September 12th, 2014

Charli XCX would love to write a song for Britney + New Interview


Charli XCX has said that she'd "love" to write a song with Britney Spears.

Speaking to Digital Spy at MTV Push in Helsinki, the 'Break the Rules' singer explained that Spears has massively inspired her.

"Oh my God, if she hit me up I would be so down, I'm an endless fan of Britney Spears. She massively inspired me when I was younger and still now," she said.

"Britney's punk, she doesn't care. She's crazy and amazing and her videos are next level. She's great, I love Britney and I would so love to write a song with her," the star added.

Spears recently announced that she's started work on her next album and would like to include "a little bit of rock or rock-pop".

Charli XCX will release her forthcoming album Sucker on October 17.
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Nicole Kidman's Father Dies After Accident

Nicole Kidman's father has died after an accident in Singapore, according to reports.

It is believed Dr Antony Kidman reportedly died in a road side accident while visiting Antonia Kidman, Nicole's sister, in Singapore earlier today.

Dr Kidman was a clinical psychologist at Royal North Shore Hospital and a director of health psychology at the University of Technology Sydney.

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Madame Bovary News

Director Sophie Barthes' Madame Bovary has landed a U.S. home with the newly reorganized Millennium Entertainment.

Starring Mia Wasikowska ♥, the movie made its premiere at the Telluride Film Festival and will play at the Toronto Film Festival on Sept. 10. Madame Bovary, which has drawn mixed reviews, also stars Paul Giamatti, Rhys Ifans and Ezra Miller.

Wasikowska plays Emma Bovary, a young, beautiful woman from northern France who marries the town doctor in order to escape a life of swine farming. But she soon grows tired of her husband and enters into a series of ill-fated love affairs.

WME helped secure financing for the film and represents U.S. rights, while Radiant Films International is handling foreign sales.
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A Columbia University graduate, Sophie Barthes was born in France and grew up in the Middle East and South America. Barthes has just completed an English adaptation of Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary with Mia Wasikowska ♥, Rhys Ifans, Paul Giamatti and Ezra Miller. In 2010, her directorial feature-film debut, Cold Souls with Giamatti and Emily Watson, was released in the US
by Samuel Goldwyn, and was also distributed worldwide. Prior to its theatrical release, Cold Souls played in competition at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and went on to play in more than thirty international film festivals.

Barthes has completed a residency at the Sundance Screenwriters & Directors Lab and was named one of Filmmaker Magazine's "25 New Faces of Independent Film." She is a recipient of the Annenberg Foundation Film Fellowship.

Madame Bovary will play at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10, 11, and 12.
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Just a quick reminder of Mia's flawlessness before you enter the post.
Jon vomit

How to delete your free U2 album


Do you own an iTunes account? Congratulations. You also own at least one (quite possibly only one) U2 album.

Apple marked the iPhone 6 launch by slipping a copy of the ageing Irish band's latest album into every account, deliberately infecting gadgets with some people's idea of musical malware.

Think of it as a surprise Christmas present from a relative who doesn't know you very well.

Or knows you really well, if you like U2.

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The BBC throwing shade at U2?

i c o n

Cashmere Cat releases the superior version of 'Be My Baby'

Cashmere Cat is one of the most unique producers working in pop music today, so it was a shame to see a somewhat sanitized version of his previously teased track with Ariana Grande, "Be My Baby," appear on the "Bang Bang" singer's new album last week. Today, the 26-year-old Norse DJ remedied that concern by releasing a blippy alternate "Be My Baby" take on his SoundCloud page.

It has a "Paper Planes" kind of vibe to it, with some muted gunshots and rattling rainstick beats that all scream "this is interesting!" much more loudly than the version that ended up on My Everything. Grande's vocals are murkier, Cashmere's synths are more ear-prickingly syncopated, and those mini-breakdowns that punctuate the chorus are inspired. To his credit, Cat has been tweeting about the singer's album all week, clearly pleased with his contribution to the final product, but there's something just inexplicably cooler about the producer's alternate mix, which you can hear below.

