December 29th, 2014

Undercover Boss offers one employee breast implants and fires another for not wearing a bikini on TV

The ending of an episode of Undercover Boss is usually full of swelling music, sob stories and a ton of emotional manipulation as more often than not lives are changed. The most recent episode of the reality series proved to be a little different and sent Twitter users into a frenzy.

The series, which used to feature companies like 7-Eleven, DirecTV, Subway, MGM Grand and even the Chicago Cubs, recently did an episode about Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill. Never heard of it? It's probably because all eight restaurants - scratch that, breastaurants (a term the owner had copyrighted) - are located in Texas.

During the episode a waitress named Grace expressed that she would like to have breast implants and during the end of the episode, which in the past has had bosses provide college educations to their employee's children, pay off medical bills and even make an hourly employee a business partner, Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill CEO Doug Guller offered Grace breast implants if she steps up her game in the next six months.

In the same episode Guller fired another employee in part because she was uncomfortable with wearing wearing a bikini top on screen. While she had no issue with wearing her uniform to work on a daily basis she was apparently uneasy with appearing in it on national television, which Guller seemed to find unacceptable.

Since airing yesterday a Facebook group against the company formed as well as a petition on to get CBS to apologize for the episode.

Source: The Wrap

Kaley Cuoco goes on Instagram to deny nose job rumors

For those haters out there who are gonna hate hate hate no matter what, let me inform you that I have not been able to breath through my nose like a normal human being in years. This surgery is changing my life. With that being said , if I DID get a nose job , (which I didn't) I would be shouting that from the rooftops as well

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Source: Kaley's Instagram
She talked about how getting breast implants at 18 was one of the best decisions she ever made so I don't know why people would think she was lying about this.

BEST OF 2014: Couples/Hook-Ups [RESULTS]

I'm bringing you the results of my last flop post. A lot of couples were desqualified because they didn't start dating or hooked-up this year, so if yours received a lot of votes and isn't here that's why. Feel free to go OT here, and have a good week!
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7 Shocking Movie Moments of 2014

WARNING: There will be NUMEROUS spoilers for 6 other 2014 FILMS under the cut. This one is outside of the cut because everyone knows it.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Hail Hydra

The moment when the audience finds out that Hydra has infiltrated SHIELD is not only a shocking one, but changes everything about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most likely leading to Age of Ultron and Civil War. This deviation from comic canon allowed the Russos to craft one of Marvel's best movies, and focus on powerful themes about morality, security, and the police state. It also spawned a meme.

Another warning: The will be MAJOR spoilers for the Lego Movie, Gone Girl, Snowpiercer, Interstellar, Jay Nice Cat Moking Part 1, Interstellar, and Birdman. Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled.
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SOURCE: Me+tumblr for gifs

ONTD, what were your favorite films/moments in film of 2014?

Watch Joy-Anna... yes you read that right Joy-Anna, Duggar lift 145lbs while wearing a skirt

Jessa Duggar (actually Seewald now but whatever) recently went on Instgram to proudly post a picture of her 17 year old sister Joy-Anna parallel squatting 145 lbs. Joy-Anna does this while wearing a skirt with sweatpants underneath because apparently even while exercising the Duggar girls must always wear skirts.

In other news rumors are spreading that Jessa, who got married on November 1st, is already pregnant. Several sources, including The Examiner are speculating this as she's recently started posting videos of fast food onto social media, she hasn't posted any pictures of herself that show her body in several weeks, and of course because she's a Duggar and her older sister Jill who was married in mid-June is due in March.

Source 1 and 2

Did Vin Diesel just confirme that he's an Inhuman?

Yesterday, Vin Diesel used the above picture as his cover image on Facebook, starting rumors once again that he will play another character on the MCU: Black Bolt.

This isn't the first time he has teased his fans about the potential role, having posted a comment on his Facebook page last August stating that Marvel thought he was an inhuman, months before an official annoucement about an “Inhumans” film was made.

