March 20th, 2015

ONTD Original: Stars of Tomorrow

Hello my dearest ONTD! I am using my days off productively by making yet another ONTD Original post! This time to celebrate the potential young stars of tomorrow! Many of the people on this list have great roles coming up along with a decent amount of buzz.
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Polyglot Prince Briefly Featured in Esquire UK

-Improvising in English was hard for him
-He and Kate Beckinsale thought they could get away with talking mess in German, but Michael Winterbottom (directof of Face of an Angel) knew German and called them out
-Compares Cara Delevingne to a "volcano" in that she has "constant eruptions" when it comes to improvising. Says complimentary things about her acting
-Lots of things happened for him after Rush

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source: me and my copy of Esquire UK

New pictures from Britney's 2013 Britney Jean photoshoot leak + More!

Some new pictures, originating from Britney's 2013 album photoshoot for Britney Jean, surfaced this week! Definitely one of her best photoshoots.

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Pharrell: Blurred Lines verdict handicaps creators

"The [~$7.4 million] verdict handicaps any creator out there who is making something that might be inspired by something else," the Voice judge/coach told the Financial Times.

"This applies to fashion, music, design... anything. If we lose our freedom to be inspired, we're going to look up one day and the entertainment industry as we know it will be frozen in litigation. This is about protecting the intellectual rights of people who have ideas."

"There was no infringement. You can't own feelings and you can't own emotions ... (in music) there are only the notations and the progression. Those were different."

"Everything that's around you in a room was inspired by something or someone. If you kill that, there's no creativity."

Earlier this week Marvin Gaye's family filed a court injunction to prohibit further sale, distribution and performance of Blurred Lines.


“Avengers: Civil War” gets a synopsis and shoot date.

  • Synopsis: Following the events of Age of Ultron, the collective governments of the world pass an act designed to regulate all superhuman activity. This polarizes opinion amongst the Avengers, causing two factions to side with Iron Man or Captain America, which causes an epic battle between former allies.

  • Shooting will begin on April 1st.


They will start shooting in 12 days and they haven't cast/announced Spider-Man, yet. #Mess

Filipino Twitter reacts to Zayn bailing back to the UK

After officially being announced that Zayn will be going back to the UK to recuperate from ~stress~, his fans from the Philippines have taken to twitter to express disappointment, support and outrage at the Philippine government (who were earlier demanding 1D take a drug test before performing).

The One Direction concert has been making waves in the Philippine media ever since overnight campers bought the show out in a single day, with many fans lamenting that "non-true fans" had "stolen" the tickets that were rightfully theirs. Strong and vocal demand led to a second concert night. There was also a rumor going around on twitter about a Filipino girl who was murdered by her father because she spent her tuition money on a 1D ticket, with Harry Styles making a comment about it, but the story was ultimately refuted.

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Source: Me and local news programs; twitter

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Channing Tatum praises Joe Manganiello's dance moves in Magic Mike XXL

Channing Tatum told ET Joe Manganiello is bringing the XXL in the "stripper odyssey" that is Magic Mike XXL. "It is terrifyingly unreal when he dances," Channing said. "He's going to blow people's minds in this movie."

Does fiancée Sofia Vergara approve of Joe's moves? "She's seen the routines," Joe said. "I mean, the answer is yes."

Video at the Source X X L

Heavenly Sword

1/5(4) 1D members is worried for Zayn Malik

The continuing saga of Ask me if i give a motherphuket !!!?! continues...

EDITED: To include the secondary saga title "Story of My Stress 2015" brought to you by nicolesaid_uck


How effing embarassing is this that its playing out worlwide? Its trending on Facebook. Facebook!
ONTD, give fuckboyMalik that tag he so richly deserves!

Madame Tussauds new Miley Cyrus wax figure is horrifying + Miley "high as fuck" at SXSW

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Last night Miley Cyrus surprised people at SXSW with an appearance during Mike Will Made It’s set. She performed "We Can't Stop" and "23" and at one point yelled “This is Texas. I don’t know how f*cking high you are, but we’re high as f*ck up here” to the crowd just in case you forgot for a second that she loves weed.

