April 5th, 2015

Growing Up on "Mad Men"

A Conversation With Matthew Weiner and Kiernan Shipka

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Matthew Weiner, the creator, writer, producer and occasional director of “Mad Men,” paid no heed to the old showbiz adage: “Never work with children or animals.” And it’s a good thing. Otherwise, television audiences would have missed out on the astonishing transformation of Sally Draper, the character played by the actress Kiernan Shipka, from an adorable girl of 6 with a few cameo scenes to one of the most compelling characters and acclaimed actors on the show.

- Kiernan was 6 when she auditioned twice for Sally
- Matthew cleared all Sally scenes with Kiernan's mom
- Reporter asks her about Sally's masturbation scene (?), Matt tells her she doesn't have to talk about that but she's fine with it. "I was very in the world of Sally when we shot that scene. I knew that her mother was really ashamed of what she’d done, and I played off that."
- Kiernan calls January Jones an 'amazing actress' (LOL) and 'great counterpart'
- Matt's most insecure moment on set was Don showing Sally and Bobby his childhood home
- Matt agrees that the show is all about Sally. Says the show is seen through the eyes of a child
- Kiernan wasn't allowed to attend table reads or watch the show. Recently caught up on Netflix. Hasn't sunk in that it's over.
- Kiernan: "The show made me fall in love with characters, flawed ones, that are real and have voices."

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Let's have a round up of our fave troubled teen mom

django jane

Chris Brown Wants Karrueche Back, Remains A Fuckboy...

-according to banned source, Fistopher is "desperate to get her back"
-has been calling all of her friends, trying to get them to put in a good word for him (lmao)
-been posting really sad and "lonely" pics on instagram, like the one below
-despite his efforts, Karrueche has been paying him dust

and https://twitter.com/TMZ/status/584517333277872129

embarrassing...how long do you think karrueche will hold out this time, ontd? or do you think she's done for good?

Everyone wants to be Newt

Luke Newberry has set his sights on the lead role.

The Flesh actor's fans recently started a Twitter campaign for him and in an interview with Radio Times, he was in support of the idea.

"Of course! It would be incredible just to be considered for that role," he said. "It's a world that I'm familiar with and love – I love Harry Potter – so yes I'm very grateful to my fans for thinking of me, it's a great honour. Yes, yes, I'd love to!"

He previously had a small part as as Teddy Lupin in the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two, but his scene was ultimately cut.

Executive producer David Heyman recently confirmed that filming will begin in late summer.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be released on November 18, 2016.


WHO WILL BE NEWT, ONTD? And who should be the villain and why should it be James McAvoy?
Hocus Pocus: Just a litte bit of

‘Furious 7’ Roars Into Box-Office Record Book With $143 Million Debut

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Clay Aiken Wants To Be Taken Seriously

"The Runner-Up" is a four-part documentary about Clay's failed bid for Congress, airing on April 7th on Esquire network. It will follow the adventure that was the campaign, and highlight his politcal motivations, ambitions, and the obsticles he faced along the way. It is anticipated to be the highest rated program to air on cable this decade (by myself).

Things you can look forward to in this documentary:

- Clay Aiken swearing up a storm
- Speculation about if Clay is a murderer
- The political stylings of Clay Aiken
- Probably a little bit of singing by Clay Aiken
- Bill Maher being an idiot about Clay Aiken and everything
- Claymates
- A montage of terrible haircuts


Are you ready to take Clay seriously? Have you ever run a failed bid for congress?
Ciri 2

So what does Convergence actually mean for the DC Universe?

Creators explain how the two-month Convergence event will shape DC going forward.
The event will incorporate what writer Scott Lobdell refers to as "fan-fiction"; stories that occur outside of canon/continuity (often under the Elsewords imprint). Stories that will be used in Convergence include Kingdom Come, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, and Red Son. You can also expect to see references to previous company events including Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, DC One Million, and Flashpoint.

Characters from different universes will be able to meet. For example, the Convergence: Booster Gold issue will feature both old and New 52 versions of the character. Legacy characters can co-exist with their predecessors, with Lobdell using the Flashes as an example.

Stories will not necessarily be reader-friendly for newer fans. Marc Andreyko, writing Batman and the Outsiders, says the story picks up from the old comics and assumes that the reader is already familiar with the characters and past storylines.

Perhaps the most burning question when it comes to Convergence is how it will affect the current New 52 continuity. Writer Jeff King wasn't able to give a definitive answer but said that "every character involved in Convergence will become available to DC’s storytellers – the ones that survive, at least." It is also possible that continuity will be more fluid in the future. Lobdell lamented that things had become so "grounded", which did not allow for flexibility in storytelling.

Who/what do you want to see in Convergence? All I care about is having Helena B. as the Huntress.


American Oxygen is now available on Tidal

If you are one of the few sheep out there(like me) who has Tidal, you can now listen to Rihanna's new song 'American Oxygen' from her upcoming album(that we still don't know the title of). So it appears that this is not a single(no artwork nor is it on iTunes) because they're saying it's just an exclusive song. Anyway, enjoy.....if you have Tidal.

