December 3rd, 2014


Happy Birthday: Britney Spears turns 33!

Celebrated by promoting her partnership with Zappos to help children in need

clickable link for those interested

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Charles Barkley: "There's a reason police racially profile us"

  • "We as black people, we got a lot of crooks"

  • "We have to look at ourselves in the mirror,' he said of people in black communities. 'To act like we hold no responsibility for some of this stuff is disingenuous."

  • "If it wasn’t for the cops we would be living in the Wild, Wild West in our neighborhoods,' he said. 'We can’t pick out certain incidentals that don’t go our way and act like the cops are all bad.'"

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Break the internet Madonna

From singing about teenage pregnancy, the Sex Book to on-stage gun violence, Madonna for more than 3 decades has remained a polarising cultural icon who continues to push and push and push the boundaries of right and wrong. Whatever the controversy, no matter the reaction, what remains the constant is the fact that Madonna has never shied away from expressing herself. And it seems like it all over the internet that Madonna shows her perfect titties at 56.

The Wendy Williams Show (16:24)

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Ronaldinho: Cristiano is very complete, but Messi has magic

  • "“We players asked Frank Rijkaard to bring Messi to the first team’s training sessions. Cristiano Ronaldo is a very complete player, but Messi is better because he has magic”, the Brazilian said."

  • “I wanted to play in Barcelona. When I signed, I didn’t feel pressure, I felt joy. I had the chance that all of the players wanted, to play in a great club like Barcelona.

  • “I watched everything. Manchester United, and yes, Real Madrid as well. As a lover of football, it was impossible not to watch that team where they had the best players in the world playing together. I wanted to play with those players.”

  • Source: En Español | In English

    something about ontd_football

    Who is your all time favorite football player ontd?
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Swiftamine Sales Rise Again as Taylor Swift Returns to #1 on Billboard Albums Chart; 1D Drops to #4

-This is her 4th week at #1, with 339k
-This is the first week using on-demand streams and digital track sales as well as album sales for the Top 200 albums chart
-Taylor also was #1 on the Top Album Sales chart with 281k
-Pentatonix's Christmas album jumps to #2 with its biggest week (227k/217k)
-1D drops down to #4 (125k/105k)
-Eminem was #3 w/ his compilation album (148k/138k)

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John Legend performing and winning at MAMA 2014

MAMA 2014 - The Legend Continues - John Legend + Tiffany + Chen

Join Mnet America as we recap the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards from Hong Kong!
Watch the collaboration between John Legend, Tiffany of Girls' Generation and Chen of EXO!

John Legend also won International Favorite Artist

[plus]Girl group Girl's Day and soloist artist Ailee performing Ariana Grande's 'Problem'

SOURCE: official youtube channel & twitter

Anderson Cooper undergoes emergency surgery for appendicitis

Anderson Cooper was inexplicably absent from his CNN show Anderson Cooper 360° on Monday night.

He started experiencing stomach pains last Tuesday while covering the protests in Ferguson. The pains got worse over Thanksgiving while he was in France visiting a sick relative. He was examined by his doctor in New York on Sunday, rushed to the ER that night for the appendectomy, and released from the hospital on Monday.

Source, Twitter

Haylie Duff (yes, she has a tag) Is Pregnant!

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J. Cole Calls Out Eminem, Justin Timberlake, & Iggy Azalea on ‘Fire Squad’

J. Cole’s album 2014 Forest Hills Drive is not officially out yet, but it’s already sparking controversy. On the leaked track “Fire Squad,” the North Carolina rapper calls out some famous white artists for appropriating black culture.

- mentions cultural appropriation dating back to elvis all the way to iggy azalea
- predicts that iggy azalea will sweep the grammy's rap categories

click to read lyrics from the verses
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TV promo for ABC's Fresh Off the Boat


OBLIGATORY re: the show title - "Fresh Off the Boat" is the name of Eddie Huang's memoir. When ABC decided to adapt his book, they changed the title to "Far East Orlando." Huang was not happy and petitioned ABC to change it back, and TPTB listened. So as unfortunate as the title sounds, it's an example of a network listening to POC and not being dickbags.
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The Girl Meets World writers just announced some big news

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Are You The One? Season 2's next perfect match is...

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Other Highlights from this episode:

  • Nathan gets emotional when Christina likes Brandon more than him - calls her a skank for playing with his feelings.

  • Ellie is thirsty for Nathan now.

  • Layton claims Ashley is his perfect match but is STILL sleeping with Jessica. (He is the worst.)

  • Alexandria gets more than 2 seconds of screen time.

  • Dario shows off his douchbaggery by saying he "conquered" Ashley - that didn't fly well with Ashley (you go, girl!).

