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Gung Hay Fat Choy!

More on the sex scandal!

Edison's lame ass apology.  It's in English:

Stories under the cut, no photos

'Edison's Conquests' Sex Photos - Dozens More Leaked

7 February 2008
Alex Au

The sex photo scandal that has rocked Hong Kong and implicated celebrities, including Edison Chen (陳冠希), Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐), Bobo Chan (陳文媛) and Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝), intensified today, as dozens more sexually explicit photos turned up on the internet and spread like wildfire.

A few dozen of the latest images are purportedly screengrabs from a video of Edison giving Gillian oral sex and appear to be part of the same set as those that appeared last week. Several of the images show the woman returning the favour and giving the man a blowjob.

A few dozen photos are purportedly of Edison receiving oral sex from Bobo. They seem to be from the same set as an image that was leaked last week.

A few photos are purportedly of Cecilia in sexually suggestive poses and of her giving Edison oral sex, and appear to be taken at the same time as those previously leaked.

The leaked photos purportedly of Gillian now number approximately 60, purportedly of Bobo approximately 49 and purportedly of Cecilia approximately 18.

Another celebrity, Yu Chiu (趙頌茹), is purported to appear in some of the photos.

There are also dozens of photos of unidentified women, some purportedly involved in sex acts with Edison.

Netizens rumoured that an internet user with the online alias "Kira" is the source of the leaks.

Kira was quoted as writing with the latest leak of photos that he will be releasing an Edison and Gillian sex tape shortly: "video will coming out soon... 32 mins video of E & G".

Kira seemed to be playing a game of catch me if you can with Hong Kong police. He was quoted as writing: "I am not in hk, so i dun give a sh*t".

The latest photos surfaced despite the police activity this past week, which included the arrests of eight people and the raid of a computer shop.

Edison Chen Dumped From Movie

6 February 2008
Gerry Ho

Edison Chen (陳冠希) had his scenes in an upcoming movie pulled yesterday, as a result of the recent sex photos scandal that has implicated him and famale celebrities, including Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐), Bobo Chan (陳文媛), Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) and Yu Chiu (趙頌茹).

Columbia Pictures announced that its film Jump <跳出去>, a joint production with Stephen Chow (周星馳)'s company Star Overseas, which was due for release 1 May, has now been put back until 1 October. The Hong Kong-made film was to star Edison alongside Kitty Zhang (張雨綺).

Stephen, who is currently out of town, has yet to comment.

A spokesperson for Star Overseas confirmed that some scenes from the movie are to be reshot, but did not say whether or not the actor to be replaced is Edison.

Director Stephen Fung (馮德倫) confirmed that he had received the news from Star Overseas. He said that he now awaits the return of Stephen Chow and the arrival of a Columbia Pictures representative, so they can recast. He added that he was completely satisfied with the professionalism of all actors who had worked on the film. However, he refused to comment on the scandal involving Edison.

My mum thinks this is horrible.  I was talking to her about it at dinner a few days ago and she told me that Nicolas Tse, Cecilia Cheung's husband, is now demanding a paternity test for their son, Lucas.  As much as this is the women's fault, who the hell takes a laptop full of nekked celebs and doesn't expect the computer guys to jack his porn?

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