September 15th, 2014

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Post Nupital Family Bonding in Malta

Nearly three weeks after their secret nuptials in France. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt bring their kids to a romantic getaway in Malta! The group was carousing on a yacht in the open sea. The family seems to enjoy themselves and having some bonding time.

Pitt and Jolie are prepping for their new movie, “By the Sea” — their first onscreen reunion since the 2005 flick “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”


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Charles B. Defends Adrian P:Every black parent in my neighborhood in the South would be in trouble

We Spank Kids In The South

Charles Barkley defended Adrian Peterson and expressed hope that Ray Rice gets another chance to play in the NFL during a Sunday interview with Jim Rome on the CBS pregame show The NFL Today.

After expressing optimism that the “tragic mistake” made by Ray Rice will help raise awareness of domestic violence, the outspoken NBA Hall of Famer was asked about the indictment of Peterson. Barkley said he understands the anger toward the Minnesota Vikings running back but said “every black parent in the south is going to be in jail” under the circumstances that led to Peterson’s indictment on child abuse charges.

Though Rome vehemently disagreed, the three-minute segment was a much-needed, respectful discussion between parties with opposing viewpoints.

Jim Rome: “Can you hit a child?”

Charles Barkley: “I’m from the south. I understand Boomer’s (Esiason) rage and anger. He’s a white guy and I’m a black guy. I don’t know where he’s from, I’m from the South. Whipping — we do that all the time. Every black parent in the south is going to be in jail under those circumstances. We have to be careful letting people dictate how –“
Charles Barkley: “I don’t believe that because, listen, we spank kids in the south. I think the question about did Adrian Peterson go overboard — Listen, Jim, we all grow up in different environments. Every black parent in my neighborhood in the South would be in trouble or in jail under those circumstances.”
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ANTM winner's snatched crown mystery solved, lost it for being an escort

An "America's Next Top Model" contestant says producers snatched her crown AFTER she won it fair and square, because they found out ... she used to be an escort.

Angelea Preston says things started to go South right before she taped the finale of the All-Star season in 2011. According to a lawsuit she's filing ... Preston told producers, confidentially, prior to filming the season she had been an escort for about a year -- and that spread like wildfire to the rest of the cast and crew.

After the finale was taped -- and Preston had won the grand prize -- she says a casting director called and grilled her about the whole escort business. In the suit, Preston says she admitted it, but insists she was a legal escort and not a prostitute. Despite this, Preston was told she had violated her contract and could not be the winner.
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and here i thought she worked at a bank
Diana Guerrero

Snoop Dogg Sends Homophobic Tweet, Quickly Deletes It, Still Gets Caught


Rapper Snoop Dogg was caught in a homophobic snare early this morning after tweeting a gay slur about an Instagram user. The tweet used the language of "f.A.G." and told the Instagram user, whose picture Snoop Dogg had reposted on his own Instagram account (see below), "bitch boy go suck ya man n get off my line." Buzzfeed reports that the post, comment, and tweet were deleted soon after they were posted, around 1am.


Comments from Snoop Dogg's Instagram followers were telling as well. One user threatened "I got screenshots on my page" while another threw in support, writing "Keep It Gangsta Snoop dez Fags talk tooo much." At the time the screenshot above was taken, nearly 9000 Instagram users had liked the post.

Snoop Dogg previously theorized that it may never be acceptable to be gay in the rap industry, but claimed, "I got some gay homies."

No comment has been made by Snoop Dogg or his representation.


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Broadway Star James Franco in 'Of Mice and Men' coming to cinemas in November

The recent Broadway revival of John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" starring James Franco received mixed to negative reviews from critics but nonetheless proved to be a box-office success, recouping its $3.8-million initial investment.

In November, Franco fans who missed the New York run, which ended in July, will get another chance to see the actor in his Broadway debut when Britain's National Theatre broadcasts the play to cinemas around the U.S. and Canada.

The NT Live series will start screening "Of Mice and Men" on Nov. 6. The broadcast, which was recorded in front of a live audience at the Longacre Theatre in New York, represents a rare U.S. venture for NT Live, which usually broadcasts British stage productions.

