October 18th, 2014


US Weekly confirms Mario Lopez had 1 Night Stand with Britney + BHTS story about VMAS 2003 Kiss

Sources confirm that Britney Spears is the pop star that Mario allegedly slept with and hinted about the encounter in his memoir.

Spears' manager recounts behind the scenes tidbit about infamous VMA 2003 Kiss

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Srs Hardy

Tom Hardy as Apocalypse? ....WHET??

Fox wants Tom Hardy to play the role of the hugely devastating villain Apocalypse in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ Bryan Singer‘s upcoming sequel to ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.’ It’s not as if Hardy is averse to superhero films, given his role as Bane in Chris Nolan‘s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ — but Hardy had also worked with Nolan previously on ‘Inception.’ More recently, Hardy has been selecting his roles more carefully, so it will be interesting to see which project he chooses … if he chooses either of these at all.

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ is set for a May 18, 2016 release, while ‘Suicide Squad’ is set to be released on August 5, 2016.

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Why does Bono always wear his trademark sunglasses?

For two decades his insistence on wearing sunglasses, even when indoors, has been seen simply as part of his rockstar image.

But Bono, 54, has revealed that his trademark shades are instead there to alleviate difficulties caused by a chronic eye condition.

Speaking on BBC1’s Graham Norton show, the U2 frontman explained that for the past 20 years he has had glaucoma, a condition that can make eyes more sensitive to light.

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Source, Youtube

Taylor Swift's 1989 secrets and response to "sexist" song speculation!

Taylor Swift is firing back at critics who say she only writes songs about her exes.

"I think frankly that’s a very sexist angle to take. No one says that about Ed Sheeran. No one says it about Bruno Mars. They’re all writing songs about their exes, their current girlfriends, their love-life, and no one raises a red flag there."

She goes on to say that "my first album came out when I was sixteen, so I would write about my life as I saw it, as I felt it and then what happens is that as you get more successful, you have more and more people paying attention to what you're doing, and you've been doing it the same way your entire career as a songwriter, but all of a sudden your perspective has changed."

"The most important thing to me is maintaining artist integrity which means as a songwriter I still continue to write about my life. I could very well water it down... (but) people are going to see the depth from which you approached the song, the fact that you put real emotions into it, and that's valuable, and that's good and that's real."

She also dishes details on her upcoming 1989, revealing that Ed Sheeran's favorite track is Bad Blood and Lorde's is Welcome to New York.

Listen to the full interview at the source.

One Tree Hill reunion!

SophiaBush: Basically the best.

Sophia Bush doesn't want to be anything other than what she's been trying to be lately, you guys. It appears the trio is in Paris for an OTH convention hosted by Guest Events called “From Wilmington to Paris 2.” A bunch of their old co-stars are also expected to attend. Chad Michael Murra was unfortunately unable to attend the big bash. "Sorry I can't make it 2 Paris, Milan & London guys. Heavy into shooting @AgentCarterTV," he tweeted on Oct. 14. "I'll try 2 make out sometime soon! Have a great time."

And even though there have been many pleas from fans for a OTH reunion on screen since the show ended its nine-year run in 2012 — and many dismissals from the cast — one can still dream.

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'Buffy' star Nicholas Brendon arrested in Idaho

Nicholas Brendon, best known as Xander Harris from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was arrested last night in Boise, Idaho for malicious injury to property and resisting arrest.

There are no further details available at this time about exactly what the actor was doing. Brendon was previously arrested in 2010 for felony vandalism. During his 2010 arrest the intoxicated actor had to be tasered after assaulting the arresting officers and trying to run away.

Source: Ada County Sheriff's Office

Leighton Meester at Apple Soho's "Meet the Musician" + Preview all tracks from her Heartstrings LP

Ms. Meester's starting to promote her music! She was at the Apple store this week.

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Everyone can also preview all nine tracks from Heartstrings on the iTunes Canada page. That option is apparently not available on the US site (but it could just be me). They all sound fucking amazing, btw.

