August 29th, 2014


Simon Cowell Says One Direction's New Album Is "Fantastic"

Get ready for something VERY special Directioners… Simon Cowell's heard the new One Direction album and says it's "fantastic"!

The 'You & I' five-piece have been quietly working away on their fourth record for some time now, and it looks like the boss is more than happy with what the boys have come up with.

"The album's fantastic," Simon told Capital's showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes, at the X Factor UK 2014 launch. "There's probably five or six tracks I've already heard that could be singles.

"There's some very different kinds of songs than what we've done before, they've taken a few more risks," he explained. 'Most importantly, the boys love writing, they love recording.

"I went on Twitter recently to say I don't think they're going to split up, they're having too good a time!" he added. "I think they could be doing this five, ten, twenty years if they wanted to!"

Rumour has it the album will be dropping before the end of this year… are you ready for the boys' return?


twenty years


Instead of praying for the entire world to develop “Amnesia,” 5 Seconds of Summer member Calum Hood openly addressed a revealing photo that began circulating Thursday evening.

Leaked from Snapchat, the photo depicts a man–allegedly Hood–taking a mirror selfie with his penis exposed.

While the man’s face is not visible in the photo, Hood is making no effort to deny the suggestion that he is the individual featured.

In fact, in his response Thursday night, Hood Tweeted, “Least ya know what it looks like now.”

He also explained, “I’m still just a teenage kid learning from mistakes :).”

Unlikely to transform into a colossal scandal, the picture nonetheless sent the 5SOS fan community into a frenzy.

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the article calls it a photo but it's a video snapchat

Britney Breaks Up with BF After Video Surfaces of Him Cheating

Britney Spears just dumped her boyfriend of 18 months ... after finding out there's a video of him cheating on her that's being shopped around Hollywood.

We're told David Lucado is seen in the video making out with a woman and dancing with her. It looks like they're in someone's living room. We're told the video was shot in early August.

When we called Lucado ... a rep told us, "David is very, very in love with Britney. This is unfortunate and he hopes that it all works out."

Well, it didn't. Sources tell us as soon as Britney got word about the vid ... she broke up with David.

She just tweeted, "Ahhhh the single life!"


ONTD's Sweetheart Joan Rivers is in a coma!

Joan Rivers 'resting comfortably in a medically induced coma'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Reports in the US claim Joan Rivers is resting comfortably in a medically induced coma which doctors expect to bring her out of at the weekend, as they currently don't know how long she was deprived of oxygen.

Earlier on Thursday, it was reported that the 81-year-old comedian was rushed to hospital after she had stopped breathing during a reported throat procedure at a clinic in New York.

The hospital released a brief statement confirming Rivers was at the facility.
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New Challenger Confirmed in Super Smash Bros. + NEWS

A couple of weeks ago, alleged leaks were posted revealing the character roster for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.  While the leaks claimed that these were not the entire unlocked roster, many fans were skeptical with the inclusion of Dr. Mario (introduced in Melee but excluded from Brawl), Duck Hunt Dog, and Shulk from Xenoblade.  This morning, the website just posted Shulk's intro trailer.

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ONTD, what do you think about the previous leaks?  Excited for Shulk?  Will you purchase both 3DS and Wii U versions?

dog winter

How Zachary Quinto Was Inspired By James Franco

If you’ve been following the Instagram accounts of either Zachary Quinto and James Franco, you know they’ve been having a lot of fun filming the movie Michael , where Quinto plays a former lover of Franco’s character, an anti-gay pastor who was once gay.

During a press call this morning for the filmmaking docu-series The Chair, premiering September 6th on Starz, Quinto spoke of being inspired and challenged as an artist throughout his career, so TheBacklot asked what he learned from working with Franco. Here’s what Quinto had to say:

I just wrapped that film last night, actually. I had a great time working with James. He’s sort of the standard for diversity and diversification in the multi-hyphenate world of actor/producer/artist. We got along really well. We worked really well together. I feel like he’s inspiring in a lot of ways. His fearlessness in terms of what he’s willing to tackle and look at and he’s another one that really looks out for other people and wants to share what he’s learned and how he’s grown, which I respect a lot.

I feel like I was really grateful to be able to work with him in a pretty scaled back capacity. I feel like he’s being pulled in a lot of different directions so it’s nice to be able to show up somewhere where we could actually connect and be quiet and do work that was really rooted emotionally, so that was exciting. I had an incredible time working on that film. I’m really glad I did it and I’m glad it turned out as well as it did in terms of my experience of it. I wish it had gone on a little longer. It was pretty brief, only three weeks in and out.

