November 6th, 2014


New 2015 Vegas show dates announced today (on sale Sat.) + Teaming up with Zappos for charity

Britney Tweeted some news:

Also teaming up with Zappos to do some charity in Vegas:

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Ontd original: 5 k-pop aritst/groups that have worked with American artist

2ne1 ft Will.Am.I – Take The World On and Gettin' Dumb

In 2010 the Korean girl group 2ne1 went to America (LA) and England (London) to work on their first English album with the one and only Will.I.Am, fans were excited to get an English album and we wear also allowed to see them work on it on 2ne1TV.

2ne1 went back to Korea to promoted their first full Album ‘’To Anyone’’ and we never really heard anything about the English album the made with Will.I.Am , in 2013 the song ‘’Take the World On’’ was released. Will.I.Am also released the song ''Gettin' Dumb'' in 2013 on his album #willpower.

Now CL have signed a contract with Scooter Braun and hopefully she will get a better songs then this (and the one she made with Skrillex)

[4 + more]

JYJ ft Kanye west – Ayy Girl

In 2010 the group JYJ released an English album called ‘’The Beginning’’ were Kanye West produced the song ‘’Ayy Girl’’ he also featuring in the song. The album sold rather good but I don’t think it’s thanks to Kanye, but it was nice of him to help.

Wonder Girls ft Akon – Like Money.

In 2009 JYP though it would be a GREAT idea to send Korea’s most famous girl group to America were nobody know who they were. Well WG got the opportunity to open up for The Jonas Brothers (even though it didn’t really help their career) they also made a song with Akon in 2012 (and a song with the American girl group School Gyrlz)

Now the Wonder Girl have pretty much split up, Sohee is now acting (and have also changed record label) and Yenny have a solo career and Sunye got married had a baby and moved to Haiti to spread Gods word…

Skrillex ft G-dragon (bigbang) and CL (2ne1) – Dirty Vibe

Now I don’t know exactly how this happened but it happened, maybe Skrillex was in Korea and visited the YG building and was like heeeyy let’s make a song together because I’m not relevant anymore.. And yeah will this is what we got.

Se7en ft Lil Kim - GIRLS

Se7en is another artist from S.Korea that tried to make it in America, unfortunate he did while k-pop wasn’t so big (compared to now) but he still succeeded to make an song (and a mv) with the American rapper Lil Kim in 2008, even though the song didn’t do very well he was brave for trying. Se7en went back to Korea in 2009 and enlisted the army in 2013.

The End.

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English isn't my first language so if there is any english mistake(s) just let me know and I can fix it!
Fight Club Love

PETA Is Not Happy With The Discovery Channel For Anaconda Stunt


PETA is not amused that the Discovery Channel announced its upcoming documentary special titled "Eaten Alive" will include a segment with a man, Paul Rosolie, being swallowed whole by a Anaconda while wearing a "custom-built snake-proof suit."

PETA's Deputy General Counsel Delcianna Winders released a statement about this mess:

"Not only does this publicity stunt sound far-fetched, it would also be lethal for the snake," Winders said. "Shame on this pseudo 'wildlife expert' for tormenting and likely killing an animal for a thrill, and shame on the Discovery Channel for giving him the incentive to do it."

"Whatever the filmmaker has planned, the snake will likely pay the ultimate price, as animals usually do when they're used for entertainment. PETA has reached out to the Discovery Channel and asked them to pull the show, whether it is a hoax or not."

Bad news for Winders, it was already filmed and it was not a hoax. Spoiler Alert: The Snake doesn’t die.

From the Discovery Website: On EATEN ALIVE — premiering Sun Dec 7 9/8c — naturalist and wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie enters the belly of an anaconda in a custom-built snake-proof suit.

Image from Source
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Theophilus London's New Album Includes Song About Dickmatizing Lesbians Straight

Reviewers have mixed reactions to a song off of TL's newest album Vibes called "Do Girls".  In a world where gay women are sexually assaulted under the pretense that they can be "fixed", "Do Girls" has a creepy, chauvinistic message that a guy can get a lesbian to leave her lover once she gets a shot with his magic dick.

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I was on the fence about his album till I heard this song. Disappointed in this crap and grossed out by reviewers that play off since it was arranged by Kanye.
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Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants (new music video)


This is her first (and most likely only) single from her upcoming greatest hits album, which she is only doing to fulfill her contract with Hollywood Records. The music video was filmed in March and I think the greatest hits album was supposed to come out in summer, but her label delayed it. She's working on a brand new studio album, which she will release next year under Interscope Records.

ONTD's new obsession! Serial - Episode 7: The Opposite of the Prosecution

Serial is a podcast where we unfold one nonfiction story, week by week, over the course of a season. We'll stay with each story for as long as it takes to get to the bottom of it.

