May 6th, 2015


Jamie Bell, Mark Strong, Abbie Cornish Join Toa Fraser’s embassy thriller ‘6 Days’

- based on the actual events when six armed men stormed the Iranian Embassy at South Kensington, taking over two dozen people hostage in a 6 days standoff on late April 1980.
- Former members of the British's Special Agent Forces who participated in the siege will act as consultants during production


Here for Jamie and Mark. However, I really hope there'll be no whitewashing..
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Demi Lovato is headlining a festival made up of YouTube and Vine stars

AXS is reporting that Demi Lovato will be headlining DigiTour's 3rd annual DigiFestNYC on June 6th this year. What the AXS article fails to mention, however, is that DigiFestNYC is a tour completely made up of YouTube and Vine stars. According to DigiTour's Facebook About section:

The tour began as a showcase for social media stars from YouTube, but it's roster of performers have now expanded to include Vine, Twitter, and Instagram stars as well as traditional pop music stars.

DigiFestNYC's current lineup includes such social media stars as Frankie Grande, Lohanthony, Alex From Target, and many more still being added. The most recently announced stars include Kingsley and Emblem3's Wesley Stromberg.

Superfame is reporting that many of Demi Lovato's fans are not happy with her headlining this event, as they think that it's a downgrade for her. Fans and haters alike took to Twitter to mock Demi Lovato's DigiFestNYC headlining slot.

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Sources: / DigiTour Facebook / DigiTour site / / Twitter

a BIG thank you to bodyache for tipping me off on this story!
Harley DC

Salman Khan: Bollywood star guilty in hit-and-run case

Incident happened in 2002. 5 people were driven over; 1 was killed, 3 with serious injuries, 1 with minor injuries.

Driver said the car lost control after a wheel had burst, but court rejected that version of the story.

Salman insisted his driver was driving the car, but witnesses said otherwise, claiming Salman was drunk and driving.

He faces up to 10 years in prison.


13 years later. Probably going to keep going with appeals too.

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Marvel Fanboy Charlie Cox Has Been Doing His Homework; Remains Perfect

I’d love to see Peter Parker and Daredevil hang out. There’s a wonderful issue of the comics where Matt Murdock has to defend Daredevil, because the public don’t know, and so he has Peter Parker put on his Daredevil outfit so that he can sit in the docks. You know, great storyline.

Spidey and DD's friendship has long been one of my favorite parts of the MU. I'd give anything to see it on screen. THIS IS WHY HE NEEDS TO BE AN ADULT >:|

More at the source
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OITNB'S Real-Life Alex Vause Gives The Real Story On What Happened In Prison


Catherine "Cleary" Wolters is now coming forward to tell what really happened in prison. The character of Alex on OITNB is based on her and based on Piper Kerman's memoir, "Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison". She says that her memories of prison are very different than what appear on the show.

Did she really have all that prison sex?

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Princess Charlotte: Real or nah?

-Russian mommies think that Kate looked too perfect during her photo op Saturday with Princess Charlotte that allegedly took place 11 hours after she gave birth.
-She wore heels, had perfect hair and skin. Moms say it was not realistic considering she had just given birth hours before.
-Conspiracy theories state that Kate may have actually given birth days ago OR had a surrogate. [The surrogate theory has been around since Prince George was born]
-Rumors are flying that Kate pulled a Beyonce and wore a fake baby bump during her pregnancy.
-Conspiracy theorists think that Princess Charlotte looked like a doll during photo op. Kate wasn't holding the baby realistically and the baby wasn't moving.
-IF the baby she was holding was real, then the baby appeared older than an hours old newborn.

Check out the video. Maybe the baby is swaddled tightly so you can't tell she is moving, but Kate is holding her rather oddly...

Oh and can we put our tinfoil hats on and talk about crazy conspiracy theories? Please?!


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New 'Vikings' Regulars Announced for Season 4

Franzen will play King Harald Finehair, an enemy to Ragnar, Paakkonen is set to play Halfdan the Black, Finehair's younger brother. Doan will portray Yidu, a new and unique Chinese character who will have a big role in season four and definitely hook up with Ragnar.


Louis Tomlinson and Naughty Boy are at it again!

Today on twitter, Naughty Boy dared to tweet a picture of himself and Zayn no longer 1D Malik and Louis Tomlinson was not here for it!

