February 3rd, 2015

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Beyoncé and Kelly had a lunch date together!


Beyoncé was recently spotted lunching together with her former back-up singer Destiny's Child partner Kelendria Rowland. These ladies brought along their respective husband: Shawn Carter and Tim Witherspoon as well as their child: Blue Ivy and Titan Jewell (born November 4th 2014).

Momma Tina Knowles was also there but Michelle was nowhere in sight. Oops.

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are your best friends closer to each other than they are to you ONTD?

Jonathan Groff likes sex on the first date, prefers his men to be vers and moar


Answering a couple of raunchy questions from Bravo's Andy Cohen here is everything you need to know about JGroff's sexual preferences:

Very hairy: 'Turn on'
Sex on the first date: 'Absolutely'
Someone who is only a power bottom: 'No, you've got to be versatile.'
Someone who dislikes his bestie Lea Michele: 'Definitely a turn off.'
A Broadway queen: 'Borderline'
Someone who's in the closet: 'Turn off.'
Balding: ' Turn on'
Gym rat: 'Turn off'
Not interested in marriage: 'Turn off'
Mama's boy: 'Turn off'
Order for him at a restaurant: 'Turn on'

Video at the source: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/jonathan-groff-likes-sex-first-date-and-wants-guys-he-dates-be-versatile220115#sthash.b5Iy3Y7s.dpuf

Why dont you go ahead and answer the same questions ONTD

Roman Reigns putting Wrestlemania title shot on the line against Daniel Bryan at Fast Lane

There's been talk a lot of talk Roman Reigns following his "controversial" victory at the Royal Rumble two weeks ago. Many people believe that he's not ready for the Wrestlemania main event against modern neanderthal Brock Lesnar. Tonight, former WWE champion Daniel Bryan (who was stripped of the title following a neck injury last year) and Seth Rollins (who stole the show at the Royal Rumble in a triple threat match for the title) demanded a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The Authority set up a match between Rollins and Bryan to determine who would face Reigns at WWE Fast Lane later this month to go on and main event Wrestlemania. It was a hell of a match and Daniel Bryan won. After his victory, Daniel Bryan addressed the Denver crowd and said that he'd beat Roman Reigns at Fast Lane and he received a mixed reaction with audible boos. So yeah, no one likes Roman Reigns, amirite?


That dry bun looked SO good on him tonight.

Finally some context to Britney's mysterious Super Bowl Commercial + Candids arriving & leaving SB

This is the Full #SuperBowlRalley Ad

Britney Spears' cameo is part of a longer ad commissioned by the league that celebrates the NFL's most enthusiastic fans. Because according to the NFL "Together we make football." Also making a cameo is Don Cheadle, My Littly Pony, and astronauts?

Britney Spears arriving to Super Bowl in Glendale, AZ

Leaving event

sb commercial source /
Zayn - Beach
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Updated Ratings: Super Bowl XLIX & Katy Perry Halftime Most-Watched in History

114.4 million watched this year, topping last year by 2.2 million - biggest in U.S. history.

- The Super Bowl got a 47.5 household rating, which is the 4th highest Super Bowl household rating ever.
- Ratings peaked at 120.8 million viewers from 9:45-10 p.m. ET during the fourth quarter, when Tom Brady completed 13 of 15 pass attempts for 124 yards and two touchdowns.

- Katy Perry's halftime received 118.5 million viewers, 3 million+ viewers more than last year’s halftime featuring Bruno Mars (115.3 million).
- The halftime show earned a 48.2 household rating, two percent higher than last year (47.2/70) and is the highest-rated halftime show featuring entertainment ever.

Full Article at the Source

Selena Gomez + Anton Zaslavski Update ft. Diplo

After a weekend with the Selenators getting on my nerves because apparently if you're not 24/7 with your S.O., or if you don't tweet the person for a couple of days/interact with them on social media that means you aren't dating anymore, a couple of things happened yesterday and this morning, and I thought that I should update you about it.

First, Anton posted a picture of Selena on his Instagram, using himself as an excuse for doing so because he's in the background of it talking to someone.

My Twitter's timeline obviously exploded after that picture, but I won't complain much.

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uno, dos, tres + my words

ONTD, are you shipping Zeddlena? Is it as funny as I think it is that Selena and Diplo are tweeting, having in mind that he doesn't like Taylor? Or is Diplo Selena's Lorde?

