July 17th, 2014

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Sam Wilson will indeed be the new Captain America


Marvel Comics announced tonight on The Colbert Report that Sam Wilson -- a.k.a. Captain America's longtime partner The Falcon -- will don the iconic costume vacated by a currently-depowered Steve Rogers.

"Steve had to hand the mantle over," Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada told Stephen Colbert tonight, adding that the new Cap is Wilson.

He hastened to say that it was "strictly in the comics," presumably to curtail talk that Anthony Mackie might get Chris Evans's job.

Colbert, though, was jokingly offered the job as the new Falcon -- an image of which you can see below.


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As is right and just.

Farrah Abraham Just Got Unspeakably Awful, Even for Farrah Abraham

Oh, what fools we all have been, thinking all this time that Farrah Abraham couldn't get any worse than she already is. When she was the most annoying "Teen Mom" ever, when she released those ridiculous sex tapes, when she released that erotic novel about sex tapes, every single time we thought "wow, this is the worst." But it wasn't, friends. It wasn't that at all. Because this thing she said in a recent interview is absolutely, without a doubt, the most horrible thing that she has ever done. So far.

See, the interviewer was asking Farrah about her book, and that was fine, but then she asked Farrah what she would do if her daughter came up to her in the future and told her that she was interested in making a sex tape. Here's how Farrah responded:

"She probably won't be saying that, she'll be like 'I HAD to try it,' and then I'll be like 'oh, you already did it, so I'm just going to say make sure you know what you're doing with it,' because, you know, I'll be like 'this is what happened to me as your mom.' It's like mommy talk. It's the birds and the bees, and so you just share 'look, I learned this from it, I hope you don't do that, read 'Celebrity Sex Tape,' learn some lessons from Fallon Opal,' but that's really all I can say."

OK, so there are a few very strange things about this response. The first, most important thing is that Farrah assumes that her daughter will make a sex tape. Like it's not even a question, it's going to happen. And then there's the part where Farrah used her daughter's hypothetical sex tape as a way to promote her book, which is just a brand new kind of gross. Then, if you'll notice, Farrah called this future conversation "mommy talk," because of course all moms have this conversation with their daughters. And lastly, how sad is it that Farrah thinks that this mess is all she can say? About as sad as all the rest of this, that's for sure.


A man broke into the Kennedy Compound looking for JFK and Katy Perry

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
James Lacroix was arrested at the Kennedy Compound July 15. (Photo courtesy: Hyannisnews.com)

HYANNIS PORT (CBS) — A man allegedly claiming he was looking for Katy Perry and President John F. Kennedy was arrested at the Kennedy compound Tuesday night.

Barnstable Police were called to the home in Hyannis Port once owned by the late president around 9:30 p.m. after getting a call from Ted Kennedy, Jr. in Connecticut.

He told officers he called the house to check on his teenage son who was staying there, but a man answered the phone and identified himself as James Lacroix.

Kennedy asked the officers go to the home for a well being check on his son.

When police arrived, they found a black Corvette parked outside and Lacroix inside, wearing a Captain America T-shirt, sitting on a couch reading a book.

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When the police arrived, they said, they found Lacroix sitting on a couch reading a book. “Mr. Lacroix did not to make any threats or appear dangerous at all,” said Riley, who was not one of the officers called to the scene.

Police said Lacroix told them that he was there to see pop star Katy Perry. He even had a gift for her. He also wanted to speak with John F. Kennedy.

“”He began to ramble on about his political views and his love for Katy Perry and it became clear that Mr. Lacroix was detached from reality,” said Riley. He added that this wasn’t an isolated incident and that Lacroix has “a little bit of history of delusional behavior” with the Massachusetts police.

Sarah Walker

'Avengers: Age of Ultron': Who is Marvel's angry, metal madman -- and why does he HATE you?

Who’s Ultron?” This was what Captain America himself, Chris Evans, said at Comic-Con last year after finishing his Hall H Winter Soldier presentation and heading backstage to do some press.

