February 9th, 2015

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What Could Top Winning 4 Grammy's for Sam Smith? "A Boyfriend"

-In the Press Room, when asked about what could top winning 4 Grammy's, Sam Smith replied 'a boyfriend'
-Said he was going to get In-N-Out burgers after the show
-Said "I need to kiss as many people as I can" in order to write his next album


Do you know anybody who is thirstier than Sam, ontd?

Beck responds to Yeezus - "I love him! He's a genius"

- Was excited when Ye came on stage
- Thought Beyonce was going to win
- Didn't mind Ye's artistry comment. Loves him, thinks he's a genius, and aspires to do what he does


Now STFU and let Yeezus live

stu > u

Frenemies ~

Diplo posted this pic on his IG with the caption “Then this happened @taylorswift vs taylor spliff #grammys2015"
Let's not forget, last November Diplo started up a campaign to get Taylor a new ass. Guess if you add a couple of drinks, it can help create new friendships.

source: http://www.justjared.com/2015/02/09/taylor-swift-diplo-end-their-feud-at-the-grammys-2015-see-the-photo/

What would Katy say? lol
ONTD you end beef with a former enemy and become friends?


Tori Kelly - "Nobody Love" Lyric Video

Tori Kelly, who has appeared on Star Search, America's Most Talented Kids (which she won), and American Idol season 9, has released the first single from her major label debut. She's signed with Capital Records and the track is produced by Max Martin.

She's also the iHeartRadio On The Verge artist for February so this song is gonna blow tf up.

bowen lebowitz

Pretty in Pink: Rihanna meets Queen Blue Ivy

title or description

In a hidden moment during last night's Grammy Awards, Blue's surrogate mother Rihanna was seen meeting Blue on her level. Proof that the heir to the Carter-Knowles fortune is supreme.

Beyonce mentioned Blue was "watching" the show, but we all assumed from her mansion. Clearly, that's not good enough for Blue who attended the event live.


ONTD, who wore pink better? Blue Ivy or Rih?
Water War
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AMC had a Good Sunday Night: Walking Dead Steady and Better Call Saul Breaks Records

-Walking Dead got 15.6 total million viewers and 10.129 million among that sweet spot demographic of adults 18-49

-Better Call Saul pulled in 6.9 million viewers and 4 million of those were that same 18-49 demographic. Deadwood was the past record holder back in 2004 with 3.7 million viewers.

Don't forget to watch the second episode of Better Call Saul tonight

Another woman accuses Cosby

- Helen Gumpel, a former fashion model and actress who appeared on one episode of The Cosby Show in 1987 is the latest woman to accuse Bill Cosby of making unwanted sexual advances.

- Gumpel  said Cosby made sexual advances and lewd gestures toward her while she was on the set of the show.

- She said she was called to the show's set for what she thought was another audition shortly after filming the one episode, instead was brought to Cosby's dressing room.

- "I never thought of myself as a victim because I refused his advances," Gumpel said.

- A Cosby spokesman did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment.


But let's think about what this is doing to his Legacy first, right? This waste of oxygen guy
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Madonna: Showing my ass was an inspired wardrobe malfunction

  • A groggy Madonna is interviewed from bed after kicking people out from a late party.

  • Crew forgot to get Madonna down from harness (lol)

  • The #rebelheart is sorry she's not sorry for her ass.

  • Diplo has extreme ADD and needed to be disciplined.

  • On Tyson collab: "That dude has earned his place in the world. He’s made a mistake. He’s worked hard. He’s a legend. There’s no one like him. I wanted him on the record."


  • #LivingforLove is a healing song for broken hearts. <3

  • On Marriage: never say never

  • Seacrest interview at source

Fave Madonna moment, ONTD?

Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

Giuliana Rancic Causes Alarm Again as She Displays Shockingly Skinny Frame on Grammys Red Carpet

Giuliana Rancic's appearance on the GRAMMYs red carpet left social media abuzz. The 40 year-old E! host wore a stunning black jumpsuit with Suzanne Kalan diamond earrings. Similar sentiments were expressed when she walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes a few weeks ago.
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Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

Taylor Swift Moved to Tears over Kendrick Lamar's Grammy Wins

Kendrick Lamar was awarded his first two GRAMMYs sunday night for "i", which won for both Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song. No one seemed more emotionally moved by the win than one of Kendrick's biggest fans: Taylor Swift. Taylor was emotionally overwhelmed and was reduced to tears of joy! She took off to twitter to express how proud she was!

shotgun betty

Worst Actress on OINTB Responds to Criticism w/ a Maya Angelou Quote

Orange Is the New Black's Dascha Polanco was exposed as an irresponsible pet owner who exchanges perfectly well behaved and sweet grown cats for cute new kittens. Apparently Netflix doesn't pay her enough money to buy a cat carrier or two b/c she crammed two fully grown cats into a small taped up box with some holes poked into the sides. She's garnered some legitimate criticism for this and has gone on a blocking spree on twitter. Even worse, she fucking quoted Maya Angelou on her instagram because she is a piece of shit:

They may take your kindness for weakness , they will fight a battle without having ammunition. I am human, & love all parts of life. I walk with my head high and im nauseated by the ppl that bully and choose to express such hurtful words. So much progress to be done. #IEATBULLIES #TEAMDASCHA #ISMELLGOOD #phuckelectrons #ILUVMYFANS
#hairflipbye 💁 ✌

Really bitch?

