September 2nd, 2014

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Doctor Who rumor- Steven Moffat to be replaced by Anthony Horowitz

Doctor Who Producer Steven Moffat could be on his way out of the show to be replaced by Anthony Horowitz, author of the Alex Rider series of novels and the second Tintin film.

Philip Morris, the well connected missing episode hunter who returned The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear to the BBC archive in 2013, has stated publicly that Horowitz’s name is the one seemingly in the frame and being talked about, a claim that has to be taken seriously thanks to Mr Morris’ connections made during his service to the show.

Horowitz, allegedly endorsed by Philip Hinchcliffe for the role, is the author of the Alex Rider series of novels (and Stormbreaker film) as well as The Diamond Brothers series, The Power of Five series and Sherlock Holmes novel The House of Silk. On television he has written for Robin of Sherwood, Poirot, Midsomer Murders and created Crime Traveller, Foyle’s War, Collision and Injustice.

The writer is currently working on the screenplay for The Adventures of Tintin sequel for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, due for release in 2015, Steven Moffat having penned the first film of the series.

Rumours have stated for some time that Series 8 could be Moffat’s last, particularly with likely increasing demand for his services in the United States following Sherlock‘s immense success at the Emmys, yet he also hinted in the July edition of Doctor Who Magazine that he was planning the finale of Series 9 for the show.

Other names frequently linked to the role include Mark Gatiss, Neil Cross, Toby Whithouse and Chris Chibnall.


Just a rumor now from one source, but I figure we could all use some positive thinking. Don't really know who this guy is, some of the other rumored names aren't bad, but I really hope he does leave and that his successor isn't Gatiss.

Britney acknowledges that ex-boyfriend cheated on her, calls him out on stage


Britney Spears took a rare moment out of her Las Vegas Piece Of Me show Sunday night to address her recent split from boyfriend David Lucado.

Thousands of lusty boos (the encouraging kind, if that’s possible) rained down from the 5,000 attendees at Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theater. Britney’s fans were eager to show her they had her back over Lucado’s alleged infidelity.

“But the best part of breaking up,” the singer continued as she leaped forward toward the front of the stage, “is going on first dates. OMG, OMG, I need a hot guy. Where are the hot guys here tonight?”

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Italy Proposing A Bill Criminalising Pro-Anorexia Website Creators


Advocates of the bill say the law will help send a powerful message about the need to take eating disorder such as anorexia seriously, The Daily Beast has reported.

Pro-anorexia, or pro-ana websites, blogs and forums have simultaneously drawn concern and ire about their role in perpetuating anorexia by offering “creative” tips on how to make yourself vomit, how to fool your stomach into thinking it’s full and by spreading slogans such as: “Coffee and smokes, and cold Diet Cokes, that’s what pretty girls are made of”.

But is legislating against people who create these websites - and who are often anorexia sufferers as well - the right way to go?

“I would be very concerned about criminalising them,” says Christine Morgan, chief executive officer of the Butterfly Foundation, the national support group for sufferers and carers.

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Lindsay Lohan uses hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Lindsay Lohan is using hypnotherapy to quit smoking. The 'Mean Girls' actress has reportedly turned to alternative medicine to kick her nicotine addiction before her West End debut on September 24 for David Mamet's play, 'Speed-the-Plow'.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Lindsay knows all eyes will be on her and she's worried if she starts to crave nicotine on stage, it'll put her off. ''Some people may not believe in the powers of hypnosis, or think it's all about swinging a watch about, but Lindsay is willing to try anything to make sure she's a hit.''

The 28-year-old starlet has already gone to rehab six times and in 2013 told talk show host Oprah Winfrey that she has been addicted to cocaine.

When it was announced that Lindsay would be making her stage debut in London this year, the actress admitted that she was nervous on opening night.

She said: ''I'll be freaking out on the first day. I either do really well under pressure of really horribly. There's no in between.''

Anyone want a wedding photo of Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross? Celeb magazines aren't buying!!!

Congratulations to Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, son of singer Diana Ross, who married at the diva’s Connecticut home on Saturday. Sadly, any hopes Simpson had of financing an extravagant honeymoon by selling exclusive pictures to a celeb magazine had to stop, in the name of reality. No one cared.

“The Simpsons have a long history of selling pictures to magazines,” an insider tells Confidenti@l. “When Jessica was at the peak of her success with Nick Lachey, her dad made an exclusive several-part deal with OK! magazine. Just a few months ago, Jessica sold her most recent wedding pictures to People for $300,000. But now it seems no one cares about Ashlee anymore.”

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Britney spent HOW MUCH on her dogs !?!?

Britney Spears spent more than $30,000 on dogs -- the ones not named David Lucado -- and let's just say, her puppies are living the life most humans would envy.

According to new legal docs filed in her conservatorship ... Britney bought 2 tiny pups in 2013 that came with enormous price tags -- more than $13K for both of them!

She dropped $5,568 for what looks like a white Maltese in January ... and then in July she spent another $8,212 for its playmate -- a new Yorkie.

