February 6th, 2015

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"Living For Love" MV to premiere on Snapchat

Madonna just announced that the MV for Rebel Heart's first single: "Living for Love" will be first released on Snapchat's "Snap Channel."

According to Billboard "the video was directed by the French duo Julien Choquart and Camille Hirigoyen, together known as J.A.C.K., was edited by longtime Madonna collaborator Danny B. Tull, and styled by B. Akerlund -- who also works wth Beyonce, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. It was choreographed by Megan Lawson."


madonna rn

Sam Smith - "Lay Me Down" Music Video

From his Facebook page:

Dear All, Here is the Link to the LAY ME DOWN music video. This song holds a very dear place in my heart. With this video myself and Ryan Hope the director have decided to make a statement and showcase something we passionately believe in. This video shows my dreams that one day gay men and women and transgendered men and women all over the world, like all our straight families and friends, will be able to get married under any roof, in any city, in any town, in any village, in any country. I hope you enjoy it. I love you all x


I don't like videos that don't match the songs, but this was lovely. Can we get a Sam Smith tag, I feel like there's a post about him everyday

New power couple? Drake & Madonna flirt on Instagram

+ Drake & Nas secret concert? (yes); Drake helps the Raptors lose


Drake had social media buzzing when he posted a picture of Madonna on his Instagram. She replied "Where too?". Then Drake posted another Madge picture captioned What if I pick you up from your house? We should get out. and Madonna replied "I'm good with that!" She also tagged him in one of her pictures.

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Nobody asked for this musical romantic collaboration. What is he thinking?
Sabrina (10)

Us Weekly picks the best and most memorable episodes of Saved By The Bell

10. Jessie's Song
The episode where Jessie becomes "addicted" to caffeine pills and has a breakdown in front of Zack

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The rest is at the Twitter">

I feel like a bad fan b/c I can't remember some (or majority) of these at all. Do you agree with list ONTD and what are your favorite episodes/moments?
Zayn - Beach
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TV Ratings Wednesday: Fresh off the Boat strong, Empire hits a new high

- Empire had a series high 4.6, up 7 percent from last week's 4.3 adults 18-49 rating.
- FOTB premiered to a 2.5 adults 18-49 rating, up 9 percent from the most recent original episode of The Goldbergs.
- FOTB's econd episode at 9:30PM notched a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating, up 26 percent from a 1.9 for the most recent episode of black-ish.

Aired on Wednesday:

American Idol
Modern Family
The Middle
Criminal Minds
Chicago PD
The Mysteries of Laura
The 100
Law & Order: SVU
Criminal Minds
The Mentalist

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Full Article at the Source & Source 2
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FourFiveSeconds climbs chart + Rih wears more denim


Rihanna latest single “FourFiveSeconds” featuring Kanye West and Paul McCartney is quickly climbing the charts! One week after its debut at number 54, the song has shot up to number 15. This is Paul McCartney highest charting Hot 100 single since 1986 - two years before the birth of Rihsus!!!

Meanwhile, the chanteuse casually enjoyed herself at Giorgio Baldi - her fav restaurant, and was spotted wearing questionable attire. If you're reading this Kanye, please stop dressing her!

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your god isn't real ONTD, only Rihsus is
stu > u

Rosamund Sliced a Pig's Throat for "Research"

Rosamund Pike recently did an interview at the 30th Santa Barbara International Film Festival and explained some of her "method acting" for the role of Amy Dunne.

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read the rest of the interview @ the source: http://collider.com/rosamund-pike-gone-girl-interview/
& https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpG3qXtF5mo#t=120

After that blind item.......idk man
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RuPaul Comes for Pigrez

  • Ru stopped watching after the show allowed Pigrez back into the house. "I thought that was total bullshit."

  • Ru thinks Michelle was portrayed well.

  • Ru hates that the show rewarded Pigrez for his bad behaviour.

  • Ru was not amused with the show's transparent ratings grab.

  • Ru fell in love with Katie Hopkins (uh oh lol.*)

*Hopkins should just move to America already.

Who do you think will win, ONTD?

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Lance Bass Comes for Pigrez

  • Relives his malicious outing led by Pigrez

  • Was forced to come out in 2006 to friends, family and fans due to Pigrez

  • Lance was given 24 hours to decide if he was coming out or not

  • Lance's conservative family finally came around

Would you like to come for Pigrez too, ONTD? This is your moment.

