July 11th, 2014

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21(5) TV Shows That Revolutionized How We See Women and Sex

A look at 50 years of female sexuality on the small screen fromI Love Lucy and Bewitched to Game of Thrones and Masters
of Sex

We live in a culture consumed by sex, and yet it is still rare to see realistic portrayals of female sexuality. That’s starting to change, thanks to shows woman-produced shows like Girls, Orange Is the New Black and Masters of Sex (which begins its second season on Ju
ly 13). But the struggle to make women’s desire less taboo on TV has been a long and slow process: Masters of Sex owes much of its success to groundbreaking shows like Sex and the City, Seinfeld and even I Love Lucy. Here’s a short history of female sexual empowerment onscreen (in reverse chronological order):

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Fifty Shades Trailer Announcement ✧ Universal Already Moving Ahead With The Sequel

Stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson will appear in an in-studio interview on July 24, introducing the trailer and answering questions from the Today show anchors. There will also be interview contributions from Fifty Shades author E L James and director Sam Taylor-Johnson.The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer will start running in US movie theaters on Friday, July 25 with the movie 'Lucy', which stars Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. The film itself airs on Valentine's day 2015.

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Mats Hummels says Germany made half-time pledge not to humiliate Brazil; talks of final

Joachim Löw’s side led 5-0 after the first 45 minutes in Belo Horizonte before completing a 7-1 rout to reach Sunday’s final.

But defender Mats Hummels said they were determined to be professional after the break.

'We just made it clear that we had to stay focused and not try to humiliate them,' he said.

‘We said we had to stay serious and concentrate at half-time. That’s something you don’t have to show on the pitch if you are playing.

‘You have to show the opponent respect and it was very important that we did this and didn’t try to show some magic or something like this. It was important we played our game for 90 minutes.’

Hummels, who hopes to recover from injury in time for Sunday’s final, believes Germany will have to deliver a repeat performance in Rio de Janeiro.

‘After our second goal they got confused. They were not organised on the pitch and after that we didn’t miss a chance until we scored the fifth goal. This doesn’t happen too often. You just have to enjoy it,’ he added.

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edit: Mats does not agree with how his words are being reported


i can't believe it's already the end
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Doomsday & 3 Other Villains Planned for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of the Superbatting

Bleeding Cool sources who have been rather reliable in the past have told us that they have seen Batman V Superman designs for the character of Doomsday. In the comics, Doomsday was the creature who killed Superman, in an epic battle across all the Superman titles, culminating a battle composed entirely of splash pages drawn by Dan Jurgens.


Recently, the character returned in the rebooted New 52 Superman titles, in the crossover event Doomed masterminded by Scott Lobdell.

Now, of course, much can change in the production process. This may be used purely for flashback purposes on the screen, looking at the life (and death) of Superman. It may be purely for promotional efforts to accompany the film. Or it may not make it to the final cut.

But as of now, it looks like Doomsday, the killer of Superman, be in the next film… will Superman make it out alive?

Probably. It is the dawn of justice after all. And not the wake.

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Source 1, 2

Needs more characters

Well that was fast... World Cup Model let go from L'Oreal

L'Oreal has ended its contract with 17-year-old World Cup fan Axelle Despiegelaere, who landed a modeling deal with the world's biggest beauty company after photos of the attractive teen cheering Belgium went viral.

But fans were outraged after Axelle recently posted a photo of herself to Facebook in which she is holding a rifle, proudly sitting behind what appears to be a dead gazelle she shot while hunting.

The caption, in reference to the World Cup match, read: "Hunting is not a matter of life or death. It's much more important than that..this was about 1 year ago...ready to hunt Americans today haha."

After feeling the heat from fans, Axelle apologized in the comments section of her post, saying "i didn't mean to offend anyone..it was a joke."

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TV - Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire's final eight-episode season premieres Sept. 7th

The fifth and final season of Boardwalk Empire is set to kick off on Sunday, Sept. 7, HBO announced on Thursday. The network's prohibition-era drama's final run will consist of eight episodes and will jump ahead to 1931 and find the characters in the midst of the Great Depression.