Brit even spent $1,585 on CLOTHES for the dogs ($650 in one shopping spree alone)! Throw in another $5,205 on dog-sitting, plus more common pet expenses (like food) -- and all told she laid out $31,234.15. Just for the dogs.

FUN FACT: The average teacher's starting salary is about $36,000.
dog winter

"James Franco made breakfast, cleaned kitchen after sex"

The young women at club owner Noel Ashman’s new hot spot, the Leonora on far West 29th, were especially disappointed that James Franco wasn’t there when they heard about his housekeeping skills.

Franco was expected at the wrap party for “Of Mice and Men,” which he starred in for four months on Broadway with Chris O’Dowd, but didn’t turn up.

One wistful Russian model told her equally leggy friends that she had hooked up with the actor one night in Los Angeles.

After a night of passion, “he made breakfast and cleaned the entire kitchen,” she said.

A droll companion said, “I hope he shows up — my house is a mess.”

source. a true non-hacker gentleman indeed..

Introducing... Sweet California - Comprende (It's Over)

Spanish girl group sensation Sweet California debuted the dark music video for their soon to be smash hit "Comprende (It's Over)." The song is upbeat with an infectious chorus, but its video deals with the serious subject of stalking. The song's bilingual title suggests that stalking is an issue that affects people of all languages and cultures. At the end of the video we see a dark figure with creepy pictures of each of the group's members. The music video does not offer a resolution to this conflict, however, implying that stalking is an issue that society as a whole must deal with, not just it's multi-colored-hair victims.

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Their debut album "Break of Day" is available on iTunes and Spotify!

‘Houdini’ shackled to a leaden script

"Biopic” is not a particularly inviting portmanteau. And the biopic isn’t a particularly inviting genre. Most biographical movies and miniseries wind up as waxen re-creations of the best-known moments from a famous person’s life. They’re like those old TV ads for greatest-hits albums. The scripts tend to be impersonal and clogged with fact-laden dialogue, and the supporting actors are usually generic and dressed up in unlived-in period costumes.

Only the exceptions — “Behind the Candelabra,” “Lincoln” — manage to bring you closer to the subject, transforming him or her from a textbook figure into a living, breathing person. And those exceptions are often thanks to a giant, dazzling lead performance, and not necessarily the script. Capturing a life in more than one dimension in 100-200 pages is a next-to-impossible challenge.

Alas, “Houdini,” a new two-part miniseries on History, is not exceptional. It’s a boilerplate biopic that fails to deliver any sense of intimacy with Harry Houdini, as it skips among Houdini’s major life events with an abundance of clunky expositional dialogue and a painfully heavy-handed voice-over. Adrien Brody gives a committed performance as the famous magician who died at 52 in 1926. He’s particularly dynamic in the scenes that reproduce Houdini’s acts, playing the expert showman and self-promoter with his wife, Bess (Kristen Connolly), as his stage partner. But ultimately Brody’s vital presence is consumed by the writing, which is not as revelatory as it pretends to be.
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Did anyone watch part 1 of this last night? Do you like magic, ONTD?


Jenny McCarthy radio show gets picked up after successful tryout!

Jenny McCarthy, who is best known from visual media, is launching a "clothing-optional" daily radio show. "Dirty, Sexy, Funny With Jenny McCarthy," which she promises will be provocative theater of the mind, will start at a yet-unspecified date this fall on SiriusXM satellite radio, Ch. 109.

The show will air 10 a.m.-noon Monday-Friday, and McCarthy will discuss a range of topics from dating and sex to parenting and popular culture. She did a weekly trial run of the show this summer on SiriusXM. "When we gave Jenny a limited-run series this summer, we knew she would make it fun," said SiriusXM President Scott Greenstein in a statement. "But what we learned is she is a rare talent who can draw a broad spectrum of listeners, make them laugh and feel like they are part of the party she's having on air."

McCarthy said in a statement, "I'm thrilled to call SiriusXM my new home, where I have the freedom to be myself and give our audience the best of me with no constraints or restrictions," said Jenny McCarthy. "And the fact that it is completely clothing-optional is just icing on the cake for me. I really am looking forward to this great nude, I mean new, adventure." McCarthy has taken the "Dirty, Sexy, Funny" concept to live standup shows and a television special.

JLO covers U.K. Elle .... and looks AMAZING!

Singer, actress, fashion designer, author and mother-of-two, Jennifer Lopez is the latest star to grace our cover for the October 2014 issue of ELLE. Photographed by Txema Yeste in the breathtaking Paris location of Château de Voisins, J.Lo dazzles in Versace gowns, with accessories by Laura Lee Jewellery and Lock & Co Hatters.

In the eye-opening interview, the star opens up about looking for The One: ‘I still believe in love. The nirvana man, he’s out there somewhere. But you just have to work at it. You have to work at everything.'

'Every single album I have ever made is about love. But I am not going to give up. I’ve got to hope that if I keep going, I will eventually get it right.'