Franco plays the role of George in the stage version of Steinbeck's classic novella, while Chris O'Dowd earned a Tony Award nomination as the slow-witted Lenny. The production, directed by Anna Shapiro, also featured the Broadway debut of "Gossip Girl" actress Leighton Meester.

Since the play ended its Broadway run, the multihyphenate Franco has stayed true to form and kept a packed schedule. He has debuted a new movie as director, an adaptation of William Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury,"; filmed a number of projects as an actor; and announced that he will adapt Chuck Palahniuk's "Rant" for the big screen.


Mexican politician blasted after Ronaldinho racist slur

A politician in Mexico has been roundly criticised after he called Ronaldinho an ape.

Ronaldinho moved to Mexico to join Queretaro after leading Atletico to their first Copa Libertadores title triumph last year.

His move had widely been greeted with excitement across the country but, sadly, not in all quarters.

A member of the conservative National Action Party, Carlos Manuel Trevino Nunez, has launched a racial tirade at the former world player of the year on Facebook.

The offending message has now been deleted but a screenshot of which can be seen below:

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SNL Demotes Mike O'Brien and Hires Someone Born In 1994 As a Featured Player


Young comedian Pete Davidson will join "Saturday Night Live” as a featured player, a spokeswoman for the program confirmed Monday, bringing into sharper focus the venerable late-night program’s lineup as it prepares to enter its landmark 40th season on the air.

Davidson, just 20, may well be one of “SNL’s” youngest Not Ready For Prime Time Players. He joins the program at an age even younger than that of Jimmy Fallon when he came on board the comedy at showcase at about 22, and just slightly older than that of Eddie Murphy, who was 19 when he debuted in 1980.

Davidson hails from New York’s Staten Island and has made appearances on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

He is one of just two new players show creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels is adding to the ranks this season.

“SNL” has also added Michael Che, a former writer who had left to join the ranks of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” as a co-anchor on its “Weekend Update.” As a result, Cecily Strong will cede her spot on the segment and continue on as part of the cast. Meantime, featured players Noel Wells, John Milhiser and Brooks Whelan have left the program while cast member Nasim Pedrad has departed to join the new Fox comedy “Mulaney,” also produced by Lorne Michaels.

The “SNL” lineup for the 40th season will be: Vanessa Bayer, Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant, Michael Che, Pete Davidson, Colin Jost, Taran Killam, Kate McKinnon, Bobby Moynihan, Kyle Mooney, Jay Pharoah, Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson and Sasheer Zamata.

News of Davidson’s hire was reported previously by Deadline and other outlets.


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Stripper Film "Chocolate City" Has A Cast Change


*Romeo Miller is out, and Robert Ri’chard is in! Ri’chard is replacing Miller in the upcoming exotic dancer flick, “Chocolate City.”

Allegedly, Miller was kicked to the curb since he couldn’t quite get the required dance moves down. Basically, he doesn’t have that male stripper edge.

But Ri’chard — as his replacement — has the right stuff to play the male lead in what is already considered the black version of the popular film, “Magic Mike,” reports AlwaysAList.

Ri’chard previously starred on Nickelodeon show “Cousin Skeeter” and then, became hot stuff on “One on One” and “Meet the Browns.”

Now he’ll star as a young college student named Devin who is sucked into the world of exotic dancing in order to pay bills.

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Doctor Who Magazine Explains Why the Show's Failing Probably Won't Get it Cancelled


Doctor Who fans have a tendency to worry about ratings more than fans of other shows, and with good reason. The show has been cancelled or been put on hiatus twice, and recently overnight ratings have begun to show a bit of decline. Cries of “this is worse than the 80’s!” and “it’s going to end up cancelled!” have been adorning message boards and blog posts across the dark recesses of the internet recently. But is there really any truth in these statements? Well, I don’t think so, and I’m going to try and tell you why…

Ratings and the BBC

Unlike most television channels, the BBC does not show adverts for anything except itself. This is because it has no need to, as, at least in the UK, its primary source of income is the TV license. The TV license is a sum of money that UK residents have to pay by law, basically, to watch TV channels. The BBC’s money from the TV licence isn’t dependent on ratings – this is why it can get away with having documentaries on BBC Four that no-one will ever watch, whereas other channels have to try and maximise viewership so as to make as much money as possible. Therefore, as it still has solid ratings, the BBC doesn’t have as much to lose by keeping it on air as other channels would. And talking of money…

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Care to speculate on the numbers, ONTD? How are you liking the season so far?
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Witherspoon was Initially Nervous about Acting Alongside Sudanese Refugees

It didn't take much to convince Reese Witherspoon to jump on board The Good Lie.