He had missed the finale of the Marvel Studios showcase, which revealed the Avengers sequel would be subtitled Age of Ultron, with a plot centered on that fearsome artificial-intelligence whose robotic face looks like a grinning metallic vampire skull.

Given the studio’s intense devotion to secrecy, both he and Scarlett Johansson had no idea who they’d be battling the next time the Avengers reunited.

It’s okay to forgive them a moment of uncertainty. There are plenty of fans out there who have come to this fantasy universe through the movies, and not the comic books.

So here, finally, is the movie’s answer to that question: Who IS Ultron?

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with this article I think all of EW's Avengers story is posted unless they are hiding something important for the magazine. In case you missed COVER PIC and STILLS

Source: Entertainment Weekly


Waraire Boswell is no stranger to attracting attention. Same goes for his bespoke men's suits, most recently seen on Andrew Wiggins and soon, Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin at Wednesday's ESPY Awards.


Come Wednesday night at this year's ESPY Awards, don't be surprised to see Kevin Durant or Blake Griffin arrive in their best-looking attire at the Oscars of Sports. That's because they'll be wearing custom-made pieces by Waraire Boswell, the L.A.-based designer who helped Andrew Wiggins stand out as the No. 1 NBA draft pick in a floral embroidered blazer.

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'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Brawl Joseline Bit the Flesh Off a Guard Cast Wants her Fired!

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Smack talk about crack triggered the all-out brawl on the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" set ... ending with a security guard getting a piece of flesh ripped off his body... and they say Joseline Hernandez is the culprit and they want her FIRED.

Cast and crew who were present during the melee tell TMZ ... Tuesday night's fight started when Benzino called Stevie J a crackhead. Stevie J then charged Benzino, yelling "f*** you."

Stevie J's GF Joseline then amped things up by attacking Benzino's wife Althea, punching her in the face so hard everyone around heard a crack. Joseline then pulled out part of Althea's weave.

But Joseline's handiwork wasn't done ... Joseline then made a beeline for Waka Flocka Flame's wife, Tami -- yanking out Tami's pony tail weave. Waka's mom Debra jumped in, punching Joseline in the head and ripping out her extensions.

Security then booted Joseline from the set. On her way out she passed shower-rod queen Mimi Faust in the stairway ... elbowing her in the back and shoving her down the stairs.

The security guard tried to subdue Joseline, who then bit the guard, ripping off a piece of flesh.

So now ... a number of cast members are making a play to get producers to fire Joseline.


Billy Ray Is Trying To Play Matchmaker For His Daughter, Wants Her To Date A "level headed" Fella


Billy Ray Cyrus is on a mission to mend his daughter’s achy-breaky heart! With Miley Cyrus’ nonstop partying and dwindling self-esteem since her split from Liam Hemsworth, he thinks a solid new guy would do her some good.

Even though there are rumors that Miley is dating her music producer, Mike Will Made-It, nonetheless, “Billy Ray is looking for someone successful who won’t take advantage of Miley,” says the source. This isn’t the first time that Miley’s dad, 52, has played cupid: He set her up with singer Justin Gaston in 2008, when she was just 16!

Miley’s mom Tish is reportedly a fan of Miley’s new beau, but Billy Ray is on the hunt for someone even older. “He’d love to get her together with country singers like Kip Moore or Chris Young,” says the source, “who are warm and level-headed.”

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First Look at Frozen's Elsa on "Once Upon a Time"

If you were excited about Frozen coming to Once Upon a Time before, get ready to freak out. Georgina Haig was seen in costume as Frozen's Elsa in season four while filming scenes for the show on the Vancouver set on Wednesday. While she wasn't throwing ice or snow around, she definitely looked the part. Also on Wednesday the cast (minus Georgina) was spotted filming scenes. We'll have to wait and see when Anna and Kristoff show up, which could be in flashbacks in Arendelle or in present-day Storybrooke, where Elsa was transported to at the end of season three. Hopefully we'll see other characters soon, as well as many other things from the Frozen movie on Once Upon a Time.

