August 5th, 2014

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Twelve Is Loud, Rude, IRL Sontaran Says

Before landing the role of the next Doctor Who in the long-running BBC series, British actor Peter Capaldi was better known for his career-defining role as Malcolm Tucker, the foul-mouthed spin doctor from the BBC's highly rated political comedy The Thick of It. According to Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat, the latest Time Lord could well share some of Tucker's traits as opposed to his mild-mannered predecessor Matt Smith.

Speaking to SFX magazine, Moffat said while "Peter will be very much the Doctor," he could also be among the least friendly. "He has a tremendous ability with throwaway humor, and a lot of it is around the fact that sometimes he is terribly rude. I think kids will think he is the rude Doctor," he said. "You might want to cuddle him, but he really will resist."

Speaking about the new Doctor's relationship with assistant Clara Oswald — played by Jenna Coleman — Moffat added that there would be little of the flirtatious activity of before. "From a Doctor she could sort of control because he had a crush on her, she has landed with a Doctor who barely registers at all that she is a girl," he said.

The season-eight premiere of Doctor Who, directed by rising U.K. filmmaker Ben Wheatley, is due to air on BBC One Aug. 23. Following a deal between BBC America and Fathom Events, the show will also be screening at midnight at cinemas across the U.S., followed by two days of theatrical events nationwide.


now sis malcolm tucker wasn't "rude", he was a dignified cunt.
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Heavenly Chanteuse of True Delight Jessie Ware Confirms New Album Release Date & Full Tracklist

Back in June, singer Jessie Ware gave a wonderful preview of her new album Tough Love in the form of the outstanding title track. And since then, some small details have been steadily creeping out, from the album cover to some select tour dates. But today, Ware has finally unveiled the big one: The actual release date. In the UK, Tough Love will be released on Oct. 6 via PMR / Island. But in the states, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer — it’s coming out stateside on Oct. 21. But we’ll wait patiently, because we know it’s going to be good.

As it turns out, Ware also released the tracklist today, which includes the stellar “Tough Love,” among 10 other tracks. The album was produced by BenZel along with top-40 knob-twiddler Benny Blanco, with contributions from The Invisible’s Dave Okumu, Julio Bashmore and Kid Harpoon.

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Sources: 01+02+03 & its official newsletter

ONTD, what are your favorite Jessie Ware songs?

The Original Survival Horror Game Remastered for PS4/XboxOne!

Due for a digital-only launch in early 2015, the new port is based on the game's 2002 GameCube "REmake". This new version will include 1080p visuals (720p for last-gen consoles) and 5.1 surround support.

There's no word yet on a European price, but it will cost 3990 yen (about £23) in Japan, where the last-gen console version will arrive before Christmas.

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I love survival horror games, but I've never played Resident Evil. If they manage to make the controls easier for newbs to the franchise like me, I'm so here for this!! Any of you have a favorite horror game? Most memorable moment that made you scream?
Diana Guerrero

Chris Pratt Party Post

Actor Chris Pratt stops by Bristol Farms in Los Angeles, California to stock up on groceries.


Chris Pratt is a happy man.

Not only is he super buff, which we can’t complain about, but his new movie Guardians of the Galaxy is doing phenomenal at the box office. The Parks and Recreation star transformed his bod for his lead role in the flick. If you’ve noticed (we sure have) he’s been looking all sorts of fine doing press for this thing.

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[misfits] Alisha baby

‘True Detective’ Plot Details Emerge; Elisabeth Moss and Michelle Forbes Circling

Vince Vaughn is in talks to play the central antagonist (not necessarily the villain or murderer – this is a mystery-based series after all) on the second season of HBO's “True Detective,” while “Mad Men” star Elisabeth Moss is being eyed for the female lead and “The Killing's” Michelle Forbes is in contention for a key role on the show, TheWrap has learned.

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Source 1, Source 2

Here for Elisabeth Moss, tbh

Musician releases ‘Ebola in Town’, becomes # 1 hit song in Liberia

***Warning gruesome disease images beyond 25 second mark)***

As the death toll from Ebola rises ever higher and the incurable disease is found in an airline passenger, a dance tune called ‘Ebola in Town’ is supplying the soundtrack to the fast-spreading deadly new plague.

Created by an artist in Liberia called Shadow, Ebola in town has taken over the airwaves amid mounting panic at the seemingly unstoppable spread of Ebola.Against a frenetic back rhythm, the lyrics are basically a public health warning about not kissing a person who has Ebola and the perils of eating bush meat.

