November 4th, 2014

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Peggy Carter to be in Ant-Man movie

There were rumours about hbic Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) appearing in the Ant-Man movie in a flashback. Well, it seems that Peggy at least is going to be in it because Marvel released a casting notice asking for an experienced stand-in for Hayley Atwell. Early drafts for the movie saw a young Hank Pym meeting with SHIELD in a flashback.

Ant-Man would make it Hayley's seventh appearance as Peggy for Marvel, after her show 'Agent Carter' debuts in January of 2015. Her role in Ant-Man means she will be in both of Marvel's blockbusters next year. slayyy.

I guess now I have a reason to watch it. Well played, Marvel.

"Black Veil Brides" Andy Biersack delivered speech protesting at self -harm

Andy Biersack from "Black Veil Brides" a band that started in early the 2000s, delivered a moving speech protesting at self -harm and the vogue, among a minority of the fanbase, for bringing razor blades to the group's shows.

His concern, his horror, splashed over you like cold water. "A bigger move," he said, "is not to bring us a razor blades but your smiling face, to show us how happy you are."

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Roman Rings the Alarm!

Nicki Minaj wrecked her own Benz after Safareee Samuels blow up. Police were called to the 31-year-old’s property, but no arrests were made as the car in question – while driven by Samuels – is said to have belonged to Minaj.


I ain't gon' stop until I see police lights

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Brigitte Bardot Hates Feminism, Considers Herself To Be a "Masculinst"

Brigitte Bardot recently told You magazine, when asked whether or not she is a feminist: "No. I hate feminism. I am a masculinist."

When asked to explain her position, Bardot replied, "I think women do what they want."

The French actress and former sex symbol is also known for her stance on animal rights in comparing eating to meat to cannibalism.

"To eat the flesh of animals is akin to cannibalism," she said. "A huge number of people are insensitive to the suffering of animals, for which they have a deep contempt."


SWV Arguing With Record Label. No New Music Anytime Soon.

SWV's tv show may be a hit, but they're stil a hot mess when it comes to making music. In a new interview, the ladies talked aobut how fans will see them arguing with their record label, which is why they won't be releasing any new music anytime soon. They also teach us what a "face bath" is. You're welcome.

Clutch your pearls and watch my interview with SWV above! The new season of SWV Reunited airs picks up again in January on WE tv.

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Trent Reznor thinks you devalue music by not paying for it

Nine Inch Nails frontman, Trent Reznor, is no stranger to putting his foot in his mouth and whinging about the state of the music industry these days so it's no surprise that he recently spoke to Billboard about his concerns. According to no-neck Nancy the current generations demand for free music (either by mediums of streaming or youtube) devalues music and that paying for music is a "relic of an era gone by".

The Source thinks you should pay for your music.

ONTD... does anyone still pay for music anymore?
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CBS Supergirl Casting/Character Info

CBS is developing a Supergirl tv show. The pilot was written by Ali Adler (No Ordinary Family) and Greg Berlanti (The Flash, Arrow), who will also be executive producing. Here are some casting breakdowns/character info:

Kara Zor-El/ Kara Danvers: Caucasian female, 22 - 26 to play 24. Kara arrived at Earth at the age of 12 where she was taken in by the Danvers. Kara is forced to use her powers during an unexpected disaster.

Alexander "Alex" Danvers (Kara's foster sister): Alex is Kara's gorgeous, brilliant, science-minded foster sister who is both jealous and fascinated by Kara's powers. She has learned everything she could about alien mythology and now works at a secret government organization.

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source: comingsoon, 2 - rewritten by me
it sounds like flash/arrow but genderbent + separate universe? 
Winter Soldier

"Wannabe" named catchiest song of ALL TIME

- The Spice Girls "Wannabe" was named the catchiest song by an online experiment and was closely followed by fellow nineties classic, "Mambo no 5" by one hit wonder Lou Bega and the song all boxing montages are set by Survivor, "Eye of the Tiger".
- In the experiment listeners could recognise the Spice Girls break out hit, a whooping 2 seconds earlier than other songs.
- Over 12,000 people participated in the experiment, which is sold as a game, the aim of which is to unravel what it is that makes a song memorable.
- The research is hoped to help people who suffer dementia.

You can find the article here
You can play the game here
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Showtime developing drama about second US Civil War

It'll be called Anthem and the pilot begins on a regular presidential election day and ends with America on the brink of the second Civil War.


