November 18th, 2014

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'Orange Is The New Black' Actress, Diane Guerrero, Breaks Down Recalling Her Family's Deportation

Diane Guerrero was only 14 when she arrived home from school and found her mother, father, and brother gone. In an interview with CNN's New Day, Diane breaks down as she tells her story of her family's deportation, who left Colombia during a time of instability, to highlight not just the damage done to both her and her family but the pressing need for comprehensive immigration reform.

“It’s tough, it’s like we’ve been separated for so long, I feel like sometimes we don’t know each other,” laments Guerrero. “It’s difficult because I’ve grown up without them, and there’s things about them that are new that I don’t recognize, and it just — it hurts.”

“But I love them so much,” she continues, unable to hold back tears. “And I just hate that they have gone through this. And I know I’ve been by myself, but I feel like they have lived a very lonely existence.”

Diane has also recently written an op-ed detailing her experience here.


stories of deportation are always so heartbreaking, so many families are torn apart and destroyed. have you or someone you love faced similar circumstances due to being undocumented, ontd?

Some info on the underrated, beautiful and talented RAZA JAFFREY

No he's not American, no he's not white, his name isn't Chris and no he's not starring in a Marvel movie but all you bitches still need to sit and take note. If any of you have been watching Elementary or Homeland you will have noticed this beautiful man and if you had any sense and good taste you would have sat your thirsty ass down and Googled him. If you don't watch either of these shows well no worries, I and the Evening Standard am here to help.

The Standard reports how Jaffrey is apparently not only in a relationship with but is now officially getting hitched to Sherlock's Irene Adler Lara Pulver (aka time to break out the cheap wine). Raza is quoted as saying:

“Lara is such a fantastic girl, she really is, and we… we... we are really excited about getting married this year,”[....]That’s partly why I am racing around, back in London. We are trying to sort out arrangements because we are getting married here in the UK at Christmas. We were getting married in the States but a lot of our friends and family are here.”

He was also asked about his character on Homeland, aka Aaser Khan:

“Khan doesn’t know as much about what’s going on in ISI as he gives the impression he does,” says Jaffrey darkly. “The new guard is Tasneem, played brilliantly by Nimrat Kaur, who is far more revolutionary in her outlook for Pakistan. Khan represents the English-educated, more northern European philosophy of the old guard, in young form. It’s another way of [the writers] saying how complicated Pakistan is. Khan is caught up [in internal politics] but he also has sympathies for Carrie and respects her as an officer.”

If you would like to read more of the interview, you can find it at this source.

Meanwhile the good sis Bustle has some pics that somewhat detail Raza's career so far:

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You can find more of these pics at Captions are by me. Fixed the sources mods... hope it's OK now... third time's the charm??

Your prayers have been answered ONTD! More nudity in Magic Mike Sequel


"It’s for all! You’ll see — we serviced that as well, in a way. … One of our first stops is at a drag club on our odyssey. We call it a stripper odyssey because it’s a traveling band of strippers. This movie is a lot more fun. In the first movie, we were obligated to show the underbelly — the pitfalls and dangers of being in that world. In this one, we kicked off a lot of the darkness. We’re going to have a lot of fun on the road together. Hopefully you’re going to care about these guys, and then get to see a lot of ridiculous nakedness and stupidityWe got Joe Manganiello naked as much as possible. Everyone in the world: you’re welcome."


Which actors would you like to see going full frontal?
Lupita twirl

Lupita Nyong'o to star in Mira Nair's 'Queen of Katwe'

-Saw an article about black women in Hollywood that mentioned the news as a throw away line.
-Googled the casting news and found bupkis.
-Saw a video with Mira Nair and Lupita clicked on it and voila! Mira announced it at the Glamour awards and no one cared to report on it.
-Movie is about real life Ugandan teenage math prodigy Phiona Mutesi.

Ballet: Nela my queen also the Black Swa

ONTD Original: The Little Mermaid Anniversary Celebration!

25 years later, where are the geniuses behind The Little Mermaid?