All Ariana has to do now is work on that choreography and maybe Rihanna will stop laughing at her. Baby steps.


Playing It Cool Official Trailer

It seems today is the day when trailers for movies shot in 2012 and have been sitting on a shelf are finally arriving. In case you missed it, the first trailer for Susanne Bier's "Serena," starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, just dropped, and now comes the debut promo clip for "Playing It Cool" (which is either the international or new title as it was previously called "A Many Splintered Thing") and we're curious why this film has been collecting dust.

Starring a pretty good (on paper at least) ensemble including Chris Evans, Michelle Monaghan, Aubrey Plaza, Anthony Mackie, Topher Grace, Luke Wilson, Philip Baker Hall, Giovanni Ribisi and Martin Starr, the sorta-meta Justin Reardon directed movie follows a screenwriter who wants to write an action film but is pushed by his agent to do a rom-com instead. The twist? He doesn't believe in love. Ruh-roh!

Frankly, it looks like any number of standard, forgettable rom-coms and not something so dreadful that it needs to be hidden away. And yet, at this point, the movie is still without a U.S. release date or distributor. So check out the trailer. Maybe 2015 will see this thing finally drop?

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'Sordid Lives' sequel 'A Very Sordid Wedding' in works

It's official. There's a script for a "Sordid Lives" sequel.

Actors Newell and Rosemary Alexander, who appeared in the 2001 film (as Wardell and Dr. Eve, respectively) and other Del Shores productions, say much of the original cast will return for "A Very Sordid Wedding."

As the title hints, at least one character intends to tie the knot. Palm Springs fans who helped boost "Sordid Lives" to cult status may wonder which beloved character will walk down the aisle, but the Alexanders are mum on that point.

"I can't say whose wedding," Rosemary Alexander says.

When asked if Ty, the son who came out as gay in the first film, is the lucky groom, she smiles sheepishly and replies, "That's one idea, but I can't say whose wedding."

Shores, who plans to shoot and release the film in 2015, confirms that the betrothed's identity is a "big secret."

The original movie tells the story of a Texas family coming together in the aftermath of the matriarch's death, and starred Olivia Newton-John, Beau Bridges, Beth Grant, Delta Burke, and Leslie Jordan.

The film spawned the television adaptation in 2008 only lasting one season. It was Rue McClanahan's final acting role.



oscar pistorius

South African athlete Oscar Pistorius has been found guilty of culpable homicide after the judge found he killed his girlfriend by mistake.

Judge Thokozile Masipa said the athlete acted "negligently" when he fired shots through a toilet door but in the "belief that there was an intruder".

She said the state had failed to prove he intended to kill Reeva Steenkamp.

He was also found guilty on a charge of negligently handling a firearm that went off in a restaurant.

South Africa's prosecuting authority said it was "disappointed" Pistorius was not convicted of murder but said it would wait until after sentencing to decide whether to appeal.

The BBC's Andrew Harding, in court, says that following the verdicts, Pistorius sat, rubbed his face and slumped briefly forward.

There was not much emotion in court because everyone knew that verdict was coming, our correspondent adds.

It leaves the disgraced sprinter facing up to 15 years in jail, although legal experts suggest seven to 10 years is more likely when sentence is passed in a couple of weeks.

The double amputee had denied murdering Ms Steenkamp after a row on Valentine's Day last year, saying he shot her by mistake.

With this the judge agreed, saying "it cannot be said that the accused did not entertain a genuine belief that there was an intruder".

But she said: "The accused knew there was a person behind the toilet door, he chose to use a firearm.

"I am of the view the accused acted too hastily and used too much force. It is clear his conduct is negligent."

Pistorius was convicted on an unrelated firearms charge - negligently handling a firearm that went off in a crowded restaurant.