UPDATE: Zayn has clapped back!
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ONTD, have you ever had a hard time letting an old friendship go?

Mariah Carey's Whistle Register Will Silence The Haters Tonight -- Listen To Dress Rehearsal Audio!

Mariah Carey's Las Vegas show opens tonight and an audio clip from her dress rehearsal has made its way online.* The clip includes her big hits “Love Takes Time,” “Someday,” “Hero,” and “Emotions." These are some of Mariah's more challenging songs, but the elusive chanteuse applied lotion to those high notes and brought down the house!

Go get 'em, Mariah!


*y'all know this clip wouldn't have magically surfaced online if she didn't hit those high notes, ha.

Kim Kardashian Smiles While Activists Ask Her About Animals Being Anally Electrocuted To Make Fur

Kim Kardashian was signing copies of her stupid book Selfish at Barnes & Noble in New York yesterday. A group of animal rights activists crashed the event and asked her valid questions like, "Kim, do you know how many animals are tortured and killed for your jackets? Do you know how many animals are skinned alive and anally electrocuted?!"

Kim, smiling as much as her fillers (which were probably tested on animals) would allow, remained silent as she kept signing books. Kris trained this woman well!  Kim was probably thinking, "I know how many dollars are in my bank account and I know how much publicity I'm going to get for this. Yay!"

Selfish indeed.


Kim's personal ass kisser calls Amber Rose & Blac Chyna "ghetto bullies"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

- This nobody says that Amber and Blac are bullies for coming after Kylie because she's young.
- He also says that they are "kinda street" and always looking for a fight
- Says that "they’re too ghetto, too street."
- Wants to bully them back because they're too aggressive and should at least wait til Kylie's 18 (this should also apply to Tyga)
- He wishes old videos of Amber and Blac back in their stripping days surfaces so that he can post them on his site

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

like who's even checking for this roach enough for him to be interviewed?

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Jelena Karleusa is now accusing Beyonce of copying her style, and Wendy Williams weighs in

After accusing Kim Kardashian of ripping off her style back in March, Serbian pop star Jelena Karleusa is now calling out Beyonce! She posted this photo to Instagram with the caption "It's called ORIGINALITY. You should try it sometime."

Wendy Williams also weighed in, asking her audience if they think that Beyonce is copying Jelena. I'm sure you can guess how Wendy felt about it.

Sources: Instagram + YouTube
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Mark Ruffalo Comes To Joss Whedons Defense


The below quotes are from a Reddit AMA with Mark Ruffalo.

“As far as any man can be a champion for women, he Is that,” Ruffalo is quoted as saying.

“I think it’s sad. Because I know how Joss feels about women, and I know that he’s made it a point to create strong female characters.”

“I think part of the problem is that people are frustrated that they want to see more women, doing more things, in superhero movies,” Ruffalo continued. “And because we don’t have as many women as we should yet, they’re very, very sensitive to every single storyline that comes up right now.”

“If anything, Black Widow is much stronger than Banner,” Ruffalo said. “She protects him. She does her job, and basically they begin to have a relationship as friends, and I think it’s a misplaced anger.

“The guys can do anything, they can have love affairs, they can be weak or strong and nobody raises an eyebrow,” Ruffalo argued. “But when we do that with a woman, because there are so few storylines for women, we become hyper-critical of every single move that we make because there’s not much else to compare it to.”

“So I know Joss really well. I know what his values are,” Ruffalo said. “And I think it’s sad, because in a lot of ways, there haven’t been as many champions in this universe as Joss is and will continue to be. And I know it hurts him. I know it’s heavy on him. And the guy’s one of the sweetest, best guys, and I know him – as far as any man can be a champion for women, he is that.”

Only Quotes From Source

Jaden Smith quits Twitter

It's a sad day for humanity because the most esteemed existentialist poet of our time - the 16 years old philosopher Jaden Smith, has officially deleted his twitter account. In mourning, let's take a look back at some of the pearls of wisdom that account has given us in the past few years.

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your favorite Jadenism, ONTD?

2 Chainz and French Montana mess with exotic animals

GQ is apparently doing a webseries called "Most Expensivest $hit" (is "The Fabulous Life Of..." still a thing?) and the most recent episode features future College Park mayor 2 Chainz, his rap comrade French Montana, and his hippie-ass looking tour guide Jack discussing the rental cost of giraffes, monkeys, zebras, and parrots for reasons that I don't think are ever explained.

