December 13th, 2014


J. Cole spits some knowledge and keeps it real in in depth conversation with Angie Martinez

  • Be Free performance on Letterman was one of the most important things he's ever done. Made him nervous because it was the first time he was doing the song live, new verse was added at the last minute, and the song came from such an intense frame of mind he wasn't sure he'd be able to tap into. Re-watched Eric Garner video to bring out that emotion, when he was done he could tell it really resonated with Letterman, his band, and the audience even though 97% of them were white.

  • Has always tried to be politically correct during his career but realized by not saying how he really felt he was doing himself and the people a disservice.

  • TPTB love keeping everyone so distracted, occupied, and consumed with ourselves that we fight and stand for nothing while they just milk and molest the world. Capitalism is teaching us to have an every man for themself mentality.

  • Mainstream news media isn't set up to inform and tell the truth, its all about making money and getting those advertisement dollars.

  • "Fire Squad" was reduced by blogs into a headline of him dissing the culture vultures of hip-hop. The verse is really just him making an observation of how black culture and music is continuously taken over and commercialized with white artists, who the system capitalizes off of and celebrates because its easier to sell them to the masses.

  • Brings up Jazz as an example: at its origin and height it was a purely black form of music. When he recently went to the genre page on ITunes to find new music, 99% of the artists featured were white. The same take over happened with rock n roll, rnb, and now we're seeing it be done to hip-hop. Places blame mostly on the system and not the artists.

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Woo lord, stay woke and wake the rest of these idiots up Jermaine. Album is fire and projected to do 340k+ and is in stores now, go cop it on ITunes or go give the good sir some streaming points on Spotify.

Bianca Del Rio, Sharon Needles & Other Drag Stars Reveal Their Best Putdowns


Bianca Del Rio

“I won’t do an album. There are enough fucking drag queens singing and dancing who shouldn’t be doing it because they suck. Rihanna, Britney Spears…”

(To someone else who seemed distant) “You’re probably the one fag that voted for Courtney Act!”

(To some other weirdie) “You’re sitting alone? Another piece of the puzzle. Shocking!”

(To a woman in the crowd) “I know her! She has one tittie bigger than the other, so when she wears a Bianca shirt, I look like I have a lazy eye, like Gia Gunn!”

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For more gag-worthy quotes go to the source:

Fave Drag Race shades and drags?

tswift gets honored as billboard's woty and aretha sings her happy birthday #goals

-"I’ve taken this year to stand up for my value as a songwriter, as a business woman, and a content creator. I’m very well aware the music industry is changing, and it will continue to change. I’m open to that change and progress. I’m not open to the financial model that is currently in place."
-"Because somewhere right now your future woman of the year is probably sitting in a piano lesson or in a girls choir. Today, right now, we need to take care of her."
-got her superfan to present her the award lol
-ingrid played clean and i died #cleanappreciationclub

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who wants to take bets on how many random celebrities we'll see at tswift's bd party??
furiosa pic
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FX orders comedy pilot for Donald Glover

- FX ordered a pilot for "Atlanta", a comedy starring Donald Glover aspiring to be a rap star
- Glover will write the pilot and exec produce
- “Not only is Donald a very gifted actor, he has achieved tremendous success and acclaim as the musical artist Childish Gambino. He, along with Paul Simms, has a very honest, sometimes serious, and funny perspective on life, the world of rap music and the city of Atlanta.”
- the show will focus on two cousins, and Glover's character will pursue his music ambitions

source: variety
i was just about to say didnt he quit community to focus on his rap career lol 
J-line 💞

Elusively feministic Chanteuse Leighton Meester doesn't want young women looking up to Chuck/Blair

Queen of dream pop Leighton Meester dropped by Dirty Pop Live! With Lance Bass to promote her debut LP Heartstrings (which Idolator and Vice deem as one of the best of 2014!). Chatting to a fan of Gossip Girl, the show that gave her her big break, Meester reflected that though she's appreciative of what it did for her, she didn't want to do the same thing forever. Additionally, she revealed she's in the camp of those who think the identity of Gossip Girl was an afterthought in the writer's room. Finally, the usually diplomatic Meester addressed dating rumors between her co-stars (the show is not real life) and had some disheartening commentary for furniture shippers, "I hope that young women aren't looking at this [Chuck and Blair] and thinking 'I should model my relationships after this' because there was some domestic violence in there."