Yes, it has been 25 years. Pause your omg I’m so old crisis so that we can talk about The Little Mermaid for a bit.
Regardless of your personal opinion on the film, The Little Mermaid set off an era of Disney films that shaped a generation, changed the face of animation in general and led the way for the film related consumerism that drove parents crazy in their search for every Frozen toy in existence since a year ago.
While The Little Mermaid was of course a huge hit for Disney Animation and a spearhead for the great deal of change that came to Disney in the 90’s, we hardly ever talk about the people who made it all possible. We all talk a lot about Ariel and Ursula and the music and all the movies that came after but in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the film’s release, here’s a “Where are they now?” for the people who brought all the magic of TLM and the Disney renaissance to life!

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Don’t you just hate it when your thirst for some guy leads to sea witches fooling you into stealing your voice?

Disney Renaissance post, go crazy!
Let me know if there’s interest and I may do more Disney originals about the Renaissance :)

Pick-up artist Julien Blanc 'apologizes' on CNN, no one but the MRA is convinced

Pick-up artist Julien Blanc, whose video showing him harassing Japanese women went viral (previous ONTD post here) a few weeks ago, appeared on CNN on an attempt to clear things up regarding his way of teaching men losers to pick-up women. Blanc has recently been denied visa into Australia and activists of several other countries are working on denying him entry into their country where Blanc are scheduled to conduct seminars for his teaching.

- "My intentions were never bad"

- "I agree it was a horrible attempt at humour and unfortunately, a lot of it, just got put out of context.

- "I take responsibility for it 100% and I apologise for it. I'm extremely sorry.

- "I feel horrible, I'm not going to be happy if I feel like I'm the most hated man in the world. "

- Pics of him choking women are for humor and is being taken out of context

- a few other bs

Source 1, Source 2

Mod, submitted again as I messed up the html for sourcing earlier

Why did Katy Perry give her $10,000 prize to a private Melbourne school?

  • Perry handpicked the Australian girls' school Loreto Mandeville Hall College as winners of her nationwide video competition for having "the most adorable, sweet, innocent, full-of-life, full-of-joy video."

  • The school received $10,000 as a reward for its performing arts program. Critics say that there are many schools who need the money more.

  • "Purely based on appearances I don't know if that school would necessarily need an additional extra $10,000 for their faculty when they already have a fully fledged orchestra and a state-of-the-art performing arts department."-Karen Taylor, executive assistant to the CEO at Mater Dei, a special school in Camden, NSW .

Diana Guerrero

Take A Look Inside The New Jennifer Lawrence Home


Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson finally sold their five-bedroom Beverly Hills home to JLaw for $7 million. At 5,500-square-feet, this is definitely a nice pad.

To my knowledge, these are more pictures than had been previously been released.

Take a look at some pictures from the new home below, it's a bit image heavy:

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Let's talk Real Estate! How would you design and what kind of home would you want? Would you be that crazy person on House Hunters who hates everything?

Text Mine, Pictures From Source
lionel messi
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Cesc Fabregas hangs with girlfriend Daniella Semaan and Lionel Messi's WAG Antonella Roccuzzo

Cesc Fabregas hangs out with girlfriend Daniella Semaan and Lionel Messi's other half, Antonella Roccuzzo outside a restaurant in London last Saturday. Messi was in Manchester training for an upcoming friendly against Portugal.

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What games are y'all watching today? :)

Time For Your Morning Cry: 10 Things I Hate About You Reunion

Screenwriter Karen McCullah posted the following to her Twitter account:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(Mods: forgive me, I tried to embed the tweet!)

"...the pic shows Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Andrew Keegan, David Krumholtz, Susan May Pratt, and McCullah’s co-writer Kirsten Smith, together again and grinning like they know they’re about to make the internet explode."

Conspicuously absent are four VIPs; or, one deceased VIP, two actresses who have kind of fallen off, and one actress who married a f*ckboy: Heath Legend, Larisa Oleynik, Julia Stiles, and Gabrielle Union.