Experts reckon Ebola is transmitted to humans via the consumption of animals like monkeys and baboons in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Liberia.

Shadow raps: “Don’t touch your friend! No kissing! No eating something. It’s dangerous!”
The lyrics advises: “If you like the monkey don’t eat the meat, If you like the baboon, I said don’t eat the meat, If you like the bat-o, don’t eat the meat.”
Talking about the success of his song, Shadow told Vice magazine: “This song is everywhere, in every town, every village, every county, every home. Radio is playing it, it’s in homes. Everything is taking it, so it’s like the biggest song in the country.’ -

sinfest 1.31

Merlin's Bradley James is in Homeland and we missed it


Remember Merlin's hunky King Arthur - actor Bradley James?

Turns out he's been cast in the new season of US terrorism thriller Homeland - and all but the most ardent fans missed it.

Bradders will play a character named Edgars in the Emmy-winning drama's fourth season and share scenes with series lead Claire Danes.

He appears in the new trailer - sporting a US accent and sharing a few harsh words with Danes' CIA agent Carrie Mathison.

His Homeland stint marks a welcome return for James, who's been much-missed since Merlin departed our screens in 2012.

Source: Digital Spy

Finally.  Jeez.

Stream FKA Twigs’ debut album, LP1

British experimental R&B artist Tahliah Barnett, aka FKA Twigs, will release her debut album, the aptly-titled LP1, on August 12th via Young Turks. In anticipation, it’s streaming in full via iTunes Radio.

The 10-track effort serves as the follow-up to last year’s EP1 and EP2. Recorded over the last two-plus years, the record features production from Dev Hynes, Paul Epworth, and frequent collaborator Arca.

In an interview with Pitchfork, Barnett said she named the album LP1 because “I don’t know what I’m doing, so I’m not going to give it some sort of grand name.” However she quickly added, “On the opening song, ‘Preface’, I sing a quote by a poet called Wyatt: “I love another, and thus I hate myself.’ It’s inscribed into the vinyl. So it’s called LP1, but, for me, that quote is the subtitle — you could apply that line to anything in my life for the past two years.”

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Xtina Maxim

Drake Responds To Instagram Comments Bashing His Style

Troll Aubrey on the 'Gram and you just might hear a reply for it. This is a little old by Internet standards, but it just came to our attention via our buddy Desus' Tumblr and it's too funny not to share with anyone who may have also missed it. About three months ago, frequent Instagrammer Drake uploaded a photo of himself at what appears to be a party, popping a rap squat in an all denim alphet off-set with a white hoodie, kicks, and snapback. (Caption: "Wayyyy Up").

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Happy Drake Day ONTD


MTV Beyonce Music Awards: Bey Rumored to Open the BMA's with a Medley.


Beyonce is reportedly in talks to open this year’s MTV Video Music Awards in California with a full blown Beytastic medley of her biggest hits as the station hope to pay tribute to the superstar - but without hubby Jay Z.

The couple, who are allegedly on the rocks, have been touring up and down North America as part of their On The Run stadium tour but reports have continued to circle claiming that all is not well in camp Bey Z.

MTV’s bid to book Beyonce without the rapper is only fuelling the rumours as an insider tells the New York Daily News: “MTV wants her and they want her solo”.

Bey has got a pretty tight history with the ceremony, performing at the bash four times already, most recently with her hit Love On Top at the 2011 show, where she famously announced her pregnancy to an ecstatic audience.

According to the source, MTV are said to be begging the former Destiny’s Child star to perform a string of fan favourites from her self-titled surprise album which dropped last year and will stop at no cost to get her.

“Bey is going to be all over the show. MTV is still working everything out, but they want her to open the show with a big production, which has still not been announced.”

They say: “It’s still being worked out. Everyone at Columbia is scurrying around to make things happen. But judging by the amount of awards she was nominated for and her past history with the show announcing her pregnancy, it’s a pretty safe bet.” Fingers crossed!

The news comes amid a whirlwind of rumours reporting the couple’s relationship is strictly “business”. Under the headline “Inside the crumbling marriage of Jay-Z and Beyonce” another insider alleged to The New York Post’s page six: “There’s still something there, even though it’s not going to last.

“Business is always part of the equation. They know they’re the king and queen of hip-hop — and really, all of music. Neither wants to lose that.”

We have to admit, we’re not so sure if Beyonce or Jay Z really need to stay together for “business” and we can’t really see them enduring a 21-date world tour together during a separation. What do either of them really have to gain?