It's Baltimore, 1999. Hae Min Lee, a popular high-school senior, disappears after school one day. Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her murder. He says he's innocent - though he can't exactly remember what he was doing on that January afternoon.

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Sources: 1, 2

ONTD, use the podcast app on your phone to listen to this! It's the most addictive thing ever. Think IRL HBO murder drama. Let's speculate away in the comments!

Theory: [Spoiler (click to open)]I think Adnan and Jay are in it together and swore to keep the secret, but Jay cracked first. Hence the "pathetic" insult said by Adnan at the trial. Next episode is titled "The Deal with Jay"!!! Can't wait.

ONTD Original: 4 Failed Movie Adaptations that Should Get the TV Treatment

Hearing that Netflix was going to bring a beloved, morbid classic back to life on the small screen got me to thinking; "Wow, I wish someone would do this with other good books who have suffered at the hand of Hollywood."

I mean, there are just so many to choose from! Inkheart, The Golden Compass, The Giver, The future Artemis Fowl movie...but instead, we'll look at those few things that had a chance to shine....and ultimately blew it. These are YA adaptations, because for some reason, people are not nearly as hellbent on seeing how well an adult book adapts to the big screen.

Note: Mild Spoilers

The Vampire's Assistant (2009)
Book of Origin; Cirque Du Freak (2000)
Box Office: 13 mil domestic +25 mil worldwide = $39 mil return on a 40$ mil budget. Yep. They did not even meet their budget.

I dearly, dearly love this book series, and deciding to watch the movie on television ranks among one of the worst decisions of my life. Not only did they include three books in this movie, but they weren't even the first three - they were one, three, and a modified version of eleven. The first book was actually pretty closely adapted until the subsequent books went flying off the rails.

It's way too long to be carried by the lead guy (whose name is actually so buried in the credits it took me a while to find him), and Hucherson is terribly miscast as an incredibly sadistic best friend. Though to the film's very little credit, the adult actors, mainly John C. Reilly as the titular vampire, did a very good job.

The Fix: Take your time. There are twelve books, and while they may not clock in more than two hundred pages each, a lot of information is crammed into each one. Return the characters that should be there, not weird and slightly offensive replacements (like replacing the love interest - a black girl - with a white girl who is part monkey).

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Now I haven't watch quite a few movie adaptations, so there's probably ones I'm overlooking. So I'm asking you to tell me; What book to movie adaptations need a second chance? What books would you like to see adapted?
This is an ONTD Original! Written by sandstorm /  Box Office info from / Trailers from Youtube
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Taylor Swift on Being Pop's Instantly Platinum Wonder... And Why She's Paddling Against the Streams

Looking at the sales for Taylor Swift's 1989, it would appear that reports of the death of the music industry have been greatly exaggerated. SoundScan reported Tuesday night that Swift's fifth album sold 1.287 million copies in its first week, the highest out-of-the-box bow for any album release since The Eminem Show sold a hair more than that 12 years ago. She now goes down in history as the first artist in history to have three million-selling opening weeks.

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I only included a few of the interview questions and a very small snippet of her answers. The whole thing is really worth the read though! She's come so far imo.
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The transgender advocate and anti-bullying activist will represent Redken’s Chromatics hair color line. She’s one of the first transgender models to score such a big-name beauty deal, and with a mane like hers, it’s no surprise Redken hired her. "My mum has beautiful hair, and when I was young, I was so envious of it," she said in a statement. "Hair is so important for a woman, and I'm so lucky [mine] is natural, strong, and shiny."

Full Article @ Source
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ABC's adapting 'Little Women' into modern take limited television series

- It will be a MODERN DAY version of the series.
- Natascha McElhone will star and exec produce the series.
- The plot still goes with: "The lives of four sisters coming of age against the backdrop of a military scandal as their family loses their fortune and position finding themselves at odds with the conservative and traditional society in which they live."


Christopher Nolan is barring Jessica Chastain from promoting 'A Most Violent Year'

    • Jessica's Interstellar contract prevents her from promoting any other film from "early October through early December"
    • A24 (who is distributing A Most Violent Year) assumed she'd still be able to attend dinners/screenings/etc. to rub elbows for Oscar noms
    • Nolan is not having it and is not giving into pleas for a waiver for even "semiprivate encounters"


Team Jessica or Team Nolan?
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Miley dating again

Sources have confirmed to Source that Miley Cyrus is dating Patrick Schwarzenegger. Three years ago, Patrick voiced affections for Miley, when he said, "My eye, though, is set on Miley."

