June 10th, 2014

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For the 3 ONTD members that care: Casper Smart to keep luxury toys and sue #shemale alleged lover.

Casper Smart took a stand against recent rumors that he had cheated on Jennifer Lopez with a transgender model before news of their breakup went public last week.

British tabloid The Sun ran a story recently saying a transgender model named Xristina Marie claimed she hooked up with the 27-year-old dancer/choreographer while he was still dating Lopez. Smart is calling foul.

“There is no truth to any meeting or physical encounter,” he told Us Weekly. “I am weighing my options on the appropriate action to take against Xristina Marie and/or The Sun.”

Marie is the second transgender model to claim to have been in contact with Smart while he was Lopez's official boyfriend. It was rumored that he had also exchanged racy photos and messages with Sofie Vissa, but sources close to the dancer said the stories were completely false.

The news of Lopez, 44, and Smart calling it quits became public Friday – just days after the initial rumors. Sources told Us Magazine and TMZ that the allegations had nothing to do with the couple’s split after 2 ½ years and that it was “an amicable process that started a few months ago.”

Neither Smart nor Lopez, who recently pulled out from performing at the World Cup opening ceremony, have spoken out on their split.

E News! reported the duo were hoping to be low key about ending things. A source said he has slowly been moving out Lopez's house.

"She will definitely still keep things civil and actually still loves him," a source told E! News. "The hard part is the kids love him too. He has become a part of her family."


Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers make out

Get a room you two! Olivia Munn enjoys passionate make out session with new love Aaron Rodgers on set of The Newsroom

Olivia Munn may have broken up recently with Joel Kinnaman, but she's not wasting any time with her new romance. The Newsroom beauty, 33, was literally all over her hunky new man, football star Aaron Rodgers, 30, when he visited on the Los Angeles set of her HBO show. The couple was spotted making out next to one of the trailers and in full view of anyone who chanced to walk by.

Olivia had nothing but love for Aaron, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, as she put both arms around him and leaned in for an ardent smooch. She had him pinned against the bungalow but he didn't seem to mind. At one point, Olivia threw a huge gleeful smile at some onlookers who chanced to catch them in the act.

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Sandra Bullock's home intruder may have kept a diary about her

It may not have been a random act of misfortune when Sandra Bullock's home was broken into early Sunday morning.

The 39-year-old intruder, identified as Joshua Corbett, may have been obsessed with the Oscar-winning actress, law enforcement sources tell Today. Corbett, who was arrested on suspicion of burglary after rummaging through her personal belongings, might have even kept a diary devoted to Bullock.

The break-in came just hours after Bullock, whose security is considered among the best in Hollywood, celebrated her win at Saturday's Spike TV Guys' Choice Awards. Officers responded to the call of a prowler around 6:30 a.m.

At the time of the encounter, the actress was inside her home with 4-year-old son Louis.

"She is unharmed and is fine," her rep told PEOPLE at the time.

Diana Guerrero

Is Kelly Rowland Hiding A Baby Bump?


It looks like it may be time to place Kelly Rowland on baby bump watch. Since the Billboard Awards, rumors have been circulating that the newly married songstress is with child. Interestingly, her last few public appearances have only seemed to fuel those rumors. In addition to appearing a bit fuller in the face and sporting that expectant mother’s glow, Kelly has been rocking her clothing a lot looser than usual. Just last year, Kelly expressed a desire to have a child, but reasoned that she wasn’t ready yet because she was still enjoying being “selfish.”

“Right now, I’m a bit selfish, a lot—I was gonna say a little—but I’m still selfish,” she explained. “I like my time, I like to wake up whenever I want to and I like to come and go as I please. I don’t know if I’m ready to share that time with another person, I don’t wanna mess them up.”

It’s unclear if Kelly has experienced a change of heart, but we’re certainly about to find out. High-waisted skirts and loose-fitting shirts can only hide a swelling baby bump for but so long. Kelly tied the knot with manager and longtime boyfriend, Tim Witherspoon, last month in Costa Rica.

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Shots Fired at Oregon High School [Updated]


TROUTDALE, Ore. (KOIN 6) — Police are at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, where gunshots have reportedly been fired, according to a law enforcement source.

Multnomah County Sheriff’s officials confirmed Tuesday this is now being confirmed as an active shooter incident.

Multiple agencies are responding. Sixty police and sheriff’s units are reportedly on scene, as well as 19 medical personnel. A LifeFlight helicopter landed in a nearby field.

Parents began arriving at the school around 8:45 a.m., despite officers requesting they stay away for the moment.

[Update as of 10:13am PST]: The gunman and one high school student are both dead. This was the last day of school.


A gunman and one Reynolds High School student are confirmed dead following a shooting inside the Troutdale school. Law enforcement officials offered few other details concerning the shooting during a 10 a.m. media update.

Around 100 law enforcement officers, tactical teams and medical personnel are in the process of evacuating students and staff. No one else is known to have been injured in the shooting.

One student told a parent the shooting began in the school’s gymnasium, though police have not been able to confirm specific details. Police were first alerted to the shooting just after 8 a.m.

Parents are being asked to reunite with their children at the Wood Village Fred Meyer at NE 223rd and NE Glisan, not the Safeway location initially given. A student still within the school tweeted just after 9 a.m. that while some students had been evacuated, “most” were still on lockdown.

The Reynolds School District — whose website is currently down — released a statement just after 9:30 a.m. saying Reynolds remains in lockdown, though law enforcement said shortly after they would be slowly busing students to the Fred Meyer parking lot. The students will be systemically marked off a list and handed over to parents or guardians. The evacuation could take two hours.

About 2,800 students attend the school, one of the largest in the state. Wednesday was supposed to be the final day of the school year.


I don't know whether to scream or cry at this point, tbh.

Another Trailer for Lindelof's Leftovers

Still licking his wounds from the controversial finale of "Lost" four years later, writer/producer Damon Lindelof will have something to prove with his upcoming HBO series "The Leftovers." And he's already letting folks know he's changed his approach to storytelling. “ ‘The Leftovers’ is not constructed as a cliffhangery show,” he told the NY Times. “It’s not built to be like, oh, my God, we’ve got to watch the next episode immediately. But at the same time, it is built so that when one episode ends, you want to keep watching the show. So by virtue of that, [we are] finding the spirit of: Well, what will make someone excited to watch ‘The Leftovers’ this Sunday night?”
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Oh Eccleston, bb. What is that accent.


Though the Sailor Moon anime generally features lighthearted creatures for the Sailor Senshi to fight, with designs based off of circus acts and random inanimate objects to professions (Sailor Stewardess!), there are numerous monsters that have gone to a rather dark places. The earliest monsters especially were simple in design, yet that belied their more sinister nature rather well. Here's a list of the 10 most creepy SM monsters.

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Joshua Jackson/Charlie Conway: The Mighty Ducks 4 should happen

They took down the Hawks, won a gold medal at the Junior Goodwill Games, and humbled the powerful Eden Hall Academy varsity. Honestly, what mountains are left for the Mighty Ducks to climb?

We’re not sure, but we may be about to find out. In an absolutely riveting oral history of the trilogy, star Joshua Jackson had this to say about a potential sequel:

“I feel like a fourth film should happen, and if there was space for any of the original kids that come back and have a role, I would be surprised that anybody didn't want to do it, The next generation should have its own version. Not that we need to come back as adults, but I hope my kids grow up and play pickup hockey and I hope that they have their own movies like my generation had those movies. In that way, yeah, of course, I'd be a part of something like that.”