Adele, Take That and 1D to go head-to-head with new albums

The 'Skyfall' singer is reportedly planning to release her long-awaited third album - which is expected to be called '25' - in the UK on November 24, the same date the 'Little Things' hitmakers' record company and the 'Greatest Day' band's frontman Gary Barlow have been eyeing for their new records in order to cash in on the busy Christmas markets.
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ONTD, whose album will you be buying this Christmas?
Evans Laugh

Ubisoft Announces Assassin's Creed: Rogue

Assassin's Creed Rogue places fans in the shoes of a Templar, controlling former Assassin-turned-Templar Shay Patrick Cormac. Employing the popular naval gameplay from Black Flag, you navigate a ship across the frigid North Atlantic. Other locales you visit include the Appalachian River Valley and a reimagined New York. Shay is an assassin hunter who has to be even more clever to outsmart his sneaky foes. This entry takes place during the Seven Years' War, filling in the gap between Black Flag and Assassin's Creed III. We won't spoil much, but it has a crucial link to the Kenway saga. Our exclusive feature gives more insight into Shay, details how the cold waters are different from Black Flag's Caribbean setting, and discusses the tools Shay has at his disposal for outsmarting assassins. The Seven Years' War is part of what lead to France's financial troubles, and it's hinted that Shay has even deeper ties to Unity.

Assassin's Creed Rogue is available exclusively on PS3 and XBOX 360 on November 11, 2014.

Source: 1 | 2

I'm looking forward to more naval missions and being a templar but I hated that setting/time period...

Drake, Usher Collaboration on New Usher Album!


Drake reveals he’ll be appearing on Usher’s upcoming album, expected this fall, and asks his friend to show off his signature slide dance. “From ‘My Way’ to ‘8701,’ I used to swing a chain around my neck,” Drake recalls, “I had the Sean Johns on, I had the roller-skating shoes on. Can we just slide walk for a second, you still got it?”


purple Skye

Avan Jogia cast as the lead in Spike TV miniseries, Tut

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Spike TV has found its King Tut.

Twisted and Victorious star Avan Jogia will take on the role as the Egyptian ruler in the Viacom-owned cable network's original miniseries Tut, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The limited series is based on the story of Tutankhamun, otherwise known as King Tut.

"We are thrilled to work with such an incredibly gifted young actor who is perfectly suited to take on the immensely complex character of King Tutankhamun," said Spike original series exec vp Sharon Levy.

"Vancouver-born actor Avan Jogia will be an outstanding addition to the cast of Tut," added Michael Prupas, CEO of Muse Entertainment. "Jogia is a hot young talent with a loyal following who has already made a name for himself in film and television."

Tut will be filmed entirely on location in Morocco and Canada in the fall for a 2015 debut. The series marks Spike's first scripted event series in eight years and its latest step in its move to reach a more gender-balanced audience.


Champagne Papi Attempts to Recruit Kevin Durant for Toronto Raptors


Canadian rapper and Toronto Raptors ambassador Drake began an ambitious recruitment attempt to bring reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant to Canada.

Durant was in attendance as Drake performed at OVO Fest in Toronto, and the singer finished off his performance with a shout out to the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar.

After his performance, Drake said: 'Before we leave, my brother Kevin Durant was kind enough to come to the show to watch. I just want to see what would happen if he played in Toronto.'

However, despite Drake's plea, Durant is highly unlikely to leave the Thunder in the near future and will not be available as a free agent until July 2016.

Drake is often in attendance at Toronto Raptors home games, and the only Canadian franchise in the NBA made it to the play-offs last season, where they were beaten 4-3 in the first round by the Brooklyn Nets.

Durant, meanwhile, beat LeBron James to the MVP award after another staggering scoring season.

The 25-year-old averaged 32 points per game during the 2013-14 campaign, the highest of his career, and helped Oklahoma City to 59 wins, second only in the Western Conference to the San Antonio Spurs (62).

The Thunder were beaten in the Western Conference Finals by San Antonio 402, and the Spurs went on to thrash the Miami Heat 4-1 in the NBA Finals to be crowned champions.

Durant joined the USA national team at their training camp in Las Vegas as they prepare for the upcoming FIBA World Cup, which begins in Spain on August 30.

This generous man, he just keeps on giving and putting on for his city.