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Diana Guerrero

German Soccer Player Mario Gotze Flashing His Man Parts Again

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you should know who Mario Gotze is. Especially now.

Not because he was on the winning team of the World Cup, or because he scored Germany’s winning goal in the finals. It’s really because he loves to expose more of himself then we ever needed to see. Mario seems to love showing off his, uh, man bits whenever those pesky cameras are around.


In these latest pics Mario is taking a much needed vacation in Ibiza with his model girlfriend Ann-Katherin Brommel. The yacht looks pretty private considering he’s running around in his underwear. I mean really? Put some swim trunks on.

Well, a few years ago the 22-year-old was in a similar situation while yachting in Ibiza. Only this time he was exposing a WHOLE other side. Yes, you read that correctly and if you’re really that curious then check out the NSFW photos.

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'Straight Outta Compton' Casting is Racist as Hell


Universal Pictures is hard at work on the film Straight Outta Compton, an N.W.A. biopic set for release next year. The movie is happening with the cooperation of heavyweights like Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. Here is a casting call for the film that went out yesterday.

This casting call was posted yesterday by Sande Allesi Casting, an agency that has posted several casting notices for the film:
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Director of Channel 4's Utopia Chats About their Visual Aesthetic, Violence, Controversy

tom burke

Utopia’s director, Marc Munden, chatted to Den Of Geek readers about Utopia's distinctive style, its superb series 2 opener, and more…

In the swish screening room underneath Channel 4’s London headquarters, Utopia director Marc Munden chatted to a group of Den Of Geek readers after a preview screening of the first two surprising, stunning episodes of series two. Catch up on what was said, from big yellow bags to moral quandaries, rhino dung and more…

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What did you think of the two-part premiere, ONTD? Anton is Carvel, y/y?

my bb Tom Burke as Father of the Year
niall is bae

The Talk beats The View in the ratings for the first time ever

The Talk beat "The View" in both women 18-49 and women 25-54 for the first time ever, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending July 13.

The Talk topped "The View" in women 25-54 by +10% (1.1/07 vs. 1.0/07) and by +14% in women 18-49 (0.8/05 vs. 0.7/05). Compared to last week, The Talk was up +23% in viewers (2.66m from 2.17m), +38% in women 25-54 (from 0.8/05) and +60% in women 18-49 (from 0.5/03).

The Talk also beat "The Chew" by the largest margin in viewers since the week ending August 2, 2013 (vs. 2.43m, +9%), while matching its largest margin of victory over "The Chew" in both women 25-54 (vs. 0.8/05, +38%) and women 18-49 (0.6/04, +33%).


chenbot, ha power
pecan pies
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‘Annabelle’ Trailer Reveals Genesis of the Haunted Doll

Haunting theaters October 3rd, the trailer is pretty fantastic, showing the genesis of the haunted doll. It looks as if the footage takes from the opened scene of the movie, where a couple is murdered by some psychopaths. While dying, the blood of the owner drips onto the doll, presumably infecting “Annabelle” with her owner’s anguished soul.

Annabelle Wallis, Alfre Woodard and Ward Horton are starring in Annabelle with John Leonetti, the cinematographer on The Conjuring, directing from a script by Gary Dauberman. Eric Ladin and Brian Howe also star.

The Conjuring included a haunted doll named Annabelle as part of a collection of demonic objects assembled by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were portrayed by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.

Speaking of The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2 is still penciled down for release on October 23, 2015, taking that weekend away from a potential sixth Paranormal Activity. Carey Hayes and Chad Hayes are penning the sequel.

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This is a 1D beauty post

Heads will turn in the crowd when you wear Liquilights Glow Gloss, which sparkles brilliantly during the day and iluminates under UV black light after dark. Gloss can be worn alone for a sheer, glittery pop of color, or paired with One Direction crème lipstick for a bolder look.