Constantine RedYellow
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Rumor: Constantine May Move to Syfy

  • Sources say that moving Constantine to Syfy is one of the more popular ideas amongst the head honchos now. It proved popular when they aired a marathon last year.
  • They are thinking of renaming it 'Hellblazer' and exploring the darker aspects of that universe.

That's not a bad idea, tbh, though I would rather they stay at NBC just so I can gloat.

Source: Cinelinx

Why David Gandy turned down the role of Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey"

  • “I was offered Fifty Shades of Grey, 300: Rise of an Empire, Hercules, which a lot of people probably would have taken as actors but I’m in the fortunate position where I like what I’m doing. I don’t feel the need to act.”

  • “It just didn’t feel right, in any way. And in my gut, it felt right to say no. I know if you’re in a successful film, your status changes overnight."

  • "Critics and literary experts aren’t fans of Fifty Shades of Grey but I respect it for what it is. But was it right for me? No.”

  • Source

    ONTD, how would you have felt about a Christian Grey portrayed by David Gandy?


Marvel announces A-Force, the first all-female Avengers team

Spinning out of Secret Wars, the book will be written by G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel, X-Men) and Marguerite Bennett (Angela: Asgard's Assassin) and drawn by Jorge Molina (X-Men). The team will be led by She-Hulk, Dazzler, Medusa, and Nico Minoru. A-Force marks the 15th female-led comic published by Marvel.

Said Wilson: "We're having very interesting discussions in comics about gender, about competing ideologies, about how to be inclusive without making fans of the classic canon feel alienated. These are big questions for the whole industry right now and everybody is grappling to answer in fresh and relevant ways. So to be part of that is very, very cool for me."

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purple Skye

Luke Mitchell to play an Inhuman on AoS + more

Luke will play an Inhuman named Lincoln who will help Skye understand what's going on with her.

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Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4, Source 5, Source 6, Source 7, Source 8, Source 9, Source 10, Source 11, Source 12

Frankie J. Alvarez doesn't want Looking to be another Will and Grace


In an interview with Attitude he had this to say about LGBT representation and depiction on TV:

"A lot of LGBT people have been marginalized. Previously gay characters were played for laughs on TV or in movies, but we playing three-dimensional gay men and the audience can all see themselves whether they are straight, gay, black or white. LGBT culture has this reputation that is all drag. But we all put our pants on one leg at a time. We want to show real men and women as real people. We don’t want to give you another ‘Just Jack’ from Will & Grace. We’re past that! That’s not to say these characters can’t be seen or told anymore, but we’ve told them already."

Source: http://www.queerty.com/frankie-j-alvarez-strips-and-says-he-doesnt-want-looking-to-be-another-will-grace-20150205

I dont think he lied tbh

Charlie Ebersol and Solange stan for Brit + Steve Aoki collab coming? + More!

Britney's sexy dapper boyfriend, Charlie Ebersol, was interviewed by EXTRA for his new TV show and he also slipped in a few things about Britney! He said that he is "extremely lucky" to have Britney in his life and when asked to comment on Brit's hot new lingerie pics he simply said "“I would say that's a very accurate depiction of a beautiful blonde woman."

Check out the video here: http://extratv.com/2015/02/05/britney-spears-boyfriend-opens-up-about-the-life-changing-moment-that-defined-him/

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Leah Remini

ONTD Original: Our faves with kittens =3

The title is pretty self-explanatory... Voilà je vous présente celebs with cats =3 ENJOY!

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Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
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Anna Duggar uses Black History Month to spread anti-choice message

Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar's helpmeet, has landed in some hot water after she retweeted the following, which references Black History Month and appropriates #BlackLivesMatter to push its shitty anti-choice agenda:

The tweeted picture reads, “Because of the violence of abortion, over 16 million black people are history too.” Classy.

This isn't the first time the Duggars have shown all the sensitivity of a gnat while trying to control women's reproductive rights. Just last year, Jessa Duggar Seewald, Ben Seewald's helpmeet, compared abortion to the Holocaust.

Source: original tweet here, you can see Anna's retweet on her twitter

NBC considering 'Law & Order' revival

-NBC and Dick Wolf discussing possible 10-episode revival of the series
-No cast signed yet, though Sam Waterston and Chris Noth have reportedly been approached to return
-No word yet if it'll finally undo the curse set on NBC when they originally cancelled the show
bey run

The "Blank Space" Mansion Suffered Severe Damage In Recent Fire

- The Winfield Mansion was built in 1916 by Frank Winfield Woolworth after his previous home caught fire.