Taryn Manning’s stalker arrested for violating order of protection

A woman busted previously for stalking “Orange Is the New Black” star Taryn Manning was arrested again Tuesday for allegedly violating the actress’ order of protection against her, officials said. Jeanine Heller, 32, was booked for criminal contempt and she’s set to be arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court, according to arrest records. She allegedly called and e-mailed Manning, violating court orders, law enforcement sources said. Heller was picked up outside of 250 Bowery at 7:40 a.m., sources said.

“I have not seen the criminal court complaint,” Heller’s defense lawyer Jeremy Saland said. “I have not been advised as to the nature of these allegations.” Manning​, 35,​ has admitted she and Heller were once pals, but that changed once the actress was bombarded with a series of creepy e-mails and text messages between April and July.

A judge released Heller without bail in July but sternly told her to steer clear of Manning, Manning’s mother, Sharon, and their family’s dog, Penguin. “The last person who violated my orders of protection is now in jail,” warned Judge Lisa Sokoloff. Heller told The Post in August that she’s the one being harassed by Manning. “We had a physical relationship,” said Heller.

The defendant said Manning has sent her racy online communications too.“There’s a mix of sexual e-mails and harassing e-mails and images,” Heller said of messages from Manning, who plays homophobic, born-again-Christian ex-meth addict Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett on the hit Netflix series. “I have no reason to embellish anything or lie.”

Teresa & Nicole Napolitano Quit RHONJ After Incestous Affair Comes Out; Has Jim Marchese Been Fired?


It’s rumor round-up time for Real Housewives Of New Jersey!

A story exploded that the twins’ mother Santa once had an affair with Teresa Aprea‘s husband Rino (while their father was allegedly in prison, no less!). While the twins haven’t out and out denied the story, they are said to be furious at Bravo for bamboozling them and secretly conspiring with Victoria Gotti to air this super personal and private information – without even warning them that it was coming!

As a result Nicole Napolitano and Teressssssssssa were said to be so angry and embarrassed they quit RHONJ mid-season and refused to film additional scenes! Of course this rumor is brought to you by Jim Marchese and his super fascinating twitter feed!

When a twitter user asked Jim if Bravo producers used Victoria to reveal the rumor because they couldn’t get the information on their own, Jim agreed. Jim replied, “The twins quit because of this, so I guess Bravo is trying to soften the blow in case they want them back.”

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Brett Dalton in the September issue of August Man + the SHIELD cast doing other assorted things

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Brett Dalton suits up and looks so sexy while posing for photos in the September 2014 issue of August Man, provided exclusively to

Here is what the 31-year-old Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actor had to share with the mag:

On the type of roles he looks for: “I just want to do something different from my last role. There are a ton of things I’d like to play so at this stage in the game, I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface.”

On the stunts for his superhero series: “It’s been one long (at times frightening) experiment learning to do all the stunts and physical stuff. Luckily the stunt team is amazing. My goal is to just assume I can do a stunt unless they won’t let me or I find out the hard way!”

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Hawkeye’s Cut Sequence in ‘Captain America 2′ Revealed

Poor Hawkeye. Marvel’s greatest archer can’t seem to catch a break in the film franchise. From a cameo appearance in Thor and a zombified role in The Avengers to not even making the cut for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Jeremy Renner has long talked about his desire to play the Hawkeye (real name: Clint Barton) he signed on for years ago, and in next year’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, he’ll be finally getting some spotlight attention. Rumor has it, he might even be a key part of Captain America 3 in 2016.

He almost had a part in this year’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier as we learned from writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely but his role was minor and so he was cut. If you pick up Captain America 2 on Blu-ray (available September 9th), you’ll learn from the audio commentary on the deleted scenes one key sequence Hawkeye was originally going to be a part of.

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SOURCE 1 & 2
So do you think that Hawkeye sequence would have been a welcomed addition to the movie or was 'The Winter Soldier' already busy enough as it is?

I Spy? Mariah Carey Sent Assistants To Watch Over Nick Cannon Amid Cheating Rumors, Source Claims

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon‘s marriage crumbled as Carey’s insecurity mounted, multiple sources tell Now, new information has emerged about just how little trust remained in their relationship during its final days: According to a source, the singer went so far as to send her assistants to spy on Cannon when he was away from home!

Even though Mariah and Nick had already separated, “She would send her assistants to spy on him during tapings of America’s Got Talent in New York City,” a source said. In addition, according to the source, “Nick’s phone would blow up from Mariah texting and calling, and he would turn it off. He was tremendously embarrassed by it.”

“Nick told friends that Mariah would get angry when he wouldn’t return calls, and sent assistants to see what he was doing,” the source claimed. “He was tired of having to answer to Mariah all the time. It was just sad to see, because Nick always used to brag about how amazing his wife was to everyone on the set.”

According to a new report from Us Weekly, Cannon’s priorities have changed and the dissolution of their picture perfect marriage is more than Carey can take. “She stays up all night, looking at every frame of herself in every photo and dissecting it to death,” a source told the magazine, claiming Carey will “sometimes stay up until 7 a.m. drinking prosecco.” But an insider told Radar, “The only reason Nick is communicating at all with Mariah is because of the twins, Moroccan and Monroe, 3. He plans to remain a large part of their lives. It drives Mariah nuts that she can no longer control Nick, and she knows the only way to get to him is with the kids. It’s really taking a toll on Nick.”