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Shailene Woodley Wants To Be the Julia Roberts to Miles Teller's George Clooney

Shailene Woodley tells Vanity Fair senior West Coast editor Krista Smith she nearly quit acting after her supporting role in The Descendants earned her laurels from Hollywood and sudden success. “Somebody came to me and said, ‘I can’t wait to see what you do next.’ I took that as pressure—that I had to live up to somebody else’s expectations,” she recalls. “There were a few months where I was like, ‘I don’t want to act anymore.’ And then I got over it and realized it’s none of my business what other people think of me.”

The headstrong young actress adds that George Clooney, her co-star in The Descendants, has helped reaffirm her beliefs amid the distractions of Hollywood. “He has been an angel in my life for many reasons,” she tells Smith. “He knew everyone’s name on set,” she says. “He treated everyone as an equal and everyone got his warmth.”

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Woodley also confides in Smith that her commitment to saving the world could get in the way of her love life—at least when it comes to dating a fellow actor, which she’s hesitant to do. “I’m never going to say never. I love acting, but I also really love nature and most actors don’t want to get dirty.” She tells Smith she considers herself lucky not to have had to work with any, as she puts it, “dicks,” and shares a special camaraderie with Miles Teller, her co-star in last year’s The Spectacular Now and Divergent. “I look at Miles and, like, I’m sort of Julia Roberts in the same way she is to George. Their relationship I could see being our relationship in 20 years, and that really is special.”

The last word on Woodley comes from the male co-star who perhaps knows her best. “We’ll be talking about Shailene Woodley 40 years from now,” Clooney says. “I’ve never seen anyone so young that has so much together.”

Source: http://www.vanityfair.com/vf-hollywood/shailene-woodley-cover

Sir Mix-a-Lot takes Baby Got Back classical with Seattle Symphony

Sir Mix-a-Lot's debut with the Seattle Symphony turned into a giant onstage party as dozens of women from the audience took the rapper up on his invitation to join him for a new orchestral arrangement of "Baby's Got Back."

"Something you really should not do, but since tonight is orchestral movements from the hood night, I'm going to leave some of this open if a couple of ladies would like to get up on the stage," Sir Mix told the crowd.

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Armed Robbers Break Into Internet Celeb Sajedene's Home During Webstream

An Arizona woman has her livestream gaming to thank for authorities' rapid response to her home after armed invaders knocked down her door Monday.

People watching Nikki Elise AKA 'Sajeden' playing the game Dota 2 were nearly as surprised as the 28-year-old Tempe gamer was after hearing a crash and then watching a man with a hand gun appear to rummage through the well-known player's gaming equipment.

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angelina | ardisson

Angelina Jolie speaks at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict

As heads of Governments, NGOs, lawyers and doctors converge on the ExCel Centre today for an extraordinary summit, the Hollywood actress and campaigner Angelina Jolie arrives just in time to provide the fairy dust. Humanity can bear only so much policy – it deserves some beauty and charisma to sugar the pill. No one should doubt the star’s clout or commitment. When Jolie speaks, heads of state listen. She is a powerful voice on behalf of victims of war, particularly women. Her statement today is that the summit must answer the grievances of girls kidnapped in Nigeria, wives stoned in Pakistan and women raped in many war zones. “This sends a big message round the world, you see how women are treated as second class citizens and abused. This is to say: ‘No, you can’t and we will, in an organized fashion, come after you.’” For Jolie, 39, this is personal. “I will work on this for as long as I am alive. For as long as it takes. We must send a message across the world that there is no disgrace in being a survivor of sexual violence - the shame is on the aggressor.”

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Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves and Jan de Bont look back at 'Speed' 20 years later

There's a bomb on a bus. Once the bus goes 50 miles an hour, the bomb is armed. If it drops below 50, it blows up. As movie premises go, this one is absolutely ridiculous, right? You'd have been forgiven for thinking so, at least, as few involved with Jan de Bont's "Speed," which was released by 20th Century Fox on June 10, 1994, could have anticipated its popularity. The film was a runaway hit, winning two Oscars and grossing over $350 million worldwide. Now, 20 years later, it's a celebrated relic of an era before blockbuster filmmaking was so awash in digital wizardry, an era when practical movie magic sold the highest of concepts to the masses.

For actor Keanu Reeves, who starred as the film's hero, LAPD S.W.A.T. officer Jack Traven, it feels like that long ago if only because so much has changed over the last two decades. Though he had already starred in Kathryn Bigelow's "Point Break," it was "Speed" that turned him into an action star Hollywood would test in films like "Johnny Mnemonic," "Chain Reaction" and "The Matrix" throughout the rest of the '90s. He looks back on the film today as a fond memory in the unassuming early years of his career.

"I think there's something that people respond to in the film in the sense that it feels so accessible and human, in a way," Reeves says. "There's a vulnerability to it. Having participated in that, and having had a great opportunity, and then to be here 20 years later, it feels like that came from a more innocent time."

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The full (very long) article is at the source:
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Hugh Jackman Shaves His Head for Role of Blackbeard in 'Pan' - See the Pic!

Hugh Jackman just debuted his newly shaved head for his role as Blackbeard in the upcoming film Pan!

“Blackbeard is born. #PAN” the 45-year-old actor wrote on his Instagram account, along with the pic.

The film is about the story of an orphan who is spirited away to the magical Neverland. There, he finds both fun and dangers, and ultimately discovers his destiny — to become the hero who will be forever known as Peter Pan.

Pan, which also stars Garrett Hedlund, Amanda Seyfried, Rooney Mara, Cara Delevingne, and more, is set to be released on July 17, 2015. We can’t wait!

just jared

Smash Bros 3DS Release Date + Palutena Confirmed!

After months of Super Smash Bros coverage, Nintendo has today revealed the release date for the 3DS version of the title during its E3 Digital Event.

The handheld version of Super Smash Bros. will launch on October 3, with its Wii U counterpart set to release during "holiday 2014".
The Digital Event video also showed off new playable combatants, allowing you to use Mii characters in battle.

It's not a traditional Mii, but rather, your Mii face will be placed on one of three fighter bodies: the Brawler, Gunner, or Swordfighter.

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We Keep That White Girl - Christina Aguilera & Britney named in Drug Ring


Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears have expanded their brand ... they're now code for powdered and crack cocaine.

New York law enforcement conducted a 10-month investigation into a massive drug ring. Authorities wiretapped a number of phones to bust the traffickers. They figured out from the recordings ... the dealers were using pop code. They referred to crack cocaine as Britney and powdered cocaine as Christina Aguilera (for some reason the dealers used Christina's last name).

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Portugal NT spend time with New York Jets

The Portuguese World Cup team wrapped up five days of training Monday at the New York Jets' facility in Florham Park, N.J., performing before a small audience of American footballers -- Rex Ryan and about a dozen members of the Jets.

Nick Folk, Nick Bellore, David Nelson, Josh Bush, Leger Douzable, Breno Giacomini, Ryan Quigley and Antwan Barnes were among the players that watched Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates in their final training session in New Jersey. Folk, Bellore and Giacomini are avid soccer fans. Ryan was joined by assistants Marty Mornhinweg, Thomas McGaughey, Jeff Weeks and coaching intern Eric Smith. The Jets held an organized team activity practice earlier in the day.

