October 5th, 2014

"How to Get Away With Murder" Star Alfred Enoch on Abandoning His British Accent, Emma Watson & More


When Harry Potter alum Alfred Enoch gets on the phone, he's without his British accent. He's dropped it, at least for the time being, since signing on to play law student Wes Gibbons in the new Shonda Rhimes-produced show, How to Get Away with Murder. "This is how I talk now," he says. "I'm hoping you'll forgive me — if I don't have to come out of it, I don't."

The series, about a group of law students and their brilliant but ruthless law professor (Viola Davis), is already completely nuts, and it only just premiered last week. (The pilot featured an affair, two murders, and a crazy goth neighbor. It was great.) So far, what we know about Wes is that he's a transfer student, he has no idea what mens rea means, and he thinks it's appropriate to just walk into his professor's house without an invite. (That's how he catches her having the aforementioned affair.) Also, he may have murdered someone with four of his classmates.

Cosmopolitan.com spoke to Enoch about his character and fellow Hogwarts graduate, Emma Watson.

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Michael Phelps Announces He Will Be Going to Rehab Following DUI


Good. We don't want you on Team USA asshole.
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Could an Indian-American Family Comedy Be Coming to Television?

Sunny Tripathy recently signed a deal with 20th Century Fox to possibly create a television series based on his Indian-American family, the Tripathys.

“It will not be a show about curry, turbans, 7-Elevens -- whatever stereotypes that are out there. It will be far from that. But you will learn and see things you might be familiar with that are reflective of South Asian identity and culture,” said Tripathy, creator of the viral comedy YouTube series, “Keeping Up With the Guptas.”

When Tripathy landed a general meeting earlier this year with 20th Century Fox comedy executives and producers, Tripathy, who initially thought he had a shot at an entry-level writing position, was surprised when Fox took an interest in Tripathy's stories about his family.
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source: nbcnews - thanks! 
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Is Twin Peaks coming back?

Fans of the series will recognize that both "That gum you like is going to come back in style" and "damn good coffee" are well-known quotes from the series. The mysterious tweets have started up the rumor mill as fans wait to see whether these small words mean big things are in store. Twin Peaks has already been released on DVD, Blu-Ray, iTunes and Amazon Prime.

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source: vanityfair, twitter

Katy Perry And Her Corn Dog's On ESPN College GameDay

Katy Perry came to The Grove Saturday as ESPN College GameDay’s guest celebrity picker, because her manager and mentor is an Ole Miss alum. That’s the working story anyway. Perry revealed today’s Alabama-Ole Miss game will be her first college game.

Mississippi State troopers provided her with security worthy of a visiting head of state:

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Katy Hudson obvs needs to find Jesus again

I love har <3


Yellow Claw, Diplo, Waka Flocka Flame & LNY TNZ Are Telling You Drugs Are Bad Mmmkay

This is big. Really big… So big, in fact, that two minutes into it I presumed this to be a joke.

What initially sounds like Waka‘s normal tantrums about marijuana and “trap going techno” is quickly reinterpreted with a gander at this three and a half minute video. “We selling kush not white, boy” is a simple enough line that would appear to lack content, but, provided this visual, unveils a much broader meaning.

Yellow Claw, Diplo, & LNY TNZ came together for this bold music video with Waka Flocka Flame to make a monumental statement about what goes on behind the scenes far too often in the world of electronic music. Watch as this story follows sketchy drug dealers from distribution to all access at a night club and the resultant stark fatality of an average college girl who just went out looking for a good time.

In reality, this is too often the case; and such a big collaboration of names speaking out against the prevalence of drug culture in this controversial scene is a step in the right direction.

Bravely ending the video with the message: “drugs are not worth the risk,” we applaud the contributing artists for their attempts at trying to better educate the EDM obsessed masses.


yea idk I mean they tried so not gonna knock it...
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Kendra Wilkinson Forgives Her Cheating Husband

'I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He's just too amazing... I'd be stupid... I'd be so dumb to divorce him right now and see him with another girl... I mean come on... he treats me like a queen.'


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Because He's Worth It: Bruce Jenner Stuns with New Layered Look

"On Saturday evening, Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Bruce Jenner, 64, showed off his fabulous new layered hairstyle, as he arrived at Elton John's concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles."


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Emily VanCamp "Absolutely" Wants Babies With Boyfriend Josh Bowman


Hear that Josh!? Emily VanCamp divulged during an appearance on The Meredith Vieira Show on Monday, Sept. 29 that she definitely wants kids — and, just maybe, she may already have the father picked out. The Revenge actress has been dating her British costar Josh Bowman since 2012.

"Yes, absolutely, especially when your sisters are having babies you just want to jump on the bandwagon. But I'm just happy being an auntie right now," VanCamp, 28, told the daytime host.

"I'm really busy and I feel like I kind of want to be the kind of mom I want to be," she continued. "With this schedule and playing this very tortured — exciting to play, but crazy character — I think I'll let that happen and I'll see where I'm at. They just make me so happy."

