March 3rd, 2015


noel gallagher comes for tswift #buystyleonitunes

What about Taylor Swift? She's a pop star, but many people praise her talent as a songwriter.
[Laughs] Who says that? Her parents?

Lots of people.
Who's "people"? Name these people. You're fucking lying. She seems like a nice girl, but no one has ever said those words, and you fucking know it.

also comes for 1d, alt-j (???) and says he likes u2's new album lmao.

twitter, the full interview

Jennifer Lawrence & Steven Spielberg Team Up For ‘It’s What I Do’


After a heated bidding war Warner Bros closed a deal for It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life Of Love And War, a memoir by Lynsey Addario, with JLaw as the lead and Spielberg directing.
Zayn - Beach
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Iggy Azalea: Why doesn't Eminem get any backlash like me? He's white.

Iggy spoke to Power 106: "Don't try to say that I'm a racist! ...If I did have a penis, I'd stick it at the back of your throat."

On how she has been "unfairly accused" of appropriating culture, but not Eminem:
“I found it to be kind of ironic. It was because I’m white, therefore I’m appropriating culture. But then Eminem won it – who’s white and won it many times – and they didn’t seem to say anything about that.”

Iggy claims her anti-Asian, anti-black, anti-Mexican tweets are photoshopped & fake:
"Having to deal with people photoshopping things that I say, and then other people really thinking that they're true. Like 'n-word this' or 'I hate every race'. Tweet about me hating asian people, black people - I hate everyone, apparently. That annoyed me. Nobody wants to be called a racist...Nobody wants to feel like they're Hitler. That was weak. That was lame."

On her haters:
"You just want an excuse to hate me. Don't try to say that I'm a racist! ...If I did have a penis, I'd stick it at the back of your throat."

On how she would have rejected the Grammy if she won:
“I did not want to win that award. My speech would have been like, ‘Fuck this! I don’t want it! Take it! Get away from me!'. I’m glad I didn’t win because people already hate me enough. I do not need to be hated any more.”

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Source & full video at YouTube

Dancing with the Stars Season 20 official cast portraits

Olympic Champion Nastia Liukin with Derek Hough

"This season of Dancing with the Stars will be filled with surprises as we celebrate the last 10 years. The show will bring back fan favorite theme nights including Disney and Latin night and also introduce new themes, including Spring Break Night."

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I’ll Knife You: Dan Osborne caught threatening to stab ex

The Only Way is Essex star has been temporarily suspended from filming after audio of his threats were released to police.

- Ex Megan Tomlin, mother of his first child, released audio of a phone call to police & The Sun - recorded last year.
- In the audio, Dan accused Megan of "breaking up the family", saying "I'll stick a knife up your *****" if she sleeps with another man.
- He then calls Megan "dirty cunt", a "slut" & tells her to "fuck yourself".
- Megan then says she did not sleep with anybody, to which Dan replies, "shut your fucking mouth."
- Dan can be heard swearing on his child's life that he will carry out the threat if she sleeps with anyone else.

- Dan was previously investigated by police last November after Megan claimed he physically and verbally abused her - but was released without charges.
- Dan's dad recently defended him, saying he's "more laid back than a dentist's chair".
- Dan is currently dating Eastenders Jacqueline Jossa, & announced the birth of their baby on February 15 this year.

Full Article at the Source & Source 2
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YouTube Music Awards winners of 2015

The YouTube Music Awards honors 50 artists to watch in 2015. With more than 47 billion views, more than 164 million subscribers and 1.600 videos uploaded in 6 months.

2NE1, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, BIGBANG, Charli XCX, Drake, Katy Perry, FKA Twigs, Meghan Trainor, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, One Direction, Rihanna, Sia, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift and Tinashe are among the winners.

What's your favorite music video of 2014, ontd?
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Baby Lively-Reynolds Surfaces!

Blake and Ryan were spotted with their new born baby girl at JFK airport. She remains covered throughout the trip, but she does in fact exist.


More Pictures at this Source

What I'm taking away from these pictures is that I want Blake's coat.
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Wiz Khalifa Comes for Amber Rose Again In Another Song, Remains a Fuckboy...

