May 14th, 2015

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Why was Beyonce Late to the Met Gala?! Her Ponytail!!

Beyonce's ponytail hair style was a last minute idea in an elevator!

Her hair was originally wrapped up in "an asian-inspired chignon" but Beyonce felt that it would be too "costumey"

Neal Farinah (Beyonce's hairstylist )told Us Weekly about the last-minute switch up.

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how long does it take you to get ready?!


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Is it true? Is the sequel to North West coming?

Apparently Kimmy K West is 12 weeks pregnant and to those of you who are like "wait, what? she didn't look pregnant at the Met Ball" well, according to the article she doubled up on spanx for the night, because Kim and Kanye aren't going to publicly announce the pregnancy until a couple more weeks.

Kim and Kanye have been trying for baby number 2 for a while now, even having surgery to correct a problem which was preventing them from conceiving.

Are you excited if this is true? I am.

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Scott Stapp talks about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder

-drugs and alcohol fueled his psychotic break
-he thought that his family was in ISIS
-Scott is now on medication and staying sober


Aidan Turner Shortlist Magazine Photos

Two big things have happened this year. There’s been a general election. And Aidan Turner did some topless scything in Poldark. The latter has been more talked about. Yes, the rock’n’roll vampire from Being Human at last had his big breakthrough as the lead in Poldark, the biggest thing in Sunday night quality drama since Downton Abbey. Seven million viewers an episode. Critical acclaim. And after the scything episode, a genuine cause célèbre. In modern parlance, that sh*t went viral. Millions of women fell for Mr Turner, and weren’t shy of writing about it. Millions of men moaned. His hair got its own Twitter account. Ed Miliband’s face was Photoshopped on to Turner’s body for a centrefold in the Evening Standard. Chris Evans took his top off on The One Show to recreate the scene. Things got ugly.
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Hermione holds Ron

And the latest person to play Jackie Kennedy is... Natalie Portman

- movie is called 'Jackie' (very original)
- this movie will be about the first four days after JFK's assassination and how Jackie copes with it
- directed by Oscar-nominee Pablo Larrain, produced by Darren Aronofsky
- filming starts at the end of the year

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Successful superstars Meghan Trainor and Beyonce attend a fund-raiser in support of Hillary Clinton

-The fund-raiser was held in NYC at LA Reid's house
-Meghan Trainor, Beyonce, and Tamar Braxton were some of the attendees
-The price to attend was $2,700
-Hillary Clinton is all about that bass, no treble!

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New Crimson Peak Interview with Tom Hiddleston

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I hope you're jumping over from reading my big ol' Crimson Peak set visit report (read that here), but if you don't like reading fun things here's the short prep to get you ready to dive into this onset interview with Tom Hiddleston. If you've read the set report, just skip down to the Q&A! Ready? Let's go!

So, I was pulled away from the set visit and led to Hiddleston's trailer to do this chat. He opened the door half in his costume, his lacy shirt billowing in the breeze and the whole nine yards. No shit, it was like a Harlequin romance cover come to life and I realized there were about 2 million girls in this world that would have slit my throat to have been in this position. (true tbh)

His trailer smelled strongly of incense (the good shit, not the headshop skunk crap) and he had photos and art taped up on the cabinets, all relating to his character in some way. Lots of Victorian era men and women, mostly high society types and there were some creepy dead bride stuff, too. I bring that part up because I touch on it in the below interview.

After some small chit chat we sat down and began the below interview. It's a good one. This guy is a great talker and wickedly intelligent to boot.

Alright, let's get started! Enjoy!

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I promise it's interesting! Lots of talk about Gothic Romance, moral ambiguity, and subverting audience expectations, as well as what it was like working with Guillermo Del Toro, Mia Wasikowska, and Jessica Chastain.
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Naughty Boy Continues WW1D: Uses Past Girlfriends For Revenge

Zayn Malik's bff and mentor Naughty Boy has followed both 1D ex's Eleanor Calder and Danielle Peazer on Twitter.

This has confused many fans on tumblr, wondering what the heck he's doing. Not only that, but since Louis and Eleanor recently split up, and Danielle is a long time ex of Liam's... one can't help but wonder if Naughty Boy is trying to get Louis' reaction once more.
What do y'all think?