Idiotic Flop of a Sequel Begins Filming

At long last, the sequel to Disney’s massively successful, if narratively weak, Alice in Wonderland is starting to roll cameras, with James Bobin replacing Tim Burton in the director’s chair. It took a suprisingly long time for this next chapter of the planned franchise to get off the ground, considering the first film broke $1 billion at the box office, but a press release indicates that filming is now underway.

Officially titled Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass, the follow-up finds the original actors returning to their roles, with a bevy of new stars joining both the live-action and voice casts. What the sequel is exactly about is still foggy, but the story is said to “revisit Lewis Carroll’s beloved stories with an all-new new tale that travels back to Underland—and back in Time.”

More including official press release at the source


James Corden Replacing CraigyFerg as Late Late Show Host


The search for Craig Ferguson‘s Late Late Show replacement has finally come to an end.

British actor/comedian James Corden, 35, has been tapped to take over hosting duties for the CBS latenight show, The Wrap is reporting.

Ferguson announced his own departure from The Late Late Show in April, noting that he’ll be stepping down this December.

Not yet a household name in the states, Corden has appeared on a number of British TV shows, including Doctor Who, Gavin & Stacey and Fat Friends. He’ll also appear in Disney’s upcoming musical movie Into the Woods as the Baker. In 2012, Corden won a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play for his work in One Man, Two Guvnors.

A CBS spokesperson declined to comment on the report.

i don't mind Corden, but i never would have pictured him for this job. who would you have replace Craig, ONTD?

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Claim: Michael Jackson Forced A Young Wade Robson Naked & Posed Like a Dog While Singer Masturbated

Robson accuses MJ of rape, analingus, oral sex, mutual masturbation, and making Robson get on all fours 'like a dog' while the singer masturbated to him.

Robson says his abuse occurred between the ages of 7-14. James Safechuck (right) is also alleging sexual abuse by Jackson between the ages of 10-14

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Jhené Aiko Reveals ‘Souled Out’ Album Cover, Release Date

Suited and booted. Jhené Aiko has unveiled the cover art and release date for her highly-anticipated debut.

Souled Out will arrive on September 9 via Artium Records/Def Jam. The heavens part as the R&B singer floats up from the sea into the sky on the celestial artwork.

The album follows her 2011 mixtape Sailing Soul(s) and 2013 EP Sail Out, which spawned the hit single “The Worst” and collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and Vince Staples.

Souled Out includes the singles “The Pressure” and “To Love & Die” featuring Cocaine 80s. In April, she performed another album cut entitled “Spotless Mind” at Coachella.

In addition to No I.D., the dark and melodic project features production from Key Wane, Fisticuffs, James Fauntleroy, and Dot Da Genius. Her daughter Namiko is featured on “Promises,” but don’t expect many other collaborations.

“I did the album and it just shaped up to be all me,” she told Rap-Up TV. “I just didn’t leave room for anybody just because I have a lot to say. I just wrote the songs from top to bottom.”

Following the album’s release, Jhené will join The Weeknd on his four-city “King of the Fall” tour with ScHoolboy Q, starting September 19 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

rap up

Characters From ASOIAF We're Probably Never Going To See on the Show

Any of Balon Greyjoy's Brothers (Victarion, Euron, and Aeron)

There are two new major plotlines introduced in A Feast For Crows - the goings-on in Dorne after the death of Oberyn Martell, and the goings-on in the Iron Islands after the death of Balon Greyjoy. Balon Greyjoy is (presumably) still alive on the show at this point, which would mean there's no way to do the Iron Islands stuff, which kicks off at his death. Still, he COULD die very early in the season - but it doesn't seem likely, as season 4 back pedalled on Yara Greyjoy A TON.
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The Russo Brothers Tells Us What They've Got In Store for 'Captain America 3'

We also spoke to the brother directing team about their upcoming TV gig and the question everybody wants an answer to: What do they have planned for Captain America 3?

Before turning their attention to the next feature, the Russos are directing several episodes of the spin-off TV series Agent Carter, debuting on ABC in January 2015. The miniseries follows the solo adventures of Peggy Carter, the love of Captain America’s life and founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the 1940s.

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I sparkled the super important parts, what do you guys want for Captain America 3? personally I want Steve alive and happy.

Drake Faces 'Ultimate Test' as a Business Mogul


The singer's other upcoming ventures include custom designs for Nike’s Air Jordans and Canadian clothier Roots.

