November 27th, 2014


The Bono, The Bozo, The Bust Make GQ's 30 Least Influential People of 2014

This prestigious honor is awarded by the magazine to those who "took up vast clouds of oxygen, gave us back nothing of use, and probably helped accelerate the death of our planet."

Bono was tapped for the U2 iTunes fiasco, Shia LaBozo for (what else?) being an asshole, and Robin Thicke for his megaton-bomb ode to stalking, Paula, which, surely you remember, sold an amazing 530 copies in its first week in the UK.

Other luminaries include Johnny Depp, Chris Christie, the Brazilian football team, Suey Park, Dwyane Wade, and perennial ONTD favorite Woody Allen.

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for the 5 people who watch this...

Manhattan renewed for Season 2!

This underrated show has been renewed for a second season by WGN America and will return to our screens next year.

"Manhattan represents the kind of high-quality original series we aim to deliver at WGN America" said the channel's president, Matt Cherniss.

Set during WWII, Manhattan chronicles the lives of a group of scientists as they work to create the first atomic bomb in a highly secretive and secluded desert community.

Production for season two begins next spring.


Taylor Swift Becomes Top New Artist of the 2000s

tswift sold 200k of 1989 this week which made her surpass linkin park which is also cool because those guys were six years ahead of her in sales as tswift's first album was released in 2006. you can read the whole thing at the source but i want you all to know that nickelback is number 3 with 23.3 million albums sold. rascal flatts are number 4 with 22.9 million sales and Josh Groban is number 5 with 22.3 million sales.

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so.. do you own one of nickelback's albums?

VH1 Unearths vid of Eminem talking abt Britney Spears being a bad role model 4 daughter Hailie

*can't embed watch video HERE

In honor of Eminem's latest album release VH1 has uploaded a vintage video of Eminem talking about a then very popular Britney Spears and the bad impact she had on young girls including his young daughter Hailie Jade.

The timing is especially interesting considering the recent negative press and controversy Eminem has courted with misogynstic and anti woman lyrics on his latest project. The brunt of the controversy regarding lyrics about punching Lana Del Rey in the face, raping Iggy Azalea and scat play with Britney Spears.

No word on how these lyrics might set a bad precedent for young girls or females like his daughter.

eminem story source VH1
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!!!SCANDALE!!! Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Pregnancy Scare?


According to a new report that during the month of October when that parted ways. Selener started feeling nauseous and spent days in bed.

As Selena realized she could be pregnant “She had a crazy anxiety attack wondering if she was carrying her ex’s baby — and even stayed in for Halloween to avoid drinking. Finally, she had friend drive her to the doctor to take a blood test, but she hid in the backseat because she didn't want to be spotted by anyone.”

But no baby Biebers at this time test results came back negative.

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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Weekend TV Guide: Must-See Marathons, Specials, and Parades

Because your TV binging should be about as gluttonous as your eating Thanksgiving weekend, we perused the exhaustive buffet of marathons, specials, and TV events planned for these highlights worth sampling.

Portlandia marathon—9 am-2:30 pm, IFC
Because what better time than Turkey Day to put on a bird on it?

Thanksgiving with Friends marathon—10 am—TBS
A marathon of every Thanksgiving episode of Friends. Actually, this is better than Thanksgiving dinner itself.

Modern Family marathon—10 am-12 am, USA
For a marathon of TV viewing to mirror the wacky interplay between your family on Thanksgiving Day.

Jurassic Park movie marathon—10 am-2 am, AMC
For a marathon of TV viewing to mirror the wacky interplay between your family on Thanksgiving Day.

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I'll be watching Friends until it's time to head off for Turkey Day festivities with my fam. What are you doing today, ONTD?

Full Weekend List @ The Source

The Late Late Show with mostly male guest hosts

CBS announced today that these celebrities will guest host next year's special editions of The Late Late Show with CraigyFerg:

- actor, host, comedian and producer Drew Carey (the first week, Monday, January 5 - Friday, January 9 and the final week, Monday, March 2 - Friday, March 6)
+ a special after-dark version of The Talk (Monday, January 12 - Friday, January 16)
- filmmaker Judd Apatow
- actor Will Arnett
- Emmy and Grammy Award-winning actor, host, singer and improv comedian Wayne Brady
- comedian and actor Jim Gaffigan/Billy Gardell/Thomas Lennon
- actor, producer and Emmy Award winner Sean Hayes
- Grammy Award winner John Mayer
- actor Kunal Nayyar
- multi-talented performer, host, writer and producer James Corden (Monday, March 9 - fired/retired/replaced by Leno)

According to EW, CBS has and is still reaching out to more women to become guest hosts.

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Your 2016 Valentine's Day is set

Author of the book confirms that the movie for Ugly Love is underway and hopefully will be hitting theatres by February 2016, and that this sexy bastard's playing the role of Miles after he posted about it on his instagram.