And speaking of depression (See what we did there?), after two seasons, we're still not over the death of Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt), at the hands of Atlantic City's lead gangster, Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi), his former mentor.

And the NYC junket for his new film, I Origins, Michael Pitt dished on how he'd like to see the series come to an end. One word: revenge! "I think my son should assassinate Nucky Thompson," Pitt said. [YAAASSSS] "My son is about 11 now. Yeah, he needs [to] assassinate Nucky."

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O hai, I was at that premiere last night and kinda met him! ♥ He is fine as hale in person. SMH @ the time jump and the shortened season, but I'm excited anyway.

Batgirl gets a new look

DC Comics’ Batgirl has been paralyzed, put through the ringer, gotten her groove back, faced The Joker, tussled with Batman, and now faces her biggest challenge of all: a new creative team.

Starting in October, Barbara Gordon gets a brand new look, and team of writers and artist with “Batgirl #35.” Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher, no strangers to the DC Universe from their work on “Batman Inc.” and “Wednesday Comics” respectively, will write the book, which finds a fire burning everything Batgirl owns, forcing her to reevaluate her life in a big way.

Additionally, the writing team is joined by newcomer, artist Babs Tarr, who along with sometimes artist Stewart, has revamped her namesake’s costume to be way more practical than the skin-hugging body-armor comic fans might be used to.

To find out more, MTV News chatted over e-mail with the new team, and we’re also pleased to show off exclusive first looks at the cover to issue #35, a promo image advertising the series, and development work Stewart and Tarr did on the new costume.

(And to fans wondering what’s up with departing, much beloved writer Gail Simone: no worries, we hear she has another project with DC Comics that will be announced shortly. So stay tuned.)
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Science Is Golden: ‘Cosmos’, ‘Years Of Living Dangerously’ Garner Multiple Emmy Nominations

Two sweeping science-based documentaries, “Cosmos” and “Years Of Living Dangerously,” received multiple Primetime Emmy Award nominations Thursday morning. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences nominated both landmark shows for “Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Series” and “Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming.” COSMOS then got another 10 nominations!

“COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey,” is the Fox network’s gorgeous, high-tech update of the classic PBS series, with the redoubtable Neil deGrasse Tyson in the narrator role made famous by Carl Sagan. It is one of the strongest defenses of science and the scientific method ever to appear on network TV — and Tyson was not shy in speaking out about the reality of climate science.

“Years Of Living Dangerously” is the first documentary series devoted to climate change ever to appear on a major network or premium cable. Its 9 episodes were produced by the legendary storytellers and filmmakers James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jerry Weintraub — together with three former 60 Minutes producers who already have 18 Emmys between them. I (Joe Romm) was Chief Science Advisor for the series alongside Heidi Cullen.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, a “Years” correspondent in the episode nominated for Outstanding Writing, said: "I am so thrilled to see the excellent work that so many people put into this recognized. It’s one of the best projects I’ve ever been privileged to be a part of. It’s a model for the future of TV journalism."
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Marvel to return to Hall H at Comic-Con (and you can sign up for a liveblog of it!)

Marvel will take the stage once more at Comic-Con International's Hall H in San Diego Saturday, July 26 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. PT, where Marvel Studios President and Producer Kevin Feige and special guests will provide an inside look at the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe!

While that's all we can tell you right now, those of you who can't make it to San Diego this year can sign up for our special liveblog of the event directly below to get all the news as it breaks, and for more on San Diego Comic-Con and Marvel Studios keep your eyes on Marvel.com!


ONTD, would you camp out for 24 hours and miss free parties with open bars to go to the Marvel panel?
Harry Potter; DH1

MTV Renews 'Catfish' for Season 4

The Nev Schulman and Max Joseph-led series will return for another run.

The Viacom-owned cable network has greenlighted a fourth season of the Nev Schulman and Max Joseph-hosted series exploring the world of online dating, two days after the third season wrapped.
Catfish premiered its most recent season to 2 million viewers back in May, in line with the sophomore season's most-watched episodes. Actress Tracie Thoms (Rent) also appeared during the season seeking Schulman and Joseph's help in uncovering the truth about a fan.
Catfish: The TV Show is a spinoff of the 2010 feature and follows a small documentary crew, led by Schulman and Joseph, as they help individuals determine if the people they've met online are really who they claim to be.