Listen to the interview (Gossip Girl talk = the last five minutes of the clip) and lovely live performances of Heartstrings and Run Away Collapse )

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5th Muster- Tae

2014 Billboard Women In Music Luncheon (Photos)

Charli XCX

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SOURCES: Just Jared & Contact Music

These aren't from banned sources, so i think this post is good to go?

anyway, who do you think was the best dressed, ontd?

Dear True Music Lovers, the Future Bionic Koons is here

Forget what you know about disability, reality tv show judges and jazz singers, Channel 4 introduces Viktoria Modesta, the world’s first #bionic #artpop artist. Be sure to watch the world's first amputee pop artist as she drags her prosthetic metal spike leg on a glass floor at the end of her "Prototype" music video.

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Dear ONTD, are you an amputee?

CIA torture report casts new pall over Zero Dark Thirty

So... y'all remember when this overrated trash came out and all the white feminists on here got mad if you didn't kiss Bigelow's ass and crown her the New Saviour of Female Directors in Hollywood or some shit. Well they better flex their fingers and polish their keyboards cos some major receipts are about to go down.

As we may all remember, Bigelow and the screenwriter Mark Boal were actually working with the CIA during the development of the script. The CIA had a very big influence over the narrative of the film, and although Boal was allowed to keep some parts of the script in, 90% of the time he was pretty much the CIA's bitch and did whatever they were comfortable with. You can read more in depth about this here.

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For more information on this mess, please visit TIME magazine, the Business Insider, and

I mean, what can you expect from a film that depicted Pakistan citizens speaking Arabic as opposed to Urdu or English, after all. Remember gals, if you want to make it like Bigelow did, work with corrupt institutions and piss off entire nations by depicting them in an ignorant/racist manner, and you'll be set on your way <3

Finally! JLo's Dance Again Tour Special to air on HBO on December 31st!

-Although it was shot back in 2012, there was little talk of the project ever since while the original plans called for a theatrical release, simmilar to Katy's Part of Me 3D.
-But according to a new press release the tour special will now air on HBO on New Year's Eve while it will also simultaneously air on HBO Latino and receive a 24-hour round-the-clock marathon on HBO Zone starting at 10:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve and continuing through New Year’s Day.
-The special will go behind the scenes of Jennifer's first major world tour which visited 65 cities and five continents, travelling 100,000 miles and reaching one million fans, producing 11,250 minutes of music, and requiring 500,000 sequins and 162 wardrobe changes.
-The documentary will feature candid and intimate interviews with JLo herself, her closest friends as well as showing the tour performances.
-JLo had this to say about the project: “I wanted to tell a story, to open myself up to people. The experience was more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. This documentary brings back so many incredible memories and I am so excited to relive the tour, and once again, share these experiences with my fans.”


Let me take you to the club y'all! Official The Heart Wants What it Wants Remixes Bundle

Hollywood Records has released the official remix bundle for the top10 hit "The Heart Wants What it Wants" on iTunes. Which one of the 8 hot remixes is your fave?

OP's picks: Ultimix by Mark Roberts, Cosmic Dawn Remix Edit, Ruff Loaderz Radio Remix, DJ Kue Remix.


Fave remixes?

Diplo, Skrillex, CL, and G-Dragon to release Dirty Vibe MV

G-Dragon has revealed a teaser image for "Dirty Vibe", an upcoming collaboration by Skrillex featuring the two YG Entertainment labelmates and Diplo!

G-Dragon tweeted the above image moments ago along with the message, "#dirtyvibe @Skrillex @diplo @chaelinCL," naming all the artists he's collaborating with for the song. "Dirty Vibe" was originally released in Skrillex' first studio album 'Recess' back in March.

