October 7th, 2014

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Fox might be making a live-action X-Men show

Bleeding Cool’s Hollywood sources (which also brought you the news that Warners were shipping round a Supergirl series – though we did get the producer wrong) have just landed us a massive trout, flapping around on the Bleeding Cool deck.

That Fox are currently in deep development on a live-action X-Men TV show. And are starting to get interest in that as well. Which is how it leaked to us.

No details whatsoever. And right now, no way of getting any. Hopefully, as a result of this article, someone like Deadline will do the heavy lifting.

Or maybe someone will mention it at NYCC? We’ll keep our ears open.



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Hope Solo is called out by fellow teammate

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Hope Solo is awaiting trial on domestic violence charges related to an incident in June involving her sister and 17-year-old nephew. U.S. Soccer is allowing Solo to play in matches leading up to the 2015 FIFA World Cup in Canada. Now, one of Solo's national squad teammates is calling for action to be taken against the star goalkeeper.

In a guest column for USA Today Sports, substitute goalkeeper Jillian Loyden wrote about her own experience with domestic violence and asked U.S. Soccer to respond to Solo's alleged misdeeds and the pall they have cast on the sport.

"U.S. Soccer needs to send the right message. They need to communicate that domestic violence is never OK and that it will not be tolerated.

Speaking out on these issues is not always easy. Solo is my teammate and a personal mentor. But I cannot stand by as young fans receive the message that this behavior — even if the allegations proved to be inaccurate — can go unnoticed.

A couple weeks ago, Hope broke an international record with an incredible 73 shutouts. But instead of celebrating the new record, the league should endeavor to post a shutout on domestic violence. Our league can no longer turn a blind eye to the allegations that Solo assaulted two family members."

In addition to fellow stars Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux, Tobin Heath and Abby Wambach, Solo is one of the most recognizable faces in American women's soccer.

Loyden is the first athlete from the USWNT program to publicly ask for action against Solo before her November trial.

The Sky Blue FC goalkeeper also runs her own foundation, which she started in honor of her sister Britton Loyden, who died as a result of domestic violence in 2012.

EDIT: Jillian Loyden announced her retirement from the team Monday.

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Smash Bros. for 3DS AVAILABLE NOW + Reviews

Reviews for the 3DS version have been generally positive, with a current rating of 86/100 on Metacritic and 86% on GameRankings. The game has been praised for its large and diverse character roster, its improvements to game mechanics, and its variety of multiplayer options. Some criticisms include a lack of single player modes and issues concerning the 3DS hardware, such as the size of characters on the smaller screen when zoomed out and latency issues during both local and online multiplayer. The 3DS version sold over a million copies in its first weekend on sale in Japan. The 3DS version of the game has sold more than 2.8 million copies worldwide as of October 7, 2014.

ONTD, post your 3DS FC and settle your stan wars in SMASH BROS!  Who are your faves and least fave characters so far?
(I'll continue to update this post as more reviews come up!)

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Colbie Caillat performs Phoebe Buffay's "Smelly Cat" at Central Perk

Colbie Caillat surprised a group of fans Saturday afternoon when she showed up at the Central Perk pop-up shop in New York City's SoHo district.

Wearing jeans, a white top and brown boots, the 29-year-old singer stepped up to the microphone to deliver an unannounced performance of Phoebe Buffay's beloved song, "Smelly Cat."

"Smelly cat, smelly cat what are they feeding you?" she sang. "Smelly cat, smelly cat it's not your fault."

"That was COOL! Singin @ #CentralPerk," Caillat tweeted after her visit. "My favorite show ever #Friends20."

Source, Youtube

Jennifer Lawrence speaks out about nude pictures leak in Vanity Fair interview

“I was just so afraid. I didn’t know how this would affect my career.”

That’s just the beginning of what Jennifer Lawrence has to say about her stolen-photos saga in the cover story of Vanity Fair’s November issue, the digital edition of which will be available Wednesday, October 8, and which hits newsstands in New York and Los Angeles on Thursday, October 9.

Lawrence originally met with V.F. contributing editor Sam Kashner on August 13. News broke that hackers had stolen personal photos of her and posted them online on August 31—two weeks after the interview and a month after her July 29 cover shoot with Patrick Demarchelier. So Kashner followed up with Lawrence’s team in hopes of giving the actress “a chance to have the last word.”

“I could just sense after having spent a little time with her that she would come out swinging,” Kashner tells VF.com.