Four velvety, pigment-rich eye shadows and a bold glitter crème shadow - housed in a travel-ready compact - deliver maximum color payoff, stay put and don't crease, so you'll flawless from day to night. Chubby pencils glide on smoothly, and can be worn as liner, shadow or body crayon. Little Black Dress mascara, a carbon black volumizing formula, adds definition to any eye look.

Nail varnishes in fashion-forward shades including molten metallics and golden glitter flakes, are formulated for quick drying and long wear.

Bonus One Direction stencils let you adorn your body, your stuff and your friends with doodles, while the line's ultra-cool, brick motif makes a statement of its own.

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But will my eyelashes look like Zayn's?
(gael) y tu mama

Fashion King, Russell Westbrook, has a New Jordan Collaboration for Barneys

Have you heard? NBA players really like fashion nowadays. Like, a lot. They're not only tucking in their shirts, they're showing up at fashion weeks across the globe. Leading the charge for a more stylish sportsmen is Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook, who recently announced a collaboration with world-class retailer Barneys New York. And we've got the first look at all of the Jordan products in the Westbrook-XO-Barneys New York collection. There's a range of technical and eccentric pieces that display Russell's affinity for all things big, bold, and colorful—no surprise there. The iconic Jordan elephant print is all over the place, as are fashion forward details like ombré and split hems—complementing the mix of tech style and high-fashion. When you look at it, it's a damn near perfect reprsentation of Russell's own personal style.

Westbrook-XO-Barneys New York will be available on July 17 today at Barneys New York locations and online.

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build that fashion empire, russy!
fire and blood, xx chromosome
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Exclusive interview with "Agent Carter" producers Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas


At the ABC party for the Television Critics Association, I got to sit down with Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, who are producing “Marvel’s Agent Carter” for Marvel Entertainment. Hayley Atwell will return as Peggy Carter in the eight-episode series set after Captain America: The First Avenger but long before “The Winter Soldier” or “Avengers” movies.

Fazekas and Butters are already working for ABC on “Resurrection,” which will return for a second season as well. While I had to assure them I knew how to tread lightly in Marvel territory, it was interesting to learn details about just how secure Marvel actually is!

SuperHeroHype: Did this show come out of the Marvel One-Shots?

Tara Butters: Yes.

Michele Fazekas: Our understanding was that Bob Iger saw it, and much like “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” the year prior which also came from the DVD short Item 47, “Agent Carter” was off of the short on the Iron Man 3 DVD.

SHH: How much did you inherit from the One-Shot and Captain America: The First Avenger?

Fazekas: I will say, the nice thing about “Agent Carter” being set in the ‘40s is it predates a lot of the Marvel universe. As you know, the guys who wrote “Captain America” 1, 2 and are now writing 3, wrote the pilot. So they know that universe very well. So I don’t feel like we’re hamstrung by anything. I think there’s a lot of room to play and a lot of room to be creative with the story.

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Read the rest at the source

-The screenwriters for Cap 1 and Cap 2 are writing the pilot and many of the episodes
-There "is an end point" to the series
-They want more Dum Dum Dugan
-They are binging on Ed Brubaker's Captain America books
-Filming starts in September, will be in L.A.
-Marvel has snipers and endless keycards for security like the Shin-Ra building in FF7

Scott Disick Alcohol Poisoning - Triggers Hospitalization!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Scott Disick drank so much one night last month ... he made a beeline for the hospital because his system was poisoned with booze.

Sources connected with Scott and the Kardashians tell TMZ ... Scott went to a nightclub in The Hamptons on June 22. He began binge drinking. We got a pic of him with a beer in his hand but it seems he drank the harder stuff too. We're told he was drunk out of his mind.

We're told Scott told the friends who were with him ... he was so messed up he felt someone had drugged him. So Scott -- who could barely put a sentence together -- went to the ER at Southampton Hospital.

We're told Scott was admitted and tested for drugs but doctors concluded it was classic alcohol poisoning.