Some of the lyrics:

I fell in love with a stripper, funny thing is, I fell out of love quicker
They don’t pay attention to love anyway
They only concerned with what the haters say
Bottles be turnin’ these girls into thots
Instagram turnin’ these wives into hos...
My niggas was lookin’ like what is he on?
My family was too scared to talk to a nigga

Ain’t comin back now the case just got closed
She do what she told
Sharin’ is carin’ that pu**y ain’t gold
Sorry you ain’t in control
You all about that money, that’s sh*t that I throw
Just make sure you clean off that pole...
Trust me don’t save ‘em anything goes
With these hos

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smdh...he's bitter af. do you have any bitter exes, ontd? or are you ~the bitter ex?

Justin Bieber Is Having A Twitter Conversation With Seth Rogen All By Himself

Justin Bieber is being detrimental to his upcoming Comedy Central roast by desperately begging Seth Rogen, who once called him a "piece of shit," to participate in the special.  The guest of honor is usually roasted by people who actually like them and want to be there, but Bieber didn't get that memo. He got the memo that said to go on Twitter and pester a man who doesn't like you to show up to your event because you want him there and you always get what you want.

More of Bieber's thirsty Tweets after the cut. No response from Seth yet, but I'm sure that #WeWantSeth hashtag will get good results.

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Freelee the Banana Girl Being Sued by Kayla Itsines?

Australian vegan/fruitarian-ish personality and lifestyler Freelee the Banana Girl and her boyfriend/partner Harley aka Durianrider are apparently being sued for defamation of character by fellow Aussie and fitness guru Kayla Itsines.

It appears that the reason for pursuing stems from the below video, where Freelee calls Kayla's Bikini Body Guide diet a "starvation diet" and something that 'encourages eating disorders', among other assertions (such as buying followers and so on):

Here are two follow up videos from both Freelee and Durianrider:Collapse )

SOURCE 1 (in favor of Freelee)
SOURCE 2 (in favor of Kayla)

Diet+fitness+lifestyle post? Also, I know this isn't huge celebrity news but it's internet celeb news and we've featured it before.... also I had dreams about this last night which is nagl so throw me a bone, mods! TGITu! <3

Anti-Choicer talks about how he started smoking weed when he was 8 in new book

In case you didn't know Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra released a memoir today. I knew because inTouch told me. The three reviews on Amazon, that all were made by fans before the book came out, pretty much describe it as "the best Teen Mom book ever" so I'm sure that it's riveting. In addition to talking about Carly and how they gave her up for adoption they also talk about their parents struggles with addictions and how it affected them growing up.

Catelynn recalled a few times when she was little where she had to ask her mom to be quiet and stop partying since she had to go to school in the morning and they were being so loud it was keeping her up. inTouch reports that another time she confronted her mom's boyfriend about his crack use and he responded by throwing her to the bathroom floor by her neck where he then choked her.

Tyler grew up under similar circumstances, only he claims that he didn't think there was anything wrong with his father's partying and drug use and just assumed that's how all adults acted. He thought it was so normal that he smoked weed for the first time when he was only 8 years old (he had already experimented with cigarettes and alcohol at that point).

Tyler claims that while he was in middle school he was experimenting with anything that he could find and it wasn't until his drug use caused him to have a seizure that he stopped.

"I started having a seizure and shaking around on the ground, that my eyes rolled back in my head,” he wrote. “I even pissed myself. I was so freaked out I had to leave.”

Source: inTouch

'Teen Wolf' Season 5 Spoilers: Two New Gay Male Characters To Be Introduced


A new gay male couple is coming to Beacon Hills!

- The Episode 4 of the upcoming Season 5 of "Teen Wolf," titled "Condition Terminal," "will introduce the recurring character of Corey, who in the course of being treated in an operating room for a strange, painful wound dishes on his boyfriend Lucas."

- The news outlet added that Lucas, a guest-starring role, "is described as a shy young man who has become an aggressive problem at a club."

- The names of the actors playing the new characters were not revealed.

- But Corey and Lucas aren't the only new faces in the upcoming installment, as MTV announced earlier this month that Cody Christian was cast as a new mysterious character for the much awaited season.


Spencer Pratt Makes Anna Kendrick Want To Kill Herself

She was tweeting about The Bachelor.

