September 17th, 2014

Cheryl Cole: Crazy Stupid Love

Daniele Watts, You Got Some 'Splaining To Do!: Pictures Surface and It Looks Like Sex!

The "Django Unchained" actress who cried racism against the LAPD ... claiming they harassed and hurt her because she was just making out with her white boyfriend in a car -- has some explaining to do, because we obtained pictures that seem to show A LOT more than sucking face.

The pictures were taken Thursday outside the CBS lot in Studio City. You see Daniele Watts straddling BF Brian -- their hands steadying themselves around the sunroof.  
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smh. get that publicity though!
Cheryl Cole: Crazy Stupid Love

Nicole Shesnotgettingyounger Reveals Dollar Menu Budget Album Cover & Tracklisting

Nicole Scherzinger’s new album is called ‘Big Fat Lie’. That image above of her looking a bit hot and bothered is the ‘cover art’, obviously.

Maybe she’s upset with the font.
(the shade)

Also, after her fans solved an elaborate (annoying) emoji-based word search thing last night, it also has some song titles.

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Lauren Conrad Marries William Tell: See Her First Wedding Photo.

Once upon a dream, Lauren Conrad got married. The Paper Crown designer's Sept. 13 wedding to William Tell was every bit as romantic and beautiful as you'd imagine — and only the new issue of Us Weekly has all the exclusive details and pictures from her special day.

The Hills alum, 28, said "I do" to her longtime love, 34, in a rustic-chic ceremony on the California coastline, with family and friends including Lo Bosworth in attendance. Conrad gave Us an inside look at the nuptials, which boasted countless Pinterest-worthy personal touches like vintage hankies and homemade apple pie.

Planning the event (with help from bridesmaid/wedding planner Cassandra Herschenfeld) was no small undertaking, but the end result was more than worth the time and effort she'd expended. "I don't know that I have ever been as happy as I was walking down that aisle," the LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's designer gushed to Us. "It was amazing!"

In fact, the whole day was pretty incredible, from the bride's couture wedding gown to the "crazy party" of a reception.
For details on all that and much, much more — plus tons of gorgeous photos of her dress, her groom, her bridesmaids, and her dream reception — pick up the new issue of Us Weekly.


CoverGirl's Under Scrutiny For NFL Sponorship

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A Photoshopped NFL CoverGirl ad is circulating the web following the recent domestic abuse scandal involving Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice.

The NFL is under tremendous scrutiny after a video of Rice was released, showing Rice knocking his wife unconscious in a Las Vegas elevator. Shortly after, the NFL put out a statement saying it hadn't seen a copy of the tape until the news broke. Turns out the NFL reportedly recieved the tape in April.

CoverGirl, a Procter & Gamble cosmetics company, is the official beauty sponsor of the NFL. Since the news broke, people have pointed to CoverGirl's "Get Your Game Face On" campaign and urged that the cosmetic brand tell the NFL that its current commissioner, Rodger Goodell, should be fired. They have used a CoverGirl Baltimore Ravens image and Twitter to send this message.
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Britney extending her Vegas show to 2017?


Pop princess Britney Spears is racking up such impressive ticket sales with her resident show “Britney: Piece of Me” at Axis Powered By Monster at Planet Hollywood that she’s become the top-selling Strip artist for Caesars Entertainment.

The “Work Bitch” singer, who recently split with boyfriend David Lucado after he reportedly cheated on her with a porn star, has hit No. 1 while Celine Dion is absent from the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Britney’s sold-out shows at Planet Hollywood, a Caesars Entertainment property, have been so consistent that discussions for a two-year renewal of her deal originally set to end in 2015 are getting close to signed contract status.

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What Kate Upton's nude photo hack reveals about Google

photo 1

This story first appeared in the Sept. 26 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

When hackers grabbed naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and other celebrities this summer, Apple faced harsh criticism for allowing its iCloud security protocol to be breached. Thus far, Google has escaped the microscope. But now Google — no stranger to privacy issues — could face equally tough questions.

Just days after the stolen images were published, attorneys for Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander — who has dated Upton — delivered a legal takedown notice to Google that identified 461 URLs that were hosting racy pictures of the couple. A week later, Google had removed 51 percent of them from its search engine, according to its own records.