The Jets placed a box of footballs on the field and, during an informal period, some of the Portuguese players -- including Ronaldo -- got a kick out of ... well, trying to kick the odd-shaped American footballs. Ronaldo actually tried a corner kick with a football, with Nelson holding. Nelson also showed some of the Portuguese players how to grip and throw a football.

"It was fantastic," Humberto Coelho, vice president of the Portuguese Football Federation, said in a brief phone interview Monday night. "We make some passes and some dribbles on the pitch."

Folk and Quigley, who make their living by booting a football, got a chance -- along with Bellore -- to kick around a soccer ball with some of the players. Folk, who received scholarship offers to play soccer in college, brought a pair a cleats and had them signed by members of the Portuguese team, including Ronaldo. So did Bellore, who tweeted a photo of Ronaldo demonstrating his vertical jump. No doubt, he'd impress at the scouting combine.

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Jena Malone Performs New Single 'Indian Giver'


Actress and musician Jena Malone (as Jena Malone and The Shoe) has released a preview clip of her single for the celebrity-watching site JustJared, and it's the sort of cultural fumble likely to land her in quite a bit of trouble. She has entitled the song "Indian Giver."

As Crushable put it, the title is "a phrase she really should have Googled." Malone's most recent film work of note includes Sucker Punch, the TV miniseries Hatfields & McCoys, and a recurring role in the Hunger Games movies.

ICTMN's own Vincent Schilling wrote (in "What or Who Is an Indian Giver? A History of the Offensive Term") that the phrase dates back at least a century and a half, and is tied to the idea that the Indians encountered by Lewis and Clark and other expolers/invaders were unfair barterers. Really? We recall someone getting an unbeatable deal -- you might call it a steal -- on the island of Mannahatta and more than a few broken treaties and forced relocations. It's hard to think of a less accurate generalization, really.

In using the blatantly racist term without hesitation, Malone joins the ranks of Matt Lauer, Kris Jenner, Rush Limbaugh, and the 1910 Fruitgum Company.

Source: Indian Country News / JustJared

Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams Talks Funny Fan Stories and Doing Her Own Stunts

In her four years of playing mature-beyond-her-years tomboy Arya Stark on Game of Thrones (HBO, Sundays, 9 P.M.), Maisie Williams has mastered swordplay and horseback riding. Now she's beefing up her skill set yet again. "I started driving lessons!" explains the 17-year-old U.K. native. "I can't wait to get my own car." The HBO drama's fan favorite talks to Us Weekly.

Us Weekly: Is it hard to grasp the show's huge success?

Maisie Williams: It changed my whole life. The way I see it, before the show is when I was a child. Then Game of Thrones onward is when I became me. Nearly every single day, when I leave the house, I am recognized. People want photos or just to chat -- it's really lovely.

Us: Any funny fan stories?

MW: I stay in touch with Sophie Turner, and if someone recognizes one of us, they'll often not realize there's Arya and Sansa. They're fangirling so much, they don't even look over!

Us: Arya is becoming a real warrior. Ever get hurt doing your own stunts?

MW: Yes, during the scene where Arya stabs the Hound [Rory McCann] and the sword warps and bends. I was pushing so hard that the blade flicked up and hit me in my brow bone. For the rest of the day, they had to shoot me face-on, because from the side I had a massive lump!

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Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning Go Skinny Dipping, Talk Virginity in Very Good Girls Trailer

In every teen fangirl's dreams, Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning are BFFs, and in the new movie Very Good Girls, the two Hollywood starlets are just that.

Fanning and Olsen star in the upcoming movie, which is teased in a new trailer this week. Olsen, 25, plays Gerry, a teenager who has just graduated from high school with her best friend Lilly (Fanning, 20).

Very Good Girls also features Demi Moore, Clark Gregg, Kiernan Shipka, Peter Sarsgaard, and Richard Dreyfuss, among others.

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Disney Developing ‘Lion King’ Series “The Lion Guard” for 2015

Disney is developing of a new animated series for Disney Junior based on the 1994 theatrical hit The Lion King. The Lion Guard will be about the son of Lion King’s star Simba, named Kion, as he assembles a group of animals to protect the jungle called the Lion Guard.

The series is expected to premiere in November 2015 on both Disney Channel’s preschool block and the 24/7 Disney Junior network.

This is the latest in a line of Disney Junior series pulling from past Disney works, such as Peter Pan with Jake and the Never Land Pirates and the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty in Sofia the First. While premiering first on Disney XD, the soon-to-be-shown-on-Disney Junior seriesThe 7D also features the Seven Dwarfs from the classic Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The Lion Guard will start with a hour-long movie in November 2015 and follow up with the series in January 2016 – a course very similar to Sofia the First.

Full press release from Disney follows:

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It is nice to know that someone at Disney is taking a break from recycling princess movies into live action, and is instead returning to an animated cash cow.

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Adriana Lima Uses Her Heels to Settle “Football vs Futbol”: Kia Ads. World Cup

The world's most popular sport will take center stage during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, and with viewership expected to reach new heights, Kia Motors America (KMA) is harnessing the energy and passion for the quadrennial event and the star power of supermodel AdrianaLima for a dual-language marketing campaign titled "For One Month, Let's All beFtbol Fans." The initiative, which includes TV, print, digital, social, point-of-sale and radio components as well as Kia serving as the presenting sponsor of pre-match shows on ABC and ESPN, marks the second time the brand and Lima have teamed up following her memorable role in 2012's "Drive the Dream" Super Bowl commercial.
In "For One Month, Let's All be Ftbol Fans," the 2015 Optima midsize sedan and Sorento CUV deliver Lima to a football field, a man cave and a local watering hole to whip non-soccer fans and gets them excited for the month-long World Cup. The three 30-second ads were created by David & Goliath and are available now for viewing at Kia.com/FIFA, and will make their broadcast debut when group play begins on June 12. Beyond the English- and Spanish-language versions of the spots, additional footage and content is available at Kia.com, and campaign extensions include elements on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Google+ and Pinterest.
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'Batman V Superman' Versus 'Captain America 3' Isn't The Only Crazy Box Office Showdown

Back in 1984, when a hit film played for six months, the world didn’t live or die by opening weekend. Today such a head-to-head match-up would be suicidal. Yet we see on the horizon, in 2016 especially, a handful of seemingly insane demographic box office duels, where films either targeting identical demographics or big enough that they need to suck up most of the oxygen in the room are opening against each other.

As someone that didn’t follow the release date until the early 1990′s, I will admit that it came as a shock when I discovered through happenstance that Columbia’s Ghostbusters and Warner Bros.‘ Gremlins both opened on the same exact day. 30 years ago yesterday, June 8th, 2014 saw the wide release debuts of both iconic horror-tinged comedies. They both opened with over/under $13 million ($13.5m on 1,300 screens for Ghostbusters, $12.5m on 1,500 screens for Gremlins) and both rose 11% in their second weekend. What’s most interesting about their respective box office stories is how little effect going head-to-head had for either picture.

We saw this madness last summer when Universal’s Fast & Furious 6 went head-to-head with The Hangover part III over Memorial Day weekend. Obviously there was a clear winner, as Fast & Furious 6 earned $117m over the the weekend, including $97m over the Fri-Sun portion, while The Hangover part III earned $62m over its Thurs-Mon debut.

I talk a lot about weekend box office not necessarily being a competition between debuting movies, but sometimes the demographics are such that the opposite is true. Here are three explicit examples, all in the summer of 2016 no-less, of seemingly insane box office match-ups. Obviously it’s June 2014, so all three of these may end up getting called off as studios come to their senses. But for the moment, let us highlight what amounts to “very big apple” versus “very big apple” showdowns that are currently scheduled for summer 2016.