I hope someone shivs Daya next season so I don't have to watch her dead eyed acting anymore.

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Mana's new song feat. Shakira sounds like a Mana song

Today was the worldwide premiere of Mana's new song 'Eres Mi Verdad.' The song is the first single of their upcoming album (even though it sounds like Bendita Tu Luz/Mariposa Traicionera/Cuando los Angeles Lloran/you name it). The song features Shakira, who has been long-time Mana fan, and it's already available on iTunes.

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Source: Youtube

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's Run-In

-Perry walked directly past Swift's seat during the show.

-The "Picture to Burn" singer avoided a confrontation by staying glued to her cell phone — keeping her eyes on her screen, typing away and not looking up as Perry brushed past her. like she did with her Supernumerary nippled ex Harry Styles

-Grammy Execs did their best to separate these two who did nothing but give each other glares of death.

rainbow chan

ed droste blind item!!

grizzly bear's edward droste seems to have met someone he hates and he got all msn passive-aggressive away-status about it

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purple Skye

ABC Family cancels Melissa and Joey

Production is wrapping this week and the show will end this summer. It's the first show on ABC Family to hit 100 episodes - that milestone, which also serves as the midseason finale, airs March 18th.

the crow: eric
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the manson wedding is over because the bride wanted manson's corpse

- turns out that woman wanted manson's corpse to display as a tourist attraction.
- apparently manson believes that he won't die and thus the marriage is pointless.
- his heart is broken too, i guess, but that's assuming he has one


Holland Roden BTS for a music video, Tyler Posey produces his first Teen Wolf Episode

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the song is okay at best. those extentions holland has on tho are redic.
edit: fixed!

src: instagrams 1, 2, Holland's MUA, Tyler Posey's twitter and youtube
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The Jenners™ + Khloe at the Grammys

Not alot of attention was paid to the infamous klan at the Grammys night, for obvious reasons. However, they still looked fab as always, Khloe gelling her hair back like she always does and Kylie wearing a long sparkly see-through white dress with cuts at the waist. Kendall kept it classy with a simple long black dress.
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Mercury Prize winners Young Fathers name 2nd album "White Men Are Black Men Too"


Current holders of the Mercury Music Prize (for album "Dead) Scottish alternative group Young Fathers have announced their second album, "White Men Are Black Men Too", will be released on 6th April.

Band member Alloysious Massaquoi has shared an email in which he and bandmates ‘G’ Hastings and Kayus Bankole explained the title to their management.

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First song from the album is Rain and Shine

Young Fathers are touring the album in the US starting 9th April and the UK starting 20th May. Tour dates are here.

Email source, highlighting by me
Rain & Shine link

Madeon x Passion Pit

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Today on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio One show, French producer Madeon played his new song "Pay No Mind", featuring Passion Pit. This cut is off Madeon's highly anticpated forthcoming debut album titled "Adventure" released on March 31st. The album also features tracks with Dan Smith from Bastille and Mark Foster from Foster The People.

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Dane DeHaan & Robert Pattinson in "Life" Clip


In 1955, ambitious Hollywood photographer Dennis Stock and the then still unknown James Dean meet at one of Nicholas Ray's parties. Stock recognises in the young actor, who has just completed filming East of Eden, an extraordinary talent and hopes to further his own career via a series of portraits for "Life" magazine. Newcomer Dean is stressed by studio boss Jack Warner's demands for him to get on the PR bandwagon for Elia Kazan's film and goes into hiding in the country. Stock accompanies the camera-shy star to his native ranch in Indiana where he has his roots. Once back in New York, Stock captures the world famous image which keeps the legend alive to this day.

Anton Corbijn is less interested in the life of the idol of a new generation than in the creation of a myth and the role "Life" photographer Dennis Stock's portraits had in the iconisation of Dean. The meeting of these two young men led to the creation of a series of world famous images of a cult star before he died at the age of just 24. "James Dean haunted Times Square" went on to become one of the most reproduced photograhps of the 20th century

Source: youtube | berlinale.de

Mods, this was not posted.