The book's about a girl who has to move in with her brother, who's a pilot like their father, and one of his neighbours/friends starts out on rough terms with her. Then they become friends, etc etc, it's a romantic novel after all.

Editing because I read more of it and they start like a sort of no strings attached sexual relationship because of the male lead's ~sad past, but of course she gets attached.

Source from Colleen Hoover's website. The pic was first posted on his instagram. Reworded by me.
[OUAT] Emma & Hook kiss

Once Upon A Time 4x09 stills

As the Spell of Shattered Sight approaches Storybrooke, Mary Margaret
and David rally the residents to prepare for the curse while Belle and the
fairies work together on an antidote. Gold, with Hook as his reluctant
servant, sets about an exit strategy of his own. Regina and Robin Hood ready
themselves for the worst while, with the help of a locator spell, Emma and
Elsa search desperately for Anna. In Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff awaken to
find that their kingdom is once again in danger.

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Best Black Friday deals to get your Nintendo on! BUY A WII U!


We all know the only relevant game and console manufacturer is Nintendo, the rest are just as irrelevant as Jasi J's album or bisexuality, so here's a list of the best Black Friday dealls just for Nintendo products in a lot of places and not only in GameStop like the other post, so this is brand new information that hasn't been posted

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🙌 Arctic Monkeys help push UK vinyl sales above 1m for first time since the '90s 🙌

Annual sales of vinyl albums have surpassed a million for the first time since the 1990s.

According to reports by the BPI (trade body which represents the nation’s record labels), the best-selling vinyl album of the year to date is 'AM' by Arctic Monkeys, which was released in 2013. They also cited Royal Blood and the annual Record Store Day event as helping to drive the sales.

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Amy Berg, Nate Parker working on Ferguson Documentary

- Oscar-nominated Amy Berg (for Deliver Us From Evil), actor Nate Parker, and writer-director Matthew Cooke are working on a Ferguson documentary, focusing on the "black male crisis"
- "In response to the growing problem of racial disparity due to the ongoing dehumanization of black men, actor and activist Nate Parker is setting out on a journey of investigation. He will venture into black communities to speak to various stakeholders about the crisis facing these men. Through the examination of specific cases, Nate will create relevant and responsive discourse with the intention of mining strong and tangible solutions to combat this ever-growing crisis. We will also highlight existing programs that are creating effective and sustainable counter action to the crisis."
- they already started shooting in Ferguson
- plan to create a visual timeline to illustrate how little has changed in post-Civil Rights America
- Amy Berg has been working on her latest documentary An Open Secret, about child sex abuse in Hollywood

source: thr
their indiegogo
Spencer, SoN

Klaine (Glee) Fan Fic To Be Published

Keeping in line with 50 Shades of Grey and The Mortal Instruments series, another shitty fanfic will be published. This time it is an AU "epic romatinc fantasy adventure" based on Glee characters Kurt and Blaine and is being published by Interlude Press.

The author, Charlotte Ashe, announced it on tumblr. Her day job is social worker and her night job includes being a straight woman who fetishizes gay men, SJW, writing Klaine fics, and reblogging NSFW Klaine fan art.

The series, The Sidhe, features some laughable cover art, the Kurt character as an elf, and the original fanfic includes some implied rape scenes (as stated by the author's description).


I would like to know Chris Colfer's thoughts on this since he abhors Klaine stans lol

Eminem post!

After all the slander that his been posted of my favorite ~misunderstood~ rapper I decided to do a positive Eminem post!

First off enjoy Mr. Mathers and Sia's music video for Guts Over Fear. It will make you feel powerful and motivated to lose all that turkey weight!


Next get yourself a slice of punkin pie and listen to Eminem and Paul Rosenberg discuss their label Shady Records which has been going strong for 15 years! AMAZING! (Em of course is being usual hyper self :D).

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Also Em and Paul will also be releasing a documentary of Shady Records entitled "Not Afraid" and here is the preview!

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I hope all of you Americans enjoyed your day!


Local Performer Rita Snora Gets Slammed, Fifty Shades Movie Continues To Be A Fucking Mess


this movie is going to be fucking awful. speaking of talent (which this article isn't), i just discovered sky ferreira and am bopping to i blame myself. yasss!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Lovers and Friends

Last night on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills amends were made and diamonds were stalked.

Brandi Glanville apologized to Adrienne Maloof for surrogate-gate, because she doesn’t want it to be “awkward” when they run into each other. Uh-huh. We all know Brandi’s ulterior motive is that she needs to get to Adrienne before Lisa Vanderpump gets to her! This apology, where Brandi subtly attempted to drop hints to Adrienne that she was working on Lisa’s behalf, was another attempt of Brandi’s to join the chess team. Listen honey – stick to checkers.

full recap at the source
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