When we told him that we appreciated all the bromance Instagram pics we saw, Quinto laughed and said, "There was a lot of that, that’s for sure!"



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Mods, I will start a petition at if necessary in order to get a Nintendo tag, you've been warned, you dun goof'd!

Legend of Korra Book 4 ROUGH Release Date Period?

The Legend of Korra fans will be pleased to hear the show’s final season is only a few months away with a Nickelodeon representative telling IGN Book 4 will premiere in Australia in January/February 2015.

Nickelodeon also said Season 3 of the show, titled ‘Book Three: Change’, will premiere sometime in October.

Both seasons will screen on Nickelodeon but will also be made available in full on day one through Foxtel Go and Anytime services, with iTunes following shortly after.

Nickelodeon Australia’s decision to distribute the show through multiple platforms is similar to how the latter half of the show’s third season was distributed in the US via Amazon, Xbox Video, Hulu, Google Play and Nickelodeon’s own on-site streaming service, after the show was abruptly taken off-air mid-season.


So if they, Australia, get book 4 in Winter 2015...US Audiences can expect it a little earlier. But when?

Rachael Ray's ratings in TROUBLE!

Rachael Ray‘s daytime talk show has already been renewed for a new season this fall, but has exclusively learned failing viewership has the celebrity chef on the chopping block. The Rachael Ray Show debuted in 2006 and although it was renewed in 2013 for another two years, a top TV insider tells Radar it will likely be the end.

“If it weren’t for that renewal, Rachael’s show likely would have been canceled after the current season,” the source told Radar. “Ratings are way down and fans are turning on her.” According to current TV ratings for the week ending Aug. 17, Ray’s numbers were down eight percent — landing her below Katie Couric‘s talk show, Katie, which was already axed!

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Jemma Simmons- Scrunchy Face

Enver Gjokaj and Chad Michael Murray Join Agent Carter

When Hayley Atwell reprises her role as Peggy Carter in the hotly-anticipated "Marvel’s Agent Carter" series debuting on ABC in 2015, she won’t embark on her new adventures alone!

Marvel is proud to announce the signing of two key series regulars, as Chad Michael Murray ("Fruitvale Station," "One Tree Hill") has been cast in the role of SSR Agent Jack Thompson, while Enver Gjokaj ("Dollhouse") will portray Agent Daniel Sousa, both of whom will meet Carter while she takes on a new role at the SSR in New York City.

"Marvel's Agent Carter," starring "Captain America's" Hayley Atwell, follows the story of Peggy Carter. It's 1946, and peace has dealt Peggy Carter a serious blow as she finds herself marginalized when the men return home from fighting abroad. Working for the covert SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve), Peggy must balance doing administrative work and going on secret missions for Howard Stark all while trying to navigate life as a single woman in America, in the wake of losing the love of her life--Steve Rogers. Inspired by the feature films "Captain America: The First Avenger" and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," along with the short "Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter."

Starring Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter, "Marvel's Agent Carter" was written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. Executive producers are Tara Butters, Michele Fazekas, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, Chris Dingess, Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, Alan Fine, Joe Quesada, Stan Lee and Jeph Loeb.
"Marvel's Agent Carter" is produced by ABC Studios and Marvel Television.

For more information on "Marvel's Agent Carter" and the other exciting Marvel Television series, stay tuned to

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Today in Oh Shut Up: Trichotillomania Sufferers Criticize Hair-Pulling Scene in Doctor Who


Doctor Who has come under fire after a scene featuring stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman pulling out their hair sparked complaints from sufferers of a rare disorder. The BBC sci-fi show has been branded it 'insensitive' following a scene which left sufferers of trichotillomania 'upset' and 'uncomfortable'.

But the hour-long programme caused controversy at the half-way mark during a scene between the Doctor and Ms Coleman. Around 36 minutes in, the Doctor, who at the time was seen to be in an intense conversation with Clara Oswald (Ms Coleman), appears to begin to pull his hair out before then pulling out the hair of his co-star. After pulling her hair out he remarks to Clara 'it was the only one out of place, I am sure you would have wanted it killed'.

Quickly after the short scene finished, sufferers of trichotillomania and Dr Who fans took to social media to slam the BBC for showing the scene which could be seen as a trigger to some people.
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I just can't.

Still Not Over Brad? Jen Aniston Bans Interviewer From Asking Questions About Her Ex!

The timing couldn’t be worse. As Jennifer Aniston’s new movie, Life of Crime, premieres today, the world is abuzz with the news that her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, has married the woman he left her for, Angelina Jolie. But while Aniston does interviews and appearances to promote the flick, has learned, she’s not exactly looking forward to offering the couple her well-wishes: In fact, according to one source, she banned any mention of Brangelina from a recent interview!