PS: Don't forget to buy Fifth Harmony's new album!
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Colony, starring Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies, ordered to series at USA

Set in the near future in an LA under the control of outside intruders, Josh plays an FBI agent named Will Bowman, who is forced to help them stop the resistance movement while Sarah is his wife, Katie. Amanda Righetti also co-stars as Katie's sister and the mom of a diabetic who needs insulin. Ten episodes have been ordered.

stu > u

Review: Stanford Prison Experiment

  • Based in 1971 and stars Billy Crudup as the psychologist Dr. Philip Zimbardo + Olivia Thirlby as psychologist/girlfriend

  • Michael Angarano, James Frecheville and Moises Arias are selected to be guards

  • Prisoners played by Ezra Miller, Tye Sheridan, Johnny Simmons, Ki Hong Lee, Thomas Mann and Jack Kilmer

  • Pretty much starts to get in the territory of The Lord of the Flies - aggressor vs. oppressor and dehumanization of the prisoners

  • There is some great performances done by Billy, Ezra & James to accompany the great writing

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source: http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/review-chilling-twisted-stanford-prison-experiment-with-billy-crudup-michael-angarano-olivia-thirlby-ezra-miller-more-20150129

can't wait for this!
also - really attracted to Ezra in that first picture ngl
i am quenched
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87th Academy Awards Nominees Photo

The Nominees Luncheon Group Photo

Nominees for the 87th Oscars® at the Nominees Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton, Monday, February 2, 2014. The 87th Oscars, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, will air on Sunday, February 22, live on ABC.

elementary - otp

Fantasy writer Tamora Pierce continues to be messy with respect to Agent Carter and "blacks"

The other day some rando criticized Agent Carter for its lack of racial diversity. FAMOUS FANTASY WRITER TAMORA PIERCE was nhft, so she responded as follows:

If you mean the cast is primarily white, it’s the 40s. Which is more offensive to you: black help and blacks in service, or no blacks? I would like to see more POC, yes, but that was the time, and I’m not sure I’d like to see more POC if they’re always going to be in service.

So according to Tamora Pierce, black people didn't exist in the 1940s unless they were servants.

Well, some people started giving Tamora shit for her opinions. Tamora was tired of being persecuted and she wrote an equally messy follow-up post where she said the following things:

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sources: 1 and 2

Mods, please accept this follow-up post. ONTD should not have a blanket ban on Tumblr (assuming that that's the reason my previous post was deleted). This isn't some random nobody, Tamora Pierce is a well known fantasy writer. This is her official tumblr and her primary method of keeping in touch with fans. Her comments here aren't any different than celebrities who make asses of themselves over Twitter, and if the latter is allowed, then this should be too imo!

'American Sniper' writer: "The Point Of Art Is To Promote Discussion"

With all the controversies surrounding American Sniper, one might wonder if the makers of the movie knew that this was going to be the case all along. After all, the Iraq War isn’t exactly universally accepted as a noble conflict. Plus, the person whom the movie is based on, Chris Kyle, openly spoke about taking joy in the killing of his targets, something that has outraged critics who say the man behind the gun is far from a hero.

However, American Sniper‘s screenwriter Jason Hall, defended the film’s controversial nature in an interview with Rolling Stone.

"To me, the point of art is to promote discussion — and this film is doing that. It’s time that we had this discussion, that we understand the sacrifice of these warriors. We didn’t set out to explore the archetype of war; we set out to explore the archetype of the warrior. We did that from one man’s point of view. While the movie is being criticized for not providing a larger context, this point was to explore war through the eyes of this person. That’s the POV we used. It’s a character study.”

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On related note, Feb 2nd was declared as Chris Kyle Day in Texas

Source: 1, 2

Good luck trying to discuss the movie with the Republican/super pro-military folks tho..
Jamie Dornan Shirtless, 50 Shades

Fifty Shades Of Behind The Scenes Drama

50 Shades director Sam Taylor-Johnson spoke to PORTER Magazine about drama with "author" E L James.


"It was difficult, I'm not going to lie," Taylor-Johnson, 47, said of working with James. "We definitely fought, but they were creative fights and we would resolve them. We would have proper on-set barneys, and I'm not confrontational, but it was about finding a way between the two of us, satisfying her vision of what she'd written as well as my need to visualize this person on screen, but, you know, we got there."

"I knew how it should be made, needed to be made, and I felt a certain responsibility to make it the right way," Taylor-Johnson continued of the R-rated S&M film. "I felt it was an incredible story. It's like a dark twisted fairy tale, very romantic, and it was interesting how troubling it was, and how romance and the darkness interweaved."