The Sims 4 Gets a Day 1 Patch to Fix Bugs

The Sims 4 has received a Day One Patch in a bid to address issues ranging from minor bugs to a couple of crashes.

The full list of patch notes explains issues when you try to "go on dates with the Reaper" should now be fixed, along with problems to do with babies getting stuck in your household inventory. The game should no longer crash in Build Mode due to the game thinking fences were rooms, or in Create A Sim after locking and unlocking you computer either.

The Sims 4 launches today but, despite this, we haven't been able to prepare a review as EA didn't provide advanced copies of the game until late yesterday. We're diving in and hope to get the review up as soon as possible, but we want to make sure it's done properly.


ONTD, have you played Sims 4 yet? What do you think? lmao @ EA not providing review copies until yesterday

Apple Releases Statement Saying iCloud Was Not Breached in Celebrity Photo Hack

Apple has released a statement following the huge breach of various celebrities’ photos saying iCloud was not breached.

“We wanted to provide an update to our investigation into the theft of photos of certain celebrities. When we learned of the theft, we were outraged and immediately mobilized Apple’s engineers to discover the source. Our customers’ privacy and security are of utmost importance to us,” the statement read. “After more than 40 hours of investigation, we have discovered that certain celebrity accounts were compromised by a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions, a practice that has become all too common on the Internet. None of the cases we have investigated has resulted from any breach in any of Apple’s systems including iCloud® or Find my iPhone. We are continuing to work with law enforcement to help identify the criminals involved.”

Celebrities including Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Victoria Justice and more were involved in the hack.

Brad Pitt Honored Angelina Jolie's Late Mother, Marcheline Bertrand, at Their Wedding Read more: ht

Family was the name of the game at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's wedding. The A-list couple made sure their six kids were involved in almost every part of the ceremony, and loved ones who couldn't be there in person were there in spirit. Pitt even found a way to include Jolie's late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who died of ovarian cancer in 2007.

According to Hello! magazine, which published photos from the Jolie-Pitt nuptials this week, the Fury actor, 50, had a stone engraved with a tribute to Bertrand at the spot where they said "I do" in the chapel at Chateau Miraval. Bertrand had been very supportive of her daughter's relationship with Pitt, telling Us Weekly before her death that she loved the Moneyball star. "He is wonderful," she told Us in 2006, shortly after Jolie announced she was pregnant with her first biological child, daughter Shiloh. "I am very, very happy and very excited for them."

The tribute to Bertrand is just one example of the many special touches at Brangelina's super-secret wedding. "Brad and Angelina wanted the ceremony to be both simple and personal," a source told Hello! of the special day.
king donny

Breaking Down How Frankie Grande Became the Most Hated 'Big Brother' Contestant


Last month, against our better judgment, we told you about Ariana Grande's brother, Big Brother season 16 contestant Frankie Grande, and his dramatic-in-his-own-head reveal of his own microcelebrity. Since then, Frankie has revealed himself to be a little bit self-obsessed and a lot bit deluded.

In other words: he's revealed himself to be a YouTuber with a famous sister.

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Diana Guerrero

Zac Efron Feels Abs And Bulge In “Neighbors” Deleted Scene


Those pictures of Zac Efron shirtless at the barbecue, the whole dildo-gagging scene and a well-placed story about blowjobs on set were not nearly enough to sell Neighbors to a gay market.

That’s why Universal is adding yet another amazing sequence of Zac Efron actually feeling his impossible abs and impressive bulge in ways we had only previously imagined to the deleted scenes menu on DVD and Blu-ray. The gifs below have been making their rounds on Tumblr this week and have been confirmed by pirating tweens on Twitter that these are, in fact, included on the DVD.

Take a moment to take this all in.

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brendon outside // panic! at the disco

Netflix Renews 'Hemlock Grove' For Third And Final Season

Netflix has picked up “Hemlock Grove,” the gothic mystery series from executive producer Eli Roth, for a third and final season, the company announced.

The 10-episode final season of the original series, based on Brian McGreevy’s novel of the same name, will premiere on Netflix sometime in 2015. Showrunner Charles “Chic” Eglee will return for the final run.

“We are so grateful to the fans of ‘Hemlock Grove’ who have championed the series so intensely over two seasons,” Roth said in a statement. “We are looking forward to taking the last and final season into some dark and unexpected places, and to giving viewers the killer finale you’d come to expect from ‘Hemlock Grove.’”

Second season of “Hemlock Grove” launched on Netflix in July 2014. The drama series is the first foray into TV by horror director Eli Roth (“Hostel,” “Cabin Fever”). The show was developed by Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman and is executive produced by Roth, Eglee, McGreevy and Shipman, Eric Newman and Michael Connolly. The one-hour drama is produced by Gaumont International Television for Netflix.