Aniston recently sat down with Carson Daly for a TODAY show interview from the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. And before the interview even took place, “there were very strict guidelines about what could be asked,” a source told Radar. “Carson had to agree not to ask any questions about ex-husband, Brad Pitt or when she would be getting married to Justin Theroux.”

“Her publicist wasn’t happy that Carson got in a question that led Jen to talking about marriage and children in general. They also had to agree not to show any past footage of Jen with Brad,” the source continued. Had the interview taken place just a few days later, it would have been under the shadow of Pitt and Jolie’s wedding news.

“It would have been the big elephant in the room,” the source said. “Jen must be extremely grateful or lucky it went down when it did!” In the end, according to the source, “Jen was extremely professional during the interview and was extremely nice to everyone. She is always a pro, but her publicist makes sure no one steps out of line, and says something inappropriate that could upset her,” especially when it comes to her ex!

A rep for the TODAY show told Radar, “There were absolutely no conditions or restrictions agreed to or made by anyone…the interview covered a wide range of topics from her career to marriage and motherhood, and it made headlines everywhere.”

Another CW alum cast as Cupid on Arrow

Cupid has been one of the most asked about characters by fans to be featured in the CW’s Arrow television series since it launched in 2012, and now Entertainment Weekly reports that Supernatural actress Amy Gumenick has been cast to play the role. The character of Cupid was a relatively new addition to comics, created in 2009 by Andrew Kreisberg – the same Kreisberg who is now an executive producer of Arrow.
“I always loved the idea of Green Arrow having a crazed fan. When I was writing the comic book, my big goal was to create a villain who would last,” Kreisberg told EW’s James Hibberd. “Cupid has since appeared in the DC Nation shorts on Cartoon Network, and to have her fight our TV Arrow is so much more than I ever could have hoped for the character.”
According to EW, Arrow’s Cupid will be like the one in comics and be a “lethal villainess” with an hard-core crush on the emerald archer. Born Carrie Cutter, in comics Cupid was a special forces soldier who was submitted to an experimental program that made her fearless, but an unintended side effect of the procedure caused her to go to an extreme when she feels romantic for someone.
Gumenick comes to Arrow after short stints in in various TV shows ranging from How I Met Your Mother to Castle, but she’s best known as playing a younger Mary Winchester in flashback scenes of Supernatural. She also has a small role in the 2010 superhero series No Ordinary Family, which was co-created by Greg Berlanti, who also co-created Arrow.
EW says that Gumenick will debut as Cupid in episode six of the upcoming season of Arrow.


Some Arrow Love: Willa according to Katie

We love showcasing Willa’s style around here because, to us, she is the definition of Tomboy KC. She pretends like she doesn’t have it going on, but the girl has it going on in more ways than one. Equal parts chic, casual, smart, funny, confident and independent, Willa is basically everything we look for in a friend. This girl knows what’s up.

I know I’m pumping her tires, but the truth is the truth. I love her guts… and not just because she sometimes reminds me of myself. Willa is a wonderful friend and the epitome of cool. At the end of the day she’s not afraid to just be Willa, and I love that.

– Katie Cassidy

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They're so cute, I love them.
Angelina Jolie

Project Runway 13x06: It's a Nice Day for a Rock Wedding

Challenge: Create an alternative wedding dress and a corresponding dress for the reception.

Parameters: The designers will work in pairs determined by the button bag (throw air quotes around that because at least one of these pairings seems deliberately arranged for maximum drama): Kini and Sean, Fade and Emily, Char and Sandhya, and Korina and Amanda (ahem). Budget of $400, one day to work. Sean has immunity.
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riri pow

Ariana Grande Compliments ‘Today’ Host’s Butt: ‘Dat Booty Doe’

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Not only did Ariana Grande help Al Roker do the weather this morning — and sing four songs outside Rockefeller Center — but she had a chance to comment on “Today” show host Tamron Hall’s butt. Sure, she was demure when Matt Lauer asked her about her love life, but when it came time to watch a clip of Tamron’s appearance in “Running Wild With Bear Grylls,” she went all in.

When the clip ended, Ariana just had to chime in: “Dat booty doe.” While Tamron was embarrassed, Al claimed, “She just said what we were all thinking.” Oof.

henry i

Liam Payne and Niall Horan talk to Cosmo and sniff each other

...and Liam confesses that his girlfriend buys lingerie for him.

Those One Direction boys are dipping their multi-million pound toes in the beauty world yet again, with the release of their new fragrance You and I on the 1st of September. Hurray for them, but more hurray for us because we got to trot off to New York and chat to them about SMELL.