Someone on Vevmo posted about what supposedly went down at the reunion.  See the full post HERE or read my[Spoiler (click to open)]

This is just an abbreviated version.

  • None of the couples are together.  More details about each couple at the original post.

  • THE JUICY STUFF:  After the show, Brandon and Christina agreed to an open relationship but no hookups with other cast members.  Despite that, Brandon had sex with Alexandria!!!!  Other castmates found out and now Briana, Christina and Jess have resorted to bullying Alexandria on social media while they still remain good friends with Brandon (Shady bitches!). Now, Alexandria is the outcast of the group.  Also, her Twitter and IG are gone.

Sources: MTV, Vevmo, and my Monday night

Ratings have been awful for this season there probably won't be a season 3.
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Celebs React to Grand Jury's Decision Not to Indict Eric Garner's Killer

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source 1 | 2
more about the eric garner murder:
The Death of Eric Garner, and the Events That Followed
Eric Garner and Michael Brown: Deaths Without Indictments
[OUAT] Emma & Hook kiss

Once Upon A TIme 4x10 stills

Storybrooke is in a state of chaos with all the residents under the Snow Queen’s Spell of Shattered Sight at each other’s throats. Emma and Elsa race against the clock to free themselves of the ribbons and take down the Snow Queen and her curse. David can only watch when Regina clashes with Mary Margaret in an epic battle. Meanwhile, Gold gathers Belle and Henry as he prepares to leave town forever, and Will Scarlet looks to square his tab with Hook. Kristoff’s thick-headedness leads Anna to a heartwarming discovery.

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Next Year's Assassin's Creed Is Set In Victorian London

Next year's Assassin's Creed game will take place in London during the 19th century.

This new entry in Ubisoft's annual open-world action series, slated for release in the fall of 2015, will take us through the dirty back alleys and rattling stagecoaches of London during the Victorian era, a historical period that fans have wanted to see in an Assassin's Creed game for quite some time now. This new Assassin's Creed game is called or code-named Victory—like Victorian!—and it will be out next year for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, according to a person familiar with the game.

Victory is something of a shift for the series in a few ways. For one, this is the first Assassin's Creed game helmed by Ubisoft's Quebec studio, as opposed to their primary Montreal office, which has led development on the biggest Assassin's Creed releases since the first game in 2007. Earlier this year, the Ubisoft Blog teased that Quebec would be heading up a future game in their annualized series, but they didn't say much more about it. This is that game.

Of course, just about every major Ubisoft game is developed by teams of hundreds that work across all of their studios across the world, from Canada to China. But it's significant to see an Assassin's Creed game led by a new team. Ubisoft Quebec also developed downloadable content for Assassin's Creed III (The Tyranny of King Washington) and Assassin's Creed IV (Freedom Cry).

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Peter Pan Live Roundup: New clips, rehearsal pics, and why the original Tiger Lily won't be watching

NBC has released a new extended clip of Christopher Walken and the pirate ensemble to promote their upcoming production of Peter Pan Live! which airs tomorrow, December 4th, at 8 pm EST.

NBC has also released more promotional material, including new photos from the cast's latest dress rehearsals, the entireity of the 'Making Peter Pan Live' special and more! New interviews about the show are also making their rounds, including a new interview with Jerod Impichchaachaha' Tate about the music changes in the show and a brief interview with the pressed Sondra Lee (the original Tiger Lily) who has said she won't be watching the production.
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NBC's Peter Pan Live! airs at 8 PM EST on December 4th (tomorrow!)

sources: music clip, dress rehearsal photos, NYPost interview, ICTMN interview

Jenny will be on the last season of Parks & Rec

Parks and Recreation viewers are happy because this season's première is coming soon. But they are also sad. They are sad because it's the last season.

But they will sure perk up hearing ICON Jennifer Lopez 's gonna be there with them in the final hour. TV Line's Michael Ausselio said so. Apparently she'll play the not-stereotypical role called "hot Latina nanny", because Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben (Anna Kendrick) have, like, 3 babies.

Megan Mullaly will also guest star in the final. And some less important people like Rachel Dratch, Jon Don Look At My HamHamm and Natalie Morales, but nothing much is said about what they're gonna do there.

Don't forget the ICON will bless us with the leading role role in "Shades of Blue" cop drama on NCB and that crappy talent show slash free promo that's still a thing.

Don't click the source bc it's FOX
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'Prestige' Author Drops All Kinds of Truth Bombs About Christopher Nolan

- Says he picked Nolan over Sam Mendes to direct The Prestige after Nolan sent him a VHS of his movie Following.
- Says The Prestige and Memento are Nolan's only great films.
- Calls Nolan's other works "shallow and badly written".
- Says the Batman Trilogy is "boring and pretentious" and that it was a bad idea to give a superhero movie psychological realism. "There is no psychological realism. He's a bodybuilder who jumps off buildings."
- Says Nolan is trying to be "some kind of modern [Stanley] Kubrick. And I think he'd be better off being a modern [Alfred] Hitchcock".

