April 10th, 2015


Demi Lovato "a single smile can change someone's future" + Other Demi News

Demi recently had benifit concert for her charity

Lovato Treatment Scholarship

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preach my beautiful princess <3

Heavenly Sword

Ryn Weaver's Debut Album Drops Soon.

She's probably gonna perform this at Coachella. Album is out on June 16th, please buy it before she's on Letterman again.

From some reason she only posted a snippet on SoundCloud. The whole thing can be heard here:

Thanks williammiller!

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Who are you going to Coachella to see? What will you be wearing?
Heavenly Sword

In Long-Anticipated & Eagerly-Awaited Album News...Jamie xx!

Here is the music video, its going for a low-key Coldplay music video feel ala Strawberry Swing (right? With all that confetti?).
The album In Colour drops on June 1st/2nd.

If you don't know who Jamie xx is, he's from The xx, who basically wrote everything on that #ICONIC Rihanna track that deserved to be a single! #Justice4DrunkOnLove
He will also be at Coachella.


Mods, for the love of all that is holy, please accept this post, I even wrote something even though it was all self-explanatory.
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Meghan Trainor's message to her fans, haters, and anyone else who hates themselves: "It gets better"

MTV host Christina Garibaldi caught up with Meghan Trainor recently. She asked Meghan what advice she has to give to people "who may not feel good about themselves but should love themselves." Meghan said that she's only just now starting to love herself at the age of 21, stating, "It gets better." She continued, "You learn to grow into your body and love yourself, and you just gotta start convincing yourself at a young age. It'll help."

Source: YouTube

2007 vma

Britney and Iggy getting it on at their Pretty Girls videoshoot!

2007 vma

Looking's J.Alvarez reflecting on the cancellation of the show and the upcoming finale movie

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"You know, it was sad. We all got together, we had dinner. We kind of poured liquor out for our gay homies. It was a bummer… [The finale will be] a feature-length film that doesn’t adhere to an episodic structure. So I think a lot of fans who wanted a longer episode are going to get one long, two-hour episode. I think that will be [a] blessing in a lot of ways: We’ll get to close it out the way everyone wants to close it out, and then, hopefully, we’ll continue to be friends … supporting each other in future projects."

Source: http://www.queerty.com/heres-how-the-looking-cast-handled-the-cancelation-and-a-hint-about-the-movie-wrap-up-20150408

What do u wanna see in the movie?

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are developing the Flash movie for WB

- Phil Lord and Chris Miller are developing the story for The Flash movie, but it is unsure if they will direct yet
- previously Ezra Miller was cast as the Flash
- they recently directed The Lego Movie and Jump Street 21 and 22
- The Lego Movie spawned a spinoff and seqel: Lego Movie 2, and Lego Batman Movie
- The Flash movie will be released on March 23, 2018

source: variety
What do you want to see in the upcoming flash movie? 

Penn Jillette lost over 100 pounds in just under four months

Basically Penn was on a ton of different medications for high blood pressure and his doctor said if he got his weight down that he wouldn't need the medication anymore. So according to People and Page Six he ended up dropping the weight from December - March by eating about 1,000 calories a day (for some reference Penn is 6'7") which had him lose nearly a pound a day. He now follows a different diet that isn't as low-calorie and has started working out which he now enjoys.

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Oxygen's "Funny Girls" Explores The Reality Of Being A Female Comic

- Oxygen's new show "Funny Girls" follows 6 female comics, trying to make it in the male-dominated business
- The comics featured: Scout Durwood, Calise Hawkins, Yamaneika Saunders, Nicole Aimee Schreiber, Stephanie Simbari, and Ester Steinberg.
- The show premiered on April 7th

Twitter Source & YT

Watch the show here

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Debbie Gibson hung out with Pricess Diana and Michael Jackson!?!? YESSSS!!!

In a new interview with SiriusXM host Jenny Hutt, Debbie Gibson reveals that she met some HUGE names throught her career! Even some royalty!!!!

Debbie says, "Princess Diana was amazing. I met her, I was in my rippedJean shorts and my bandana because I was performing Electric Youth at the Prince’s Trust. And because I was going first I didn’t have time to put on a gown. And I said “Omg I am glad to meet you and so sorry I am dressed like this…” And she said “You look a heck of a lot more comfortable than I am!” So she was like so cool and down to earth and that was amazing!"

She also hung with Michael Jackson! She says, "When I met him he was like “I was just watching your Disney special last night.” And I’m like Michael Jackson is sitting home watching ME on TV?!!!! So that was amazing."

Audio of the interview and Debbie's thoughts on Miley and Madonna at THE SOURCE!

tidal hew???

  • has approached florence + the machine, taylor swift, and dozens of other artists to join the new service

  • talking with f+tm about giving apple limited streaming rights to a track from their new album (preorder how big, how blue, how beautiful on itunes tbh!!!)

  • wants to bait ppl to subscribing with exclusives

  • retooling beats music, possibly with a new name, to launch this summer

  • $9.99 individual plan/$14.99 family plan

PoA - trio backs

J.K. Rowling promotes charity at Empire State Building, teases again about possible new Harry Potter

JK Rowling was in NYC this week to promote the US branch of her charity Lumos, and as part of that, help light up the Empire State Building on Thursday in the charity's colors (purple, white, blue). More info on Lumos here: http://wearelumos.org/news/1588

She also went on The Today Show, and Matt Lauer grilled her on the possibility of writing yet another Harry Potter book. Video's below.

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Sources: http://wearelumos.org/news/1588

ONTD Original: Astrology Post! Tayvin &Twigbert. The Capricorn OTP takeover.

BY POPULAR DEMAND (or those like 6 users who asked), here is the long-awaited (OK, like 2 weeks long awaited) post on how Solar Capricorn's Calvin Harris and FKA Twigs stole the hearts of their superstar lovers (Is Rob still a superstar? Idek)!!!

