November 3rd, 2014

today in terrible books; youtuber is set to top christmas book sales

"youtube star" Zoella is predicted to have one of the best selling books of the year


Zoella signed a two-book deal with Penguin and the first of these, a debut novel called Girl Online, is predicted to be the year’s fastest-seller when it is released on November 25 just in time for the Christmas market.
The story of a teenage girl who writes a blog about school, boys and her “mad” family is being published in 15 languages and is in Amazon’s top five best-selling children’s books on the strength of pre-orders alone.
“Zoella has this huge fan base. Girl Online will be the fastest-selling children’s book of the year, and I don’t see why it won’t challenge for the overall best-seller,” said Melissa Cox, children’s buyer at Waterstones.

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what's the worst christmas present you've received ONTD?

Scum of the Earth Julien Blanc teaches white men how to sexually harass Japanese women

Tw: Sexual assault, Rape

- Says to "take the pressure off" when trying to harass a Japanese woman is to "yell Pikachu or Pokemon or Tamagotchi or something"
- Says he grabbed girls' heads on the streets and pulling them closer to him, or as he eloquently puts it, "Head on dick"


In the video he actually says "When you're a white male, you can do what you want". Fuck this pig, there're not enough words to describe my disgust.
This is his Twitter.

1989 Tour Dates Announced

Taylor just announced THE 1989 WORLD TOUR! Kicking off in Louisiana on May 20, 2015, the tour will hit North America and Europe before heading to Australia in December 2015.
Vance Joy, whose hit song “Riptide” was recently covered by Taylor, is supporting all North American dates and Shawn Mendes will also join the tour for select performances.

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I need her to add a New Orleans date ASAP...
Ballet: Nela my queen also the Black Swa

ONTD Original: 12 delightful celebrity bulges

Because I promised, and I’m a lady who keeps her word I give you all my first ONTD Original.

Although none have the quality of the Jon Hamm, I compiled for you all this list of note worthy bulges (in no particular order). Mostly as a response to that flop MTV UK list of “hot” men.
Rejoice, ONTD!

Henry Cavill
I ain’t no fan but that’s one Superbulge

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Now ONTD, share your favs with the community pls & tyfyt

British Independent Film Award Announced-'71, Pride, Mr. Turner, Frank lead tally

Mr. Turner.
The Imitation Game.

John Michael McDonagh for Calvary.
Lenny Abrahamson for Frank.
Matthew Warchus for Pride.
Mike Leigh for Mr. Turner.
Yann Demange for ’71.

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Falcon and the Winter Soldier Celebrate Halloween With Their Little Counterparts and Micheal Jackson

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SOURCE 1 & 2
Did you see any Falcons or Winter Soldiers this Halloween?

ONTD Original: 6 Forgotten Pop Princesses of the 90s/00s

6 Forgotten Pop Princesses of the 90s/00s

In 1997/1998 Britney Spears shook her kitty all across that High School from Grease & record companies rushed to create clones to cash in on the teen pop sales.
Britney obviously stuck around and some others have like Beyonce but some girls did not!

Put your nano pet to bed, stick in your HitClips and let us review.

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Who's your favorite late 90s/early 00s diva?


janet jackson

Zendaya remains flawfree while doing stuff and thangs for UNICEF USA

tumblr_inline_neeonsKeGU1sggcf2 tumblr_inline_neeoo7cWaU1sggcf2

The Disney Star surprised some elementary kids in NYC.
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Zendaya discusses her latest charity project on GMA
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Video URL:
Youtube Channel: ABC News
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The triple threat is talking about her new Disney Show 'KC Undercover' in a new interview + some random candids
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Video URL:
Youtube Channel: MyFoxNY
Candids @ (
The Trio

Christian Bale drops out of yet another Steve Jobs biopic

- Bale didn't feel he was right for the job at the end, so decided to drop out of the project.
- Leo DiCaprio was considered for the role, but chose to shoot 'The Revenant' instead.
- Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin said Bale didn't have to audition for the role, and that they wanted the best actor in a 'certain age range', and that was Bale. Oh well.

