February 11th, 2015


February 11, 2015: Still no mixtape but have some other hip-hop/R&B news!

Miguel's album is coming SOON!!!

-Will be called 'Wild Hearts"
-Coming sometime between April & June!

SOURCES: XXL Twitter/WFF Twitter/DvE/Stereogum Twitter/Kylie Jenner IG/Kanye's Barber IG/YT/YT, Dev Hynes Twitter, A$AP Rocky's Tumblr, My knowledge

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Britney promotes cancer foundation + Hits the dance studio

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Britney seen leaving the Performing Arts Center in LA.


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S1: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2948197/Britney-Spears-shows-skin-skimpy-white-tank-workout-session-prepares-new-shows-Las-Vegas.html
S2: https://twitter.com/britneyspears
S3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pi1kr0HmWD0#t=183

Miley decides not to play short at Porn Festival after all

Just one day after an announcement that an extended version of the "Tongue Tied" video from Miley's Bangerz tour would be played at a NY Porn Festival the short has now been pulled.

Miley's rep released the following statement -

"Miley was proud to make a film with acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Jones. Neither she nor Quentin are participating in this 'festival' in any way."

The extended version of the short was originally scheduled to screen prior to a film about Tila Tequila.

Source: NY Daily News

If U Seek Amy: Details on Amy Pascal's new job emerge

• Will be a producer on Spider-Man (which we already know) and the new Ghostbusters
• Also a new Dan Brown movie, a new adaptation of Little Women, and a live-action Barbie movie
• Is still attached to develop Angelina Jolie's Cleopatra (lol)
• Pretty much all of these projects have "messy histories"
• Is getting a $30-40 million exit package for stepping down as chairwoman

Read more at the SOURCE

Chris Brown Cancels Concert after selling ONLY 17% of seats

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Chris Brown & Trey Songz cancelled their Minneapolis concert because of low sales. They were only able to sell 3,500 seats out of 20,000 seats!!. Judging by the same low ticket sales in other cities he might be canceling more dates.

This is disappointing since we have like 3 artists headlining the tour (Chris, Trey, Tyga). August Alsina should be glad that he jumped ship and decided to open for Usher instead.


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Spider-Man News Round-Up: Casting Edition

• Shortlist for casting includes Logan Lerman and Dylan O'Brien
• We learned there will be a high school focus yesterday; story will be teenager by day/hero by night
• Sony wants to shift from the love story-focus of the other five Spider-Man movies
• They haven’t totally written off using Miles Morales in some capacity

More at SOURCE

Helena Bonham Carter gets fishy for marine wildlife awareness

Helena Bonham Carter - who's admitted to being afraid of fish in the past - attempted to raise awareness for the Blue Marine Foundation by posing for a photo shoot in the buff with a 27-kg (59-lb) bigeye tuna, at the suggestion of friend and fellow actress Greta Scacchi, who did likewise for the campaign with a large cod.

HBC also spoke in front of a House of Commons committee to lobby for more reserves to protect the marine wildlife in the British Overseas Territories, as well as bringing attention to tuna overfishing. "We all have a responsibility to try and return our world to the next generation in the state we inherited it in, not worse. ... It would be a sad thing if in our dotage we'd be describing a tuna fish to our grandchildren like we do a dodo today."

Source (images not entirely SFW)
Xtina Maxim

Taylor Swift's Team Is Suing Her Former Teacher For Using "ITaughtTaylorSwift Dot Com"

Taylor's team is suing the man who taught her how to play guitar (Ronnie Cremer) over buying the domain name, "ITaughtTaylorSwift.com"

He bought the domain through Go Daddy at the beginning of Feb, after which, her lawyers reached out to tell him that his site "risks tarnishing and diluting the Taylor Swift brand."

Cremer states that since he legally purchased the name, he won't be giving it up.


Uptown Funk #1 for Sixth Week; FourFiveSeconds and Love Me Like You Do enter Top 10

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They'll probably get bumped from #1 next week but YAY for now! Also, look at my Queen slaying with the crossover folk song, FourFiveSeconds! #1 on iTunes right now. It'll probably enter the top 3 next week on the Hot 100

taylor /target commercial

ONTD's fave Taylor Swift registers ITaughtTaylorSwiftHowToGiveHead.com!