He changed his cover image hours later, but that didn't stop the speculation. If this turns out to be true, then he clearly isn't just Groot.

sources: his facebook page + the cover image + my words & imagination

ONTD, do you aprove of Vin as Black Bolt?
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Blind items are probably all fake but at least these are about nice things

1. This singer is A list. Usually is A+ and probably will be again next month. Although she made a lot of money last year, her giving was still pretty huge. She gave $2M to four different missions ($500K each) who provide health services to people in Central American countries. Apparently she did the same thing last year helping organizations in Africa. source

2. This A+ list singer had another great year and ended it on a kindness which is really nice. She gave each of her employees a Christmas bonus which matched their entire annual salary.

3. This B- list foreign born actor does a mix of television and movies and also other things. He is extremely versatile although his Golden Globe nomination/win did come from television. He has also been very upfront about his mental illness and makes it a point to respond by phone and e-mail to any person who writes him and is having their own issues with mental illness. The guy spends a ton of time helping others.

4. This foreign born singer with the magical voice and a very good 2014 made sure that at each of his tour stops this year that sick kids in the hospital also had a better year. He spends time at a children's hospital in every city he plays.

my guesses:
1. Katy Perry
2. T Swift or Beyoncé
3. Sounds like Hugh Laurie or Stephen Fry but smh @ either of them being B-list
4. Ed Sheeran

source: CDAN, a website I haven't thought about since 2009
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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: You Were an Hour Late

This week on RHOA:

-Claudia was visited by her mom and grandma. Grandma was HILARIOUS and clearly auditioning for her spinoff with Aunt Bertha and Aunt Nora; "Golden Gurls - Atlanta."
-Kenya looked at office space (lord knows what for) and continued to thirst over BobRoger/MichaelJohn whatever his name is. Kenya acts like she's shading Demetria but really she's just mad that Roger was willing to claim Demetria, meanwhile the only man claiming her is her unpaid intern Brandon.
-Nene, Porsha, Kenya, and Cynthia met up to quash their beef. Nene continued to be rude and nothing of substance was accomplished.
-Ayden continued to be the saving grace of Phaedra's scenes.


Tune in next week to see Peter blow what's left of Cynthia's money.
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Cyndi Posey Passes Away

Anyone who's been keeping up with Tyler Posey knows just how much this boy loved his mama. He recently honored her as his hero on the AOL series "Zoe Saldana's My Hero." And who can forget this special moment:

A few weeks ago, rumors started going around about Cyndi passing away, and Tyler took a break from social media while thanking his fans for their support. Yesterday, the rumors were confirmed when her obituary was posted online.

We're gonna miss you, Mama Posey. :(

Bollywood's 'PK' is North America's highest-grossing foreign language film of 2014

- The Aamir Khan starrer became the highest-grossing foreign language film of 2014 in North America (USA + Canada), claiming US$7.91 million after only 10 days.

- Before PK opened, this year's highest grosser was the Mexican "Catinflas"

- In India, PK has already made US$51.6 million and entered the 200 crore club; overseas collections total US$17.8 million dollars

- The story revolves around an alien who lands in India with a mission to study life on Earth. When the device that allows him to communicate with his spaceship is stolen, he sets out to find it while attempting to blend in. Ultimately, he heads to Delhi where he asks innocent questions that hold a deep and valuable meaning about the belief system that humans have created to reach God.

- The film has generated controversy among different religious groups in India


Guess we have a late addition to the list of people who owned 2014 in Bollywood
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Is Stella still in the sausagefest that is FFXV?

Stella Nox Fleuret hasn't made an appearance in Final Fantasy XV trailers since 2013 - instead, focus has shifted to a new female character, Luna, and fans have wondered why?

At Comic Fiesta in Malaysia, a fan asked lead game designer Wan Hazmer whether or not Stella is still in Final Fantasy XV. According to Nova Crystallis:

Hazmer apparently laughed, with a shake of his head before replying, "No comment."

And there you have it.

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Justin Bieber -- Private Jet Poser

- Justin originally instagrammed himself on the jet and captioned it "New jet for Christmas, and she's beautiful" however sources connected with the aircraft tell TMZ it was just charted for a Christmas flight from Canada to NYC and not purchased by Biebs
- The 1996 G4 is currently on sale if any of you are interested
fixed the source mods!

For the 5 of you that watched: The Comeback Se(ries?)ason Finale + Lisa Kudrow Shades Film

Last night HBO aired the Season 2 finale of The Comeback and viewers were surprised when Valerie chose to leave the Emmy's as she rushed to her dear friend Mickey's side in the hospital. Kristin Dos Santos from E! spoke to Lisa after viewing the finale.