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Source 1, 2, and 3
Her wax figure looks like Dominique from ANTM

Once Again, White Models Dominated the Fashion Week Runways

  • Out of the 9,538 models that were cast in 373 shows in New York, London, Paris, and Milan, 80% were white

  • In New York, 24.6% of runway models were models of color, representing the most highly diverse runways out of the four fashion weeks.

  • In contrast, Milan had the worst representation of diversity on the runways. 15.8% of models cast in Milan's shows were models of color.

  • Source

    There are a few more stats like most diverse runway show and least diverse runway show at the source.

A sombre Zayn Malik arrives back in London to reunite with fiancee Perrie Edwards

Zayn Malik has arrived back in London after quitting the One Direction world tour.

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source , Perrie's article

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Is he keeping his busted hand hidden, ONTD?

The ask me if I give a motherphuket?! saga, part 6723495412


International Goddess Jeon Ji Hyun becomes first Korean face for Gucci

Exciting/pathetic news for the house/fashion industry. Exciting because obviously YAY, pathetic because it shouldn't be breaking news that their models aren't white.

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She also covers and models Gucci in the April 2015 issue of ELLE Korea.

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Sources: 1 2

Also good news: American remake of MY LOVE FROM THE STAR (and NINE) shelved.
Spicks and Specks

Hugh Jackman continues to be amazing

Hugh Jackman uploaded the above photo to his social media accounts recently, declaring with the following hashtags, #sosblakaustralia #NOconsent #lifestylechoice #ingetjetadoras, that he stood with a variety of AFL stars against the forced closure of some of Western Australia's remote indigenous communities.

Jackman lived in remote community Areyonga, around 150kms from Alice Springs in central Australia, during the late 1980's and treated two teens from the community to a BBQ at his New York apartment just last year.

WA Premiere, Colin Barnett has stated that up to 150 of the communities could be shut down due to a cut in federal funding. Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, was recently mired in controversy for stating that the Aboriginals living in these communities had made a 'lifestyle choice'.

Source 1 and 2
elementary - otp

"Orange Is The New Black" will be considered a drama at the 2015 Emmys

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences recently changed its Emmy submission rules. One of the big changes was that only shows whose episodes are 30 minutes or less will be eligible as a comedy. Hour-long shows are now automatically considered dramas. The Academy did leave a loophole: producers are allowed to petition a nine-member academy panel to have their series entered in a different category. Two-thirds of the panel have to agree in order for the petition to be approved.

On Friday, Netflix was informed that its petition to consider OITNB as a comedy was rejected. Oop.

Good news for fans of some other hour-long dramedies, though... the Academy voted to approve considering the CW's Jane the Virgin, Fox's Glee, and Showtime's Shameless as comedies.


agree/disagree with the academy's decisions?

(it's cute that the cw thinks that jtv has a shot at an emmy)
panem's very own

Josh Hutcherson and that guy from Garden State sign onto Lesser Franco's "In Dubious Battle"

  • Josh Hutcherson, Zach Braff, Ashley Greene, Ahna O'Reilly, and Analeigh Tipton all sign onto James Franco's adaptation of the John Steinbeck novel, "In Dubious Battle"

  • They join the previously announced cast: Franco, Bryan Cranston, Nat Wolff, Selena Gomez, Vincent D'Onofrio, Robert Duvall, Ed Harris, John Savage, and Sam Shepard

  • Franco is directing

such a random cast but idc my bb is EMPLOYED again
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ontd march madness update, viewing post

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highlights from yesterday:

-#3 seeds Iowa State and Baylor were upset by #14 seeds University of Alabama-Birmingham and Georgia State (and the coach fell off his stool lol)
-#6 SMU lost to #11 UCLA on a last minute goaltending call
-Both #1 seeds Kentucky and Villanova won big

ontd group

How's your march madness bracket doing, ontd?? Half of my final four is gone already :(
Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

Lil Wayne claims Drake slept with his girlfriend while he was in prison

- Wayne is shopping a book proposal

- Wayne claims while he was serving time at Rikers for gun possession, Drake visited and confessed to sleeping with his gf

- Drake said: "Yeah, it's true. Don't fuck with her like that cause I did fuck her."