And then this happened:


Tswift touches/pets The Weeknd's hair at Grammy's afterparty

In a BBC Radio 1 interview with Nick Grimshaw and Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift talks about petting The Weeknd's hair at Sam Smith's Grammy's afterparty. From 2:20-3:00 (start at 1:00 if you want the entire recap of their Grammy's night).

Taylor: I woke up to an e-mail from The Weeknd, and he was like you told me how beautiful I was for like 15 minutes straight and started to pet my hair.
Ed: His hair is very pattable.
Taylor: It looked really cool that night and I apparently went on and on about it.
Nick: This sounds like quite the evening. You petted The Weeknd. Like an animal.
Taylor: I was like "You're so magnificent."
Nick: Is that the weirdest e-mail that you've ever woken up to Taylor, or has there been other ones than The Weeknd saying "Hey, last night you petted me like an animal."
Taylor: There's been weirder ones than that.

Then Ed talks about a boring story that's not weirder than Taylor's, and Taylor talks about being stalked by people (actually interesting - Ed and Nick joke about it being romantic and Taylor's not having it).


Dave Franco, Vince Vaughn Pose for Hilarous Stock Photos

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Need new stock photos for your website or blog? To promote the new movie "Unfinished Business", Dave Franco and Vince Vaughn created a set of ridiculous stock photos featuring the stars of the film. Twelve free images are available now for download for editorial use only.


How adorable is Dave Franco. Vince Vaughn's hairpiece is just painful (as is his face in general).

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Hilary Duff on divorcing that canadian dude: I Don't Know if People Are Meant to Be Together Forever

- Aaron Carter is 'ridiculous' for declaring his love for her on social media
- doesn't slam her ex, keeps it cute.
- talks about 'all about you' and that the song was written for a certain reason
- stays positive

Read the whole thing @ Source; reworded by bemythugtonight

'Jupiter Ascending' due out on blu-ray in May

 photo smalllj_zpsvrhbsfea.jpg

The magical space movie Jupiter Ascending, starring Mila Kunis (as a space queen), Channing Tatum (as a space wolf/man hybrid) and Eddie Redmayne (as space Oedipus), is due out on blu-ray on 19th May, it has been been announced. Specs and special features have yet to be released, but the 3D blu-ray package is etimated to retail for $44.99.

Source 1/Source 2 (picture)

I'm praying for a four-hour long director's cut, tbh. I would watch the hell out of it. What did you think of the movie. ONTD? I love it whole-heartedly and unironically. It's got its flaws, but I found it incredibly fun and refreshing - space capitalists FTW!

 photo goingup2_zpsowbted6z.gif
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Professor Sprout calls Tony Abbott a tit

HARRY Potter star and naturalised Australian Miriam Margolyes flirted with controversy over her comments on the ABC’s Q&A about anti-Semitism and higher taxes.

But when asked for a one-word answer to describe Tony Abbott, the response showed that the Prime Minister may be getting a lift in the polls, but he may have some way to go winning over rusted on critics.

“He’s a tit,” was Ms Margolyes’ offering to a predictably appreciative audience.

#ICYMI Miriam Margolyes has a one word description of our current PM #QandA

— ABC Q&A (@QandA) March 3, 2015

More at the Source

Who do you think is a tit, ONTD?

ONTD Original: Best Lyrics in Music

Er, yes this was inspired by the last Taylor Swift post. Let's keep the arguments to the minimum and inspire each other to find new music :)

Taylor Swift - Back To December
Written for the album Speak Now (2010) solely by Taylor Swift.

I miss your tanned skin, your sweet smile,
So good to me, so right
And how you held me in your arms that September night
The first time you ever saw me cry.

Maybe this is wishful thinking,
Probably mindless dreaming,
But if we loved again, I swear I'd love you right.

I'd go back in time and change it but I can't.
So if the chain is on your door I understand.

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Jessie Usher cast as the lead in Independence Day sequel

Jessie will play the grown up version of Will Smith's character's stepson. The movie is set to be released on June 24, 2016.


Dylan O'Brien says he isn't playing Spider-Man.

  • He says that professionally he hasn't heard anything about the role.

  • He hasn't auditioned for the part.

  • He also says the internet is giving him false hopes.

BuzzFeed / Twitter

Why are you punishing me, Dylan?
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Madonna uses the Touch of Her Hand, says Britney is a good kisser + New VMA footage + Moar!