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Nicolas Winding Refn next film "the Neon Demon"

Nicolas Winding Refn's next film will be a female-led horror film called "The Neon Demon". The script is penned by Refn and Mary Laws. Filming will start in 2015 in LA, and release date is expected for 2016.

“One morning I woke and realized I was both surrounded and dominated by women. Strangely, a sudden urge was planted in me to make a horror film about vicious beauty,” said Refn about the origins of the movie. “After making ‘Drive’ and falling madly in love with the electricity of Los Angeles, I knew I had to return to tell the story of ‘The Neon Demon.'"

source: variety - rewritten by me
do u like his other films? 
mini panettones
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Tom Magliozzi, host of NPR's Car Talk, dies at 77

Tom Magliozzi who hosted Car Talk on NPR passed away at the age of 77 from complications of Alzheimer's Disease. The show, which he hosted alongside his brother Ray Magliozzi, ran from 1977 to 2012.

Sources: Twitter and NPR

I'm so upset. This show helped me survive so many long car rides.
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YA Film "Tiger's Curse" happening

"Elizabeth" director Shekhar Kapur will direct this adventure YA film "Tiger's Curse". Tiger's Curse was originally based on Collen Houck's series of novels of the same name, and was adapted by Julie Plec of "The Originals" and "The Vampire Diaries".

According to Variety, the novel is about, "a woman who learns that she has a powerful connection with a beautiful white tiger named Ren, while working at a circus in Oregon over the summer. When a mysterious stranger arrives to reclaim Ren and return him to his native India, the woman learns that the tiger is a prince who is the victim of a 300-year-old curse."

source: variety - rewritten by me
which YA books do u want to see adapted into film? 
Dev Patel: The Green Knight: FOX TALKS

Gotham Post

Guess who is coming to Gotham City?


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Plot Synopsis for episode 9


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Stills from episode 9
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Meet Victor Zsasz in a New Promo for Gotham
"As violence between Maroni and Falcone continues to escalate, Penguin reveals a new component of his manipulative strategy, forcing Gordon to deal with the consequences of his decision to spare Penguin's life."

hope they get a young Cillian look alike
I'm not witty enough to paraphrase :/

Liam and Harry do some Foreplay

@ 2:20ish

Interviewer: Your favorite traits that you look for in a lady? Four favorite traits.
Liam: Female. That's a good trait.
Harry: Not that important.

Sigh I have no time to do a full iconic Harry post(later in the week gals, don't worry) so I'll just post the interview that is the juicest yet! Harry looks so hot in this one. Tired and like he hasn't had a shower in a day so he just smells natural and delicious, no cologne or anything. Mmm to cuddle up to him and tangle my fingers in his hair.

I need to stop... See ya soon!

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Jake Gyllenhaal's next film "The Man Who Made It Snow"

Jake G will be reteaming with "Southpaw" director Antoine Fuqua for this drama "The Man Who Made It Snow". This plot will be based on a true story of Max Mermelstein, a Jewish hotel engineer, who transforms a small mom and pop drug organization into a billion-dollar enterprise known as the Medellin Cartel.

Michael Kingston and Brett Tabor are penning the script. This will be another ~edgy thriller for Jake.

source: variety - rewritten by me
also, Is Jake G the new George Clooney?? 
(gael) y tu mama

First clip from "Rosewater"

Synopsis: Jon Stewart's directorial debut follows the story of Maziar Bahari (Gael García Bernal), a Iranian-Canadian journalist that covers the Iranian 2009 presidential elections. He is then arrested by Revolutionary Guard police, and spends 118 days in prison. While in prison, Bahari is questioned by a man called by "Rosewater". He is accused of being a spy after his appearance on The Daily Show. Bahari is later released on $300,000 bail and a promise that he would be a spy for the government.

Ciri 2

The many worlds of DC Comics set to converge next spring.

'Convergence' storyline will begin April 2015 while all other titles are put on a two month hiatus.