This seems to contradict the initial feelings Taylor-Johnson had about James.

"I saw both of her films, and I was blown away," James told Vulture in 2013 of Taylor-Johnson's earlier work. "Simple. She's creative, incredibly talented, she's got an extraordinary eye. She had a good idea about the whole Fifty experience, she understands it... And I thought, There's a woman I can go and get drunk with."


Iggy still terrorizing Britney fans, confirms collab is still happening + Britney praises Katy @ SB

Earlier in the week there were rumors on twitter that the much hyped Britney and Iggy collab had been scrapped after Spears' team became irate that Iggy took it upon herself to spill the beans on their plans before they were ready to do so. However fans can groan rest easy because Iggy just can't keep her mouth shut on twitter and not only refuted rumors that the collab had been scrapped but added that plans were under way and they were pretty "epic."

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Britney Spears praises Katy Perry's performance at the Super Bowl

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iggy source / iggy source / britney tweet source / video source
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Felicity Jones to star in Star Wars stand-alone spinoff

Felicity Jones is in talks for the female lead for the Star Wars stand-alone film. Gareth Edwards is directing with Chris Weitz to write the script.

Tatiana Maslaney and Rooney Mara were previously in the mix.

Aaron Paul and Edgar Ramirez are rumored to play the male lead.

Movie release date is Dec 16, 2016. No other details have been released yet.

source: thr

Person of Interest: Double Bubble Trouble as Batman Jesus and Root Are Still Looking for M.I.A. Shaw

“M.I.A.” -- Reese and Root’s hunt for Shaw takes them to a small town in upstate New York where it becomes apparent that not everything is as idyllic as it seems. Also, Fusco teams with a former POI to tackle the newest number. Guest stars include the returning Adria Arjona, aka Dani Silva, that undercover cop Reese and the team helped out a few episodes back.

lol yasss, I've been dying for those two to go on an adventure

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My laptop died so I don't have access to my gifs or gif-making software rn. So here's Ben and his ham (I have that gif saved on multiple USB sticks because I love it). So. It appears that Shaw is still being considered M.I.A. In the promo it is even suggested that she survived her shooting, at least initially. The question is, will we (the audience) know her fate before Root and Team Machine do? Whatever that fate may be? At any rate, I'm glad the show isn't glossing over her “loss” at all. Root wouldn't have it any other way.

cbs website, cbs twitter, youtube 1, 2

Roundup: The Musketeers Renewed for a Third Series, Next Episode Bumped, Maimie McCoy Seems Cool


To no one's particular surprise, BBC One's moderate hit, The Musketeers, has been officially renewed for a third series as of yesterday. The announcement also promised that, due to the fact that the show can financially support itself, the network plans to come back for another series with "improved value for the license fee payer." This is hopefully implying that they know their fanbase, because nudity is free and, therefore, a great value.

A quick reminder that this week's episode was bumped for rugby, which should serve as a hint to the BBC that moving the show from its cozy Sunday spot to a Friday one was a mistake since it's chopped up the series and made it hard for viewership to grow (or to even be maintained). But the show will return with an Athos-heavy story on February 13th just in time for Valentine's Day (you're welcome).

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How did you guys enjoy the God soup episode?


Scott Porter and wife Kelsey Mayfield expecting first child


The pair appeared at the premiere of Jupiter Ascending last night and revealed that the two are expecting their first child.

Scott and Kelsey met in 2008 while he was filming Friday Night Lights and she was a cheerleader at the University of Texas. The pair were married in Austin, TX in April 2013.


Congratulations and Texas Forever, Street!
Diana Guerrero

Joss Whedon: "If a raccoon can carry a movie, then they believe maybe even a woman can.”


Last week, there were posts floating around everywhere except ONTD regarding Joss stating Comic Book movies are sexist and Fox has the best female characters.

“There is genuine, recalcitrant, intractable sexism, and old-fashioned quiet misogyny that goes on. You hear ‘Oh, female superheroes don’t work because of these two bad ones that were made eight years ago’. There’s always an excuse.”

“Hunger Games is a different structure and aesthetic to a certain extent, but these narratives where people are bigger than life and they’re in these terrible, heightened circumstances, it’s all part of the same genre.”

“Marvel is in a position of making a statement simply by making [a female-led] movie, which I think would be a good thing to do. But it has to be a good movie, it has to be a good character, and most of the best characters in Marvel are owned by Fox, let’s face it!”

Well, turns out those comments were made six months ago, before the announcement by Marvel regarding Black Panter and Captain Marvel.

