April 1st, 2015


How Jay Z’s Tidal Press Conference Showed He’s Out of Touch


-Jay Z has put their energy behind a product that’s basically the same as Spotify, but more expensive

-The celebrities did an awful job of explaing why instead of getting music for free you should begin paying for it

-Celebrities have an idea that they should get everything they want 100% of the time

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Madonna still promoting her flop album, releases remixes for her Adult Contemporary hit 'Ghosttown'

Madonna is most certainly riding the #TIDAL wave of success, as her latest single 'Ghosttown' recently debuted on the Adult Contemporary chart, proving to be the hit she needed in order to help save her legacy from this underperforming era. With a music video still on the way, Madonna has gone ahead and released some upbeat club mixes to get all of her #RebelHeart fans dancing while they're #LivingForLove. Don't let Best Buy be a #Ghosttown: go there today to pick up a copy of Madonna's latest album!

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Source: YouTube

Which remix is your favorite?
stu > u

Get Ready to Stan HA, ONTD

Zoe talks struggles with bulimia + anorexia and growing up with beautiful/famous parents, and all while remaining humble and fierce

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You can read more @ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3020652/Zoe-Kravitz-reveals-struggled-multiple-eating-disorders-years.html

zoe is working these pics, yas to this unproblematic, woc, qt queen!
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Some Luke Cage and Daredevil news

+ Coker, whose credits include "Ray Donovan" and "Southland," will also write the first two episodes of the Netflix series.
+ In addition to a role as supervising producer on the fourth season of the critically acclaimed police drama "Southland," Coker has served as co-executive producer on both Showtime's "Ray Donovan" and Fox's "Almost Human." Coker also penned the screenplay for "Notorious," the feature film based on the life of the Notorious B.I.G.

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Chocolatiers Make Life-Size Statue of Benedict MakeMeCumberbatch

The hottest man in England has recently had a life-size statue made entirely out of chocolate fashioned in his likeness. According to the UK's Standard, "The 38-year-old actor's chocolate doppelganger was created to celebrate the launch of television channel Drama on the new on-demand service uktvplay.co.uk following a national poll which named the Oscar nominated star as Britain’s best looking television drama actor."

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What kind of modern muse? Inspiring craftsmen everywhere tbh.

Paris Talks About Kim K.

Paris sat down with Elle's editor in chief Joe Zee for an interview. Here's what she had to say.

A lot of them wrote about Kim being your former assistant/ stylist, do you think your career paved the way for her?

We've known each other since we were little girls. We've always been friends. It's nice to inspire people. So yeah. I'm really proud of her and what she's done though.

Do you guys still talk?

I saw her like a few weeks ago in New York. And we were hanging out.

And do you hang out with Kanye?

Yeah. They're so cute together. They're the perfect couple.

And what about North West?

She's so cute. She's always wanted to have a family, so I'm really happy for her.

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More Avengers: Age of Ultron cast members revealed

+ Apparently it's legit and both Linda Cardellini and Julie Delpy will have small but important parts. Their roles are being kept secret.
+ List of cast members attending the Premiere later this month:

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st. vincent wins vanguard award; cara delevingne tries to sing

-Grammy winner Annie Clark will win the 2015 Vanguard Award for songwriting

-meanwhile, her boo Cara Delevingne tries to sing with Pharrell at some Chanel thing

source 2

does your model significant other try to steal your shine, ONTD??

2007 vma

Bring her the pen Christina! Faye Dunaway to write a memoir detailing Mommie Dearest

Despite a decades long ban on discussing the film and her much-publicized portrayal of Joanne Crawford, Mrs. Dunaway is now ready to revisit her Mommie Dearest experience proving once and for all that she's not mad at the film, she's mad at the dirt! The book is due out sometime this year according to this newsletter:

"Academy Award winning actress Faye Dunaway’s recollections, stories and behind the scenes account of the making of one of Hollywood’s most iconic films, Mommie Dearest, to Julia Cheiffetz at Dey Street Books, by Alan Nevins at Renaissance (World)."

Here is Dunaway speaking about the film in a rare moment

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Source: http://www.queerty.com/hollywood-shocker-faye-dunaway-reportedly-writing-book-about-mommie-dearest-20150331
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Kristen Stewart in talks for Ang Lee's next film

- Kristen Stewart is in talks to join "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk" directed by Ang Lee
- Joe Alwyn, Garrett Hedlund, Steve Martin have been cast
- "In the fictional story, Bravo Company and 19-year-old private Billy Lynn survive a harrowing Iraq battle that is captured by news cameras. They are brought home by the U.S. administration for a promotional tour, culminating at the spectacular halftime show of a Thanksgiving Day football game, all while facing an imminent return to the war. Almost the entire movie takes place during the day of the game, with flashes back to the underlying events and Billy’s heroism."