He was acquitted of another charge of firing a gun in public, through the sunroof of a car, and of a charge of illegal possession of ammunition in the home where he killed Ms Steenkamp.

video & pictures of the trial and crime scene at the source
Angelina Jolie

Project Runway 13x08: The Rainway

Challenge: Create an avant-garde look that is as innovative as the Samsung Curved Ultra HD TV that should inspire it and that, like the TV, is "a 'wow' from every angle." It should also push the boundaries of design, like the television. The looks will be modeled on a specialized rainy runway, so they must also be waterproof.
Parameters: $300 budget, two whole days to work (hallelujah). The designers will be given additional heavy-duty materials to elevate their designs. Korina has immunity.
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Lie Witness News: Fashin Edition

Like he did with Coachellea and fake band names, Jimmy Kimmel sent "Lie Witness News" team to New York's Lincoln Center as Fashion Week wraps to dupe aspiring fashion know-it-alls into saying they like designers that are actually just pop culture figures (Betsy Ross, Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia). "Chandler Bing, I have heard of," one insists. Have you?

While we're here, let's discuss that vine of Mary-Kate and Ashley that has been going around

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Grimes Scraps New Album!!!

Earlier this year, Claire Boucher, the 26-year-old Canadian musician known as Grimes, briefly dabbled in the world of Billboard-chart pop. She wrote a song for Rihanna. After that, she went to a group songwriting boot camp, as she entertained the idea of receding from the intensifying spotlight she’d earned as an electro-pop phenom. “I thought, Oh, I don’t want to be a front person,” she says. “I want to write.”

In many ways, the experiment was a failure — Rihanna did not put the song on her album, and when Boucher recorded her own version, it was met with frustration. “It upsets a lot of my fans, and I get why it upsets them,” says Boucher of the big, booming track. “Everybody was like, ‘Oh, Grimes is pandering to the radio.’ ” But the failure, ultimately, was a productive one. By that point, she had already begun to hate the album she was working on: the would-be follow-up to the widely acclaimed “Visions,” from 2012. That album was lauded for seamlessly blending sugary pop melodies with a D.I.Y. aesthetic. The new one? “It sucked,” Boucher says, “so I threw it out and started again.”

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Doctor who performed Joan Rivers surgery FIRED....

The doctor who performed the endoscopy on Joan Rivers has been fired by the clinic's board. Sources at Yorkville Endoscopy tell us Dr. Lawrence Cohen stepped down after the board asked him to do so -- however the board isn't directly blaming him for Joan's death.

A rep for the clinic confirmed he was ousted from his position as medical director. According to our sources ... the board's issue with Cohen is that he allowed Joan's ENT doc to step in and perform an unauthorized procedure. Reportedly, that procedure was a biopsy ... and Joan went into respiratory and cardiac arrest while it was being done.

Cohen is a world renowned gastroenterologist ... and also co-owner of Yorkville. He's been on administrative leave since Joan's procedure on August 28.

Read more:
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Tom Hardy Interview, Won't Do Another RomCom


Under all that brooding lies a teddy bear. Who hugs.

Known as one of the most electric actors on screen today, Tom Hardy has proven the depths of his darkness and the bounds of his physical force in movies from The Dark Knight Rises and Warrior to 2008's breakout Bronson. Mad Max: Fury Road awaits, with George Miller's massively anticipated reboot hitting theaters next year.

Off-screen, the intensity persists; when he feels threatened, those massive shoulders rise, the tattoos that snake his muscular arms flex. But should Hardy, whose new crime tale The Drop hits theaters Friday, decide to be candid, he's a chummy delight.

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source: usatoday added the source, thanks

CONFIRMED .... No new Madonna album till 2015!!!

Madonna's been hard at work on her upcoming new album -- as evidenced by her prolific posts on Instagram -- and is planning for it to be released in 2015, according to a representative.

Among those she's working with is super-producer Diplo, who has turned up in multiple photos on the diva's Instagram account. It's unclear if Diplo (who recently graced the cover of Billboard magazine) is materializing as the album's primary producer, but it would seem that he could play a significant role in the project.

When asked specifically about Diplo and his involvement in the album, Madonna's manager Guy Oseary told Billboard, "She's currently in the studio with Diplo and having a lot of fun," but didn't offer any further clues about the project. Alas.

