August 2nd, 2014

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Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes assaulted by Lollapalooza security after performance

dev hynes

Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes and his girlfriend, Friends singer Samantha Urbani, were allegedly assaulted by Lollapalooza security staff following Hynes’ performance at the festival on Friday.

Hynes detailed the incident on his Twitter account. He said three security members first confronted Urbani and then “grabbed my neck and threw me to the ground.” They were both injured in the altercation and plan to press charges, according to Hynes.

Coincidentally, Hynes gave a speech on racism and police brutality during his Lollapalooza performance and was wearing a t-shirt that featured the names of such victims, including Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

Lollapalooza has yet to address the incident.

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source w/ more tweets from dev and his gf

this is so fucking horrible. apparently on the lollapalooza fb page, comments and questions about what happened are getting deleted as soon as they go up. i'm glad they weren't seriously injured, at least :/
Liz Black/White

In Honor of Harry Potter's Birthday, JKR Has Announced...

that the final chapters of GoF are up on Pottermore...

Following today’s release of the final instalment (chapters 21-37), you can now explore Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in its entirety on!

Learn more about owls, the wizarding world’s faithful feathered friends, in another exclusive new entry by J.K. Rowling; see Harry, Ron and Hermione attempt to restrain Hagrid’s six-foot-long Blast-Ended Skrewts; experience Harry’s journey through the vast maze in the third and final task of the Triwizard Tournament and much more…
Excerpt from ‘Illness and Disability’ by J.K. Rowling:

I pondered the issue of illness and disability very early in the creation of Harry’s world. Did wizards catch colds? Could they cure illnesses that baffled Muggles? Were there disabled wizards? What were the limits of wizarding medicine, or could it fix anything?

Have you ever wondered about how witches and wizards deal with illnesses in the wizarding world?  J.K. Rowling answers all of your questions in her exclusive new writing ‘Illness and Disability’, available to discover in the Moment ‘Snape’s Dark Mark’ in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire now!

We enjoy reading your thoughts on each of the Moments, so don't forget to leave a comment directly beneath them on You can also share your favourite #GobletOfFire discoveries from the new chapters on Facebook and Twitter.

tl;dr--New info on owls, wizarding illnesses, and Luna's mother's name was Pandora


So disappointed... I thought she was hinting that something big would happen on the 31st :(
hannibal zeller

BRRRRM Soundtracks for Hannibal Seasons 1 and 2 Heading our Way

Few current TV shows are as cinematic as NBC's "Hannibal," and that includes the stellar music that accompanies each episode. If you're a fan of the series who's looking to add to your CD collection, then read on for some very cool news.

From the Press Release: Lakeshore Records will release four volumes of music from the hit NBC television series HANNIBAL, composed by Brian Reitzell (Lost in Translation, "Boss").

The HANNIBAL SEASON ONE Volumes 1 & 2 soundtrack will be available digitally on August 5th and on CD September 2nd. The HANNIBAL SEASON TWO Volumes 1 & 2 Original TV Soundtracks will be available digitally on September 2nd and on CD September 23rd.

“Visually it’s so artfully done and quite fantastical so I see it like an opera staging; otherwise, I might be more disturbed,” said Reitzell of HANNIBAL. “Listening to the music alone is scarier than in the context of the show.”

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Octavia Spencer Tired Of Small Film Roles as TV Has Opened Up New Opportunities For Black Actresses

Let’s hear from a black actor who says that, just because she’s won an Oscar, it doesn't mean that her life has changed, adding that it’s still an everyday struggle. I’m referring to Octavia Spencer, who, in an interview in published today on the Daily Beast said that, while things have been good, it’s not like producers have been breaking down her door with great offers.

She states: “Well, the roles I’m being offered in film are too small to sink your teeth into, and I thought it was time to be able to live with a character at inception and travel with her to fruition, and allow myself to evolve as an actress. I don’t get that opportunity in movies, where they ask me, “Will you play the distraught mom of this boy?” I say, “Sure, but I’ve played it before.” I wanted to play against-type, and while people will say, “She’s playing a no-nonsense nurse,” there’s so much more to her than that.”