Saved By The Bell TV movie a ratings DISASTER!
Did you hate-watch along with Twitter last night when Lifetime's Saved by the Bell tell-all movie premiered? We're pretty sure our childhood is ruined forever thanks to the movie. And where were these 15 real-life shockers? Despite all the buzz The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story churned up in the weeks leading up to the Labor Day premiere and all your tweets, it wasn't quite the hit Lifetime may have had in mind. In fact, it totally tanked in the ratings!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two-hour TV movie premiered to only 1.6 million total viewers for the 9 p.m. airing, averaging 1.1 million among the 18-49 and 25-54 key demos. Yikes.

Time out! For those of you who don't understand just how terrible those numbers are, that's actually less than half of the total audience who watched the highly anticipated Flowers in the Attic sequel Petals on the Wind when it premiered back in May, earning 3.4 million total. Who knew incest would beat out Saved by the Bell?

The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story was based on Saved by the Bell castmember Dustin Diamond's 2009 book Behind the Bell, "exposing" what really went on behind the scenes with everyone's favorite Bayside High teens. The Lifetime movie starred Dylan Everett as Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Sam Kindseth as Diamond, Julian Works as Mario Lopez, Alyssa Lynch as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Tiera Skovbye as Elizabeth Berkley and Taylor Russell McKenzie as Lark Voorhies.

TBS Cancels CeeLo Green's 'The Good Life'

TBS doesn't want any part of CeeLo Green's The Good Life. The Turner-owned cable network has canceled the unscripted series after one season, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The unscripted series bowed in June and has already completed its six-episode freshman run. The reality show featured Green as he juggled his schedule of producing, recording and performing.

The series averaged 677,000 viewers when factoring in seven days of delayed viewing, with 403,000 among adults 18-49. TBS' decision to cancel The Good Life comes as the former The Voice coach is mired in controversy following tweets over the weekend about the nature of rape. The musician/TV personality has since deleted the tweets in which he implied that women can only be raped if they are conscious. He also compared rape to a home invasion. "If someone is passed out they're not even WITH you consciously! So WITH implies consent," Green wrote. "People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!" he added.

Green pleaded no contest in August to a felony count of furnishing ecstasy to a woman. He faced sexual assault charges in 2012. TBS' decision comes after women's rights group UltraViolet petitioned the network to cancel The Good Life. Sources tell THR that the network's decision to cancel the series was based only on its ratings performance.

SERIOUSLY!? Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson Set to Release Duets Album Just in Time for the Holidays
It's finally official: Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber are releasing an album together! After photos surfaced last month of the talented duo working in the studio, Simpson announced the pair will release new music by November. "It is a smack bang duets [album]," the 17-year-old singer told the Sydney Daily Telegraph this past weekend. "Justin has been a good mate of mine for a while. It's just us writing."

He added, "He told me he felt like I'd figured myself out and have grown into what he knows I will be so he was like, ‘I see you as that guitarist, singer, songwriter you've always wanted to be.' I play all the guitars on the album." Fans of the two teenagers have been hoping for this news for quite some time.

In July, Simpson Tweeted that he was "hanging around the kitchen island playing my family a bunch of new music. @JustinBieber what we've created is incredible mate." The rumors didn't stop when Simpson posted a snippet of a new track on Instagram. Unfortunately, it was later deleted. Simpson opened up for Bieber during his Believe Tour in 2012 and 2013. They would also bond off the stage such as when they enjoyed the sights and sounds of Paris during a tour stop.

Britney is coming to Europe y'all


to launch her new lingerie line "The Intimate by Britney Spears" with personal appearances throughout the continent!

First she'll be in London on the 23rd of September:
"International pop icon Britney Spears has announced her line of sleepwear apparel, The Intimate Britney Spears, with retail partner CHANGE Lingerie, a leading company in lingerie with over 180 stores worldwide. The collection will launch September 23rd at an event in London, with an appearance by Britney, and be available exclusively on for one month and beginning October 23rd."

And in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 25th! Here's the press release of the event...

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Not the lingerie line getting more promo than Britney Jean!

GOT’s Emilia Clarke, ‘Hunger Games’ Sam Claflin To Star In MGM’s ‘Me Before You

Next year we'll see "Game of Thrones" star Emilia Clarke get into some big screen action in Terminator: Genisys, and Sam Claflin will reprise his charismatic role as Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I this fall. Now the two British stars have landed the lead roles in Me Before You, the adaptation of Jojo Moyes novel of the same name that MGM and Warner Bros. have set for a release in August of 2015. Tom Hiddleston was mentioned to be in the running for the male lead when he was being courted for the remake of Ben-Hur, but it sounds like Claflin won out in the end.

The film focuses on a small-town girl (Clarke) caught between dead-end jobs, and Will (Claflin), a success all his life who finds himself wheelchair-bound after an accident. He finds no reason to live until they meet when he hires her as his caretaker for six months, and she becomes determined to prove to him life is worth living as they set off on adventures together. The script was written by the author herself but has since been rewritten by (500) Days Of Summer scribes Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber, so this sounds very promising. These two are on the verge of being big stars if they can prove their worth outside of their respective breakthrough roles, and this could certainly help.

