February 2nd, 2015

the outsiders: dallas winston
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bobbi kristina is not looking good

- tmz reports that bobbi kristina's brain functions are "significantly diminished".
- her father is at her side at the moment.
- cbs says that bobby brown wants privacy. apparently tyler perry is on the scene, too.


Xtine Aguilar and some local sensations sing We Are The Champions

In honor of the Super Bowl, Jimmy and the Roots join American Idol's Country Singer, Dementor Chanteur, Bootleg struggle!Mimi, The Voice judge, a min wage earning usher at ur local party, the other blondie, Zayn Malik's crew, and Xtine Aguilar for an acapella version of "We Are The Champions."

Someone gif that struggle look on Ari's face!
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Gravity lawsuit

Courts granted Warner Bro's motion to dismiss a lawsuit from author Tess Gerritsen who claims that the film Gravity was based on her novel Gravity. Although Warner Bro's wins for now, Tess Gerritsen has said that she will press on with the lawsuit.

Some facts:
- in 1999, Gerritsen sold movie rights of her novel Gravity to New Line Productions (getting "based on" credits and a percentage of the profits). Her novel is also about a female astronaut who is stranded in the International Space Station as the rest of her crew is killed by satellite debris
- In 2008, WB acquired New Line Productions
- In 2008 - 2009, Alfonso Cuaron wrote his screenplay Gravity, also about a female astronaut stranded aboard the International Space Station and later drifts off into space alone
- In February 2014, Gerritsen learns that Alfonso Cuaron was attached to direct her Gravity project in 2000, leaving her to believe that the similarities between her novel and his film were not just coincidental
- Her team filed a Breach of Contract, but WB stated that they had no obligation to honor New Line's contract with her

Gerritsen wrote on her website: The court issued a long, detailed, and very thoughtful opinion in which it noted that we need to include more facts in our pleading relative to the relationship between Warner Bros. and New Line [...] We will push on.

source: tessgerritsen
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David Oyelowo Accuses Academy of Favoring "Subservient" Black Roles

"No, look, historically — this is truly my feeling, I felt this before the situation we're talking about and I feel it now — generally speaking, we, as black people, have been celebrated more for when we are subservient, when we are not being leaders or kings or being at the center of our own narrative."

Oyelowo thinks that Denzel Washington should have won an Oscar for playing Malcolm X and Sidney Poiter should have won for In the Heat of the Night instead of Lilies of the Field. "We've just got to come to the point whereby there isn't a self-fulfilling prophecy — a notion of who black people are — that feeds into what we are celebrated as, not just in the Academy, but in life generally. We have been slaves, we have been domestic servants, we have been criminals, we have been all of those things. But we have been leaders, we have been kings, we have been those who changed the world.""

On white-savior/white protagonist in "black" films: "So you have a very nice white person who holds black people's hands through their own narrative. We don't want to see that pain again, so you don't even go into what that pain was in an authentic way. Both of those things are patronizing to the audience. You can't have people curating culture in this way when we need to see things in order to reform from them."

source: thr/youtube
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RHOBH is getting good, y'all

  • Kyle did an interview with E! about Poker Night

  • “Well, you could see all night that Brandi was in (Kim's) ear and trying to do this ‘No one cares about you, no one gets you except me.’ You know, feeding this into her ear and clearly trying to, you know, separate us.”

  • “I have no interest in having a friendship with Brandi whatsoever.”


literallty the first 9 episodes of this season were boring af but shit has gotten so good since poker night lmao, i can't believe i actually like kyle now? brandi is such a pos and lisa rinna is a flawless addition to the show. eileen is great as well tbh but it feels like she's holding back. also lisa v remains flawless, i love how often she has to remind us that brandi sucks in her confessionals
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Johnny Football leaves the party early and enters Rehab

"Johnny's his own worst enemy," one source said.

The NFL'S Lindsay Lohan quarterback is expected to be in rehab at least a few weeks but the term depends largely on what doctors recommend, according to a source close to Manziel.

The quarterback is voluntarily entering treatment as a direct result of his lifestyle away from the field and he made known to people in his circle last week he wants to "figure out his value system," a source said.

The Browns did not say exactly why Manziel is being treated -- but it seems pretty obvious ... considering his penchant for partying.

Kylie Minogue

Katy Perry Tried To Take Down Taylor Swift With Polka Dot Bikinis


“Katy wanted to make it subtle because at the end of the day she was the Super Bowl halftime show, she didn’t want to make it the Taylor Swift show,” a source tells source EXCLUSIVELY.