But when are we getting a taco emoji?

  • Emoji diversity would work by allowing people to modify characters with a number of different skin-tone swatches.

  • When placed side-by-side, a face and a skin-tone swatch would combine into a face with that skin tone.

  • Where the fuck is my middle finger emoji you promised it.

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People's Choice Awards nominees announced

1. We all know that award shows are meaningless unless our faves are in the running.

2. Jane the Virgin has been nominated for a People's Choice Award.

3. Therefore, the People's Choice Awards are now the most prestigious ever*.


* (not really tho... they also nominated Mulaney.)

Full list of nominees at the source.
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Forbes Announces The Top Earning Women of Music In 2014


Beyonce earned $115 million—making her the top-earning woman in the music business.

“Like everyone else, you work really hard and you want it to be great; you want your friends to like it,” she told FORBES five years ago. “What makes me feel comfortable is practice and knowing I’m prepared.”

1. Beyonce – $115 Million

2. Taylor Swift – $64 Million
3. P!nk – $52 Million
4. Rihanna – $48 Million
5. Katy Perry – $40 Million
6. Jennifer Lopez – $37 Million
7. Miley Cyrus – $36 Million
8. Celine Dion – $36 Million
9. Lady Gaga – $33 Million
10. Britney Spears – $30 Million

Did your fav make the list?


Figures from Source

Oscars 2015; 20 Animated Features Submitted for Consideration

The Academy announced this on Tuesday (today). Some of these haven't met the criteria yet (or even been released yet, or simply have zero chance ).

Upon the nomination announcement on Januwary 15th, there can be as many as 5 movies in the category. Remember that according to the new rules, DVD Screeners are mandatory for Animated movies.

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The list came from THR, otherwise I wrote the blurbs.
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And now it's Michael Fassbender in the running to be Steve Jobs

- After Leo DiCaprio and Christian Bale left the project, Fassbender's now rumored for it. He's apparently in 'early talks' for the role.
- Seth Rogen's still in talks to play Steve Wozniak. Essentially they're just asking around and hoping people will join this shit.

12 thumbs up
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Adrian Peterson enters a plea deal in child abuse case

- entered a no contest plea deal, has to pay $4,000 and do 80 hours of community service
- he could have faced two years and a $10,000 fine if he was found guilty
- says he regrets the incident, takes full responsibility and wants to move forward with his family
- says he loves his son and wants to continue a relationship with him
- NFL and Vikings haven't said if they'd lift his suspension yet (but knowing the NFL they'll let him back on)
-NFL Players Association are pushing for him to get back on the team, says this should be treated as any misdemeanor case by the NFL based on the plea deal
- the plea deal means they'll let him off the case of his alleged marijana use

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Miles Teller to star in Marc Webb's next indie film, Interview

Miles Teller is in talks to star in Marc Webb's next indie film "The Only Living Boy in New York". The film is about how a young man tries to stop his overbearing father from having an affair, but he becomes involved with the woman as well.

This will be Marc Webb's first non-blockbuster film since (500) Days of Summer. Miles Teller can recently be seen in Whiplash, and will be seen in Insurgent and Fantastic Four next year.

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source: variety, newsday - rewritten by me
he addresses the divergent controversy + his scar 
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"SELFIE" on ABC: Critics have changed their opinions and now think the series is charming

Critics have changed their minds about ABC's new series "SELFIE" and are encouraging viewers to give it a second chance.

TV critics at USA Today, New Republic, E!, Slate, and others have changed their initial opinions about ABC's "SELFIE". The series has improved from the pilot that debuted in October 2014.

"SELFIE" has started focusing on how much Eliza Dooley (Karen Gillan) and Henry Higgs (John Cho) are changing each other in this romantic comedy inspired by George Shaw's Pygmalion and its film adaptation My Fair Lady. In addition, the supporting characters are being fleshed out and emphasis is being placed on the workplace comedy aspects.

Critics are praising the wonderful chemistry between the two leads.

Watch 2 new back-to-back episodes of "SELFIE" this Tuesday a 8 PM ET on ABC.


Beyonce's Sister probably not invited to the Melbourne Cup next year

Beyonce's sister (aka Solange Knowles) was invited to Melbourne Cup by some coffee company that I think was Lavazza, but she wouldn't hold the cup for promotional purposes so for all anyone knows they make cars or shoes or walls. Beyonce's sister showed up an hour and a half late because she couldn't find an outfit that was monochrome enough (black and white is a difficult combination) and did not allow questions about Beyonce or family issues or elevators so they really had nothing to talk about.