The 49 percent that remain online might reveal something about Google's policies toward flagged copyrighted content. Many of the URLs were inoperative, probably indicative of the success of Verlander's lawyers at the Baker & Hostetler firm in going after the website hosts themselves. The other URLs either featured images of Verlander, 31, or Upton, 22, wearing clothes or showed a risque picture of Upton in a mirror.

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Chris Brown, 'X': Track-by-Track Review.

82 Billboard Rating

After his June release, Brown is returning to the spotlight, conducting his first post-jail interview for Billboard's Sept. 13 issue and finally unleashing X.The album is solid, with several potential hits. But it's also over-packed, with a whopping 17 tracks and nine all-star features, including Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. Credit the album's overlong gestation period, or a 25-year-old fresh out of jail and too eager to impress cynics -- either way, the LP would benefit from fat-trimming, especially on its lustful first half.

But once gratuitous fillers are skipped, gems appear, especially on the closing half, where Brown is lucid about his tabloid love life. Lyrics from the love songs could hint at Brown's post-jail perspective. Otherwise, there are few clues as to whether his time away altered his music or mindset — an unfortunate missed opportunity.

Maybe there's hope for Brown yet — or maybe he's betting his new batch of potential chart-toppers will change the subject.

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Lea Michele reveals she will cover Frozen hit 'Let It Go'

It was one of the most talked about songs of the year, took home an Oscar, and has been covered countless times.
But that has only encouraged Glee to take a stab at doing a version of Let It Go from Frozen during its upcoming sixth and final season.
Lea Michele hinted that she was going to be performing the hit on Friday, by posting a photo of herself in a ballgown along with some of the well-known lyrics.
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YAAAAASSS I've been wanting to hear Lea Michele take on this song since I first heard it.

Niall & Paul

New book claims Bill Cosby was a hard-partying serial cheater

Famous for playing an adoring and caring father on screen, Bill Cosby was anything but in real life and repeatedly cheated on his wife while leading a playboy lifestyle, a new book claims.

Cosby: His Life and Times by Mark Whitaker goes beyond the comedian’s trademark whimsical style and warm smile to allege a sordid and lavish life of infidelity and aggression.

Allegations of a hard-partying lady’s man who repeatedly cheated on his loyal wife Camille are detailed in Whitaker’s book. The biography paints a fascinating picture of a deeply flawed and complicated man who has battled personal tragedy during his hugely successful career.

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Vatican Car Stopped at French Border With 4 Kilos of Cocaine

Pope Francis may have often spoken out against the “evil” of drug use, but the Vatican was facing embarrassment on Tuesday after 9lb of cocaine was found in a car bearing diplomatic plates associated with the Holy See.
The car, which was stopped and searched in France, belonged to Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Maria Mejia, who had entrusted it to two Italian men.
Aged 91, the cardinal retired in 2003 and holds the title of emeritus librarian at the Holy See.
The two men, aged 30 and 41, had reportedly been told by his private secretary to take the car for a routine service.
Instead they promptly drove to Spain, where they allegedly bought the cocaine and from there drove into France. They reportedly believed that the car’s diplomatic status would place them above suspicion.
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Celebs - McFassy

Magnolia Pictures acquires "Serena" for early 2015 U.S. release [maybe, possibly, who knows anymore]

Despite earning release dates in Europe before the end of the year, the long-lost Jennifer Lawrence/Bradley Cooper movie Serena will not be seen in the U.S. before 2014 is over. Serena was filmed between Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, two Oscar nominated David O. Russell projects. But director Susanne Bier continued working on it and the film was continuously delayed as U.S. distributors lost interest.

However, the project has gained some attention after it earned a spot at the BFI London Film Festival next month and Studio Canal released a trailer last week. With that added interest, indie distributor Magnolia Pictures has finally picked it up. Unfortunately, those expecting a third-straight year of Lawrence and Cooper on the awards circuit together will be disappointed. [lol well the other two weren't deserved either so] Magnolia told The New York Post that it will not be released for this year’s Oscar race. Magnolia has no set date, but we might see it by the first quarter of 2015.

