January 2nd, 2015

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2014: What Brought Us Together

Here is a Year in Review video montage of 2014 (about 10 minutes long). The 2013 version was posted last year, so let's go back in time and review the big events of this past year. It's a good look back on all the ups and downs, with all its difficult and inspiring moments.

There is no list of the clips used this time around, but nonetheless a good mashup.


My first post here. And actually, this is my brother's video and I thought ONTD would enjoy it like last year. :)
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Caring Queen GOOP helped her hairstylist friend lose lots of weight


Celebrity hairstylist David Babaii recently took to facebook to think none other but Queen GOOP for helping him lose weight! He lost 135 pounds, nearly half his body weight, and now weighs 150 pounds (he is only 5'5"). He said GOOP would answer his questions any time, day or night. According to Babaii, Gwenyth taught him to "love haself" by imparting her wisdom of self worth. GOOP puports that eating raw foods, exercising, and a little moisturizer are all you need to look perfect! GOOP has a monthly apple stem cell facial, which costs $465, a small price to pay for eternal beauty.

ONTD, has Gwenyth helped you lose weight?

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Luke Evans & Rumored Boyfriend Jon Kortajarena Spent Holidays Together in Spain


Over Christmas, the pair took to Instagram, wishing a Merry Christmas to their followers. Jon showed off his Christmas jumper, and Luke posted a close-up of one of the ornaments from Jon's sweater.

Last week, Luke Evans presumably joined Jon in Bilbao, Spain, (Jon lives in the beautiful country with his cute pet pooch.)

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More pics @ source
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Gwyneth Thinks Your Organs Are Failing or Something

It's the New Year! Time to embrace disordered eating and repeatedly flush your colon with water. Or at least, that's what Gwyneth wants you to do:

As always, the rules are simple (but tough). Just say no to: alcohol, caffeine, added sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and nightshades (white, blue, red, and yellow potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant).

You want to keep your digestive system moving, so drink plenty of water (hot water in the morning is key), and think about kicking the week off with a colonic—they definitely get things going. We also try to get to the spa for a handful of treatments: Anything that gets the lymphatic system moving is clutch, and IR saunas are particularly great (and effective) as sweat is one of our body’s most effective means for flushing toxins.

Jesus christ.

Gwyneth provides helpful links to her quack buddy Dr. Junger's website, where you can buy a 21 day supply of powdered shakes in chocolate and vanilla flavors for $425.

She also enlists the help of two guys who are not doctors and are largely considered quacks in the scientific community to scare you with a bunch of junk science.

NPR investigated the efficacy of detoxing diets, and the prevailing opinion in the medical community is that it's bullshit and snake oil, since your organs can detoxify your body without the aid of a specialized diet (provided you don't have some sort of blockage, and a diet isn't going to fix that -- you need to see a doctor, okay).

Also, the Mayo Clinic cautions that colon cleansing, as GOOP recommends, increases your risk of dehydration and infection, depletes your electrolytes, and could PERFORATE YOUR FUCKING BOWELS.


ONTD, do you have obstructions in your bowels?

'Selma' will be shown for free in Selma, Alabama

Variety is currently reporting that starting next Friday the Selma Walton Theater will be playing Ava DuVernay's Golden Globe nominated Selma free of charge.

Oprah, speaking on behalf of the producers, was quoted as saying "With deep gratitude to the people of Selma, Alabama, we are proud to share this powerful film depicting the historic events that took place there 50 years ago."

Selma also opens nationwide on January 9th.

Source: Variety

Leigton Meester continues to disappoint Gossip Girl fans by being awesome

She has lovely things to say about Tim McGraw and feminism, as well!

After asking the young female fans of Gossip Girl to not model their relationships after the domestic violence-tinged Chuck/Blair, Meester proceeds to shed more blood by upsetting the five people who still genuinely care about the teen soap (they seriously called her a rude bitch and turd over it, lol). In an interview with Wild Country 97.1, Meester doesn't even entertain the thought of a reunion -- a simple "Nope!" was all she had to say about it. Other highlights from the interview:

While being baited by the interviewers to agree it was 'absurd' that Tim McGraw owns an island: "He's a very hard-working man so I say he deserves it."

Does she consider herself a feminist: "Yeah, it shouldn't be some sort of sensational news item, it's something I think all people should say about themselves."

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Sources: 1 | 2
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The Story Behind Kanye West & Paul McCartney's "Only One"

So basically they were working together in a bungalow in LA in early 2k14. Sir Paul was on the keyboards and Kanye was vocally sketching and shaping ideas in a stream-of-consciousness riff, as you do.