Not that’s she’s bitter, but realistic. She adds: “There are so few roles out there. And even if it is a film that could be led by a black actress, how many times is that film going to get funded? Let’s just be real. But it’s not just black people. It’s Asians, it’s Hispanic people if you’re not Salma Hayek. It’s hard. It’s hard to get films funded. It’s a business thing, and you have to change the mindset of people around here.”

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Already got your box set of Sailor Moon DVDs? Then how about a box set of anime accessories?
For anime fans, there’re aren’t many things more frustrating than single volume releases of a series they want to collect. Instead of a slow, expensive trickle of DVDs or Blu-rays with one or two episodes per disc, fans are always happier when they can get the whole series, or at least an entire season, in a nice box set.

Now, merchandiser Bandai is applying that same crowd-pleasing tactic to accessories, with a series of boxed collections of pins and charms inspired by the four seasons of the original Sailor Moon.

Online shop Premium Bandai just started taking orders for its zinc alloy Sailor Moon Pin and Charm sets, which feature the tools of the magical girl trade seen in Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, and Sailor Moon Super S.

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Source: A | B | C

OHW by:: blackdogicons

"I 'Heart' Nick Carter" to premiere on VH1 in September

When you were just a wee one did you ever invent a scenario where you got to marry Backstreet Boy Nick Carter? I mean who didn’t. VH1′s newest series, I ‘Heart’ Nick Carter chronicles one lucky lady who gets to live your dream. Lauren Kitt is Nick’s bride-to-be on the reality show, that follows the couple through the ups-and-downs of wedding planning process, ultimately leading up to their walk down the aisle.

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See how the drama (and wedding) unfolds when I ‘Heart’ Nick Carter premieres Wednesday September 10 at 10 PM ET/PT.


Setting my DVR tbh. I regret nothing.

A little update on Zendaya's life


Zendaya Coleman’s Bright Back-To-School Manicure — How To
The ‘Zapped’ actress posted her piercing blue mani on Instagram on July 31 and it’s so perfect for the summer! Do you love her mani? Tell us below!
Zendaya is a big fan of manis! In the last couple of months, Zendaya has posted pics of her neon “Don’t Forget To Smile” nails, her long red nails at the Kids’ Choice Awards, and a Chanel-inspired mani! On July 31, she shared her most recent mani, and we can help you get her latest look below!
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Zendaya looks fresh-faced and comfortable in a simple gray dress as she makes her way through New York City on Sunday afternoon (July 27).

The 17-year-old entertainer was stopped by a few fans while out, but happily stopped to take pictures and sign autographs for them.

Earlier that week, Zendaya and her former Dancing with the Stars pro partner/friend Val Chmerkovskiy headed to St. Mary’s Hospital where they visited with the children during a break from Sway practices.

FYI: Zendaya is carrying an MCM backpack.

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Alicia Silverstone Plans Dream Vegan Party for 3-Year-Old Son

 photo bearsbday-592x372_zps33952d0f.jpg

She’s an actress, author, and activist, but I think it’s safe to say that Alicia Silverstone needs to be recognized for her party planning skills, too. The vegan mama shared on her blog,, about the amazing vegan bash she threw for her son, Bear’s third birthday at Farm Sanctuary.

For starters: the setting. An animal sanctuary! Not only did Bear and his family get to party down with rescued animals, but his friends did, too. What a fantastic way to have fun but also foster empathy and compassion toward our non-human friends at the same time.

Next: the food. Silverstone ordered several pizzas from LA-based Olive Wood Pizza. She wrote, “Olive Wood Pizza travels from farmer market to farmer market all over L.A. I first tried their pizza at a friend’s party and hadn’t stopped thinking about it since. Their vegan pizza is gourmet and delicious.”

Pizza varieties included Artichoke Heart and Sun Dried Tomato Pizza with Lemon Hummus and Roasted Mushrooms, Classic Marinara with Fresh Basil, and Field Roast ™ Vegan Sausage with Yukon Gold Potatoes, Vegan Basil Pesto, Caramelized Onions and Roasted Anaheim Chili Peppers. Wow! After that feast, they brought out a vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream frosting from Real Food Daily.