The incident occurred days AFTER Kourtney threw Scott out of their Hamptons rental. And the very day Scott went to the hospital ... Kourtney bailed and took the kids to California, where they celebrated North West's birthday.

Now the good news ... Scott apparently had a wake up call, because we're told he hasn't had a drink since and is getting counselling from Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. .. the handsome minister who married Kim and Kanye.

sexy rih

Christina Milian and Lil Wayne Go Public At The 2014 ESPYS

If you thought that Christina Milian and Lil Wayne had a strictly business relationship before, last night’s ESPYS may have changed your mind. The YMCMB boss man was spotted arriving to the awards show late, while holding hands with Christina Milian, who he signed to Young Money back in 2012. And the two definitely got some on-screen camera time during the show!

Now, aside from wondering “How’d that happen?” this is where things get complicated and interesting:

Christina Milian just broke up with her fiancé Jas Prince.

Prior to the breakup, Lil Wayne released a track called “Tina Turn Up Needs A Tune Up” where he took subliminal jabs at Jas Prince. The lyrics included, “I’ll take your Tina” (Short for Christina), and “She needs a king, f-ck a prince” (in reference to Jas Prince).
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welp. maybe she'll finally release some new music now, but wayne is messy af for this. thoughts?


72-minute trailer released for longest film ever

Promo precedes 30-day-long Swedish movie Ambiancé, a surreal dream-like epic due for release in 2020

Ambiancé - the 720 hour long film [short 72 min teaser] by Anders Weberg from Anders Weberg on Vimeo.

A Swedish film-maker hoping to break the world record for the longest film of all time has released a 72-minute teaser trailer.

Anders Weberg hopes the near-feature-length promo will serve to whet audience appetites for his proposed 720-hour movie marathon, titled Ambiancé, which will be released in 2020. The director plans to release two further "trailers", one 7 hours and 20 minutes long and a second 72 hours long, in 2016 and 2018 before the final film debuts in its extended glory.

To break the world record, Ambiancé needs to surpass the length of current holder Modern Times Forever, which was "released" in 2011 and stretches over 240 hours. To watch Weberg's film from beginning to end without sleeping, viewers would need to sit tight in a cinema for 30 days.

The film-maker, who says Ambiancé will be his last movie, describes it as an "abstract nonlinear narrative summary of the artist's time spent with the moving image" that will show how "space and time is intertwined into a surreal dream-like journey beyond places".

Weberg has made more than 300 short films in a 20-year career. He plans to screen his latest work, which from the trailer looks set to take an abstract and experimental form, just once simultaneously on every continent from 31 December 2020. It will then be destroyed.

You can follow the project's progress at thelongestfilm.com. The trailer will be online until 20 July.


Not saying this is gimmicky but if the only thing people are going to be talking about is how long the film is... Good luck with that.

Anderson Cooper tells world that pal Andy Cohen is a top

Have you ever wondered if Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen is a top or a bottom?

“I know a lot of secrets about Andy,’ The Silver Fox teased before dropping this bit of information: ‘I guess the one that would most surprise people is he’s a top.’

Andy, smiling, said: ‘Why? You think people think I’m a bottom?’

Replied Anderson: ‘Believe me, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m just saying I think that would surprise people. And I don’t know this from personal experience, but from conversations I have had…I mean, it surprised me when I heard about it.’

Fellow guest Kelly Ripa asked if Andy cared to explain what a ‘top’ is, and he suggested they Google it.

Well, in case you have, his pal Anderson Cooper has provided that information for us.

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, Bravo personality Andy Cohen and talk show host Kelly Ripa are real-life pals who got very personal with each other on.


Are you surprised by this revelation, ONTD?

Microsoft shutting down Xbox Entertainment Studios

Microsoft is getting out of developing original series for its Xbox gaming platform and will close Xbox Entertainment Studios in the coming months.