As for the director, we have a new female filmmaker entering the fray with a background in TV and theater. Thea Sharrock has directed the miniseries "The Hollow Crown" (which maybe not-so-coincidentally starred Tom Hiddleston) and the series "Call the Midwife" for the BBC, not to mention directing some big screen actors on stage like Daniel Radcliffe in Equus, The Misanthrope with Keira Knightley and the upcoming production of Darrow starring Kevin Spacey. Will she be able to make the jump to the big screen smoothly and join the small group of successful female filmmakers? We certainly hope so.

furiosa pic
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'Nice Guys' With Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe Arriving Summer 2016


Nice Guys, Warner Bros.' detective thriller starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, will arrive in summer 2016.

Warners, which picked up the film in July, has slated it for release on June 17, 2016.

Iron Man 3 helmer Shane Black is directing the film, which is set in 1970s Los Angeles and follows a private eye (Gosling) and a hired leg-breaker (Crowe) who must work together to solve the case of a missing girl and the seemingly unrelated death of a porn star.

Black and Anthony Bagarozzi wrote the screenplay for the project, which will begin production in the fall.

source: hollywoodreporter

Nicki Minaj’s Dancer Explains How She Got Bit By That Snake

It almost happened twice!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dancing during a televised awards show is stressful enough, since you’re expected to nail those moves with precision, while the cameras are focused on you – but imagine the pressure of performing with a large reptile wrapped around your body? For the record, there’s no salary bonus that could convince me to do that, but Genise Ruidiaz graciously accepted the challenge for Nicki Minaj’s anticipated “Anaconda” performance at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.
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Justin Verlander addresses hacked photos with girlfriend, Kate Upton


CLEVELAND (AP) -- Justin Verlander wants to keep his private life just that - private.

The Tigers' star pitcher commented for the first time Tuesday after nude photos of him and model girlfriend Kate Upton were allegedly hacked from an online account and posted on the Internet.

Verlander, who initially declined comment on the situation, spoke to reporters before Detroit played the Indians.

''I'm not going to comment on my personal life,'' the 31-year-old said. ''I never have and I never plan on it. I keep my personal life personal. The focus for me is on the Detroit Tigers. I don't want to take any focus away from this team and what we're trying to accomplish. We're in the middle of a pennant race. We're trying to win a pennant and all of my focus currently is on doing whatever I can to help our team win our division.''

Verlander, Upton and other celebrities, including Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, allegedly had photos stolen and posted online. The FBI has launched an investigation.

Verlander knew there was interest in his side of the story and wanted to address the situation.

''I know a couple of guys wanted to get some questions from me yesterday,'' Verlander said. ''Instead of everybody kind of sneaking around and getting questions at specific times, it's just easier to say, 'I'm not commenting on that. I'm trying to win a pennant.' I know some guys are probably getting a lot of pressure from other people to get quotes or whatever. I knew I'd be getting a lot of questions. This is it.''

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I hope those girls aren't sidechicks, seems like the majority Deadspin could date were when they weren't together in 2013. I'd hate to think he's cheating on her :(


Nicky Da B (Express Yourself) Passes Away

There is yet to be an official announcement, but reports are emerging that New Orleans bounce artist Nicky Da B has passed away. Best known for providing the vocals on Diplo's "Express Yourself," Nicky, AKA Nickesse Toney, was an essential figure in the burgeoning Bounce genre.

The main source of information is currently the following tweet from scene leader and friend Big Freedia:

More news as it emerges.

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(gael) y tu mama

Gael Garcia Bernal separates from wife

Mexican movie star Gael Garcia Bernal has split from his wife Dolores Fonzi.

Following rumors that the Y Tu Mama Tambien star and his actress wife have been apart for some time, Garcia Bernal's mom, Patricia Bernal, has confirmed the pair's split.

She tells People en Espanol magazine that while her son and Fonzi have decided to separate, they are going to "remain great friends", and their main focus is on the wellbeing of their two children, son Lazaro, five, and daughter Libertad, three.

Garcia Bernal and Argentine actress Fonzi met on the set of their 2001 film Vidas Privadas, but did not start a romantic relationship until 2008. They wed in 2009.


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Joan Rivers could be unplugged; ONTD keeps her on prayers

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Melissa Rivers, the daughter of 81-year-old comedian Joan Rivers has confirmed her mother, who was hospitalised last week after a heart attack during a surgical procedure, is on life support.

"At this time she does remain on life support," Melissa Rivers said in a statement. "On behalf of my mother and our family, we are extremely grateful for all the love and support we've received."
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A Nintendo post to satisfy the cravings of your loins

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$cientology seeks new faces instead of Tom Cruise and John Travolta

According to online Confidenti@l, Hollywood icons John Travolta and Tom Cruise will be left on the cutting room floor in new Scientology commercials. “The Scientology image campaign is looking for fresher faces than celebs like John Travolta and Tom Cruise.”