According to their respective Twitters, the latter two were in Canada, and showing off an oogly Soda Stream.

Here is an original cast photo from this 1999 classic:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Do you love this movie, ONTD? Or was your favorite part when Larisa's character kisses JGL because frankly they are the only two likeable characters?

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This is What 'Jealous' Sounds Like When it's Not Sung With Struggle Vocals

Last night on "The Voice," contestant Chris Jamison performed his rendition of Nick Jonas' current hit, "Jealous." Decked out in a form-fitting suit, the crooner (who could pass for Channing Tatum's long-lost brother) served up some grown and sexy great vocals and a to-die-for falsetto, earning praise from all the coaches. Check out Chris' performance (as well as mentor Adam Levine bopping along from his chair) below.


I love the original version, but lbr, Nick's strength isn't live vocals. Chris was so good, I threw my boxers at the TV screen when it was over.

Robbie Rogers has a memoir out and he's not afraid to read it!


Robbie Rogers seen here in a ~candid shot, reading his new memoir Coming Out To Play, although with pictures like this it's not the book that we're interested in....

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Austin Mahone 'Teen Vogue' Cover

Austin Mahone's father took his own life 16 months after Austin was born, leaving him to be raised by his mother and maternal grandparents in San Antonio, Texas. The experience of being father-less didn't deter Austin from pursuing his career as a pop entertainer.

Teen Vogue takes a peek into Austin's daily life as he embarked on a tour this past summer, and most recently, moving into his own house at the age of 18.
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Photographed by Nathaniel Wood
Source: Teen Vogue

Pixar's 'Inside Out' starts its Promo nice and early

From the people who will bring us Cars 3, Toy Story 4, and most importantly, Incredibles 2, we have character posters of Inside Out characters.

The emotions live in Headquarters, the control center inside Riley’s mind, where they help advise her through everyday life. As Riley and her emotions struggle to adjust to a new life in San Francisco, turmoil ensues in Headquarters. Although Joy, Riley’s main and most important emotion, tries to keep things positive, the emotions conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house and school.

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source of bigger images/ I made the first sentence / the paragraph is just a synopsis / vid sources | 2 | 3

Victoria's Secret model slams body shamers on Instagram

I'm proud of my body and I'm not gonna let any of you bully me just because I'm skinny! Every body is different, and every metabolism is different! I eat a lot, so next time u decide to tell me to eat a burger remember I probably eat more burgers than you, I've always been skinnier, and probably will always be, I workout, I'm healthy and I'm happy! The amount of hate I see thrown at me and to other model friends that I know are naturally skinny it's ridiculous! U don't see us shaming other types of bodies so please don't come and shame ours! Be happy with ur body and stop shaming others! Whether they are skinny, fat, fit, with big boobs, small boobs etc! Don't share hate! Be happy ☺️😊❤️😎

Source: Sara's Instagram
Her post is allegedly in response to backlash that she received online after appearing in this campaign

Tonight on Person of Interest: Batman Jesus Who? It's All About Bear

"Point of Origin" -- Reese volunteers as an NYPD police academy instructor in order to keep an eye on a talented young officer whose suspicious actions make him question her motives. Meanwhile, Martine – armed with information from Samaritan – hunts a member of the team, on Person of Interest, Tuesday, Nov. 18 at 10/9c on the CBS Television Network.

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Shoot is real. On PoI, a chaste show where nothing sexual ever happens onscreen, this is as close as we're going to get. At least until one of them dies, in which case they'll make out 10 minutes before it happens.

cbs website, cbs twitter

Peter Pan Live Roundup: Video Promo + News About Changes, Native American Consultant & More

A video promo featuring footage from the upcoming Peter Pan Live! production has been posted by NBC. The promo showcases some of the sets, costumes and music from the show. And also some intense eye action from Alison Williams.

An interview with composer Amanda Green (daughter of Adolph Green, one of the lyricists for the original production) and Neil Meron, executive producer of the production, has revealed more information about the show--including the addition of brand new material, restored material from the earlier production, and altered content meant to address the offensive material in the original show.