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3

All of her indies secured U.S. distribution, her critically and commercially successful Broadway play is coming to theatres and her music sounds amazing -- I'm such a proud stan :')
Cheryl Cole: Crazy Stupid Love

K. Michelle: "Ochocinco's Penis Was Too Big, I Wouldn't Let Him Have Sex With Me. I NEED MY WALLS!"

In Necole Bitchie's new Interview series, she sits down with K. Michelle to discuss her new album, love life, and what she's learned from the first go around on reality TV. In Part 2, Necole discusses K. Michelle's very public dating life, from NY Knick J.R. Smith to Charlotte's Hornet's Lance Stephenson. At the 4 minute mark in the video, Necole talks about K. Michelle's almost relationship with Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson. The conversation quickly turns to talk about Chad's penile size and his public persona vs. his private persona. K. Michelle held no bars, but, does she ever?


SEX POST! ONTD, does size matter to you? Have you ever had one that was too big?
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5 FALL Anime Shows that Maybe You Should Watch

Gone are the days of Summer 2014 Anime!
Gone are the days of Naruto searching for Sasuke!
Gone are the days of the possibility of having an actual Japanese woman lead a Hollywood Ghost in the Shell film!

Fall Anime season started almost two weeks ago(?). Here are 5 NEW Anime to watch:

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source: my anime knowledge, all myanimelist links are above

general anime post? what have u been watching?

23 (5) Of The Best Horror Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

I guess Detention is horror, but it’s one of those movies that just defies all genres. There’s time travel, a murderous slasher, more pop culture references than you can process in one viewing, and a brilliant cast. I couldn’t describe it fully if I had to, so I’ll just say that I recommend it to people who have felt like they’ve seen everything, because it’s unlike anything else you’ve seen.

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Z being out and about w Val + her upcoming disney show gets full season order


Zendaya Brings More Food To Val Chmerkovskiy & Janel Parrish During DWTS Practice
Zendaya is possibly the best best friend ever, right?

The 18-year-old K.C. Undercover actress was spotted heading into the dance studio in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (October 15) with a bag of food from Chick-Fil-A for her former pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish.
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Zendaya's 'K.C. Undercover' Gets Full Season Order!
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Full Article and more pictures @ JustJaredJr (Source 1 / Source 2)
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Big Sean and Ariana Grande collaborating again!

After a few months of rumors — fueled largely by some hand-holding backstage at the VMAs in AugustAriana Grande finally confirmed her relationship with Big Sean earlier this week, calling him “one of the most amazing men in the whole world.” On Friday (October 17), Sean sang similar praises of his now-confirmed significant other.

“She’s amazing, too,” the Detroit rapper told Angie Martinez on Power 105, responding to the singer’s quote about him. “She’s great, man. We just enjoy other. We’re happy; everything’s good.”

Not only are they “good” personally, but professionally, too. Just check Ariana’s “Right There” or “Best Mistake” — both of which feature the G.O.O.D. Music MC — for the proof. And it looks like we’re going to get to hear them together again soon.

“She’s on a song on my album,” he confirmed, adding that it’s unlike either of the collabs we’ve heard from the two in the past. “It’s kind of more my element than hers.”

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ONTD Original - 10 Songs You Loved from 2006/7 But Have Now Forgotten

It's been eight years since 2006. Do you remember these songs? Have you ever wondered what happened to their artists? Thanks to Billboard's lists of top 100 songs of the year, we can go back to find the most beloved songs of that time. Here are some songs that became popular but the singers possibly never repeated the same success again after that era:

The Last Goodnight - Pictures of You
"Pictures of You" peaked at #70 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 but the band's other songs failed to chart. The Last Goodnight were later dropped from their recording compay after a short tour. Only lead vocals Kurtis John has continued on with his career in the music industry.

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source: me and wikipedia :), bobborst
mid 00s nostalgia post?

''How to Get Away With Murder'' Is Changing TV


This week's How to Get Away With Murder had everything: Elizabeth Perkins, gay sex, penis pics and Viola Davis' character removing her wig and makeup. How to Get Away With Murder would probably be Saturday Night Live's Stefon's favorite club, but luckily for us it's on TV for the entire world to see. The ABC drama from Peter Nowalk, Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers is breaking all sorts of ground and viewers are taking note.

How to Get Away With Murder is treating its gay character Connor (Jack Falahee) as anything but a token. The show is unapologetic about depicting his sex scenes—and why should they be? It's 2014—breaking ground in its premiere by showing the first instance anilingus on network TV. Connor is already developing into a character with depth. He simply isn't set dressing. It's refreshing and more than welcome.