Desperate for new members, celebrities Cruise and Travolta has not helped expand Scientology so the cult is now focusing on people that look normal.

“The ‘job’ is offering a $250 day rate and no residuals,” we’re told. “Thus, non-union. It’s a one-time buyout, which will be shot on the streets of NYC in one day. The notice says both men and woman in their 20s is what they want.”

In the past couple years, Cruise and Travolta have been relatively quiet about promoting Scientology and their drug rehab centers, Narconon. Travolta who once stated that Narconon was the best drug rehab in the world was blamed for contributing to the deaths at Narconon Arrowhead and Georgia.

The Fix published: “John Travolta believes that Scientology can produce miracles; the rehab community largely disagrees. The actor is now being dragged into the controversy over several wrongful death lawsuits against Narconon Arrowhead—a rehab facility 90 miles south of Tulsa, Oklahoma that is "associated" with the Church of Scientology. Four patient deaths — including three since October 2011— have occurred there in recent years.”

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Ariana Grande's 'My Everything' Debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 With 169K Sold

It's Grande's second No. 1 album in less than a year, following her 'Yours Truly' debut.

Ariana Grande's new album My Everything has debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, giving the 21-year-old pop singer two No. 1 albums in less than a year. She's the first woman to debut at No. 1 with her first two albums since 2010.

The rest of the new Billboard 200 chart's top 10, along with My Everything's official sales figure for the week ending Aug. 31 (as compiled by Nielsen SoundScan data), will be revealed on Wednesday, Sept. 3.

My Everything, which was released on Aug. 25, is the follow-up to Grande's first album, Yours Truly. The latter came out on Sept. 2, 2013, and also opened atop the Billboard 200. Grande is the first woman since Susan Boyle to see her first two albums debut at No. 1. Boyle did it with I Dreamed a Dream (released in 2009) and The Gift (2010).

My Everything features three singles that have reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart: "Problem" featuring Iggy Azalea (which peaked at No. 2), "Break Free" featuring Zedd (No. 4) and her collaboration with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj, "Bang Bang" (No. 6). ("Bang Bang" is only available on the deluxe version of the album.) On the Hot 100 chart dated Aug. 30, all three of those songs were in the top 10 at the same time, making Grande only the second lead female artist to have three concurrent top 10 hits. (Only Adele, among lead-billed women, had done it previously.)

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Random Street Chick Challenges Iggy Azalea To Release A Song With No Features

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Bay Area rapper Lil' Debbie has been speaking her piece a lot lately. Following her recent criticism of those participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Debbie is posing a challenge of her own for Iggy Azalea.

Nicki Minaj's presumed shade towards the Australian rapper at the BET Awards went over more smoothly than most expected but Debbie wants to hear if Azalea can really hold her own.
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"Just Askin'", "Goddess" or "Lady Patra" for next single.

Angelina’s wedding gown a gross display of parenting run amok! AGREE?!?!

Picture the scene: Luigi Massi, master tailor for Atelier Versace, gets the call he’s been waiting for his entire career. Yup, it’s the Big One! It’s Angelina Jolie asking him to make her wedding dress! Opportunity knocks!

But no sooner does Signor Massi hop to it and present his boss Donatella’s magnificent designs to the beautiful bride, than the world-famous thespian, earth mother, humanitarian and all-round bonkers chick throws a wrench in the works.
“Vivienne, Knox and, indeed, all six of our children are such wonderful artists,” breathes Jolie, proudly wielding a finger painting of a hungry caterpillar. “And what better place to reflect their creative talents than my gown?”

At this point, Massi would have been forgiven for sobbing hysterically. The official line, however, is that he was only too happy to sew a random assortment of motorbikes, Eiffel towers, mouse-like creatures and other “charming” artwork onto the train and veil of Jolie’s silk frock.

While die-hard Brangelina fans are mooning sentimentally over this “exquisite expression of family love and dedication,” the rest of us are reaching for the sick bucket. MORE after the cut Collapse )
Whitney smile

NFL Post: Wes Welker Suspended; Cowboys looking at Michael Sam; Colts Owner Punished

Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker has been suspended four games for use of amphetamines, sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Receiver Wes Welker is the second Bronco to be suspended this week. A team that had coveted a quiet summer has had anything but that as the regular-season opener approaches, writes Jeff Legwold. Story

Welker was excused from practice Aug. 20-21 to attend his appeal hearing, sources told ESPN Senior NFL Analyst Chris Mortensen.

Welker tested positive from a sample taken shortly after he attended the Kentucky Derby, according to sources. He argued that the sample was tainted.
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Michael Sam is flying into Dallas on Tuesday night and will take a physical for the Cowboys on Wednesday, a source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

If Sam passes his physical, the Cowboys intend to sign him to their practice squad, the source said.

