December 7th, 2014

Why burn regular paper when you can burn 24-karat gold

The $4.60-per-single-leaf papers offer a "premium experience" similar to ordering expensive bottles of alcohol, according to Tyga. Fans of the papers include pop star Miley Cyrus.

"Why burn regular paper when you can burn 24-karat gold?" Tyga said.

[Misc.] Poe - Quoth The Raven: LOL

Your New Fave Vampire Movie is Slowly Gaining Traction

"A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” is a wildly inventive Iranian vampire movie that grabs you by the throat with its dark, moody style, pulsating soundtrack and offbeat love story.

Director Ana Lily Amirpour won’t win screenplay of the year honors — the plot and the characters are too thinly drawn — but every frame in this spellbinding pulp flick suggests that she is a filmmaker to watch.

The action centers on a young woman (Sheila Vand, very good) who is dining on the lowlifes (i.e. everyone) of Bad City, a wasteland of empty warehouses and barren streets. The only place with a pulse appears to be the nearby refinery.

When she is not out on the town, our vampire heroine sheds her shroud and listens to ’80s Euro pop in her hipster-like abode. She also develops a thing for a Persian heartthrob (Arash Marandi, also very good) who looks as if he just stepped off the set of “Rebel Without a Cause.”

Influenced by spaghetti Westerns, Jim Jarmusch, comic books, Iranian culture, feminism, techno music and who knows what else, the California-based Amirpour blends this mishmash of elements into something we haven’t quite seen before. She also uses L.A. (quite effectively) as a stand-in for Iran, and opts for black and white photography (kudos to cinematographer Lyle Vincent for his outstanding work).

All this may sound outlandish — and it is — but it’s entertaining and provides the tired vampire genre with a welcome infusion of fresh blood.

Source 1 & 2.

It also features the v gorg Dominic Rains as a sleazy hot drug dealer/pimp. Flavorwire also has an interesting review of the film.
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FurFest (furry convention) Evacuated After Gas Attack


con feed

-while several initial stories used "leak" in the headline, the situation appears to be intentional
-someone put powdered chrlorine in the stairwell
-several attendees were been taken to the hospital
-activities have resumed

i may have made my share of furry jokes, but this is not cool.
eta: i adjusted the headline. but if you've been around ontd this long, and don't know what a furry is, read some comments or let it be in your google search history.

Jack O'Connell for the Observer Magazine


- Jack is back for This is England 90
- He pretty much confirms he is Cara's boyfriend
- Jack also speaks about his "troubled past"
- He is educating himself on classical music and art because his " bubble’s a lot wider now "

'Speak's" 10th Anniversary; Best Tracks On Lindsay Lohan's Debut Album

'Speak's" 10th Anniversary; Best Tracks On Lindsay Lohan's Debut Album
It's been 10 years to the day since Hollywood Icon and Fashion Darling and Our Generation's Elizabeth Taylor, Lindsay Lohan released her landmark R&B album "Speak". The album which included the hits "Rumours", "First" & "Over" soared to multi-platinum status, catupulted Lohan into mega-star territory and made her an R&B/Pop pioneer. So pull up your Xanga page, plug in your Sidekick 2 because in celebration for the 10th Anniversary we countdown 'Speak's' five best tracks.

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Favorite teen-pop song of the 00's?
Source: Lindsay's Instagram My words, Youtube

Tika Sumpter set to play the First Lady in an Obama romance film

The film is being pitched as "before sunset" style. Currently titled - 'Southside With You', it will tell the story of Barack and Michelle Obama's first date. During the date, they took a long walk, visited the Art Institute, and saw Spike Lee’s film Do the Right Thing. Tika Sumpter will play Michelle (obvs), the search is still on for who will play Barack.

rih side eye

Chris Brown Continues To Be Messy On Instagram, Remains A Racist Fuckboy...

