August 4th, 2014

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$94 mil GotG weekend breaks B.O. records; had highest percentage of female viewers for any MCU film

The biggest opening weekend ever in August at the U.S. box office wasn’t the only record that James Gunn’s phenomenal Guardians of the Galaxy broke this weekend. Its $94 million three-day take came in third only to "Transformers 4" ($98 million) and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" ($95 million) for domestic opening weekends in 2014, especially remarkable because the film was not a sequel, remake, or reboot, nor was it based on well-known or even vaguely-known source material.

Perhaps most interesting, Guardians of the Galaxy set a new record for percentage of female viewers for a Marvel Studios film, according to Box Office Mojo.


Based on exit polling, the Guardians of the Galaxy’s audience consisted of 44 percent female viewers, which is the biggest share ever among Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. The previous record holder was The Avengers, which drew in 40 percent female viewers.

It’s a huge win for Marvel Studios and shows that the appeal of their films isn't limited to just male viewers [duhhhhhhh], which typically are rumored to make up the majority of audiences for superhero and sci-fi films. With the growing female audience, hopefully it will also help in pushing forward a solo superhero movie with a female lead.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on July 28, 2017.

Fight Club Love

Big Bang Theory Stars Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, and Johnny Galecki to Make $1 Million Per Episode


Holy majoli! The three central stars of CBS' smash series The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco, have signed plush new three-year contracts, according to Deadline. Under the terms, each star will get $1 million per half-hour episode for the 72 remaining episodes expected from Seasons 8 through 10.

The winning agreement will keep Cuoco, Galecki, and Parsons on the show through the 2016 to 2017 seasons. The latest salary upgrade triples that of what each star is currently making per episode: $325,000. The three will also receive additional perks like talent deals and an increased ownership stake on the show, which according to Deadline, has quadrupled.

When totaled, Cuoco, Galecki, and Parsons are each expected to make at least $90 million, which could potentially reach upwards of $100 million with potential syndication in play.

As previously confirmed by Us Weekly, production for the show's eighth season was delayed due to ongoing contract negotiations between Parsons, Galecki, and Cuoco. The show's other two actresses, Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik, already negotiated their contracts last fall ahead of season 8.

While their salaries have been settled, two cast members are still up for negotiation talks. Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar, both original stars on the show, are also seeking to raise their per-episode fees, which is currently at $100,000.

The latest salary agreement mirrors that of what the cast members of NBC's smash sitcom, Friends, received on the show's final two seasons. From 2003 to 2004, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, and Matthew Perry were each paid $1 million per episode. The agreement made Aniston, Cox, and Kudrow the highest-paid TV actresses of all time.

Help me, I'm poor.


Director Dave Meyers comments on the cancelled Outrageous video + New Britney interview

After a fan contacted him on Facebook about the cancelled Outrageous video, its director had this to say about it:

"I asked snoop to be in the video. It was an extra cost for the studio that they didn't want to pay, but Britney loved the idea. The inclusion was simple in that snoop was the "dog father" and we were doing Britney as a version of "cat woman". There was no version with him rapping on the song. NO Halle (Berry) was never meant to be in the video. Britney not doing cat woman as seen in the movie, but channeling the essence of that character. There was only two scenes filmed, the snoop one, and the beginning of a dance that she hurt herself on in take one. And the video died at that moment. The script I don't recall fully but it centered around Britney prowling the streets of New York as an interpretation of Catwoman, Britney style."

The video could not be finished as a result of Brit sustaining a knee injury during the shoot

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Fave unreleased video ONTD? Either by Brit or by anyone else

Cheryl Hines Marries Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

After dating for more than two years, Cheryl Hines and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said "I do" before a cheering crowd of friends and family Saturday at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport, Massachusetts – under a tent at a home once owned by President John F. Kennedy and wife Jackie.

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I always knew in the back of my mind she was married but when she started popping up as the girlfriend, I wondered if I was thinking about someone else.  Now the timeline is clear.  she was married, he was married but "separated" per his statement.  So I guess they both broke up their marriages to be with each other.  I hope it's worth it.  Cheryl, he'll get you perpetually drunk like all the Kennedy wives before you.  What a schmuck.

Kirstie Alley Tweets Strange Message Amidst Maksim Chmerkovskiy Feud


The feud between Kirstie Alley and her former Dancing With the Stars dance pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy took a strange turn on Friday, Aug. 1, when the Jenny Craig spokeswoman took to Twitter to relay an unusually extreme message.