Fifty Shades Gets Sequels

In literally the least surprising news of the year so far, thirsty fans and their pre-ordered ticket sales have resulted in the announcement of both 'Fifty Shades' books to be made into movies. Sam Taylor-Johnson announced her assault on our better judgement at the fan-screening of the Fifty Shades Movie 'Fifty Shades First' to the wide enthusiasm of fans who found their "inner goddesses soaring."

No word yet as to whether Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have signed onto the project.

When will it end?


Celebrities Get Romantic!

Celebrities write Sam Smith Valentine's Day Messages

Aloe Blacc: "Love is just around the corner. :)"
Pentatonix: "Sam, marry us."
Hozier: "Dearest Sam, please let me be your only one."

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Youtube, Hello Twitter, Complex Twitter, Refinery29 Twitter

What are your Valentine's Day plans aside from surfing ONTD with multiple cartons of ice cream and brownies (like me, maybe)? What are you buying your cats significant other for Valentine's Day, ONTD?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopt another child

Sources say the couple have adopted another child named Moussa. The boy is allegedly from Turkey or Syria. Angelina met the child when she worked as an ambassador for the UN. The child was in a refugee camp and they shared a bond instantly.

The starcouple have not yet responded to questions.



WHY?! The writers from the worst Saw movies are writing the next Halloween film. (+ details)

Bloody Disgusting also got some details:
Not a remake or a reboot, but a "recalibration"
Doesn't follow the Rob Zombie films
Not in 3D

Bloody Disgusting

They wrote Saw IV, V, VI, and VII. Their pedigree also includes such classics as Piranha 3DD and Feast I, II, and III.

This is going to be awful.

Bruce Jenner crash: Victim had no license; Jenner tried to brake, cops say


- Victim was identified as one of their former neighbors she was 69. I am not gonna put her name here but it is at the source.
- They are obtaining cellphone records for the other drivers

Jenner released this statement

“My heartfelt and deepest sympathies go out to the family and loved ones, and to all of those who were involved or injured in this terrible accident,” Jenner said in a statement released by his publicist. “It is a devastating tragedy and I cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. I am praying for them. I will continue to cooperate in every way possible."


Video at this source
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Meghan Trainor brought daddy as her date

'Best date ever for the Grammys @garytrainor.' she wrote on her Instagram

The two went to the I Am Other Adidas Grammy party to celebrate Pharrell Williams at the Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles on Sunday night. They danced together and seemed to have a great time.Collapse )


Would you bring your dad as a date somewhere, ONTD?

btw, why is there still no Meghan Trainor tag
Hocus Pocus: I Put a Spell on You

Gotham 1.16

The Blind Fortune Teller

Gordon takes Dr. Leslie Thompkins (guest star Morena Baccarin) to the circus, but the day turns quickly when the circus comes under attack. Then, Falcone enlists Butch Gilzean to help Penguin with the night club, while Fish Mooney is otherwise occupied. Also, Bruce Wayne schedules a meeting with the Wayne Enterprises board.


aw yeah Mistah Jay maybe idk probably not
jas tookes
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Meek Mill throws a post-Grammy house party

Rapper Meek Mill threw his official post-Grammys after party at a private residence in Beverly Hills with a guest list including his girlfriend Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Brandy, Kardashian/Jenners, Tyga, DJ Mustard, YG, Sean Kingston, Tinashe, LHHH stars and more. Some Twitter "Sources" reported that a gun was drawn on Chris Brown and he had to run for his life + general chaos but he denies that.

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S1 2 3 4 5
Amazing Amy

Azealia Banks: "When I use the word faggot, it comes from a feminist point of view"

"A faggot is a man who hates women. You can be gay or straight. I know a lot of straight faggots."

Talks about how to be successful as a female artist "you need to desire white gay male approval [...] gay men can be more misogynistic than straight men."

"This is not a real issue. [Defamation] is a dated cause, who cares what people are saying about you?"

"To be homophobic would imply 'oh, I can't sit next to this gay man because I'll catch the gay' [...] When I use the word faggot, it comes from a feminist point of view. It's because I feel attacked as a woman."


Do you agree with Azealia, ONTD?

Selena + Anton Update: she calls him “Harry to my Sally”; some BTS pictures of their video.

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uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez

I was having a shitty day because I was on a car accident involving my car and a semi truck and my car is ugly now but this made my day a little better. Okay... a lot better. I feel 15 years old all over again.