He recently posted this pic of him clean shaven with the caption "Cut this Chinese pussy hair off my face. Lol" It seems like he's since deleted, but some cryptic tweets remain:


he's the absolute worst, i swear...hope karruche doesn't go back this time. do you think they'll get back together, ontd?
Ron/Hermione hands

Best of 2014 chosen by Boston Online Film (Snowpiercer), Boston Society of Film Critics (Boyhood)

The winners of the Boston Online Film Critics Association and Boston Society of Film Critics awards for 2014 were chosen. Snowpierecer won for online, while won for society. Full lists below.

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LA Film Critics and NY Online critics choices are happening now:

Pleased to see that the supporting actor Oscar will probably go to one of two amazing actors (Ed Norton or JK Simmons fighting it out)

Tay Tay with Underwear Model at Gay Bar in WeHoe

The good sis Taylor Lautner was spotted at the Abbey in West Hollywood with Andrew Christian model Murray Swanby this past Thursgay.

Swanby instagramed the photo with the caption:

Ugh @official_taylorlautner #taylorlautner.. I've never been more #attracted to someone in my life.. #husbands??! Hahaha half kidding #hotstraightguy #twilight #hotguys #fuck #TouchhimThursdays

tay sis... it gets better


Youtuber Zoella's New Book Beats JK Rowling Sales Record

- Apparently for a debut book, Zoella's book outsold both JK Rowling's and Dan Brown's debuts.
- She's broken the record for the highest first week sales for a debut author, selling nearly 80,000 copies.
- And also she's been accused of using a ghostwriter, and her publisher has admitted that she "did not write the book on her own". (Not that that's anything nobody didn't know already)

Have any of you bought Zoella's new book, ONTD?

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Source 2:
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NEW MUSIC: Teairra Mari - Deserve (prod. by Yung Berg)

Fresh off of last week’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” season finale Teairra Mari has dropped her new single "Deserve" produced by her co-star Young Berg. The recording of this low-key bop was heavily featured on this season of the VH1 hit. It features lyrics directed at Teairra's on/off boyfriend Ray-J.


scheming on the low, creeping on the low
Heavenly Sword

Unnecessary 1D Update(s).

Summary: They sing Steal My Girl and sound good and look alive. We take our victories where we can when it comes to them. Always here for Nile's struggle vocals. Let's not talk about RataLouis™ (this term belongs to someone else, please come claim it!).

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I don't know, this song is catchy af and I use it as my alarm, tbh. But can they end this and give Night Changes the chance to permeate through our senses collectively?

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ONTD, will you please sign my petition to end the continued travesty of Zen's hair?
Also is it gonna be Girl Almighty or Stockholm Syndrome No Control that gets that SNL promo?
Prune juice

Stephen Rea on The Crying Game’s Surprise Penis

It wasn’t shocking to do. I’m sure everybody that does love scenes tells you: All you’re thinking about is the camera position. So it looks pretty shocking in the movie but it wasn’t shocking to do. The shock for me was when Neil Jordan — before I’d even read a script — I had dinner with him and he said, "Do you want to do this movie?" And he explained the whole story to me, and then says, "And then they go back to her apartment and she undresses and she’s a guy." I immediately said, "I’ll do it," because I was aware of what the impact of it was. But it was quite daring at the time. I must say, I don’t think I’d ever seen a penis on a screen before.

Somebody said to me, "Look, no matter if [Dil was] a guy or a girl, if this guy was in love with you, why was his penis not erect?" Of course the thing was, you wouldn’t be allowed an erect penis [on film]. You were allowed a penis, but not an erect penis. A lot of men will tell you, sadly, it isn’t always erect when it’s supposed to be [laughs], but anyway, that’s just a technicality. Most people were just shocked at the presence of the penis, not whether or not it was aroused.

Ron by the fire

BOYHOOD wins best picture at both LA & NY Online film critics awards


Teen Wolf's #2 Mom is Problematic

Teen Wolf parent, killed off in s2, Eaddy Mays is just as messy as ONTD fav Ian Bohen, only this time instead of women, it regards the POC actors on the show that have been killed. Also, this has been going on since sometime in October during the questioning about the women/POC characters being killed off on the show.