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I really wish she would shut up.  I've liked her when she was saner but she's gotten crazier and crazier as she gets older.  Oh yeah, lose the fake blonde Barbie hair, it does nothing for you.

Demi Lovato uses Bora Bora pictures from google, claims she took them with her iPhone

On August 4th, Demi Lovato tweeted beautiful pictures from her Bora Bora vacation, but when a fan looked up "bora bora" on google images, the same picture that Demi tweeted popped up under the search results. When this was brought to Demi's attention, she tweeted, "Those were NOT google pics!!!! Haha 1000% real off my iPhone pics!! It was THAT beautiful!!"

have you ever tweeted/instagrammed google pics on your vacations, ONTD?
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NASHVILLE - Season three premier to be LIVE (PARTIALLY)!

Charles Esten (as Deacon) and Chris Carmack (as Will) will both perform live from the show’s Bluebird Café set, TVLine has confirmed, and their performances will be integrated into the episode.

Carmack will sing “If It’s Love” by the Striking Matches, while Esten will perform “I Know How To Love You Now,” which he penned along with Deana Carter.
Aside from those two performances, the rest of the premiere will already have been filmed.
Nashville returns for its third season on Wednesday, Sept. 24, at 10/9c.

My first post ever! So excited for this show to come back!


All Time Low Announces Second DVD to Film at London's Wembley Arena in 2015

Big news for all you All Time Low fans out there because the band have just announced that they'll be heading back to the UK next year for a special one-off gig at London's SSE Arena Wembley.

Yup, you heard us - Alex, Jack, Rian and Zack are heading back to Blighty for 'One Night With All Time Low' and this time they'll be hitting Wembley Arena for the first time. In fact, the whole thing will be taking their arena show virginity in the UK, so be careful to treat them nicely and remember to text to make sure they had a good time the next day.

There might be a bit of a wait as the show itself is set for March 20 2015, but apparently the gig will also be getting filmed for the band's next DVD too, so you're gonna want to be there as it's a little bit of rock history in the making.

"Playing Wembley feels like it's been a long time in the making," Alex said. "We can't wait to get in front of London's finest and rock the fuck out!"

Well isn't that lovely? Tickets go on sale at 9am on August 8, but in the mean time, have a bit of a celebratory scream to this why don'tcha.


So proud of my bbs! Booking my trip to London, tbh.

Sorry mods, the original text was just written by me. This is an actual article on it!

Billie Piper Involved in a Collision with a Cyclist, Cancels Performance


Billie Piper was questioned by police after the vehicle she was driving collided with a 16-year-old cyclist, who was rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

The actress, who starred in Doctor Who, was travelling in her black Volkswagen Golf when she reportedly attempted to perform a U-turn on a road behind King's Cross station in London at around 4pm on Tuesday 29 July.

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I hope the kid's okay.

‘Vampire Academy’ Filmmakers Turn To IndieGoGo, Fans For A Sequel

Are you ready to remember just how much high school sucked again? Good, because now you have a chance to help make a sequel to this year’s “Vampire Academy” a reality.

The producers behind the first film are this week launching an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for “Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Film.” If fans contribute $1.5 million, the financial backers will be convinced that there’s enough fan demand for the movie and fund the rest of the production cost.

The campaign launches this Wednesday, August 6.

Producer Mike Preger said that the decision to move forward with the crowdfunding campaign was totally motivated by the fans.

“The fans mean everything to us,” he said in an email to MTV News. “We decided to move forward with ‘Frostbite’ because of the fans, and we want to give them the purest book to film adaptation possible. We have a script by Piers Ashworth [screenwriter of "St. Trinian's"] that does just that. We want to give them exactly what they expect.”

Producer Deepak Nayar agreed, and said that fans so wanted a sequel that they had actually suggested turning to crowdfunding.

“Our financiers were willing to move forward ONLY if we could show them the fans would support us,” Nayar said. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that we would not be here without them.”

If the goal is met, pre-production will begin late this year, the film will shoot in early 2015, and the finished product will hit theaters in late 2015. “Frostbite” will follow Rose (played in “Vampire Academy” by Zoey Deutch) as she continues to protect her best friend, Moroi vampire princess Lissa (Lucy Fry). She will also have a new love interest, “royal bad boy” Adrian.

Though producers have “every intention” of bringing back the original cast (Deutch, Fry, Dominic Sherwood and Gabriel Byrne, to name a few), their return would depend on availability and is not yet confirmed.