Madonna's next album is due out on Interscope Records, and -- based on a glance at her Instagram feed -- may also feature collaborations with Toby Gad, MoZella, S1, Ariel Rechtshaid, Avicii, Natalia Kills and Martin Kierszenbaum. On last week’s Pop Shop Podcast, Kierszenbaum — the head of Cherrytree Records who also records as Cherry Cherry Boom Boom — told Billboard that he was “very proud” of the work he completed with Madonna in the studio.

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Bey & Onika perform ***Flawless remix!!!

Queen Bey was joined by the queen of rap during the “On the Run Tour” in Paris on Friday. Nicki Minaj hit the stage to perform the “Flawless (Remix)” with Beyoncé for the first time live. Matching Bey in Versus Versace, Nicki spit her explosive verse as the words “curvalicious” and “delicious” appeared on the giant screen behind her.

The concert was taped for an HBO special, which will air on Saturday, September 20.

It’s rumored that the ladies are shooting a video for the song while in Paris. Nicki posted a photo of her and director Francesco Carrozzini on set.

Watch some of the concert footage below.

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i had a shitty discussion at work BUT this saves the day/week entirely. bless. <3 third time's a charm ooop

Iggy was legal in sex tape, partner confirms.

Iggy Azalea's alleged partner in a sex tape says the video is absolutely real, and Iggy was absolutely NOT underage when it went down.

Houston rapper Hefe Wine is confirming he's the one in the video being shopped to Vivid Entertainment honcho Steven Hirsch. TMZ broke the story ... Iggy's camp says she never consented to the video being shot and she might have been under 18 at the time.

But Hefe says he didn't even meet Iggy until her 18th birthday. He adds, Iggy is "100% fully aware" of the fact they shot the sex tape.

He denies sending the sex clip to Vivid, saying his computer was stolen a couple months ago -- but also makes it clear he's interested in cutting a deal for the video to be released. He shouldn't hold his breath -- Iggy would have to sign off too, and that seems very unlikely right now.

The rapper claims he's still tight with Iggy -- and to prove it ... he says he's about to put out a new single featuring her.

pero que piece of shit.. like literally
omg iggy. he's so ugly :(

The Top 25 (5) Must See Movies of 2015

If you listen carefully you can hear it: wind rustling, the leaves beginning their descent, and the all-around calming sound of autumn. Sure, we’re only a few days removed from Labor Day, but the kids are back in school, the grills are getting covered, and most notably, the summer 2014 movie season is officially over.

With that said, this year’s fall movie schedule looks fantastic (check back with us in a little while to find out why), and audiences are hardly going to miss a beat as we go from summer spectacle to the more thoughtful, rewarding side of mainstream cinema (and otherwise). Nonetheless, it can still leave any movie fan, particularly of the geek variety, a little desperate for their next fix of big screen genre fantasia. And while there is plenty of that coming this fall, there is no denying that eyes aren’t turning immediately to 2015.

And why not? Next year’s line-up of movies could potentially be excellent—or at the very least, avenging. Hence, we have compiled a list of the 25 Hollywood movies that you’ll most likely need to see in 2015. Without further adieu, here are the 25 Must See Movies of 2015!

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The rest in the source
Top movies to see in 2015 for you?

Overnight preorders of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus set new record for Apple

Apple on Friday revealed that preorders for its 2014 iPhone lineup, which have only been available for less than 12 hours, reached a new overnight record, setting the stage for what could become its biggest-ever launch weekend once the devices become available Sept. 19.

The company issued a statement to Re/code on Friday revealing the new record, but declining to say how many units have been pre-sold thus far. Preorders began overnight at 12:01 a.m. Pacific, 3:01 a.m. Eastern, through Apple and its carrier partners.

"Response to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been incredible with a record number of preorders overnight," the company said.

Apple's carrier partner AT&T also spoke out on preorders earlier Friday in a statement to Fierce Wireless, in which CEO Ralph de la Vega indicated that his company had taken "hundreds of thousands of preorders" for the new iPhone models this morning.

"It's amazing to see the volume," he said, adding that the demand for the new models is topping last year's record breaking iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launch.