That doesn’t mean that Serena is in good shape. The Hollywood Reporter’s sources say that CAA, which has represented the film, held screenings for three cuts, each of which received complaints from potential distributors. “The film was so edited, it made no sense,” one said, while another complained of Lawrence’s performance. Lawrence stars as the title character, who, along with her husband (Cooper) create a lumber empire in North Carolina during the Great Depression. She becomes a Lady Macbeth-type character who becomes obsessed with keeping the business working. It is based on Ron Rash’s novel.

Oh, ffs. Let's just get this over with. And I s2g if they turn the character into a typical ~crazy jealous wife~ I will burn everything down; it's a great book and her character is a badass HBIC. (Changed the source, mods.)

Kim Kardashian Defended Kanye After Australia Controversy

Kimye was seen leaving a botox clinic and spotted out for dinner at the Little Door Restaurant in Beverly Hills, California on September 16, 2014.

Kim Kardashian in her husband defense posted a short clip on Instagram of Kanye’s Australian show:

“What an amazing Australian tour! It’s frustrating that something so awesome could be clouded by lies in the media. Kanye never asked anyone in a wheelchair to stand up and the audience videos show that. He asked for everyone to stand up and dance unless they were in a wheelchair,” she wrote.

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all mine

Payne in Pain

Liam Payne was spotted wearing an arm cast yesterday and the fandom went into complete meltdown mode. What happened? Did Liam break his arm or hand? While rumors kicked into high gear and plenty of hilarious hashtags made the rounds on Twitter, it seems Liam's injury was just workout related.

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This Avengers 2 Trailer Only Contains Footage From Robert Downey Jr's Other Movie, The Judge

Earlier this week, Robert Downey Jr teased a a surprise! Naturally, I, like everyone else on the Internet, immediately jumped to the conclusion that we were about to see a trailer for The Avengers 2! Why? Because that’s what we all want, and deep down, we’re all optimists! This reckless optimism was heightened even more when Mark Ruffalo took to his Tumblr to say something was coming!

Mark Ruffalo surprise + Robert Downey Jr surprise = Avengers 2 trailer. Obviously. Never a doubt in my mind.

Well, that trailer for Avengers 2 just dropped, and while it’s undeniably awesome, it contains a lot of footage of Robert Downey Jr in his other new movie, The Judge. In fact, now that I think about it, the entire Avengers 2 trailer seems to only be one long extended look at Robert Downey Jr in The Judge. There's not a single frame of Avengers: Age Of Ultron footage to be found. There's no Thor. There's no Captain America. There's not even Black Widow or Maria Hill. It's just all courtroom intrigue and careful dialogue from The Judge. Check it out…

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So I guess everyone who said that Avengers 2 was going to be the Tony Stark Show was right and even about his time as a lawyer too none the less, smh.
spirited away
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Another Post about Jessica Chastain (interview)


Since coming out of seemingly nowhere in 2011 to become one of Hollywood's most sought after talents, two-time Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain has not slowed down. She can currently be seen in Ned Benson's directorial debut "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them" (the longer cut, "Him/Her", opens October 10), which she produced. This fall sees the release of her first film with Christopher Nolan, "Interstellar," and the thriller "A Most Violent Year," in which she co-stars opposite Oscar Isaac. And she was just in Toronto to world premiere "Miss Julie," her drama directed by Liv Ullman. Despite all this activity, Chastain is actually on a much-needed break from acting. Indiewire sat down with the actress in New York to find out what prompted the decision to lay low for a few months.

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Jessica Chastain is a sparkly beauty from the inside out. Sitting across from her in the basement of Manhattan’s Crosby Hotel, her red hair is cut in Cleopatra bangs that drape her fair, flawless skin. Her hands, expressive but child-sized, give away how tiny she really is. But the focus of the 37-year-old actress — who counts movies likeThe Help, Zero Dark Thirty and Mama among her credits — is anything but dainty. Her latest project, in which she costars with James McEvoy, is called The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby. It’s a daring three-part film that tells — from multiple perspectives — the story of a marriage collapsing under the grief of a baby’s death. In our conversation, the two-time Oscar nominee is lively and passionate.

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source: indiewire, yahoo



K-Dot is coming. As Kendrick Lamar gears up for the release of his sophomore album, details are emerging about the first single.