Sure, Drake dropped the No. 2 rap album of 2013 (Nothing Was the Same) and earned high marks this year for hosting Saturday Night Live and the ESPY Awards. But the Toronto-born superstar, 26, is also an aspiring mogul now facing the ultimate test of his business muscle. Will he be Canada’s answer to Jay Z -- who oversees a thriving record label, apparel business and sports agency -- or the next Rick Ross, whose Maybach Music Group has seen middling results since its 2009 launch?

The first release from Drake’s label, OVO Sound, is off to a solid start. After just three days of sales in its first week, Majid Jordan’s Place Like This made its debut at No. 31 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Then on July 29 came PartyNextDoor’s PartyNextDoor Two. Both acts are already being primed to follow in the footsteps of The Weeknd, the Toronto-based artist-producer whose early support from Drake led to a lucrative record deal with Republic and two projects that reached No. 1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

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come on mods let the Drake Day festivities continue, give us one day!



Danity Kane Cops Investigating Violent Studio Catfight

A Danity Kane recording sesh erupted in violence Monday ... and they actually needed a first aid kit.

We're told bandmates Dawn Richards and Aubrey O'Day got physical during a disagreement at an L.A. studio on Monday, resulting in Dawn slugging Aubrey in the head with a closed fist.

DK's third member, Shannon Bex, was also there and tried unsuccessfully to break up the fight.

This isn't the first time DK's had issues ... the original five members disbanded in 2009, with four of them reuniting last year. Aundrea Fimbres quickly dropped out, leaving the remaining three.

Aubrey filed a battery report. Cops are investigating.


Pentatonix Premieres New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme Song

Anyone else suddenly craving a slice of pizza? Blame Pentatonix.

The a cappella group released a new song, "We Are Ninjas," in anticipation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie release. “The ideas is we’re kind of riffing off the turtles,” said director Melissa Bolton-Klinger in a behind-the-scenes clip. "Dark alleyway scenes, kind of West Side Story meets ninjas.”

"Long before our days begins/What every hero needs/Is a big 'ol greasy piece," Pentatonix sing alongside shots of the turtles. No word on what Vanilla Ice thinks of the track.


kinda catchy tbh

9 (5) Books To Read If You Loved 'Gone Girl'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Author Gillian Flynn is already three for three when it comes to her writing career — the former Entertainment Weekly television critic has published three bestselling novels over the course of just eight years in the book-writing game, all of them attracting a massive and rabid fanbase.

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Full article at SRC

Gone Girl is her weakest book. Book post!

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is bored of your Beyonce question and other things.

If anyone has the skills to make a speech about feminism go viral, it’s Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the Lagos-based writer whose ideas are as complex as her language is straightforward. Previously best known for her fiction, Adichie delivered a TEDx Talk in 2013 so nuanced and rousing, Beyoncé sampled it in her empowerment anthem “Flawless.” Titled “We Should All Be Feminists,” Adichie’s oration weaved together human stories from her youth in Nigeria with a complicated discourse about gender roles in the modern world and a literal textbook definition of “feminism,” which she read aloud about halfway through. Today, the speech comes out in eBook form, which you can purchase here. Reached by phone in Lagos, Adichie spoke to about the overwhelming success of her speech and what it means to talk politics with the whole world.

What was it like to have your ideas about feminism go so viral?
It felt strange and surprising. I had done one TED Talk and I felt that I had already said what I could, in fact, say, and I didn’t think I had anything else worth talking about. But then I also realized the one thing I cared about is gender, feminism. So I said, "Okay, I’ll do it." But I thought, This is not going to be popular, because it’s obvious that feminism for many people is a bad word, even if you believe in it, the word is off-putting. I thought seven people would care. I was surprised, but pleasantly so.

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she sounds bored of everything tbh, but I'm living for her answers. I love how that she doesn't give a f**k.

Kind reminder that Lee Pace & Matt Bomer are bffs and apparently they read The Normal Heart together

Matt Bomer and Lee Pace are currently two of Hollywood’s hottest stars, but 20 years ago, they were simply two students at Klein High School in Spring, Texas — as the newly surfaced above photo spotlights.

“He was a year older than me,” Pace told BuzzFeed in May of Bomer. In addition to being “friends for years,” the two co-starred in many plays together. “We did The Diary of Anne Frank,” he added. “He was Mr. van Daans and I was Mr. Dussel.”
Pace and Bomer also discovered Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart together, thanks to their high school drama team. Coincidentally, Pace went on to make his Broadway debut in the 2011 revival, while Bomer starred in HBO’s 2014 production of the play.