And then, at the end of the party, when most of the guests had gone home, Farm Sanctuary had another surprise for Bear. They had recently rescued a baby lamb (8 days old) and had decided to name her Bear, after the guest of honor. Silverstone’s son was “thrilled!” Since the lamb was still young and in a delicate state, the staffers brought her out to meet her namesake when most of the party guests had left.

Sounds like the kind of party anyone, young or old, would love to attend!


The 4 (2) most baffling things hiding in the Avengers 2 poster

#3. Thor's Arm Is the Most Unrealistic Thing in the Entire Picture

here's a lot of silly, fantastical comic book bullshit going on in that poster: a giant monster-man fighting robots, a man dressed as a robot fighting legit robots, two squishy humans with no superpowers who aren't getting ripped apart the way ground beef would if it were thrown at a jet turbine -- lots of suspended disbelief is needed to buy into the world and start having fun. But somehow one very normal thing is the most unrealistic part of the entire poster:

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More at the source

Remy Ma released from prison

Bronx rapper Remy Ma was released from a New York prison after serving a six-year sentence for assault, a source confirmed to Rolling Stone.

Ma — real name, Reminisce Smith — was convicted of intentional assault back in 2008 for shooting Makeda Barnes Joseph in a dispute over $3,000, but was able to have her initial sentence of eight years scaled back. Upon her release from the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women, the former Terror Squad MC was greeted by her husband, Papoose, as well as her manager and other members of her entourage.

Smith was just 26 when she was found guilty of assaulting Joseph. As The New York Times reported, the shooting capped off a string of betrayals, with Smith claiming that members of her entourage exploited her fame for their own gain. The incident with Joseph, specifically, occurred at a nightclub after Smith asked her friend to hold her purse; when she took it back, $3,000 in cash was missing. A struggle ensued, during which Smith claimed she accidentally shot Joseph in the abdomen.

Last week, Smith called into New York City radio station Power 105 where she spoke with Angie Martinez about her impending release, patching up her relationship with Terror Squad honcho Fat Joe and discussing the rhymes she's been working on while locked up. During her sentence, the rapper also earned an associate degree in sociology. While Smith said that she's had a number of labels reach out to her, she wanted to come home before signing any contracts. Still, she told Martinez: "It's not gonna be fair — my pen game is crazy."

Smith also reiterated her admiration for Nicki Minaj, despite the fact that the two have had their minor differences in the past: "Nick has always been a supporter and vice versa," she said. "I like what she does. She’s done wonderful things for females, but I just wish there was more of them. I don't know what they're doing; they're letting these guys take over."


are you conceited? do you got a reason?

Rihanna Megapost

Rihanna Announces ‘Rogue For Men’ Fragrance With Sexy Ads
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Rihanna in New York
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Eminem Welcomes Rihanna as Lollapalooza Surprise Guest

Six days before Eminem and Rihanna are set to combine for the first date on their co-headlining Monster duo, the superstar pair gave music fans a quick preview of the upcoming stadium shows when Em brought out Rihanna as a surprise guest during his Lollapalooza headlining set on Friday night (Aug. 7)

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Casey Wilson's Incredibly (Amazing) Candid Conversation About All Things Real Housewives

Casey Wilson knows a thing or two about The Real Housewives franchise. Well, more than a thing or two. She loves them. She loves them so much she's starring in a parody about the shows called Hotwives of Orlando, which premiere[d] on Hulu on July 15. In the Real Housewives spoof, Wilson plays Tawny, "the trophy wife," opposite several Housewives archetypes.

The former Happy Endings star is also returning to TV this fall on NBC with Marry Me and when she popped up at NBC's 2014 TCA Press Tour party, the topic of Housewives was broached. The results? They're everything.

The candid conversation touches on every series—Dina Manzo and her relationship with Caroline Manzo, Apollo Nida's sentencing, Real Housewives of Orange County, Beverly Hills casting rumors and—and more.