Interscope Records and Clear Channel hosted a private dinner for radio personalities last week, where the title was reportedly revealed. According to WatchLOUD,the song is called “I (Love Myself),” while HipHop-N-More claims it’s just called “i.”

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A Fan Farted On Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has met a lot of Lovatics over the years, but there’s one in particular she probably won’t forget any time soon.

On Sunday, while in Miami for her Demi World Tour, the “Really Don’t Care” singer held a meet-and-greet with fans, and when it was one particular admirer’s turn to meet their idol, they apparently got really nervous and let a little something slip on Demi.
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Deepika Padukone vs. Times of India round 2

Follow up to this post.

It all started on Sunday, when Deepika Padukone took a stand no one could ignore. The actor strongly reacted to an online report by the Times of India that carried pics of her at an event, ­purportedly taken from a high camera angle, captioned, ‘OMG: Deepika Padukone’s cleavage show’. In a tweet that has since been retweeted close to 9000 times, an angry Deepika posted, ‘YES! I am a Woman. I have breasts AND a cleavage! You got a ­problem!!??” The matter only escalated when the news daily justified its action via its Twitter handle, “It’s a compliment! You look so great that we want to make sure everyone knew! :)”.

While expressing outrage at the pictures and the justification that followed, social media stood by the 28-year-old actor, as the hashtag #IStandByDeepikaPadukone trended on Twitter and people slammed the publication for objectifying women with an example such as this.

However, the publication has come up with an "explanation" for this whole episode. Excerpts as printed in TOI:

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Source 1 2

ok so this is turning into a bigger thing than I expected
btw, that Femina cover is this month's. It's a Times of India publication

Jessie Ware Debuts New Song "Kind Of...Sometimes...Maybe"

Jessie Ware took to Facebook earlier today to debut a new song off her upcoming album Tough Love (out October 21, preorder here).  The track is entitled "Kind Of...Sometimes...Maybe" and was co-written by Miguel and Benzel.  This is definitely some grown folks music right here.  Enjoy!

misfits, alisha

6 Returning Shows We're Looking Forward To

1. Sleepy Hollow


Sleepy Hollow took us by complete surprise last year.  From the premise alone, we were expecting it to be godawful. A modern-day Sleepy Hollow in which Ichabod Crane winds up in present-day and the Headless Horseman is terrorizing the streets? Where Ichabod Crane must team up with a young African-American female lieutenant to stop the apocalypse from happening? Washington Irving must be rolling in his grave.

He might still be, but, somehow, it worked for us. The chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod was a huge selling point, and the horror of the monsters sent to destroy them never failed to creep us out. The show manages to not taking itself too seriously, but invests a lot of time into developing these character and getting us to root for them. The season finale’s big twist (which we won’t spoil here for those who haven’t yet seen it) rates among our favorite ‘holy shit’ moments in television. Above all, Sleepy Hollow has Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison – and those two are what keeps this show afloat.

(And none for Katrina Crane. Bye.)

Catch the Season 2 premiere of Sleepy Hollow on Monday, September 22nd.

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which shows are you excited for, ONTD?

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Ariana Grande Responds to Diva Rumors

Is Ariana Grande a diva?

Rumors are swirling that Ariana Grande is a diva and one report in particular seems to have set her off.

In a new series of 7 tweets, Grande indirectly responds to an article that alleges she did not exactly have a kind message for her fans.

The New York Daily News reports that while the 21-year-old singer was visiting a Manhattan radio station this summer where she happily greeted fans. "She did autographs and pics and was all smiles until she got into the elevator," according to an industry insider. "And as soon as the doors shut, she said, 'I hope they all f**king die.'"

Today, Grande is fighting back the rumors and telling her fans that she is full of nothing but love.

She even goes as far as quoting Rent and the hit song from the musical, "Seasons of Love."


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Big Sean Says He and Girlfriend Ariana Grande Have "Great Chemistry" Together, Hints at More Collabs

Big Sean is opening up about his relationship with girlfriend Ariana Grande — well, kind of! The rapper, who has collaborated with the powerhouse singer on the tracks "Best Mistake" and "Right There" told MTV News that the duo have insane chemistry.

"I was the first rapper to perform at the White House," the Finally Famous rapper said. "I performed there with Ariana, so that was an honor. [We] make a lot of music together and the chemistry between me and her when we work is great."

