November 26th, 2014

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Smash Bros. is NA's Fastest-Selling Wii U Game!

Nintendo has announced Super Smash Bros. is now the fastest-selling Wii U game ever to release in the US after it managed to sell an impressive 490,000 units in just three days.

That number includes both physical and digital units sold between November 21 and 23, and means that the previous number one, Mario Kart 8, is relegated to second place. This now means the Smash Bros. franchise has sold more than 14 million units in the US alone since it first burst onto the scene back in 1999.

"Thanks to all of you, the highest user-rated Wii U game is now the fastest-selling title in platform history!"

YASSSS, slay Sakurai!  ONTD, post your Nintendo Network ID so we can all add each other and #SettleitinSmash !
If you don't have a Wii U yet, post your 3DS FCs to battle on the handheld!
Also, discuss your fave characters/stages/modes!  Did you buy the bundle?  Do you have any amiibo yet?

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Diana Guerrero

Pharrell Williams On Monday’s Grand Jury Decision In Ferguson


The below are excerpts from an interview with Ebony regarding Monday’s grand jury decision in Ferguson, Mo.

On Michael Brown's Behavior In the Convenience Store:
“It looked very bullyish; that in itself I had a problem with,” Williams said, referring to released surveillance video that allegedly shows Brown forcefully stealing cigarillos from a store shortly before he was fatally shot by Officer Darren Wilson. “Not with the kid, but with whatever happened in his life for him to arrive at a place where that behavior is OK. Why aren’t we talking about that?”

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Mods, I removed all my original text that was already paraphrased. Hope this is sufficient. Only quotes now.

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It's Christian Bale's turn to act like an asshole over the Exodus casting

Christian Bale on the casting for Exodus: "Ridley's point, which I think is a good one, is what does an Egyptian look like? Especially at that time when this was the empire, so it would be a crossroads of Europe and the Middle East and Africa, and he cast accordingly. I don't know the fact that I was born in Wales and suffer with this skin that can't deal with the sun should dictate that Ridley should say, 'In that case, he's not the right man to play the role.' I did the best that I can. I'm certainly not going to pass it up. It's a hell of a role and we all know how rarely such meaty roles come along for white male actors these days blah blah this strikethrough isn't a real quote."

video and the rest of the article at the source

kermit bale would be disappointed
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Hilary Duff's flop comeback prompts her to cancel Thanksgiving Day Parade Appearance

Hilary will be walking her flop ass everywhere else other than the Macy's Day Parade. Seems like she backed out due to the public's none response to her comeback singles. Fifth Harmony & Nicole scherzinger should take note and let go. Younger debuts on TV Land January.

Aaron #1

UEFA announces its Team Of The Year shortlist.

From L to R: Mats Hummels, Manuel Neuer and Philipp Lahm are among the 40 men to be nominated by the UEFA to their Team of the Year shortlist

UEFA has announced this year's Team of the Year shortlist. 40 men have been selected by the writers based on their performances with their European club and national team during 2014. The public can vote for their preferred starting XI.

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SOURCE: The Guardian, rewritten by me.

James Cameron says Avatar sequels will make you "shit yourself with your mouth wide open"

It seems like no one is as excited about the upcoming Avatar sequels than director James Cameron himself (and arguably Sam Worthington because really what else is he doing).

In a recent interview with Empire the director said the following about the upcoming films - “I can tell you one thing about them... they’re gonna be bitchin’. You will shit yourself with your mouth wide open.”

Cameron hasn't said much more on the projects other than he has divided the work between writing teams who are simultaneously working on Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 (with Avatar 4 to be worked on later) and that the sequels will be done in 48 frames per second and not 60 frames per second as earlier reported.

Source: Empire Online

Beats by Dre Presents: #SoloSelfie

The Selfie has been reinvented. Enter the #SoloSelfie—a new movement of self-expression. Share yours and tell the world your story.

The Beats Solo2 is the world’s best-selling headphone. They're a symbol of individuality as much as they represent a connection shared by millions of people across the globe.

