti-gay conservative groups are trying to get ABC to kill a new sitcom which features a teenage son who comes out as gay, and his family life.

The sitcom is said to be marginally based on the life of sex columnist and gay rights activist Dan Savage who is also an executive producer of the series, tentatively titled 'The Real O’Neals.'

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Khloe defends herself after being accused of trying to "act black" for eating Popeyes!

Khloe posted a couple of photos of herself, Kylie, Kris and a friend eating Popeyes and apparently got some backlash for trying to be black!

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sources: 1 2 3

imo khloe posted the pictures to corroborate kylie's story about not saying "high as fuck" in that snapchat video.
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Production Photos, etc. from Jesse Eisenberg's play "The Spoils" off-Broadway

 photo 69484_orig_zpswbxuvgtm.jpg

Plot: Jesse Eisenberg's character Ben has been kicked out of grad school. He bullies his roommate, Kaylan (Kunal Nayyar), an immigrant from Nepal studying business. In an effort to level out the playing field (I guess), when he discovers that his grade-school crush (Sarah, played by Erin Darke) is married to a banker (Ted, played by Michael Zegen), he does his best to wage war on their marriage. Annapurna Sriram plays Reshma, a doctor - her storyline is captured in the photos (not spoiling it for others if they don't want to see them).

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Mods, I submitted a post like this a while ago, I hope I cut down enough on the content!

So far, the reviews from fans have been pretty good, and if they weren't, the criticisms were what I expected them to be.

Madonna reigns with “Ghosttown” giving her the most No. 1s of any artist on a single Billboard chart

With her 45th leader on Dance Club Songs, which measures reports submitted by a national sample of club DJs, Madonna pulls further ahead of runners-up Beyonce and Rihanna. In fact, Madonna has tallied more No. 1s as they have combined: 22 each. (The chart launched as a national survey in the Billboard issue dated Aug. 28, 1976.)


Priyanka Chopra did Quantico to break Indian stereotypes in American media

Bollywood A-lister Priyanka Chopra is the lead in ABC's new fall thriller, Quantico. Thanks to a development deal arranged by Keli Lee (who did similar deals for actresses such as Sofia Vergara and Kerry Washington), PC is making the leap to the US, where she hopes she will be able to break Indian stereotypes in American media and help with the issues of diversity and representation, which she is passionate about.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here are some excerpts from an interview with DNA India:

What is your biggest fear playing the lead on Quantico?

It’s very scary, because I don’t know if the world is ready for an Indian protagonist. When I did NFL, and ‘In My City’ was picked for NFL, it was the opening song after Faith Hill. Several racist comments came my way, that I am an Arab terrorist on social media and the NFL network, they had people writing to them. Because I was brown, they figured I’m Arab, and people were like ‘How can you have her headlining an American event? Why is she in an all-American sport?’ So, I don’t know how people will react especially since I’m playing an American from India! But it’s a great part and a great show, it could be really cool.

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Read full interview at the source
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Ellen DeGeneres Wife Portia de Rossi to Split after Anna Kendrick Visit?

A source close to Ellen & Portia talked to In touch Weekly recently and revealed that there is trouble in paradise yet again. It's been said that Ellen's public blowouts with Portia are now frequent and most are convinced that Portia will soon be demanding a divorce. Here are the highlights:

  • The first time Ellen looked happy in a while was when she was talking about Katy Perry's boobs with Anna Kendrick

  • It was recently reported that their marriage was on the upswing after working out details of a prenuptial agreement, but it's not true.

  • The couple are now scarring their friends with their emotional outbursts.

  • According to the source, things got ugly when Portia decided to treat Ellen's staff like human beings rather than indentured servants.

  • "Ellen and Portia's marriage still has many cracks. Ellen's team comes to do her hair and Portia asked them if they wanted water. Ellen ripped into her, screaming, 'Don't offer them water! We already offered!' ... Everyone was in shock."

  • Ellen has been micromanaging Portia for years and Portia's friends don't understand why they put up with it.

  • "Their relationship is so unhealthy."

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Demi Lovato swapped spit with her dog in New York City this week

Earlier this week, Demi Lovato was spotted in New York City enjoying a romantic lunch date with her dog. Things got extremely hot and heavy fast, as Demi picked her dog up and gave it a big wet smooch right on its mouth! Her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama didn't seem to mind, as he was on his phone during the impromptu make-out session. After making out with her dog, Demi proceeded to finish her lunch. The taste of the dog's mouth apparently adds an extra flavor to meals.