"We got more in the works, too," Naya Rivera's ex-fiance added. "I feel like her voice is crazy, [just] that big voice that comes out of her is insane … I was probably one of the first people to ever tweet about her music. We've been friends for years before anything else."

Big Sean, who recently dropped four new tracks off his upcoming album, Hall of Fame, wouldn't dish it all out, though. "You've got to wait and see. I can't spill the beans," he teased of the couple's future plans for possible collaborations.

After he released his new music, including the song "I Don't F--k With You," which is rumored to be directed towards Rivera, Grande supported her beau via Instagram. "#IDFWU #PARADISE #4THQUARTER #JITJUKE Huge congrats to @bigsean u are so deserving of all the good things happening for u & this new music is everything," she wrote.

The couple's chemistry translates outside the studio as well. An insider previously told Us Weekly that the pair's relationship has "gone from 0 to 60 fast" and that they had "chemistry immediately."



Lauren Conrad wedding dress details + shows off her house.

Here comes the bride, all dressed in… Badgley Mischka!

As revealed on Us Weekly's cover on Wednesday, Lauren Conrad chose a custom gown by American designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka when she married William Tell over the weekend.
And according to the designer duo, the 28-year-old took a very hands-on approach in the gown's creation; in fact one might even call her co-designer. "She was involved in the process the whole way," Badgley told the magazine. "She had a really clear notion," he added. "And she stuck to her guns."

Although the former MTV reality star—who changed into a Monique Lhuillier dress for the reception—would fly to New York City to meet with the designers every few months, some of her fittings took place at her Beverly Hills condo. It was at one of these meetings that she decided to ditch the sleeves on her dress. "I felt like I couldn't pull them off," she explains in the issue. "I don't have super long arms." She joked that when the Badgley Mischka tailor was hesitant she threatened to take matters into her own hands. "I was like, 'Sir, if you don't cut them off, I'm going to use my kitchen scissors and cut them.'" Not to worry, it didn't come down to that!

In the end, Conrad walked down the aisle in a two-tone Chanitlly and Alençon lace dress with crystals, pearls and baby glass beads. Oh, and did we mention the 10-foot train?!

According to Us, Conrad summed up her gown with three words: Glamorous. Classic. Simple.

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Sources: 1 - 2 - 3
5th Muster- Tae

Charli XCX covers Complex's Oct/Nov 2014 issue-talks tampons, Lorde, etc

"WHUT. ARE. YOU. WRITING? WHUT IS SO IMPORTANT? LET ME SEE. NO, GIVE IT, GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING—AGH!” Charli XCX is grinning, a drink in her hand, pushing my drink into my face, spilling vodka on us both as she tries to steal my iPhone. It’s sometime after midnight in a back room of Baby’s All Right, the South Williamsburg, Brooklyn club the 21-year-old has just shut down with a DJ set. Covered in sweat and alcohol, she has the phone in her hand, and types away furiously in my notes. “Put that in your article,” she laughs, shoving it back at me. She sashays out the door of the club, friends in tow, on her way to a victory cigarette.

I should’ve seen it coming. When we first met, 12 hours earlier, she approached me in the middle of her cover shoot and tapped my shoulder.

“Hi, I’m Charli,” she smiled, extending a palm out of her pink kimono, a plate of meat and potatoes—literally, just meat and potatoes—from a nearby catering tray in her other hand. “Want to chat a bit while this thing goes on?”

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bubblegum bitch

Apple's iOS 8: New mobile operating system now available

Apple's new mobile operating system iOS 8 is now available for iPhone and iPad users to download.

The computer maker released iOS 8 at 1 p.m. ET, the "traditional time of its mobile operating system upgrade launches," Computerworld reported on its website.

Apple users will find iOS 8 offers features that address long-standing complaints, but also pave the way for more streamlined use of all their other Apple devices.

"With iOS 8 comes new notifications," says CNET's Bridget Carey. "You can respond to events, reply to messages, and interact with alerts right from the lock screen and drop down menu.

"Double-tapping the home button shows your recent apps, but now it'll also have shortcuts to the people you've spoken to most recently with icons of their faces across the top of the screen, and you'll tap their face to quickly call or message them."