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source: variety, ajc

umm idk how to feel about this casting. ONTD, Are you ready for an Oscar Winner Kristen Stewart? 
Kitten: Play With Me

Meet Jesse Eisenberg and the Stars of His New Play, The Spoils

 photo 101525_zpsr36naykc.jpg
Cast members: Kunal Nayaar (The Big Bang Theory), Annapurna Sriram, Erin Darke, Michael Zegen (Boardwalk Empire, Adventureland), & Jesse Eisenberg.

 photo 101524_zps0vrc6wtu.jpg

The stars of The Spoils, a production by The New Group, met the press on Wednesday, April 1. Previews begin Tuesday, May 5, with opening night June 2. Performances run until June 28th.

Source: Theatre Mania: http://www.theatermania.com/new-york-city-theater/news/the-spoils-jesse-eisenberg-cast-photos_72348.html

Got my tickets in late March - the guy said that the set hadn't even been built at that time, so... wondering if a month in rehearsals is going to be enough time! I hope the play is good and that Jesse's character is less annoying than the first two he played. Full plot here: http://www.thenewgroup.org/the-spoils.html

The only other cast member I kinda know is Michael Zegen - apparently he was in Adventureland but I know him more from Boardwalk Empire, where he played Bugsy Siegel for a few episodes. (ETA: I did not think he was 5 years older than Jesse, but he is.) I've never watched Big Bang Theory, and I only recently found out that Erin Darke is Daniel Radcliffe's girlfriend, lol.

Paramount Pictures pulls historical fantasy The Moon and the Sun from release

[image: Pierce Brosnan at Versailles during filming. Via Instagram.]

Paramount Pictures has pulled the historical fantasy The Moon and the Sun from its release schedule only three weeks before it was meant to hit theaters. The film, based on a bestselling novel of the same name, stars Pierce Brosnan as Louis XIV; the plot of the film revolves around Louis XIV's decision to capture a mermaid (played by Fan Bingbing) in order to gain immortality by stealing her life force.

The Moon and the Sun was originally slated to be released on April 10th. Paramount Pictures has not announced a new release date for the film. According to Hollywood Reporter, "one source close to the film" has said that the special effects for the movie are taking longer than anticipated, and that it may be released in the summer of 2015.

Paramount's decision marks the second film featuring Louis XIV to be pulled from its American release date this year. Earlier in 2015, the more traditional historical film A Little Chaos, starring Alan Rickman as the famous Sun King, was pulled from its American theater release. Louis XIV just can't catch a break!

[source: information from Hollywood Reporter, write-up is my own]

Gil Scott-Heron’s 'Nothing New' LP made available digitally for the first time

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

- Last year a collection of vocal & piano versions of songs from Gil Scott-Heron’s back catalogue were released by XL Recordings as a limited edition vinyl-only LP titled Nothing New.

- It has now been made available digitally for the first time today, on what would have been the poet’s 66th birthday.

Check out one of the tracks:


John Lennon's first wife, Cynthia, has died after a battle with cancer

A statement on her website said: "Cynthia Lennon passed away today at her home in Mallorca, Spain following a short but brave battle with cancer. "Her son Julian Lennon was at her bedside throughout. The family are thankful for your prayers. Please respect their privacy at this difficult time."

She was 75 years old at the time of her passing.


RIP :((

Our Lady of Comedy Chelsea Peretti blesses big-league baseball burnout

This is the kind of story that has it all—money, fame, fortune, loss, baseball, and redemption. In the fall of 2012, a once promising young athlete named John Holdzkom was contemplating his lack of funds and baseball promises and didn't know where to turn.
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Listen to the episode here, and make sure to tune into Call Chelsea Peretti each week (or whenever her ass decides to post a new pod). Check out the source article I re-wrote here.