Harder than you might think, but the fellas actually managed to be fairly charming, funny, and let's face it HOT, when talking about grabbing a few whiffs.

We also learned:

  • Simon Cowell smells of mint

  • Liam's girlfriend buys him lingerie

  • The majestic way Liam had to walk around on tour when he forgot his deodrant (you've gotta see it)

Britney Spears is heart-broken over break up


E! News confirms that Britney Spears and boyfriend David Lucado have split up. The singer took to Twitter to announce her new relationship status by writing, "Ahhhh the single life!"
Spears has stayed mum as to the reason for the breakup, keeping her focus on the two cute little guys in her life and her show in Las Vegas, but a source tells E! News that Brit called it quits because of an alleged video that shows Lucado cheating on the celeb.

"She is heartbroken. She is in Vegas. But she will get through it. She's a strong girl and he was never right for her," a source tells E! News.

The pop icon and the Virginia-raised lawyer found themselves at the center of split reports last month after various media reports claimed that the couple, who has been dating for a year and half, had broken up. However, the pair resurfaced together after the headlines came out looking happier than ever.

Spears and Lucado were first romantically linked in February 2013, just shortly after the singer ended her engagement to former agent Jason Trawick.

"I'm in love," the performer told Entertainment Tonight of her man back in November 2013. "I like the fact that [Lucado is] very stubborn and he's stuck in his ways. He's just a simple man. I adore him. He's really funny and he's really passionate. I love the fact that anything he's involved in he's passionate about and it's contagious."

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Snoop Dogg Becomes a White Guy Named Todd

Snoop Dogg is pretty fly…for a white guy. For his latest incarnation, the rapper has transformed into a white man named Todd. Snoop, whose past alter egos have included Snoop Lion and Snoopzilla, debuted his whiteface on Instagram, donning a blond wig, glasses, and face makeup.

It’s unclear what he’s doing it for, but he appeared to be on a set and was advertising a website called WhiteGuysConnect alongside Nia Long.

Todd’s hobbies include crocheting, paintball, and spoken word poetry.

Earlier this year, Nick Cannon sparked controversy after introducing his whiteface persona Connor Smallnut.

See more pics from Snoop’s transformation below, bro.

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Kylie and Kendall megapost.

Kendall Jenner Will Go Just By Kendall For Modelling Gigs.

Like old school models Iman or Twiggy, Kendall Jenner is just Kendall now. Her agency, The Society Management, has dubbed her thusly on their site, even as she's surrounded by NBD names like Adriana Lima, Liu Wen and Lindsey Wixon, each burdened by their last names.

This is probably another attempt to distance herself from the Kardasho-Jenner family lineage, but now it just looks weird, like she's so fancy. It matters not, however, because today, we are all on a first-name basis with Kendall.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner stick together on the red carpet at DuJour Mag Fall 2014 Cover Party held at LAVO in New York City on Thursday night (August 28).

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Cee Lo Green pleads no contest to giving woman Ecstasy, avoids jail

Singer Cee Lo Green avoided jail time Friday after pleading no contest to one felony count of furnishing Ecstasy to a woman while dining at a downtown Los Angeles restaurant, prosecutors said.

The 38-year-old former judge on NBC's "The Voice," whose real name is Thomas DeCarlo Calloway, entered the plea on the day his preliminary hearing was scheduled to begin.

Green was sentenced to three years' formal probation, 360 hours of community service and ordered to complete 52 Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

He's due back in court in March for a progress report.

Green was accused of giving a 33-year-old woman Ecstasy, a drug also known as Molly, at the Wokcano restaurant in July 2012.

A Los Angeles police investigation began shortly after the woman reported to authorities that Green put the drug in her drink as they dined together. The woman, who has not been named, told investigators she woke up to find herself naked in a bed with the singer in her hotel room.

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Shay Mitchell Covers The First 'Nylon Espanol' Issue!

The 27-year-old actress opened up about rejection, saying no to things and PLL. Check it:

On rejection: “I was working at a restaurant before I was offered the opportunity to work in this, and if I had given up the first time I was rejected I would not be here. That’s why I believe everybody can reach their dreams, they just have to fight and believe in themselves.”

On passing on things: “I believe it’s important to grab and work with what you can sustain, there are times when you have to say no. It’s something I’ve learned, although in the beginning I would have said yes to all the work coming my way and in the end I would have been exhausted and this would not have been good for anyone. I think it all falls down to saying no sometimes, and knowing when to take the opportunity at the right time.”