Dina is back, how do you feel? Can we discuss?
Of course...New Jersey's never been my favorite city, that said I'm excited for her return. My whole thing—and I do want to say this to Bravo in an open letter: Bring Dina and Caroline on together. This is bulls--t.

They won't talk about it.
I've seen the things they've shown on that show—They owe it to us to get them together. I don't know what it takes, I don't know what the price tag is, I don't know what the conversation is that needs to be had, but Bravo, they've done everything else.

Talk about ratings if they've done that.
Bring them together!

Get them to sit-down with Andy Cohen.
I know, let Andy mediate! I want to say, whatever your problem is, you know Andy can solve it. They need to go on Watch What Happens Live together and talk it out.

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Hotwives post! Who has watched? Favorite wife?

Noted critic of 'sex sells' Lily Allen joins the Bangerz tour

She's the opening act on the latest leg of Miley Cyrus' racy Bangerz tour.
And Lily Allen apparently got the memo about wearing revealing outfits.

The 29-year-old dared to bare in a skintight silver jumpsuit which was unzipped to just above her navel, at one point flashing more than she perhaps bargained for while performing at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York on Friday.

Lily's sexy space-age outfit showed off her slender figure and plunging cleavage as she took to the stage.
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"And I'll take my clothes off and it will be shameless
'Cause everyone knows that's how you get famous".

Honoring James Baldwin’s 90th Birthday in Harlem

James Baldwin, a Harlem native who died in 1987, would have turned 90 on Saturday. Among the many tributes in a year in which his legacy as a major writer is being celebrated, one on Saturday is close to home: a portion of East 128th Street, between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue, will be renamed James Baldwin Way.

Baldwin, whose classic works include the novel “Go Tell It on the Mountain” and the essay collections “The Fire Next Time” and “Notes of a Native Son” attended Public School 24 (now the Harlem Renaissance School) on that block. Nearby, the marquee of the Apollo Theater, at 253 West 125th Street, is scheduled to read “Happy 90th Birthday James Baldwin.”

“We’re reclaiming him as a son of Harlem,” said Rich Blint, a Baldwin scholar and associate director in the Office of Community Outreach and Education at the Columbia University School of the Arts. The university, along with Harlem Stage and New York Live Arts, is participating in a citywide consideration of Baldwin.

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Is Katy Perry Copying ONTD's New Fave FKA Twigs Now?

Her new look is super familiar.

The above image looks like it might have been shot by Terry Richardson, but a spokesperson for Perry’s label Capitol confirms the controversial photographer did not direct the upcoming video.

To the internet, Katy’s baby hair and cornrows looked pretty familiar:

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purple Skye

Ghostbusters 3 finds a director and will be a reboot focusing on female Ghostbusters

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After a long search, Sony is zeroing in on a director for Ghostbusters 3, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Paul Feig, director of Bridesmaids and The Heat, has emerged as the frontrunner, according to sources, and Feig has shown interest in taking on the project. Sources caution that no formal negotiations have taken place and a lot must be worked out before the casual discussions turn serious and Feig accepts the job. But he is the studio's first choice, these sources said. Sony declined to comment.

Sources say the film will be a reboot focusing on female Ghostbusters.

The story introduces new Ghostbusters and hands the baton from at least a couple of the originals. Dan Aykroyd has said he will return but Bill Murray has not committed.


Zoe Saldana defends former co-star Britney Spears

They co-starred together in the road trip film Crossroads over a decade ago.
And Zoe Saldana said she still has a 'huge amount of respect for Britney Spears' while appearing on Thursday's episode of Watch What Happens Live.

'She was the one big, big celebrity that I met when I was starting to work in Hollywood who literally was humble,' the expecting 36-year-old told host Andy Cohen.