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Galore Magazine Featuring Lana Del Rey

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- Talks about writing songs for Tim Burton which you can listen to here. She is also working on a new record as well as recording a few songs for independent projects.

- Continues to share her love for Azealia Banks. Who do you fuck with in the music business? I fuck with Azealia Banks because I have the same artistic inclinations as her and the same taste in men.

- Career wise she relates to Lil Kim right now.

- Interviewer talks a lot about his relationship with Lana.

- OP just wanted to post pretty pictures of Lana and to use the Azealia Banks tag for more than twitter posts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

See more pictures and full interview by Chuck Grant at Galore Magazine.

"Inside the NBA" Analyst Kenny Smith Responds to Charles Barkley Comments on Ferguson

-"The question must be asked: Why is there so much distrust in the police and the legal system from the African American community? Without manifesting what the effects of slavery still have today, Dec 1st still marks only 59 years since Rosa Parks sat on that memorable bus...Those civil rights changes were at one time the law! They were not illegal."

-"For those of us who are decades removed from “the struggle” because of our life through sports or business, we now have to acknowledge that every option listed exists. If not, then we are the ignorant ones."

-"And you were right Chuck, let’s not discredit that there are great police officers in all neighborhoods, but let’s not credit that we shouldn’t have doubt."


posting this mostly to follow up from this post earlier today. i hope i did this right with the quotes and whatnot...
Survivor - Jon

Survivor San Jon Del Sur/Blood vs Water - 29x11 & 12 - Kind Of Like Cream Cheese & Still Holdin' On

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Source: TV/CBS

Please use the LJ spoiler tags if you are going to discuss any future episode spoilers. People have requested that we please keep comment threads marked with spoilers so those who want to actively avoid spoilers can participate in discussion as well~
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Martin Freeman Wants You to Pay Attention to Ferguson, Not White Boys

Buzzfeed interviewed him and I guess there was some internet kerfuffle in the Sherlock fandom over a missing bit of Cumberbatch's shoulder in a promo photo.

On all the media coverage the photo got, Freeman told Buzzfeed News, "I also think so many political experts who find nothing more important to talk about than me and Sherlock, you know what I mean? If you are so massively dedicated to Ferguson, or social justice or whatever, why are you writing about two middle-class white boys again? Do something else with your time.”

He also doesn't understand why Sherlock gets such massive attention online. "It’s gone from being Oh, this is quite fun to being like Oh, this is the most important thing in the world. And I don’t quite understand that."


Caroline Wozniacki writes a sweet letter nominating Serena Williams for SI Sportsman of the Year

When you go through hard times, you find out who your true friends are, and Serena Williams was one of the first people to be there for me when my engagement unraveled last spring. She didn’t have to support me—she has her own life, her own problems and her own career to worry about—but she was there when I needed someone to lean on the most. We talked on the phone, and she told me that it was going to be hard to recover, but that when I did get to the other side, I was going to be a stronger person. And now I am.

On the court in 2014, Serena did not have the greatest year by her Hall of Fame standards. There were injury withdrawals, the illness at Wimbledon and early exits at a handful of tournaments. But she also won a singles title at the U.S. Open—the 18th Grand Slam of her career—and six other WTA titles, including the Miami Open, the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati and the Brisbane International in Australia. It’s just so impressive that she has been so good for as long as she has. This is her 18th year on the Tour, and she’s averaged 3.6 tournament wins each year, for a total of 64. But it’s not just her athletic accomplishments that are admirable. She inspires me as a person as well, and that’s why I’m choosing Serena as my Sportswoman of the Year.

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Here they are hanging out today.

We should be sleeping but we are playing around. #iptl #breakthecode #mybff

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Karl Urban saves family from fire hotter than your faves

New Zealand native & Fox cancellation-victim Karl Urban saved his neighbors from a potentially deadly housefire on Monday when he noticed black smoke coming from a house near where he lives in Aukland and ran over to alert the homeowners.  He then grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the flames.  His neighbors are super appreciative but he says it's what anyone would have done.  In his account, Karl makes it sound like one of the neighbors was too busy freaking out about her cats to use her own fire extinguisher, which she apparently had with her, to put out the fire.
No word on whether the flre was originally caused by his hotness, or if he took his shirt off at any point.

Source is International Business Times, obvi.

Tori Spelling Wants Plastic Surgery Because Her Husband Cheated On Her


When Tori Spelling's husband Dean McDermott cheated on her last year, it left her with low confidence.  Spelling is now considering a facelift, Botox and some maintenance on her breast implants so that she can feel good again!