April 7th, 2014

TV - The Borgias

BAFTA television nominations!!

The IT Crowd, Southcliffe, Broadchurch and The Village have garnered the most nominations for this year's Bafta TV awards. The British Academy of Film and Television Awards ceremony will take place at London’s Theatre Royal on May 18.

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Shaking. And. Crying. Southcliffe and Broadchurch and IT Crowd and my bbs and sdfjdsfksjksj :''')))

Ranking the 'Veep' staff in order of incompetence

Once a "political leper," Vice President Selina Meyer will amp up her campaign for the highest office in the land when Veep returns on Apr. 6. Though, with this bunch of jokers and opportunists behind her, it doesn't look good. In honor of the upcoming third season premiere of the HBO comedy, we've organized the office of the VP (that's "Vaguely Personable," to some) from least to most useless.

5. Sue Wilson, Personal Assistant
Sue (Sufe Bradshaw) is the iron gate between Selina and the outside world. She wield's her phone like a weapon and can be counted on to not only shut down every person who tries to get through, but also to eviscerate them personally in the process. No, the president hasn't called.

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Beyoncé’s Half Brother Heading to a Homeless Shelter

In Touch has learned that Beyoncé’s half brother and his mother, Alexsandra Wright, the former girlfriend of the singer’s father, Mathew Knowles, will soon be living in an LA-area homeless shelter.

Alexsandra exclusively tells In Touch that she and their 4-year-old son, Nixon, are financially struggling — and no one in the Knowles family has offered to help find them a home. “Nixon deserves to know his family, and I hope one day he will meet his sister Beyoncé,” Alexsandra tells the mag.

On March 3, a judge ruled that because Mathew, 63, lost his gig as his superstar daughter’s manager in 2011, his child support payments should be retroactively reduced, from $12,000 to $2,400 per month.

The ruling means he won’t have to make another payment for almost two years. “I can’t imagine how Beyoncé feels knowing she has a homeless brother,” Alexsandra says. “I know if I were in the same position, I would reach out. Maybe she is too busy.”

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SyFy orders "Olympus" to series

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Syfy is looking to the gods for its next scripted effort.

The NBCUniversal-owned cable network has ordered to series the 13-episode mythology drama Olympus, set in the world of humans, gods and monsters, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Production begins this summer in Vancouver and London, with casting underway. Olympus, from the team behind Syfy minis Tin Man, Alice and Neverland, will premiere in 2015.

Olympus centers on how a few brave men and women banished the gods to the realm of the unconscious: a place they called the Underworld, or the Kingdom of Hades. The series follows Hero on his journey as he transforms from a fresh-faced and raw young man through the dramatic experiences of betrayal, love, disappointment, empowerment and exile, until he emerges a ruthless leader of man and a match for the gods themselves.

"Olympus is a fantastic blend of action, intense thrills, creatures and great storytelling. It will feature characters from mythology in a way never before imagined," said Chris Regina, senior vp programming at Syfy. "It's an excellent complement to our roster of programming, and we can't wait to share the adventures of Hero with the Syfy audience."

Added Halmi Sr., "I'm thrilled that the team of Willing, O'Connor and Halmi are together on another exciting Syfy project. With the success of Tin Man, Neverland and Alice, we are confident that this will be another epic adventure of television."


In Conversation with Ben Wheatley, Alex Zane & Edith Bowman and an Update on "High Rise"

Last Saturday I went along to the Jameson Empire Done in 60 Seconds Global Final which as expected turned out to be a great evening celebrating the aspiring filmmakers whose 60 second films ran in the competition. The DISS competition culminated with David Smith being crowned the winner at the prestigious Jameson Empire awards the following evening for his incredibly entertaining Done in 60 Seconds version of There Will Be Blood.

Along with some other film type people I was fortunate to chat with some of the the Done in 60 Seconds judging panel specifically Edith Bowman, Alex Zane and the man in black himself - Ben Wheatley.

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Read the rest of the interview @ the source.

Miley Cyrus 'Torn' About New Pup Moonie After Floyd's Death


Miley Cyrus holds onto her new little pooch Moonie as she makes her way out of her hotel on Sunday night (April 6) in New York City.

The 21-year-old entertainer is still in a mourning state over the sudden death of her beloved dog Floyd last week and took to her Twitter account to express her torn feelings.