For MTV, the renewal comes hours after the network gave a straight to series order for its Shannara adaptation from executive producers Jon Favreau and Jonathan Liebesman. Catfish has become a strong player for MTV on the unscripted portfolio, which has mainstays like The Real World, The Challenge, 16 Pregnant, Teen Mom 2 and Snooki & JWoww.


Tourist's fingertips severed on Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Walt Disney World


A tourist from the United Kingdom was hospitalized Thursday morning after an accident on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

The tips of the man's ring finger and his pinky finger on his right hand were severed, according to Bo Jones with the Reedy Creek Fire Department.

Jones said the man, whose name was not released, was holding on to the outside of the boat during the ride. It's not clear what hit the man's hand and caused the injury.

Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger confirmed the accident and said the ride was briefly closed and has since been reopened.

A verbal safety message sounds each time the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is launched. It's not yet clear if the message is prerecorded or if a Disney employee is responsible for warning riders.

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Madeline Ashton Death Becomes Her

Lisa Kudrow Previews 'The Comeback' Return, Valerie Cherish in 2014

After screening a quick clip of the revived HBO series, Kudrow and co-creator Michael Patrick King talk about where the update finds her alter ego, though nobody seem particularly optimistic about carrying it any further.


The Comeback's comeback is very real. After HBO's Michael Lombardo spent part of his Thursday TCA panel discussing the decision to revive the one-off 2005 comedy, the network screened a scene from November's limited event.

Lisa Kudrow, hair several shades more strawberry as Valerie Cherish, looks into a confessional camera to ineloquently summarize all that's happened to reality television since viewers last saw her. "It used to just be me and a bunch of people eating bugs," she says.

But the new Comeback, still a mockumentary at heart, takes on a very different structure this time around. Kudrow's central character has landed a job on a HBO series — the word is still out on how that happens, though co-creator Michael Patrick King calls it "realistic" — and the cameras rolling are a behind-the-scenes crew enlisted to document the shoot. "The DNA that we liked about Valerie was her in front of a camera, unedited," said King. "This time we found a different way to get her in front of the camera."

Kudrow and King closed out HBO's afternoon with reporters by talking through the new six-part series. And though the evolution of reality is fodder for the series, the truth to that occupied much of the conversation.

"One weird thing we got [in 2005] was that people had never seen a female character doing this to herself in front of her camera," said King, in reference to Valerie's fame-hungry pandering. "Since then, we have The Real Housewives."


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Harry Potter actor Dave Legeno dead after hiking in Death Valley


One of the villains from the "Harry Potter" movies -- British actor Dave Legeno -- died while hiking in Death Valley ... TMZ has learned.

Legeno's body was found by a pair of hikers on Sunday in an area so remote ... a CHP helicopter had to be called in to remove it.

50-year-old Legeno played the werewolf Fenrir Greyback in the 'Potter' movies. He was also in "Snatch."

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Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix on the set of new Woody Allen movie

Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix share a laugh as they walk together during a lunch break on the set of Woody Allen's untitled movie in Newport, Rhode Island

You can pretty much set your watch to Woody Allen's work schedule, and with his next film "Magic In The Moonlight" dropping next month, the director is naturally already on his next movie. Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone are slated to star and as per usual, there are no plot details. Okay, that's not quite true.

It has emerged that shooting for the movie will take place not in exotic European locales, or bustling metropolises, but instead in Rhode Island, with casting now underway. And there's more. The Boston Globe reports that it will be a "contemporary story" and—get this—will feature "academics, graduate students, and middle- and working-class folks." So, another movie with erudite braniacs, smart young people and regular Joes all colliding together? Yep, sounds like more than a few Allen movies we've seen.