On PLL: “Our fans are the best, they have been supporting us since the beginning and that’s why our show has been such a success since the beginning and we will be filming for two more years.”
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Cruel Intentions - Snort

E4 Drama 'Glue' Trailer

E4 brings together a cast of Britain’s brightest young talent in brand new original series Glue, created and written by BAFTA-winning writer Jack Thorne (This is England, Skins, The Fades).

Overton. A tiny village in the English countryside. Farming is its bread-and-butter. Race-horses are its beating heart. But beyond the rolling hills and behind the stable doors lies a green and not-so-pleasant land...

What makes it unpleasant? Maybe it's the teenagers who think it's funny to play chicken on top of silo machines that can cut your hand to slices no thicker than a piece of ham. Or maybe it's the group of mates who think that grain barn jumping – as reckless and as stupid as it sounds – is fun. Or perhaps the fact that twocking a car is just something that's done on a night out.

But now it's got serious – now someone has played murder.

When the body of a local teenage boy is found underneath the wheels of a tractor, the villagers in this remote community – his friends – are forced to open up their world and watch their secrets spill out. Secrets that will change their particular brand of country life forever.
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Steve Carell joins Julianne Moore, Ellen Page for gay rights drama

Steve Carell is joining Julianne Moore and Ellen Page to star in a film based on a landmark gay rights case.

Freeheld, directed by Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist's Petter Sollet, will tell the true story of Laurel Hester and Stacie Andree. The couple fought to amend the Domestic Partnership Act, which grants pension benefits to domestic partners of all New Jersey public employees.

The couple were determined to make a change, after Ardeen (played by Page) was denied pension benefits of her Hester (Moore) when the latter became terminally ill.

Carell will play the supporting role of Steven Goldstein, a passionate advocate for Garden State Equality. Deadline reports he replaces The Hangover's Zach Galifianakis in the role, who left over scheduling conflicts.

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Game of Thrones star Raleigh Ritchie announces UK tour

Raleigh Ritchie has announced details of a UK tour in the autumn.

The singer will play seven shows across the country in October and November, following his gigs at Reading and Leeds over the weekend. The musician - real name Jacob Anderson - is perhaps best known for playing Grey Worm in Game of Thrones.

He has also had roles in Adulthood, The Mimic, Broadchurch and Episodes.

Anderson released his second EP Black and Blue in April, with his first full studio album expected later in the year.

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Jourdan Dunn first black British model to enter Forbes rich list

One of fashion's most covetable stars, and also as one of its most vocal critics, Jourdan Dunn, has become the first black British model ever to enter the Forbes models rich list.

The 24-year-old from Greenford, west London, ranked alongside Gisele Bündchen and Mirander Kerr as one of the highest earning models in the world last year.

Contracts with Maybelline and Burberry helped Dunn earn $4m (£2.4m) in the period between June 2013-14, making her one of only three British women, alongside Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss, to appear on the list.

In an interview with the Guardian in 2013, she addressed fashion industry's myopic attitude to race: "The people who control the industry … say if you have a black face on a magazine cover it won't sell, but there's no real evidence for that."

Dunn has achieved what Naomi Campbell, Britain's first black supermodel, could not, in part because Forbes invented the models rich list in 2006 after the peak of Campbell's success.

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Andy Samberg faces kiss of death in Brooklyn Nine-Nine preview

Andy Samberg goes undercover with the mafia in Brooklyn Nine-Nine's season two trailer Fox's preview sees Samberg's character Detective Jake Peralta facing the "kiss of death" from a group of older mafia bosses as he tries to stick to his cover story.

Peralta's undercover operation will bring him into contact with a mafia mistress (Jenny Slate), who might be his last hope of bringing down the mobsters.

Fox's new teaser also sees Detective Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) and Detective Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) quarrelling over matching outfits.

Kyra Sedgwick will appear in the upcoming season as a new rival for the 99th precinct's top cop Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher).


Expect To Hear Angel Haze Singing With Haim And Sam Smith On Her New EP

Angel Haze is turning a new leaf. Well, actually, it’s not that new. While most people already know the 23-year-old as an established rapper (who gave the middle finger to her label last year), her next EP will show off a lot more of her singing skills.

When she walked the red carpet at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, Angel Haze revealed that she’s working on a brand new EP, which will take her back to her vocal roots. “It features me singing a lot more which is crazy,” she told MTV News of the EP. “I’m actually naturally a singer, which is insane, I just learned to rap [a few years] ago, so it’s just going home basically.”

“I’m the fourth Haim sister, they’ll all tell you,” she said laughing. “They’re my best friends, they’re just great songwriters and great girls to be around in general. We live in the same place so it’s easy to congregate when we’re not on tour.”

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