"The producer sent me the script and I just wept and wept through it," the Oscar winner told me at the movie's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. "I thought it was so beautiful about family and it was funny and what does it mean to be a stranger in a strange land?"

Based on real events, the film tells the story of an American woman (Witherspoon) who takes four Sudanese refugees under her wing when they win a lottery for relocation to the U.S. Screenwriter Margaret Nagle told me she always had Witherspoon in mind for the role while she was writing the script.

Sudanese actors were hired to play the refugees, including Emmanuel Jal, who was a child solider during the Second Sudanese Civil War.

"When they first told me they wanted to hire real refugees for the parts, I was a little nervous," Witherspoon admitted. "I didn't know what that was going to be like that."

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More 'Horns' promo stills (*graphic warning*)(*spoiler alert? but not really*)

With Horns arriving in theaters this Halloween, we’ve been getting a much better look at the upcoming Daniel Radcliffe-starring horror movie and we’ve just updated our image gallery with brand new photos:

“Horns, a supernatural thriller driven by fantasy, mystery, and romance, follows Ig Perrish (Radcliffe), the number one suspect for the violent rape and murder of his girlfriend, Merrin (Temple). Hungover from a night of hard drinking, Ig awakens one morning to find horns starting to grow from his own head and soon realizes their power drives people to confess their sins and give in to their most selfish and unspeakable impulses – an effective tool in his quest to discover the true circumstances of his late girlfriend’s tragedy and for exacting revenge on her killer.”

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Groundskeeper Willie Urges for Scottish Independence

“I've lived in America most of my life, so I've seen first-hand how not to run a country,” explains the animated character

Never one to hold back, Scottish-born Groundskeeper Willie of “The Simpsons” fame is coming out in favor of Scotland's bid for independence ahead of Thursday's vote. With polls for the proposed September 18th referendum showing Scots neck-and-neck on the issue, the animated character wants his fellow countrymen to avoid voting for, “the obviously wrong” decision.

If Scotland decides to break from the United Kingdom, Willie has a new head of state in mind — himself.

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Niall & Paul

James McAvoy warns Scots there is ‘no way back’

James McAvoy has warned Scots there is “no way back” if people vote Yes for Scottish independence.

The Scottish actor has refused to back either the pro-independence or pro-union camps in the forthcoming referendum.

Speaking on HuffPost Live on Wednesday, the X-Men star expressed grief at what he called the “political bickering between both camps” and adding he didn’t want to “back either” even though he knew which way he was going to vote.

“I won’t divulge partly for career preservation,” he said, adding: “I don’t want to get behind politicians.

“Just because they’re talking about something really important, doesn’t mean they are trustworthy… and this is a humongous thing.”

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The referendum on Scottish independence takes place on 18 September.

video of the interview at the source
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First look at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in new film By The Sea

Less than a week after Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt started work on their second film together, By The Sea, the first stills have been released.

Entertainment Weekly have the first look images of the pair, as well as the first plot details.

By The Sea will star the two Hollywood actors as a married couple - roles they are definitely qualified for given their new status as husband and wife.


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source: hellomagazine
Brad looks gross 

Andrew Scott says Pride is "not a gay film, it’s about humanity"


Gay British actor Andrew Scott has insisted Pride is 'not a gay film'

The Sherlock actor stars in the 2014 British drama film, based on the true story of how gay activists helped during the 1980s miners strike. It has already become one of the most loved releases of the year.

But Scott insists there is more to the film than just having gay characters and a gay storyline.

'It’s not a gay film, it’s about humanity,' he told the Huffington Post.