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More pictures at the SOURCE

Are you the kind of dog owner who likes to open-mouth kiss your dog?
Professor Chaos

The Good Wife Faked Alicia and Kalinda's Reunion

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Apparently body doubles and camera tricks were used to make the scene seem authentic.

CBS has not yet commented on it.

As most of us Good Wife fans are aware, Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi have a (rumored) history of off-the-set animosity for reasons not yet understood. It is speculated that Julianna has disliked Archie ever since Archie won her Emmy the first season before Julianna (who has actually won twice). There are no real receipts as to why their cold war has occurred and lasted for the past several seasons and neither of the actresses or any of the other Good Wife cast has made any specific comments about this (even though interviews with some of the cast an the creators seem to touch on the subject in a vague manner fueling this rumor).

In the fist couple seasons their friendship was one of the better female friendships on television. Fans had noticed that for the past several seasons Alicia and Kalinda have not had a scene together for a while (even though the storyline where Kalinda slept with Alicia's husband seemed as this was storyline dictated which some fans still insist on). When the Kings announced that Kalinda and Alicia would reunite in the finale many fans were happy but when the scene aired many people noticed it did not seem like a genuine reunion and that there were noticeable edits that made it appear the actresses did not appear on screen together.


Michael Johnston to Play Gay Love Interest In Teen Wolf Season 5

“When I see relationships on Teen Wolf, they’re all treated the same,” says Johnston, 19. “They don’t make a big deal over a gay relationship in the show — it’s just like any other relationship, which is really close to what life is like.”

Johnston’s mysterious character will be introduced alongside an unspecified new supernatural threat to the show’s main characters, and he’ll cross paths with Mason, a cheeky gay human played by Khylin Rhambo. “There’s some hope that we’ll start out as friends, but maybe more will happen,” teases Johnston.

Professor Chaos

Grimm Finale Recap & Dicussion

Me during that final scene
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

[Spoiler (click to open)]I am legit really really surprised they actually killed Juliette off. As much as I (and everyone else on here) really hated the character it seemed like because of the actors off screen relationship and Juliette being such main character that they would cop out and try to redeem her. LBR though there is no way to do that and not make this show more of a mess than it can be especially after last week's ep. So I guess rejoice haters (and some of you Adalind/Nick shippers).

The King is so much of a flop though. I assume this means we're done with the royals which I'm happy about because there was so much potential to that story in S2 that they totally botched and made the show campy when it should've been creepy.

I wonder if they will SOARAS Diana and make her evil and next years big bad.

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NYT Interview: FKA Twigs + Bustle on the Robsten Fandom


FKA twigs Lives Large, in ‘Congregata’ and Beyond

-Talks about her upcoming sold out "Congregata" shows in Brooklyn
-Navigating the world of Hollywood paparazzi
-Dealing with racist twilight fans
-Loves being an ambitious indie artist
-On voguing: "A lot of music artists don’t respect the roots of dancing, I never want to associate myself with something that I don’t understand. I would never want to be guilty of cultural appropriation."

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Source 1 (NYT) & 2 (Bustle Magazine)

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Toronto Star calls #PrettyGirls "one of the worst music videos in history"

-the journalist says that Iggy sounds like a "demonic parrot with a speech impediment"
-he says that both Iggy and Britney lack self-awareness
-he goes on to say that it wasn't a smart choice to make fun of the airhead stereotype using two airheads, saying it would be like "trying to spoof hard work by enlisting farmers"
-describes the dancing in the video as having the "energy of a three-toed sloth on Valium"


Do you think that "Pretty Girls" is one of the worst music videos in history?

Andrew Keegan Arrested For Selling Unlicensed Kombucha During Cult Charity Event

title or description

Keegan (7th Heaven, 10 Things I Hate About You, Independence Day, O) was arrested for selling several bottles of kombucha at a charity event hosted by the Full Circle Temple, led by the former teen idol turned New Age guru.

While it typically contains less than 0.5 percent alcohol by volume, anything stronger is classified as an alcoholic beverage and requires a liquor license.

source 1
source 2

Is Marvel Making The Wrong Captain Marvel Movie?

-Monica Rambeau went by Captain Marvel from 1982 to 1996.
-Carol Danvers was Ms Marvel on-and-off from 1967 to 2012, when she finally went by Captain.
-Monica's origin never tied into the original Marvel Captain Marvel unlike Carol.
-Article writer is pro-Carol and therefore wrong.

Monica Rambeau > Carol Danvers
Don't fight me on this, ONTD
Drop the white girl and no one gets hurt