The tech giant made headlines Thursday with plans to layoff as many as 18,000 employees following its recent $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia’s phones business.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer announced Xbox Entertainment Studios will shutter and that some projects in development and production, including a live action “Halo” series, will still be produced. Variety reported early Thursday that a shift in strategy was coming at XES, given the overall corporate restructuring at Microsoft.

Move comes as newly appointed CEO Satya Nadella is taking a hard look at all of the company’s operations and is questioning the plan to produce a broad slate of original series for Xbox platforms.

Microsoft recruited former CBS exec Nancy Tellem (pictured) in the fall of 2012 to lead the Santa Monica-based Xbox Studios division, which was tasked with developing programming based in part on Microsoft videogame franchises such as “Halo.” Nadella is looking to focus the company’s resources and energies into its core software, Internet and videogame businesses.

Tellem, Jordan Levin and some of the Xbox Entertainment Studios team will remain with the company to see the completion of its original programming already in production, Microsoft said. That includes a live action “Halo” series, the first major project spearheaded by the division, that’s in advanced negotiations for a pickup at Showtime in a shared window with Xbox. Project is a co-production with Amblin TV.

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MTV VMA Nominations

Roll down the partition, please. We need you to see Beyoncé ruling all nominees.

Beyoncé has earned eight nominations for this year's MTV Video Music Awards, leading the pack with three videos that were released on the same day in December as part of her self-titled surprise album. Her videos for "Pretty" Hurts," "Partition" and "Drunk in Love" (featuring Jay Z) all snagged nominations, with the latter vying for Video of the Year.

On her tail, Iggy Azalea and Eminem each notched seven nominations — some for Iggy's Clueless-themed "Fancy" and Eminem's "The Monster" collaboration with Rihanna.

MTV unveiled the nominees Thursday via eight 10-second Snapchat videos before revealing them elsewhere. You can vote for some of the categories online at MTV.com.

The VMAs will air live on Aug. 24 from inside the Forum in Inglewood, California.

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lol @ lorde in the rock category again
Michiko to Hatchin | Orly

Linda Perry Blasts Beyonce For Fake Songwriting: ‘Everyone Knows The Truth’

Beyonce may be “The Beloved Mistress of the Universe” (according to Oprah) with her very own religion (called ‘Beyism’), but it’s common knowledge that she isn’t much of a songwriter.

King Bey’s been called out numerous times over the years for her ‘songwriting’ skills – which usually consist of adding some vocal runs or changing a word or two in a song, and then taking credit as both the writer and the producer.

Opinion has always been split on Beyonce’s artistry, with some top hitmakers –such as Ne-Yo and Bangladesh– defending her questionable methods, while others have felt differently.

Belonging to the latter category is Linda Perry, who was behind hits like Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” and Pink’s “Get The Party Started.” The singer-songwriter didn’t pull any punches during a recent Reddit AMA to promote her new VH1 talent show Make or Break, revealing exactly what she thinks of Beyonce’s so-called ‘songwriting.’

Linda, how do you feel about Beyonce changing one word on a song and getting writing credit. Does that bother you as a songwriter?

“well hahaha um thats not songwriting but some of these artists believe if it wasnt for them your song would never get out there so they take a cut just because they are who they are. but everyone knows the real truth even Beyonce. She is talented but in a completely different way.”
henry i

Are One Direction writing a dance anthem? Liam Payne teases 'pure banger'

Liam Payne has hinted that One Direction have written a dance track.

The 20-year-old uploaded a picture of himself with a cap pulled down over his face and the caption: "Just going to bed been studio written a pure banger for you guys who like dance more info to come".

One Direction are currently working on their fourth studio album, which will be the follow up to 2013's Midnight Memories.

Meanwhile Payne's bandmate Harry Styles has been writing songs with both Ariana Grande and Kodaline.

Naughty Boy recently revealed that he'd been working with One Direction in the studio, claiming that band member Zayn Malik can rap and "spit bars".
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Source: digital spy

Jason Biggs, "Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?"