'Everybody within the cast and crew responded to that feeling at the read through very passionately. They felt a huge ownership over that, whether they were men, women, gay or straight.'

Referring to himself, he added: 'Our personal stories haven’t got anything to do with what we want for society in general.

'I think it doesn’t matter if you’re gay playing a straight part or a straight man playing gay, as long as you’re good at it. That’s the only thing. Nobody objects if you do your job well.'

Pride is out now in UK cinemas.

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'Breaking Bad,' 'Ozymandias' and Anti-Heroism

Television viewers won’t remember the Sunday Night Football game played on Sept. 15, 2013, a few years from now. The 49ers were blown out by the Seahawks, the eventual Super Bowl champions. There was that rain delay right in the middle of the game, though — almost a divine sign that you ought to have switched off the football game and turned your TV set to AMC, where arguably (and we argue in favor) the greatest episode in television — Breaking Bad’s “Ozymandias” — was playing out. While an American hallmark grew stale on one channel, the American ethos was being brutally deconstructed on the other.

We were compelled to the story of Mr. Chips’ transformation into Scarface. We were thrilled with the corrupt Heisenberg and soon-to-be iconic moments of hideous ego — from the “I am the danger” speech to “I’m in the empire business” declaration. Even after he poisoned a child and willingly watched a woman overdose, we gazed as Walter White stood on top of his multimillion-dollar meth empire — triumphant.

Walter White’s mixture of grandiose ambitions and his by-any-means nature with which he achieved them orbited the American ethos.

But the real empire was, perhaps, the 60 episodes required to build to “Ozymandias” — named for the same Shelley poem about the demise of empires that this very magazine takes its name from. And in minutes, Vince Gilligan destroyed it all. Surrealism looms — and sin — as White crumbles onto the desert floor, as he sees his brother-in-law (DEA agent Hank Schrader) lying dead. All as a consequence of his evil.
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Happy anniversary to the one of the greatest hours of television ever.
— Médine

Peaky Blinders: Series 2 launch trailer + Tom Hardy's character revealed

BBC Two's acclaimed drama Peaky Blinders returns in October with Tom Hardy alongside Cillian Murphy

The second series of Peaky Blinders, written and created by Steven Knight, airs this October and the big buzz surrounds the Batman connection; The Dark Knight Rises' Tom Hardy joins Batman Begins star Cillian Murphy to play dangerous and unpredictable gang leader Alfie Solomons. The character is apparently based on a real gang leader of the 1920s.
The acclaimed BBC Two drama takes its name from the Shelby gang's habit of wearing flat caps with razor blades hidden in the peaks. Set in post-First World War Birmingham, it drew audiences of around 2.4 million.

The production values in the first series were phenomenal: Peaky Blinders looked as if it belonged on the silver screen thanks to beautifully crafted and shot set-pieces, stunning cinematography and a rock star swagger enhanced by the very modern music of Nick Cave, The Black Keys and The White Stripes.

Peaky Blinders II is coming to BBC Two this October. Series one catch-up will be available from this Monday 15 September on BBC iPlayer.

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Still no actual air date though smh.
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Hatoful Boyfriend (the pigeon dating sim) review round-up

Let’s get something out of the way first: Hatoful Boyfriend is, indeed, a Japanese pigeon dating simulator. It is a game in which you romance pigeons. You, the central character, are not a pigeon – you are a girl, who is embarking on her second year at St Pigeonation’s Academy for Gifted Students, and every other student there is a bird.

It is not, crucially, a pigeon hentai game. This is not some grubby filthware, filled with lascivious coos and wandering wings, but an exploration of teenage romance – being unsure of each other’s desires, unable to read each other, and navigating the treacherous social minefield that is high school.

But with pigeons. I should underline that fact – everyone else is a bird.

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ONTDers who have played this - which birdie was your favorite? And ONTDers who haven't: go to Steam right now and pick this up, it's freaking hilarious.
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'My Name Is Emily', Irish film starring Evanna Lynch + Directed by Man Battling ALS

Last week, Harry Potter's Evanna Lynch revealed to the Irish Mirror that she landed her first role as a leading lady in an Irish-produced film; the title of the production was then unknown.