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Kim Kardashian Has Only Spent 9 Days With Kanye West Since They Got Married

It seems that clever hooker Kim Kardashian has found a krafty way to make sure her latest sham of a marriage lasts longer than the previous one. According to Radar, Kim and her current husband Kanye West have only spent 9 days together since getting married 48 days ago, the majority of which were spent during their honeymoons. Ugh, remember how those assholes had two honeymoons? LOOKS LIKE IT WAS WORTH IT. Collapse )

cringing at the way this article is written tbh. ontd, how long do you think these two will last?


"Zac & Michelle Have a Healthy Influence on Each Other".

Everyone’s been talking about Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez since their kissing photos surfaced in Italy, and now, their pal Gianluca Vacchi is speaking about their romance!

In case you didn’t know, Zac and Michelle have been vacationing with Gianluca for two weeks in Sardinia where they were spotted making out on a boat.

“Don’t be concerned, Z and Mich have a mutual healthy influence each other and they are very cute toghether.” Gianluca wrote on his Instagram account. They totally are very cute together!


Liverpool agree to sell Suarez to Barca

Liverpool have confirmed that an agreement has been reached with Barcelona for the transfer of Luis Suarez even though the troubled striker is serving a four-month ban for biting an opponent.

Suarez, 27, is set to sign a five-year contract with the Spanish club and will travel to the Catalan city for a physical next week, while the fee is reported to be around 80 million euros.

The Uruguay international had been heavily linked with a move to Barca ever since he was banned by FIFA from all football-related activity for four months after biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini during a group-stage match at the World Cup.

Despite having a superb campaign last season -- winning both the PFA Players' Player of the Year and Football Writers' Player of the Year awards -- Suarez's reputation grew even more controversial after a suspension for biting an opponent for a third time in his career.
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Diana Guerrero

Nash Grier Kisses Gay Fan After Being Slammed For Homophobic Slur


No doubt in response to the fallout from his homophobic Vine that went viral, social media star Nash Grier decided to kiss a gay fan in an attempt to show he has love rather than antipathy for the gay community. The fan shared the experience on Snapchat and later on Tumblr, saying: "To all the people complaining about Nash being a homophobic who’s against gays; He willingly kissed a boy just for a snapchat story on top of apologizing twice."


rainbow cadillac

The Backlash Begins

In 2010 Cleveland burned jerseys and penned strongly-worded comic sans letters. Most fans in Miami mocked those in Ohio for their reaction to the departure of LeBron James. Now the shoe is on the other foot, well, it's basically the same thing.

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‘Sons Of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter Writes About Emmy Snub.

I asked Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter to write about how he’s feeling after the Emmy nominations came out today:

There’s a certain cachet that comes with being snubbed in all major categories*. Repeatedly.

It’s the “Lucci Factor”.

You gain more fame, respect and admiration the more your efforts are ignored. If you win gracefully, you’re famous. If you lose loudly, you’re infamous. I, unfortunately, fall into the later category. Not to say that I haven’t mellowed, I have. I’m halfway through my second paragraph and I haven’t called anyone at AMC a money-whoring, talentless cunt yet. So, that’s progress, right? Honestly – and I actually believe this – I think we’d drop viewers if ‘Sons of Anarchy‘ were ever nominated for an Emmy.

My bombastic outlaw-asshole reputation would be tarnished. Or rather, untarnished. I’d be just another smiling douchebag in a new suit, pretending to give a shit on the red carpet. Actually… taking a shit on the red carpet, that’s something that might drop as a “real and honest moment”. Although that’s pretty much what Joan and Melissa have been doing for 10 years and I don’t think either one of them have anything real left on their bodies…

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nyan cattt

Golden Ball candidates announced

Messi, Neymar and James among Fifa Golden Ball nominees

Lionel Messi, Neymar and James Rodriguez have been named among those shortlisted for the Fifa Golden Ball 2014.

The award is presented to the best player of the World Cup finals and is voted for by members of the media and Fifa’s Technical Study Group.

The Barcelona stars were named alongside James, the tournament’s current top scorer with six goals, as part of a 10-man shortlist that is dominated by Germany and Argentina – the two sides who will contest the Sunday’s final at the Maracana.

Javier Mascherano and Angel Di Maria join Messi as the three Argentina players to make the list.