Dos Santos: Lisa, I hope you feel very proud. The finale was amazing and I had such an emotional reaction to it. I cried off all my makeup when I watched it.

"Aww, thank you. Me too! I know! And I shot it! The very end, once that music starts. I thought I'm never going to stop crying, I don't know what I'm ever going to do. It was a release."

Dos Santos: There are some subtle and not so subtle messages throughout this season about how Hollywood treats women, and how they are treated as either whores or furniture. Do you think all that has gotten better?

"In TV, definitely. There have always been roles for women in TV. And women who are the leads of shows. Always. In TV."

On the scenes with Kellan Lutz:

"It was so uncomfortable to watch, right?! And how do you not like her for saying, ‘Well, I'm married'?"


loved the finale. oop @ Lisa shading film, drag them
star wars | father and son.

Cetacean experts concerned about orca star of "Blackfish"

Orca experts are concerned about the worrying condition of Tilikum, the infamous killer whale who was responsible for the 2012 death of trainer Dawn Brancheau at Sea World Orlando. He has been spending the majority of his time "logging" or floating at the surface of the water, and experts are concerned that, desspite of a steady diet of fish, Tilikum may be suffering from "peanut head," caused by loss of blubber. It can be a sign of severe weight loss to the point of starvation.

  • Tilikum lives in a back pool at Sea World Orlando with his grandson, 9-year-old Trua, secluded away from the other whales, in particular the dominant females. Tilikum spends most of the day floating lethargically at or near the surface of his tank.

  • Tilikum and Trua are sometimes brought out for the big splash segment of Sea World's One Ocean show. During a show in December 2014, as seen in the video below, Tilikum ignored his cues and swam over to a gate near the show pool where he bobbed in the water for several minutes, occasionally calling to another whale on the other side (his granddaughter Nalani)

  • Tilikum did not participate in an afternoon show the same day, continuing to float listlessly in the back pool. His dorsal fin is so flopped over that it almost makes his body look like a straight line down his back.

    [video under the spoiler text]

    article summary by me, read more at source/video source

    sorry about the link fail mods!
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    Chris Evans Surprises Young Fan Battling Cancer In Boston

    Kenny Botting is a young nine-year old fighting a brain tumor and recently had surgery in September. For the past three weeks he has been staying at Christopher's Haven, a place that provides a home away from home for kids with cancer. His favorite superhero is Captain America and Chris Evans, who also helps out the charity Christopher's Haven, drops by at the apartment for a surprise visit. He took pictures with Kenny, as well as give him gifts and autographs and then proceeded to have fun with him by having a tour of the apartment building pillow forts, and to top it all off Kenny lives the dream of many Chris Evans' fans: he ties him to a chair.

    “It’s their strength that gives me strength. No matter what hurdles are in my life it’s nothing compared to what these families go through, so any way I can bring a smile it’s worth it,” Chris Evans said.

    Kenny could not stop smiling. “I am more than happy. I just want to say thank thanks for coming,” Botting said.

    Reworded by me + Watch video here
    Tim Tebow: 2014 CMA Red Carpet

    RHOA's Porsha Williams Arrested Again!

    Real Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Williams was arrested for driving on a suspended license and doing 78MPH in a 55MPH Zone. She was booked on both charges and a bail of $1,728.00 was set.

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    TMZ's Twitter The Shade Room's Insta

    Pakistani officials furious over ‘Homeland’

    Homeland continues being its messy trainwreck self as Pakistani officials, according to the New York Post, slam the show for portraying their country as 'an ugly, ignorant, terror-plagued “hellhole.”'

    They also brought their complaints against the show's producers which ultimately fell on deaf ears.

    One source is reported as saying: “Islamabad is a quiet, picturesque city with beautiful mountains and lush greenery... In ‘Homeland,’ it’s portrayed as a grimy hellhole and war zone where shootouts and bombs go off with dead bodies scattered around. Nothing is further from the truth.”

    The show's Islamabad scenes were actually filmed in Cape Town, South Africa.

    Pakistani sources also complained that the languages used on the show were largely inaccurate, and criticised the characters' English which was too American, and the Urdu, which was not spoken in the local accent and at times used words which were out of place or unnecessary.