April 1 will mark the beginning of a major DC event, Convergence. The story will run for nine-weeks while the rest of the company's titles are on hiatus.

The story aims to cover every generation of DC and bring them together. It will also seek to tie in the old universe with that of the New 52. Artist Jim Lee says that the story will address the many questions fans still have about the relationship between the new and old universes.

Fans have often asked if events like Superman's death or Batman being broken by Bane are still considered canon. They also want to know what happened to favorite characters and groups that are still MIA, such as Donna Troy, Blue Beetle, and the Justice Society of America. The co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio promise that Convergence will answer those questions.

The premise is that the villain Brainiac has captured cities from different times and planets to throw them all together and see what happens when they converge. A new villain called Telos will also be introduced.

The main writer will be Jeff King, with help from Scott Lobdell. The story will be split into two miniseries covering 40 issues.

I will withhold judgment for the time being.

Article at USA Today

natural beauty

Who’s The EMA ‘Artist On The Rise’? 5SOS, Fifth Harmony, Jake Miller, Lucy Hale Or Nick Jonas?

Vote now and watch the kick-off show on Sunday at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

lmao, this will end in a bloodbath

source: mtv


ONTD Original: 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch the CW's the 100

5. It might just fill the Battlestar Galactica sized hole in your heart. It will remind you of BSG in good ways, and not season three/four what the fuck is going on with Kara's storyline ways. The show is very human - it's about the survival of the human race and looking for their own form Eden to survive because living in space with limited resources is not exactly the best way to survive. But a running theme of the show (and a slightly paraphrased quote) - who you are and who you have to be to survive are two different people.

PS, speaking of Battlestar Galactica , while there is no Tricia Helfer who obviously played the most superior of the cylons, there have been three BSG alum to so far be on the 100 - Gaeta, hot mess of my heart Ellen Tigh, and hiss Tory also known by their real names Alessandro Juliani, Kate Vernon, and Rekha Sharma.

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A totally 100% serious and original post by me.
Tom-Puppy kiss

FKA twigs to work on new James Bond soundtrack after recommendation from Adele

- My girl Adele recommended my girl Twigs to director Sam Mendes
- The top brass met with Twigs and thought she was the shit and a good fit for the next Bond soundtrack
- Adele still retains the top spot and will record another Bond theme song
- Adele went to Twigs' show last month but they didn't get a chance to meet
- All of this was accomplished without Robert Pattinson's help


ETA: FKA Twigs will be performing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tomorrow night!


It's coming! Deluxe/Re-release of BEYONSLAY added on Amazon!


Looks like the rumors of the last few days were indeed true! Bey is set to release an updated version of her chart-topping album BEYONCE on November 24th and Amazon not only has confirmed the release but also notes that the project will be comprised of 4 separate discs! Beyoncé is no stranger to re-releases and extended editions having released various versions of B'Day and I Am...Sasha Fierce. It also makes sense business-wise since the 4th Quarter presents the biggest opportunity for album sales and since the initial promo circle for BEYONCE seems to have ended this is a clever way of re-energizing the project and pushing its sales even further. Get it Bey!

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Source: , text by moi

Goop is $1.86 Million in Debt


From the Honey Boo Boo's to that twink who works at Target, poverty is, like, so hot right now. But student loan advocates need to step aside because when it comes to amassing debt and promoting the po' folk lifestyle, no one is more inspirational right now than Gwyneth Paltrow.

Gwynnie's lifestyle site, goop, has consistently bled more and more money with each passing year. With debts of $1.86 million due to be paid in the coming year, up from just over $1.32 million in the previous 12-month period, goop is putting poo in poor.

And don't think for one second that the ever-charitable Gwynnie isn't spreading the poverty around. Shareholders are losing their money faster than Jennifer Lawrence lost Chris Coldplay. Yearly losses for investors soared from $326,673 to $961,346.



What has been your biggest failure in life, ONTD?

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, says Rob Liefeld. Cable's big screen debut coming soon.