- Wayne felt like shit. He was depressed and didn't leave his cell for days. "Finding out that she fucked Drake was the absolute worst thing I could've ever found out."

- "As a man, honestly, that shit hurt ... and not because it was Drake, it could have been any man. It would've hurt the same."

- Wayne says his gf told him she had sex with Drake the day before they met.


Kat Von D refuses to apologize for naming lipstick "Underage Red"

I have never expected everyone to understand or see things the way that I do.

With that being said, I can understand why some have found reason to be offended in regards to my choice in naming a lipstick "Underage Red" - but I feel the need to correct those of you who have clearly misinterpreted the name itself, and the inspiration behind it.

I should mention first, that I am the sole creative force behind my brand. I am the one responsible for naming every single shade, so I don't see why anyone should aim any backlash towards such a great company like Sephora, who ultimately has no creative input on such matters. Although I do sell exclusively through them, my brand is it's own independent entity.

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Source: Kat's Facebook

ICON Jennifer López blesses ONTD with her STUNNING and FLAWLESS new video for Feel The Light!

Queen of everything that is good and true in this world, Jennifer Lynn López, premiered today the video for the upcoming Academy Award Winner for Best Song as well as Grammy for Best Female Vocal Performance, Feel The Light. This emotional ballad is from the DreamWorks HOME movie soundtrack coming out on March 23rd. La Reina blessed us with a showcase of her 4.5 octaves yesterday at Idol while giving a flawless rendition of this masterpiece.


Kit Harington compares new episodes of Game of Thrones to a 'horror film'

ONTD's sad puppy boyfriend says that the new season is as "shocking" as the previous seasons of the show.

The show, which just premiered at the Tower of London, has been known for it's brutal way of killing off characters, a lot of who are fan favourites.

“They tend to go story season then shocking season then story season then shocking season. This is a shocking season,” he said at the screening, he then added that the upcoming episodes are “like a horror film”.

Kit has also said of season 5: “I can’t tell you whether I make it through this season, I can’t tell you who makes it through...There are some big shocks. There are some big events. It’s a really interesting season.”

The show returns on the 12th of April.


Who do you think won't survive until the end of season 5 ONTD?
Heavenly Sword

Oprah called M.I.A. a terrorist?

Quoted from the article:

According to the Matangi mastermind, Oprah “shut her down” and repeatedly refused to speak to her. “I can’t talk to you because you’re crazy and you’re a terrorist,” M.I.A. recalls the talk show host saying, to which she responded, “I’m not. I’m a Tamil and there are people dying in my country and you have to like look at it because you’re fucking Oprah and every American told me you’re going to save the world.”

It’s not the first time we’ve heard the London-born rapper call out Oprah, though. Back in 2010, M.IA. blasted her for giving her “the cold shoulder” at the Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala and supporting Lady Gaga.

Twitter / Article


Vogue turns 25!

25 years ago today one of the most iconic pop songs of all time was released! Vogue, the first single off Madonna's "I’m Breathless: Music from and Inspired by the Film Dick Tracy" premiered on March 20, 1990 while the stunning black and white video shot by David Fincher came a few days later on March 29th. Let's take a trip down M memory lane and properly appreciate one of the most pivotal and career-defining songs ever released.

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Russell Tovey opens up about filming gay sex scenes with straight guys

"It's easier doing those scenes with another gay man than it is a straight man. The same way I feel fine doing sex scenes with a woman. When I'm doing a sex scene with an actor who is straight, I feel a huge sense of responsibility not to feel like I'm taking advantage or anything. Like, I'll only touch their balls if it says so in the script."