Jason Biggs is getting trashed for joking that he now wants to sell his Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles ... but he's not backing down.

Biggs tweeted shortly after the crash of the 777 jetliner, "Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?"

People went nuts on Biggs, saying, among other things, "Go f**k a pie you piece of s**t. You're such an attention seeking f**king whore," and "You'd laugh if your kids died in a plane crash?"

Biggs recoiled in anger, saying, "Truly - you losers are literally trying to find s**t to get angry about. Channel your issues elsewhere," and, "Hey, all you 'too soon' assholes - it's a f**king joke. You don't have to think it's funny, or even be on my twitter page at all."



"Fancy" is no longer #1, but thanks to Hot 100 gains for their new songs, Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX can stay happy.

While their blockbuster “Fancy” is no longer number one on this week’s Billboard Hot 100, both Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX enjoy gains for their follow-up efforts.

“Boom Clap,” Charli XCX’s breakthrough solo offering, rises to a new peak of #16 on this week’s edition of the chart. A consistent digital seller and a strong gainer at radio, the song should continue to rise in the coming weeks.

Iggy Azalea’s follow-up track “Black Widow,” which features Rita Ora, also hits a new peak this week. Fueled by a 118% increase to 41,000 weekly sales, “Black Widow” surges to #65 on the Hot 100. It was #97 last week.

The chart leader for seven consecutive weeks, “Fancy” this week slips to #2 on Billboard’s all-encompassing single track chart. MAGIC!’s breakthrough “Rude” takes over #1.


this is their summer/year<3
Cheryl Cole: Crazy Stupid Love

BBC Radio 1: Nicole Scherzinger is "Not Right For Our Target Audience"

COULD Nicole Scherzinger be too old for Radio 1? Well, it seems she’s “not right” for their youthful target audience.

For the second time in just over a year, the BBC have left 36-year-old Nicole off their playlist. And as happened with her March hit Boomerang, her single Your Love is riding high in the charts regardless.

Capital FM, who also ignored Boomerang on their playlist, relented and put it on Tuesday when it shot up the iTunes chart.

This week, Your Love is battling with Rixton for the top spot in Sunday’s Official Charts. But while the boyband, who are in their mid-20s, are getting maximum support on the station’s A-list, Nicole hasn’t even scraped on to the C-list. The boys are 12,000 copies ahead in the race for No1. (except she is down to #7 on UK iTunes now)

In a statement, Radio 1 said: “Each track is considered for the playlist based on its musical merit and whether it is right for our target audience, with decisions made on a case-by-case basis.” Our sources said: “Nicole’s single was discussed at the playlist meeting but it wasn’t considered a priority track.

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So Radio 1 won't play you, Capital FM only playlisted you 2 days ago and KISS has you in the 30's on theirs, what are you gonna do sis? UK ONTD'ers: Buy Your Love on iTunes!


Jennifer, Courteney and Lisa reunited and had dinner last night. Let your nostalgia ignite~

Earlier this year, sitting down with David Letterman, Courteney Cox was subjected—as all Friends cast members invariably are, when they visit any sort of talk show—to a grilling about a potential Friends reunion. “It’s not gonna happen,” Cox said, not even obliging Letterman (and the scores of Friends fans clutching their stuffed-monkey Marcels at home) with the typical vague, “We’ll see . . . I’d always be down!” answer often employed in such situations. Adding insult to injury (so Monica of her), Cox revealed she hasn’t even been able to get the group together for dinner for 10 years. “It doesn't happen,” she said. “I mean, I can get the girls to come, maybe Matthew Perry. Matt LeBlanc cancelled last time, right at the last minute. Schwimmer lives here [in New York] . . . so it’s just not going to happen.”