Artist: Axwell ^ Ingrosso
Track: Something New

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Pacific Rim 2 deets, Guillermo del Toro news

- the second movie will not be an immediate followup, “It is the world having been freed of Kaiju, what happens to the world after — what happens to the Jaeger technology once the Kaiju are not a threat. It’s quite a jump.”
- the kaiju will still come back(?) but will be "very different"
- Guillermo del Toro said “I think that two of our main characters like in the first one are Burn [Gorman] and Charlie [Day]”
- not sure if Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi will be back

- in other news del Toro and his team have finished the Justice League Dark script
- will feature the Swamp Thing, The Demon, John Constantine, Deadman, etc
- the movie was not announced in DC's movie lineup, and will likely not be part of the DC cinematic universe feat Superman
- the script has been sent to WB, and they are waiting for the studio's reaction

source: thr, forbes
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Zoe Saldana talks about wanting to see more dick on the big screen

The soon-to-be-mommy dishes on her crazy pregnancy cravings and how she's dealing with having baby brain. The 36-year-old actress pointed out the double standard when it comes to male and female nudity. While women can bare their breasts or show butt cracks within the confines of a PG-13 movie, the fellas cannot. Put a penis in the equation, and you've got yourself an R-rated movie. Oftentimes this means the gals alone are required to show skin for a movie, while the guys remain covered up. That's not exactly balanced, is it?
Of course not! We've got to neutralize the nudity across the genders, or as Zoe said with a laugh, "We need love scenes where we get to see penises"--as opposed to just the female character flashing some skin. Get the scoop on "Untold with Maria Menounos.", airs Thanksgiving night on E! after a millionth rerun of the kardashians.


Bored at work pls feel free to make this a dick post.
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...probably...maybe...I don't know it's still really vague.

Joel Hodgson, creator and original host of Mystery Science Theater 3000, announced during a Reddit AMA yesterday that a reboot of the cult series is in the works. When asked about the reboot (which he's been alluding to since April) his response was, "We're working on it. I'll tell ya later."

When asked if the original bots will still be in the show, he replied that Tom, Crow, Gypsy and Cambot will still be in the show, although possibly along with some new bots.

Sources: Joel's Reddit AMA and

YAAAS! What are your favorite MST3k episodes, and why is Space Mutiny one of them?
Also, don't forget about the Turkey Day Marathon tomorrow!

Hi there, Harry Styles post!

Let's talk about the best member of 1D!

Rolling Stone Hot List 2014: Hot Golden Boy - Harry Styles

"The One Direction heartthrob is the center of the pop universe.

In 2014 Harry Styles is more than a popstar. He’s the place where pop dreams intersect. The One Direction heartthrob has turned into the beatific embodiment of all that glitters right now: A new paradigm of manhood. A pinup boy. A feminist icon. A 20-year old pop prince with George Michael lyrics tattooed on his body -“never gonna” on his right foot, “dance again” on his left. A stud with four nipples, perfect mop-top hair and that James Dean daydream look in his eyes. This guy actually wore a Rush t-shirt while on a date with Taylor Swift - now that’s some next level confidence."

By Rob Sheffield. More of article at source.

Harry leaving LA + Arriving in Sydney

idk the greasier the hotter imo
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Harry at the ARIA Music Awards 2014 in Sydney

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Source 1 2 3 4 5

ANYWAY Let's talk that Rolling Stone article! Do you think Harry is here to stay?
Realistically, how long do you expect him to be talked about after 1D?

Enjoy the pics and as always post our favorite Harry gifs!
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Gong Li vs Joan Chen, some boringish drama

Gong Li called the Golden Horse Awards "unprofessional" after losing the Best Actress award to Taiwanese actress Chen Shiang Chyi. Gong Li was previously the favorite to win.

Gong Li said "I'd like to thank the Golden Horse Awards for giving me this opportunity to understand what it's like to come to an unprofessional film festival. An unfair awards will not gain the respect of artists." She also said that she would come back to Taiwan in the future, but not attend the Golden Horse Awards since there was no point, "This will be my first time at the Golden Horse Awards, and my last." Her manager clarified that her remarks were directed at the organizers, not for her loss.