Both the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus will find their way into the hands of customers in one week, on Friday, Sept. 19, in a total of nine countries: The U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan.

Last year, Apple set a new record, selling a total of 9 million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c units in the first weekend of availability.

did you order your iphone ontd? I ordered the 64GB 6 in gold around 7 this morning


Dan Brown's 'Digital Fortress' to be made into a TV series


As a nation, we used to be really into codes and messages hidden inside of American symbolism, which turned Dan Brown’s 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code into a mega-bestseller. But times have changed, and now we’re totally into the government treating our privacy like garbage. So it makes perfect sense that 20th Century Fox, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment are heading back in Brown’s library to turn his techno-thriller Digital Fortress into a TV series. Don’t tell the government I said that about them.

ABC has given Digital Fortress a put pilot, meaning the network has to show audiences a pilot, with a stiff penalty attached if they don’t. And given how well adaptations of Brown’s work have done on the big screen, it’s silly to think ABC will balk on this topical project. Unless someone stops them for saying too much.

Digital Fortress centers on the cat-and-mouse relationship between an NSA cryptographer named Susan Fletcher and a former NSA employee named Ensei Tankado, who is putting the government’s most consequential secrets up for auction. He has his own stiff penalties attached if he should be killed. There are double-crossers and twists throughout, and it deals with a lot of – you guessed it – questions of governmental superiority when it comes to information.

The pilot is being written by Outlaw Country’s Rachel Abramowitz and Josh Goldin, the latter of which also co-wrote Sam Raimi’s Darkman. It is going to make the premise sexy, because coding is sexy. Guys, it seems like someone sexy, a programmer perhaps, has taken over this sexy site and is making me sexy write this.

Will Ron Howard get directly involved with the pilot? He’s currently on the road to directing Tom Hanks once more for the Brown adaptation Inferno. That’s been a slow-moving project, given Howard’s work on the waterbound drama Heart of the Sea, but it's still possible that he can fit a pilot into his schedule.


Wozniacki 'shocked' after McIlroy ended relationship over the phone

Caroline Wozniacki has opened up about her split with US Open champion Rory McIlroy, claiming the northern Irishman broke the bad news over the phone. The couple were due to marry in November before McIlroy publicly called time on their relationship in May.

Despite revealing she's now in a 'very happy place', Wozniacki admits the shock that came after McIlroy ended the relationship.


She told the In depth with Graham Bensinger show: 'I was shocked. I thought at least it would be face-to-face or something, but there was nothing. It was a phone call and I didn't hear from him again. It was very hard because he made it very public from the start. He put out a press release and all of that so it just got put in my face.'

However, the 24-year-old tennis star now believes she has 'a lot of good things going' and is even ready to embark on a new relationship with a man preferably taller than her ex.

She added: 'I would like a taller guy so I can wear high heels. I'm pretty strict with my box ticking.I look for someone who is honest, fun to be around and doesn't take himself too seriously.


Ricky Martin and Ian Thorpe dating

This could officially be the best celebrity pairing of all time…Ian Thorpe and Ricky Martin.

Yep, a source is claiming the new couple have signed a half million dollar magazine deal telling the world they are in love.

Peter Ford, an Australian celebrity commentator, broke the jaw dropping news on Twitter earlier today.

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Watch George Clooney Declare His Love for Fiancée Amal Alamuddin

On Sunday, at a dinner in Tuscany, Clooney was given a Humanitarian Award and fêted as guest of honor by Celebrity Fight Night. He brought along Alamuddin, for their first joint red-carpet appearance, and, in his acceptance speech, he revealed that the duo would be getting married “in a couple of weeks” in Venice.

And now we have been gifted with video footage (!!) of Clooney’s speech at the event


Feminist Queen Britney Spears might keep her Tinder profile and more!


On Tuesday, Britney stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to list the pros and cons a man faces dating her. Fallon mentions he created Brit a Tinder profile to get her back in the dating scene, and though it was created for the skit, homegirl may use it.

“Maybe!” Britney tells People about using Tinder. “Who knows? Possibly.”

Sounds like a YES to me!