So far, PeTA has not sent any naked women to chez 2 Chainz in protest.

Source: GQ, 11Alive

What kind of stupid shit have you spent way too much money on?
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Jennifer Aniston to star in Mean Girls spinoff, Mean Moms

Jennifer Aniston will star in the Mean Girls spinoff, female comedy Mean Moms. Sean Anders, director of Horrible Bosses 2, will be directing.

The plot: “A happily married mother of two moves from small town America to the high class suburbs and is faced with confronting the cut throat world of competitive parenting.”

Like Mean Girls, this film will also be based on a book by Rosalind Wiseman, "Queen Bee Moms And King Pin Dads: Dealing With The Parents, Teachers, Coaches, And Counselors Who Can Make — or Break — Your Child’s Future".

Sean Anders and John Morris will be writing the script. They previously worked on Dumber and Dumber To, We're the Millers, and Hot Tub Machine.

source: consequenceofsound

Person of Interest Season Finale Post-Mortem. Literally.

Last night we had the fourth season finale of Person of Interest. As always, it was epic. As always, there were multiple casualties. As always, the premise of the show was turned on its head. As always, we ended on a hopeful note, but only after EVERYTHING WENT TO SHIT. But there was also something new: multiple Cinco de Mayo references.

Now let us hope this wasn't the end. It should be noted that, at least, the showrunners seem 'very confident' (as per Jonah Nolan) regarding the show's renewal chances, as does Michael Emerson, so let's exhale and wait for an announcement.

Here's a cute pic of Ben Linus and his mom from last night, to make you feel better while you wait:

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Me, if the show is not renewed

THR twitter, twitter, cbs youtube

Jamie Foxx stans for Britney + Extra behind the scenes of Pretty Girls + Cancels tonite's Vegas show

Britney was on Ellen yesterday as a surprise guest & Jamie was on there as well. He was complimentary towards and said some nice things:

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grace gloat pink

Ellen asks Britney about her "singing"

Pop star Britney Spears took to The Ellen Show today to promote her new single and Vegas residency.

Following a segment about her awkward fall during one of her shows, Ellen asked a question that was followed with an awkward silence.

"Wow, so you just kept on singing!", Ellen said to the crippled pop star, who is infamous for her lipsynching during her shows.

Britney's new single "Pretty Girls" was panned by the critics and the song recieved backlash from radio hosts refusing to play it.

milern, PJM

More from the #SonyHack Cornucopia: "Israel Won. Now let's win the Media War"

Super abridged summary from the article which gives but a taste of the things to come:

- Amy and others were galvanized to act on behalf of Israel after it suffered a PR debacle during the 2014 assault on Gaza. Don't think much happened other than that pettition by the Creative Community for Peace that Pascal and about 200 other Hollywood executives signed. Apparently the Creative Community for Peace works in direct opposition to the Boycott, Divestment and Santions (BDS) movement which seeks to end investment in Israel and is strong on college campuses as discovered by Sony execs during some documentary someone made.
- Someone wanted to tie the Rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe to Palestine somehow in yet another documentary that got some at Sony excited. They formed a group and ran with it for a while. No idea when its premiering at Cannes obviously.
- Someone else was worried that Sony equipment was used to guide Israeli rockets. Oooop.
- Sony execs came for the CEO of Al-Jazeera America.
- The Israel Project indirectly #confirms that those ONTD users in the Palestine Posts of 2k14 were probably working for them. Expose ha!

Read more @ the source because you will NOT be disappointed! Tweet.

Its the gift that keeps on giving, exactly like 1D twitter drama. #FreePalestine #BlameNorthKorea etc.

Xtina Maxim

So @Andy Says He's Slept With Lance Bass After Lance Denied It

Sonja Morgan interviewed Andy Cohen on a segment of Watch What Happens Live, where she asks who the most famous person he's slept with is (around the 4:00 mark). His answer is Lance Bass.

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So who's telling the truth, ONTD?

Sources 1, 2

Hands-On Parents Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Hire Two Gay Mannies To Help With Baby Silas

If you've never had to experience six sleepless months of torture brought on by a baby who has trouble latching and won't sleep for more than two hours at a time, then why would you want to?