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What are your bets for these three showdowns?
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H2O what? Mariah Carey launches new beverage "Butterfly"

Mariah Carey is getting in the beverage business. Following the No. 3 debut of her album, the Elusive Chanteuse held a press conference at the St. Regis in New York on Monday to announce the launch of her Go N’Syde bottle Butterfly. With the company’s founder Kevin Liles by her side, Mariah sipped from a champagne glass.

The drink, which comes in a pretty pink bottle, is described as “a melodic beverage inspired by the magic of Mariah Carey.”

By holding a smartphone up to the bottle, fans will be able to access an entertainment network curated by Mariah.

Butterfly will be available in Walgreens nationwide and at all Manhattan Duane Reade locations.

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What would you name your exclusive beverage following a critically acclaimed album?

Buy the future Grammy winning album HERE

Truck driver from Tracy Morgan accident says that now he's fucked for hitting the "wrong car"

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This is the same Twitter where he had posted the it's my road move or get hit tweet. He locked it for a day, deleted that tweet, then unlocked it to post this.

Charles S. Dutton, Tika Sumpter, Mike Epps Join Cast of Dee Rees' Bessie Smith Biopic

Dee Rees' Bessie Smith biopic (announced on this blog about a month ago), which Queen Latifah is attached to star in, has added Tika Sumpter, Charles S. Dutton and Mike Epps to its cast that also includes Mo’Nique and Khandi Alexander, playing Ma Rainey "Mother Of The Blues." and Bessie Smith's older sister, Viola, respectively.

Dutton will play William “Pa” Rainey, husband to Ma Rainey; Epps will be Richard Morgan, a Bessie Smith romantic interest; and Sumpter will play Lucille, a singer in Bessie’s troupe.

To be titled "Blue Goose Hollow" (the area in Chattanooga, Tennessee where she was born and raised), the film will be a biography of Bessie Smith, considered by many to be the greatest blues singer of all time. It will debunk many of the myths that have circulated about her since her untimely death in 1937.

HBO, The Zanuck Company, Shelby Stone Productions and Latifah's Flavor Unit Entertainment are all backers of the project, with a mid-June 2014 production start date in Atlanta eyed.


Keira Knightley in GLAMOUR Magazine!

She's back! After taking a year long break from film, Keira Knightley opened up to Glamour magazine about everything from getting married to working with Adam Levine.

The 29-year-old actress, who stuns on the cover in a pink backless Altuzarra dress, admitted when it came to marrying James Righton, it simply "seemed like a fun thing to do."

"When James proposed, I just thought, 'Well, never done that before,'" the Pirates of the Caribbean actress admitted of her small, intimate wedding in May 2013. "It seemed like a fun thing to do."

As for her decision to switch it up career wise and go for a romantic comedy, the actress said she was ready for her character to stand a chance. (Knightley previously said in an interview in March 2014 all of her character's have "either died or [were] subjected to situations that were … horrific.")

"With a feel-good film you are always risking going way too cheesy," Knightley told the magazine, "But maybe I can have a little holiday where I’m not playing a character who is being destroyed."

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Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

Charlie White proposes to longtime girlfriend Tanith Belbin

Olympian/Dancing With The Stars competitor Charlie White has a new title to add after his name: Fiance.

The American ice dancer proposed to longtime girlfriend Tanith Belbin during a vacation to Hawaii, according to a post on his Instagram account.

“Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful setting for the best time in our life!” he wrote. “Hashtag she said yes!!!”

Del Rey USA

It’s on! USMNT arrives in Brazil

The United States mens national team arrived in Brazil today without head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, as World Cup fever is palpable at worst.

Klinsmann is in Miami to watch this afternoon’s friendly between Korea Republic and the USMNT’s first foe in Group G, Ghana.

Here are some snazzy photos from the Twitter feed for US Soccer.

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Murica! Are you going to rep hard for your country, ONTD?


TLC Say They Never Dissed Rihanna, Blame Interview Edit

Last week a rift formed between TLC and Rihanna, after Australia's Sunrise morning show aired an interview with TLC's Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas in which they complained about entertainers who use sex to sell their music.

But over the weekend while conducting a new interview with a Sydney radio station — seen exclusively in the clip above — T-Boz and Chilli set the record straight, claiming that Sunrise "singled out" Rihanna and took their comments out of context.

"You heard me say something like, 'Every time we see you, you don't have to be naked,' and then [Sunrise] put [Rihanna's] picture up," T-Boz explained. T-Boz noted that when they were asked by Sunrise if they had seen the nude, see-through dress that Rihanna wore to the recent CDFA Awards, she replied, "No."
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jason - drew van acker // PLL

Pretty Little Liars Renewed for Season 6 AND Season 7 By ABC Family

Can’t get enough Pretty Little Liars? Then you’re in luck, because the ABC Family drama is showing absolutely no signs of stopping.

Just hours before its fifth season premiere, the network on Tuesday announced that PLL will be returning for a sixth and seventh season.
Season 6 will begin airing mid-2015, with Season 7 following suit in 2016.

We know the ending of the show, and it’s not in Season 5,” King told TVLine in March. “I know the show does not end in Season 5, even though we don’t have a Season 6 pickup. The end of Season 5 definitely launches us into a Season 6. I think, as soon as they tell us [the end date], we will write to that. We know the ending and we’re prepared to get there, but we need a 12-episode notice to get there.

Jaskier Bomb

Producer Brian K Vaughn Leaves "Under the Dome"

CBS' monster hit Under the Dome is losing one of its key players.

Writer/executive producer Brian K. Vaughan has exited the summer sci-fi series, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Vaughan was handpicked by exec producer Steven Spielberg to adapt Stephen King's best-seller when Dome was in development at Showtime. When the premium cable network passed on it and the sci-fi show about a town trapped under a mysterious dome was picked up straight to series at CBS, ER alum Neal Baer was brought in as showrunner.

Sources tell THR that it was Vaughan's decision to exit the series; he arced out season two with Baer before his departure. Vaughan penned the pilot episode as well as two other installments, including the season finale, which he co-wrote with Scott Gold. Vaughan's decision to exit the series was described as amicable, with the veteran comics scribe said to be more interested in spending time with his family and returning to focus on his graphic novel roots. Dome was Vaughan's first TV gig since he served as producer, writer and exec story editor on ABC's Lost.

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who's still watching?

Blatter: World Cup corruption claims are racist

FIFA president says criticisms of Qatar 2022 motivated by racism and discrimination, as football governing body meets.


FIFA president Sepp Blatter has said people are trying to destroy football's global governing body, claiming attacks on World Cup 2022 host Qatar are motivated by racism and discrimination.

Blatter was speaking on Monday night in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, where several football bodies are meeting ahead of this year's World Cup tournament, which starts on Thursday.

In remarks to delegates from the Confederation of African Football (CAF), he said critics of Qatar 2022 were motivated by "racism and discrimination", the AFP news agency reported.

"Once again there is a sort of storm against FIFA relating to the Qatar World Cup. Sadly there’s a great deal of discrimination and racism and this hurts me."

The CAF accused British media outlets of waging a "hateful, defamatory and degrading" campaign against "the entire African continent".

In separate remarks to the Asian Football Confederation, Blatter said: "Show unity and confirm this unity, it's the best way to reply to all the destructors in the world. They want to destroy, not the game, but they want to destroy the institution, because our institution is too strong."