That Madonna shameless answered a couple of fan questions, simulated masturbation and when asked whether Britney Spears was a good kisser she said "hell's yeah!". Would you kiss Madonna ONTD?

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Britney also added a new oufit to the Freakshow section of her Piece of Me Vegas show.

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Ariana Grande reportedly bans press from her tour, the ones that do go aren't exactly impressed

-Twin Cities reports that Grande's management has banned music press and photographers from her first arena tour.
-The reviewer praises the over the top production and sets but notes that "The problem is, Grande tended to get swallowed up in all the dancers, fog, confetti, lasers and pyro. She allowed her backup vocalists to carry many of the numbers and added her own squeals and shouts over the top."
-He concludes by saying that Ariana was just "ok" but didnt really succeed in elevating the energy at the arena: "Speaking of the crowd, they saved some shrieks for Grande, but a certain listlessness set in after the first few songs. By the time Grande wrapped with an encore of "Problem," most of the audience seemed eager to call it a night."


ONTD would you pay to see Ariana live?

Former Baseball Star Curt Schilling Kicking Ass and Taking Names for his Daughter

Picture Source

Starting this by saying I don't follow baseball but I saw this article and thought it would spark some interesting discussion. You don't really see a lot of this sort of response/action in the sports world afaik.

Background info: Schilling used to play for the Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Red Sox. His daughter just signed on to pitch at Salve Regina University, he sent out a congratulatory tweet, and assholes on Twitter responded as you would expect them to: with violent and/or sexual threats towards his daughter. The difference? Schilling is kind of kicking ass about it. He's got receipts and has started tracking down and calling out the people going after his daughter. He's gotten one guy who worked for the Yankees fired and another kid suspended from community college. Two student athletes have been suspended from their upcoming seasons, two more have been expelled from their programs entirely. He's planning on using the screenshots of these tweets to start pursuing legal action against these scumbags for harassment.

Some quotes from him:

-“My first reaction was exactly what any father’s would be,” Schilling said. “My blog was on revision 5,000 by the time I published it. My first reaction was ‘I’m going to get in the car and go kill somebody.’ Remember something: This had everything to do with me and nothing to do with me. None of these people know my daughter. These are people who hate me. I get that. You wish it didn’t happen, but whatever. I certainly expected people to tweet, ‘Can’t wait to go to school with your daughter and can’t wait to date your daughter,’ but then this happened. It went from 0-1000 right away.”
-“I tried to give every one of them a chance to walk away and let them look at the tweets and come back and apologize, and instead it got worse. The second thing was, every coach I talked to, I said, ‘Listen, if we’re at the sentencing phase of this, I’d ask for leniency here. I’d rather kill these kids than speak to them, but I’d like to think there is something to fix here.’ But every coach said, ‘No, this is nothing we stand for here.’
-“It’s idiotic on their part. I know how hard they had to work to get there. They’re going to use 140 characters and let it cost a $140,000 scholarship.”
-“This is not Twitter’s fault or the Internet. That’s like blaming Ford for someone being run over. This is people. None of these people want to be connected to anything they said. There’s a reason for that. Now the goal is, if you’re a young lady and being harassed, first of all it’s against the law. As a young lady and a human, no one, anywhere, ever, is allowed to talk to you that way. Under any circumstances. If you’re a man and you do this, you’re not (a man). Being a man is about having integrity. This isn’t a mistake. This is a malicious attempt to be evil, and if you talk like this you’re a piece of garbage.”


English Premier League footballer Adam Johnson arrested on suspicion of sex with 15 year old girl


- England and Sunderland footballer Adam Johnson has been arrested on suspicion of having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

- Durham Police said the 27-year-old footballer had been arrested on suspicion of sexual activity with a girl under 16. An officer later said he had been bailed.

- His football club Sunderland AFC said he had been suspended pending the outcome of the police investigation.

- A neighbour told The Daily Mail: ''All the main activity was between 9.15am and 9.35am. Three undercover cars and a scenes of crime van arrived. As far as I know he lives there with his girlfriend.''

- His longterm girlfriend Stacey Flounders vows to stand by him and insists he is ''100% innocent'' and has done nothing wrong.

Harry - the Chosen One

The Academy reconsidering putting back the 5 Best Picture Oscar nominees only rule again

Sources are telling THR that AMPAS/The Academy are really reconsidering putting the old 5 Best Picture only rule for the Oscars again.