Has a different sound to it(it's not uptempto like I thought it would be).......can't really explain it. There are a lot of pauses in the song and it sounds like a farmer left his tractor on while they were recording.....but I oddly like it. The fans aren't happy about it though....The production is almost too innovative.....


Kylie basically says she wasn't doing blackface and doesn't want to be black

sources: 1 2 3

BFlow wanted to fire producer Ariel Rechtshaid four times + "Still Want You" for single number two?

On how they met and the drama:
Rechtshaid and Flowers bonded on the phone over Dire Straits and Depeche Mode, relinquishing control to each other in Flowers’ Battle Born studios and crafting an accessible yet sophisticated power rock record. It features a Bronski Beat-sampling electro smash (I Can Change), an E Street Band-inspired anthem (Lonely Town) and finally a rousing sister track to Killers classic Read My Mind called Between Me And You. But it wasn’t without its dramas. “I’m telling you it was tough,” says Brandon. “I wanted to fire him. Four times. He knows. I remember my wife was in the kitchen; I got a song from him on my phone. We played it and I said: ‘I can’t fire, him can I?’ She said, ‘No, you can’t. That’s too good.’”

On U2 and his band The Killers:
I ask Flowers about this notorious drive. Ariel tells me he’s a “prolific machine”. I suggest that similarly gargantuan bands haven’t seen their frontmen take such individual risks. Bono, for instance, has never made a solo record. “We all have different circumstances. U2 wanted to keep conquering,” Flowers says. “If my band wanted to conquer – ha! – I would be with them conquering. I wish this was a Killers record. It’s so strong. Every song on it is a single.”

Read the full article

"Still Want You" for Single Number Dos
While Island Records nor Brandon have yet to confirm the follow up to "Can't Deny My Love," there have been hints about "Still Want You" being the second single. Brandon confirmed the lyrics to Rolling Stone recently and says it's his favorite song at the moment.

Crime is on the rise, I still want you/Climate change is dead, I still want you/Nuclear distress, I still want you/Earth is heating up, I still want you/Hurricanes and floods, I still want you.

Frequent collaborator and director Warren Fu also confirmed on twitter about directing "Still Want You." He last worked with Brandon on the Killers video for "Just Another Girl."

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3

First review of Game of Thrones Season 5 (AKA an excuse to discuss leaked spoilers from eps 1-4)

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Basically, the first review gives the first four episodes a B+ rating. The major gripe is that the sand snakes are too cheesy and aren't believable as warriors.

Also, that the Faith Militant don't seem like they belong on a show like this. They're hoping that Tommen dies this season because it would make things more interesting.

The story is more slow than before. But, they're still enjoying the show mostly for Cersei "whose mental state just keeps getting richer. With her father dead, she’s more ambitious than ever, and it’s fascinating to watch her evolution".

and now onto the detailed spoilers that are leaked from the first four eps.....

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read all the spoilers here at SOURCE

^^mods these spoilers have been confirmed to be legit

mulder and scully.

Twin Peaks' Showtime revival is officially canned (Update: not canned but Lynch no longer directing)

The news was broken at Wondercom today, confirmed by numerous attendees and sources close to Twin Peaks. The show's return was announced via Showtime in mid-October, with David Lynch directing all nine episodes, but as of a few weeks ago, David Lynch said that he had not officially signed on, that they were still working on the contract. Kyle MacLachlan was confirmed to return, along with Sheryl Lee and Dana Ashbrook, but David Lynch called the cast this afternoon to tell them that Showtime had officially pulled the plug.


I am not really surprised but I am sort of bummed tbh, the cast seemed really excited about it.


What to Expect From Tonight's Shameless Finale (Viewing Post)

Season five of Shameless has certainly kept us on our toes, which is why there’s no telling what will go down in tonight’s season finale. From Fiona’s quickie wedding and Ian’s mental health struggle to so many Gallagher arrests that we’ve lost track, there hasn’t been a dull moment since the most dysfunctional family on Chicago’s South Side returned to Showtime in January.

But one of this season’s most intense storylines wasn’t about one of the Gallaghers. Sure, Fiona (Emmy Rossum) has had her fair share of drama, but it’s been the emotional-rollercoaster marriage of her best friends, Kev (Steve Howey) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton) that’s been the hardest to watch. “They’d never been at odds before, and they’d never had this awkward feeling of not knowing where they are with one another,” Hampton told InStyle during a recent visit to our office. “It’s really this crazy dynamic.”

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I can't believe the season is already over.

Carey-Cannon family reunites for Easter

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon show mature, responsible parenting as they put aside their personal differences to come together for Easter with their children today. Mimi wore a stunning pink ensemble, while Monroe matched in a pink yet lavender look and Morroccan channeled Buzz Lightyear. Mariah also proved a domestic goddess as she shows herself making cupcakes and gluten-free lasagna in the kitchen.

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Happy Easter!!! #ontheegghunt #NYiswild

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Back home making gluten free lasagna. Sounds dull but it's actually good! 😃

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happy easter! happy passover!