One thing Britney is sure of is what she wants in a man.

“I like a guy to be just really sweet,” Spears adds. “Really sweet and to make me laugh: Those are the two main things that are important to being with someone.”

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Rookie's Tavi Gevinson Faces Mixed Reviews on Broadway

Style blogger and Rookie editor Tavi Gevinson had a lot more on her mind this month than just Fashion Week. The teenage phenom acted for the first time on Broadway alongside with Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin in Kenneth Lonergan's play "This Is Our Youth," which premiered yesterday. You know, just the natural trajectory for a preteen style star-turned-editor-turned-successful teen actress. Gevinson, Cera, and Culkin first appeared in "This is Our Youth" in Chicago, and yesterday's Broadway production received stellar reviews. But how did the New York critics respond to Gevinson's acting?

The New York Times reviewer said: "Ms. Gevinson nails exactly the aggressive defensiveness of a girl who sees boys as both the enemy and salvation." The Hollywood Reporter notes: "The 18-year-old, waif-like Gevinson has no such problem in terms of age...But the awkwardness she displays onstage, whether intentional or not, works beautifully for the role of a young woman struggling with a transition into adulthood, and her off-kilter line readings are consistently engaging."

New York Daily News writes: "The lesser-known Gevinson, who's famous in fashion circles, is the show's wild card -- and she's an ace. She brings a weird and wonderful vitality as the pretty and opinionated Jessica." The New York Post likes Tavi, too: "Gevinson has only limited acting experience, but she's blessed with genuine presence...That we end up caring so much for her -- and Warren, and Dennis -- is why this show works so well. We just want to know the kids are all right."

Not all raves though: USA Today said: "Sadly, Gevinson, who plays Jessica, is the production's weak link. Squirming and shouting her lines in a high-pitched whine that suggests barely repressed hysteria, she overplays Jessica's feigned confidence and confusion, making Warren's enduring attraction to her less convincing."

Deadline writes: "This may have to do with fine performances that nonetheless fail to connect. Culkin exudes energy but not the menace that makes Warren interesting; Cera raises blankness of expression almost to the level of art and Gevinson is simply out of her league on the Broadway stage."


EBOLA RELIEF: Martin Gore of Depeche Mode Calls for Increased Support

We are witnessing a human catastrophe in West Africa with the Ebola crisis. Direct Relief needs your help to airlift medicines and supplies to health workers in urgent need. Please join Martin Gore of Depeche Mode in support of Direct Relief’s efforts in West Africa. For every dollar donated to Direct Relief on this page, Martin will match the donation dollar for dollar, up to $50,000. Please donate today:


Donate if and where you can, guys! This disease is horrific.
jas tookes
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Chris Brown offers advice to Ray Rice

Ray Rice has dominated the headlines after a video leaked showing him assaulting his then-fiancée and now wife Janay Rice. He has since been cut by the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely from the NFL.

MTV News asked Chris Brown, who was sentenced to five years of probation for assaulting Rihanna, what advice he would give to Rice or anyone dealing with domestic violence.

“I think it’s all about the choices you make,” said Breezy. “With me, I deal with a lot of anger issues from my past— not knowing how to express myself verbally and at the same time not knowing how to cope with my emotions and deal with them and understand what they are.”

He’s been able to move past his problems by seeking help. “I think help is great,” he added. “I still talk to my therapist twice a week, and it helps me to…if I’m frustrated and I’m dealing with something, to vent and say what I’m going through so I can hear from an actual clinical person, ‘this is how you should react,’ or ‘it’s good to feel this way because feelings, emotions, and energy are supposed to come and go.’ It’s not supposed to stay there, you’re not supposed to keep it inside, because it’ll bottle up and you’ll become a monster.”

But he stopped short of passing judgement. “To Ray, or anybody else—because I’m not better than the next man—I can just say I’ve been down that road. I deal with situations and I’ve made my mistakes too, but it’s all about how you push forward and how you control yourself.”

video @ the source

'Orange Is The New Black' Season 3 Spoilers: Is Maritza Actress Diane Guerrero Leaving Show?