  • Fan questioned her about how she felt about the women/POC specifically getting killed off on the show at a convention

  • Eaddy was like "w/e man, shit  happens -- not Jeff's friend though. I'm not defending anyone... but I'm totally defending Jeff"

  • Eaddy sent the fan an ask, stating this: But here's the thing: "Jeff's not my "friend" he was my boss. So many are blaming him for the death of young females & it's simply not accurate. And calling into question my care & concern for young women is also based on misinformation..." (then who killed everyone bro?)

  • She then made a post on her tumblr using a MLK quote, and how she is willing to take this anonymous fan to court due to spreading lies, ~abusing~ her nonexistant image and threatening her online/offline (to which there is no real knowledge of it)

src, src

mods, Eaddy's tumblr is her official tumblr. The other is the fan who she sent messages to and is threatening to take to court if she doesn't stop

ontd: have you been personally victimized by Eaddy May's or anyone else from Teen Wolf?

Hayley Williams in Billboard Magazine

And you can see the pics here:

sorry mods, I took out the pics

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Is Olivia Munn a lucky charm & Aaron Rodgers surprises Tony from Milwaukee College Prep


- Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are on a hot streak
- Olivia Munn has a history of leading her boyfriends to victory: see NHL player Brad Richards seven point streak and the Ranger's six wins in a row before she dumped him
- PhD psychologists says it boosts athlete's ego to have a pretty girlfriend
- This theory doesn't always work: see Tom Brady & Gisele and Jessica & Tony Romo backlash
- Keeping their relationship relatively private may help keep Aaron focused, read more about this theory and the science of a hot girlfriend at the source


Aaron Rodgers and David Gruber partner for season three of This year Aaron and David are highlighting three amazing organizations who are doing big things for a lot of people. In this episode Aaron surprises Tony and three of his former students from Milwaukee College Prep.
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Former Oklahoma running back Brennan Clay outs his wife for cheating on him with Cowboy running back DeMarco Murray
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NFL post? ONTD have you ever been the hot girl/boyfriend? how are your NFL (and fantasy) teams doing, what are your playoff hopes? etc, etc.

source one, source two, source three

“The Newsroom,” UVA, And Our “Moral Obligation” To Believe Alleged Rapists

- Campus rape storyline and mansplaining on tonight's episode of The Newsroom
- In other related news, the Rolling Stone completely effed over the UVA rape victim. Some conservative blog may have released her real name and home address :\ I'm fuming. People are taking "discrepancies in her story" to mean she fabricated the whole thing.


Newsroom Writer Says She Was ‘Kicked Out of the Room’ Over Rape Subplot

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Canadian Comic Receives Death Threats


(Montreal) Quebec comedian Sugar Sammy performed under police protection at Sherbrooke University Thursday night after a death threat was called in prior to his performance. Audience members had their bags checked at the door, and police escorted him out of town after the performance.
Sugar Sammy is provocative in his performances, especially towards the language laws in Quebec. His latest advertising signs pushed a lot of buttons.
In any advertising within the province, French must be dominant. He has deliberately tweaked the noses of the language police with his latest promo ads which featured him asking for a citation from the same language office, in English.
A complaint was promptly filed by lawyer Francois Cote, who opined that in public, French is permissible, but the English language should be for "the private sphere".
Sugar Sammy was born and raised in Quebec.

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Telltale's Game Of Thrones Episode 1 "Iron From Ice" Review: Off To A Strong Start

I was surprised with how much I enjoyed it, this game definitely seems more decision heavy than the previous telltale games so I can't wait to see how things turn out.
[Anyway decision time! what choices did you make ontd?]

  • I left Bowen behind (bye bitch)

  • I was loyal to Margaery (this better pay out for me or I swear to god)

  • I send Erik to the Wall

  • I picked Duncan as Sentinel

  • I met Ramsey at the gate (what a creepy douche, poor Ethan we hardly knew ye D:)

Rita Ora ft. Ellie Goulding: The Boy is

Karrueche's Instagram has been compromised :'(


ETA: I noticed I've offended a lot of people with that title, and I wanted to apologize. I myself have an uncommon name, and have been publicly mocked by classmates and teachers growing up, but failed to realize that it was a pretty fucked up thing to do. I've edited her name, and I hope y'all will forgive me