Fans have shown their support for the “Vampire Academy” series before, voting it into the final round of this year’s MTV Movie Brawl. Not to mention the more than 32,000 fans who signed a petition in support of a sequel.

Contributors can expect incentives in the form of exclusive updates from the set, St. Vladimir’s Academy apparel and walk-on roles, to name just a few. The month-long campaign will also feature contests and takeovers across the film’s social media platforms.

Fans can follow along through the fundraising and production process via the producers’ Twitter account, Facebook page and Instagram throughout the fundraising and production process.


Mandy Moore is Proud to Be a Cat Lady

The age-old image of a sad, lonely cat lady has finally started to disintegrate — and rightfully so. If you want to have a cat, own your feline with pride. Don't push your identity issues on us, society.

Actress and singer Mandy Moore agrees 100 percent with this sentiment. She's a self-proclaimed cat lady who says that she and husband Ryan Adams have a whole zoo of pets at home.

Moore and Adams have been married for five years. People are constantly asking when they're going to expand their family, but they've actually been doing just that this entire time. "I have four adopted cats at home," Mandy tells Us Weekly in a video she filmed as part of Purina's initiative to help cat shelters. The couple also feeds three feral cats living in their backyard.

Mandy does admit to playing favorites among her brood, though. "We adopted our dog, Joni, when we were dating. I think because Joni was my first animal as an adult, she's just the apple of my eye. She's a total mama's girl."

Their "little zoo" does cause some problems, though. Due to of all the dogs and cats on their bed at night, "There's no way to have a connection with my husband because there's always animals in between," Moore jokes. Still, they've found ways to make it work. "We all just have to get cozy and snuggle in with one another."

A hearty round of a-paws for Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams, the most adorable pet owners of today. Ahead, take a look at Mandy's adorable cat lady Instagram snaps. They're pretty a-meows-ing. Okay, we have to stop now. Off to Petfinder we go.

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Go to source to view the aforementioned video.

Show me your pets, ONTD.


Stream Porter Robinson's "Worlds 【=◈︿◈=】" in full.

The rapid ascent of Porter Robinson, one of the promising young practitioners of electronic dance music, runs parallel with the genre's explosion in popularity in the U.S. Robinson is already headlining major EDM festivals, and with his debut album Worlds, he pivots away from trends to explore a virtual fantasy world inspired by video games, anime and M83.

Worlds careens between subtle orchestration and electronic saturation, held together by melody and a running narrative provided by numerous artificial-sounding voices. "Lionhearted" is the most fully formed pop song on the album, featuring the vocals of Sweden's Urban Cone and employing the sort of huge synth riff you'd hear at a rave, cleverly arranged as the chorus.

Robinson is especially skillful at writing melodies that can be arranged in multiple ways. Some of Worlds' finest moments arrive in quiet orchestral sections that hint at some imaginary science-fiction film score. At 22, Robinson is just beginning to build a recorded foundation, but he's already made an album with a strong identity and an emotional arc — and he's already imaginative enough to draw from a frenetic world to find reflection and hope.

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Stream the full album.

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Keke Palmer to Be Broadway's 1st Black Cinderella

keke palmer photo: Keke Palmer kekepalmer.jpg

Like many girls, actress and singer Keke Palmer grew up dreaming of meeting a prince who would whisk her away to a life of love and happiness. In her case, it's going to happen — eight shows a week on Broadway.

Palmer said she'll be stepping into the title role in "Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella" starting Sept. 9 at the Broadway Theatre. She will become the first African-American to play the part on the Great White Way.

"It's honestly one of those things that I can't believe is really happening," Palmer said by phone Friday from her Los Angeles home. "I'm very excited. Very excited and nervous as well — a bunch of feelings all at once."

Palmer, 21, is stepping into the sparkly shoes first worn by Tony-nominated Laura Osnes, then put on by "Call Me Maybe" Canadian pop star Carly Rae Jepsen and currently worn by Paige Faure, who launches a national tour in the title role this fall.

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More stunt casting? Never heard her voice so I'm unsure if she can carry the songs...

Rise of the Guardians is accidentaly played in one theater instead of GotG, Hilarity Ensues

It may have seemed like the makings of a perfect opening night: perhaps popcorn, soda, great seats, the whispering of an excited crowd as the lights went down for a midnight first peek at "Guardians of the Galaxy."

The previews rolled, and then ... whaaaat?

"omg," one moviegoer tweeted. "they started playing rise of the guardians instead of guardians of the galaxy."

How in the galaxy did that happen?