So they're all gathered around, and suddenly Ye—bb Nori on his lap—finds himself singing “Hello, my only one . . . ” but apparently he has NO recollection whatsoever of uttering those words, so in that moment, it was all clear: his late mother, Donda West—mentor, confidante, best friend—spoke through him. “My mom was singing to me, and through me to my daughter,” he said, astonished.

And apparently 'Kanye' means 'only one' so then everyone came to the realisation that a powerful message had been passed down through generations.


JLo won't do a Vegas residency after all but Mariah will?


-Although Caesars Entertainment would love for Jenny to perform a 30-show per year residency, the good sis JLo is simply asking for too much money, making it "impossible" for a Vegas residency to become reality at this point. One exec had this to say: “There’s no way the numbers can work out for a residency with just 4,000 seats. She’s an arena act now, but hopefully one day she’ll see the advantages of staying put in one place for less money than touring,”.
-Thus as of now there are no official plans to bring JLo to the Vegas strip for any extended period of time. There are plans however to bring her once-rival diva, Mariah Carey to town.
-The latest rumor is that in two weeks, Caesars will announce the five-time Grammy winner as the new headliner of the iconic Colosseum venue. No confirmation yet as to whether Mariah will act as a substitute for Celine Dion, the previous headliner of the Colosseum, who has taken a break from performing choosing to be with her ailing husband instead.

Source: http://www.lasvegassun.com/vegasdeluxe/2015/jan/01/fireworks-celebrities-galore-jennifer-lopez-light-/

Michael Sam shares the ups and downs of his relationship


-Chronicles his relationship as he came out of the closet.
-At first he didn't like his current boyfriend Vito, and didn't talk to him at all for the first two years that the two knew each other.
-They started dating after Sam became close to the university swim team, which Vito was apart of.
-When Sam was closeted Vito would sneak in and out of his apartment through the window.

Source: https://twitter.com/HuffPostOWN

ONTD have you ever been in a closeted relationship? Did it work?

"Taylor has always been her own manager", says Taylor's old manager

Now that Taylor Swift became one of the biggest superstars of the generation, her old manager gave an interview in which he talks about Taylor's work ethic and the control she has over her own career.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

- She takes time to meet every fan.
He told Swift if she wanted to sell 500,000 albums, she’d need to meet 500,000 people. "One of the things that Taylor is insistent upon is that they’re not rushed," Barker told Pollstar at the time. “You know, they obviously can’t spend five or 10 minutes individually but she never wants to make them feel like it’s a cattle call."
Even then, Swift would sign for nearly four hours after a show was done. "One time, they shut down the venue and we brought everyone outside,” Barker said. “I held a flashlight to her face so people’s camera phones would work. There were 300 people lined up. If she starts something, she doesn’t stop until it’s completely finished.
“Basically they leave there with that picture, that autograph, that memory and they share it with everybody that they know. If they have a bad experience with it, they share the same thing.”

- He doesn't take any credit for her career.
 "I don't take any credit for Taylor's success. She hasn't changed her strategy from the first day she and I sat in my red Suburban, along with her mom, and started our radio tour in San Diego. She told me, “I want to be the biggest star in the world.” Her strategy was to go out and meet as many people as she possibly could. She says in the liner notes of her first CD, “Everything I learned about radio I learned in the back seat of Rick's truck. I'm so proud of her for staying true to who she is and staying true to her plan."

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Read the entire interview at the source.

Want to have a private JLo concert? It's gonna cost ya! + More!


-Jenny from the block is pulling nearly $2 million for private concerts! According to the latest gossip,Jennifer got a cool $1.75 million for a 40-minute long private concert just before Thanksgiving.
-This is how it all went down: "She had a deal to give a 40-minute performance for a family of casino magnates. Several hundred thousand dollars were paid up front, just for J Lo's travel expenses. Her team [also] requested more than 20 rooms, including one VIP suite for her, in a five-star hotel for up to three nights."

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S1: http://www.classicalite.com/articles/14165/20141231/jennifer-lopez-hbo-marc-anthony-divorce-dance-again-documentary.htm
S2: https://www.youtube.com/user/Macho71087/videos
S3: http://instagram.com/breatheheavycom/

NEW TRACK feat. Kanye, Rihanna, and that old british boybander "gonna drop soon"

Apparently local RnB act Ty Dolla $ign is on it as well, since he's the one spilling to Billboard Magazine

He gives very little info outside of the fact it exists, its coming soon, and that a video has already been shot. Rih and Ye were pictured leaving a New York studio in maching boots a couple of weeks ago so they were probably filming it then. All Of The Lights 2.0 is on the way y'all.