“The fact we had that play in our hands, in this very conservative area of Texas, is extraordinary,” Pace said of the groundbreaking drama about the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York City in the ’80s. “It opened my mind and I feel really lucky we had those plays [because] communities need leaders with strong ideas, even if those leaders are kids — kids who are like, I don’t care what you think. Those seeds get planted early.”


Just in case, mods: those Lee quotes are from a recent interview, so they are new. Hence why I'm posting!

Akon on Bey-z's Marriage - It Feels "Corporate"

While speculation has surrounded Jay Z and Beyonce all year, Akon says the duo could be in trouble.
"This could become detrimental for their relationship if they ain't strong enough to keep it together," Akon says in an interview with TMZ.

Akon explains why he believes they are having issues in the public eye.

"Their relationship has been more of a business to the outside world than an actual relationship," he says. "Now, to them, it may be a relationship, but it was presented to the world and it feels more corporate...Let me just speak for myself. I don't want to speak for everyone else. I'm just saying, how it may look from the outside coming in. They were trying to keep that relationship out of the public. When you a person of interest in the public, it's almost impossible to do it without speculation.

"If you become a public figure and you have a relationship, your relationship also becomes public," he adds. "So, if you don't open up to the public and let people understand what this is, they will naturally speculate. Those speculations are gonna be completely opposite or completely wrong of what could really be happening. Now, you gotta answer or reply to what you shouldn't have had to in the first place. It's truly no one's business. But, it becomes a business of the public when you're a person of public interest. It's a matter of them saying, 'How do we go about moving forward?'"

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real or "corporate"?

Aubrey & Ken Squash Beef!


Now we can officially stop all of that talk about beef, bad blood — or, whatever you want to call it — between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. For a minute there, it seemed like things might never be the same between those two (after that “Control” verse) but on Monday night, Drizzy proved us wrong at OVO Fest.
Early in his set, Drake brought his “twin brother” J. Cole to the stage, and before saying goodbye, he took a moment to send some love to Kendrick as well.

“I wanna shout out my n—a Kendrick Lamar,” he told the crowd. “Kendrick was on my album, we went on tour…that’s one of the hardest n—-s alive. He should be standing right [here].”
“There’s a lot of kings in this sh–, so shout out to Kendrick and shout out my brother J. Cole.”
Maybe it wasn’t as “monumental” as Kanye showing up last year to squash rumors of tension, singing Drake’s praises, but it still felt pretty good to know that two of the most talented rappers in the game are back on good terms.

Drake Day is the day that just keeps on giving you guys!

ty ctfobro for the gif

This post is dedicated to grandmascorner and their efforts trying to get this submitted!


Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed tackle parenthood, adopt horse together

These two sure aren't horsin' around! Ian Somerhalder revealed the latest addition to his family on Tuesday, Aug. 5: A horse named Eagle, which belongs to both the Vampire Diaries star and his new girlfriend Nikki Reed.

"Proud new dad," Somerhalder, 35, wrote alongside a pic of him cozying up to the majestic animal in a barn. "What amazing creatures they are. Wow. His name is Eagle. Thank you @iamnikkireed for snapping this special moment, with our big baby boy."

Somerhalder and Reed, 26, are big animal advocates. Last month, the actress asked her fans to adopt dogs, a message which was promptly passed along by her supportive new boyfriend to his many followers.

Interestingly enough, Reed is also starring in an upcoming movie called The Sunday Horse. The film is based on the true story of an equestrian named Debi Walden, who overcomes a near fatal accident and ultimately wins the national jumping championship.

Us Weekly exclusively revealed last month that the CW hunk and Twilight actress were officially an item. The cuddly couple has since taken their relationship public, recently spending time together in Atlanta, where Somerhalder is currently shooting the new season of the Vampire Diaries alongside his ex, Nina Dobrev.

lost // jack

"Fuck Jon Snow," and other excerpts from Sean Bean's AMA.

Sean Bean was on Reddit today, and his answers were cracking me up, so I decided to post some of them for y'all.

Redditor: Do you have anecdotes about your time filming National Treasure?
Sean Bean: There was one where I went back to Nic Cage's house, and we'd had a few drinks, we were playing pool and he accidentally knocked over his prehistoric cave bear skull and smashed it. And he was really upset about it, and the next day went and buried it in a field.

Redditor: Would you rather apologize to Frodo or actually have that conversation with Jon Snow?
Sean Bean: I did apologize to Frodo, didn't I? Or I told somebody to tell him I was sorry. And fuck Jon Snow.