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So have you guys ever went through a horrible theater mishap before?
Brit giving finger

The latest 'True Detective' rumor: Vince Vaughn in talks for season 2

From Wedding Crashers to True Detective? Vince Vaughn is in talks to join the HBO drama for season two as one of the lead characters, E! News has confirmed.

According to our source, Vaughn is in preliminary discussions to play one of four lead roles. No deal has been signed. Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch, who emerged as possible frontrunners, are also still in talks, according to insiders.

TVLine first reported the news of Vaughn's involvement with True Detective.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson starred in the first season and both received Emmy nominations for their work in the dark drama.

Casting rumors for True Detective season two have run rampant with names such as Jessica Chastain and Brad Pitt reportedly attached to the project. HBO president Michael Lombardo told reporters at the 2014 Summer TCA Press Tour that casting announcements could come any day.

"The two scripts we have are, I hate to jinx it, but are more exciting than the first season," Lombardo said. "[Creator Nic Pizzolatto has] blown us away with the first two episodes."


Kim's marriage to Kanye already longer than her last one

Kim Kardashian can breathe a sigh of relief now her third marriage to Kanye West has officially lasted longer than her last.

The reality star was famously only married to Kris Humphries for 72 days after they tied the knot in a lavish ceremony, which aired on E! in October 2011.

However the 33-year-old has been married to her rapper beau for a whole 24 hours longer than the basketball player.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians beauty filed for divorce from the 29-year-old after less than three months citing irreconcilable differences.

The couple bitterly battled in and out of court for 536 days before settling up, TMZ has said, with Kanye, 37, reportedly swooping in six months after their split.

Kim and the Stronger hitmaker welcomed their first child, daughter North, into the world on June 15 last year.

However it wasn't her nuptials that Kim was feeling nostalgic about when she took to Twitter on Sunday.

She wrote 'Reminiscing about the 1st time we went to Ibiza in 2006! @parishilton it was so good to see you & catch up!! Loves it lol'(Sic).

Kim's special anniversary comes just days after People reported that the pair would like to be able to spend more time together.

'They wish they could be together all the time,' a source told the publication. 'Kanye flies back to see his family every time he can get away, even if only for a night.' The couple try to have family nights as much as possible, but admitted they can't always find the time.

They were last seen jetting back home after partying in Ibiza with the likes of Justin Bieber, P. Diddy, Kate Moss, and Naomi Campbell for Riccardo Tisci's 40th birthday bash on Friday.


Think they'll last, ONTD?
Panthers p

Taylor Kitsch offered lead in 'The Raid' Remake, still in talks for True Detective season 2

The “Friday Night Lights” star is still being considered for the second season of HBO's “True Detective”

As rumors swirl regarding the second season of HBO's “True Detective,” Taylor Kitsch has been offered the lead in Screen Gems’ English-language remake of “The Raid,” multiple individuals familiar with the project have told TheWrap.

While Kitsch's team has been pushing HBO and “True Detective” creator Nic Pizzolatto to cast him as the young male lead of the second season, they've been positioning him for “The Raid” remake in the meantime.

Patrick Hughes (“The Expendables 3”) is directing the action movie, which is gearing up for a January 2015 shoot. Coincidentally, that is when the second season of “True Detective” is slated to wrap filming.

While two sources told TheWrap that Kitsch is in negotiations for “The Raid,” one cautioned that the two sides remain apart on financial terms of the proposed deal.

Representatives for Kitsch and Screen Gems did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Brad Ingelsby (“Run All Night”) wrote “The Raid” remake, which is based on the original 2011 movie written and directed by Gareth Evans.

XYZ Films is returning to produce a remake that is expected to hew closely to the original film, which followed an elite Indonesian SWAT that gets trapped inside a building run by a vicious gangster and his thugs.

Kitsch recently proved he still has the dramatic chops that made him a star on “Friday Night Lights,” as he's coming off well-reviewed turns in Ryan Murphy‘s HBO movie “The Normal Heart” and Peter Berg‘s emotional war movie “Lone Survivor.”

Kitsch is represented by CAA and Untitled Entertainment.


What Happens When a Supermodel Violates a Photographer's Copyright

This is the recap of one fashion blogger's struggle with the misuse of one of her images by supermodel Karlie Kloss and how since then it's been picked up by Luck Magazine, Harper’s BAZAAR, Vogue, Allure and many more outlets....

Karlie Kloss improperly used one of my images. It showed up on her instagram account last September, without credit. (Point of reference: many of the images before and after mine are credited.)