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, who are both extremely busy with their careers (must take hours to have makeup applied that will turn you into a lime, and Jessica probably has stuff going on too), have opted out of the sleepless nights entirely by hiring two nannies to care for their newborn, Silas.

"She hired two gay male nannies she knows through mutual friends and is having them rotate schedules," a source told OK! Magazine (quote via Out). "He's in there too, changing diapers and gushing to everyone he knows that Silas is already 'a little angel.' "

Of course he's a little angel when you're not the one responding to his demonic cries at night!


Updated sales prediction on #PrettyGorls: 95K

Via Kworbs:

1. See You Again 251,000
2. Shut Up And Dance 131,000
3. Trap Queen 119,000
4. Nasty Freestyle 108,000
5. Want To Want Me 100,000
6. Pretty Girls 95,000
7. Honey, I'm Good. 91,000
8. Hey Mama 89,000
9. Earned It 81,000
10. Girl Crush 75,000
11. Talking Body 74,000
12. Sugar 73,000
13. Uptown Funk 70,000
14. Thinking Out Loud 69,000
15. Dear Future Husband 66,000


Yikes. Is Britney over, ONTD? Or can Fancy 2.0 pull through?

Lindsay Lohan Is Making Another Comeback (To Court And Possibly Jail, Womp Womp)

Lindsay Lohan's Communist Service Instagram post won't be counted as hours toward her community service (even though it benefited our community!) and the prosecutor is more than likely going to ask the judge to issue a warrant for her arrest.

Lohan has completed under 20 hours of the 125 community service hours she must complete by May 28.  It's still possible she could make the deadline, but something tells me she'll just pull a Roman Polanski and never return to America (not even to collect the Oscar she intends to win before she turns 30).


thanks, oprah.

Diddy is rich, water is wet

Forbes just released their annual list of Top 5 Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists. Dr. Dre made a run for the crown, but Sean “Diddy” Combs has the crown thanks to his Bad Boy record label, Revolt TV, Ciroc, Sean Jean clothing line and other business. The whole list is below.

Forbes 5 Wealthiest Artists of 2015:

1. Diddy – $735 million
2. Dr. Dre – $700 million
3. Jay Z – $550 million
4. 50 Cent – $155 million
5. Birdman – $150 million


how much did you make this year?


Sales Predictions: Ciara – ‘Jackie’

Released this week, Ciara’s sixth studio album Jackie is aiming for a modest debut on the Billboard 200, according to early sales predictions.

Titled after the singer’s mother, the album is expected to sell 19,000 to 22,000 in its first week–marking Ciara’s lowest opening tally. Prior, the lowest was 37,000, set by her 2010 Basic Instinct
Even Ashanti did better

Fox Cancels 'The Mindy Project', But Show Eyeing Hulu Deal

-Despite being predicted for a guaranteed renewal by most forecasters, FOX has cancelled The Mindy Project after 3 seasons
-Usually shows are guaranteed a 4th season due to syndication $$$
-Rumor has it that the show's producers are in talks with Hulu to set up a possible two-year deal for the show

Obama Dog

Kris Jenner Filmed Weepy ‘KUWTK’ Clip After Backlash From Bruce Interview

It has been speculated that just as during Kim's divorce, when KUWTK was edited and new footage filmed and added, Kris Jenner wanted sympathy and re-filmed scenes to make it look like she is just learning about Bruce although it was filmed after his interview.

  • In 2012, Radar exclusively reported that Kardashian and Kris had an emotional heart-to-heart chat about the breakdown of Karadashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries. While it appeared to be shot on location in Dubai, it actually all took place two months after the trip, and was filmed on a sound stage in Los Angeles.

  • Sources tell Radar that Kris taped a teary meltdown about Bruce’s sex change AFTER his interview with Sawyer aired, in the hopes of getting the public opinion back on her side.

  • “It was absolutely shot after Bruce’s appeared on 20/20 with Diane Sawyer. The criticism that Kris received for not publicly supporting Bruce really stung. This was her attempt to show a softer side, and get the fans back in her corner.”

  • Source

Britney celebrates 1 mil vine followers + Update on BB awards perf + Residency ending this year?

A fan asked on twitter and apparently the Billboard Awards Performance is still on for the Pretty Girls duo despite Spears' recent ankle injury. Show airs May 17th

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