Joan Chen (yes, the one from Twin Peaks) was head jury, and rumors were that Joan Chen and Gong Li hated each other. However, Joan responded on weibo, saying, "Do you guys have nothing better to do, creating rumors out of nothing? [...] I'm not obligated to explain anything, but I'd like to tell you the truth: I have always been an ardent admirer of Gong Li's acting, and I think her role in Coming Home was both very difficult to play and extremely moving. I cast all of my votes her way in the three rounds. Some of you out there need to do your homework and have a bit more respect for your profession and for the truth."

But she also responded to Gong Li, saying that it's inevitable someone will think any festival's awards results are unfair and the Golden Horse is no exception. Chen called the judging process "transparent and democratic" and not interfered with or influenced by others.

source: usnews, 2
sip that truth tea henty

Ashlee Simpson Seeking Career Advice from Diana Ross!

Ashlee Simpson has reportedly been trying to get her mother-in-law Diana Ross to help her revamp her music career.

Simpson, 30, married Ross’ son Evan Ross earlier this year, and sources told Ok! magazine, she’s been “hitting up Diana for industry contacts.”

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ONTD, do you feel Ashlee Simpson is a wonderful white role model?


Shania Twain 👑 tweets about working on her new album and you should be excited

source 1, source 2

her last studio album, Up!, was released 12 years ago. fave Shania songs?

ONTD's Fave Entrepreneur is Coming Back To TV Y'all


“You know nobody really got it or understood because it’s not something you can understand until you’ve gone through it…It’s a decade later and I’m still not used to it.” – Lauren Conrad

Tune in as Lauren sits down exclusively with E! to discuss her businesses, her experience with fame, and growing up in the spotlight. In her own words, along with intimate interviews from her family, close friends and business partners, this “Pop Innovators” tells the story of Lauren’s journey from TV to designer, author, and lifestyle expert, and how she continues to make her mark on pop culture.

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What was YOUR fave Lauren moment, ONTD?
Would YOU go to Paris??

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Chris Brown ain't loyal

A girl who slept with Chris Brown sent screenshots to TheShadeRoom that show him sleeping while someone is recording him with an iPhone. The man in the picture has Chris Brown’s same back tattoos, including his “smiley face” tattoo below his neck. Not only that, the room is packed with Chris Brown’s clothes. In fact, his jeans that he wore to the Supper Club are the exact same jeans seen in this video.

But like isn't it an open secret that he cheats on her

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Michiko to Hatchin | Sigh

Kardashian/Jenner Post: Ft. Tyga!

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Volunteer to Feed the Homeless Before Thanksgiving
Kylie Jenner and her rumored love interest Tyga volunteer their time to serve food to the hungry at the Los Angeles Mission and Anne Douglas Center’s Thanksgiving Meal for the Homeless held at the Los Angeles Mission on Wednesday (November 26) in Los Angeles.
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Kendall shopping in Beverly Hills
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Kendall for Dazed and Confused
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19 Bill Cosby Accusers (So Far)


I've read quite a few comments asking exactly how many women have come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault. Here is a rundown of his accusers and the date they came forward with their accusations starting after Hannibal Burress mentioned the allegations in his act. The full list is at the source. STRONG TRIGGER WARNING FOR GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT:

1. Jena T. - November 25, 2014
Jena T. came forward to say that she was only 17 years-old when Bill Cosby pressured her into performing a sexual act on him. She was paid $700 dollars for performing the act. "
I just knew that I gave him a hand job, I'm like a robot, and that is what I became, and that is what I did for him.

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Survivor - Jon

Survivor San Juan Del Sur/Blood vs Water - 29x10 - "This Is Where We Build Trust"

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Source: TV/CBS

Please use the LJ spoiler tags if you are going to discuss any future episode spoilers. People have requested that we please keep comment threads marked with spoilers so those who want to actively avoid spoilers can participate in discussion as well~

Edit: Next week is a two hour episode!
{magnolia} but it did happen

Abigail Breslin released a music video

- Sounds like a rejected Avril Lavigne track from 2002.
- Amazing lyrics such as 'I hate the scar above your eye, it looks like you’re on drugs' and 'Thanks for telling all your lies, because now I realize I'd rather date a rock'.
- Apparently it's about some guy from 5 Seconds of Summer and Twitter is pissed off about it (see the #AbigailYouTried hastag).