Katy had her dancers in high-waisted polka dot bikinis, which Taylor is known for wearing. A major part of Katy and Taylor’s BAD BLOOD.mp3 stems from Katy stealing Taylor’s backup dancers.

“And taking this dig, Katy knew it would really get under Taylor’s skin more, which, of course, was the agenda,” our source continued.

“[Taylor] will get Katy back, but she will do it via music video or other high profile situation,” our source told us. “Taylor wants the last laugh.”


Quotes From Source
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♚MEGAN FOX♚ & other people (probably. I didn't really notice) at TMNT premiere in Japan.

So TMNT has had approximately 40,000,000 premieres since it came out in the US in August. I assumed they were all done since it's FEBRUARY but apparently they're not. Megan, Will Arnett, and some other randos are all in Tokyo currently for the Japanese premiere of that movie starring Megan that also has some reptiles in it or something.
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ONTD, is purple your color?

My Mad Fat Diary season 3 started filming.

Filming for the third and final series started today. The three hour long episodes will be broadcast on E4 this summer.

All the cast is back and Faye Marsay (Fresh Meat,The White Queen, Glue and Pride) is joining MMFD as the character Katie Springer .

Synopsis : Rae Earl is boss. Drinking, dancing and dating the hottest guy in the North – Rae has life as a teenager nailed. However, change is on the horizon as the gang grows up. Chloe has ambitions to attend business school, Finn wants to settle down and the spectre of university applications looms large. A new friend for Rae also forces her to see everything differently. As Rae struggles to maintain the status quo, will she be left behind or embrace the biggest adventure yet?


Nico's HBO pilot starts filming in May.
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00's Blogger Compares being on Big Brother to living with AIDS

  • He Who Shall Not Be Named upset fellow housemates by comparing his ongoing fued with Katie Hopkins to living with AIDS.

  • He Who Shall Not Be Named feels that he is traumatized by living with people who hate him.

  • He Who Shall Not Be Named feels unfairly ostracized by the entire househould (due to his abhorrent behavior), much like one would be, he presumably feels, living with AIDS in the 80s...

  • Michelle Visage was not having it, as she has lost many of her friends to AIDS.

  • Michelle Visage feels that He Who Shall Not Be Named is an embarrassment to the LGBT community.

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Harry turns 21!

-Harry Styles celebrates 21st birthday

-Harry invited Kendall Jenner, David Beckham, Cara Delevingne and some other nobodies.

-Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin were also spotted inside together.

-Harry tweeted “Thank you for all the lovely messages for my birthday. All the love. H,”

ontd, how do you spend your 21st birthday?

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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon celebrate the Patriots' Super Bowl victory

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon celebrated the New England Patriots' Super Bowl victory at Jimmy Kimmel's annual viewing party in Los Angeles.

They were joined by fellow Bostonians, sports columnist Bill Simmons and musician Dicky Barrett. ESPN's Tony Kornheiser was visible in the background of the photo.

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Ben Affleck out in Los Angeles

Earlier on Sunday, Affleck stopped by his local farmers' market with two of his three children, Seraphina and Samuel.

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Sources: BosstoneS, Daily Mail

In WTF News: Death Note will be turned into a Musical (With the First Song Released)

-It is being created by Broadway composer Frank Wildhorn (Jekyll & Hyde, Bonnie & Clyde)
-Tony Award nominees Jeremy Jordan (Newsies) and Jarrod Spector (Beautiful) are singing the first song (um where is Zac Efron, the one true Light?)
-The musical will be making it's debut in South Korea, no news yet if it will come to New York City
-Here is the song:

What would you do if you had a Death Note, ontd?
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Missy Elliot Gets Huge Sales Bump, Is Happy Kids Think She's a "New" Artist


- missy's spotify streams jumped up 676%, while katy's went up 85%
- 'work it', 'lose control', and 'get ur freak on' cracked the top ten on the itunes singles chart
- billboard says she got a 1000% bump in sales

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Uptown Funk continues run at the top of the UK charts

  • It's the most streamed track of the past seven days, beating Ed Sheeran and Hozier

  • Mark Ronson told OfficialChart.com: “It’s my first No 1 of any single I’ve ever had, so to be No 1 for seven weeks is something that just blows my mind, it’s amazing. It’s cool because it means that you guys all like what we like, which is good funk music and dance music played by musicians. It’s insane, so thank you.”