  • Banned Source reports that taylor's team registered ITaughtTaylorSwiftHowToGiveHead.com after the story about taylor going after her former guitar teacher for using ITaughtTaylorSwift.com came out.

  • It's basically some weird pre-emptive/brand protection thing.


I am screaming at this.
the outsiders: dallas winston
  • ponyboy

the wachowskis have a new show debuting on netflix in may. it's bonkers.

- the series is called Sense8, and it will follow a ton of characters who know things about each other.
- the cast is very racially diverse (including a character as a closeted mexican man, a korean business woman, and an african bus driver and has a transgender character as well)
- there will be a live birth (what??), a bollywood dance sequence (?????????????), scenes at an lgbt event and apparently a huge scene in nairobi.
- it will debut in may of this year.

really, let's talk about this:
  • pilotis

Pink for PETA's Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur campaign

Pink posed for animal welfare charity PETA's new campaign, Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur, with a 90ft billboard due to be erected in New York City's Times Square on Wednesday evening.

Pink commented : 'I would like to say I've always been fur-free. Unfortunately, I went through a selfish phase and wore fur on a couple of occasions.

'But I wised up and now boycott fur completely. I wish everyone was forced to learn the horrors that these animals go through for fashion trends.

She also added 'I hope fur-wearers get bitten in the ass by the same kind of animal they wear on their back.'

Direct quotes from Source


Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy together again on new TV show, Schitt's Creek!

Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara are no strangers to playing a couple onscreen, having paired up in Christopher Guest movies including Best in Show and A Mighty Wind after first meeting at Second City in Toronto.

Their new comedy stars Levy and O'Hara as Johnny and Moira Rose, a wealthy but extremely out of touch couple whose assets are seized by the IRS, forcing them to pick up and move, with their two grown but equally hapless children, to the small town (Schitt's Creek) they once purchased as a joke.

Full article at link

Premieres tonight at 10/9c on the Pop network.
If you're in Canada, you can catch all of the episodes on the CBC website!

I caught the premiere online a couple weeks ago and it's a really cute and funny show. It also stars Dan Levy, real son of Eugene Levy. Praying for a guest appearance from my favorite redhead Jessi Cruickshank so we can have a The Hill's Aftershow reunion~

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New trailer for Les revenants season 2

You can see some new scenes from Les revenants season 2.
The video also gives us the first look at Panthers ( written by Jack Thorne,directed by Breaking Bad's Johan Renck with Tahar Rahim,Samantha Norton and John Hurt; shot in French and English) which will air on Sky and Versailles ( the most expensive French tv show ever and it's shot in English).

Edit : there will be no season 3 (x)

But wait, there's more! WWE Superstar Seth Rollins exchanged naked pictures with a WWE fan

Some other girl Seth Rollins cheated on his fiancé with (or tried to, depending on what you count as cheating) has produced receipts in the form of Instagram DM's. Lindsay from Canada did an interview with Listen To This Show! two weeks ago where she spoke of the "affair". No one believed her (or the Listen To This Show! people) when the interview came out but after Seth's nude photo scandal earlier this week, her story gained a lot more credibility. She claims that her and Seth exchanged naked pictures over Snapchat and Instagram for some time. Couple of "tasteful" (her words, not mine) pussy pics and dick shots later, she went to a WWE live event where they were going to hook up for the first time. Fortunately, she got shitfaced at the show and went off on Seth over Instagram and he backed out. They ended up not fucking and he deleted her from IG and Snapchat.

Seth proposed to his fiancé three days later.

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I swear to God his DMs read like a Pornhub comment. Guys are so fucking corny. Do they really think this is the shit we wanna hear? How embarrassing.

iamamiwhoami to release BLUE film on February 17th

Swedish multimedia project iamamiwhoami aka artist Jonna Lee and music producer Claes Björklund, alongside directors collective WAVE, are set to release the full film version of their latest album BLUE.

The film consists of the audiovisual series BLUE and its 10 episodes released throughout 2014, together with new material connecting the episodes and the exclusive bonus song/chapter “dive”.