Paging watch_mex0x0 & littlemix
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Rihanna raises over $50 mill for MAC AIDS Fund

Rih has raised over $50 mill for the MAC AIDS Fund! She released two lines of the Viva Glam Lipstick and a lipglass which was sold in support of those who suffer from AIDS. MACs official twitter account:

src | 2

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins accidentally tweets a nude of WWE diva; his fiancé leaks his nudes

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins is on top right now. He's seen as the top heel in the company right behind vanilla gorilla Brock Lesnar. But as they say, these wrestlers ain't loyal. During tonight's Monday Night Raw broadcast, Rollins accidentally tweeted a nude picture of Zahara, who is a WWE wrestler in their developmental branch. Here's where shit gets real fucked up, Seth is engaged. His fiancé, Leighla Schultz realized that she might be getting cheated on and tweeted out his nudes. Fans speculated that maybe it wasn't Leighla who leaked Seth's nudes since she's barely on Twitter. So she responded

Also, the WWE Twitter feed on their website (which automatically shows all tweets by WWE Superstars) kept the nude up for like an hour. All nudes on the WWE feed, Seth's Twitter and Leighla's Twitter, have been deleted. Also, Seth has made his Instagram private.

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Leighla's Twitter, me screencapping the WWE website, Seth's Twitter

Not the nudes I wanted but I'll take it. Gimmie gimmie this man tho
Until Dawn

Daredevil will be rated TV-MA

Netflix's Daredevil will be rated TV-MA according to, well, Netflix. At the moment, this is the only MCU!Show that has a rating higher than TV-14, so it's safe to assume that the other Defenders shows will most likely follow suit, especially A.K.A. Jessica Jones.


NGL I'm a little surprised by the rating. Daredevil can get really dark at times, but I was expecting a TV-14 rating.

Will 'Jupiter Ascending' be Best Actor Oscar hopeful Eddie Redmayne's 'Norbit'?

In case you missed it the latest film from The Wachowskis, Jupiter Ascending, not only opened this weekend but it flopped pretty hard bringing in $18 million domestically when it had a budget of $176 million (although hey it opened number one in Russia so there's that). It also received some pretty bad reviews including "Jupiter Ascending vibrates like an episode of Star Wars retold by a teenager on Red Bull, a cacophony of nonsense that peaks with poor Sean Bean telling us that "bees are genetically designed to recognise royalty" (Siobhan Synnot, The Scotsman with a pretty fair description to be honest).

Anyway this has led several news outlets including The New York Post to question if this will cost Redmayne his Oscar.

They have gone on to draw comparisons to Eddie Murphy's late 2006/early 2007 Best Supporting Actor Academy Award campaign for Dreamgirls. Murphy ended up winning the Golden Globe that year... but then Norbit, one of the worst movies in recent history, happened and Alan Arkin brought home the Oscar for his role in Little Miss Sunshine.

Things have been neck and neck this awards season between Eddie Redmayne for The Theory of Everything and Michael Keaton for Birdman (though they mention that Redmayne recently got a bit of an edge with his SAG win). Even though they believe that as many as two-thirds of the ballots for the Academy Awards might be in the voting does remain open until February 17th and Redmayne is being pretty much universally panned for his strange whispering Marlon Brando imitation in Jupiter Ascending so it might end up swaying the vote.

Source: The New York Post
This is mostly an excuse to talk about the absolutely amazing wonderful glorious mess that is Jupiter Ascending
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Taylor Swift and Hozier look "really cute" at Grammy after party

Taylor Swift was spotted looking "really cute" with Irish musician Hozier at Sam Smith's super-VIP Grammy after party. "They were hanging out a lot and talking with each other," a fellow party guest told E! News. "They looked really cute together."

Sources saw Swift, 25, give the "Take Me to Church" singer, 24, a few kisses on his cheek. One source saw them chatting at 3:30 a.m.

In October, Swift uploaded a video of her dancing and pretending to play instruments with a friend at a Hozier concert in Nashville. Days later, Swift and Hozier spent time together at her apartment in Nashville. "She's a very impressive human being. She's a very intelligent, very funny person," said Hozier.

"She’s very cool, very nice, very encouraging. She’s excited about new music, excited about other people’s music."

E News (reworded), TaylorPictures.net, Hozier interview, Hozier interview 2

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Taylor and Hozier leaving a Haim concert in LA earlier this week

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Spider-Man will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    • Sony Pictures will partner with Marvel Studios to bring Spider-Man into the MCU
    • Kevin Feige and Amy "why r u punishing me" Pascal will be joint producers
    • Spidey will debut in an undisclosed MCU film, solo film to follow on July 28, 2017
    • Sony will finance, distribute, own, and retain creative control on Spidey solo films
    HR: "Andrew Garfield is not expected to reprise the character"


ETA: Marvel has pushed back release dates to accommodate the new Spidey solo film: Thor: Ragnarok to November 3 from July 28, 2017; Black Panther to July 6, 2018 from November 3, 2017; Captain Marvel to November 2 from July 6, 2018; Inhumans to July 12, 2019 from November 2, 2018. Infinity War Pt I and II remain unchanged. [x]