Redditor: What was your favorite Boromir scene to film? Either that you had fun with or that you think helped with Boromir's characterization.
Sean Bean: We did a good scene with me and Viggo, where we just sat together chatting about our past and where we grew up and where we came from, you know, discussing how much was at stake at that particular point in the film. I always remember that. I enjoyed working with Viggo very much, I enjoyed working with everyone, but Viggo and I got on very well together.

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Sean Bean doesn't have a tag??
jas tookes

Ariana Grande and Big Sean May Be Rebounding With Each Other

Naya Rivera moved on and got married? Cool. It looks as though Big Sean may have moved on too.

Since last year, Sean has spent a good amount of time in the studio with Ariana Grande. He’s been featured on her singles, “Right Here” and “Problem,” as well as an upcoming single titled, “Beautiful Mistake” off of her sophomore album. Musically, the chemistry is there, but has it looks as though their time together could be developing into something more than just friends.

Last night, the duo was spotted in Florida on a movie date. (there’s photographic proof below). It could all be so innocent, however, a fan tweeted that the pair sat behind him in the theater and they were kissing the entire time. This morning, the guy also tweeted:

"Woah wtf? Woke up with 205 retweets! All cuz I said they were kissing? Im not into celebrity rumors y the hell wud i lie. I don’t give 2 sh-ts about celebrity news, and I don’t give 2 sh-ts if u believe or not."

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Xtina Maxim

Celebrity Feuds - An ONTD Anthology

In light of last week’s very unexpected, yet very entertaining feud between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber, this ONTD Original revisits a few memorable Celebrity Feuds from years past.

Will.I.Am vs. Perez Hilton

In 2009, Will.I.Am and Perez Hilton got into an altercation at an after-party for a music award show in Toronto. With a crowd surrounding them, Perez, Will, and Will's manager (Polo), argue back and forth for about a minute, until Perez tells Will, "you're not a f**king artist ... you're a f**king f*ggot." The scene suddenly turns chaotic -- and in the mess someone punches Perez in the face.
Hilton tweeted about the incident and followed up with a vlog recounting his side of the story.

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Taylor Swift Gave A Girl $90 To Eat At Chipotle

Last week Taylor Swift went to Central Park where she did a bunch of fun things, including helping this random girl off a rowboat (remember the tragic outfit from one of the TayTay walking posts?) … Well, Twitter is kinda neat because look, the girl’s friend uploaded the photo that was taken from the rowboat and now life has come full circle.

And what happened when the girl mentioned to Taylor that she and here friends were going to Chipotle for lunch? Taylor gave the girl $90!

More tweets + photos @ the source

fyi - that's enough for TWELVE burritos

Lucy Hale Opens Up To Cosmo About Hollywood's Superficial Image of Women.

Lucy Hale rocks teased hair on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine’s September 2014 issue.Here’s what the 25-year-old actress and singer had to share with the mag:

On the superficial image Hollywood sells to young women: “[Pretty Little Liars] is about how we look too. That’s terrifying sometimes because you’re breaking out or you feel gross and you still have to be in front of the camera. We’ll post pictures on Instagram and people will be like, ‘Y’all are so flawless.’ Little do they know it’s fake hair, fake eyelashes, and a good filter. Little girls see that and think they have to be like that.”

On her latest project, making a country music album: “So many people didn’t want to touch the project with a 10-foot pole. Literally, I had people laughing and saying, ‘You’re making an album? Good luck.’ … But if you sit down and talk music with me for 10 minutes, you know that’s my passion.”

On auditioning to play Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey: “That audition was so uncomfortable! It’s exactly what you thought it would be: a big monologue but very, very sexual…there were some things that I was so embarrassed to be reading out loud, but it’s one of those things where you have to commit wholeheartedly or you’re going to make a fool of yourself.”

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Hayley Atwell Previews Agent Carter's 'Intense' 8-Episode Adventure

With a freshman run spanning just eight episodes, ABC’s Marvel’s Agent Carter stands to deliver a “contained, intense adventure” for its title character.

British actress Hayley Atwell promised as much during her visit to TVLine’s Comic-Con suite, where she also surveyed the rigorous physical, combat and stunt training ahead for her (ahead of the series’ September production start).

Having previously played Peggy in two Captain America films as well as the Marvel One-Shot featurette packed into Iron Man 3 Blu-ray sets, Atwell also reveals why Agent Carter is a “dream project” and shared what she loves most about the circa-1940s, Howard Stark-appointed S.H.I.E.L.D. bigwig.