Favourites Germany have four nominations with Matts Hummels and Toni Kroos joining captain Philipp Lahm and Thomas Muller, who has scored five goals in Brazil so far.

Fifa Golden Ball Nominees

  • Matts Hummels (GER)

  • Thomas Muller (GER)

  • Toni Kroos (GER)

  • Philipp Lahm (GER)

  • Lionel Messi (ARG)

  • Javier Mascherano (ARG)

  • Angel Di Maria (ARG)

  • Neymar (BRA)

  • Arjen Robben (NED)

  • James Rodríguez (COL)

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Yaya DaCosta Alafia Mimics Whitney Houston's 1987 Album Cover in First-Look Photo From Biopic

Here's your first look (above) at Yaya DaCosta Alafia as Whitney Houston in Angela Bassett's upcoming directorial debut for the Lifetime network, courtesy of EW.

bviously, it's a mimic of the album cover of the late singer's hit 1987 studio album (her 2nd) "Whitney" (see the original on the left).

DaCosta is joined in front of the camera by Arlen Escarpeta (as Bobby Brown) and Yolonda Ross (as Whitney Houston's longtime good friend and assistant, who was also rumored to be her lesbian lover - Robyn Crawford).

The telepic will chronicle the headline-making partnership between the iconic singer, actress, producer and model, and singer, songwriter Bobby Brown - from the time they first met at the very height of their celebrity, to their courtship and tumultuous marriage.

Bassett is directing the film, which is tentatively titled "Whitney Houston," from a script penned by Shem Bitterman ("Betty & Coretta" - the Lifetime Original Movie that Bassett starred in last year).

Larry Sanitsky (who produced "Betty & Coretta") will do the same for "Whitney Houston."

It's scheduled to debut in 2015.


Fast And Furious 7 Wraps Production With A Love Letter To Paul Walker, Fans

It has been an emotional roller coaster of a day on social media for Fast & Furious fans. First, Vin Diesel shares a photographic tease for a Race Wars scene in Fast and Furious 7, which will be a callback to a pivotal scene in the initial The Fast and the Furious. Then, he posts the above Facebook post, which is a love letter to fans on the day that they appear to have finally wrapped production.

Get tissues, Fast fans, because this one’s going to bring all of the feels.

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New Hemlock Grove character talks about her role

After Madeline Brewer finished her stint as Tricia (the girl with the neck tattoo) on the first season of Orange is the New Black, she auditioned for eight months before landing the new, non-supernatural role of graphic artist Miranda Cates on Hemlock Grove‘s second season (now available on Netflix). “Weird things happen to her that involve Peter and Roman,” Brewer says. “I wanted her to become a vampire-werewolf hybrid, because I think that would then immediately bump me up to the coolest character on the show, but that didn’t happen. I’ll just have to stick with being a normal person.”
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rip this majestic brotp

Vanessa Mae apparently had no right to participate in the Olympics

Four Slovenian ski officials were suspended Friday for allegedly rigging the results of pop violinist Vanessa-Mae to help her qualify for the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Competing in Sochi for Thailand as Vanessa Vanakorn, using the surname of her Thai father, she finished a distant last among the 67 racers who completed the two runs in the Olympic giant slalom.

To earn enough points to be eligible for the games in February, she had to compete in official races in Sweden, Norway, Slovenia and Switzerland.

The Slovenian Ski Association said Friday it found evidence indicating that the races it hosted in January were "fixed at the behest of Thai ski officials to meet her qualifying criteria for Sochi."

The Slovenian association president, Jurij Zurej, said the suspected irregularities included falsification of times and rankings.

"The starting list included a person who did not even compete, a racer who fell was registered as finishing high in the standings," Zurej said. "In addition, the dates of the competitions did not match the actual state when the races were held."

Zurej said that Vanessa-Mae might not have known about the violations at the time.

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A song for the sunset.

Lane 8 ‘I Got What You Need (Every Night)’ ft. Bipolar Sunshine

As the summer reign of the world’s other half continues, Germany-based producer LANE 8 makes his contribution to the season’s soundtrack with his song ‘I Got What You Need (Every Night)’, featuring BIPOLAR SUNSHINE (the solo project of Adio Marchant, previously the lead vocalist for now defunct KID BRITISH).