“I was/still kinda am torn about Moonie bc I would do anything 2 hold Floyd. But I can’t 😿 Moonie is giving me so much ❤️ & ✌️1 day @ a time,” Miley added. “Just don’t know if it’s to soon 😿 I still have so much love to give my Floydy. But I just gotta take it one day at a time and take in all the love little Moonie is giving me. Excruciating pain.”


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Elijah Wood-Sasha Grey's South by Southwest Thriller Gets U.S. Distribution


Cinedigm has acquired U.S . distribution rights to the thriller "Open Windows," starring Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey.

The film, which has its world premiere last month at South by Southwest, is directed by Nacho Vigalondo. Cinedigm is planning a theatrical release in late summer or early fall.

Wood stars as the winner of an online contest chosen to have dinner with the hottest actress on earth. When she cancels, he recevies a phone call from a guy who offers to give him the tools to spy on the actress from his computer for the rest of the night.

Justin Chang gave the film a positive review for Variety.

The deal was negotiated by Kristin Harris for Cinedigm with CAA on behalf of the filmmakers.


Dan - eye

Marvel confirms: Captain America to Return to Theaters May 6, 2016 against Superman/Batman

Following the record-breaking premiere of Marvel's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" this past weekend, the First Avenger will jump into his next big screen solo adventure in just a little more than two years on May 6, 2016!

Before the untitled "Captain America 3" hits theaters, though, fans can next see Cap when he joins the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes once more in Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" on May 1, 2015!

While that's all we can tell you about Captain America's next outing at the moment, True Believers, you can get your tickets now to experience "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" all over again, and for the latest news on the Fighting Avenger as it breaks stay tuned to Marvel.com, @CaptainAmerica on Twitter and like Captain America on Facebook!


Peaches Geldof passes away at age 25

TV presenter Peaches Geldof, second daughter of musician Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, has died aged 25.

Police say they were called to an address near Wrotham, Kent following a report of concern for the welfare of a woman on Monday afternoon.

The woman, aged 25, was later pronounced dead by South East Coast Ambulance Service.

"At this stage, the death is being treated as unexplained and sudden," said a statement from Kent Police.

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Her last tweet, posted on Sunday was a picture of her as a baby in her mother's arms.

She leaves her husband and sons; father Bob Geldof; sisters Fifi Trixibelle and Pixie; and younger half-sister, Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof.

WHAT!? Just what?! Her poor kids!

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Hermione holds Ron

Peter Mayhew back as Chewbacca in 'Star Wars VII'

The trio of new leads for Star Wars: Episode VII has yet to be revealed, but an actor from the original franchise is returning to reprise his role.

Peter Mayhew will play Chewbacca for Disney and Lucasfilm's upcoming sequel, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

Mayhew played the legendary Wookiee and Han Solo's co-pilot in the original trilogy, beginning with Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in 1977. Rumors have recently surfaced that he may be reprising his role as he canceled an appearance at Texas convention Comicpalooza "due to filming.” Since the convention takes place May 23-26, many fans wondered if that meant the actor would be busy with Episode VII.

Mayhew, who also played Chewbacca in prequel film Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, has mainly spent his career playing the iconic character, but also appeared in the horror film Terror and did voice work in the British version of Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy. He's repped by Entertainment Legends Management and Cohen & Gardner.

Source... well, it's something

‘Ant-Man’ Finds a Villain in Marvel One-Shot Actor Matt Gerald

The cast of Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man comes from all over the world of film and television. But to find the latest addition, Marvel didn’t even have to look outside the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Matt Gerald, who appeared as White Power Dave in the Marvel One-Shot All Hail the King, has reportedly boarded Ant-Man in a villainous role. Gerald joins a colorful cast that also includes Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Michael Peña, Evangeline Lilly, Patrick Wilson, and Corey Stoll.

Deadline reported the news. Although Gerald is already part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to All Hail the King, it’s unclear whether he’d be playing the same character in Ant-Man. Pretty much all the details on his Ant-Man role are being kept under wraps, aside from the fact that he’ll be a baddie. We don’t even know if he’s the big bad.

Gerald’s specialty seems to be tough guys — military men and the like — so make of that what you will. Aside from his brush with the Mandarin, Gerald’s resume also includes Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Avatar, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and Escape Plan. He has also guest-starred on TV series such as Intelligence, Castle, Hawaii Five-0, and Dexter. Gerald will next be seen in the supernatural thriller Solace, with Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins.