"She thinks he's hot, she thinks he's cool," anon said. "Patrick is a nice good guy. He's grown up in Hollywood just like her and it was only a matter of time before they hooked up."

Miley dated Simplebae and Mike WillMadeIt previously.

source: usmagazine - rewritten by me

ONTD! ORIGINAL: Best Bad Romantic Comedies

So yesterday I re-watched one of my favorite rom-com movies OF ALL TIME (cue Kanye mic steal) and felt compelled to write about how much I loved a movie that was critically panned during its release. Because that's one thing I've definitely noticed about myself in recent years (and oh boy is this going to make me sound like a total snob) but my tastes in music and movies has become a lot more refined as I got older. And when I say refined, I just mean I'm actually able to discern between good or bad, and recognize when I like things that are actually bad.

So while nowadays it's take at least more than a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes to get most of us into a theater, there once was a sillier, more innocent time where all a movie had to do was be something our grandparents wanted to watch, and usually 9 times out of 10 we all loved it.

So this post is an ode to all the rom-coms we still love to watch, regardless of  how bad they really are in hindsight.



The feminist in me would nod her head disapprovingly at this movie's blatant objectification of women and subsequent slut shaming the main character endures for choosing to be objectified ... but the only things 13 year old me comprehended was the disgustingly catchy soundtrack and cliche love story between a hot Australian dude and an innocent small-town gal . Needless to say, I was SOLD. I've probably seen this movie upwards of 50 times, and will still stop doing whatever it is I should be doing to rewatch this movie. How bad is it? It's pretty bad. But Maria Bello as a bad ass bar mom to a bunch of misfit hot bartender chicks! How can you not love it?

Best scene: When Piper Perabo's character magically stops an all out bar riot by singing along to "One way or another" and captivating everyone's attention. Because that would totally happen in real life.

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Sources are YouTube, Wikipedia, Google Images, tumblr, and me! agirlnamed_aly

Sorry mods, I didn't mean to hotlink some of the pictures, I had linked them back to tumblr, but I removed them now!

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Channing Tater Talks Foxcatcher and Magic Mike XXL

Beers With Channing Tatum: 'Magic Mike XXL' Reveals and Why He Put His Head Through a Wall

Video after the cut
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Interview Highlights:
-Talks about a survivalist vacation
-They will probably have another baby now that Witches of East End is cancelled
-He went to some dark places to get into the character he plays in Foxcatcher
-A little bit about his life when he was stripping and a "functional alcoholic".
-One more picture where he looks really goodI fail, there is a whole gallery that goes with this article. It's here.

Source: Beers With Channing Tatum: 'Magic Mike XXL' Reveals and Why He Put His Head Through a Wall --
jas tookes
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Nick Jonas and Tinashe do an interview with Hot 97 and perform on 106 & Park

-Ebro (the interviewer) can't get over him being a former Jonas Brother
-Implies he never had sex with Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, Tinashe says lost her virginity at 16
-Says the Jonas Brothers broke up because they would have conflicted in their personal lives
-Says he stopped wearing the promise rings because his values changed
-Implies he's going the Timberlake route and that Stevie Wonder, Prince, The Weeknd, and James Blake influenced his sound
-Says his parents are really proud

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What happened to Elvis Costello tho

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Make Up For Ever x 50 Shades of Grey

Everyone's favorite literary phenomenon turned future cult classic film has now inspired a new range of makeup. Since 50 Shades of Grey is often associated with quality, it's only right to serve up quality makeup to match this sexy, growing literary brand. Makeup artist favorite MAKE UP FOR EVER will release a limited-edition collection featuring four different beauty sets, exclusively to Sephora. Now you too can play out Anastasia's sexual awakening, with a range that, according to WWD, "starts out sweet and gets increasingly passionate and sultry."

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All the products arrive on Dec 26, just in time to soothe your post-holiday disappointment, become the new you, and live out 50 Shades of Grey in the New Year.

Rewritten from the Dailymail

beauty post! Rant/rave about Sephora
Demonstrate ::JoJo::

Hoodie Allen Defends Spotify

In the wake of Taylor Swift pulling her songs from Spotify, rapper Hoodie Allen, who recently released his debut album, "People Keep Talking," spoke out in defense of the digital music service on Twitter.


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First production photos from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame stage adaptation released!


New photos of the premiere production of a new English-language stage musical based on Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame were published today. The production is currently playing at La Jolla Playhouse in California and will run through December 14th. In the spring of 2015, the production will run at the Papermill Playhouse in New Jersey.

The new production is a hybrid that combines elements of the Disney film, the Berlin stage production based on the Disney film, and the original book. The show is also the first musical based on a Disney film that is being recommended for audiences age 12 and over, at least at the production's second venue in New Jersey.