    Their biggest and most serious complaint was that Homeland portrayed Pakistan as an undemocratic country which sided with terrorists.

    “Repeated insinuations that an intelligence agency of Pakistan is complicit in protecting the terrorists at the expense of innocent Pakistani civilians is not only absurd but also an insult to the ultimate sacrifices of the thousands of Pakistani security personnel in the war against terrorism [.....] “ ‘Homeland’ makes it seem that Pakistan has contempt for Americans and its values and principles. That is not true.” a source said.

    Read more about this mess at the Source. Words by me.

    lol I hope Raza Jaffrey doesn't return next season cos I definitely won't force myself to sit through more mess and the Carrie/Quinn soap opera
    Ni Ni

    Best in Korean Dramas 2014 by Dramabeans editors

    Tis the season of lists. Here's one for the K-drama lovers of ONTD.

    1 2

    LIAR GAME totally rocked my world this year. Finished in a day. TvN overall has been churning out some of my all-time favorites. What were your highlights?
    elementary - otp

    No shit, Sherlock: LGBT people are whiter, male-er, and richer on TV than IRL

    Buzzfeed’s stats where primetime broadcast shows for 2014 are concerned:

    * Of the 62 main/recurring LGBT characters, 56% were men and 47% were gay white men.
    * 16 of the 62 characters (approx. 25%) were POC. IRL, ~33% of LGBT Americans are POC.
    * LGBT characters on television skew richer than LGBT Americans IRL.
    * Buzzfeed says that there were no transgender characters on broadcast television in 2014. (Isn’t Unique on Glee transgender? idr if she was on any 2014 episodes.)


    Nina Burns from America's Next Top Model stars in music video about suicide, nearly dies

    During the making of the video "I Fall" by rock band Precious Child, Nina Burns from America's Next Top Model (cycle 20) fell gravely ill and contracted pneumonia due to swimming in cold water for several hours during the shoot. In the video, Burns artfully portrays the role of a woman bent on self destruction. Unfortunately and ironically, her lungs ended up a little worse for the wear because of the shoot.

    ONTD: Do models have it rough?

    Source: Me(friends with the band)
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    Crispy and James get some awards, look HOT while doing so

    Some people invented the "Globe Soccer Awards" a couple years ago ( Wiki ) and the 2014 edition was held today @ Dubai. The winners were:

    Best Player of The Year - Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid C.F.)
    MARCA Fan's Favorite Player of the Year - Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid C.F.)
    Best Agent of the Year - Jorge Mendes
    Player Career Award - Filippo Inzaghi
    Best Coach of the Year - Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid C.F.)
    Best Media Attraction in Football - Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid C.F.)
    Best Club of the Year - Real Madrid C.F.
    Best President of the Year - Florentino Pérez (Real Madrid C.F.)
    Best Revelation Player of the Year - James Rodríguez (Real Madrid C.F.)
    Best Referee of the Year - Nicola Rizzoli (Italy)
    Best Media Executive - Riccardo Silva (Italy)

    Basically, everyone attending tomorrow's friendly between Real Madrid and AC Milan.
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    reiwa aya
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    Ayumi Hamasaki scores 50th top-ten single, makes history

    The Empress of Jpop made history this week with her latest single "Zutto... / Last minute / Walk" which became her fifthieth single to enter the top ten. Hamasaki, whose first top ten hit, "Trust", dates back to 1998, is the first solo act to achieve this feat since the inception of the Oricon charts in 1968.

    Trailing behind the half-deaf, half-relevant chanteuse are Kumi Koda with 46 top-ten singles and Gackt with 44. In the groups category, Morning Musume. still leads with 57, followed by SMAP with 53.



    ONTD Original : Celebrities Making Appearances in Music Videos

    "She's Got Issues" by The Offspring. Off there
    studio album Americana in 1998. The video shows a usual workday of a young adult woman played by Zooey Deschanel and the things in her everyday life, that she finds disturbing or annoying.

    In 2005 we saw Alexis Bledel star as a worn out party girl in Less Then Jakes music video for there single "She's Gonna Break Soon"
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    What other favorite music videos have you fav celebs made guest apperances in that you have enjoyed?