But in spite of her Harry Potter success the 23-year-old yesterday said she had to battle for the part.

Details of the film will be announced later this week but delighted Evanna is thrilled to be working back in Ireland for a while.

She revealed: “I am doing a movie in Ireland and I had to fight for that one because they didn’t originally want to see me for it.

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The film is expected to be released in 2015.

Official Film Site | Official Film Facebook Page | Official Indiegogo Page

SOURCE 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Ariana Grande fans FUMING over pricey Meet & Greets!!!

Fans of Ariana Grande are about to FUMING over something other than her bad attitude! The pop star SHOCKED fans today when she put meet and greet packages for her upcoming arena tour up. The $495 packges don’t even let you take an individual photo … IN FACT .. The fine print says “Miniumum 4-6 people per photo”! REALLY?

One reserved ticket in rows 1 through 15 on the floor*, #GetClosertoAriana Meet & Greet + Group Photo Op with her (photo taken in groups)**; Fahlo Pre-show `Break Free’ Dance Party featuring Ariana’s dancers, a DJ spinning all her favorite jams + more!; Ariana Grande signed photo; Exclusive Fahlo #GetClosertoAriana Meet & Greet Laminate; Exclusive Fahlo #GetClosertoAriana VIP Swag Bag designed by the fans of her Official Fan Club!; Crowd-free merchandise shopping; 20,000 Fahlo Bonus Coins that you can redeem in her Official Fan Club!; Early entry into the venue; On-site VIP host

*Please see specific show date for exact location
**Minimum of 4-6 people per group
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Sky Ferreira working on new music with Charli XCX

Singer Sky Ferreira revealed via Twitter that she wrote a song with Charli XCX for her new album.

In social network, the artist also said that the song resembles the style and sound of the Russian duo tATu, "I imagine a/this song written with @charli_xcx will sound very TATU" she wrote.

As Sky prepares the follow-up to "Night Time, My Time," Charli releases on October 21 her new studio album, "Sucker", which already has the single "Break The Rules".


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Rob James-Collier says his gay Downton Abbey character will go 'right up to the abyss'

The character of closeted gay under-butler Thomas Barrow on TV's Downton Abbey is going to have his most harrowing episodes yet, according to the actor who plays him.

Rob James-Collier says the character's homosexuality, which was not focused on during seasons three and four, will be the focus of Barrow's storyline when the new season begins Sunday (21 September) on ITV. (It will begin airing in the US early next year.)

Barrow, whose attempts at romance during the early seasons were unsuccessful, will begin to question whether he is really gay and will try to not be.

'Thomas comes right up to the abyss,' James-Collier tells the Mail.

‘It’s quite a harrowing storyline and I hope it is. Because if it isn’t, I haven’t done it justice.'

Acting out the storyline has been difficult at times for the 37-year-old actor.

‘There are mornings of those scenes when you haven’t been able to sleep at night because you are so worried about how it will go.'

hmmmmm I will def be tuning in for my bae Thomas
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Ladies' Code Unveil Heartwarming Tribute to EunB & Rise in 'I'm Fine Thank You' Video

The ballad topped Korea's real-time charts earlier this month as music fans helped the act realize their dream of hitting No. 1.

To honor members EunB and Rise who passed away in a car accident earlier this month, Ladies' Code has unveiled a special music video for their song "I'm Fine Thank You" in their honor.

The heartwarming clip shows personal and behind-the-scene footage of the fallen K-pop stars, along with their band mates, at fan meetings, filming performances, backstage at events, in the recording studio and much more. There are also interview snippets with EunB and Rise that are equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking as the girls tell their fans how much they love them, that they'll see them soon along with EunB ending the video with a tearful, moving message.

The video highlights not only EunB and Rise's personalities, but also their sisterly bond. Since their car accident, fans have returned to past interviews where 23-year-old Rise had lovingly picked EunB, two years her junior, as the member she most looks to take care of and said she would feel uncomfortable leaving her on her own. Billboard

be prepared to cry

Playboy model Cathy Schmitz, 24, weds billionaire Richard Lugner, 81

A BILLIONAIRE, 81, has married a Playboy cover girl, bunny and model, who, at 24, is 57 years his junior.