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'Mulaney' Scores the Lowest Series Premiere Ratings This Fall

John Mulaney's new Fox sitcom premiered last night, and unfortunately the overnight ratings are just as bad as the reviews. According to Variety, the series premiere drew the lowest score of every fall series premiere this year with just 2.3 million viewers — just over 50% of its Family Guy-lead in, which itself was down 50% from last week's Simpsons/Family Guy crossover premiere. Compared to Mulaney, Fox's other comedies did notably better and at least broke the 3 million mark — The Simpsons (4.1M), Bob's Burgers (3.2M), Family Guy (3.7M), and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (3.3M) — so hopefully Mulaney finds a way to rebound next week before getting canceled despite its 16-episode order by Fox.


ugh it was so bad, idgi. he's such a good stand-up!

Trailer: LIFE PARTNERS shows you how to pass the Bechdel Test with flying colors


Clip for New South Park episode "The Cissy"

The state of one's gender is in question on an all-new episode of "South Park" titled "The Cissy," premiering Wednesday, October 8 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.

Stan is searching for answers about how a person who he's always known to be one thing could suddenly identify with another. In the meantime, the pressure of holding on to a giant secret is starting to get to Randy.

Read More Here + Full Clip
Thoughts/opinons? (tumblr is already on fire now because of this).
Diana Guerrero

FX Gives Ryan Murphy Another Anthology Series; First Season to Focus on O.J. Simpson


American Horror Story is doing such good business for FX, the network has given series creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk another anthology series. This one is called American Crime Story, and unlike American Horror Story it’s based on real life. Specifically, in Season One, the murder trial of one O.J. Simpson.

Deadline reports FX has already given a ten-episode straight-to-series order for American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson. Murphy will direct the first episode from a script by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (The People Vs. Larry Flynt). Jeffrey Toobin‘s The Run of His Life: The People V. O.J. Simpson serves as the source material.

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Would You Try The "Glamburger"?

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A London restaurant has created the world's most expensive burger which contains bits of gold leaf and caviar, according to a company that tracks record setting.

Honky Tonk, an American diner-style restaurant, unveiled the £1,100 ($1,770) "Glamburger", which was verified by Record Setter as a world record.

Chef Chris Large made the burger with Kobe Wagyu beef and New Zealand venison to create a 280 gram patty seasoned with smoked Himalayan salt. In the middle is black truffle brie which melts when cooked.

Lobster poached in Iranian saffron and maple syrup coated streaky bacon also feature in the bun alongside Beluga caviar and hickory smoked duck egg covered in gold leaf. The bun is also coated in gold leaf and seasoned with Japanese matcha and cream mayonnaise.

As if the burger couldn't get any richer, Large added a mango and champagne jus and grated white truffle.

"After sourcing the best possible ingredients to create this masterpiece, the winner will certainly have a dinner to remember," Large said in a press release.

sad jackson

“Yes,” Iron Man 4 is happening !!!

Back and forth we go with Iron Man 4. Robert Downey Jr. isn’t doing it, then he’s maybe doing it, then he’ll do it if Mel Gibson directs, then he’ll do it if Howard Stern directs. Honestly, there’s so much out there about the film, no one knows for sure what’s happening.

That was, until, Downey Jr. hit the couch on Ellen. When asked about Iron Man 4, Downey told the host that “Yes,” Iron Man 4 is happening.

Below, you can watch that video as well as read a ton of highlights from his recent AMA including teases that he’d love to cameo on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, updates on the development of Sherlock Holmes 3 and a Perry Mason film, possibly playing Doctor Who, the shift in marking for The Judge, the likelihood of a Weird Science sequel, a few cryptic Avengers: Age of Ultron teases and the controversy of his Tropic Thunder character. Read the Robert Downey Jr AMA highlights below.

Here’s the video of Robert Downey Jr. confirming Iron Man 4 on Ellen:

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Kelly Clarkson shares adorable Instagram with baby girl River Rose

Could Kelly Clarkson's baby be any cuter?! "American Idol's" first winner proved she can mix business with family as she traveled to the set of her upcoming music video with baby River Rose.

In a new Instagram post, the "Since You've Been Gone" singer holds her daughter tight as she poses in the makeup chair. River's eyes are also lit up as she looks into the camera wearing a baby dress.

"River is visiting me on the set of my new music video shoot for Wrapped In Red!" she captioned the photo. "#BabysfirstVideo."


‘RHOA’ Star NeNe Leakes To Be Highest Paid Bravo Reality TV Celebrity – Will Receive $1.5 Million


She’s rich, bitch! RadarOnline.com has learned that Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes has scored a huge pay raise, and will be earning $1.5 million for the upcoming season, making her the highest paid Bravo reality star.