The new material to the show includes several new songs, including an introductionary number for Captain Hook called "Vengeance," which was adapted from the song "Ambition" from Do-Rei Mi; a new ballad for Wendy about her love for Peter, called Only Pretend, which was adapted from I Know About Love, also from Do-Re-Mi; and a new duet (No more 'My Mysterious Lady'!) between Peter Pan and Captain Hook called A Wonderful World Without Peter, which was adapted from "Something's Always Happening on the River' from Say Darling.

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sources: video promo, full interview (text other than quotes is my own)


ONTD, have you ever had your hand cut off by Peter Pan?

Michael Ealy cast as villain for season three of 'The Following'

Source: Twitter

Hopefully he'll be less like flop Joe and more like the twins. The Following returns in January with new showrunners as well and it's supposedly going in a different direction.

Dragon Age: Inquisition BANNED in India.

According to an official statement from EA "in order to avoid a breach of local content laws” the game has been withdrawn from both Indian Origin service and retail stores.

The decision is related to DA:I's several gay sex scenes/romances and the Indian law that criminalises homosexual intercourse. The law was first instituted in 1861, struck down later for being unconstitutional then restored again in December 2013 by the Indian Supreme Court. You read that right, it's 2014 and people in India can't play Dragon Age: Inquisition because of an 1861 law

Customers who pre-ordered the game has received refunds and an apology. Gay people in India cannot be reached for comments because apparently they don't exist.

source + paraphrase by me

me right now

also da:i discussion post?

Dr. Phil interviews Uncle Poodle + June's pedo fuck buddy gets booted from Facebook for being a pedo

Note: His interview doesn't start until about the 30 minute mark. The majority of the episode is about a woman who was arrested for felony child endangerment.

- Uncle Poodle says that June lied in her interview with Dr. Phil
- He drove June to meet Mark McDaniel (not knowing who he was) when they went looking at houses since June can't drive
- He found out who McDaniel was when they got home and he was instantly angry for bringing his niece around her
- He says the picture of June and McDaniel in bed was from a hotel. He recognizes the headboard since he was in the room
- He says he saw Alana curled in bed with June and McDaniel when they went to North Carolina
- June wanted to take Alana on a trip with just her and McDaniel but Uncle Poodle insisted that he and his husband come with to make sure Alana was safe

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Post by TMZ.

Source: YouTube and TMZ's Facebook
(zayn) 123

Don Omar: Judge Drops Domestic Violence Charges, Ends House Arrest

Domestic violence charges against Don Omar have been dropped.

Omar was arrested in September after his ex-girlfriend reported domestic abuse. He was charged with two counts of threatening a person and two counts of weapons violation.

His electronic monitoring device has been removed, and his bond is lifted.

The charges against Omar may still be refiled at a later point in time.


Tracy Morgan struggling with severe brain injury

His lawyer talked to NBC News about Morgan's recovery, saying that he's not sure if the comedian will be "the Tracy Morgan he once was."

A Wal-Mart van slammed into Morgan's limo in June, killing comedian James McNair and injuring five.

furiosa pic
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Guess who's being eyed for Jean Grey, Cyclops?

- Chloe Moretz, Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning are under consideration for young Jean Grey
- Ben Hardy, Charlie Rowe, Timothee Chalamet are under consideration for young Cyclops
- official test offers have not been made yet
- high profile casting for jean grey, while bryan singer is looking for an unknown for cyclops
- "X-men Apocalypse" is taking the franchise in a new direction with younger actors to play Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm

source: thewrap
the next film will focus on magneto and mystique's romance

Lesser 1D members surprise fans at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Seems the 1D boys are making the most of their time in Florida! 3/5 of One Direction was spotted dressed as wizards throughout the Harry Potter theme park. Unfortunately, there is still no sign of Zayn on American soil and Harry I'm sure is somewhere who cares.

The boys will be performing Sunday at the American Music Awards.