A re-working of his ‘Every Night’ track which was released early last year, this new edition has maintained the original’s deep house chill whilst throwing in a new layer of lyrical lines and an even more prominent solid bass-line, inevitably turning up the tune’s ‘danceable’ factor.

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Lil' Kim shares first photo of baby Royal Reign

Thank U to all my fans #TeamLilKim #KillerBees #Beehive & friends for the Birthday love. I Love U guys so much and we will be together soon again. On my Birthday I want to share something special with U all.... The greatest gift I have ever received. My princess, Royal !!!!! This is her first picture on the day she was born. It was life changing and I want to share a small piece of my pride and joy with U on my special day today!!! Love U :) :) !!!! #HappyBirthdayLilKim #Royal #Reign #RoyalReign #TeamCancer


Weird angle but I think she's cute.
Winter Soldier

Caitlin Stasey Weighs In

THE Australian actor at the centre of a recent Twitter feminism storm has told women to stop feeling guilty if they don’t have the “ideal body’’.

Caitlin Stasey, 24, said there was too much body shaming of women, including through photoshopping, and called on advertisers and corporations to stop making women “feel like failures’’.

“Women are objectified and sexualised, yet when they express themselves sexually of their own volition it becomes tasteless,’’ she said.

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Steven Spielberg Slammed Online For 'Killing' Triceratops

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A photograph of Steven Spielberg as been blasted on the internet for killing a dinosaur.

The director posed with one of the props from his 1993 dinosaur flick Jurassic Park when he filmed the movie, and after Jay Branscomb posted the image on his Facebook page with the caption, "Disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a Triceratops he just slaughtered. Please share so the world can name and shame this despicable man," those not paying attention to the details became livid and posted some nasty comments.

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This is my first post, Hi I'm Tito

Fall TV First Impression: NBC's State of Affairs + Katherine Heigl is a big draw for Advertisers

THE SHOW | NBC’s State of Affairs (Mondays at 10/9c, premiering Nov. 17)

THE CAST | Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy), Alfre Woodard (Desperate Housewives), Adam Kaufman (Without a Trace), Leslie Odom, Jr. (Person of Interest), Sheila Vand (Cult), Cliff Chamberlain (The Mob Doctor) and Tommy Savas (The Last Ship)

THE SET-UP | Meet CIA analyst Charleston Tucker (Heigl), the recipient of one of the most unflattering TV character introductions in a while. See, “Charlie” was engaged to the president’s son at the time he was killed during a terrorist attack. Now, she soothes her pain with drinking, random hook-ups, fruitless shrink sessions and the crooning of/shimmying to pop tunes while compiling the CIA’s daily briefing for POTUS (Woodard).
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Advertisers Wager NBC’s Katherine Heigl Drama Will Lead Freshman Scripted Series in New TV Season. Katherine Heigl may be a polarizing figure in some circles, but advertisers seem to like her just fine.

A Variety survey of commercial-ratings projections from four major ad buyers finds that NBC’s new drama “State of Affairs” featuring the actress is expected to generate the most commercial viewership among freshman scripted programs in the 2014-15 season in viewers between 18 and 49, the demographic most coveted by advertisers. Only CBS’ “NFL Thursday Night” broadcasts are expected to garner more “C3” ratings, or views of commercials that accompany programs up to three days after they air.
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:(, why can't people keep their willies out
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Marvel's Editor-In-Chief Responds to the #FireRickRemender "Outcry"

In regards to that nonsense from the other day...

From Captain America #22“On the Internet, sometimes what appears to be an explosion is really just a fart. The accusations are totally without merit. A handful of people who have it in for Rick started a witch hunt against him, claiming he had written a scene in Captain America #22 that portrayed the Falcon engaging in what amounted to statutory rape. They used social media to spread the word, and we got some angry emails — about 90 percent which came from people who stated right out the gate that hadn’t even read the issue, but were incensed by what they’d heard Rick had written.