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Louie surprises fans with 90 minute movie.

FX’s ‘Louie’ season 4 keeps the dramedy rolling with Tuesday’s 90-minute
installment “In the Woods,” as Louie’s discovery of his daughter smoking pot
leads him to reflect on his own experiences as a boy, getting into trouble with
his mother, school, and a local dealer (Jeremy Renner).
Last week’s ‘Louie’ episodes “Elevator Part 6 / Pamela Part 1” saw a hurricane
complicating Louie’s ultimate goodbye with Amia, after which Louie forcefully
attempted to take Pamela up on her offer of a relationship. So how does “In the
Woods” continue the cycle of amiable misery?
Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Louie’
season 4, episodes 11-12, “In the Woods”!
Louie attends a music festival, feeling out of place by all the young
concertgoers, and realizing that some of the pot-smokers are no older than his
12 year-old daughter. Suddenly, Louie spies Lily actually among the smokers, and
whisks his daughter out of the park in a manic huff. Louie takes the girl for a
burger and assures her Janet will be furious, though Lily questions what Louie
could possibly know about the situation.
Louie remembers being dropped off by his mother (Amy Landecker) at school at the
age of 13, in which Louie had a cordial relationship with his affable chemistry
teacher Mr. Hoffman. That day at lunch, Louie and his friend Brad dodge being
bullied by a boy named Danny, before Louie stammeringly attempts to ask one of
the popular girls to the coming dance. Later that night, Louie’s mother laments
that she isn’t around for him more, and offers him $10 for after the dance.
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Icon Jennifer Lopez in InStyle Magazine!

The tireless Latino diva Jennifer Lopez graces the cover of InStyle Mexico for its June 2014 issue. The 44-year-old actress and singer that along Pitbull sing the anthem of World Cup 2014, graces the pages of the magazine in an editorial signed by photographer Michelangelo di Battista.

She models looks from the summer collections of Lanvin, Gucci, Reem Acra and Stella McCartney.

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souce 1, source 2

Taylor Swift Made Ed Sheeran A Drake Needlepoint, is amazing

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Taylor Swift: Not just good at singing. She’s also a dedicated needlesmith, as evidenced by this rustic, somewhat rudimentary yet conceptually adorable besties needlepoint she made for Ed Sheeran. The craft features the oft-quoted Drake maxim “Started From the Bottom.”

Sheeran did what any best friend of Taylor Swift — who’s featured in the new MTV documentary “9 Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran” — would do upon receiving such a sweet souvenir of bestie-dom: He promptly framed and hung the thoughtful handicraft, which also features the popular Internet first-world idiom “the struggle is real,” on his wall. He shows it off in the can’t-miss doc about his charmed and surreal life.

Taylor’s handiwork is just one of the many personal moments Ed shares in “9 Days And Nights,” premiering tonight (June 10) at 11/10c p.m. on MTV.

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draylor still going strong is all i got from this
[ thor ] → flawless

Taco Bell Drops New Dr Pepper Vanilla Float

Taking advantage of the summer swelter weather, Taco Bell announced the roll out of their newest beverage: Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze. The drink collab brings the elusive Dr Pepper Vanilla Float flavor (think ice cream soda) and repackages it in a slushier version.
The new item was first spotted testing in St. Louis, Missouri back in May, and we’re assuming the positive feedback encouraged the DLT-slinging chain to offer it nationwide. Conveniently, the new freeze roll-out follows Monday’s launch of the Quesarito – a quesadilla-wrapped burrito not unlike Chipotle’s own “secret” menu item.
We’re just waiting for the day Taco Bell reinvents the hamburger. In fact, here’s a head start.


Favorite iced drinks, ONTD?

FIRST LOOK: Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson In Alejandro Amenabar's "Regression"

It’s perhaps easy to have forgotten filmmaker Alejandro Amenábar, but he’s done some terrific work. He won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film for “The Sea Inside” (which helped turn Javier Bardem into a bigger international star) and he also helmed one of the best recent horror/ghost movies, “The Others,” which also featured one of Nicole Kidman’s finest performances. Meanwhile, his breakout feature “Open Your Eyes (Abre los ojos)” caught the eye of Cameron Crowe and Tom Cruise who remade it as “Vanilla Sky,” however, 2009’s “Agora” was less successful and came and went (though it did feature an early pre-fame Oscar Isaac performance). But in short, his talent is always one to keep an eye on, and the filmmaker is back with “Regression.”

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Kris Jenner Addresses Beyonce and Jay Z Wedding No Show

Ain't no thing! Kris Jenner is brushing off Beyonce and Jay Z's noticeable absence from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Florence, Italy wedding last month. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch addressed the no-show heard around the world during an interview with Australia radio station KIIS 106.5 FM's breakfast show on Tuesday, June 10.

"There was so much commotion and excitement, I never really gave that a second thought," the 58-year-told told co-hosts Kyle and Jackie O. "If you had been there you would have thought that was the last thing on anyone's mind."

As Us Weekly exclusively revealed, Beyonce and husband Jay Z bailed on Kimye's big day at Forte di Belvedere on May 24. Instead, the powerhouse couple traveled to the Hamptons to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend.

"[I] just assumed they were working," Jenner added, noting that Bey and Jay passed on their well wishes. Beyonce, for her part, gave a shout-out to the newlyweds with a special note via Instagram just moments after they said "I do."
"Wishing you a lifetime of unconditional love," she wrote, along with a picture of North West's parents from their April Vogue issue.? "God bless your beautiful family."

Three other big names also decided to not participate in the celebration -- Brody Jenner, Anna Wintour and Rob Kardashian. As previously reported, the momager's 27-year-old son abruptly flew out of Paris, France the morning of the wedding. (Kardashian was never photographed while his family toured the City of Light, and shot down rumors that he went to a fat camp to lose weight just weeks before the nuptials.)

"Rob is working on himself," Jenner said during an interview on TODAY's Kathie Lee & Hoda on June 5. "He's going to be okay. A lot of prayer and, you know, he's such a great human being…he's my heart."

[actress] Grace Kelly

Grand Theft Auto V coming to PC this fall

Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this fall. Sony's Andrew House announced that the game would be coming to PS4 at his company's E3 2014 press conference. Shortly afterwards, developer Rockstar posted a new trailer that confirmed its game, released in September last year, would also be released on Xbox One and PC at the same time.

Speaking during the conference, Andrew House said that PlayStation 4 players will be able to transfer their characters and online progress from both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to Sony's new console, allowing them pick up in the game's GTA Online multiplayer mode from where they left off on last generation's machines. Xbox One and PC owners will be able to do the same. The PC version of the game will also launch with a video editor "designed for advanced movie making."

Kelly: Excited

Kelly Rowlegend is PREGNANT!!

Does Kelly Rowland have new reason to be jumpin’, jumpin’, jumpin’ for joy?

The singer and her new husband Tim Witherspoon seem to be expecting their first child, based on an Instagram photo the singer posted Tuesday evening.

“I’ll be stuntin like my daddy…” Rowland captioned a photo of Air Jordans with a matching infant pair alongside.

Weeks after tying the knot, the couple were spotted at Bel Bambini in West Hollywood on May 27, shopping for baby buys.

Clad in boyfriend jeans, sunglasses and a baggy white tee, Rowland, 33, and Witherspoon “checked out the furniture and strollers on the second floor and walked around downstairs,” an onlooker says.

