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Danity Kane Welcomes You to the Dollhouse

NEW ALBUM: Welcome to the Dollhouse
In Stores Tuesday March 18, 2008

TRL ~ February 4, 2008

With O-Town gone, and Da Band a distant memory, Danity Kane stands as the sole success story of the MTV ‘Making the Band’ series. Selling over one million copies of their self-titled debut album and a stellar buzz off their new single ‘Damaged,” the ‘Princesses of Bad Boy’ are putting themselves in a great position to achieve the ultimate goal Mr. Diddy has set for them: to become the most successful female R&B of all-time.

In a period where the music industry is as inconsistent as Britney Spear’s personality, Danity Kane has found a way to fill the void that En Vouge, SWV, and Destiny’s Child all left vacant. Under the careful guidance of the ultimate perfectionist, Diddy, the all-girl quintet has seen the likes of celebrity with very little negative feedback, if any at all; something their ‘Dream’ predecessors never experienced. With two successful seasons of their MTV reality show making them a household name, and a new season underway, Danity Kane preps their sophomore project to clear any doubt that they are worthy of all the attention their boss gives them.

With a new look and new attitude, the bad girls of Bad Boy collectively laugh in the face of the phrase: ‘sophomore slump.’

single cover! available for purchase on itunes NOW

The new Danity Kane album comes out March 18 and is titled "Welcome to the Dollhouse." The lead single for the album will be Damaged and is available on itunes for $0.99.

Episodes every monday at 10pm on MTV
Ninth & Tenth Episode: March 22nd (Saturday)
10th episode will be LIVE ON MTV

sauce: therundown, youtube, dk myspace, danitykane.nu, & myself

i was really mad at diddy for doing such shitty publicity on the first album and i thought they would suffer o-towns fate but they are back and showstoppinnnnnnn~
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