Let me be clear: An attack on Rick’s integrity is an attack on Marvel’s integrity. We would never publish a scene that had one of our super heroes engage in such an act. Jet Black is a 23-year-old woman. She was a pre-teen at the start of Rick’s run, but since that time, the book has jumped forward 13 years in the future, and Jet — along with Steve and Ian — has aged 13 years. In Captain America #22, it is explicitly stated that Jet is 23, and she is rendered [by artist Carlos Pacheco] as a fully adult woman. Jet Black is a 23-year-old woman. End of story.”

– Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, talking with Comic Book Resources about the social-media firestorm that followed the release of Captain America #22


This was the saddest and most embarrassing attempt in recent history to co-opt the cause of ~social justice~ for personal fan grudges, and everyone who feebly tried it should commit seppuku imo
  • trent

Selena's boobs are REAL!!!!!!

There are at least two reasons to love Selena Gomez today because TMZ has confirmed the following about this much discussed top-heavy photo: THEY'RE REAL!
Ever since Selena was spotted in NYC this week looking perky and free -- there's been rampant speculation about a possible boob job. But sources extremely close to SG's tank top tell us the assets are original issue ... and not enhanced in any way, shape or insanely good form.
Upon much closer inspection of the entire set of pics (we love our jobs) -- Selena's chest was merely bouncing while she walked. The camera just caught her chest on an upstroke.
You may now return to life.

Sony Crackle to Release Original Drama Series ‘Sequestered’

Crackle, the online network of Sony Pictures Television, announced that the first six episodes of original drama series “Sequestered” will debut Aug. 5, holding the back half of the series until October.

The 12-episode series follows a jury sequestered in a hotel while deliberating a high-profile kidnapping-murder case. “Sequestered” stars Jesse Bradford (“Bring It On”), Summer Glau (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) and Patrick Warburton (“Rules of Engagement,” “Seinfeld”).

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What Will We See at Marvel’s Comic-Con Panel This Year?

The madness of San Diego Comic-Con is upon us, and that means it’s speculation time. Marvel is always a highlight of the event, and this morning the studio “announced” that its Hall H panel is set for Saturday from 5:30-6:30pm. I say “announced” because the official description of the panel is as follows: “Marvel Studios President and Producer Kevin Feige and special guests will provide an inside look at the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.” That’s incredibly vague, but not altogether surprising given that Marvel loves to keep things under wraps.

However, even though no official Comic-Con announcements have been made, we actually have a pretty good idea of what the panel will entail. Much more after the jump.

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I just can't wait for the amazing cast interactions tbh.
jimin [bst jp]


Colin Farrell is in talks to star in the second season of HBO's "True Detective 2," an individual familiar with the project told TheWrap, while Taylor Kitsch is also among the leading candidates for the younger male lead. HBO did not not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Insiders tell TheWrap that HBO was intent on landing a true movie star, someone who could play rugged and gritty, and they've done just that with Farrell, who is nearing a deal for the series' older male lead.

Kitsch is coming off strong notices for his performance in HBO's "The Normal Heart." While his two movie star vehicles, "Battleship" and "John Carter," did not live up to the expectations created by their hefty budgets, Kitsch displayed solid chops on NBC's "Friday Night Lights" and in Peter Berg's "Lone Survivor." Berg, of course, just worked with HBO on "The Leftovers."

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#ThisIsTheRealHarry: Directioners defend Harry Styles after he's accused of supporting Israel

Again the Directioners are up in arms on social media to defend one of their idols. This time, it's Harry Styles who is caught in the thick of it, and as usual, One Direction's fans have rallied to support him and show the world that the singer is a good person, under the hashtag #ThisIsTheRealHarry.

Apparently, say several tweets, the defensive tweets come from accusations that singer supports Israel--all because some fan during one of his concerts passed him an inflatable hammer with a drawing of the Star of David, representing the country's flag.

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The Wolf Among Us Episode 5 'Cry Wolf' Review: "A Satisfying Ending"

Cry Wolf picks up immediately after In Sheep's Clothing's conclusion -- in the inner sanctum of The Crooked Man behind the curtain. The same Crooked Man who seemingly set all of the events of Wolf in motion, and who we only got a mere glimpse of in the penultimate episode. The good news is -- you don't have to wait long for revelations. In fact, some secrets are immediately revealed, setting the tone for a rather fast-paced episode that doesn't screw around or waste time.