Update: He's also following 1D members family members now too...from sisters to grandparents.

Source is Naughty Boy's Twitter and Tumblr
sherlock looking animated

Rupert Everett Explains Benedict Cumberbatch & Eddie Redmayne's Popularity with Americans

In a recent interview, Rupert Everett explained the popularity of "posh" British actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne. A summary of his points:

- Brits should stop complaining about posh actors getting all the high-salaried acting jobs

- says Americans don't want to see "snaggle-toothed working class people." Apparently, we like upper-class Brits, which explains the popularity of shows like Downton Abbey:

"Everyone's whining about that but the fact of the matter is, acting is like hooking," Everett said. "What people want to see is what people want to see. What the Americans want to see of the English -- they don't want to see snaggle-toothed working class people, obviously. They want to see upper class people -- that's what they want. That's why they love 'Downton Abbey.'"

- says acting "is like hooking." You go where the demand is, basically.

ONTD, do you agree with Everett? I sort of agree with his statement that acting (and modelling) is like hooking. You're selling yourself and are dependent on what the buying public wants.

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Little Mix announces new single "Black Magic" & radio air date!

@LittleMix: Here's the #BlackMagic artwork Mixers!! You'll be able to hear it on the radio on Tues 26th May! AHHH! xxLittle MixXx

[The girls confirming it on video]

Mixers!! So, it looks like the cat is officially out of the bag...we’ve just seen that our new artwork has leaked! A...

Posted by Little Mix on Thursday, May 14, 2015

[Extended fan-made snippet of Black Magic]

source: little mix twitter, keeping up with lm, little mix official facebook
Obama Dog

Hinder Releases Album With New Singer

Hinder's new album is called When the Smoke Clears.

They have a new video called Hit the Ground.

“It kind of does feel new again. When you first start out, you have to prove yourself. You have to put in the work, and it kind of feels like that's what we're doing again,” Hanson said. “We're doing the things a new band does, going out on the road, going to radio stations in the morning and doing acoustic performances. We're working again, and it's actually really nice to go out and do what a band is supposed to do.”

Film - The Old Guard

Other Grey's actors "spill all about" Patrick Dempsey's departure; nary a drop of actual tea found

(yes, it's still on; season finale is tonight)

- Kelly McCreary (Maggie) says they'll miss the character and the love story and are all looking forward to new stories
- Sarah Drew (April "The Worst" Kepner) says they're happy for Patrick because he's racing and hanging out with his kids
- basically they're just toeing the line and fearing The Wrath of Shonda
- also there's a video where they say some other stuff about the show

RME. This show has replaced Glee as the #1 'behind-the-scenes tell-all book I desperately need' show. Also, Shonda's @mentions remain hilarious; go read them if you want a chuckle.

CW's fall schedule


Raven has another opinion

- at gathering of sane, well-articulated people The View , Symone said she didn't agree with "America's idea" of putting Harriet Tubman on a $20
- "No offense to everyone who’s going to be mad at me for saying this, I don’t like that idea. I think we need to move a little bit more forward. I understand, let me just preface. I’m in that culture. There’s also Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt…and I personally would’ve chosen Rosa Parks."
- This because in Symone's opinion, Tubman was too long ago.

More at the dramatic source

I don't know what she's doing, but let's take all the white folk off your dollar bills.
Sabrina (25)

Pics from the set of American Crime Story: The People V. OJ Simpson

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FYI - The rest of the cast is: Sarah Paulson (Marcia Clark), Courtney B. Vance (Johnnie Cochran), Connie Britton (Faye Resnick), Billy Magnussen (Kato Kaelin) and Jordana Brewster (Denise Brown).
Source 1/2/3/4/5

First On Set Photos for 'Captain America: Civil War'

Chris Evans looks so dapper in his suit with a clean shaven face on the set of Captain America: Civil War on Wednesday (May 13) in Atlanta, Ga.

The 33-year-old actor was joined on set by his co-stars Emily VanCamp and Anthony Mackie. These are the first on set photos we’ve acquired from the location of the Marvel franchise film!