Now Joss is rethinking his original statements and has a lot to say.

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Source 1, Source 2
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Walt Jr Puts Down His Pancakes for Some Records

Brooklyn Vegan is reporting that enough people were willing to drop $35-45 to see Walt Jr. play some songs in his iTunes library that the advanced tickets are sold out. Dw, there are apparently still some day of show tickets available at $40-50 a pop. That seems like a lot of money, but apparently people were willing to pay twice that to see Hodor drop some sick beats?


Jupiter Ascending premiere pics & review round-up, ft. Mila Kunus & Eddie Redmayne

 photo PremiereWarnerBrosPicturesJupiterAscendingnRCVkFCrpIgx_zps464ba2c6.jpg

Jupiter Ascending had its world premiere yesterday at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. The film's stars Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Sean Bean and Eddie Redmayne attended, as did other members of the cast and the film's co-director Lana Wachowski. The first reviews for the flick also broke around the same time, with the film receiving the mixed notices many had predicted:

"Jupiter Ascending is everything you’d expect from the siblings’ first trip into orbit, a fun, inventive, visually stunning piece of space opera."
Games Radar, James Edwards

"While (for example) The Matrix set up a detailed and elaborate world that housed a crowd-pleasing beat-for-beat retelling of Joseph Campbell’s heroic journey, Jupiter Ascending often seems more concerned with the world-building than the storytelling. But wow, the world building is really something special."
Forbes, Scott Mendelson

"Jupiter Ascending might be a bad movie, but at least it's an entertaining load of old cobblers. This is a hot mess space opera from start to finish."
DigitalSpy, Simon Reynolds

Pic source/Review source: 1/2/3

Consider my interest un-dampened! It sounds completely bonkers, but it's sort of bonkers I'll probably love.

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'The Flash' time travel episode is gonna be like Groundhog Day

Andrew Kreisberg says the time travel episode of 'The Flash' is "a mashup between Back to the Future and Terminator—the good version of time travel and the bad version of time travel" and it's also influenced by the movie 'Groundhog Day'
"It’s a complete accident the first time [he time travels]".

that's all very interesting, but what this show really needs is more rathaway


Katy Perry continues to get away with homophobia

Katy Perry has been using her own kind of homophobia since the beginning of her career. After using a male singer (Lenny Kravitz) to sing the "I kissed a girl" portion at the Super Bowl, people have been questioning her motives. According to this article, Katy "gets away with an entitled, IDGAF-what-you-think brand of homophobia while also appointing herself a spokesperson for LGBTQ rights. It's like there's this pressure to laugh at her gay jokes because she insists she means well. If you take her homophobia too seriously, it's on you for being uptight."

The song in question is about kissing a member of the same sex, but announcing  that "It don't mean I'm in love tonight" as if it were a sugarcoated, female version of "no homo," making a pop anthem out of the view that same-gender experimentation is cool and fine as long as you have a boyfriend who doesn't care, and as long as you don't have feelings for the other person. That would be so gay.


ONTD, have you ever been straight washed by a basic white singer?

Rooney Mara back to filming just one day after grandmother Ann passed away


Ann Mara, aged 85, slipped on ice in front of her home on two weeks ago and had been in hospital since. The family had hoped for a full recovery, but complications made that unlikely. She passed away Sunday morning.

Rooney was reportedly "downcast" in between filming a new film, 'Secret Scripture' the day after.

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Mychal Kendricks Professes His Love for Rihanna, Wants to "Put a Smile on Her Face"

Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks is coming clean about his love for the Rihanna. The football stud spoke with E! News exclusively during the Super Bowl Weekend.

"She is pretty and cute. She is self-made as far as getting herself off that island. She is successful. I heard she has a crazy aura and people's energy are just drawn to her and she has the ability to attract other people's energy."

How would he romance her?

"I always imagined I would see her at a club and go over there with full confidence and go up to her," he explained. "I am just trying to put a smile on her face….If I took her on a date, I'd probably take her go-cart racing cause I am a kid at heart."

"We for sure have to eat," he added. "I would take her to one of my favorite steak places. Del Friscos is pretty good."

"If you have a weave, I mean everyone wears them but please don't let it look like you have it in your hair," he advised. "That is a no-no. I can't do that! "

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purple Skye

Trina McGee reprising her role as Angela on Girl Meets World

Trina is set to appear in a season two episode, Girl Meets Hurricane. For some reason, Shawn's still seeing Ghost!Chet so Blake Clark is also coming back. And William Russ is directing the episode.