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[source: photos via BroadwayWorld, text is my own]
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God is Dead: Kaká and Caroline Celico Divorcing

Brazilian football superstar Kaká, the 2007 Ballon d'Or winner currently on loan at São Paulo FC, announced this week through his official representative that he and his wife of nine years, Caroline Celico, are divorcing.

The text, published in both English and Portuguese, reads as follows:

We would like to make public that, after nine years together, we have commonly agreed to divorce.

Our marriage has given us two beautiful children whom we love so dearly. In light of the important ties we’ll continue to have, the respect, gratitude, and admiration for one another remains mutually intact.

We ask for your sympathy and understanding to preserve our privacy in such moment of change.

The couple married in 2005, when Kaká was 23 and Caroline was 18, and have two children: Luca, aged six, and Isabella, aged three. They are both committed evangelical Christians, making this announcement especially shocking; Kaká even sang a romantic duet with Caroline on her gospel album. Rumors of their separation first surfaced in June this year, with competing reports of infidelity from both sides, but they publicly denied these reports and were seen in public together as recently as October 25th.

Below the cut, some photos of the couple in happier times.
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Sources: Announcement via twitter; photos via Kickette and Caroline's instagram

Alex Minsky for GQ

His life so far makes no sense except as a Pedro Almodóvar soap opera: the tragedy, the melodrama, the re-invention, the coma, the dick pics. High school fuckup becomes a Marine's Marine, then a war amputee, then a gay-beefcake icon…who just happens to be straight. "My world's flipped; I've been reborn," Minsky says. "And it's happened multiple times."

Full article and more pics AT THE SOURCE

Brandy denies Ray J abuse allegations

Brandy Norwood has refuted claims that her brother Ray J has physically abused her. The hit & fab singer posted an image on her instagram of her & her brother with the caption "#tbt best brother in the world!! Come for him, come for me!! @rayj."

This comes after Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Morgan Hardman (former assistant to Ray J) has come under fire for alleging that the singer abused not only his current girlfriend, Princess Love, but also his sister, Brandy.

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interview source, insta, the rest by me <3
Tim Tebow: 2014 CMA Red Carpet

Cheryl Cole Set To Make UK Chart History as "I Don't Care" is Headed to #1!

According to the Official Charts Company, I Don’t Care has sold over 49,000 copies in the UK so far this week, following on from Cheryl’s performance on The X Factor on Sunday. If sales stay strong and she holds, she will be come the only woman in UK Chart history to have 5 #1 solo singles and thus, holding the record for Most #1 Singles by a Female artist.


Just an excuse to talk about Only Human coming out. The album is her best yet. Throwback >>>
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Jessica Chastain (and others) at Interstellar & A Most Violent Year premieres

Actors Oscar Isaac (L) and Jessica Chastain attend AFI FEST 2014 presented by Audi opening night gala premiere of A24's "A Most Violent Year" at Dolby Theatre on November 6, 2014 in Hollywood, California.

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Some early reviews are up and they're full of praise for Oscar. Oscar for Oscar in '15?

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UPDATE: UK Feminist T-shirt Controversy

- The Guardian reports the Fawcett Society has evidence the allegations their t-shirts were made with sweatshop labour are false.
- The Fawcett Society says they have a recent audit carried out by a 3rd party NGO showing the workers were paid above minimum wage, were paid for overtime hours, and worked an average of 45 hours per week. The workers were also free to join the union.
- They're still gathering more evidence at this point but they are confident the manufacturer has done nothing wrong and they've confirmed they will continue to work with the designer, Whistles.
- The Daily Mail which is the newspaper who published the original allegations has also published the refutation of their article but they have yet to retract their original story.

Source 1, Source 2

[KK]K-POP POST? Wendy of Victoria Sponge Performs A Big Minstrel Jubilee

Wendy of Welsh Cake fame showed her 6-plus years of Canadian-sourced expertise racialized theatrics by acting white and black.

The lead singer of Browny Mosaic Cheesecake explained that in Canada she "...learned to imitate white people and black people..."

The Big Minstrel Jubilee begins at the 13:45 mark.

Her performance of white females as the-80s-Valley-girl-nobody-has-ever-met received a positive reception from Zhou 'I Escaped The SM Dungeon But Should Go Back' Mi.

This was followed by Wendy instructing her peers to remember that prosodic features are important in imitating black women - finger clicking and head bobbing are integral.

Furthermore, the Jaffa Cake singer explained that because black men are "like gangsters" they resemble fictional Boondock's rapper Thugnificent.

I am tweeting SeungRi for confirmation that these imitations are accurate to real life, I will post his reply if he responds. 

paraphrased by me but u can read allkpop here