As well, if you have a model with a fingerprint scanner, like the new iPhone 6 or the 5s, the touch ID security system can be used by other applications.

"This is probably the biggest change to the operating system since the introduction of the App Store," says Neil Bearse, director of marketing at the Queen's School of Business in Kingston, Ont.

Bearse says the biggest overarching change iOS 8 offers "is the degree of freedom that Apple has given not just third-party developers to build more sophisticated apps, but also the ability for users to customize things like installing third-party keyboards."

more @ the source

me rn



[actress] Grace Kelly

Benedict Cumberbatch's dating Sophie Hunter

He's gained a legion of fans as the star of clue-solving icon Sherlock, but actor Benedict Cumberbatch has been keeping everyone guessing as to the identity of his rumoured girlfriend.

The Sunday Mirror claims that the 38-year-old heart throb has been dating theatre director Sophie Hunter, 36.

The pair were first pictured together at a French Open tennis match in June and Benedict is said to have been dating the Oxford-education beauty for a matter of weeks.

The couple starred together in movie, Burlesque Fairytales which was released in 2009.

The paper reports that when asked about her daughter's relationship with the Star Trek actor, Sophie's mum Anna cryptically told the Sunday Mirror: 'Watch this space. You never know.'

The in-demand actor is balancing his private life with a busy working schedule and has been busy promoting his latest movie, The Imitation Game, alongside Keira Knightley at the TIFF.

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NYT Music Critic is Not Here for Chris Brown or his New Album

An Image That's Hard to Shed: Chris Brown Releases a New Album, 'X'

Chris Brown begins “X,” his new album, in a buck-passing mood. The opening song, the title track, begins, “If you’re only as good as the company you keep/Then I’m-a blame you for what they say about me.”

For a man for whom accountability hasn’t been a strong suit, this pronouncement is both extremely troubling and completely obvious, a position statement of shrugging and deflecting.

The majority of Mr. Brown’s career has been defined by his 2009 assault of Rihanna, then his girlfriend, for which he pleaded guilty and received five years’ probation and community service. With “X” (RCA), he has now released twice as many albums as a felon as he had before — four to two — and none have gone very far toward repairing his public image.

Even now, more than five years after the attack, violence defines his narrative. See, for example, the headline that recently appeared on MTV’s website promoting an interview with Mr. Brown: “Chris Brown’s Advice For Ray Rice: It’s How You Control Your Anger.” In the wake of the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal, CBS decided to delay broadcasting an opening segment for its Thursday night football programming featuring Rihanna’s “Run This Town”; “We needed to have the appropriate tone and coverage,” Sean McManus, the chairman of CBS sports, told Sports Illustrated. That same night, Mr. Brown performed on “The Tonight Show,” typical of a culture that absolves the perpetrator but often continues to punish the victim. (After Rihanna complained on Twitter — “The audacity,” she wrote — CBS canceled the plan to go ahead with the segment altogether.)

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For years, Mr. Brown largely avoided the press because the conversation always came back to Rihanna. But lately, he has re-emerged, willing to give, at the least, facsimiles of answers to questions about that phase of his life.

Asked recently by Billboard if he can envision a time when his relationship with Rihanna won’t be mentioned, he replied: “When we’re not relevant anymore, that might be the case. As long as you’re doing something good, people will always bring up old stuff or negative stuff because they don’t want you to surpass a certain level.”

Consciously or not, albums like “X” hasten the arrival of that future.

[actress] Grace Kelly

Jack Huston set to star in Ben-Hur remake

British actor Jack Huston is expected to take the lead role in a remake of 1959 classic Ben-Hur, according to reports from Hollywood.

The actor is tipped to play Judah Ben-Hur, the Jewish prince played by Charlton Heston in the original movie.

The new version, which will also star Morgan Freeman, is scheduled for release in February 2016.

Huston's recent work includes roles in American Hustle and playing novelist Jack Kerouac in Kill Your Darlings.

The screen star, whose aunt is actress Anjelica Huston, had a recurring role as Richard Harrow in US TV series Boardwalk Empire from 2010 to 2013.

He also starred on the West End stage last year in an adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novel Strangers on a Train.