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Cannes Film Review + Promo Pics: ‘The Anarchists’ with Adele Exarchopoulos, Tahar Rahim

+ Promo Pics under the cut

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Super short synopsis on IMDB reads: Brigadier Jean Albertini is chosen to infiltrate a group of anarchists.

So much beauty & talent together, I cry. ready to slay your basic Hollywood faves!!!

Courtney Stodden's sex tape is out

Just a few days after news of her $1M deal with Vivid (that will all be donated to charity) Courtney Stodden's solo sex tape video is officially out.

Straight from Vivid's site -
See the 20-year old pop culture sensation at her most intimate in this never-before seen, all-revealing, uncensored Vivid Celebrity sex tape! Straight from the heart of Sin City, Courtney shows her lover just how much fun a soapy Las Vegas bubble bath can be as well as the most sensual ice cream sex ever!

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Source 1, 2, 3 and 4
People have also put a bunch of clips up on YouTube.

Miley and Ariana deliver a onesie filled duet

-Sang Don't dream its over not particularly well
-Failed attempts at flirtation by Miley during the song
-Its to promote Miley's Happy Hippie Foundation
-Remain mostly cute throughout.

Would you like a duet from these two ONTD?

Twitter. You can see the vid at the source.
Kitten: Play With Me

MTV's First Look at "American Ultra" starring Jesse Eisenberg & Kristen Stewart

 photo americanultrastillmtv-1431613008_zps7peqduas.jpg

This is the first still of the film, directed by Nima Nourizadeh. Jesse stars as Mike and Kristen stars as Phoebe. There's an interview with the director at the source, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to copy and paste it word for word here.

Plot (in my words): Based in New Orleans, Stoner Mike wants to propose to Stoner Phoebe, but he's been a sleeper agent for the government this whole time and now they need his help. It's a romantic/comedy/adventure movie - maybe the sequel to Adventureland? Out August 21st in the U.S.

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Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 9 Episode 3, Kim Kardashian deletes winners photo

-Last week Kim Kardashian set a challenge for the kontestants to showcase the Kardashian Kollection. The winner would be featured on both the Kardashian Kollection instagram account as well as her own. The challenge winner was Izi.
-Kim Kardashian deleted the photo from her own account after 12 hours. Both Izi and the Australian media were shocked, fans labelled Kim as 'unprofessional'.
-This weeks Guest Judge: Jean Paul Gaultier.
-Jean Paul Gaultier was so impressed by Truck Driver Brittany that he invited her to model for one of his shows in Paris (back in January).
-Brittany says Naomi Campbell came up to her and told her she was beautiful.

Brittany Beattie

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Next Week: Model Makeovers

Source One Two Three Four

ONTD should Kim Kardashian have waited a few more days before deleting Izi's photo? And do you think it's fair the only 2 POC models were amongst the lowest scored?

Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas mocked for catastrophic foul throw fail

It’s fair to say that Iker Casillas didn’t have the finest night of his career as Real Madrid exited the Champions League to Juventus.

In the dying seconds, just when Madrid needed to score a goal which would put them into the final against Barcelona, Casillas raced across to take a throw-in and get the ball moving quickly.

Sadly, though, a player once considered the safest pair of hands in football produced the most atrocious foul throw, gifting Juve possession of the ball and effectively ending Madrid’s night.

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The Plot Thickens; InTouch Deletes Article About Patrick Dempsey's Alleged Intern Affair


the cached version is still online: klick

- Allegedly, Dempsey had an affair with an intern on the Grey's set
- Ellen Pompeo found out about it and told his wife, who is a friend of hers
- Shonda found out and fired him, bc “Shonda has no patience for that kind of behavior.”
- an anonymous commenter at jezebel (ehhh) confirms the story here

WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler steals the show from Britney Spears in Las Vegas

In an interview with Dolph explained that he is a longtime Britney fan and regularly mentions her on social media. Planet Hollywood reached out to him to be a part of Britney's show and to come up on stage.

Ziggler told Britney how he feels about her when they got close: "I just told her she looked like a total babe," he said. "She autographed a T-shirt for me and kicked me off the stage."

When asked what Britney said to him, Ziggler told, "That's between me and her."

Source: & twitter