People Magazine
The true gay icon :')

Kate Upton is 22 today, how is she celebrating?


Will Kate Upton be spending her birthday night watching boyfriend Justin Verlander playing ball?

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model, who turns 22 today, was spotted having lunch yesterday with the Detroit Tigers pitcher at Tavern on Rush in Chicago. "They seemed very happy," a source tells E! News.

And it just so happens that Verlander has a game tonight in the Windy City. Upton enjoyed a pre-birthday celebration last night with five girlfriends at Chicago tiki bar, Three Dots and a Dash.

"She looked stunning in a red dress," another source reports. "They toasted with champagne at midnight."

If the next year is anything like the last for Upton, it will be anything but boring. Among her many accomplishments, Upton appeared on her third cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, co-starred with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in the box office hit The Other Woman, landed the cover of Vogue in June and was named Model of the year at the 10th annual Style Awards at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

Most recently, Upton made her debut as the new face of Express. Now we just want to know what Verlander gave her for her birthday.

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Source & Source

Marion Cotillard Set To Topline Nicole Garcia’s ‘Mal de Pierres’, Produced by Alain Attal

ANNECY– Marion Cotillard is set to topline “Mal de Pierres,” a period romance drama directed by critically-acclaimed auteur Nicole Garcia and produced by Alain Attal’s Les Productions du Tresor, one of France’s top independent film companies.

An adaptation of Milena Agus’ eponymous novel, “Mal de Pierres” (“Mal di pietre”) spans 20 years, following the destiny of a passionate, free-spirited woman who is in a loveless marriage and falls for another man.

A bestseller, the book has been translated in more than 15 languages. Cotillard will play the leading role, Garcia co-wrote the script with her regular co-scribe, Jacques Fieschi.

“It’s a passion project for both Nicole and us,” Attal told Variety.” It’s a very romantic and intense story about a woman whose quest for absolute love is the essence of life, her ‘raison d’etre.’” Attal added that Cotillard was taken by the script, the strong character it portrays and is highly committed to the project.

“Pierres” will mark Attal’s third collaboration with Cotillard, who starred in Guillaume Canet’s last two films: “Little White Lies” and “Blood Ties,” also lead-produced by Les Productions du Tresor.

For the last three years, Cotillard, who is repped by CAA and Laurent Gregoire’s Adequate, has been lining up meaty roles in European arthouse films such as Jacques Audiard’s “Rust and Bones,” the Dardennes brothers’ Cannes-competing “Two Days, One Night” and the upcoming “Macbeth,” opposite Michael Fassbender.

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Is It Time to Start Caring About Teen YouTube Celebrities?

This weekend, The New York Times ran a hilarious article about DigiFest NYC, a YouTube festival in CitiField that sold 12,500 tickets to an audience of mostly screaming teenage girls. The “performers” on DigiFest were a fresh-faced bunch of Disney Channel-ready teens, boys and girls who look to be about 14. Ryan Seacrest, who’s invested money in the venture, is quoted as saying that this tour “has successfully translated these popular small-screen experiences into live, large-scale events that are fun, accessible and brilliantly authentic.”
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logan prada

First footage of WWII epic "Fury" starring Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf, Michael Peña, etc.

Today at the Wargaming.net E3 panel, we got our first extended look at the Brad Pitt World War II movie Fury. The featurette sets up the world of the movie, a tale about a war-weary band of five men on a dangerous tank mission behind enemy lines. It stars Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Peña, Jon Bernthal, Jason Isaacs, and Scott Eastwood and is directed by David Ayer (End of Watch). The film will release November 14, 2014.

Ayer, Producer Bill Block and Co-producer Alex Ott were on hand to showcase the footage. They also announced that Sony Pictures and Wargaming.net are cross-promoting Fury and World of Tanks leading up the the film's release, including developing some in-game content for World of Tanks that ties into Fury. World of Tanks has over 85 million registered users worldwide.

For more about Fury, here is a quick look at the film's synopsis: In Fury, it is April, 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) commands a Sherman tank and her five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Outnumbered and outgunned, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.


also the trailer is going to come out with Transformers

Ashley Tisdale cuts her hair!


Shedding for the wedding?! Ashley Tisdale chopped inches off her hair on June 9, revealing in an Instagram pic a new shorter 'do.

In the photo, Tisdale is wearing a leather jacket and gray T-shirt, her face hidden behind her new layered bob haircut. The former Disney star's blonde cut adds her to the growing list of celebs going shorter for summer; Kaley Cuoco, Minka Kelly, Hilary Duff, Whitney Port and more have also recently cut their hair.

"@nikkilee901 cut my hair off! #summerready," the 28-year-old singer and actress captioned the pic.

Tisdale is gearing up for her upcoming nuptials to musician Christopher French. The High School Musical alum recently celebrated her bachelorette party in Miami, Fla., with close pals like Vanessa Hudgens.

"Weekend with my girls," Tisdale captioned a pic of herself wearing a "bachelorette" sash, along with the hashtag "#turnup4TIZ."

French popped the question back in August 2013, on the 103rd floor of the Empire State Building in NYC.


What do you think?

This Single Minute Of Jim Carrey’s Speech May Change Your Life Forever.

Jim Carrey delivered a very inspiring commencement speech to Maharishi University of Management’s class of 2014. He reveals how his late father inspired him to follow his dreams.

Source | Vid Source

Key quote: "You can fail at what you don't want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love."

Things are a little depressing right now, I thought this might be nice to share with everyone :)

Why is Kanye West omitting references to Jay Z in his lyrics?

Over the weekend, Kanye West returned to the stage for the first time in months, performing at the X Games Austin Music Festival. Aside from a new stage and setlist, perhaps the biggest takeaway from the show were some of Kanye’s lyrics – or, lack thereof.

As KanyeToThe points out, Kanye omitted saying “Jay” or “Jay Z” during performances of both “Blood on the Leaves” and “Cold”. What’s more, in “Blood on the Leaves”, he changed the lyrics from “you need to stop actin’ lazy” to “you need to stop actin’ crazy”. The full lyrics were as such: “I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to ___ // He ain’t with you, he with Beyoncé, you need to stop actin’ crazy.”

It’s unclear whether The Throne collaborators are at odds, but Kanye had to know his omission of Jay Z’s name would be noticed by observant fans. Some have speculated that Jay’s non-attendance at Kanye’s wedding earlier this month may have sparked a riff. Prior to the wedding, however, Kanye and Jay recently performed as The Throne at SXSW and were photographed together at the Met Gala in NYC.

Below, watch footage of Kanye’s performance of “Blood on the Leaves” (the snub takes place at the 3:00 mark) and “Cold” (at source).

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Meet the Von Grey Sisters

von Grey---0

"Mumford and Daughters": That's how Conan O'Brien describes Atlanta-based American quartet von Grey. The four teenage sisters -- Kathyrn, 19, Annika, 18, Fiona, 16, and Petra, 14 -- have been raking in praises for their pristine harmonies and precise instrumentation. Along with their managers (aka Mom and Dad), von Grey has been busy touring, playing Late Show with David Letterman and opening for the Indigo Girls, Sarah McLachlan, and Lindsey Stiling. The group's six song debut EP, Awakening, arrived in January.

Early Inspiration: When the kids were young(er), the lived in India for several months. All classically trained musicians, the girls began dabbling in Celtic and Bluegrass and playing with Indian musicians who play Western Rock. When they returned to Atlanta, the girls start writing their own brand of Americana and rock.