Marvel’s Agent Carter is due to premiere at midseason, spanning Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’.s winter hiatus.


-Positive fan reaction to her one-shot was the biggest reason the show got the go-ahead
-Her "delirious" reaction when the series was greenlit
-She wants to do as much of her own fight scenes and stunts as "is legal"
-Her favorite part of Peggy is the one "audiences have yet to see"
-Her dress is adorable


New Majid Jordan & PND Projects Prove Drake's Ear is Impeccable


Rapper, singer, actor, awards-show host, Toronto Raptors ambassador… Drake holds nearly as many job titles as he does house parties. But one we’d be foolish to overlook is talent scout.
The man himself is a more superior spitter than balladeer, but his track record for pinching young fresh voices out of the Greater Toronto Area and giving them a push under his October’s Very Own umbrella has been impeccable. Turns out, The Weeknd is no anomaly.
Collapse )Both Majid Jordan and  Partynextdoor are great artists, love their newest releases.

August 5th now marks Drake Day on ONTD. Shout out to everyone who made it happen. Show some more love for Wheelchair Jimmy in the comment section! Til next year.
Happy Drake Day!

Why Young Hollywood is more willing to question Israel's Policies

Vanessa Redgrave received death threats after denouncing the Israeli government for its treatment of Palestine in 1978, but today American celebrities tweeting about Gaza get little more than sharp retorts.

To 74-year-old Abraham Foxman, the head of the Anti-Defamation League and a Holocaust survivor, Jon Stewart "is a hero to so many of us." But when Foxman watched The Daily Show on July 21 and saw his bit titled "Jon Learns What Happens When You Criticize Israel" pegged to the increasingly controversial Israeli-Palestine conflict, he said he felt "shocked and sad."

"Not everything can be reduced to a joke," Foxman told The Hollywood Reporter. "I know comedians would sell their mother for a joke, but Jon crossed a line." But not everyone agrees with Foxman, including some younger Jewish activists in the U.S. who see Stewart's skit — and the growing number of celebrities, authors and academics publicly supporting Palestinians or criticizing Israel — as evidence that decades of stolid American support for Israel is becoming more tempered.

"I've never seen a dialogue like this going on here or inside Israel," said Brooklyn-based documentary filmmaker Gaylen Ross, an American who also holds an Israeli passport. "It's shocking everyone. It's hard to know where to stand when you support Israel and its right to exist, but also understand the right of humanity and the need for restraints. I'm getting unfriended on Facebook by all sides."

Joan Rivers was one of the few celebrities to come out swinging in favor of Israel's policies toward Gaza, yelling "They started it!" meaning the Palestinians, when a TMZ cameraman questioned her Thursday night at LAX. When Rivers was told that Selena Gomez had posted an Instagram sympathetic to Gaza, Rivers said sarcastically, "Selena Gomez, that college grad." When Rivers heard Rihanna had tweeted #FreePalestine, Rivers said, "Can she even spell Palestine?"

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Inside pictures of Kendall for the Teen Vogue September issue.

All grown-up and covering fashion magazines! Kendall Jenner is proudly not just a reality star anymore, striking out on her own at the age of 18 and moving into the world of high fashion.

The second-youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is now a bonafide fashion model, after turning heads in February 2014, when she walked the Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 fashion show. In the months since, she has participated in other designer runway shows, and this week, she has a major moment with the debut of Teen Vogue's September issue.

Kim: “Ughhhh @kyliejenner is trying to make me eat carbs! #LaScalla @carladibello@shammaurice”

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Kim Kardashian complains about excess baby weight in Twitter rant: 'My hips and butt are huge now'

Almost doesn't count to Kim Kardashian.

The mother-of-one took to Twitter Tuesday and vented to her more than 22 million fans about the weight she still wants to lose one year after giving birth to daughter, North West.

"Off to an intense workout. Can't seem to shake this last 15-20 lbs of baby weight. no more excuses. my baby is 1 years old! UGH," she wrote.

The frustrated 33-year-old reality starlet, who was famous for her curvaceous frame pre-baby, then retracted her comment, explaining that blaming motherhood is just an "excuse."

"I'm not gonna call it baby weight bc that's an excuse. I just gained weight and that's it. Why is it so much harder to lose after baby though!!"
"Do any of u moms see their bodies just not the same? A different shape?" she continued

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who is on that diet/fitness hype