Audio of Dirty Vibe included for your listening pleasure:


it's cool, I'm sure it won't be messy at all

Top Tours of 2014: One Direction no1, Katy Perry top female


-One Direction come in at no1 with a nearly $300 million gross after performing for more than 3.4 million fans throughout 69 shows.
-Justin Timberlake continues as a major touring force with his fifth concert tour grossing more than $200 million. And it's still not over with dates scheduled until January 2015!
-Proving that rock bands still have what it takes to attract big crowds, The Rolling Stones, Eagles and ex-Beattle Paul McCartney all find themselves within the top10.
-Katy Perry is the top female touring act for 2014 with her Prismatic Tour bringing in $108 million from 82 shows. It has to be noted that this is the first tour from Perry to cross the $100 million mark while she also beat touring powerhouses Beyonce, Lady Gaga. Elton John and Bruno Mars.
-Beyonce comes in at no12 on her own with her extended Mrs.Carter World Tour and at no8 with her husband and touring partner Jay-Z in their On The Run Tour.
-Miley Cyrus lands at a relatively lowly no17 with an almost 58 million dollar gross which is however lower than the last tours of Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney Spears and the current tours of Beyonce and Lady Gaga proving that she still has some time before she firmly positions herself in the music touring elite.
-Lady Gaga, although still a big touring attraction, fared averagely this year grossing a little over $80 million with her ArtRave show. For comparison her last tour offering the Born This Way Ball, although cut-short, still grossed $181 million back in 2012.

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Jessie J confirms she's dating R&B singer Luke James

“I think all of us women can agree, you go through so many different types of love growing up. I feel like at this time in my life, I’m nearly 27, I’m a grown woman and I’m famous. I have to deal with that. So I felt like going public, it was like, I love him so why hide it or try and [make it] a secret.”

Read more at JUSTJARED

Who are you dating, ONTD?

Timothy Spall: No ping-pong suit for me

Legendary character actor Timothy Spall, who has appeared in almost every movie ever made, expressed his relief at not having to make like Andy Serkis by wearing a motion-capture suit for Idiotic Flop of a Sequel (officially titled Alice In Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass), in which he'll be reprising his role as Bayard the bloodhound.

"A man of my years [Spall is 57] rolling around in a jumpsuit pretending to be a bloodhound, would have been eccentric to say the least, and embarrassing to say the worst. I leave that to the genius of the animators."

He had to learn to paint for his portrayal of the title role in Mike Leigh's Mr. Turner, and though he hasn't kept up with it, he says, "I do a little bit of doodling. I draw my wife birthday cards and Valentine’s cards. I drew her one [for] her birthday."


He will forever be flawless just for being in one of my favorite films of all time.

What's your favorite Tim Spall role or movie, ONTD?
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More Set Pics of Emma Watson and Daniel Brühl in New Film

Watson and Brühl continue to film in the capitol of Argentina on the set of their new film. The film follows a German couple who get swept up in the Chilean military coup of 1973. It specifically seems to follow Watson's character as she tries to track down her husband (Brühl) who she suspects is being held on the grounds of some cult.

The movie is directed by German filmmaker Florian Gallenberger.

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she still looks like his kid sister
conan white teeth
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SNL Post: Martin Freeman

Scott can&#39;t cope

Effa Manley biopic on the way!!


-an Effa Manley biopic will be directed by Penny Marshall (A League of Their Own, Big)
-Effa Manley (1897-1981) is the first woman inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
-She was referenced in A League of Their Own as the African-American woman who beautifully throws back a stray ball
-Filming will start next year


I'm so excited!! I've always wanted a movie about Effa Manley, my prayers have been answered. I wonder who will be cast!

What's your favourite sport movie/biopic ONTD? rec away!

VS Models In Puerto Rico...And Something Big Is Coming

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They all keep posting #somethingbigiscoming. What project could VS possibly be doing that we haven't already seen before? I think I have an idea...shhh(come in). Also, excuse for a fitness post!