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haters will say its photoshop

Lady Gaga Slaying NYC With Her Big Hair

Lady Gaga shows some love for 1980s band Skid Row while stepping out of her apartment on Tuesday (June 10) in New York City.

“Rivington Rebel #LESlady #rocknroll #jazzcat #ProfessionalTramp,” the 28-year-old entertainer wrote on Instagram the day before with a pic of herself.


Gaga is currently taking a break from her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour and will continue with the tour on Thursday, June 26 at Marcus Amphitheater Summerfest in Milwaukee, Win. We can’t wait!

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bey run

Napoleon Dynamite Cast Reunites to Unveil New Statue

It’s been ten years since Napoleon Dynamite danced his way to the forefront of American pop culture. In the alternate universe of Preston, Idaho, Pedro might be running for Mayor, and Napoleon has probably shot, like, two hundred wolverines. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the 2004 sleeper hit has been commemorated with a statue on the Fox studios lot.

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Obligatory "I feel old as fuq" comment.  Also how did I never realize that was Haylie.
Lindsay Lohan

GTA V Comparisons: PS3 vs. PS4

There have been nerdgasms abound since Rockstar announced that GTA V will arrive on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in the autumn this morning, as the graphical improvements of the port start to be picked up on.

The internet has busied itself finding comparisons between past gen and current gen/next gen (depending on what you're running) locations as shown in trailers for the game today, and there appears to be a sizable difference in terms of texture and lighting.

Rockstar said in a blog post that the new version will feature "across-the-board graphical and technical improvements to deliver a stunning new level of detail. Increased draw distances, finer texture details, denser traffic, and enhanced resolution".

Some of these elements are clear in the GIFs below, which show comparisons of dirt bike track and railyard locations:

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who did you find to be the hottest out of the three main characters, ontd?
peggles <3
  • wauwy

The 5 Best (And 5 Worst) Superhero Rogues' Galleries

YO ONTD. There sure are a lot of superheroes around, aren't there? Oddly, though, there aren't the same amount of supervillains -- or at least memorable ones. For every Joker out there, there's a "Malekith the Cursed" or "Guy Pearce With Bad Teeth" embarrassing their would-be supernemesis with their sheer lameness.

So which characters were blessed with the greatest bounty of excellent bad guys, and which ones should really be ashamed of themselves for even trying it with their pathetic excuses for villains? The answers may surprise you! But probably not. Onward!


5. The Fantastic Four

01 ff

Really? Yes, really, but 90% of the reason can be explained with one word, and that word is DOOM. Dr. Doom is the archnemesis of the Fantastic Four and also happens to be the quintessential Marvel, if not the quintessential comic, supervillain. His winning personality and constant attempts at world/galactic/dimensional domination keep the entirety of the Marvel universe, not just the Fantastic Four, on their toes. Add in Galactus, devourer of worlds, and various alien races who got their start with Marvel's first family, and weep anew that the MCU will never get to use most of them in future movies.

Notable Rogues: Doctor Doom, Galactus, Kang the Conqueror, Fin Fang Foom, Kree, Super-Skrull/Skrulls

Grimdark Pick: Besides the Marvel zombies who got their start trying to snack on the FF, you're going to have to go with (who else?) Dr. Doom, especially when he fixates on saving his mother's soul from Hell and creating armor from his loved ones' flesh and so forth.

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Source: Wikipedia and my all-seeing Eye of AgaMatto

And what do you think of that?

Kim Kardashian goes make up free while hanging out with Blac Chyna

She woke up like that! Kim Kardashian proved she doesn’t always need her makeup in a selfie with friend Blac Chyna posted on June 6.

In the pic, the newlywed reality star looked flawless sans makeup as she posed in a car with Chyna.
With her hair in a messy bun and a black zip-up sweatshirt, the 33-year-old looked effortlessly content while hanging with her friend. Chyna captioned the pic: "Yay day with my main @kimkardashian."


make up post?

Ashley Benson's exBF laments heartbreak in new song/music video

Justin Thorne -- from now-defunct boy band NLT -- has released a music video for new single "The Heartbroken" that is believed to feature footage in the beginning of him in bed with ex-girlfriend Ashley Benson. The two supposedly hit it off when she was in the NLT video for "That Girl" but later broke up when she cheated on him with J-Beeb's assistant Ryan Good. Video behind the cut.

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source (youtube)

personally? i think the camera is way too shaky or intentionally blurred to tell if it is in fact her but i did notice that they used the same teen vogue cover that she was on, just changed the picture with the video model's and removed the headline about her so there's that. what do you think?

What do you mean that's not Link?!

Producer teases: That might not have been Link in the Wii U Zelda trailer

That trailer for the new The Legend of Zelda for the Wii U sure looked great, didn’t it? But what was up with Link? He wasn’t wearing his iconic green tunic or hat. Why did Link look so weird?

“No one explicitly said that that was Link.”
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(iker) gq españa

Senior UEFA officials call on Septic Blatter to end his FIFA presidency

Two of the most powerful men in British football – Greg Dyke and David Gill – have told Fifa’s president, Sepp Blatter, he must quit next year and should abandon any plans to stand for a fifth term of office at an organisation whose image he is damaging.

Dyke, the Football Association chairman, told Blatter to his face at a meeting of Uefa’s national associations that he was polluting Fifa’s reputation, but it was after he and FA vice-chairman Gill emerged from the associations’ pre-World Cup conference that they delivered their staunchest attack on Blatter.

Dyke was scathing in his criticism of Blatter’s first public response, on Monday, to media allegations of bribery ahead of Qatar being awarded the 2020 World Cup. “What Mr Blatter said yesterday I found offensive. I said [to him], ‘I regard the comments you made about the allegations in the British media in which you described them as racist as totally unacceptable.

“The allegations being made have nothing to do with racism, they are allegations about corruption within Fifa. These allegations need to be properly investigated and properly answered. Mr Blatter, many of us are deeply troubled by your reaction to these allegations, it’s time for Fifa to stop attacking the messenger and instead consider and understand the message.”

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Meet The Kim K Look-Alike Who Is Reportedly Mexico's Most Ruthless Killer

A Kim Kardashian look-alike has been creating quite the buzz on social media, but it’s not because of her voluptuous beauty or photos imitating the reality star. It’s because she is considered one of the most dangerous women in Mexico.

Claudia Ochoa Felix is reportedly the new leader of “Los Antrax,” an elite killing squad used by the ruthless Sinaloa cartel to do their bidding.

The 27-year-old mother of three, nicknamed the “Empress of Antrax,” uses her social media accounts to brag about her lifestyle, posting pictures dressing and posing like Kardashian, all the while wielding a personalized pink AKA-47.

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Hocus Pocus: I Put a Spell on You

Max Martini Joins James Badge Dale For Ghost-Thriller ‘Spectral’


It was a mere three years ago we first reported that SPECTRAL had been picked up by Legendary Pictures for development and today we’ve got further news of casting and a little more on this New York-based ghost thriller!

With the GHOSTBUSTERS 30th Anniversary in full swing, it’s the perfect time for this announcement that’s described as a ‘grittier’ ghost-busting tale and ‘a supernatural BLACK HAWN DOWN‘ that’s been taken on by first-time feature director Nic Matthieu.

Max Martini of PACIFIC RIM, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and CAPTAIN PHILLIPS fame is the second big name to be added, after James Badge Dale was already confirmed. The screenplay was by Ian Fried, with the script was by George Nolfi (THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM) and now a rewrite by John Gatins.