'I do believe that people and children gravitate to good energy, and she's definitely an abundance of that.'
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Videos via the source


Selena Gomez Says the N Word in Newest Movie, Behaving Badly

Selena Gomez's on again and off again boyfriend, Justin Bieber, recently was the topic of a major scandal caused by videos of Bieber cracking racist jokes on camera when he was fifteen, using the n-word in the process. Gomez supposedly "felt sorry" for Justin during his scandal, but in her recent film Behaving Badly, Gomez herself also uses the n word...twice. During the course of the movie, Nina Pennington, played by Gomez, tells her love interest that, "I liked you. Despite the fact that you don't have your future planned out. Despite the fact that your socks never match. Despite the fact that your ringtone is n**** what, n**** who?" Although she is obviously reading from a script, was the use of the n word really necessary when any other song could've been used for this line?

What are your thoughts, ONTD?

Former "American Idol" (Season 7) finalist Michael Johns dies at 35


Michael Johns, a finalist on American Idol season 7, died on Aug. 1, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed via multiple sources. The cause of death is believed to be a blood clot in his ankle.

The singer competed on the Fox music show in 2008. He followed with a full-length album, 2009's Hold Back My Heart, that included single "Heart on My Sleeve." A single, "Day Breaks Sun," was released in February of this year.

During his time competing on Idol, Johns created a stir because he had been signed to a major label, Maverick, prior to auditioning. He was living in Los Angeles in 2002 when he signed to Madonna's imprint and recorded an album.


One of the best Idol has ever seen, truly a loss :(

NeNe Leakes On Her Friendships, Feuds & Wendy Williams


NeNe Leakes opened up to MadameNoire about her beefs with Marlo Hampton, Cynthia Bailey and Wendy Williams, and after all of that, why she’s still on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”
Leakes talked about how she got started with “RHOA” and utilizing it as a platform.

“You know when I first started I didn’t really know what the whole reality TV world was about. I was going back and forth from Atlanta to Los Angeles to be a part of pilot season. And when I got approached by these producers to do the housewives of Atlanta I wasn’t thinking about anything other than maybe this could help my acting career.”

And she added why she kept coming back, “every single season, somehow people think I’m not coming back. Somehow, I’m the only one who people ask ‘Is she coming back or not?’ It’s like why do you guys consistently ask if I’m coming back, what about the rest of the girls? But I think that people don’t understand it’s not really our choice like that.”

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Alanis shares throwback snap from photoshoot for Jagged Little Pill cover

She made her name when she hit the airwaves with an angry song about an ex-boyfriend when You Oughta Know was released as a single.

But almost 20 years later, Alanis Morissette hasn't forgotten the album where it all began.
The 40-year-old singer shared an unedited picture on Thursday from the cover photoshoot for her hit album Jagged Little Pill onto Twitter.

She accompanied the snap to her 404K followers with the message:

Throwback snap: Alanis Morissette, 40, shared an unedited picture on Thursday from the cover photoshoot of her hit 1995 album Jagged Little Pill onto Twitter

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'Houdini' miniseries starring Adrien Brody to air Sept. 1-2 on History

Oscar winner Adrien Brody will play illusionist Harry Houdini in a two-part miniseries set to air on History on Sept. 1 and 2.

"Houdini" will chart the rise of the world-famous performer, who got his start performing with his brother on Coney Island in the 1890s and became a headline act around the globe before dying in Detroit after an unexpected series of abdominal punches from a fan.

Kristen Connolly will play Houdini's wife, Bess, and Evan Jones will play Jim Collins, Houdini's assistant. The film will also look at Houdini's friendship with Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle.

Uli Edel, whose movie "The Baader Meinhof Complex," was nominated for an Oscar in the foreign-language film category, directed the miniseries from a script by Nicholas Meyer, who once wrote his own Sherlock Holmes pastiche, "The Seven-Per-Cent Solution."

For those who can't wait to see Brody's interpretation, here's Ken Marino as Houdini and Alfred Molina as Arthur Conan Doyle in a scene from the first episode of Comedy Central's "Drunk History." Same subject matter with a slightly different take and dirtier language.


between this and Grand Budapest Hotel there may be hope for bae's post-Oscar career yet. maybe.
niall is bae

Newly single Nicola Roberts has a fan meet-and-greet in a drugstore

She's currently coming to terms with the break down of a six-year relationship, but Nicola Roberts appears to be moving on as a single lady.