Wright wrote the Ant-Man script with Joe Cornish (Attack the Block). The film will center around Scott Lang (Rudd), who steals the Ant-Man technology from Dr. Hank Pym (Douglas). There’s been speculation that Lilly could be playing Janet van Dyne a.k.a. the Wasp and Wilson could be playing industrialist Darren Cross, but again, nothing’s been confirmed.

Ant-Man begins shooting this May in Atlanta. The movie opens July 17, 2015, kicking off Phase Three of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans Leaves His Beard Behind As He Leaves South Korea

Chris Evans Leaves South Korea After Wrapping Up Scenes from 'Avengers 2: Age of Ultron'

Chris Evans has left Seoul and returned to his home country, America on the 7th of April.

On the 3rd, Chris Evans (who plays Captain America in “Avengers”) reportedly arrived in South Korea, and on the 4th he began filming his scenes for the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” at Sangam-dong’s Digital Media City and even met with some Korean fans.

He had not been at the filming in Gangnam on the 6th, however it was revealed that he had been secretly shooting another scene nearby.

Meanwhile, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” will be continuing to shoot around Seoul for the next week until the 14th, and be released in April of 2015.

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I seriously miss the beard :(

Taylor Armstrong gets re-married

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong married attorney John Bluher on Friday, People reports.
"Today, John, [my daughter] Kennedy and I became a family," Armstrong said. "I married my best friend and Kennedy's family circle became complete."
The couple tied the knot in a beachside ceremony at the Bel-Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades, Calif. The 120 guests, including her Housewives co-stars Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump, watched as Armstrong's 8-year-old daughter Kennedy walked her down the aisle.

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This is Armstrong's second marriage. Her first, to Russell Armstrong, was documented on the Bravo series until he committed suicide in 2011 while the pair was separated. The reality star met Bluher when he helped her with legal issues following Russell's death.
"I definitely believe the universe put John in my path for a reason," Armstrong said. "We were meant to be.
"John loves me for exactly who I am," she added. "I just know there will never be enough days with him."

omg @ adrienne & lisa being in the same room?? watch ur back isntdaveone i'm coming for these housewives posts

source: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Taylor-Armstrong-Marries-1080088.aspx?rss=keywords&partnerid=gatehouse&profileid=celebs

5 (3) Reasons Black Widow is the Best Thing In ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

When Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuted last week, we flocked to our local cinemas in hordes and dropped over $300 million worldwide in the biggest April release ever. Oh Captain, my Captain indeed. There were a plethora of reasons to love this latest Marvel installment: some were cheering loudly in the theater over the amazingly coordinated fight scenes, others transformed into newly minted Falcon fanboys and girls. But to gloss over all of it and say it was great without recognizing one of the biggest driving forces behind the success of the film would be a huge disservice to one of the smartest and most talented women in the industry—which is why I’m calling it here and now: Scarlett Johansson and her character, Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), were the best thing about The Winter Soldier. Hands down.

Here’s why:

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[actress] Grace Kelly

Maisie Williams on Arya's dark twist

In Sunday night’s Game of Thrones premiere, Arya crossed a name off her death-wish list.

With a little brutal help from The Hound, the orphaned Stark girl took out Polliver, one of Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane’s men who she witnessed torturing and murdering innocent people in the show’s second season, after Arya was captured along with a group headed to Castle Black. Not only did Arya run her sword Needle through Polliver, she tormented him too, and seemed pretty satisfied by her actions.

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Rob Lowe Talks Justin Bieber With Oprah Winfrey

He’s been through the teen heartthrob phase and came out on the other end as a successful star so Rob Lowe knows what Justin Bieber is going through these days.

The “Parks and Recreation” stud sat down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss the tension of Bieber’s life as an artist and idol.

Rob shared, “I have tremendous empathy. He makes really good music, but I think he knows the dark secret, and the dark secret is 80 percent of his audience doesn’t give a sh*t about the music. And he knows it. It bums him out.”

“They care about lemming-think, and their girlfriends and oohing and aahing and screaming, [and] it has nothing to do with what he’s doing as an artist. He is the guy who is standing in front at a moment that they’re going through a developmental thing… If it wasn’t him, it would be somebody else, like it was me.”


Naya Rivera covers 'Da Man' Magazine!

Naya Rivera dons a plunging neckline for a feature in Da Man‘s magazine’s April/ May 2014 issue, out on newsstands now!