BLUE follows its predecessors "bounty" (2010) and "kin" (2012). iamamiwhoami started releasing audiovisual episodes on Youtube in 2009 and quickly gathered an online following, sharing and integrating with the project's work. The audience grew and iamamiwhoami continued their series that from the beginning in 2009 until today in 2015 is telling the project's own digital evolution in relation to its audience.

“The constant of both the film and album is water, used as a symbol of the digital world, a visualisation of the online arena iamamiwhoami was brought to life in by its audience in 2009. BLUE is a reflection of me as an artist with one foot in the physical world we were raised in, and my head in the digital world. We had a clear idea of what we wanted to create. An emotional, expressive and timeless album, close to nature.

“It's the most personal, emotional expression of me as an artist, this project, and the relationship with the audience. I think you can tell that from listening to the music.”

The BLUE film will be available to stream and/or download on iamamiwhoami’s own album site and community as well as on Vimeo on demand from February 17, and in DVD format in their label's SHOP.

source: official twitter / vimeo / press release

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[misfits] Alisha baby

Masterchef Junior Shows Bias Toward White, Male Chefs, Says The Atlantic

Everyone should go to the source to read the article, but here are some highlights:

  • The show has steadily contained "coded sexism, racism, and favoritism" throughout three seasons.

  • In season two, Samuel (a 12-year-old white boy) was saved from elimination over Sean (a 12-year-old Asian-American boy) because, as judge Graham Elliot notes, “[Samuel was] the one that looked the most comfortable in that environment.” (emphasis Elliot's)

  • The girls are often questioned on whether their good plates are "flukes" or on whether they'd like another contestant as a boyfriend, the boys are questioned about their future restaurants and are told by the judges of their legitimacy as chefs.

  • Black children- like Adaiah in season two, and Cory and Ayla in season three- rarely advance far and when they do, we rarely hear or see them. For example, Ayla didn’t have any dishes featured for three episodes. When in the fourth episode she won, her partner Jimmy (who is white) received every testimonial.

  • The lack of respect and/or attention given to the female/POC contestants may be because of ingrained biases (According to a 2004 Tulane study on gender and race in finance showed white men tended to help other white men more than they would women) and lack of diversity (The Bureau of Labor Statistics says only 9 percent of chefs or head cooks in America are black, even as black enrollment in culinary programs grows).

  • Both MCJ winners have been white males, and the current season also seems to be heading in that direction.

  • pilotis

Kim subtly advertises Kanye's shoe collection

  • Kim posted on her Instagram a photo where she is outside of an Adidas store is SoHo.

  • Kanye worked with Adidas for his new shoe collection of Yeezys.

  • It is reported that she had a guard to shoo away the fans so she had a perfect picture.


Would you buy Kanye's shoes, ONTD?

Danny Masterson is pissed about "retarded" Scientology doc 'Going Clear'

So as you probably know Danny Masterson was born into Scientology. He doing "coursework" for the cult when he was 8 years old and full out fell in love with it as a teenager when he read Dianetics basically thinking that the book, penned by flop sci-fi writer L. Ron Hubbard, actually explained why he thinks and feels etc. There's also currently a documentary out called Going Clear (airing on HBO next month) which is basically an expose on the cult. So when Danny sat down with Paper this month he had a few things to say about it.

“I heard about that documentary; the documentary where they interviewed eight people who hate Scientology,” he said. “I wonder if Sundance would allow a documentary of, like, eight people who hate Judaism. But you know, my religion’s fair game, I guess, ’cause it’s new.”

Radar Online reports that the That 70s Show star also went in on the book, Going Clear stating, “If you’re going to write something and you don’t ask the people who actually do it, then what’s the f**king point? We could all interview the KKK about what’s cool about being white, but we don’t. I don’t know; it just seems retarded to me.”

He also continues to speak down to people wanting to make sure that Scientology is logical and literally means the study of knowledge so you're clearly pretty dumb if you don't get that. He also claims that Scientology rids people of all mental problems which you would know if you weren't so poisoned by society. He also claims that school shootings are caused by Prozac and other pills and that these things would never happen if people embraced Scientology.

What does he have to say to Scientology naysayers? “...If that’s weird, then, well, you can go f**k yourself.”