The rest of the dark realizations will unfold over the course of the tale, but the pacing is pretty spot-on throughout, sprinkling a good amount of action scenes on top of confrontations and a few inquisitions. Fans who enjoyed the pure detective elements might be a little disappointed until the very end, but this is a finale after all, and there is a lot that's expected in terms of excitement -- which it delivers.

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[Decision Time!]

  • I left Georgie to die (BYE BITCH)

  • I gave the Crooked Man a Trial

  • I threw the Crooked Man down the Witching Well

  • I accepted TJ's gift for Snow

  • And I told Nerissa that "I hope I did some good"

What choices did you make also what did you think about that cliffhanger at the end?
  • trent

This is why Selena Gomez is more than her past relationship!

sel 23
We Selenators look out for each other. So when we noticed that Selena Gomez was throwing out a few signs that she might be going through some stuff, we wanted to jump right there by her side.
You know, whether her vague quotes were about her ex doesn’t matter. The fact is, Selenators are family, and when she speaks to us, we speak back.
Earlier this week, she reached out directly to fans on Instagram. “You’re always listened to,” she wrote on one pic, continuing on another, “And usually always right.”
Selenators, whether they supported Jelena or not, just want her to be happy. But many (media like us are to blame) are pegging Selena’s every move to her ex's photos with a new girl. Selena posts pics with friends? It must be because she’s trying to forget him. Selena posts picture of ocean? She must be contemplating her lost relationship. Oh, she’s hanging out with other people? She trying to make him jealous. She’s wearing a bikini? Definitely trying to make him jealous. And that quote she put up? That must be her sending shade to him.
Not to mention this article that claims they’re “officially engaged” in a rebound dating duel.
Let’s stop reading into Selena’s life through a Justin Bieber lens. Let’s just see Selena for Selena.
While the couple took a weird, meandering, on-again-off-again turn, she admitted on Instagram that she always knew how it would end up. So right now, let’s just work on happiness. For you, Selena, and for all of us.

Snowpiercer, VOD, and the future of film distribution


June 27, a bold new sci-fi film opened in theaters. Critics raved. Fanboys exulted. Word-of-mouth was overwhelmingly positive. No, it wasn’t “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

Upon its release, South Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s “Snowpiercer” appeared to have the trappings of a summertime theatrical hit. It had a grabby premise (haves and have-nots battling it out on a train hurtling through a post-apocalyptic landscape). It had wall-to-wall action (sword fights, fistfights, gunfights). It had a major star (Chris Evans of the “Captain America" and "Avengers" franchises) and a compelling, daring actress (Tilda Swinton).

There was just one bump in the road to potential box office glory: “Snowpiercer” opened in only eight theaters. Yes, eight. That's 4,225 fewer than “Transformers" debuted in the very same day.

Well, if you've been frustrated — or perhaps just bewildered — that you haven't yet been able to see one of the most acclaimed films of the summer (Rotten Tomatoes' score: 94%), it’s about to get a whole lot easier. Just two weeks after hitting theaters, “Snowpiercer” will be available as of Friday on VOD, much earlier than a theatrically released film normally would be.

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Best movie I've seen all year and Chris Evans SLAYED
fuck the mcu

'Happyland' Boss on 'Potential' Incest Story: We're Not 'Game of Thrones'

Ben Epstein responds to critics who took issue with the pilot twist at the end of MTV's upcoming amusement park comedy.

MTV's amusement park comedy Happyland may have gotten off to a rocky start.

During Friday's Television Critics Association summer press tour stop, producers and the show's young stars defended the twist at the end of the pilot that reveals that the show's leading lady and her new young suitor may be brother and sister — after they've kissed.

Happyland, from Ben Epstein (Daddy's Girls), is a soapy teen comedy exploring the underbelly of one of the country's most popular theme parks and those who work there. The project centers on Lucy, a cynical teen whose mother makes a living as a fairy-tale princess, and explores the realities of growing up and falling in love while living in a make-believe world.
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