NeNe was able to “broker the huge pay increase because she is the most popular housewife of any of the Bravo franchises,” a source told Radar.

“Without NeNe, RHOA wouldn’t be the ratings blockbuster that it continues to be. While some of the other shows including RHONJ and RHONY have endured ratings slumps, Atlanta has never had to endure that,” the source said. “NeNe made it known she would need a significant raise to do the upcoming season, and Bravo had no choice but to agree to it.”

Earlier this year while appearing on Arsenio Hall’s show, Leakes said the pay was “okay.“

“You know what, the pay is okay, but I don’t know if it’s worth what you saw on the clip. I began this so many years ago with other girls,” she said. “And I’m the only original that’s left. It has changed a lot over the years. I thought, or at least I think, people would tune in to see the Real Housewives of Atlanta because they would get to see fabulousness, and a good old read, and never the hair pulling and the punching and all that kind of stuff.”

Leakes, 46, launched a clothing line for HSN, which was a smashing success. Most of the clothes in her NeNe Leakes Collection sold out in a day.​

Leakes, who wears a size 10, enjoys representing curvy gals.

The source added, “NeNe is a very smart businesswoman. She knew she could demand it and get it.”

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Casey Affleck to star in Boston Marathon Bombing movie


Hometown hero Casey Affleck will appropriately star in and produce the indie movie “Boston Strong,” which chronicles the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, an individual familiar with the project has told TheWrap.

Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy, who wrote the hit Boston movie “The Fighter,” wrote the script, which is based on the book “Boston Strong” by Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge.

The film will follow the epic manhunt to capture the two young men believed to be responsible for the tragedy and explore the city's reaction to the heinous events.

source: thewrap

i swear in one of the boston bombing posts, ppl commented that there would be a movie about this starring ben affleck... and here we are now
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Scarlett Johansson pulling a Mcconaissance?? Is heading to TV


Scarlett Johansson will star in her own 8-episode series called Custom of the Country: A scathing story of ambition featuring one of the most ruthless heroines in literature, Undine Spragg, to be played by Johansson in her first major TV role. Undine is as unscrupulous as she is magnetically beautiful. Her rise to the top of New York’s high society from her nouveau riche roots provides a provocative and thoroughly modern commentary on the upwardly mobile and the aspirations that eventually cause their ruin.

source: usatoday

will most likely be a cable series 

Tonight on Person of Interest: Batman Jesus Is the Wind Beneath Fusco's Wings

Can a professional wingman help Fusco with the ladies?

“Wingman” – Finch recruits Fusco (Kevin Chapman) to stick close to the latest POI, a professional "wingman," but learning how to approach women soon becomes the least of his worries, on PERSON OF INTEREST, Tuesday, Oct. 7 (10:01-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest stars include Enrico Colantoni (who is appearing way more often than I hoped for and I love it), and David Valcin (aka Scarface; can’t have one without the other).

That expression seems accurate tbh

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Ahahahahahahaha that killed me. As I’m sure tonight’s episode will.

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Zendaya & Bella Thorne reunite for the ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’

Besties Bella Thorne and Zendaya reunited in Los Angeles on Monday night (October 6) for the premiere of Bella’s new movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
The former Shake it Up stars were all smiles as they posed together on the red carpet, with Bella stunning in a vibrant orange dress, while Zendaya opted for a darker look in a sheer black dress with her hair in a top knot bun.

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- Full Article & more pictures @ TeenDaily
- Zendaya's official Instagram
- More Pictures (Credits: Gregg DeGuire / Contributeur) @ Getty Images
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Z for UNICEF USA (watch the video behind the cut)
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A Nite of Nickelodeon Nostalgic Nonsense

A Nite of Nickelodeon Nostalgic Nonsense
The minds behind “Slimed: An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age” are gearing up for round 2 with an all new nostalgic celebration. “A Nite of Nickelodeon Nostalgic Nonsense!” is set to take over the city during New York Super Week, a special week long celebration leading up to the 2014 New York Comic Con.

Tickets are already on sale and this is the perfect opportunity to live out those Nickelodeon dreams. I would never trade in my memories of growing up wanting to stick my hand up that giant nose on Double Dare, wanting to get slimed or go down the pie slide on What Would You Do, pondering why Artie was the Strongest Man in the World on The Adventures of Pete and Pete, wanting Clarissa’s entire wardrobe on Clarissa Explains It All, being terrified of those damn clowns and that rickety boat on Are You Afraid of The Dark, singing my heart out to the Salute Your Shorts theme song, and waking up early on the weekend to enjoy all of the groundbreaking animated shows.