The Hollywood Reporter said that Huston's role in the new film, which will be directed by Timur Bekmambetov, had yet to be confirmed.

It has been scripted by John Ridley, who won an Academy Award earlier this year for the screenplay of 12 Years a Slave.

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PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 gets March 2015 release date and new title

Paramount has announced a new title and release date for “Paranormal Activity 5” as well as a new release date for “Scouts vs. Zombies.”

“Paranormal Activity 5” will be released on March 13, 2015 as “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.” The film was previously scheduled to open on Oct. 25, 2014.

regory Plotkin directed the latest chapter in the supernatural franchise, which is produced by Jason Blum and original “Paranormal” director Oren Peli. Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark wrote the script.

The fright flick will now open against Disney's “Cinderella” and Ron Howard‘s “In the Heart of the Sea,” which stars Chris Hemsworth.

Meanwhile, “Scouts vs. Zombies” has moved up several weeks and will be released wide on Feb. 20, 2015. The genre mash-up previously had the March 13, 2015 date that the latest “Paranormal Activity” sequel inherited.


Thoughts? I think the films are shit now, but the first one was the best movie theatre experience I ever had. Interesting that they're not even being released in October anymore.

adrien sahores

Yulia Volkova from t.A.T.u: "I won't accept gay son; lesbians are okay"

Will you condemn your son, if he is gay?

Yes, I would condemn him, because I believe that a real man must be a real man. God created man for procreation, it is the nature. The man for me is the support, the strength of... I won't accept gay son.

Stop stop... you just told me that you do not mind if your daughter was a lesbian. You were talking about freedom...

This only applies to a daughter, not a son.

So you think that freedom can only be for women?

I think for men it's a bad freedom. In our time, there is a very large number of frivolous girls (and a man can **** a large number of these girls). This is freedom for men. And a man has no right to be a ***. Two girls together - not the same thing as the two men together. It seems to me that lesbians look aesthetically much nicer than two men holding her hand or kissing. But! I want to say that I'm not against gays, I just want my son to be a real man, not a ***. I have many gay friends. I believe that being gay is all still better than murderers, thieves or drug addicts. If you choose out of all this, being gay a little better than the rest.

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Sherri Shepherd's Divorce Gets Even Messier

Sherri Shepherd has removed the newborn baby boy she had via surrogate from her health insurance, claims estranged husband Lamar Sally.

During an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show today, the 47-year-old former View co-host responded: "We can't say anything about that. I have a lot of lawyers and I'm in court right now and it's very public and it's very know me, I'm not Tori and Dean."

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Arizona Cardinal's RB Jonathan Dwyer Arrested for Domestic Violence

Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer is suspected of assaulting his wife in TWO separate incidents ... and is accused of breaking bones ... cops tell TMZ Sports.

According to police, the 25-year-old allegedly roughed up his wife at their home in Phoenix on July 21st and again on July 22nd.

Shortly after the incidents, cops say, Dwyer's wife left the state with their child.

Cops list 2 victims -- a 27-year-old female (his wife) and their 18-month-old child.

A report was made with cops on September 11, 2014 ... and cops have been investigating ever since.

After investigators found probable cause, they arrested Dwyer on Sept. 17th for domestic violence in Tempe.

Cops say they interviewed Dwyer and he acknowledged the incidents -- but he DENIED any physical assaults.
Dwyer is being booked into the Maricopa County Jail on 1 count of aggravated assault causing a fracture, 1 count of aggravated assault involving a minor, 2 counts of criminal damage, 1 count of preventing the use of a phone in an emergency, and assault.

The Arizona Cardinals tell TMZ Sports Dwyer has been deactivated from the roster.


I am so pissed off at this. This is someone that I know. Someone I just congratulated last week. Someone I told I was looking forward to seeing play in a couple of months. I'm disgusted by this and I hope his wife and son are safe and far away from this piece of shit.

Sexy Riri On A Yacht Holiday in Barbados with Family & Friends

Riri is spotted back home in Barbados for a family visit. After her tour with Eminem, Rihanna finally has some quality time for herself and with her family and friends. The group was seen hanging out on a yacht holiday. Riri has several activites while out at the open sea. She ws seen snorkeling in between with her friends. Seems like a good fun!


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