Rob Liefeld made an appearance at Comikazie Con over the weekend, and this is what he said about the uncoming Deadpool movie:

"Ryan is Deadpool. Look, Ryan Reynolds, he’s gone through that same career arc, the guy is ridiculously talented. He has a huge, huge passion for Deadpool. Deadpool’s not happening, because he was a giant star, they said, ‘Ryan, what do you want to do?’ And he said, ‘Deadpool.’ That’s why it happened. They would have no faith otherwise. That movie is because of his passion. He put together the team."

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youtube & twitter

Queen of Pop Selena Marie Gomez is back to save the music industry!!!

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.45.45 PM
Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.45.59 PM

Selena Gomez‘s November comeback is coming!!! Thanks to a slip-up from Amazon France who confirmed that her upcoming greatest hits album is titled For You and posted track listing! The 15-song set includes a couple of surprise omissions (where are iconic anthems “Hit The Lights” and “Bang Bang Bang”?) and odd inclusions (goodbye at “Forget Forever” making the cut) but, over all, it’s pretty spot on.

Also 2 new tracks “Heart Wants What It Wants” is being bandied around online as For You‘s lead single — a video has already been filmed for it — but there’s also a new collaboration with Rock Mafia called “Do It”. I can’t place “Mas” either but I’m wondering if it’s a Spanish language version of another song that has already been released. We’ll know soon enough. The album is set to release Nov 24th!

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Source: 1 2 3

this is all just rumored...

The Good Wife’s Secret Weapon: Matt Czuchry on Cary Agos’s Terrible, Horrible Year

- shit is going to get real for Cary cpisode 8 -10.
- Cary and Kalinda have gotten closer (they were kinda cute in this ep)
- He is asked about Archie and Juliana not having scenes together. He says it is story driven.
- He and Archie signed a 6 year contract. He doesn't know if he will be back to season 7, and as we already know Archie is leaving (I had no idea she was being offered the chance to lead her own series).

read full article over at the daily beast
Cheryl Cole: Crazy Stupid Love

K. Michelle Drops Idris Elba Inspired "Maybe I Should Call"

K. Michelle keeps it real as ever on her new song "Maybe I Should Call," the new single from her second studio collection, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart (#AWBAH), due out on December 9.

In the new smooth R&B ladies anthem, K. Michelle laments about not calling a man and telling him her true feelings. With the new baby reference, we get the song is about Idris Elba, whom K collaborated on her Rebellious Soul: The Musical project earlier this year.


this song goes off. K's new VH1 show was so cute as well!
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Jerrod Carmichael's Comedy TV Series finally happening at NBC

NBC is finally going forward with this Jerrod Carmichael multi-camera comedy series. The project will be inspired by Jerrod Carmichael's stand-up routine and will be about his relationships with his family and girlfriend. Carmichael and Nick Stoller will be writing the pilot. This is NBC's first official pilot order of 2015-2016.

“People tell me it’s risky and scary to work like that, but to me it’s fun, so I really try not to polish my act too much,” he said. “I want it to be fresh, and I like to just get up and run with it. I know what I want to say and how I want to say it. So ‘polish’ is just a state of mind to me.”

source: variety - rewritten by me
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Superman launches own production company, next film!

Henry Cavill recently launched his own production company Promethean Productions, and the first project he is developing for himself will be "Stratton", an action thriller based on the novel series of the same name. The film will be about John Stratton, a Special Boat Service operative that works with the Intelligence Detachment in Northern Ireland. The action will happen across the globe, in Kazakhastan, China, Europe, and London.

Also, Batman V Superman has wrapped up in Detroit and the cast can now be spotted working in Chicago.
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source: empire, twitter

Sneak Peek Into Hilary Duff's December Elle Cover

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In the interview she talks about:
How she left her huge empire because she was burned out
Luca dealing with fame
How she fucked up when she was younger but was private about it
How she had to be confident when she was young and such a huge star
Influencing people like Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus
Her new show 'Younger' and why she chose it
Creepy fucking Aaron Carter

Read the interview HERE

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