As readers of my blog will know, I shoot as a house photographer for Oscar de la Renta’s social media accounts and Pinterest page. On September 10, 2013 I took this photo of Karlie Kloss taking a “selfie” backstage at the SS14 Oscar de la Renta show:

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As a concert photographer I see a lot of this. It's ridiculous how often celebrities or media outlets steal other people's images and the photographers end up losing even more money trying to fight to be rightfully paid for their own work.
Mods: I rehosted the images like you asked!

Bachelor In Paradise: What to Expect From the Premiere

Put an umbrella in your rosé and head to paradise with The Bachelor

Reduce, reuse, recycle. The environmental mantra isn’t just for the eco-minded anymore — it also works for ABC’s Monday night line-up.

Tonight the detritus of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will wash up on the shores of a tropical island of misfit boys and girls looking for love — and an ever-expanding definition of 15 minutes of fame — on Bachelor in Paradise. Fourteen former contestants (in what the producers have determined is the golden ratio of eight women to six men) will head to Tulum, Mexico to pollute hot tubs all over the Yucatan as they make the most of their second chance to find love in front of the cameras, using the umbrellas in their drinks to prevent their tears from diluting their piña coladas when plans go awry.

Like love, the point of the six-part series is elusive. Prize money may be involved (it was in the past, but may have been done away with), but the ostensible mission is to find love. (Obviously.) If you find your soul mate — or even temporary bunk mate — you stay in paradise; the broken-hearted are ruthlessly deported after each rose ceremony. Contestants who aren’t given a rose by possible life partners are sent packing and, with an uneven number of men and women in the group, each week contestants are pruned like diseased branches on a rose bush. To keep everyone on their toes and love in the air, invading hoards land on the island’s shores each week, adding new contestants with designs of their own to the mix in the hopes of finding true love in paradise.

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Hayley Atwell on the Sexual Politics of 'Agent Carter' and Her Major Body Transformation

Also: Will the show cross over with 'Agents of SHIELD'?

Hayley Atwell is in the throes of a punishing workout schedule.

"I got ten weeks in which to kind of transform my body into a machine so that I can, if anything, deal with the just sheer stamina of what it's gonna be like to film the series," said the "Agent Carter" star while promoting the upcoming Marvel spinoff at San Diego Comic-Con. "And we start at the end of September, so I've just got enough time to transform. We'll see how it goes!"

One interesting aspect that sets the upcoming show apart from its Marvel predecessors is its period setting -- a post-WWII world in which women are "sidelined" once again as American men return from overseas.

"It's 1946. She's lost Steve [Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America], but she's back working with a group of men who don't really see her full potential, and she's seen as this kind of the girlfriend of Steve Rogers," said Atwell of the show's sexual politics. "And so she's having to fight for her corner within the workspace."

To hear more from Atwell and executive producer Louis D'Esposito -- including the potential for crossover between "Agent Carter" and "Agents of SHIELD" -- click on the video below for the full interview.


Ariana Grande Breaks Up With Boyfriend Jai Brooks—Get the Details!

Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks have broken up again.

A source exclusively tells me that Grande, 21, ended things with the 19-year-old Aussie last month.

"When her grandfather was dying, everyone was there for her. People flew to Florida to be with her, but Jai didn't," the source said. "Ariana just felt he wasn't there like he should have been."

It wasn't even a month ago that the "Problem" singer posted pics of herself kissing the Janoskians prankster on Instagram.

But earlier today, Grande tweeted a cryptic message that I'm told was inspired by Brooks. "July was painful for many reasons but of all the personal loss I suffered last month, the loss of my grandfather, a true gentleman, was the only one that truly mattered," she wrote, in part. "I thank my loves for being so in tune to what is good and right for me and my heart."

"I hope you will surround yourselves with people who will be there for you thru the bad times, not just the good," she continued. "I thank everybody who was here for me when I needed them as the ones who weren't really broke my heart."

Despite the split, things didn't get messy and Grande and Brooks have actually "remained friends," according to the source.

Grande's rep declined to comment.

The two first dated from August 2012 to July 2013 but reconciled earlier this year.

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Elijah Wood joins the cast of The Last Witch Hunter

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Elijah Wood has joined Lionsgate's supernatural action film The Last Witch Hunter.