The former Girls Aloud singer looked confident showing off her slimline figure in an athletic-inspired black midi dress, wearing her long auburn locks straight and sleek around her shoulders as she met fans at a London branch of Superdrug on Wednesday.

The 28-year-old beauty was fawned over by a group of teenage competition hopefuls inside the Westfield store, as she launched a 'Becoming A Teen' campaign with cosmetics brand Lil-Lets.

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poor nicola, her life is rough right now. karma for unleashing beautiful cause you love me on the world.

Under Armour Settles Whether Ballet Is a Sport In New Breathtaking Ad

It’s a frequently debated topic: Is ballet a sport?

Under Armour settles it in just under a minute with the help of Misty Copeland of the American Ballet Theatre.

Exhibit A …

Misty Copeland is only the third African-American soloist at the American Ballet Theater and first in twenty years. Get.It.Girl.

Paging ONTD's ballet & otherwise dancers....


Mia Wasikowska: Paparazzi always want to test the new young actresses

Mia Wasikowska is quietly dunking her Earl Grey tea bag, still a little jet-lagged after her flight to New York from her native Australia. She has one arm folded protectively around her waist in a way that makes her seem as vulnerable as her doe-eyed character in Alice in Wonderland, her 2010 breakout film.

Unlike the brooding women Wasikowska has embodied on film—a tortured gymnast in In Treatment; Jane Eyre, opposite Michael Fassbender; the insouciant object of affection of real-life boyfriend Jesse Eisenberg in The Double—the actress has a stillness that is often broken by a childlike grin, like the sun peeking through clouds.

The intriguing dichotomy of quiet wit and sudden warmth has helped Wasikowska, 24, carve out a niche as one of Hollywood’s most exciting rising stars. In David Cronenberg’s latest social satire, Maps to the Stars—which premiered to raves at Cannes and is poised to rule at the Toronto International Film Festival this month—Wasikowska plays a scarred pyromaniac who gets a gig as an assistant to an unhinged Hollywood star (Julianne Moore) and befriends a limo driver (Robert Pattinson). At the mention of the film, Wasikowska smiles. “I liked the idea of playing a perky psychopath.”

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The images from the photoshoot were already posted. This is the interview itself from the magazine.

Nick Jonas talks some more about his duet (and future band) with Demi Lovato

Remember that photo Demi Lovato posted on Instagram teasing “a KILLER duet”? How could you forget, right? Well, MTV News can confirm the unidentified thumb featured in that picture belongs to none other than Nick. And not only that, when I caught up with the former JoBro last week, he told me the pair have five other songs in the works. One of them, titled “Avalanche,” is being featured on his upcoming album.

“She and I recorded a song that, um, I think is beautiful. It’s not necessarily a love song. It’s so easy to do a duet that’s a love song because our relationship isn’t really that. But there is love there for a friend, you know, and it’s beautiful to just talk about,” he revealed. “Any kind of relationship can hit a point where if it’s not stable, it’s not secure then it’s like an avalanche crashing down and that’s what that song is about. Her voice is amazing on it and, um, it feels good. I’m excited for people to hear it.”

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Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner Flirt in Kissy Pics!

Justin Bieber set the record straight by denying rumors that he's dating model Shanina Shaik, but he can't deny his serious flirtation with Kendall Jenner! The two were spotted hanging out at fashion designer Riccardo Tisci's birthday party, with Justin flaunting Kendall on Instagram, cozied up next to him and ready for a kiss.

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Zefron and MRod in Ibiza still

From the DM:

They've been enjoying their fair share of debauchery during their current stint on the party island of Ibiza.
But Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron seemed to be making the most of some rare quiet time as they kicked back on board pal Justin Bieber's yacht on Saturday morning.
Trading in the wild White Isle for nearby picturesque Formentera, the new couple appeared happy and relaxed as they lapped up the Spanish sun on-board the luxury vessel.

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