Here’s what the 27-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On what’s it like working on Glee: “Stressful (laughs), but it’s something we’ve been doing for a really long time now, so we’ve all got the hang of it. We actually just finished filming the 100th episode, so we had a 100th episode celebration. All of the cast, the producers, the writers, everyone was here and they put together a really sweet collage of every episode that we’d ever recorded. It’s not just stressful. We goof around and have a lot of fun, too. We’re like a big family here on set. We’re all friends, and we hang out outside of work. It’s a really good group of people to be working with.”

On meeting her fiance Big Sean on Twitter: “I actually started following him on Twitter and I mentioned that I was a big fan. Then some fans started to alert him that I was following him. His assistant happens to be a big fan of Glee, knows my character on the show and knows who I am. So Big Sean became curious and started to ask who I was. A date was set, and it all just happened from there. The way our relationship blossomed is like any other relationship. We went on a date and we enjoyed each other’s company; we went on another and another, and it developed like any normal relationship.”

On being active with charity work: “It’s really important to give back whether you’re in the entertainment industry or not. It’s something that everyone should do and should want to do. I have my own reasons for getting involved with the various charities that I’m a part of, and I want to start something else on my own, a cause with my own vision of what I’d like to make a difference in and with my own direction. I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to give back.”

For more on Naya, visit Daman.id.co!

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Chanel Iman secretly engaged to rapper A$AP Rocky

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Top model Chanel Iman is secretly engaged to rapperA$AP Rocky, sources exclusively tell Page Six.

We are told that while she happily accepted his proposal, the pair are keeping it quiet for the moment.

Iman was spotted without an engagement ring at Montblanc’s celebration of the 90th anniversary of their Meisterstück line of pens at Guastavino’s.

She mingled with guests Edward Norton, Rosario Dawson, Sebastian Stan and Alek Wek, and Montblanc’s Jérôme Lambert.


grumpy cat prada

#IWokeUpLikeThis: Miranda Kerr Reveals the Strategies Behind Her Morning Routine

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For most of us, the act of getting ready for the world each morning is a blurry-eyed, caffeine-fueled affair—hardly what you’d called chic—and yet there are stylish women who make the whole thing appear so easy. Each day this week, we’ll ask one of them to reveal the secrets to their a.m. routines, starting with model Miranda Kerr. Here, her tricks to waking up on the right side of the bed on a regular basis, from starting the day with a glass of warm water and lemon to the importance of cuddles and lymphatic drainage.

What is the very first thing that you do when you wake up?
Give my son a cuddle and make breakfast together.
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Lifestyle post. What is your daily routine ontd?
ruby by kaiser chiefs

Scarjo hates the name Scarjo and moans about other things in Glamour


Scarlett Johansson does not like her nickname.

The 29-year-old has long been known as ScarJo but the actress is definitely not a fan.

Featuring on the cover of May's Glamour magazine, the star branded the moniker 'insulting'.

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Have you got a nickname you can't stand, ONTD?

scott i&#39;d rather be dead

Tyler Posey and Zendaya to host MTV Movie Awards Pre-Show

MTV has announced a live pre-show this Sunday, April 13, at 8:30 p.m. ET, co-hosted by teen pop star Zendaya, "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Posey, and MTV's own Josh Horowitz and Christina Garibaldi.

Your esteemed co-hosts will be at the head of the Movie Awards red carpet, helping you get as close as possible to your favorite stars and getting exclusive interviews with every presenter, performer and nominee before the show begins, while designer Rachel Antonoff will guide you through the stars' fashion for MTV Style's Red Carpet Report.

As if that wasn't enough, they'll also be presenting an exclusive clip from the highly anticipated film "The Fault In Our Stars," starring Tris herself, Shailene Woodley.

In addition, you'll get to see a very special Movie Awards edition of "MTV After Hours," hosted by Josh Horowitz, featuring an insane number of special guests, including Dwayne Johnson, Joe Manganiello, Emile Hirsch, Tony Hale and Anthony Mackie.

So, remember to stick with MTV for all your pre-show needs before the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, hosted by Conan O'Brien, begin immediately afterward, this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

source: 1, 2

Tyler actively pursuing this hosting thing. Kewl.
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Nathan Fillion hints at Guardians of the Galaxy role


The Castle star who's been longtime rumored for the title role in Marvel's Ant-Man, Nathan Fillion, has revealed or rather hinted that he'll feature in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Having worked frequently with and become good friends of both Joss Whedon and James Gunn, Nathan Fillion has been longtime rumored, or favored, for a role in Marvel Studios' ever-growing cinematic universe. While the actor has previously declared being tied up with ABC's Castle series and “not being famous enough” as reasons why he has yet to play a Marvel character, Fillion attended the Wizard World Comic-Con over the weekend, where he was asked by a fan if he was wanting a part in this summer's Guardians of the Galaxy.