After arriving two hours late for her DJ set afterwards, she gave up after twenty minutes, presumably because she didn't have enough caffeine.

This is her not holding a coffee cup in an unflattering outfit it took her an hour and a half to put on.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Original source. I paraphrased.
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Lil Jon makes cross-country flight to rock the vote

Turn out for what! Lmaooo.

After he was unable to get his absentee ballot, Lil Jon flew his ass across the country from Los Angeles to cast his vote in his state of Georgia.


So basically, Lil Jon just put everyone who didn't vote for petty reasons, to shame.

Jon has been pretty outspoken about getting out and voting this election season. Earlier in October, he appeared in a Rock the Vote remix of one of his hit songs, called 'Turn Out for What'. The video also featured L___ D______, Fred Armisen and Whoopi Goldberg.Collapse )

I want to thank ONTD for telling me how pathetic it would be if I didn't vote today after I said I wouldn't. I got out and voted!

ALSO: Election Night 2014 Discussion Post!


David Tennant and Georgia Tennant are gonna be in a short film together

David will be playing Mark in the 11-minute short called 96 Ways To Say I Love You, a romantic comedy with Tennant's wife, Georgia Moffett, in the role of Olive. Which, incidentally, is the name of David and Georgia's daughter. Way subtle.

This is the first time the two have properly acted together since they met on the set of "Doctor Who." They did both appear in Peter Davison's "The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot," but were never on-screen at the same time.


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Box Office Showdown: Interstellar vs Big Hero 6

- Most tracking services have the two movies grossing between $50 million and $55 million for the three-day weekend, while more bullish observers believe Big Hero 6 could approach $60 million.

[OUAT] Emma & Hook kiss

Once Upon A Time 4x07 stills

Emma captures the Snow Queen and interrogates her at the sheriff’s station. But the Snow Queen uses her prior knowledge of Emma to try to persuade her into thinking that they are more alike than she could possibly imagine. Regina and Robin Hood’s relationship grows increasingly complex as they struggle to find a way to save his dying wife, Emma begins to see what she missed out on by not growing up and being a family with Snow and Charming when she sees how involved Mary Margaret is in baby Neal’s life, and Henry begins his after school job in Gold’s shop while trying to help Regina find a clue to the identity of the author of the storybook. Meanwhile, in Arendelle of the past, we learn about the origin of the Snow Queen and her familial connection to Elsa and Anna as we see her discover her spectacular yet deadly ice powers.

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What do you think Kimye and the President discussed?

Anyway, you can watch the results on the 24 hour news channel of your choice or follow along here

Republicans only need four three two one ZERO more seats in the Senate for a GOP takeover :\

FML CNN just called NC for Tillis. I hate everyone. If you love yourself, you will not accept Republican penis into your body.


ONTD Exclusive: Ronan Farrow's T-Shirt Is a Twitter Trend Because Thirsty White Women Are the Worst


Satchel Sinatra went on NBC this evening to cover the historic election results which saw a massive defeat of the Democratic party. But you know what's really important? The Monet-faced host in a white t-shirt.

Britney Bummed about Vegas Show Sales Slump

The ever reputable radaronline is following up on a story they did (and stole from ontd! ) about slow ticket sales for some of these October shows and is reporting that Britney is "bummed" about the ever increasing empty seats at her shows but that she'll stick it out because so many people and crew depend on her and it's great job security for them. Allegedly her team is scrambling to increase sales and doing more promotions like her 'Britneyween' show where they had contests and gave out tickets to winners.
The source went on to say that part of the problem is the show's extension and people don't feel the need to go since it's no longer a limited run and has been extended for two more years.


ontd, what can britney do to increase her ticket sales? release new music? change up the show?

Chris Botti's magnificent rendition of the national anthem brings NFL players to tears

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

* Grammy Award winner Chris Botti's rendition of the national anthem left viewers with chills and also brought NFL stars such as Reggie Wayne to tears

* It's been suggested that Botti's rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" is one of the best since Whitney Houston's at the 1991 Super Bowl

The performance:

National Anthem by Chris Botti - Giants vs... by aBzzzMedia

ngl, his rendition got me teary-eyed

source 1
source 2 (video)