Cathy “Spatzi” Schmitz, known as the naked model Crazy Cathy, married property and construction mogul Richard Lugner at Vienna’s Schönbrunn palace.

“Apart from the big age difference everything fits,” Lugner told The Local before the wedding. “Of course I argued less when I was alone, but a man needs a partner.”

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Forget Steven Bauer ...where do I sign up tbh


The Nation That Janet Jackson Built

Twenty-five years later, the political message and musical innovation on Rhythm Nation 1814 is more significant than ever, though less appreciated than it should be.
The most culturally significant female artist of the 1980s? Janet Jackson.

I realize that’s a big claim for a decade that included such talents as Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Annie Lennox, Cyndi Lauper, and Madonna. It may seem even more dubious given the fact that Janet really only emerged as a major figure in 1986 with the release of Control—and only released two substantial albums over the course of the decade. Janet didn’t have the vocal prowess of Whitney Houston, or the poetic subtlety of Kate Bush; she didn’t have Annie Lennox’s penchant for the avant-garde or Madonna’s predilection for shock.

But none of these artists achieved the cross-racial impact (particularly on youth culture) of Janet. And none of them had an album like Rhythm Nation 1814.

In his Rolling Stone cover story, journalist David Ritz compared Rhythm Nation 1814, released 25 years ago today, to Marvin Gaye’s landmark 1971 album What’s Going On—a pairing that might seem strange, if not sacrilege. But think about it, and the comparison makes a lot of sense. Both albums are hard-won attempts by black musicians to be taken seriously as songwriters and artists—to communicate something meaningful in the face of great pressure to conform to corporate formulas. Both are concept albums with socially conscious themes addressing poverty, injustice, drug abuse, racism and war. Both blended the sounds, struggles, and voices of the street with cutting-edge studio production. Both fused the personal and the political. And both connected in profound ways with their respective cultural zeitgeists.

Yet while What’s Going On has rightfully been recognized as one of the great albums of the 20th century, Rhythm Nation’s significance has been largely forgotten. At the time, though, it was undeniable: For three solid years (1989-1991), the album ruled the pop universe, the last major multimedia blockbuster of the 1980s. During that time, all seven of its commercial singles soared into the top five of the Billboard Hot 100 (including five songs that reached No. 1), surpassing a seemingly impossible record set by brother Michael’s Thriller (the first album to generate seven Top 10 hits). Janet’s record has yet to be broken.Collapse )
Fav Janet album ONTD?
miss u much

All The Game Of Thrones Fan Theories You Absolutely Need To Know

If there's two things fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series can agree on, it's that 1) author George R.R. Martin is weaving an incredibly dense tale where far more happens (and has happened) than what's just on the page, and 2) that no character is safe from GRRM's murderous pen. In regards to the former, fans have spent the last 17 years since A Game of Thrones was first published reading between the lines, trying to figure out the series' many, many mysteries. One astute fan by the name of Full-Faced Braavosi took the time to compile all the theories, both likely and insane, over at the mega-fansite; we thought we'd take the chance to make sure all you ASoIaF readers are caught up on every fan theory you absolutely need to know.
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Finally: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is the First $300 Million Movie of 2014

It took an eyebrow raising nine months, but Hollywood finally has its first $300 million grosser of 2014. Marvel Studios' "Guardians of the Galaxy" crossed the magic mark on Saturday and ended the weekend with an estimated $305.9 million. The James Gunn action adventure had already surpassed another Marvel flick, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," to become the no. 1 movie of the year (so far) on August 28.

Budgeted at a reported $170 million, "Guardians" has been a huge success for Marvel and Disney pulling in over $611 million worldwide. It now ranks as the fifth highest grossing Marvel Studios movie ever after "The Avengers" and all three "Iron Man" films. If Disney can hold onto theaters it has an excellent chance at surpassing "Iron Man 2's" $312.4 million for no. 4.

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Damn, congrats GotG especially considering that people thought it was going to earn only as much as Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger's gross but those 2014 numbers are abysmal. 2015 better step up their game.