- It's had reports of being haunted after Woolworth's second daughter committed suicide in 1917. There were rumors that she died in the "Marie Antoinette" room of the mansion which is always locked from visitors.

- The fire took out an entire wing and took 150 firefighters to subdue the blaze.

More at Source

"So it's gonna be forever, Or it's gonna go down in flames..." Is Taylor the new Cursetina?
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Your non-faves are starring in Do You Believe, the next film from the creators of God's Not Dead

If you thought that Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion was the highlight of Mira Sorvino's career, you ain't seen nothing yet.

If you thought that Sean Astin had nothing more to achieve after Lord of the Rings, just wait.

If you always dreamed of watching a Spy Kid in a Jesus flick, your prayers have been answered!

Behold, the trailer for Do You Believe?:

This trailer has been out since December, but I don't think it's been posted here, which is a shame because I think this will be a worthy entry into the annals of Christian entertainment. Right up there with Pamela's Prayer.

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First teaser poster and clip from Ian McKellan's Mr. Holmes


Sir Ian McKellan just shared on social media the first poster and video clip from his upcoming movie Mr. Holmes.

The movie, based on Mitch Cullin's A Slight Trick of the Mind rather than any Arthur Conan Doyle's book, follows a 93 year-old retired Sherlock Holmes who is now obsessed with one last case. Directed by Bill Condon also starring Laura Linney, the movie is set to debut sometimes this year.

In the first clip from the film, the retired detective is going over the unsolved case as well as how he ended up tending to bees at the countryside with his housekeeper's son.

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Jennifer Lawrence to work with Morten Tyldum

- Jennifer Lawrence is in talks to star in Sony space drama "The Passenger"
- Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game) will direct
- plot: "set on a spacecraft in the future, with thousands of passengers making an interstellar voyage to a distant new planet. One passenger awakens from cryogenic sleep 90 years before anyone else and decides to wake up a female passenger, sparking the beginning of a love story."

- project has a long development history...
- Chris Pratt is now in talks for the male lead

source: variety
Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

Ledisi Snubbed by 2015 Grammys Due to Beyonce Performance, Fans Say

It's two days away and the 2015 Grammy Awards already has some controversy surrounding performances. People are upset~ over the Grammy's producers decision to have Beyonce perform ‘Precious Lord, Take My Hand', a song which was originally sung by Ledisi in the Martin Luther King, Jr. biopic, ‘Selma.’

Most people thought it would make sense that Ledisi would perform her own~ song.
Even Common and John Legend are performing their song,'Glory', from the same movie.

Ledisi's fans expressed their disappointment via twitter. They feel that they replaced Ledisi with Beyonce for ratings and mainstream appeal!

On the other hand, Beyonce fans say that it isn't Beyonce's fault and she shouldn't be blamed for this.

What do you think?

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Kim K's Throwback Thursday

Kim posted this picture of her as a teen for her #Throwback Thursday. She captioned: "#TWTFBT I'm throwing this way the f**k back Thursday#MissTeenArmenian"

Her Throwback Thursdays usually consist of old pics showing her "fitter" body. Kimmy seems to be deeply unhappy with her current body, even though we see her naked more than every other celebrity.

Source & source

Do you prefer her body now or back then, ONTD?
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First look: Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon in Elvis & Nixon


Currently shooting, the officially summary for this comedy is:

"Elvis & Nixon" follows two men at the height of their powers, conscious they could not stay on top forever, both ripped with fear of the inevitable, sharing one famous private moment in the Oval office. The film recounts the morning of December 21st 1970, when the King of Rock' n Roll (Michael Shannon) showed up on the White House lawn to request a meeting with the most powerful man in the world, President Richard Nixon (Kevin Spacey).

He had a very urgent request: to be sworn in as an undercover Federal Agent at large. This intimate moment in the Oval office between two men at the height of their powers has never been told.

It is directed by Liza Johnson and also stars Evan Peters, Alex Pettyfer, Colin Hanks, Johnny Knoxville, Sky Ferreira with an original script by Joey Sagal, Hanala Sagal, and actor Cary Elwes.

Xtina Maxim

Rosie O'Donnell Leaves "The View" And Her Wife

- Her rep confirmed the marital split, as well as her departure from “The View,”
- She and her wife, Michelle have supposedly been living apart for months now.
- Rosie wants to focus on her children with her leave.