In my original post about Taylor Swift, I advised that a good match for her would be a Pisces with a fire moon… For months, we have waited on edge to see who she will step out with next. There have been many possible contenders: The obnoxious guy from that band, that other guy that only hardcore stans ever know who he is, and there were even jokes about the Blank Space video guy…. You know, basically any guy Taylor is ever seen with- So imagine our surprise, when she steps out with DJ/Producer Calvin Harris! They were spotted canoodling at Kenny Chesney, matching at a mall, and then cupcaking at Haim (Hiam?) a couple nights later. Laps were sat on. Hands were held. Bad fashion choices were made all around. Let’s see, with the information we have, if the stars think that Tayvin (I really need a better ship name you guys) can be a(n) OTP?

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In my original post- where we played make believe and looked at an R. Pattz, KStew, Katy Perry love triangle, I credited Rob as being a loyal and nurturing lover looking for someone who can have a little fun! And now it looks like Mr. Pattinson found himself a new lady love in the vibrant music artist "Formerly Known As" Twigs... but has he found his Mrs. Right? Let's consult the stars and see where they stand.

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ONTD, do you think Tayvin or Twigbert stand a chance?

Scott Eastwood: Ashton Kutcher banged my girlfriend and ruined his marriage to Demi Moore

-He appeared on Andy Cohen's show
-Caller asked if it was awkward between Jon Cryer(who was also there) and Ashton when he joined two and a half men since they both dated Demi Moore
-Scott reveals that Ashton slept with his girlfriend and his friend's girlfriend in San Diego which was reported to be the catalyst to his marriage's breakdown at the time.
-Says he's not bitter AT ALL cause he's obviously wayy hotter

Source,Video at the source

ONTD have you ever cheated/been cheated on?

Jaden Smith steps out in a skirt

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So apparently people are losing their shit over this online
bowen lebowitz

Rocky Horror Picture Show to be made into a TV Movie

Fox is developing the cult classic movie musical "Rocky Horror Picture Show" for television! It will be a prerecorded television movie and not like NBC Live Musical Productions.

"The new two-hour television special, tentatively titled The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event according to Deadline, will be produced by Fox 21 TV studios and is reportedly expected to stay faithful to the original script and score "but greatly reimagine the story visually." The movie will be directed and choreographed by Kenny Ortega (High School Musical, Hocus Pocus, Michael Jackson's This Is It)."

No word on the cast as of yet.


edie line drawing
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Cody Simpson Tells Elle That He Will Be Racist At Coachella

Coachella starts this weekend and we'll be seeing a lot of interesting outfits from Vanessa Hudgens, but what about other celebrities?
The Aussie pop singer, Cody Simpson, tells Elle that he and his model girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, are attending Coachella this weekend. When asked what they'll be wearing, Cody (who says he collects Native American jewelry) replied with, "I'm probably going to be in shorts most of the time but I also have this big Navajo, like, suede poncho with a big headdress on the back, so I'll probably wear that."

Awareness about cultural appropiation at Coachella, and other music festivals, has become so wide-spread that online bloggers have warned Coachella goers not to do so, yet, year after year we see the same ~trend of headdresses and bindis.

Simpson will probably be one of the many who didn't get the memo.

Although a petition to ban cultural appropiation at the festival comes at a very short amount of time, MorningStar Angeline hopes it will catch the eyes of the founders/sponsers of Coachella and that it will bring some change in the future.

The statement on Angeline's Change.org petition reads: We, the undersigned demand Coachella Music Festival update its
Rules and Policies to include a dress code forbidding attire which appropriates cultures. This rule should include but not be excluded to Native American Headdresses, and Indian Bindi’s.

Coachella has already banned hulahoops, flags and most recently, selfie sticks. Angeline says, "The Bass Coast Electronic Music Festival in BC, Canada made the decision to ban Native American Headdresses beginning in 2014," and she hopes Coachella will follow suit.


Carice van Houten on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Carice van Houten (queen of the Netherlands, Melisandre) was on Late Night with Seth meyers last night.

Talks about

- texting seth if she should take the role in game of thrones
- sweating like a pig because she's nervous
- nude scenes "oh, the dutchie will do it."
- on how to approach nude scenes "this is the material we're gonna work with today. take a good look"


love ha, though her new teeth are still weird

Actress Isla Fisher Welcomes Third Child With Sacha Baron Cohen

Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen had their third child together, Us Weekly exclusively confirms.

In October news broke that the Australian actress, 39, and Cohen, 43, were gearing up for baby No. 3. Fisher took a break from her acting career to focus on the pregnancy, even pulling out of the upcoming film Now You See Me: The Second Act.

Fisher and the Borat star's who wed in March 2010 are already parents to daughters Olive, 7, and Elula, 4. No official comment of the gender or which name they picked for the newborn yet.

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An ESL class in Colombia is learning English with the help of Madonna!

Madonna may be flopping all over the charts in major music markets, but her music is proving to be a big hit in the classroom. In fact, Madonna is #1 in ESL classrooms in Colombia! Watch this touching video of these English language learners perfecting their English by reciting the lyrics to Madonna's current single "Ghosttown."

Source: YouTube

Did you ever learn another language to understand the songs of a certain artist or band?

"Power Rangers" reboot gets a director.

  • Dean Israelite has been announced as the director of the movie.

  • He directed this year’s found footage sci-fi film Project Almanac.

  • ICYMI, Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz are in charge of the script. Their past work includes X-Men: First Class, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Fringe.

  • They haven't cast anyone, yet.

  • The movie is scheduled for release on July 22, 2016.


ONTD, time to fancast this reboot. If they cast known actors, who do you want to see in this movie?