I love this song!!!

Robin Williams' family feuding over his estate

Robin Williams' widow, Susan Schneider Williams, is engaged in a feud with the three children from Robin's two previous marriages.

Susan submitted her papers in December while Robin's three kids submitted their papers in January. Some of the items they are battling for include clothing, photos, bikes, action figures, and the late actor's awards.

While Williams left his estate to his two sons and daughter in a trust, the documents also included a call to create provisions to benefit Susan, who is the mother of two sons of her own. One such provision was the couple's California home. Susan claims that items were "unilaterally removed" from her house and that certain services, such as newspaper delivery, were cancelled within days of Robin's death.

Meanwhile, Zak, Zelda, and Cody, say they are "heartbroken" and have strong issues with Susan's filing, saying it "adds insult to terrible injury" and that she "acted against [their father's] wishes by challenging the plans he so carefully made for his estate." They also add that she was only married to Robin for "less than three years."

The comedian's Oscar, six Golden Globes, five Grammys, and two Emmys are some of the most fiercely debated items. Susan states she is not looking for objects associated with his career, and that she is instead interested in personal items such as the tux he wore to their wedding. She also states that the children gave her three days' notice after her husband's death before they would go to her home and take what was promised to them. She became uncomfortable and blocked them from doing this, which angered them since they knew she had appraisers in the home putting value on items they claim belong to them.


The Salvation - Official Trailer

Opening in theaters and VOD February 27th

The mighty Mads Mikkelsen unleashes a maelstrom of bloodshed in the Wild West in this white-knuckle tale of revenge. When he lays waste to the scoundrels who killed his wife and son, a Danish ex-soldier (Mikkelsen) incurs the wrath of a sadistic gang leader (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) hell-bent on hunting him down. Exploding with eye-popping action, dazzlingly dramatic frontier landscapes, and a smoldering performance by Eva Green, The Salvation is a rip-roaring, blood-spattered saga of sin and redemption.

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SoundBites presents: mini-doc about the journey of Reflection

An inside look at what its like to go from singing competition contestants to America's favorite teen pop female group.

Despite becoming America’s favorite group of talented teens overnight, the most admirable trait Fifth Harmony possesses is how humble and grounded they’ve remained throughout the process.

In addition to showing us how down to earth they are, the girls gave us a sample of their award-winning voices, performing their first album’s lead single “BO$$.”

This is the first episode of SoundBites, a Fusion original web series. Whether on tour, at the recording studio, or at home, SoundBites provides a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse at the lives of today’s top musical artists

"[...]the pining for romance is never coupled with insecurity or weakness. On Reflection, Fifth Harmony is giving teen girls a soundtrack to impenetrable control, refracted through the image of five females who forever have each other’s backs. 4/5"
- Billboard on Reflection (2015)

source: youtube

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger Have Dinner with His Mother


- Miley, Patrick, and Maria had dinner at Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood on Friday.

- Maria and Miley sat next to each other at the head of the table. "They all looked like they were having a great time—enjoying engaging conversation and laughing, it looked like Maria and Miley got along really well."

- An eyewitness shared, "I saw her put her arm on his shoulder and then he put his arm around her, and they were smiling a lot."

- The eyewitness also said "Miley and Patrick were really cute together," and "looked like they are genuinely in love."


Dan Savage on Seahawks loss: "You can do whatever you want in Seattle for the next 30 minutes"

While Seattle mourned the loss of of the Seahawks at last night's Superbowl, Dan Savage was naked in a gym.

"So, yeah, you can pretty much do whatever you want in Seattle for the next 30 or so minutes. #SuperBowIXLIX", tweeted Savage not long after the Seattle Seahawks lost 28-24 to the New England Patriots. Accompanying that tweet? A pic of Savage, completely naked at his gym.

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Have you ever been naked in public, ONTD?

Alabama's Gay Marraige Ban Struck Down, Free Marriages for Gay Couples During 'Wedding Week'


A decision in favor of same-sex marriage in Alabama will allow hundreds of people to carry out free marriages next week in Huntsville, AL. The event is being called 'Wedding Week'.

Starting on Feb. 9th, ordained volunteers will marry anyone for free during the entire week, outside the Madison County Courthouse. Couples have to get a marriage license inside the courthouse first.

You can read the rest of the article at the source.