As far as we know, the "Orange Is The New Black" Season 3 release date will not be until June 2015. With more than half a year before the show returns, details on the season ahead are scarce. So far, we have learned that Mary Steenburgen, Blair Brown, and Mike Birbiglia will join the show. Meanwhile, Larry actor Jason Biggs and George "Pornstache" Mendez actor Pablo Schrieber will not appear in Season 3. Now, an actress may leave "Orange Is The New Black" as well.

According to CW, a new TV series titled "Jane The Virgin" will begin Oct. 13. Actress Diane Guerrero, who plays Maritza in "Orange Is The New Black," has also accepted the role as the bestie of the protagonist in "Jane The Virgin." No doubt, it would be very difficult for Guerrero to take on two TV series at the same time.

Further proof that Diane Guerrero's duties at "Jane The Virgin" are pulling her from "Orange Is The New Black" is coming from Flaca actress, Jackie Cruz. In one of Cruz's latest Instagram posts, she wrote: "Miss my boo so much @dianeguerrero_ @oitnb #flaritza #moments #season3 #loveher #missher #cometome #michiquita #flaca #maritza."

If Jackie Cruz misses Diane Guerrero, it could only mean that Guerrero has been MIA for quite some time already. At this point, we have no idea how "Orange Is The New Black" Season 3 will progress.

However, we have heard that a Piper Chapman and Alex Vause sex scene will be in Season 3. Actress Taylor Schilling also hinted that there will be nude scenes in Season 3 as well.

I had to have a lot of discussions about every time I took my clothes off," Schilling told Hollywood Reporter, hinting that there is another nude scene in works for season 3.

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Homeland and The Affair continue Showtime's hot streak - Corey Stoll steals the show!

It's mid-September, and I'm supposed to be excited about the broadcast nets' new fall lineups. But it feels like more of the same: a would-be dynamic duo of superhero shows (Gotham and The Flash) and another Shonda Rhimes melodrama (How to Get Away with Murder) are the only new series generating anything resembling buzz.

So I'm already looking forward to October, when the pay-cable channel Showtime will launch the season's most exciting new drama, The Affair, and relaunch what was once TV's most exciting new drama, Homeland. I've gotten sneak peeks at the first episodes of each, and suffice it to say they will keep up the momentum set in motion by the network's summer one-two punch of Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex.

Homeland returns on October 5 with a two-hour premiere, and while I've only seen the first half, it already feels like a brand new show. Brody (Damian Lewis) is - SPOILER ALERT, if you haven't finished watching season three! - dead and gone, and blessedly, so is the Brody Bunch. I do miss his wife, Jessica, played by the lovely Morena Baccarin, but the show is better off without their two troublesome teens.

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'Stretch' (Chris Pine, Patrick Wilson, Jessica Alba) Gag Reel

Chris Pine shows us a hint of his butt while wearing just a vest over his body in this new gag reel for his upcoming film Stretch, provided exclusively to

The 34-year-old actor plays a billionaire who wants to sell his book of criminal contacts and hires a driver (Patrick Wilson) to drive him around in a night that goes totally wrong.

The movie also stars Jessica Alba, Brooklyn Decker, and Ed Helms. It was directed by Joe Carnahan and will be released on Amazon and iTunes on October 7 and VOD on October 14.

Chris sports a long greying beard and even nipple piercings for his role as the eccentric billionaire.

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[The butt in question]


Lindsay Lohan

Ambitious Queen ♚Katie Holmes♚ Takes The Director's Chair

Katie Holmes has just set her directorial debut with the upcoming film All We Had, which will be adapted from the Annie Weatherwax novel of the same name, THR reports.

The 35-year-old actress will not only direct the movie – she will also star as a mother who lives on the edge of poverty with her 13-year-old daughter.

Jane Rosenthal will produce with The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone writing the script.

“Katie has such a clear vision for the book’s irreverent, original mother-daughter relationship. Her passion for the material, along with Josh Boone’s ability to tell stories grounded in the comedy and drama of everyday, will truly bring these characters to life,” Jane said in a statement.