The Lord of the Rings alum will star with Vin Diesel, Michael Caine and Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie in director Breck Eisner's thriller. The film centers on an immortal witch hunter (Diesel) who partners with a witch to stop New York City's covens from unleashing a plague on the city.

zooey lights

Jessica Alba in Self Magazine

What is the main idea of this article?
• Jessica thinks exercise is boring but has to do it for work
• Some methods she used to get in shape for the upcoming movie Sin City: A  Dame To Kill For
• She talks about her business, the Honest Company , and how they give away products, time, and a percentage of proceeds to charities.
• Her family eats mostly organic but they aren't militant about it
• She talks about maintaining a work-life balance and staying happy while being busy.
Collapse )Sources:; Aug 14 Self & my scanner.

Some Honest Co. stuff is now available at Target stores! But I think it's just the baby-related Honest stuff.

Burglar steals $1,000,000 in handbags, watches and jewelry from Houston Socialite's Closet

Theresa Roemer, a 52-year-old entrepreneur and former beauty queen, said the thief broke in through a bathroom window on Friday night and stole designer bags and jewelry. The 3,000-square-foot space in Roemer’s Houston-area home has been called the ‘largest closet in America.’


A Three-story fantasy "she-cave" closet that has gained worldwide attention has caught the eye of burglars, too.

Friday night, a thief broke into the Woodlands home of Theresa Roemer and cleaned out much of her massive, much-talked-about closet. Roemer tells CultureMap via email that she estimates that the burglar took between $800,000 and $1 million worth of handbags, jewelry and watches.

CultureMap was the first to tell readers about the 3,000 square foot triple-decker space that resembles a high-end fashion emporium after noting a post on the Neiman Marcus blog. Since then Roemer and her closet have been highlighted on dozens of major national and international outlets, including Good Morning America , the London Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan magazine.

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Let's Wrap This Up Once & For All Shall We? Jay & Bey Are Fine, Will Be Fine & **Flawless 4 Life


Jay Z and Beyonce secretly attended a private event last week ... and it's significant because it's the most authentic evidence so far that they're still very much a couple.

Jay's mom, Gloria Carter, threw a shindig to celebrate the opening of her new restaurant, Diamondz N Da Ruff in Newark.

Jay Z and Beyonce showed up at 7 PM last Saturday for the ribbon cutting and champagne toast and stayed 15 minutes. Our spies say Beyonce and Gloria hugged and laughed.

Here's the thing. There were no photogs at the event. We got this pic just by chance. So it seems there was no grandstanding on Bey's or Jay's part to look like a happy couple.

The plot thickens. don't try it again today tmz. let it go.


as i said yesterday, tmz stays trying it & people remain pressed that they are and will continue to be fine and the very definition of a power couple. next scandal plz, 2014!
Thomas Smoking

Neil Patrick Harris posts naked photo of himself after performing in Hedwig

Neil Patrick Harris is in the final weeks of his triumphant run in Broadway's Hedwig and the Angry Inch and seems in the mood to savor every moment.

Harris, who won a Tony Award in June for his performance in the musical, recently posted pre-show and post-show selfies of himself on Twitter.

The first selfie has him in full make-up as the transgender rock singer Hedwig but without the glittery character's big, blond wig.

The post-show selfie is what is getting the most attention because the star appears to be wearing nothing but fingernail polish and what is left of his make-up.

Harris ends his run as Hedwig on 17 August. Andrew Rannels will take over the role three days later for at least a two month run.

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Man Bites Off Another Man’s Finger at Jay Z and Beyoncé Concert

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Beyoncé and Jay Z may be drunk in love, but a man at their Saturday night (Aug. 2) show in Pasadena, CA was drunk and apparently a little hungry.
According to the Pasadena Star News, a man was arrested at Bey and Jay’s recent stop at the Rose Bowl for biting off the tip of another man’s finger after groping the man’s girlfriend.

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you can find pictures of the finger here if ur into that

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Kate Upton and Justin Verlander date night in NYC


Kate Upton and her baseballer boyfriend Justin Verlander stepped out for date night in NYC Sunday evening looking red hot together.

Dressed in black heels and a black top paired with a super-sexy red dress that showed off lots of leg, the 22-year-old Sports Illustrated model looked smokin' hot while strolling the Big Apple streets. Upton completed her high-slit look with a black bag, bright red lipstick and her blond hair up.

As for their dinner date, Upton and Verlander grabbed a meal at American Whiskey in Chelsea, a source tells E! News. While at the eatery, the twosome was spotted dancing, cuddling, kissing and chatting with pals, including Miguel Cabrebra and more of Verlander's Detroit Tigers teammates.

Upton and Verlander stayed out late into the night before heading back to her place for the night.

At tonights Yankees/Tigers game
2014-08-04 23_10_27

Source Source