“Wanting to get a part… or maybe did,” Nathan Fillion responded. He then paused before adding, “I’m just saying maybe. Maybe you’ll be surprised. Maybe. Check the credits.” Guardians of the Galaxy recently wrapped reshoots, for which director James Gunn has hinted involving: “Anything we want, but didnt get,...something to make the movie better,...cool cameo idea.” [source]

Star Lord's dad tbh

MØ gets emotional when Sporty Spice surprises her with an award

a recap of what people said in danish
0.38 - we'll know who won when we see the presenter bc the winner is a huge fan of this person
3.53 - "thank you for this award. it's insane. it also belongs to my manager bjørn nielsen and my producer ronnie vindahl. thank you very much to sarah søsteen, people at sony music and the rest of the team. thank you to everyone who has supported me and believed in me. it's fucking insane. i don't believe it.... it's fucked. thank you. thank you very much. and thank you to the danish broadcasting corporation for believing in me."

let's discuss MØ's amazing debut album

Steve Busemi New Web Series "Park Bench" Picked Up By AOL

Steve Buscemi is moving from Atlantic City boardwalks to New York City streets. The Boardwalk Empire star has sold to AOL his unscripted web series Park Bench, which will feature Buscemi and his titular bench in a variety of locations throughout his hometown, talking to everyday New Yorkers as well as celebrity friends.

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Beyoncé Covers Out Magazine’s Power Issue

All hail Queen Bey. Fresh off her world tour, Beyoncé graces the May 2014 Power issue of gay lifestyle magazine Out. The “Partition” singer channels Marilyn Monroe, rocking a curly blonde bob and pearl necklace in the stunning black-and-white photo.

In the issue, Blue Ivy’s mother speaks out on behalf of her fellow females. “There is a double standard when it comes to sexuality that still persists,” says Bey. “Men are free and women are not. That is crazy.”

She also encourages women to celebrate their sexuality. “You can be a businesswoman, a mother, an artist, and a feminist—whatever you want to be—and still be a sexual being,” she continues. “There is unbelievable power in ownership and women should own their sexuality.”

Look out for more photos from the issue, which hits newsstands later this month.

dick &amp; babs

Batman TV Series DVD Set To Include New Bonus Material From Adam West & Burt Ward

Earlier this year, it was announced that the Batman TV series, which ran from 1966 to 1968 on ABC, would be released later this year on DVD. In the initial announcement, not many details were revealed beyond that the home video release would include the entire series.
In an appearance at the Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con, Batman TV stars Adam West and Burt Ward revealed some additional details about the Batman TV series home video release, along with a release date for the collection.

“Finally, after an innumerable number of years, our series is going to be coming out, all 120 episodes,” said Ward. “I understand it’s right at the end of November this year in time for Christmas.”

Ward added, “I know this last week, both Adam and I at separate times, we went in and we filmed some additional bonus material for Warner Bros. that’s going to be included with the programs. And I also understand that they’ve really done a tremendous job digitally remastering our series so that it’s really going to be just absolutely gorgeous on DVD. So I think you can look forward to a very, very high class product.”

“Warner Bros. had a very fine director/producer they hired,” said West. “And he asked us the most profound questions. And Burt agrees that he asked us things that people have never asked before. And it was tough to answer, but I think we were both very honest and straightforward and told him what he wanted to know.”

“And as a result you folks with the new DVD can see us naked,” joked West.
West added, “We answer questions and tell you things that we’ve never said before. They were so tricky.”

furiosa pic

'Man Of Steel 2' Star Gal Gadot Talks Wonder Woman Workouts, Diet


"Man of Steel 2" star Gal Gadot has been the center of much of the film's casting controversy, with many fans ripping the studio for picking what they believed was an actress "too skinny" for the Wonder Woman role. Though the 28-year-old has defended herself, saying she represents "the Wonder Woman of the new world," Gadot has been training hard for the character, as evidenced by some photos she posted of her new guns.

The "Fast & Furious" star recently revealed to E! Online that while she still sneaks in some cheat meals, she has dedicated herself to a solid workout routine in preparation for the film.

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