The Academy (or insiders) are realizing there's really not advantage in pushing the 5-10 Best Picture nominations rule that has been implemented the last few years (thanks to everyone bitching about how 'The Dark Knight' should have gotten a Best Pic nod back in 2008 - I still remember that bullshit).

“They tried it and it really didn’t do us any good,” says one high-level source.

Academy spokesperson: "As we do each year, the Academy will meet in the coming months to evaluate not only the telecast but also the awards season in its entirety."


Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry welcome baby boy!

Roseanne actress and The Talk co-host, Sara Gilbert and wife, songwriter/music producer and former 4 Non Blondes lead singer, Linda Perry, welcome their first child together.

Gilbert's The Talk co-hosts made the announcement live on Monday's show with Julie Chen announcing: "Our very own Sara and her wife, Linda Perry, are the proud parents of a new baby boy. Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry was born on Saturday (February 28) and both mother and child are doing well."

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Source: 1, 2, 3

Gorgeous baby. Congrats Darlene!

Alec Mapa responds to Russel Tovey's effeminate comments

"He’s glad he’s not effeminate?
Well the feeling is mutual lady, I’m glad I’m not you.
I kind of feel like this is why I do what I do. Why I’m not just a homo, but A BIG ONE. Being an effeminate gay man still remains an unforgivable sin in our masculinity obsessed culture. I think about all the young sissy boys who return from school after being bullied and shamed day after day, perhaps returning home to the same treatment. I know because I was one of those kids. Was? I still am! I still get it in the neck for being who I am. I’ve spoken to so many non gender conforming youth who have the same recognizable look of despair on their faces . All they need to hear is that they’re fine exactly the way they are. That there’s nothing wrong. That they haven’t killed anyone . That they’re worthy of love and acceptance , AS IS. Perhaps if they heard that they’d stand up for themselves. Perhaps if they heard that they wouldn’t be four times as likely to commit suicide than their straight peers. Perhaps if we were all encouraged to love ourselves from the beginning we wouldn’t grow up to be gay men who treat other gay men like shit. I’m in no way outraged by this. I’ve been hearing this since day I could mince. It’s just disappointing . We experience so much discrimination from the outside world, wouldn’t it be great if we were kinder to each other in our own community? There are a billion reasons to feel actual shame and remorse. Being your authentic, fabulous, faggy self shouldn’t be one of them.
Sincerely ,
Alec Mapa
Professional Effeminate Homosexual for nearly 50 years.”


The producers of Sleepy Hollow continue to shade Nicole Beharie

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.24.47 PM

How long do y'all think Nicole is going to last on this (flopping) show?

source | 1 & 2
Clover II

Twitter Chat with Jai Courtney

Jai Courtney took over the IMDB Twitter account
 to chat about the film Insurgent

My Unknown Bae~ giving us an honest answer:

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Source: IMDB - Twitter

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' lead 2015 Saturn Awards nominations

-Captain America: The Winter Soldier leads the pack with 11 nominations for the Saturn Awards while Interstellar gets 10 and Guardians of the Galaxy gets 9
-Birdman gets 4 nominations as well as The Grand Budapest Hotel being deemed as a Fantasy Film
-The Walking Dead leads the television section with 7 nominations

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Read the rest of the nominations here
Get it Cap ♥

Disney's Zootopia Synopsis + Art

In one year…Zootopia. March 4, 2016.
The modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia is a city like no other. Comprised of habitat neighborhoods like ritzy Sahara Square and frigid Tundratown, it’s a melting pot where animals from every environment live together—a place where no matter what you are, from the biggest elephant to the smallest shrew, you can be anything. But when optimistic Officer Judy Hopps arrives, she discovers that being the first bunny on a police force of big, tough animals isn’t so easy. Determined to prove herself, she jumps at the opportunity to crack a case, even if it means partnering with a fast-talking, scam-artist fox, Nick Wilde, to solve the mystery.

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Zootopia,” a comedy-adventure directed by Byron Howard (“Tangled,” “Bolt”) and Rich Moore (“Wreck-It Ralph,” “The Simpsons”) and co-directed by Jared Bush (“Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero”), opens in theaters on March 4, 2016.

Disney's Official Tumblr Source