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Oblig Friends nostalgia post. What were your fave Friends moments~

[actress] Grace Kelly


“The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” brings to an epic conclusion the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield and the Company of Dwarves. Having reclaimed their homeland from the Dragon Smaug, the Company has unwittingly unleashed a deadly force into the world. Enraged, Smaug rains his fiery wrath down upon the defenseless men, women and children of Lake-town. Obsessed above all else with his reclaimed treasure, Thorin sacrifices friendship and honor to hoard it as Bilbo’s frantic attempts to make him see reason drive the Hobbit towards a desperate and dangerous choice. But there are even greater dangers ahead. Unseen by any but the Wizard Gandalf, the great enemy Sauron has sent forth legions of Orcs in a stealth attack upon the Lonely Mountain. As darkness converges on their escalating conflict, the races of Dwarves, Elves and Men must decide – unite or be destroyed. Bilbo finds himself fighting for his life and the lives of his friends in the epic Battle of the Five Armies, as the future of Middle-earth hangs in the balance.

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Filming For AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Still Going Strong In New London - Set Photos

Seeing double: Two body doubles for Scarlett Johansson's character, Black Widow, stepped out in all-black ensembles

When his ripped arms aren’t working as a portable pram to his three gorgeous children India Rose, two, and three-month old twin boys Tristan and Sasha, Chris Hemsworth puts his physique to work playing powerful superhero Thor.

The Aussie hunk was busy shooting scenes for the Marvel superhero sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, in London on Thursday and showed off his toned biceps in a tight black singlet top which he teamed with grey trousers and sturdy boots.

In between takes Chris kicked back in a chauffeured buggy texting on his phone, perhaps checking in with wife and mother of his three children Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, who he married in December 2010.

Also on set were actors Chris Evans, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow body doubles, who stepped out in all-black ensembles and the Black Widow’s trademark auburn locks.

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Kristen Wiig Covers Elle, Talks Dramatic Roles

Though immensely private, comic genius Kristen Wiig has taken on a series of raw, revealing dramatic roles that may profoundly alter the way the world appreciates her huge talent, and she’s opening up about all that and more in the August issue of ELLE. Wiig spoke candidly with writer Ivan Solotaroff about delving into the dramatically dark characters she embodies in her latest films —The Skeleton Twins, which hits theaters on September 19, and Welcome to Me—her formative pre-SNL years (she was neither cheerleader nor theater nerd), the “meditative” and “therapeutic” effects of teaching herself guitar and writing songs, and one of her latest pursuits: trying her hand at directing.

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Celeb Real Estate Post! Kate Bosworth Sells Hollywood Hills Home for $2.4m

After three months on the market, Kate Bosworth has sold the Hollywood Hills pad she once shared with ex-boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard.

The 31-year-old blonde beauty got $2.4 million for the three-bedroom home, according to Trulia.

This comes just after the Blue Crush star bought a new house with husband Michael Polish.

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I doubt anybody here is gonna show what their house/apartment looks like...
gizmo &lt;3

La Roux's new album, "the best pop album we'll hear this year"

Digital Spy: ★★★★½

Waiting For Elly Jackson: it's become a running gag to rival anything Samuel Beckett could have conjured. For the past five years time has been tricking by and, just like the elusive Godot, it's not brought a new La Roux album with it. And at some point, in that half-decade of missed deadlines and delayed releases, the question's ceased being 'when' - it's become 'how' instead. How could this LP, fast approaching Chinese Democracy levels in terms of tardiness, justify the never-ending wait? How would La Roux, after coming on like the freshest mainstream pop act in yonks back in 2009, fit into the fabric of 2014? Pop's a fickle mistress, and if you're not leading the charge, you're straggling at the back of the pack instead.

And yet for all the trials and tribulations - including the split with musical partner Ben Langmaid - Trouble In Paradise is an utter triumph: an album of wall-to-wall bangers which makes a mockery of the idea that all those long chewed-over ideas would sound old-hat upon release. Case in point, opener 'Uptight Downtown' is inspired by the London riots that lit up Brixton back in 2011 - a topic which, by now, should sound cloyingly passé - and yet here it's electro-pop magic, with its shimmering, Chic-like guitars and taut backdrop.

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