"I knew I wanted to push the envelope, especially with the gay sex," Nowalk told E! News before the show's big premiere. "And to me, writing the gay characterization and writing some real gay sex into a network show is to right the wrong of all of the straight sex that you see on TV. Because I didn't see that growing up, and I feel like the more people get used to two men kissing, the less weird it will be for people. I just feel like it's a lack of vision that you don't see it on TV, but ABC has never had a note about any of the weird stuff in the show, so I'm gonna keep it going."

Keep on going!

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Tippi Hedren Regrets Having Pet Lion Living In Home

Hollywood actress Tippi Hedren has revealed her embarrassment and regret that she let a fully grown lion live with her family in the 1970s, saying they were ‘stupid beyond belief’ to let the beast play with her daughter Melanie Griffth, then aged just 13.

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Guardian angel was doing the most for the family tbh.
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American Horror Story: Finn Wittrock and Ryan Murphy on Dandy and Twisty's bond

In an interview, Finn Wittrock discussed his character Dandy Motts from American Horror Story: Freak Show. "We talked about a kid who’s incredibly wealthy but emotionally stunted at a certain age, and we’ll learn that there was some trauma in his youth — and also that there might be a bit of incest happening. We’ll also learn that maybe, more broadly to say, psychosis runs in the family."

On Dandy's relationship with Twisty, Wittrock said "He becomes very enamored by the clown and becomes his acolyte. The clown basically becomes his role model for life. He wants to be him. And he might succeed to a degree."

Wittrock also praised Twisty's portrayer John Carrol Lynch, and revealed that "you’ll find in Episode 4 that there is a human side to the clown. We will learn his backstory, and we’ll actually see a sort of humanity in him. That won’t cease to make him the scariest character on television, but I think you’ll understand how he got that way."

In a separate interview, series creator Ryan Murphy talked about why Dandy is so enamoured with Twisty. "He finally meets somebody who to him is the equivalent of a movie star and in his twisted, warped mind represents somebody who lives by his own rules. I think Dandy is a rebel and I think he looks at the clown as a rebel. The clown has his own schedule. He’s got that tricked out bus. I think Dandy thinks that clown is a rock star."

Murphy also talked about the scene where Dandy tried joining the freak show, saying "I sort of think that if the freak show would have accepted him and he would have had an outlet I don’t think he would become what he’s going to become. So I think that Evan’s character is partially responsible for what’s going to happen in a weird way."

Source 1, 2, and 3.
haters will say its photoshop

Zendaya: "Gaga Is So Disrespectful!"

“@Zendaya: @DopeDaya she so disrespectfuuuul *trey songz voice* 😂”

Earlier today, Zendaya tweeted about a year old incident that happened when Gaga ignored Zendaya on the red carpet of the 2013 American Music Awards.

Zendaya has since deleted the tweet after Twitter Monsters attacked her for it and put up another tweet about the situation.


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'Law & Order: SVU' takes on the Elliot Rodger case

"Law & Order: SVU" has been on a ripped-from-the-headlines run in the early part of the season, and Wednesday's (Oct. 15) episode is maybe the most eerily true-to-life of the bunch.

The episode is called "Holden's Manifesto," and it's clearly taking cues from the Elliot Rodger shootings in Santa Barbara, Calif., in May in telling the story of a young man, Holden March (guest star John Karna), taking out his rage on the women he believes have ignored him. Rodger, however, is not the only model for Karna's character, executive producer Warren Leight says.

"There were elements of that guy -- and weirdly, and this is the disturbing thing, there were about seven or eight of these in the last year, where people left manifestos or videos," Leight tells Zap2it.

In researching real-life cases for possible stories, it's not uncommon for the "SVU" writers to come across multiple similar, but less publicized, crimes, Leight notes. "Very often the pathology is extremely similar," he says. "We'll talk to our psychiatric adviser, and he'll say, Yeah, this kid is this. ... What's sad is it happens often and it does follow certain distinct patterns."


Nelly Furtado update post


Working with producer Duke Dumont:
Collapse )Featuring on Emmanuel Jal's new song, "Scars":
Attending "The Good Lie" Premiere
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Timbo also post a pic with Nelly on his Instagram - hint for a new collab?
with Fergie Ferg & Gwen's comebacks, it's time for a Nelly Furtado appreciation post!  ONTD, do you think Nelly can make a comeback too? Who should she work with for the next album?