I promise, I ventured out into the sunlight at some point in time but… let’s be real, how many of us wanted to try our hands at that elusive silver monkey?
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Follow up to yesterday's ~diversity expert post
[DU] Calvin Candie

'Top Gear' Crew Flees Argentina After Cars Stoned

The presenters of the British motoring program Top Gear have fled Argentina after being pelted with stones over a controversial licence plate on one of their cars.

The BBC confirmed on Friday that the presenters and crew had left the South American country but denied that the registration plate was intended as a deliberate provocation over the Falklands War.

Presenter Jeremy Clarkson was among those forced to abandon their vehicles after an angry crowd gathered and began throwing stones.

One of the vehicles - a Porsche - carried the plate H982 FKL, which local newspapers claimed was a reference to the 1982 conflict.

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[OUAT] Emma & Hook kiss

Once Upon A Time 4x03 stills

When an icy spell is cast on Marian, which will ultimately freeze her heart and kill her, the Storybrooke residents place the blame on Elsa. But unbeknownst to anyone, a mysterious woman who runs the town’s ice cream parlor has the same powers as Elsa and is trying to frame her. Emma and David find former Merry Men member Will Scarlet rummaging through Robin Hood’s tent, Regina teams up with Henry to try and discover who the author of the fairy tale book is, Mary Margaret is having trouble balancing her duties as leader of Storybrooke and mother to young Prince Neal, and Hook begins to suspect that Mr. Gold is still in control of the dagger that calls upon him to be the Dark One. Meanwhile, in Arendelle of the past, Elsa and Kristoff set off to stop Hans from attempting to take control of the kingdom.

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arya njo

Stephen Collins' Sexual Molestation Case Was Investigated By LAPD Back in 2012

Back in November of 2012, the LAPD actually investigated 7th Heaven actor Stephen Collins after they received the same audio that was released today, where he admits to sexually molesting three young females.

In light of the all the speculation from today, the LAPD has decided to revisit the investigation to determine if anything has been missed, TMZ reports. The LAPD reportedly found “no verified victim” in the case back in 2012.

Officials now say the LAPD and the NYPD are talking as they determine if anything was missed in the audio back when it was first received two years ago.

Source: http://www.justjared.com/2014/10/07/stephen-collins-sexual-molestation-case-was-investigated-by-lapd-back-in-2012/


Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness S/T premieres on Pandora


The S/T album comes out next week but right now you can listen to the whole thing on Pandora!

Get it 4 instant downloads including “Cecilia and the Satellite” when you pre-order the album on iTunes, Amazon (don't give Amazon your money), or webstore.


Click the picture or on the source to find the link to the songs! I'm so in love with this album.

SodaStream Shares Plunge To All-Time Low

SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum with Scarlett Johansson at a January event announcing the actress would be a Global Brand Ambassador for the company. Apparently the superstar spokesperson was not able to convince more Americans to buy soda makers. (Mike Coppola/Getty Images for SodaStream)

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Mods: I've re-sized the photo and fixed the source; also hopefully amended my n00b mistake regarding the cut. 3rd time's the charm?

Mariah looks HOT and sounds 100x better in recent concert

In recent fan videos of Mariah Carey's second stop on her "The Elusive Chanteuse Show" tour, in Yokohama, Japan, it appears the legendary singer is in better voice than on the tour's debut night. Watch the videos below to see Mariah looking confident, showing off some fierce moves, and delivering a solid vocal performance! And the tour has just begun.

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Stephen Collins (allegedly) shoots himself


False Alarm.




False Alarm (allegedly).



Fuck you Donna


God damn it Donna


God damn it Donna_redux

Good night ONTD
ILD - oscar isaac

Soap actor Freddie Smith and girlfriend involved in serious car accident.

"Days of our Lives" actor Freddie Smith is recovering after he was involved in a serious car accident on Tuesday, October 7th. The actor was taken to Conneaut Medical Center and treated for minor injuries, while his girlfriend Alyssa Tabit had to be airlifted to St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Youngstown, following the crash on Route 84 in Kingsville Township, Ohio.

Smith's co-star Molly Burnett updated fans on her castmate's condition on Facebook, writing, "Just got off the phone with Freddie. He and Alyssa are OKAY. They were in a serious car accident... but were able to receive medical help IMMEDIATELY. Freddie was released from the hospital, and Alyssa will be in surgery for a few more hours. She was cognitive pre-surgery, and all of her tests were perfect. Both Freddie and Alyssa's families are heading there now, and they are in the best hands."

The exact cause of the crash has not been determined.

Source: 1

Rumors going around saying alcohol was involved.