Talking about preparing for the sex scenes on Looking

"I keep the bush low, trim the chest hair and I like to get the nipples more erect, so I'll tweak them a bit too," he revealed. "Erect nipples add so much to a scene I think. I do worry about how I'm going to look in screen-grabs and GIFS. You know it's going to happen."


Zayn Malik praised by mental health experts for candid public admission

“When you are a high profile celeb in the public eye, the stresses and strains are likely to be enormous,” Dr Sandi Mann, senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Central Lancashire tells The Independent.

“Many ‘ordinary’ people think that it must be easy street at the top, but there are different pressures; living in a goldfish bowl where your every action, word, tweet and nose-scratch is observed, commented on and shared must present an enormous strain.

“It is also harder to admit you are not coping – it is hard for anyone to admit that, but when you are such a public figure, you know that the intense interest that such an admission will generate will be massive.”

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1D PR team doing the most to turn this around in their favor I can't

Adorable video of bb Manuel Neuer bursting into tears and reaching for a teddy bear for comfort

Appearing on a recent German television show, the hosts attempted to embarrass Neuer with footage of him as a kid playing in an U5's tournament.

The German goalkeeper can be seen in his formative years, keeping goal for his youth side in the Mini Kicker tournament in 1991 and sadly conceding a goal to lose the match.

Unable to cope, little Neuer bursts into tears only to be comforted by his coach, who provides a teddy bear mascot to cheer young Manuel up.


Lol this video has been out for years but a few sites have been picking up recently and it's too cute not to be posted <3
PoA - trio backs

About time - Downton Abbey's upcoming season 6 will be its last

- Almost all cast contracts end after season 6 ends, and it looks like pretty much everyone's ready to move on.
“You can keep the show going without Matthew and Sybill, but you can’t continue it without the entire Crawley family,” an insider notes.

- The final season should be airing this fall in the UK, and in the US early 2016.

me gran

2015's indie darlings Viet Cong apologise for their offensive name

Snippet of open letter by the band:
"Our band, Viet Cong, has existed for a little over three years now. When we named ourselves, we were naive about the history of a war in a country we knew very little about. We now better understand the weight behind the words Viet Cong. While we don’t take any concerns about the name lightly, we feel it is important to let you know that we never meant to trivialize the atrocities or violence that occurred on both sides of the Vietnam War. We never intended for our name to be provocative or hurtful."

• had ohio gig cancelled because of their name
• band member matt flegel has no plans on changing it and says "It's just a band name. It's just what we called ourselves."


2015's best album imo!!
servant kiss

Tom Felton Meets the Superfans previews aka Rupert is the nicest person ever.

Said bagel adventure --->

Tom's documentary airs several times next week:
Mon 23 Mar 2015 – 21:00
Tue 24 Mar 2015 – 01:00
Wed 25 Mar 2015 – 20:00
Fri 27 Mar 2015 – 03:00
Sat 28 Mar 2015 – 02:40

Source: youtube

What a nice young man. Always so kind with fans.
Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

Does Rihanna Believe in Aliens? She says: ‘Anything Is Possible’

Do Jim, Rihanna or Steve believe in aliens? Possibly! When asked if they believed there was life in outer space, Jim said "I would never put down all my money on there being no aliens."

Rihanna wasn't so sure! She said "I don't know what to believe when it comes to aliens. You never know and anything is possible and so you have to keep an open mind on things you have no knowledge of".

Steve said: "I trust that there is life of some form beyond us. It seems almost impossible that there isn't."

Make sure to watch HOME out in theaters March 27!


do you believe in aliens?!
(isco) pink kit

👑 Diego Luna 👑 and some other actors are casted in "Bad Batch"

-Will star Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves, Suki Waterhouse, Diego Luna, and Jason Momoa
-Suki will play the lead role
-Described as a "dystopian love story in a Texas wasteland"
-Filming starts in April