VanCamp has three sisters, with two of them recently welcoming children this year. Though she's getting baby fever with nephew Emmett and niece Ivy, she insists that she's in "no rush" to get pregnant. "They just bring so much light to my life," she told Vieira. "It's amazing."

Us broke news in January 2012 that VanCamp and Bowman, 26, were an item. This past March, the actress told Elle that the couple like to keep their private and professional lives "very separate."
VanCamp has previously dated her Everwood costar Chris Pratt (they played siblings!), Brothers & Sisters costar Dave Annable, and The Originals' Joseph Morgan. Bowman has previously wooed the late Amy Winehouse and Miley Cyrus.

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New couple alert? Rachel McAdams visits Jake Gyllenhaal on the set of his new film

McAdams and Gyllenhaal leaving Madison Square Garden earlier this year, after watching a boxing match as research for Southpaw

New couple alert? Rachel McAdams was spotted visiting Jake Gyllenhaal on the New York set of Demolition in late September.

A few days later, the pair spent time at Vista Del Mar in Los Angeles.

McAdams, currently filming Spotlight with Mark Ruffalo in Boston, has spent much of her downtime in New York City in recent weeks.

McAdams, 35, and Gyllenhaal, 33, filmed the boxing drama Southpaw together in June. While on location in Pittsburgh, the actors were photographed grabbing dinner at Meat & Potatoes. At the film's wrap party at Donatellos Restaurant, Us Weekly reported that the couple shared "a corner table for more privacy and eventually left around 2 a.m."

Gyllenhaal is currently single while McAdams was last spotted with Patrick Sambrook, a Canadian music manager, in May.

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dog winter

James Franco and Seth Rogen are naked

James Franco and Seth Rogen aren't waiting to get hacked in order to share nude photos.

The longtime friends and collaborators pose side by side wearing only messenger bags in a photo Franco posted on Instagram on Friday.

"Boom boom, NAKED and Afraid," the 36-year-old "Spring Breakers" star captioned the image, which blurs out their privates.

It's obviously a teaser for their next project, although it's not exactly clear what it will be.

However, "Naked and Afraid," as Franco wrote in all of the captions, is a docudrama series on the Discovery Channel that follows individuals forced to survive on their own without food, water or clothing.

As the 32-year-old "Neighbors" star and Franco have done several times in the past -- remember their spoof on Kanye West's "Bound 2" music video, starring Rogen as Kim Kardashian? -- the comedic duo may just be at it again.
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servant kiss

Behind the scenes of Broadway's "It's Only a Play"

Lesley Stahl sits down with the cast of the revival of Terrence McNally's comedy, "It's Only a Play," to learn what goes on backstage of a Broadway production, and what actors really think of critics' reviews. Joining Stahl are Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Stockard Channing, F. Murray Abraham, Rupert Grint, Megan Mullally and Micah Stock.


The Knick: André Holland gives another thoughtful interview

André Holland drives Friday night Cinemax drama

Holland, a compact man wearing a stylish gray suit and a blue shirt, confesses that the intricate surgical scenes on “The Knick” are sometimes rehearsed a day before they’re filmed. The actors practice operating on elaborate prostheses before they are fitted onto the actors undergoing the knife. In one scene, they had to perform an emergency C-section. The results were gruesome.

“We rehearsed those scenes the day before and spent a couple of hours just figuring out what the movements were,” Holland says. “The instruments have to be in a certain place. Where everyone stands around the table had to be rehearsed. And then on the day of the [scene], we showed up and the blood starts flowing. All of our preparation went out the window at that point.”

More difficult than handling these technical challenges is registering the internal combustion Algernon feels — but never voices — when white doctors and patients hurl ugly racist insults. The scenes were reminiscent of his childhood in Shades Valley, Ala., a small town outside Birmingham where he grew up the middle of three children.

“There’s a lot of emotional residue that [those scenes] have, just having grown up in the South,” Holland says. “Getting called the things I get called on the show. And doing those scenes over and over again. It gets in there. It does have an impact.”

Fortunately, Holland had a role model in his mother, Mary, a civil rights activist who was marching in downtown Birmingham while still in high school. Her experience provided inspiration when, shortly after finishing filming “The Knick,” he was cast as Martin Luther King Jr.’s right-hand man, Andrew Young, in the movie “Selma,” which debuts on Christmas. Call it his second lucky break.

“Playing Algernon and Andrew Young just cracked open all this personal family history for me,” he says. “So in addition to learning the American history portion of it, I’m learning family history. It really touched me.”

Complete interview at source.

I wish more people watched this show because he is totally ONTD boyfriend material.

Kylie and Tyga go out to dinner

In recent months Kylie Jenner has been connected to Jaden Smith, Miles Richie, Justin Bieber and Shamari Berkley..But on Wednesday night the 17-year-old sibling of Kendall Jenner was spotted out to dinner with rumoured new beau, rapper Tyga, 24.The duo were seen quietly exiting Mexican restaurant Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks, California following their private meal together.

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