Sam, who is seeking to become the first openly gay athlete to play in the NFL, was cut by the St. Louis Rams on Saturday.
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Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has been suspended six games and fined $500,000 after pleading guilty to one misdemeanor count of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

The NFL announced the penalties Tuesday, stating that Irsay violated the league's personal conduct policy. The suspension takes effect at 5 p.m. ET on Wednesday, and Irsay will be eligible to return after Indianapolis' game against the Houston Texans on Oct. 9.
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Netflix Wins Streaming Rights to Fox's Batman Prequel ‘Gotham’

The streaming service will make the show available after its broadcast starting in 2015

In what may be the first deal of its kind, Netflix has won the rights to a television show before it has even made its series premiere.

Warner Bros.-produced “Gotham,” which premieres on Fox on Sept. 22, will become available on the streaming service starting in 2015. Netflix will carry each season after it has aired on Fox.

“Gotham is the most anticipated new series of the fall season and we are thrilled to offer it to our members around the world,” said Netflix's chief content officer in a statement.

He continued, “The Batman origin story is sure to have massive global appeal so it is fitting that, along with Warner Television, we have created a new model for distributing a show that international and domestic audiences will love.”

This deal is the latest in the war between streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime to offer its subscribers the best in content.

In addition to its award-winning original series (“Orange Is the New Black,” “House of Cards”), Netflix recently made a streaming deal for NBC's “The Blacklist” for $2 million per episode.


Cary Celebration Club #1

The revelation that is the director behind True Detective cleaned up at the Emmys: with just one prize (and two braids) he has monopolized the internet and become the planet’s new hottest celebrity crush overnight. Here are 10 reasons to love the new Hollywood hottie: Cary Fuckmenow Fukunaga.

“It’s like if Johnny Depp and Jason Momoa had a baby.” There’s no discussion: the sexiest man to set foot on the stage at the Emmys on Sunday was unquestionably Cary Fukunaga, the director of all 8 episodes of True Detective, 2014′s surprise TV hit. Twitter literally imploded as he received his award for Outstanding Director for the cult HBO show. The whole internet was quick to follow suit, decreeing him a worthy successor to Ryan Gosling (??), a “perfect boyfriend” and a hairstyle icon, thanks to the long man-braids that are replacing his now old-school man-bun.

Needless to say we agree, and after sifting through the various “everything guide to loving” Cary Fukunaga, we’ve compiled our top 10 reasons to fall in love with him on the spot.

1) His cosmopolitan charm
Born to a Japanese father and Swedish mother in California, Cary has lived in Mexico, Japan, France, and now New York and is fluent in French and Spanish. Speaking to the LA Times, he said: “I kind of like being a chameleon in that way and trying to integrate myself in whatever place I’m at.” You can insert your own jokes about wanting to teach him Italian.
10 reasons to love Hollywood hottie Cary Fukunaga

We can be pretty tough critics sometimes, but we'll admit that at the 66th Emmy Awards, everybody looked pretty good. However, we saved the best for last.

While we were busy gushing over Seth Meyers's perfect tuxedo(s), out of nowhere came Cary Joji Fukunaga, the prodigious director of HBO's cryptic series True Detective. As he went on stage to receive the Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, Fukunaga set the Internet into a frenzy, with every straight female and sexually-confused boy suddenly calling him their "dream boyfriend," and even the "hottest straight guy at the Emmys" (that's not very nice for Jon Hamm, Idris Elba, or Matthew McConaughey).
Best-Dressed Man of the Week: Cary Fukunaga

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FLARE’s October Cover Star Is… Mindy Kaling! On Wanting 3 Kids & Sexism on TV

Mindy Kaling steps out from behind the curtains in this exclusive new pic from Flare magazine’s October 2014 issue, provided exclusively to!

Here’s what the 35-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On sexism in the television industry: “Of course I’m riddled with doubts like every other creative, neurotic person, but if you don’t display them all the time, you’re seen as overconfident. I’ve worked in television for 10 years straight. If I were a man, it wouldn’t be considered strange [to have confidence] at all.”

On wanting kids: “This has been the first year I realized that if I want to have three kids, I need to get going.”

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JJ & for literate masses the real article @Flare

Lady Gaga pre-Tel Aviv concert ‘Shalom’ video irks some Arab fans

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Lady Gaga apparently riled some Arab fans with a short video in advance of her Tel Aviv performance featuring a “Shalom” greeting.

“Shalom, Israel,” the former superstar says in the 10-second video. “I’m so excited to perform my new tour in Tel Aviv.”

The performer’s manager announced Sunday that the Sept. 13 concert in Yarkon Park – part of her “artGRave: The ARTPOP Ball” international tour — would go on as planned, despite cancellations by other high-profile performers due to the Gaza conflict and its aftermath.

Responding on social media platforms to the video, which reportedly has gone viral, some Arab fans called the fading star “disgusting,” “devilish” and insensitive, Al Arabiya News reported.

Tens of thousands of Israeli fans are expected to attend the concert, which is listed on the performer’s official website. Tickets remain on sale.

Neil Young, The Backstreet Boys, America and Lana Del Rey are among the stars who canceled performances this summer due to Israel’s conflict with Gaza.

Lady Gaga performed in Tel Aviv in August 2009, despite of attempts by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement to have her cancel.