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Variety, Ben Savage's Twitter

Jennifer Hudson and Rita Ora are headed to Empire

Rita Ora and Jennifer Hudson have been given guest roles on Fox's hit new series, Empire.

The show is an hour-long drama and revolves around two hip hop music-production moguls, played by Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. Averaging more than 10 million viewers each week, Empire is officially a huge hit and has already been renewed for a second season after just four episodes.

It's likely that Ora and Hudson will be playing themselves. Producers tried setting up a guest spot for Iggy Azalea, but scheduling conflicts wouldn't allow it.


Are you watching Empire, ONTD?

Fifth Harmony's performance hijacked by peruvian tabloid queen Ms. Susy Diaz! Goes viral.

Source (Mods, this is a followup to this post)

No, she's not Xtina!
Any peruvian ONTDers happy to see Queen Susy?! "Live your life and don't let life live you"
fuck the mcu

The Church of $$$cientology is buttmad over the new documentary, Going Clear

Pictured above is the director of the new Scientology documentary, Going Clear. His name, Alex Gibney, needs to be included in all your prayer circles for the forseeable future in case he suddenly goes 'missing' or 'disappears'.

The above plea stems from the following recent news: The Scilons have been filling in butthurt reports and sending them to all the film critics who have recently seen the documentary spilling the Xenu space-tea. Gibey interviewed many well known Scientology defectors, including director Paul Haggis, and Tom Cruise and David Miscavige are also portrayed in a negative light.

Said butthurt reports come in the form of an e-mail which includes the following:

The above article concerning Going Clear, Alex Gibney’s film, was posted without contacting the Church for comment. As a result, your article reflects the film which is filled with bald faced lies. I ask that you include a statement from the Church in your article. There is another side to the story which has to be told. Do not be the mouthpiece for Alex Gibney’s propaganda.

 While taking some time off from enslaving people and staking out potential beards for Tom Cruise, the Church also issued a statement about the documentary. Their spokesperson Karin Pouw said:

“The accusations made in the film are entirely false and alleged without ever asking the Church... Gibney’s sources are the usual collection of obsessive, disgruntled former Church members kicked out as long as 30 years ago for malfeasance, who have a documented history of making up lies about the Church for money.”

Apparently the Church also started an online campaign in a mission to discredit Gibney, and have started a Twitter account called Freedom Media Ethics. Because who knows better about freedom and ethics than a slave labour cult/Ponzi scheme disguised as a religion? Ahem.

Gibney's response was: “Anytime someone writes something — film criticism or social criticism — about Scientology, the Church of Scientology counter-attacks by smearing critics. But a careful investigation of the church’s claims will reveal that most of the misdeeds by critics (Rathbun, et al) were committed on behalf of the Church of Scientology! As you saw in the film, these people are now repenting and the Church of Scientology wants to punish them for it.”

Read more at the Source.


Naya Rivera scores role in Devious Maids

Glee might be ending, but Naya Rivera won't be gone from television for long. She has just booked a role on Devious Maids as Bianca, a new maid in town who uncovers a terrible secret that the "perfect" family she's recently started working for is hiding.

She has also been asked to continue as a guest co-host on The View for a few more episodes.


Google, Amazon, etc. are (allegedly) paying to get around Adblock Plus

  • Some of the web's biggest companies have (allegedly) been paying to get around Adblock Plus, according to a new report from Financial Times.

  • According to FT sources, the companies have paid Eyeo (the maker of Adblock Plus) to be added to an official whitelist, which allows them to bypass the plug-in. Google has a similar deal, as has been previously reported.

  • While Adblock Plus' developer, German company Eyeo, doesn't list its fees anywhere, a digital media company that talked to FT said Eyeo asks for 30 percent of the ad revenues that would otherwise not exist.

  • Source

    What adblocking software do you use ONTD? I personally use µBlock. With ONTD whitelisted, of course.

Marvel's Surprise! Releases an Avengers: Age of Ultron prequel exploring Wanda & Pietro origins.

So if you don't wanna read the comic, here's what happens:
[Spoiler (click to open)]- SHIELD gets Loki’s scepter right after The Avengers end. Hydra steals it.

- Wanda and Pietro want to protest their government.
- Baron Strucker discovers the scepter can 'unlock' someone's hidden abilities.
- Wanda and Pietro agree to be test subjects

- Ends with the final moments of CA: TWS.


ONTD, are you an x-men? what's your power?