Clint Eastwood May Direct Jonah Hill & Leonardo DiCaprio in '96 Olympics Bombing Tale

  • Jonah Hill and Leonardo have been attached to the currently untitled project about the 1996 Olympics bombing in Atlanta, GA

  • This will follow the story of Richard Jewell, a security guard who deterred fatalities by clearing the area of bystanders after finding a bomb in a backpack.. only to be accused of being the bomber by the media

  • The script will rely heavily on the subsequent Vanity Fair article about Richard's "trial by media"

  • Jonah is rumored to play the lead with Leonardo as his lawyer

  • Paul Greengrass and DOR were among high profile directors in negotiation

  • Clint Eastwood is eying the director's chair while Fox and Warner Bros are reportedly in talks to co-produce

  • There is currently no working title, production schedule or release date

Waiting for Leo to drop out in 3.. 2.. 1...

Harry - pincers

Ryan Reynolds reveals what 'Deadpool' will be R-ated, also wants his daughter to have 'normal' job

- this was an april fool's joke to get people to believe 'deadpool' with ryan reynolds would be rated pg-13, and not R as it should be. the end is kind of hilarious, so it makes up for it. IT WILL BE RATED R

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Sources: https://twitter.com/VancityReynolds/statuses/583379769321881600

Industry insider says Iggy's tour was brought down because it was "a financial disaster."

Despite Iggy's claim that her arena tour has been postponed because she's a perfectionist who needs more time to have an awesome stage built, an industry insider says it's got more to do with horrible ticket sales. Had ticket sales been good, Iggy's team would've forced a solution in time for the tour to start as scheduled.

The insider says that the whole thing was “a complete crash and burn.”

“There was a big guarantee, a big ticket price and no fan base,” said the insider. “They brought it down because it was a financial disaster.”


Tidal addresses the backlash

-They don't even talk about the price because Billboard was too wimpy to ask about it.
-You should look at yesterday's meeting as the opposite of music's 1% getting together to get richer, because they're "stepping out on a limb and doing this."
-The 540,000 figure of subscribers they shared are come from the holding company Aspiro (what Tidal used to be).
-Everybody supposedly contributed to the artist manifesto that Alicia Keys read where she quoted Nietzsche. They "wanted it to be really significant and explain what Tidal is."

more mumbo jumbo at source

ONTD Prayers Have Been Answered! Hawkgirl TV Show Is Coming

Ciara Renee will be playing Hawkgirl in The CW series. In the “New 52″ continuity, Saunders is Earth 2’s Hawgirl, a professional treasure hunter who has had powerful wings grafted onto her back as the result of a World Army experiments.

More at the source

Source, Source 2

Are you excited as I am ONTD?? I'm so happy that they are using a woman of color to play the role.

Shahs of Sunset Recap: GG Brings the Drama

-As with every other episode of this shitshow, some idiot threw a gaudy OTT pool party in the hills.
-GG accused Mike of trying to sleep with her on the cast trip to Turkey last year.
-Mike looked guilty as hell.
-Mike's poor g̶i̶r̶l̶f̶r̶i̶e̶n̶d̶ ̶f̶i̶a̶n̶c̶e̶e̶ wife alternated between anger and mortification.
-Asa, Reza, and MJ swanned around trying to both stir the pot and deny wrongdoing for not warning Mike.

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Wayne Coyne: "The FREAKS of the world are on your side Bruce!!!!"

Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips posted the following image to his Instagram account, showing his support for Bruce Jenner. He captioned the photo: Fuck those motherfuckers who think they can tell everyone how to live their life. I say power to Bruce!!!! He's living his life HIS way!!! The FREAKS of the world are on your side Bruce!!!!

Source: Instagram
Hero Brown turn white

Robert Pattinson cast in Walking Dead

- Finale was on Sunday so y'all have to wait for a bit now.

- Jon Hamm was apparently rumoured for the role, ultimately RPattz impressed Gimble and the crew the most.


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Harry Lloyd releases webseries Supreme Tweeter (Feat. Maisie Williams and GRRM)

Summary: British actor Harry Lloyd is unemployed after Game of Thrones so he joins twitter in an attempt to stop being a nobody. He becomes popular after Kim Jong-Un follows him on twitter (seriously that's the plot). Maisie Williams and George R.R Martin have cameos. Somehow not as messy as The Interview.
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At least someone who got killed off in Game of Thrones during the first season has self-awareness.

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The Rock officially cast in Disney's 'Moana'

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has officially signed on to voice the demigod Maui in Disney's upcoming princess movie Moana, which will be set in ancient Oceania and be directed by animation A-team Ron Clements and Jon Musker. He'll be singing in it too.

via The Rock's Instagram and Twitter