Pills, Booze & Failed Intervention! Jessica Simpson’s issues have her family worried

Full article HERE

From the always "reliable" Radaronline:

-Allegedly popping Adderall to keep her weight down & mixing it with booze
-Family is afraid and thinks she should be in rehab
-They tried to stage an intervention with Jessica and Ashlee getting into it. Very dramatic
-She's been a trainwreck at recent events and interviews (dat Extra interview)


SOAP SHOCKER: Freddie Smith Leaving 'Days of Our Lives' as Sonny Kiriakis

- Actor Freddie Smith is leaving his role as Sonny Kiriakis on Days of our Lives.

- He stopped filming the daytime soap two weeks ago.

- Serial Scoop reached out to NBC for a comment but the network and Days of Our lives have yet to comment on Smith's departure.

- Days of our Lives has been filming episodes five months in advance so Smith will air as Sonny through most of the summer.

- No word yet whether the character of Sonny will be recast. This begs the question, is this the end of Will and Sonny's crumbling marriage? What about Sonny and Paul?


Nooooooooooooooooo!! Sonny was my favorite! I really wanted him and Paul to get together. :(

Giuliana Rancic continues her apology / book promo tour

Giuliana Rancic has been popping up a bit in entertainment news this week. You might have seen a few different articles about her where she talks about how she knows that she's too thin (saying her weight is entirely the result of medication to prevent her cancer for returning), talking about how she received multiple death threats after her comments about Zendaya at the Academy Awards and how last year her surrogate suffered another miscarriage and as a result she has no embryos left.

A few days ago some people on ONTD mentioned that it seemed like Giuliana was on a PR pity party about to promote something and it turns out they were right. Giuliana has a book coming out on Tuesday. Obviously this isn't something that just snuck up overnight so it isn't like we called something before it was really revealed (she just wasn't on anyone's radar) but suddenly all the press about her makes much more sense. According to the NY Daily News, tomorrow she is even appearing on Today where she has supposedly been given the okay by E! to address the Zendaya controversy a month and a half after the fact which isn't suspicious or self-serving sounding at all.

Continuing the trend in all the press related to her this week being geared at making us feel bad for her the part of her book that people have decided to run with to promote it is the fact that Jerry O'Connell cheated on her not once but two times in the year that they dated. According to Giuliana when she approached him about messing around with Spice Girl Geri Halliwell "He [had] as much emotion as the customer-service representative who tells you your bags missed the flight." For some reason she forgave him anyway only to find him flirting with Rebecca Romijn at a Maxim party not long after. He then stopped taking her calls so she tried to approach him in person and she claims he ended it by saying "Sorry, homegirl, things change, but you take care, OK?"

As you all probably know O'Connell and Romijn ended up getting married a few years later.

Anyway tune in tomorrow morning and watch her simultaneously apologize and self-promote.

Source 1 and 2
with the twilight but no flame burns

'Lucy Lawless is bewitching as a newcomer to WGN’s ‘Salem’'


Q: Tell me about your character, the Countess Marburg.
Answer: I’m playing one of the last of the original witches. She’s thousands of years old and has had many incarnations. She often died horrible deaths. She’s a real survivor. She now has stumbled across Salem, and Mary Sibley, who is the most fascinating person the countess has met in hundreds of years. She becomes fixated on Mary, which means inevitably that I must consume her. But Mary’s not going to go easily.

Q: You’ve played a lot of powerful and often startling women. Are you tough off-screen?
Answer: It took me years, decades, to learn to be soft. I was raised (in New Zealand) with a lot of brothers. I didn’t know I was a girl until I was about 8. But if that’s my lot in life, I’m not one to grumble. It’s been pretty good.

Q: Did you plan a career where you would play such groundbreaking roles?
Answer: I float through life with no plans at all. I am in awe of those actors who are always doing stuff to promote themselves with videos and a website. That ain’t me. I just kind of float on. But I have to say in retrospect, I don’t think I could have been any luckier.

interview // pic

What did everyone think of 2.01? Favourite characters? Predictions?


Aidan Turner's Hot Body™ post

Apparently people are interested in trying scything following the iconic Official Poldark Post Photo™ and then the clip of Aidan scything a field with his shirt off (gifs below).

"People don't realise what an art it is," says Simon Damant, the joint national scything champion.

Richard Brown, chairman of the Scythe Association of Britain and Ireland, says, "I've certainly seen a lot more about scything on the internet since that episode, but it's too early to tell if more people will want to try it".

Actual quote from the BBC article: "The actor set hearts racing as he scythed his way through a field, muscles rippling and glistening with sweat, as his dark unruly curls blew in the breeze."
- scything source -

Also, The Telegraph wonders whether Aidan has groomed his manly chest rug to show the muscles he gained through many hours in the gym. Aidan has admitted to having some form of baby oil applied to his hot body and a little eyeliner, but says no mascara on his pretty lashes.

- chest hair source -

Hope the images worked this time, mods.

What did you think of tonight's episode, ONTD Poldarkers? NO book spoilers please.