Sad about the divorce :/. Who should replace her ONTD?

jennifers body

EMPIRE First Look: Courtney Love Comes for Cookie

</b> See the Full Preview at FOX
Next week's episode sees the debut of Courtney Love's iconic character Elle Dallas who - as seen in the preview - is about to take EMPIRE's campy goodness to some dark places. That hotel room scene is giving us some People V. Larry Flynt realness!

ONTD: When was the last time you were the single white character on a record-breaking primetime series with an all-black cast?

OMG!! POSSIBLY AH-MUH-ZING NEWS!!! Is 'Happy Endings' coming back?!

The official Happy Endings Writers Twitter Account posted a countdown leading to 'something'... after a long time being inactive.

- Damon Wayans Jr. is leaving New Girl...
- Adam Pally is leaving The Mindy Project...
- Eliza Coupe's show 'Benched' is cancelled...
- Casey Wilson's show 'Marry Me' is probably gonna get cancelled...
- Elisha Cuthbert's show is probably DOA. (A gay sitcom on NBC, i mean...)
- Ugh. Dave no1curr.

twigs | water

"The Twigs" Want FKA twigs To Change Her Name Again/Still


- The Twigs is a musical duo
- twigs the person offered to buy their name for $15k when they realized the similarities, The Twigs said no, so she added FKA (formerly known as) to the beginning of her stage name
(- twigs the person got her stage name from the way her joints cracked as a dancer)
- The Twigs claim they never agreed that adding FKA was enough:
We have not agreed to this distinction," Laura Good told Billboard. "Since September 2013, [Barnett] has been on notice of her willful trademark violation."

- FKA twigs has said the following about the situation to Dazed:
"The only way I won't have to change my name is if they say that I don't have to. And they're not gonna say that. I'm not angry, but I do feel sad about it. It'll be fine. I might call myself FKA tree trunk. Or FKA baby branches. Or IRL twigs."

amy B99
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Everything Is Awesome Is Coming To The Oscars


Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island will perform Everything Is Awesome at the upcoming 87th Academy Awards.

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The New 52 is "over".

DC Comics is ending its New 52 imprint according to a press release from the company. While it is confirmed that this will not be another universe reboot, some major changes are happening to their lineup.
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All new and continuing comics are listed at the source, anything not included is cancelled.

It's not actually as radical as they're touting but nonetheless...baby steps.
At least the New 52 is finally dead.

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Kim wants to swap bodies with Kendall?

Kim may love her curves, but there are days she wishes she had a more model-esque figure. In an interview with guest editor Cara Delevingne, she admits:
'You always want what you can't have,'

'I'd love to swap bodies with Kendall for just a week, just to look from that little bit higher up and fit into everything perfectly.'

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Cristiano Ronaldo is now a degree subject at a Canadian university


- The football star is one of the subjects in a four-year degree at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, Canada
- It will focus on the cultural importance of his fame and its effects on society
- One of the modules taught there is called 'The Commodification of Cristiano Ronaldo'
- Professor Luis Aguiar: "Ronaldo is the centre and every discussion, class meeting revolves around Ronaldo initially. And then we explore, we broaden out to larger themes. So it starts with Ronaldo but Ronaldo is almost like a springboard to talk about larger issues that are much more sociologically significant than just a biography of Ronaldo."
- No comments yet from the player himself.
- Apparently, there is a similar degree course on David Beckham at Staffordshire University in the UK.


Would you like to study Cristiano Ronaldo, ONTD?

Foul Play Investigation Underway in Bobbi Kristina Case

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

- Target is her boyfriend Nick Gordon
- Bobbi Kristina had certain injuries that have piqued the interest of authorities. History of violence between her and Nick
- Friend Max Lomas discovered her in tub when he couldn't find her - or Nick - to let in a cable guy
- Max claims Nick allegedly cleaned up the home and removed blood stains
- Nick has also lawyered up

Full article at TMZ
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Amanda Bynes's lawyer wants money $$$

  • Amanda's lawyer, Artemio Santiago, claims he took care of Amanda when she came out of the psych ward, bringing her personal items like ballet shoes, tights, DVDs and various books. 

  • You may remember after Amanda got out of the psych ward she was supposed to go to court but ended up eating lunch at a Hollywood diner with her lawyer. That was Santiago.

  • The lawyer now asks for about $16K for his troubles.