We’re guessing that this is going to be exactly as they describe, with a possible mix of found-footage and war-style photography but – then again – I could be wrong. More news as we get it for SPECTRAL.

imdb synopsis:
A sci-fi/thriller story centered on a special-ops team that is dispatched to fight supernatural beings that have taken over New York City.


here for all of this


Colbie Caillat goes makeup-less and releases a self-empowerment~ song for free on iTunes

Colbie Caillat has released the lyric video for her new song ‘Try,’ the single from her EP ‘Gypsy Heart Side A.’ The five song EP is the first half of her upcoming album, ‘Gypsy Heart,’ due out later this year.

For the ‘Try’ lyric video, Caillat enlisted the help of some celebrity friends. The video opens with the following message from the singer-songwriter:

This lyric video is filled with photos of friends, fellow musicians, entertainers and my amazing fans. I asked everyone to shoot themselves wearing little to no makeup – whatever they were most comfortable with. Myself included. – CC

Some of the friends pictured include Miranda Lambert, Sheryl Crow, Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum, Kelly Osbourne, Sara Bareilles, Natasha Bedingfield, Ingrid Michaelson, Christina Perri, Katharine McPhee, Amy Smart and Hayden Panettiere.

a little cliche, but still a nice & cute song imo :)



5 (4) Horror Movies That Should Never Be Remade


The Shining

Let's start with the obvious one. Now, before you speed down to the comments section to remind me, yes, I know Stephen King's book, The Shining, was remade as a TV mini-series in 1997. However, this series drew no inspiration from Stanley Kubrick's cinematic classic. I also know the 1980 Shining movie bears only a slight resemblance to King's book, something which disappoints some fans. However, despite this, you have to accept The Shining is still a pivotal horror movie in its own right.

Kubrick is famous for his incredible dense cinematic masterpieces. Every scene in The Shining contains hidden meanings and allusions, while his long tracking shots and use of music helps to turn the monotonous Overlook Hotel into a foreboding and sinister location. Throw in a great performance by Jack Nicholson and you get a horrific classic that just cannot be remade. Interestingly, a prequel to The Shining, named The Overlook Hotel, is in production. We'll have to wait and see how that turns out.
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Video and more at the source

What is your favorite horror film, ONTD?

Creepy post y/n?
Sarah Walker

'Daredevil' scoop: Vincent D'Onofrio cast as major villain

Vincent D’Onofrio is Marvel’s new Kingpin.

The studio has cast the acclaimed actor in Daredevil, its 13-episode super-hero series for Netflix.

D’Onofrio (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Men in Black) will play Wilson Fisk, “a powerful businessman whose interests in the future of Hell’s Kitchen will bring him into conflict with the blind attorney Matt Murdock and his alter ego Daredevil.” Previously we announced that Boardwalk Empire alum Charlie Cox will play the Murdock/Daredevil in the show.

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"Hellion" Premieres: Motocross, Texas, & Aaron Paul (photos & clips)

Aaron Paul and Juliette Lewis star in "Hellion". This was filmed nearby my hometown in Southeast Texas.


Thirteen-year-old Jacob is spiraling out of control. The motocross-obsessed teenager’s delinquent behavior pushes his family to the brink of collapse. All hell breaks loose when Jacob enlists his younger brother, Wes, as a partner in crime. Still reeling from his wife’s death, Jacob’s dad, Hollis, has all but abandoned his sons. When Child Protective Services removes Wes to live with his Aunt Pam, Hollis and Jacob are forced to face their culpability as they strive to bring Wes home. Hellion is set in southeastern Texas where the flames and lights of refineries frame the skyline and create a haunting backdrop for this fractured family of motherless men.

Hellion is an exceptionally authentic feature from writer/director Kat Candler, based on her lauded short film that screened at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Fueled by a commanding performance from Aaron Paul as Hollis, robust support from Juliette Lewis and Deke Garner, and a star-making turn by Josh Wiggins as Jacob, Hellion is as disturbing as it is powerful.
- D.C

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The Mummy: Jonathan

Channing Tatum is Serious About Gambit’s Cajun Accent and Hypnotic Charm


Channing Tatum’s got a problem, not a bad problem necessarily, but one that’s not going to go away. He’s in talks to play a Marvel superhero. A longtime fan of the X-Men hero Gambit, Tatum is in talks to play the character in the film franchise and because it’s been a very public ordeal, he cannot escape questions about it.
While promoting 22 Jump Street, most interviewers squeezed in a question or two about him potentially playing the Ragin’ Cajun in an X-Men film. With the buzz and success of X-Men: Days of Future Past still in the air, the idea of Tatum playing Gambit in the followup, X-Men: Apocalypse, is a hot topic.
Before we continue, it’s important to note that Channing Tatum has not signed on with Twentieth Century Fox to play Gambit. At this point, it’s just talks of ideas and plans for what Tatum wants to be a solo origin film for the character – one he describes as different from most superhero movies we see. If you ask X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner however, or Days of Future Past writer Simon Kinberg, Tatum’s confirmed to play the character. Again, that’s unofficially confirmed.
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Does Channing Tatum’s passion and knowledge of Remy LeBeau, and interest in putting the work in to do the voice, convince you that’s he’s a good pick to play Gambit?

Early Concept Art of Future Sentinels in DoFP
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ICON Jennifer López posts a #selfie to let us know she IS performing in Brazil!!

Jennifer Lopez isn't letting her breakup with Casper Smart slow her down.

After reports that the singer had canceled her performance with rapper Pitbull and Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte at Thursday's World Cup opening ceremony in Brazil, her rep tells PEOPLE that the show will go on.

"Jennifer has always wanted to participate in the World Cup opening ceremonies," the rep says. "We have been trying to work out scheduling and logistics. Any statements to the contrary were premature. Jennifer would not want to disappoint her fans or fans of futbol. She will be there."

This statement comes a day after FIFA announced that Lopez, 44, had canceled her plan to perform this year's official World Cup song, "We Are One (Ole Ola)," due to unspecified production issues.

Lopez, Pitbull and Leitte will perform the song for the finale of the opening ceremony, which artistic director Daphne Cornez says "is a tribute to Brazil and its treasures: nature, people, football."


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Doctor Who Series 8: Peter Capaldi could meet Peter Capaldi

Ever since it was announced that an episode of the new series of Doctor Who would be filming on Lanzarote, fans have been speculating that it could mean the return of the Master.

The Spanish island was last used as a location for the series in 1984 episode Planet of Fire, when Peter Davison's fifth Doctor faced his Time Lord foe. And showrunner Steven Moffat has admitted that the Doctor is indeed "returning to the scene of an old adventure".

But what if Planet of Fire is not the "old adventure" Moffat's talking about? And what if Peter Capaldi's new Doctor is going to meet another familiar face instead – his own...

The wildly speculative argument goes as follows: the new episode is set against the backdrop of the volcanic island of Lanzarote. The last time Doctor Who featured a volcano was 2008 episode The Fires of Pompeii. And the major guest-star in that episode was... Peter Capaldi.

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Set in London, "Lilting" stars Ben Whishaw as Richard, a man who attempts to connect with Junn (Pei-Pei Cheng), the Chinese-Cambodian mother of the recently deceased Kai (Andrew Leung), his boyfriend of over four years. Despite language barriers and Junn's obliviousness to her late son's sexuality, Richard is persistent on reaching out to a woman who can understand his love and grief.

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