Source: Radar Online
claire wedding

New Outlander Trailer and Steamy Sneak Peek

- Two new videos were released tonight: the trailer and the sneak peek (view at the link in the tweet).
- The trailer will be played before Fifty Shades of Grey in theaters this weekend.
- Kristin from E! says the sex scene in question is the longest and raciest she's ever seen on television.
- Outlander will be at PaleyFest on March 12 and Kristin will moderate.


Death to DiCapRiho: Leonardo makes out with leggy blonde in front of his supposed main squeeze, RiRi


  • Rihanna and Leonardo were at 1Oak in LA over the weekend

  • He makes out with some leggy blonde 'just feet' away from Rihanna, completely insensitive to their budding romance

  • There are no reports detailing her reaction

A source says, “They were making out. Rihanna was at the owner, Richie Akiva’s table, downstairs. Leo was at a separate table. He had his own by the DJ booth.”


Our favourite godless commie, Matthew Rhys, for Backstage Magazine

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On his character, Philip Jennings: “To me, the linchpin of everything about Philip rests on one scene in the first episode, when he says to Elizabeth, ‘I want to defect,’ ” Rhys says. “For him to say that, knowing who she is—it would have taken an incredible amount of time to get to that. He’s sitting on these feelings, and he’s trying to ride them to a point where he can say to Elizabeth, who’s more committed to the cause, that they need to do something or they’re going to be dead. Or the kids are going to be dead.”

On Clark's relationship with Martha: “I think it’s a snapshot of what Philip would ultimately want,” Rhys says. “I think he longs for that domestic situation that feels comfortable or safe. And an openness in the love that he hasn’t really ever experienced.”

He adds, “I also think it hurts him to play with this woman’s feelings so much, because Philip’s human. He’s sensitive.”

Read the full interview here.

Watch The Americans, people!!! New episode tonight!

#MuslimLivesMatter trending on Twitter after shooting of 3 Muslims at Chapel Hill


- Victims' names and ages: Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23; his wife, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, 21; and her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19.
- They were shot in the head at an apartment complex near the University of North Carolina campus.
- 46-year-old Craig Stephen Hicks has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder.
- Speculation is that he was motivated by his atheism. Update: Now there is a report that it may have been because of a parking dispute.
- The hashtags #MuslimLivesMatter and #ChapelHillShooting are currently trending on Twitter, with many users outraged by the lack of coverage from mainstream media.
- The victims, Deah and Yusor, got married barely a month ago.

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Sources: 1 | 2

Richard Dawkins Condemns the Shootings


For updates about the victims, you can follow this Facebook page, which has been set up by Deah's family.

Drew Barrymore's Husband Is Different From Us, Probably Makes Benji Madden Feel Like Shit


Drew Barrymore's handsome art advisor husband Will Kopelman has photos of his man cave in the current issue of Architectural Digest. “I wanted to create a space that is a completely unfiltered expression of my aesthetic," Kopelman explains to the magazine. "It’s my own personal bubble of peace.”

After reading the article, you cannot help but wonder how awkward things must be for Benji Madden on double date nights... Barrymore and Cameron Diaz busy doing their thing while Kopelman discusses his favorite pre-Columbian artifacts with Madden, who would respond, "Yah, man. I totally get art too. I have a huge Benjamin Franklin $100 bill tattoo on my back, wanna see?"

Photos of the man cave you'd probably get fined for farting in after the cut!
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What is your or your partner's "man cave" like, ontd?  My guy's male sanctuary is a cold, unfinished basement where crickets create a relaxed ambiance by chirping incessantly.

SOURCE: Architectural Digest via Daily Mail
rih 45sec

More photos from The Man From U.N.C.L.E


Some new photos from Guy Richie's adaptation of the 1960s TV spy series The Man From U.N.C.L.E has just been released!

Aside from main actors Henry Cavill and Arnie Hammer the movie also features Alicia Vikander as the female lead, Elizabeth Debicki (The Great Gatsby) as a femme fatale/possible antagonist and Hugh Grant as the head of the U.N.C.L.E. (United Network Command for Law and Enforcement) organization.

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what's the shittiest movie you've sat through for your favorite white men/women ontd?